The Lawton Constitution from Lawton, Oklahoma on August 21, 1963 · Page 8
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The Lawton Constitution from Lawton, Oklahoma · Page 8

Lawton, Oklahoma
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 21, 1963
Page 8
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3 THE LAWTON CONSTITUTION, Wednesday, August 21, 1963 Hospital News Items MEMORIAL Births: Daughter, Mr, and Mrs. Joseph Kinman. 311H Arlington, boin 1:35 n.m. Aug. 21, weight 5 pounds 11 ounces. Son, Mr. and Mrs. Jnme5 Coyle, 102 N. .JOlh, weight 1:43 a.m. AUK. 21, weight S pounds 3-fl ounces. Son. My. and Mrs, Bernard Szntkowski, 4227 Camdcn Way, bora S:15 a,m. Aug. 21, weight 7 pounds 8 ounces. Plaza Admlllrd: Mrs. William Oldham, Trailer Park, medical.- Alleqv.t Gnmer, 1005 McKinlev, modiral. George W. Salver. 22-10 Pollard, medical. Clarp Mae Andrews, 5310 Cherry, surgery. ° Henry \V, Pi'cston. Walters, surgery. Rosic VanDonge. 16M Lincoln, surgery. Joe Orta, 302 McKinley. medical. Grace Lucille Black, 5S11 Birch, medical. Annabelle Wood. 2S11 Lynn Circle, surgery. D;!virt Leo Sppnce, "U McKinley, medical. Raymond Clybum, Cyril, sur- pei-y. Wnndn J. Estcp, 902 Pcrshing SOLVING THE COMMUTING PROBLEM--After £0 years of commuting on the Delaware, Lackawanna and Western Railroad between his home in Millburn, N.J., and his office in Newark, insuranceman Frank G. Donnelly decided there had to be a better way to get to work. So" he bought the' two station buildings at Millbum, tore one down and built bis own office next to the tracks (building on right). Part oi the purchase deal was that he maintain station signs, ticket offices, waiting rooms and maintenance. Now Donnelly plans to replace the old station opposite and build another office building as a companion to the first They will he connected by an already existing tunnel underneath the tracks. Everyone is happy: Donnelly, the erstwhile commuter; the train company, with two rundown stations off its hands; the public, -who wjJl get a brand-new station and will also benefit from taxes on the improved property. the Billboard by biU craiv-f ord U U Dr.. medical. Robert Hay High, leal. med- Former Apache Mayor Is Dead APACHE (Special)--Rosary lor! Gcoi'jro Herber, SI. a pioneer Apa-; Halliburton To Get ! E' Award Thursday The Hnlliburtor company, head-1 various products and services In che resident, who died a'. ?:30 p.m. for operations and export j at a ceremony lo be con Mrs. Donald Turnbull. Elgin. ' Catholic church nnd daughter born Aug. !". ; Spain Mrs. John R. Provine, 1T09 Euc-: Burial will lid. medical. wry. Thc-lma Hackner. S02 l a Gore. ! Mr, Hcrbcr was born Aug. 16. ' medical. i 1SS2, at Clear Lake. Wis., and Hrigplte Lewis, 14 monlhs, ! c?.me to Apache in 1901 with his daughter ol Mrs. Bonnie Lew-is. ' parents. 1M B, medical. Marrii M:'s. William Foust. -111 H, med-. Nov. 1, 1905 in Anadarko, he work- «'"· . i factured leal. cd for the Apache milling company ,, Tn f. ceremony will take place in . m q Sophronia Edwards. 