The Corpus Christi Caller-Times from Corpus Christi, Texas on August 13, 1971 · Page 59
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The Corpus Christi Caller-Times from Corpus Christi, Texas · Page 59

Corpus Christi, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 13, 1971
Page 59
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10-F CORPUS CHRISTI TIMES, Fri., Aug. 13, 1971 Candidates Take to Copters New York Timci Ncwi Service SONG BE, South Vietnam -In the most pacified province in South Vietnam, according to American security standards, the candidates campaigning for the lower house elections do not dare travel by road. · Phuoc Long Province is the largest in MDitary Region III, although it has .the smallest population. Except for five pockets of Jlontagnard and Vietnamese hamlets situated on less, than 3 per cent of the land, thick forest covers the province. Although the official opening of the lower house election campaign is next Sunday, all seven candidates in Phuoc Long have been seeking supporters in recent weeks. But only three of the seven have had access to helicopters. Their use is crucial. Viet Cong ambushes still occur frequently on the narrow, rough roads that wind through Uie forests. Viet Cong "tax collection" stations are common. South Vietnamese artillery now fires about 200 rounds a day into the woods in an attempt to break up North Viet- n a m e s e units, which use Phuoc Long as part of their infiltration route into areas around Saigon. The province chief, Col. Luii Yem, who controls the use of helicopters for Vietnamese in the province, has been flying two candidates into the isolated rural districts, They are the incumbent representative, Nguyen Ba Luong, the chairman of the lower house, and a member of the provincial council, Cao Thai Kha. The only other candidate who has access to a helicopter is a former deputy, Nguyen Dat Dan, a supporter of Vice President Nguyen Cao Ky. The vice president has given Dan the use of a helcopter. · The remaining four candidates must wait for military convoys to open roads before they can travel. Sooie Vietnamese travel the roads to some of the districts in small Lambretta scooters. Once a day in the early morning, depending on the security conditions, Vietnamese buses carry small merchants and " ADVERTISEMENT Do Your FALSE TEETH Drop, Slip, or Fall? Don't keep worrying about your false teeth dropping at the wrong time. A denture adhesive can help. FASTEETH* gives dentures a lonsr- er. firmer, steadier hold. Makes eating more enjoyable. For more security and comfort, use FASTEETH Denture Adhesive Powder. Dentures that fit are esscntia! to health. See your dentist regularly. p e a s a n t s . The candidates, however, as potential office holders, fear to travel in these buses as they could be picked out in a Viet Cong ambush. Luong, a supporter of President Thieu, has been flying to Montagnard resettlement sites throughout the province in his capacity as the provincial representative. His critics say he has been distributing about $35 in Vietnamese currency to each hamlet chief he visits. The Montagnards make up about 40 per cent of the popu- lation of Phuoc Long, which stantls at 44,000. As the level of conflict has increased in the last four years, Montagnards who used to liye in the forests where they hunted animals and practiced, simple agriculture have been driven put and resettled on hilltops ' in more heavily populated areas. As a result of these movements, the hamlet evaluation surveys, taken monthly to measure provincial security, actually measure less than 5 per cent of the province's land --. those areas where people now live. About 19,000 of the 44,000 people in the province have been forced to move as a result of the war. GENE CARTER'S Medical Plaza PHARMACY U15 TUnS - flW. Pfasa Uf. 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