The Corpus Christi Caller-Times from Corpus Christi, Texas on August 13, 1971 · Page 58
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The Corpus Christi Caller-Times from Corpus Christi, Texas · Page 58

Corpus Christi, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 13, 1971
Page 58
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Snuffy Smith HECK NO, JUGHAID- SOT TH' MOST MOD6RNISTICAL DENTIST EQUIPMENT DOC-rVE WON'T HURT ME NONE-- WILLVe, DOC? SLAMTH' DOOR.NUSSL' Churchmen Call For Visible Unity CORPUS CHRIST! TIMES, Fri., Aug. 13, 1971 9-F Parasite Is Widespread By DR. T. R. VAN DELLEN © Chlcoao Tributu - Schistosomiasis is the greatest unconquered parasitic disease afflicting man and animals today. There are said to be 100 million victims. The disease is caused by tiny worms (blood flukes) that live in. small snails. The culprits are particularly prevalent in the waters = of the Far and Middle. East, Africa, eastern South America, and the Caribbean, Snails release the young worms which are absorbed through the skin of humans as they bathe r wash clothes, swim, or" wade ui the infested lakes or rivers." Three species of schisto- somes infect man. Once Inside, . t h e worms work their way into the bloodstream where they mature. Certain species set up housekeeping in the walls of the intestine. The eggs deposited in the intestinal tract escape via the stool. To repeat the cycle, these eggs must reach water and find a snail host. Other specie's go to the wall of the urinary bladder and some of the eggs escape via the urine. Weeks may elapse between the time the worms invade the walls of the intestine and bladder and the egg laying period. The worms may cause a rash where they burrow .through the skin. During their sojourn in the capillaries, they may. cause fever, toxicity, abdominal distress or urinary symptoms. E n s u i n g disability stems from the eggs that do not escape in the urine and stool. A single worm can deposit eggs in vital organs for up to 20 .years and progressively destroy tissues of the bladder, pelvic structures including the prostate and vagina, intestinal tract, liver, kidneys and lungs. The eggs trapped in the tissues are irritating and produce multiple inflammatory lesions, such as abscesses fol- lowed by scar tissue. A variety of complaints ensue including abdominal tenderness, loss of appetite, aching, dysentery,weight loss, painful urination, frequency and bloody urine. S e v e r a l antimony compounds are used to kill, the worms. The world-wide battle a g a i ri s t schistosomiasis is three-pronged: Treatment of the infected persons, improved sanitation, and snail control. Yorty To Seek Facts On Tour of Vietnam SAIGON ffl _ Mayor Ssm Yorty of Los Angeles arrived today for a three-day visit in Vietnam and accused some U.S. congressmen,of "appalling ignorance" about Vietnam. Yorty said he wanted to examine the U.S. troop withdrawal program, Vietnamiza- tion, drug abuse among Gls and prospects in Cambodia. "The only way you can find out what is going on here is to come yourself," he said. "We have a lot of senators and.con- gressmen who've never been here or only visited briefly. "Their ignorance is appalling. They tell the American people what they think they want to hear, not the truth. They have made it very diffi- cult for our presidents. They made it difficult for Kennedy, they made it difficult for Johnson and they're making it difficult for Nixon." Yorty did not name any names. But he added he was "very much against trying to force