The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi on July 11, 1960 · Page 2
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The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi · Page 2

Greenville, Mississippi
Issue Date:
Monday, July 11, 1960
Page 2
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Dolln Democrat-Times 2 Monday, July 11. '60 Fire At Carrlck Spilled *cid ignited and caught lire at the CarrirJe. Products plant early todny but the flames were out w'»n firemen arrived. Firo Engine Company No. 2 answered an alarm to the plant at :OS a-ni. No property damage Third Fire Hits Inlander's Home LELAND -- Police and fire department officials Monday contin- resulted, liremen reported. County Agents Say Delta Crops Are OK See Grady Griffin FOR LOANS lied an investigation of a fire winch dair.iiped the home of Robert Allen at 828 North Broad street Saturday night. Fire Chief Joe Fox said the blaze burned an area around the back porch and under the house. The contents of the house escaped damage. Leland firemen used one line of hoso to extinguish the nigh I fire. The slarm was turned in at 7 p. m. Chief Fox said it was the third fire at the home of Allen in less than two months. The chief said at Saturday night's fire kerosene was found in a can on the ground near a back window. Allen, employed by the City ol iLeland light plant, was questioned Sunday in the investigation. HOT GROCERIES MAGNOLIA (DPI) --Owners of |a grocery which was destroyec 1 Jby fire Sunday estimated damagi |! at $12.000 today. Defective wiring is believed to have touched of the blaze at the Allen Super market. Science Shrinks Piles New Way Without Surgery Stops Itch--Relieves Pain Y.ri, K. Y. Sp«el»l) -- POP ttfl first timo science b*s found a new hoaUD? iubstxnce with the astonishing ability to shrink hemorrhoids, itop itching, and relieve pain -- without surgery. In c«se after case, while sently reUcTing paiD r actTial reduction (·hrinkajjc) took place. Most amizine of ell--result* were ·· tKorooch that sufferers rnada astonishing statement! like "File* have ceased to bo a problem!" The aecrtt l» t new heal lag substance (Bio-Dyne*)--diocoTery of world-famons research Institute. Thia 5ubatanco fa now available in tupjxutiery or ointment form under the name Preparation B.* At yonr druggist. Money back guarantee. STONEVILLE - Most Delta rops look very promising, Extcn- ion Service county agents report- on the week end. Rains have been spotted with bome areas getting too much, some too little and some the ighl amount. Cotton is clean nd looks good. Above average Along The Riverfront Brent Towing Company's moor vessel, Deity Brent, was cheduled to arrive at the home wrt of Greenville at 10:30 a.m. oday. The Carol Brent radioed it 5 a. m. at mile 160 and wcst- XHind on the Intercoastal Canal, "he Jimmie Jr., radioed at 5: a.m. at mile 74 and upbound on ha Atchafalaya. The Jill Wasson at 4:30 a.m. was upbound at mile 40 on the upper Mississippi. loisoning jobs arc keeping in- eels under control in most areas. KJ soybean crop is very promis- g. Corn and rice look good, astures ar, short due to a late art and in some areas insuffi- ent rain. motor vend, Will'or rr-.lte 51 and uobouiyf on er eairv lodar. bt M'siowl ·eenvllle lowing Coc-ponr's moio* vt» Walttv Wlllraruon, U Khwk-ltd A DciT Ntttti, Lo., lh'» aftirrvoon th* Ben McCool rodked at 6 a, m. day ot milt 575 end unbound on iht ·et. olor veue'* polling We Veld pclm SixwJav fculudsd iHo J o a . : rr.pVMi, Co'eb K., Cypietii Soglhei loin H., Andnw P. Cathovn and Li« Srooli, cccordlr-y to Sfceoard Marine $*r 'ice. Th« rorfMxxjnd msSof vtiidi /vj Included th« S'rxloir Hoyiton, cenl Ciry, Valley, Sen Bkords T, M, Na/iwa'thv. Bi:mHcM. $l«P v «r and CH* Mill, FORDYCE Moving lo*nrtfi Cairo, III.. Ton Towing COOXMIV'I moioi \e»*l, Eua rie, (cdlotd or r-ile 590 ord do«rv sn rht Oh'o, lull below Uviivlllt, 3! a o. m., Jnck Botkin of .tw PCF D*lla Towing GXTCGTIV'I two ntctoi tell we.-e on two rive-i lodey. It-r i*port«d ol 6 o. m. ai mJ'« -d upbowxJ on the upper Minh Jorr*1 of A a. m. wol uobov 103 on tho AtcS.alo'aYa rive*. Oer ROT Decay and Termites do more damage than /ire every year Fordyco Wolrncmiieci" lumber is protected against rot and termites by pressure-treatment with a chemical preservative. Used indoari It will last indefinitely. Used out-of-doors, its service life is decades longer than untreated lumber. Fordyco Wolmanized* lumber provides positive protection in the "danger zones" where decay and termites are likely to attack. Mr. Farmer: Fordyce PENTA-lreated lumber can tavtyou fima and money in construction of farm type bulldlngi. See your local lumber denier for Fordyce Wolmanlifii' and PENTA-trealed lumber or conlncl Forilyce Lumber Company direct. ·Iff. U. 5. Pit. til. /, ;··'£:a'yce "Big A" Qualify ondSefvlcs for ALL your lumber needs ... You'// appreciate the Dlfferencel i el Svctflof. cF thff .... loday [rxljtfed th« Cclencn I thbound al mile 709 en ih« lo« o-i iko vpper Miiibilpal rivet c Bo-n*« D.. downbsuAd ot mil* 239 Vaffty Towlno Co-iipanr'i towboot* ed 1H»1( poiil'oni at 6 o. "i. 1od the Ohio river. 