2031 Gar- and operated a hotel and moving. l _ h j. ?TM ^lUmum. where E m - , field, medical. ! picture show in the town for a : n u m b e r ot years. He served on ·THIS .'N THAT: Oklahoma City . * Lyric Thealre closes' its first summer season Saturday ' n i g h t with a final performance of "Brif;- adoon" . . . Mexico has banned Elvis Presley's movies, but allowed some of his "Holiday In Acapulco" (new flick) to be filmed there . , . Sen. Frod R. Harris will be keynote speaker at a Lions club banquet Monday night honoring British commandos t r a i n i n g at Sill . . . Menu term: maitre d'hoiel means a mixture of butter, lemon juice and parsley . . . Current at the Music H a l l in Dallas is "Showboat." starring Chnrlic Rugrli's . . , And at thc Cssa Manana in Fort Worth is "Thc Merry Widow," which runs Ihrough Aug. 31 ... Press Agcntry Personified: "Flork Hudson's 'gourmet' dish at the Tower SuitiS--Ice cream w i t h salt sprinkled or i:" . . . Didja hear about t h p character who j wanted to lose 300 pounds of ugly f a t , so he dashed off lo Las Vegas and divorced her? . . . Thousands oi old books will be sold for p r a c t i c a l l y nothing Thursday at ihe Museum of the Great MOSCOW ( U P I J -- The Soviet | Plains - . . Proceeds will co lo- Union warned Communist China i w a r c l lhl1 museum's library im- abanrion it* dreams of j Piemen! program . . . Go to Ihe i museum and browse Ihrough Ihe nuclear arms in q u a n - ; ^^ u n ; i , ]0 p m KO|)Cr[ ihe effort ruins the ; E, willlnm. as a member of New 937 From Counfy Attend Courses, Parleys At OU Soviet Rips China Nuclear Arms Dream NORMAN, Aug. 21 -- Over 30,000 adults, includi.1? 937 irom Comanche Counly, attended short courses and conferences at the University of Oklahoma during the 1952-63 school year. Participants represented every county in Oklahoma", all 50 states and some 20 foreign countries. Among' the topics studied were urban science, human relations, liberal arls, education, health and welfare, evaluation and testing, business and industry, civil de- lensc, leadership, family life and law enforcement. Most sessions were held in the Oklahoma Center for Continuing Education, located in the southern part of OU's main campus. Comanche participants included 620 from Lawlon, 275 L-om Fort Sill and 3S from eight other areas in the county. The 3S included: CACHE--Louie A. Alllizer, J. M. Crablree, Eleanor P o r t e r Hawthorne, Tommic Lauderdale, Rubena Reeves. Etha May Story and Bcrnice L. Wilson. CHATTANOOGA -- Mrs. Marguerite Martin. ELGIN -- Mrs. Rose Barrow, Elbert Warren Bentley, Mary Berryhill. Richard D. Bernicr, Ernest Bureham, Mike Paul Mrs. Ernest Burcham, Mike Paul Crosslin, Ann Ezcll, Fern Evelyn Farrar, Arthur Farrar, Gena Hise, Frank Kolker, H. E. Leonard, L. L. Maynard, Mrs. Elmer McMahan, Paulino Rose, Mrs. Clyde Sanders. Evelyn Skinner, Lydia Stoops and Mrs. Gordon Wolf. FAXON--Bessie R, Sullivan. FLETCHER-Kenneth Harrel. Peler Lothar Mullor, Bobby Dale Sullivan and Kenneth Williams. GERONIMO -- Gene Arbuary R i t t e r and Bessie Sanmann. INDIAHOMA--Herman Coffelt and A. B. Moore. MEERS--Buford Thomas Self, STERLING--Doyle Helm, John Hooper, Muriel Lilcs and J. D. McLemon. Tight Budget Cutting Guard To Low Point ·hurcirwitrTRev 1 . Rudolph m o n l ol Con TMerce announced to- j p i ay ; n l n e [i rrn ' s plajl |. a n a a n ] country's economy. I York Lile Insuran'cp'"cornpa'ny 1 s i W. Va. (AP) -- Army National barr.a had prepared four resolu- ciaung. : Y" M -CA I "E" lapel pin. A ceremony lo raise I TlK , Russian; "denounced Fed ' " T °P C I u b " is a t t e n d i n p confer- Guard strength has sunk to a low ! tions criticizing the civil rights pol- nl! be in Fairview cenic- J. Howard Edmonson jyill j u, c ··£·· pennant will follow, a f i e r j china's onuosi'"ion 10 t h e oartial i aeilcc Thursday through Sunday in ! point under a tight federal b u d ? - ! ieics of President Kennedy, but he .present the award to R. R. sjn-, w h i c h a ., mall i n f orl , 1R j