the President to tell the Communists the date he will withdraw, this is playing right into their hands." This is Yorty's sixth visit to Vietnam since 1965. -He was met at Tan Son Nhut' airport by Mayor Do Kien Nhieu, George Jacobson, acting chief of the U.S. pacification program, and John Paul Vann, the senior American adviser in the central highlands. S. W. writes: I've always longed to ride a bicycle. Now that I have plenty of free time to learn, my family is trying to discourage me. Do you consider a woman of 63 ,too old to ride? My family's objection is that I might fall and hurt myself. -Please advise. Reply: You are not too old to ride but you may be too old to. learn : especially since we anticipate a number of falls. A broken hip or shoulder may have serious repercussions. Why not get an adult three- wheeler? I. J, writes: My bad breath problem has been relieved since I've given up milk. Will it be necessary to add some- thing to the meals to make up for .what I was getting in the milk? · Reply: No, provided you eat a variety of foods. Many foods, such as p u d d i n g s , creamed soups and certain bakery items contain milk. Mrs. S. W. writes: Does s. person with ulcer have lots of gas? Reply: Flatulence is not a .common complaint unless the ulcer patient is constipated or eating foods that increase fermentation. To the limit 01 available space, questions pertaining to the prevention o.' disease will be answered. Letters should be addressed to Dr. Van Dellen, In care of The Caller-Times, Corpus Christ!. Personal replies will be made when a return stamped envelope Is enclosed. Nixon Is Asked To Sway British BOSTON W --'The Massac h u s e t t s Senate yesterday passed a resolution urging President Nixon to "use the full weight and power of his office to implore" the British government to remove its troops from Northern Ireland. "There, will, never he peace as long as they are there," said Sen. William M. Bulger, D-Boston, sponsor of the resolution. LOU VAIN, Belgium WV -Roman Catholic, Protestant and Orthodox churchmen joined yesterday in a precedent-setting plea for "visible unity In one faith" for the world's Christians. The statement climaxed a session of the Faith and Order Commission of the -World 'Council of Churches. Catholic representatives sat as commission members for the first time -- with Vatican approval -- though the Catholic Church is not among the council's 252 members. T-h e Catholic representatives' presence with papal blessing was regarded as a broad step forward in the council's ecumenical movement -- the drawing together of different faiths around common Christian beliefs. A spokesman said only a few of. the 135 members indicated dissent from the state- ment. AU of them were Protestants. The statement said the council's first function and purpose was;. ""To call the churches to the goal of visible unity in one faith and in one eucharistlc fellowship, expressed in worship and in common life in Christ and to advance toward that unity in order that the world may believe." The statement still needs the approval of,the council's executive committee, which meets in Sofia, B u 1 g a r i a, next month, and of the executive , committee, which meets in ·Utrecht, Holland, a year from now. The meeting marked out issues for further exploration such as racism, political power and other worldly subjects. A spokesman said this departed from past practice, when emphasis was more on such doctrinal matters as baptism. Goren on Bridge in the Caller Tlie Contest lay HCNm