The Daily Messenger from Canandaigua, New York on July 6, 1939 · Page 12
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The Daily Messenger from Canandaigua, New York · Page 12

Canandaigua, New York
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 6, 1939
Page 12
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**· . ,, _ _ _ _ _ _ PAGE TWELVE THE DAILY MESSENGER, CANANDAIGUA, N. Y., It's NEW! SEE"G-100"TODAY Goodyear's new All-Weather Tire gives you more ride for your money! Count on your new "G-100" All-Weather Tires for a sense of security, an ease of mind and body never yours before in all your motoring experience. We can list its technical points of distinction, but you must ride "G-100" to appreciate how it takes you WAY OOt AHEAD --in safety, in comfort, in long-run economyl UP TO 33% MORE TREAD MILEAGE "G-108" All-Weather is A NEW KIND OF TIRE. It pioneers n«w principles --in tread design, in contour, in cord construction--to add thousands of safer, quieter, easier miles to your best former records. ' AMD. "G-100" offers greater resistance to stresses and ·trains, gives you MORE RIDE FOR THE SAME MONEY under all Driving conditions. ? Bide your own new "G-100" Tires today- give them a fair chance to help you GET AHEAD. DON'T WAIT FOR DANGER! 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Her maids of honor were Mar E uerite Kosloff ( l e f t ) , 17, and Kalia Pavalova (right). 19. Compare them with American beauties. Report on Farm Products VrOETARLES BEANS Up ·"- n i . ^ t 3'. .! ful and Valentine 50c-Sl I 1 ^ ,.. )\ i f ( t i o n ^ Bountiful 25C-S1 BEETS-O'.nns 1 Cour' t^n-i l u hmn louncl m e , H 75c CABBAGE -- FMCI-DI v' illf vhite. \diious \aiietics bu b.kt 25-35c. LETTUCE -- Big Bc-.lon^ f t '" coz hePUo) Aide l a n e * ..jut"' v in ' ccr.dmon Wcstein I-J Y r f,-G5 . Os\\ego Cc'in'j 40-55c son c 65c poorer 25-3^0, Orcn^e Counl\ 33- 50c some 60c poo-er 25-rQf I"efc°.r, v dc renge quality ana couditici Western N Y. and Os ego Count v c.i $125-50 coorer 50-75r. dt (45 doz). SI 25-50 some 32-250: '2 1-2 C O E ) $1-125 C..M IccbPi-i C!t '45 d o z ) . S4-5 (6 d o z ) . 2 50-3 50 PEAS--Mad'-on Count b'' V-!:f eaih \T.ii" Sl-125 fpi 1 t c ^ o 1 - dniarj 75-90" poo'pi 40-63C '^"est- em states bn bskt o.- hmoi SI G 2 ' _ 87 1 .. ton.e S2 poorer SI 25-oC TOMATOES -- Hue n Vi'K, lug foncj 6x6 and larger 31-125 ci'oice 6^7 750-^1 SQUASH -- Hudson Valifv ha'f bi. bskr :c"lo\, crooKcd n c 1 ; 25- 6."c; green 40-60c Potatoes stead:; -icv , on No 1 F2ck« (100 lb= ) Sc'Tn^.r t" es . Cobblei $2-235, bbl- S3 on-4 poo:er Icwei iH'jl'U and c o n d i t i o n 4-ql bskt n u t 1 " 'lid Kd 40-")0c o.n-o S5-60c l,(.cnei ant n . 11 ...0 Joe, w l ite 30- ,,fc (it bskt '-iic-c!- --cl rd 10-Wc tcoiei" and snip 11 8-"c «nito 7-10c; 12-q, c i m a x b s k i bi.ic^ and red M-12o v!nleT5c-Sl Wc-,toin N Y craK s\"""t \aiictic s'null 4-ql c^nvix b-i.t 25-GSe, Sour v t netie 1 \\ de ian^c size, a u a l i t , c-nd rondi- ticn. 12-qt oAt 40-^")C mo^th 50- 6?c, qt bskt 6-lCt 7-3c, 4- qr climax bskt 15-30c mostly 20-25 P«c l : mosth 30c Ne*- Jeisc- and Iransvl\an.a t b'kt icd 5-7c CURRANTS--Hudson Vallc\. qt i j - t , ic r l 7-10c; Pcnn c AUama 7'^- 8c GOOSEBERRIES -- H'ldson Vrl- le^ a i bskr 10-13c RED RASPBERRIES -- Hudson Vpilc\, pin! bskt 10-irc fe". 1 4 -_15 rccicr *6-9c. lNe' v Je.s"\ 7-15c, lo\.ei s \ o m a pint b c kt mo=.l\ lOc pocici FEUI1S BLACK CAPS -- Had-on rnd Penrs\hama pint -^skf pooier 3-('C. Nc · Jci 2; Elackbeines -- Eu'Joon ValJ bskt C-8c CHERr.IES Hudson Vallc DAIRY PRODUCTS BUTTER -\- c , Yoik i ?--Rocripuo 15o49u7 b" .naiket firm Creamny Jiahrt f'-rn exi'a °3 C-4-24 l-2c e v .ua (92 v c ·* 23 i-2c fl'sts (8L-91 1 22-2C 1-lc" sccord- (34-37) 20 1-2-21 l-2c CHEESE--329 434 los mar! et uu- sctUcd Puces unchanged EGGS i ,"alif^ I Recenrs 28553 ca-^.s: 7-ir ' ./vciv to fi-m Mixed Coloi?' 6-1C- to exiia f.dJC- 18 3-4-2': l-4c, Stand- v pi- r fas 18 1-4:: flrs"? i6c -ccoi'a._li 1 l-2-3-4c. meaiums 15c. o;iUP= 3v I 15 l-4c: a\ei?ge checks 14 l-4t; wnn,rv t\.--L.^; Aiutouii v c*iw »-· '- * ! . * . * . * « « " · · - - - ^ - * *a j sueet \ancties. \\ldc lange Size | iioiagc Packed firsts unquotes. ..HIGH VALUE SAVE at the Sign of tos Goodyear Diamond S WITH · ' . . . T H E F I N E S T CASING FAILS! SUPER SERVICE Y O U C A N G I V E Y O U R S E L F A N D Y O U R F A M I L Y A bruieed or weakened tire won't TELL you it's dangerous--won't warn you when it may "le* go." 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TIRES ..HIGH VALUE SAVE at the Sign of (he Goodyear Diamond S Street Phone 613 Canandaigua S H O W I N G UP S H O W C I R L S - i h c ion-: *nd short * it, in a BroMlway night cl«b, is this combination. Bunny Walters, * native of Pasaden*, Is « feet, 3 inches mherea* Phyllis WhWe- feea4. *b« h»ih frwu Rochestef. N. f.. is less tfc*n 5 feet. SUPER SERVICE Niagara Street Phone 613 Canandaigua

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