luncheon .,,. h , n . ' . . . .;_,,,, ! will be held for guests and mem- of Ihe fii-m. The H a l l i b u r t o n company is one dueled a, 10 a.m, Thursday a, the ,,,'£ ' ~ = -- n 0ilahon a to Anna Cunningham *TM * headquarters plant in Dun-1 accounling ,,,,. wtw , s of majlu . products amounting 10 in 1960. H n l l i b u r l o n test ban treaty t h e partial, in Moscow I Bflnlf. AlnerU, Canada Southern governors heard to- ! joined in approving the rule. Wai- earlier Ihis month and said t h e ! ^ onc - v '-'"'I ever/thine -- but day in the final session ol their': lace said he liked the rule be- Peking regime's a l t i t u d e toward ; ' ' y° u ' ve mislaid your credit cards, a n n u a l conference, nuclear war was "savage." cause it would jfivr- any state a .... _.,.,,.. " i " TMre comes in handy . . . The | "Wholesale elimination of u n i t s V(MO of objecrionable resolutions. The Intent Soviet at'ack on the i w '° nder!! o! Disneyland fascirated. and , s jn strenBlh ar p not in I Wallace said he would submit . i v - n i t - . , i «ju 1 1 1 , 1 c n ' ' i i _ n wn n i t / " A -- _ _ , ] !,,:_ n _ i i n _ tr-.l.i:,, _ _ _ . . U l r . -^..^1. i f i^i-M.- t ^ i k , - , nAn fni-nv*r*a. Chinese Reds long s m t P m e n t came in answering Pe- :Crti: "ml ,/nimp Pallor, Kddi" I Ben, .Iran .Ann nnd .fnhnny Cnrtlft* : |he j n | Cres i O f l n e United hls resolutions to the conference i"Jii^; · M M i r i l l t r i l L rtllMW cl I H U J (i- I j i · U k r n u j i , .in ju .1.1 raj. V J I . M . T j i n i i i n king's acciLsaiion last Thursdav ^ lhp ! r /'"^'."Tr '" m F . Ki : H. Harrison Jr.. president of the . .. . - · f / i n nnrl (hn b r i m (VirHoc \^ci . . . . _ . . . . said .Maj Gen William today nd speak against the Ken- Mrs. John Waltnsley, 1403 Ox- mun surr-erv : i h e ciiv boai-d of trustees for 1-1 Bnrhar^Mcore, 12. daughter o r : yoars and was mayol . a large I II- i 1 - 1 1 . -i · i ""'PI '^ n\-*_u.Tni i w i i IrtJil J IIUI MJfl v ' | . . , T ^ J I " j-i J 1 i .QI i *.TMi i u i ., ^i ·,..-!ui, i i v . will receive a blue and gold i ?.^ e ,*.. ri l" nl 7__ a , n !,_ P.TM? i "»" "« Kremlin had reneged on ! !^,^J^. H'l:?" 3 " lasl . N«'ional G u a r d Association, c i i n l i o n signed in Ihe name President Kennedy by Secretary Commerce Luther I!. H The citation notes tha; i h p in ach.evem.n, i,, developing sales o« Harrison said the federal gov- e r n m e n t had failed to give ade- aaministra::on. Secretary of the Army Cyrus R, Vance ;old the governors Tues- dav n i g h t ;hp Uniied States has company, Ihe first · Oklahoma lo receive t h e award, ] U. ndising abroad through : seas Tnai'kcis.-The number of "E" presented far h Ihe . ... -- .... .... grace. poi.= Russia : R n d personality r h a l Ihe out.slnnd- i slate: vtvn crranrlchildren and three ] ^real-grandchildren. Wcsley Clark, 1516 N. 4th, sur-; in Peoria. Ill,: two sisters. Mrs. pory. " Rose Eicrs and Miss Agnes Her- Alico Allrizer. Indiahoma. sur-, txr. and Iw-o brothers. Richard and g rr v. I Gene Herber, nil oi Washington SOUTH^-ESTKK-X Births: Son. Mr. and Mrs. Dun Hagler. 2-120 N. 47th. born 10:32 a.m. Aug. 20. weight 6 pound? 2-4 ounces. Son. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Babbitt, 1513 C, born 3:1S a.m. Aug. 21. weight 1 pounds 2 1 - ounces. ; and has successfully introduced its i incentive program total 325. joined Ihe U n i t e d Slates and B r i t ; ine A m e r i c a n ' girl., of io*iC 'pos- · elpd Ia5t ; vea J" '° r A TM y schM ! am in an agi-pprnent lo ban nit- j sess " wr j| c ,; Bol , MeCalhren o.' t r a l n l n K °- Guard officers and clear tests in lhe atmosphere, in. t h n ' w i c h i t a Falls C of C. . . ' ; men. -- ' - - - - · · - . Thc Southern Governors Confor- Funeral Rites Mrs. Lela Urban ·MARLO\V (Special! -- Services Private Eye's Wife Sports Zipped Lip HOLLYWOOD (UPD -- Women from .some people by merely ? c l i n j f ; like to t a l k -- bul there is one a.s though you arc in t h e i r samr o u t e r space and under waler. j TodRy ' s Giggle: "I'll have the Peking c l a i m s Ihe nuclear a c - s o u p du iour ." ,, w o m a n dipn^ coi-d is a Soviet sell-out to t h e ; , n w , waitress a t an A U a n l i c Ciiy :uppo.-t to ihe Army Guard, the edge on the Soviet Union in ed a proposed reduction ot I nuclear striking force. million in the J12 million budg- j He said a myth of overwhelming Communist superiority has grown up in lh= united States. The secretary ssid he did not minimize the t h r e a t or capability Tuesdav blocked a civil | of (he Communists "but I do hold West and is nn p((ori lo block: oilier ''R n t b v deciding that any . t h a t Tnce sn adversary w i l h . resiaiirant . . . "That's vegetable resolution would need a Communist s i a I P .« from : soup ·· rpplied the waitress . . "I. mous vote tor adoption. _,,,_ .. l n e l 1 ' al'.'-ials. \ !,,,,,,,..·· said , h » w o m a n . "T had a '· Thp Son.[ S sairi should i l j [ l l e Frc , nch in n i n h |Cchool . . . - · ; abandon us nuclear dreams and "devoir :Ls efforts" to building its ^onomic might, unam- , human fallibilities, not an unstoppable horde." species ot f p m m n fatal who has her wils and situation." said Mrs. Nnwcll, re- i ! Walters To Have Diagnostic Clinic Used Book Sale Planned Thursday' jHarris' Campaign Manager Speaks To Young Democrats Burl Hays, Oklahoma City, cam-' Broffan. H i n i o n , national Demo- A used hook sale w i l l rx held ' paien manager for Sen. ?~red P.. j crat committeeman; Rep. Ben Thursday a[ ihe Museum of lhe Harris, candidale for U, S. Sena-| Hutchins' and Rep. Don Beau- Plains. Proceeds will aid the tor, addressed -10 members o; the j champ. son of Mr. and ! Monday in her home after a s i x - 1 This orid phenomenon appears ' Mr." Bill Hunt 1102 S Seventh ! monlh illness, will be at 2:30 p.m. ! to be an ordinary housewife or of- iur'gerv ' ! Thursday in the Church ot Chrisi, ; fico clerk. But her chatter over iho Kenny Langford. 3. son of Mrs. ; Rush Springs. i backyard tence always is void o f . r M ' I l i l V J j f l l t i ; i U l U, « i ^'H "t .'ii..-. - - -- i -· · " i_ · , i. 1. K J r s " Chargrl Uingford. 200S B. medical. ' Burial will bo in Rush Springs onc subject - her husband, a pn- When a.tked if she would do It ver again and marry a private elective she said: "If f had it lo do ovpj- again. not only would m a r r y on n , I d ; Museum's library, diaenosllc clinic w i l l 1 .Members of t'hr Great : vate dcteciive. , ace dneclive in I h p b" held Wednesday. Sept. 4. a t the Walters Flrsl M"thodisl church, Mrs. Mary R. Johnson, director of lhe Collon county D e p a r t m e n t ' card. of P u b l i c W e l f a r e , said loday. Comanche County League of Young Plains Democrats at a charcoal hamburj;- islorical association may a t t e n d · er outing last night. ·e sale Irom 9 a.m. lo 12:30 p.m. I B y Sept. 6. Sen. 1 [arris will j ' """'"'i'rtH '· ,· -rhowinz their membership have visited 50 of the stare's 11 - vlrs - -waflaox Sen. Harris was unable to attend the outing because of a prior i pngagcment in Wallers. Mr. and wpre hosts at th* I counties and 2S6 towns and cides Richard Scherlcr. 