RNOL.D tlfltl BOn tee Unscramble these fourJumbles, one letter to each square, to. form four ordinary words. RYTAR x_y YEAm.E s A W SNIBAH . ' · ' r . N Vv """ V_y ^ , V. ) f -- s V J ^ V ^ Print the SURPRISE ANSWER here . cL NO T/ME \e WA5TEP WHEW YOU ACT THIS WAY Now arrange the circled letters to form the surprise answer, as suggested by the above cartoon. -A rmro Yesterday's (An-wsrs lc=iorrou- Jumbles: AWARD ENACT HEALTH SUPERB Anaweri What flyweights might do in the ring--SWAT AT EACH OTHER FIRST PLACE WINNER "A Stupid Dog" Carlos Martinez, 10, 1810 Roslyn, Corpus Christ!, Texas HONORABLE MENTION Jennifer Haden, 10, McAHen Bobby Sherman, 10, Corpus Chrisri Fabian Longoria, 10, Corpus Christ! Kyle Van Dusen, 10, McAllen Paul Hinojosa, 10, Corpus Christ! Carlos Martinez, 10, Corpus Christ! Mail your picture with name, age, address and title to Junior Art Contest, Box 9136, Corpus Christi, Texas. Entries must be drawn on 8 V 2 xl 1 paper in black ink or black crayon. Ages 5-16. Winner each day will receive $2. BANKAMERICARD IN CARMEL VILLAGE: HOURS: Won. Thurs.- 1O 'til 9, Tues, Wad, frl, Sat. 10 'til 7 BACK TO SCHOOL PUCE FOR SLACKS and JEANS! Choose from Corpus Christi'i Largest Selection of "Male" Slacks and Jeans. master charge V DENIM JEANS THE MEANS JEANS WOMEN LOVE T A I LORED FROM EXCITING R U G G E D , R A W B O N E FASHION FABRICS. REG. $8.00 00 REVOLUTIONARY PANTS and SLACKS JOIN THE NATIONAL MOVEMENT! REVOLUTIONARY PANTS AND JEANS IN RUG- ' GED R A W B O N E FASHION F A B R I C S TAILORED IN .FLAIR LEGS AND LOW RISKS FOR GUYS AND CHICKS. TAILORED WITH THE NEW BREED IN MIND IN BUTTON OR ZIPPER FRONTS. IN ANY FABRIC COLOR OR DESIGN. 10 AND UP SLACKS THE NEWEST AND MOST EXCITING , PANT STYLES. GROOVY J E A N S SUPER STRIPES A N D SOLIDS. BUTTON FRONT B U S H POCKETS. F L A R E BOTTOMS. 100 AND UP! THE STORE OF EXOTIC IMPORTS FROM AROUND THE WORLD SELL-A-BRATION -FROM OUR PLUMBING DEPARTMENT- STAINLESS STEEL KITCHEN SINKS SINGLE 5 16' DOUBLE 20 EA. FIXTURES NOT INCLUDED · MO RUST · MO CHIPPING · NO STAINING CHINA COMMODE GRADE A REVERSE TRAP WHITE VITREOUS CHINA SEAT NOT INCLUDED $4)4)50 A A EACH 3O GALLON WATER HEATERS 5 YEAR GUARANTEE C C95 IN THE BOX 55 CHECK OUR GIANT SELECTION OF FIXTURES FOR YOUR EVERY PLUMBING NEEDI -FROM OUR ELECTRICAL DEPARTMENT WE HAVE IN STOCK ALMOST EVERY ELECTRICAL ITEM YOU WOULD EVER NEED FOR YOUR HOME. FUSES SWITCHES-PLUGS-WIRE-SOCKETS CONNECTORS-TAPE-PLASTIC CONDUIT PLUS MANY MORE TOO NUMEROUS TO LIST. PLASTIC 100 FOOT ROLLS to" $3 PER/ROLL V«" 15 PER/KOU. 1" $7 KR/ttJU I'A" $10 PIG/ROU. W $12 PIR/WCU These Price* by Tbe Hundred foal Boll ALL HIGH QUALITY HEAVY COTTON DUCK -5x7- $4.75 -6x8- $6.49 -8*10- IS2.80 GREAT FOR COVERING ANYTHING -10x12 $18.00 12x16 $24.95 16x20 $48,00 DAISY B-B GUNS 4 TYPES · C02 · DOUBLE BARREL · BUFFALO BILL · WESTERN CENTENNIAL ON! LIBBY GLASSES PLASTIC CUSS 8 PER PACK 8 01. SIZE LIMIT OBE 80 CENTENIAl CUPS SET OF SIX EACH GLASS IK METAL HOLDER LIMIT ONE 80' ELECTRIC CAN OPENER LIMIT ONE 5 SPRAY OR DRY [RON CREAT GIFT IDEA LIMIT ONE 3 HAGERTY CARPET SHAMPOO /2 GAL. ONLY 25' BATHROOM VANITY SETS 5 PIECCS LIMIT ONE 75' STEP STOOLS 75' GREAT FOR HOME OR CAMP PAINT YOUR CHOICE LAQUER LATEX STAINS 1 /GAL, TBRES WE'RE UP TO OUR NECKS IN MINI- BIKE AND GO-CART TIRES CAMP STOOLS WOOD «f EC FOLDiNG / 2T IRONING BOARDS ALL METAL fCe LIMIT ONI /y CAST IRON COOKWARE LARGEST SELECTION IN SOUTH TEXAS NBC SALVAGE "LAND OF 1,000,000 BUYS' 3120 SO. PADRE IS. DR. 852-3991

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