1h« City oF Gr«ti at Me^phli a! a, m. and ihi O i wai nortSbcund ot rrlli 67 on iK ei Miuliiippt fiv»r. wej-i locking i mil* 377 on Art Cff today. " Two ta-gri o vilU pwt l harbor I Tfi* " lxirg»i htr President---" (Continued from page one) recesses of change." 'A renewed hemispheric d rmination to preserve principli liberty and the dignity of mar needed. There is also an u ent need for a broader and mo gorous cooperative attack by a merican governments and peo- les if adequate progress with reedom, is to be achieved." The U.S. program for such co- pcrative help will be set forth ormally at a meeting of the eco- omic ministers of the American epublics at Bogata, Columbia, tarting Sept. 5. The report Humphreys by counties: All crops look ood, farmers are carrying oul a cotton insect control pro- ram, and the county has one ol best soybean crops County gent Elmo Hill has ever seen t this time of year. . Carroll: Prospects are good or both cotton and corn crops nscct damage is light and Coun- r Agent R. A. Cooper said 'we ·ant to keep it that way." He rged farmers to keep up a reg- lar poisoning schedule. Washington: Crops are clean nd look good. County Agent ohn Fulcher has been busy ad- ising farmers on th e proper use f lay-by clwmicals. He also urged keeping up regular poison chedules. Sunflower: C ro p conditions ;ood except where only light ains have fallen. Plant bugs re causing more damage than ather insects. Boll 'veevil and wllivorm damage is spotted. Veekly applications of insecticide are 'irged by County Agent Ce:il Black. sVray rigs should be .iroperly calibrated basing dosage on the size of plants with lie proper nozzle tips. Black urged farmers not to use lay-by chemicals on cotton that had two or more pre-emergence chemical Youngster Survives Crash; Gets Help CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (AP)A light plane crashed atop Ml. Alcna last night, killing the pilot and a woman passenger. The woman's 11-year-old son survived the crash and walked over five miles (or help. Tennessee highway palrolmen identified the pilot as R. H. Mylcs, 37. and the woman as Mrs. R. C. Sasscr, boOi of Waycross, Ga. The mount;in is about eight miles southwest of here. At the ipplicatinns this spring. Bolivar: Cotton is late but clean and looking good. County Agent Jim Goodman reports lots 3f name cultivation. Soybeans ooV exceptionally good. Goodman urged farmers to keep them clean and free of weeds and Johnson for maximum yields. Soviet - - - - (Continued from page one 1 " lean Air Force markings. Refused To Land The note said the Soviet pilo ordered the American plane to [and but the pilot refused and kept moving in over Soviet territory When the refusal to land continu ed, the note said, the Soviets shot down the American plane. Quality' Automobile Insurance at low cost WE SELL IT If you »r«i careful driver, you csn get the money-saving benefit* Qt tMs new package poUcy with con- llnuoul protection', piy«b1« every six months; Immediate dil'ivery ol poWcy; TtsMalr claimi «rvke; wrfttenln one of America's leading comp'rJos Indemnity Iniurance Company of North America, uf about the low ntei. The Soviet note accused Britain of being an accomplice of th United States in "hostile acts' and warned ot possible con sequences. The U.S. Air Force said th plane was mapping magneti fields in the extreme north of the world in a survey intended to provide information for more accurate maps. The missing plane, normally based al Forbes Air Force Base at Topcka, Kan., was about 1,200 miles from the North Pole when it made its last radio report. A Pentagon spokesman explained Ihe magnetic force affecting conventional compasses varies in direction over different parts of the earth and at different times Navigation charts show these variations in degrees along curving lines, and corrections are made from year to year. Asst. Secrelary of Defense Mur ray Snyder said he was sure Ihe plane made no deliberate attempl to fly over the Soviet Union. H said he based this opinion on the order to halt reconnaissance 'lights over Soviet territory fol lowing the U2 spy plane incident · In addition to McCone and Olm stead, the crewmen, of the plan have been identified by a Korbe Air Force Base spokesman as: Capt. Eugene E. Posa, 38, orig inally from Santa Monica, Calif. Capt. Willard G. Palm, 39, Oal Rirlge, Tenn.; LI. Dean B. Phil lips, 25, Inwood, N.Y., and Lt Oscar L. Goforth, 26, Sardis Okla. time of the crash the area was lashed by a thunderstorm that carried wind gusts up to 52 miles an hour. The plan r was en route from Chicago lo Waycross. Mrs. Sasser's son, Randy was thrown from the plane and seri- iously injured, staggered through heavy underbrush to a dirt road and found his way lo Ihe home of cn Austin, who called aulhori- ics. Stale Demos To Get Crumbs In LA - GOP JACKSON (UPI) -- The Miss ssippi Republican Party apparen- ly believes Ihe state's delegatioi