11. son oi Mrs. ; cemetery. : vate i sl'-Ue'"it'ls maWrjVou^'work' sn'ri i C[ P l J t J l l C W c l r H '' e ' " id lwl; 'v ' ' """^ " lp '·' °^ n lo l n c 2 cncral ' on a concentrated statewide Don Schorler Walters, medical. : Mrs. Urban was bom Feb. 2, ! He is rarely mentioned despiU? ^-· " is m a j v e l o u s « o , k a n d , S , wn50rcd bv |hc Wa)|( , r ,. a o l ; ) r v ; wic , rorn ]2 30 ., 0 Man/jn ·· °" ^ ^ " u r ' ' Hay^aid ' Mrs, Harlev Chambers. 1313 H, 11S76, in Cedar Hill. Tex., and mar-: Ihe glamorous, ronwnnc. h , E h - , I enjoy ,1. .'dub, the clinic is br-ins: c o n d u c t - i Tonz. museum dir.ctV ,«id. : a c f l u a l n t e d IOJr ' ^ ' . . , , ,, n;rger'. ' ricd Mike Urban June 2, .1JS7. in . stepping sterrotMJr which movies j People are people, and thn c ri i h r o u g h the- Public Welfare dc-! Thousands of old books will tw ' Hay _' * a: ^ ae "?f m , r ° , , ' J? William M Flemm ; ng SOS Mon-! Wichita. Kaas. She had lived in : and telc\nsion give of hcr husband. : more you sec of th? d i s l a s l p f u l p n r t m r n t ' s Crippled Children's pro: sold. Prices rangp from one c e n t 1 ** n - Robrt s - K e r r s stall lor | the Rush Spi-inqs area 60 years | Recently lollowmg a showing o f : i(J( , Q[ H t c ^ morn ^^.^^ ' i ' "Dr. No." by United Artists, a | . . hamburger i-y held in the backyard at his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Leon Maddox. 702 .\ T . 33th. Martin, Mangum, mcdi- ; and was a member of the Church | cn | | of Christ. i group of these wives snt around · ^ Jesse E Murdoch 506 G, mrdi- i Survivors include nnr daughler. | discussing what it really was like I dcmnmg, ' c al. ' Mrs. Aaron Cunis. Midwest City, j being married lo a private dciec nm - TM mcome t n a 0 tnan con- r* from 8:30 Art M Runyon Cache, medical, and three sons, Francis, of East: live, who isn't at all like an Ian p I f , , n ' r Olcn Argo,' 1505 A. medical, j land, Tex.: Lee. of Dallas, Tex., ! Fleming character such as "James ' ^ 11 VQ\\ ind Audn 1 . of Cyril, 'Bond." · ' Serving as bearers will bo six ! Rather t h a n an air-voiced Nicky G. Wolf. Altus. P. j'. Mason. Altus. medical. . Raymond Rhodes. S09 Summit. I Rceisiralion | t i l l U a.m. Mrs. Johnson s.iid a lo 21. yenrs of age w i t h 3 medical prohlem which is nol currently to R quarter. grandsons. Railing and Aaron L. ' assistant, often lhc wife play. medical. Jack Holuman, Chicago, medical. Mrs. Marion MusprovE, Walters, medical. Joe Williams, Walters, medical. Curtis and James, Keith, HI., and Lynn Urban. Ernest F. St. Clair rolo of secretary, coordinator and ! sometimes "cover man" for hcr husband. ST: Grabs Rodeo Title J o h n p rccr| grandson of Mr. | I n n d Mrs, C. E. Price Sr,, 1016 Brll. ny child up Oklahoma City Man Dies 5ub|Jrban Hotel years. Hays challenged the y o u n g , P r i S O r ) 6 r S Democrats club to be active and : outlined a brief history of the stale , ^ I f i G D At organization. | ' Don Hamilton, Oklahoma City, j POTEAU (API -- Prisoners in Oklahoma Young Democrats state i ;n , implore County jail got a being I r c a l e d i* eligible In n l i e n d , ! CHICAGO CAP) -- An Oklaho- : president, also spoke briefly and j 200C ] night's sleep Tuesday night a l t h o u g h n i l children must br a c - ; ma cj ( y msn R,',. ycar . 0 |d Ray announced plans for a great plains i f or r he first time in 10 days, compjinicd by ,1 p a r r n l or guard-' o av ; s was found dcsd Tuesday in i conference of the organi7.arion. l \f pw mattresses were delivered ifln. Tli" n x a m i n n t i o n s arc f r e e , hj.,: rented room at the Do V i l l a ' scheduled Aug. 30-31 and Sopr. 1 Tuesday 10 days afier tne old of charge, Mold in suburban DCS Plaines. Ph.v5ici.-ms p a r l i c i p n l i n c in Ihe ' H C a p p a r e n t l y died of a heart a'l- clinic w i l l i n c l u d e an orthopedist, , . .1. Services for Ernest F. Si. Qair. Dismissed: j 73, a former resident of Lav-ton ; Roger Allan Waldroop, 9 months. I who died at hie home in Ontario. · fon of Mr. and Mrs. Ray WaJd- ] Calif., Friday, were at 10 a.m. to-; roop. 1205 S. 24lh. medical. ! day in the Lawion Funeral homo, j Lane Grant Johnson. 11, son o f ! Officiating was Whit Ozier, as-: Mr. and Mrs. June Johnson 2229 sistunt pastor of The Centenary | Lincoln, medical. j Methodist church, wiSi burial in j Tiect Charles K. Finkc, 5, son o( Mr. Highland cemtery. su J ' n-nd Mrs. William C. Finke, 380" ! Bearers were Blunl Zorger, Ray ! _ Euclid, surgeo'. ! Morgan, Steve Cox, Roy Hill, D o n u ' Deborah Kennedy. H, dauchtcr i Wilson of Elk City and Leslie Sims ' ?. of Mr. and Mrs. Bennic E, Ken- of Memphis, Tex. ried to Richard A. Oldham in Oklahoma City. I pa ds were burned for sanitary Jim Maddox. county president, i purposes at ihe .order? of Buck .. L ,,^ n .introduced special guests incltid- Cook, commissioner of. charities "Sometimes I travel «'iih my j took lhe a |].,. ound cowrj oy trophy I J pedinlneian and a speech nnd Po| j ce said ;d c n t i(i c a t i o n cards Mng Miss Marjorie Banner. Sen. j and corrections, husband and play his 'cover. ' . n t , ho M a i i o n a i ^ m a i e u r i-odeo hr!lrinfr c o n s u l i a n l , i listed his Oklahoma City address j Harris' state campaign secretary, Thp 20 prisoners had been sleep- one attractive blonde, a f o r - ; hc | ri in Ju | y a , p a r j s _ Tcnn ^ , Mrs. .Johnson said t h a t a l t h o u g h i as 325 £\V 20th St. and indicated ' who was associated with Sen. | ing mattress-less on the steel ._ L. -. . u - . musician. ' Kerr's stall for U years: Bill bunks. school teacher and mother ol ) children. II he is The »n of Col. and Mrs. Carlp- i r · ,v, u-,.1 * X .,??' !n al ' h C he had worked a* clinic, the children will be c.vamm- ! ton Preer. Germany John is v i s i t - 1 cd |hoir c o r , d i l i o n s di . leT , 05cd . a r d his gi-andparenls until is f.-ill, He artends n eye o n M woman is fc , ^ . I can sit i pool with ' , . , , Citadel, a military college at C1 l aricslon - S ' C ' Pnor to winning Lhe national ti- that a threswav Uc - John was thc four-state cham- " 1 a h h ^ I pion for the . Carolina?, Georjrla k ep[ thern i TM* F Iorida In order .10 win the all-round ti- nedy. Tipton, surgery. Mrs. James C. Allen, Frederick, Eddie Kouri, 323 C, surgery. Mrs. Charles Brown, Grandfield. surgery. Mrs, John J. Gore, "Walters, medical, Mrs. Billy Meyer, Walters, medical. Mrs. Ted Bridges. No. B N. 27th, medical. ; been mar-' ' lc ' John ,. P laced private years, is a former character actress. "My background helps," :n saddle detective °5 ' bronc riding, first in bareback dancer and b . ronc "ding, and third in bull riding. she said. "Theatrical training is in- Graveside services for Richard Anthony Oldham, infant son of Mr. and Mrs. William J. Oldham. Pla-1 valuable. za Trailer courts, who died at birth i "A wife can make her husband Tuesday will be at 10:30 a.m. Fri- · look inconspicuous when he is tail- day at the Letitia ceme'.ery. j ing someone in a car. She can sit