o the Democratic convention i: n for a beating by liberals. A GOP statement Sunday saic he delegates will "accept crumb: rocn the inevitable socialistic menu planned for the convention Then they will issue statemen after statement proclaiming a ireat victory, no matter how badly they are beaten." Every potential Democratii presidential candidate favors stronger civil rights legislation, more federal control and less individual freedoms," it said. The GOP called on Mississippians to observe both party conventions, "then compare and decide which party most closely represents the conservative, states' rights viewpoint." Set Light County Court Docket A light docket was set for the July term of county court this morning by Judge Zelma Price, with the possibility that no more than two or three cases will go to trial in this term of court. No criminal cases were set for w trial. Three civil cases have been tentatively set for trial Wed-i Delta Farm Weather Generally Dry Weather Seen STONEVILLE--Partly cloudy, hot and humid weather is expected most of the week. There is. a chance of a few Isolated afternoon showers Tuesday and Wednesday and possibly a few more on Thurday or Friday. The outlook, however, is for gen. cr.illy dry weather and I ho chnnco of any individual farm or plantation gelling a useful amount of rain is very small this week, the Weather Bureau said. Temperatures are due to rise into the upper Ms the next three afternoons with lows at eight in the mid 79s. Sunday afternoon high readings in (b* Delta tanged from SS at Nitta Yiima and 93 at Belconi to 9i at Tunica. Temperatures this morning were in the high Hs or low Its. The soil temperature Sunday afternoon hit 105 at the two inch level in bare soil while as deep as eight inches Ihe temperature climbed (o 17. Soil temperatures this morning at two inches were in the lower Ms. Expect Answer Today In Negro Mutilation LIBERTY (UPI) - Officers said they expect to solve today the murder and emasculation Louisiana Group May Back Sen, Johnson LOS ANGELES (AP) - Mrs. Jimmie Davis, Louisiana's Democratic convention committee-worn in and wile of the governor hospitalized the past two days, took charge of a state caucus today to back Sen. Lyndon B. Johnson for presidential nomination. Gov. Davis, who w»p (o head the caucus, became 111 In Louisiana from what his physician called a gall stone attack and mostly exhaustion. Mro. Davis KW in an interview yesterday that although then was "a great deal of sentiment in tha Louisiana delegation that Gov, Davis be nominated as a favorite i .... he requests" the SS-vote delegation to support Johnson. Kennedy---- (Continued from page one) comment that "Mr. Truman al- vays does what he thinks . is best." .......... ______ Despite brave statements by his Nogro Jerry Dawson, 44. rivals, Kennedy continued to fence them in. While they talked of dele- gale gains, he battered down the aarriers to an early nomination. California and its Si-vote delegation was one of these. With what his critics called characteristic indecision, Gov. Edmund G Brown announced he is backing Kennedy. Brown said the delegates could go their independent ways. Burglars Break Even On Sunday Break-Ins Two burglaries, one hit ami one miss, marred an otherwise peaceful weekend in Greenville. Piraino's Grocery, 3H S. Poplar, was broken into late Sunday evening and some $90 was taken Police Chief \V. C. Burnley reported today. The burglars forced the rear entrance of the store, then broke through another door to reach the' cash box in the main store room. Store owner Roy Piraino discovered the burglary at 6 this morning as he was opening for bus- less. Capt. Tom O'Brien and !apt. Roy Long invcstigted. but Chief Burnley said there were no leads. An attempted burglary of the Quaker Oats warehouse on Highway 82 west last night was unsuccessful, Chief Burnley said. A window of the warehouse was broken out, but the burglars apparently were unable to get inside. Sheriff E. L. Gaston said "sev cral Negro suspects were held in connection with Dawson's death Dawson was found on state Highway 568 near here at J m. Saturday by Amite County Supervisor Ed Lawson, a delegate to the Democratic convention while on his way to Jackson tc board a plane for Los Angeles. Dawscn died before officers reached the scene. His throat hai been gouged, apparently by a knife, and he had been crudelj emasculated. Authorities sail lack of blood on the highway in dicated he had been mutilated elsewhere. Officers speculated a jealou husband killed Dawson. from h«ad to to* IjCUf all clttkty professional dry cleaning Is best. Our skillful cleaning and pressing gives your apparel the priceless look of perfection. rou« MOfissiONAi uimorr FUST IN PKIONAL 1EWICI Phone 4-4505 y C1DXUM5 | 518 N. Broadway nesday, although a court source said it is probable that one or two will rot go to a jury. The two petit juries had not been selected by mid-morning. Hot Grease rotectt tkiu, ipcedi uHnt. 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