Rev. Richard SmirJi, pastor ot I and look angry, rhrow her arms j Sunset Baptist church, -will olfici-1 and gesture wildly. The person be-1 i ate, Becker FuneraJ home is in ing followed usually thinks it's | just another lamily quarrel and He received several injuries in the bull riding competition,, including a broken left arm and injured side, ment, enth. medical. Mrs. Marvin E. Minis, Walters, medical. Ralph L. Pearson, Walters, medical, PHS INDIAN" Birth: Son, Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Lonewolf, Mountain View, born 7:43 p.m. Aug. 20, weight 8 pounds 2 ounces. Admitted: Dave Johnson, Ardmore, medical. Mary Ahtone, Anadarko, surgery, Winnie Mousseaux, Carnegie, medical, Dismissed: Mrs. Billy Oliver, 2709 C, and son born Aug. 17. Mrs. Fred Onco, Hobart, and son born Aug. 17, Daniel Lee York, Hobart. medical. by his par- doesn't even remember what you cnts. his pafernaJ grandparents, j look like." Mr. and Mrs. Charles Oldham, He- Mrs. Lewis said if she had her bron, Ohio and his maternal grandparents. Mr. and Mrs. Edwin K. Schroeder, San Antonio, Tex. Morocco King Has Son RABAT, Morocco (AP)--A son- was born t o d a y ' t o Kinp Hassan II and his wife, Lalla Latila. Thc boy, who was given the; title of crown prince, was named Mohammed after his late · grand- lather, King Mohammed V. Oil, Gas Lease Sales Down $80,000 In Santa Fe own agency she "would hire all women." As she put it; "They work hard. Two women can stake a place out, sit outside and talk lor hours and nobody thinks anything about it. · Also they can change their appearance , with wigs, hats and makeup." SANTA FE, N. M. (UPI1 -- Oil i Phyllis Newell, a tall striking and gas leases sold this week by the New Mexico State Land Office were about SSO.OOO less than the August 1, 1962, sale of leases. Lenses on 16,179 acres in Lea Counly went for 5241,711, averaging S14.M per acre. blonde with two children, has had her own detective license three years. She has been married to a private detective 10 years and agrees with Mrs, Lewis that "you have to be an actress." "You can get a f u l l admission M A R K E T S GRAIN' wheat ---'.......... 1.85 Oats 75 Barley .; 80 Milo _ Prairie Hay .' 22.00 Alfalfa _ 28,00 Shell Corn 1.30 PRODUCE Cream 45 Eggs, Clean 21 Heavy Hens ,n Li^ht Hens _ 05 Governors Cancel Teller's Invitation WHITE SULPHUR SPPJNGS. W.Va. (AP)--Southern governors today canceled an invitation to scientist Edward Teller to explain his opposition to a limited nuclear test ban treaty. Gov. Orval E. Faubus of Arkansas, chairman of the Southern I Governors Conference, said the invitation had been withdrawn because several governors -- whom he did not name -- objected to hearing only one side of the argument. Teller, called the lather of the hydrogen - bomb, .appeared Tuesday before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee opposing ratification of the treaty. Hc contended it would prevent perfection by this country of a missile killer. Gov. Henry Bellmon ot Oklahoma confirmed late Tuesday Teller had been invited to Lhe conference, which ends today, See Us For- · REMODEL · REPAIR · ADD-A-ROOM · PAINT · RE-ROOF · DECORATE -- FREE ESTIMATES -- SC-Montta lo Pay 'Allen's Home Lumber Co. 102 E Street Dial EL5-1933 WHEN YOU NEED A LOAN TO BUY, BUILD OR REFINANCE A HOME Visit your locally owned, federally approved lending institution in Lowton. We give prompt, direct service on 30 to 35 year FHA loans and No 'Money'Down VA Mortgages. 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