The Brownsville Herald from Brownsville, Texas on June 1, 1947 · Page 21
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The Brownsville Herald from Brownsville, Texas · Page 21

Brownsville, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 1, 1947
Page 21
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C* * f T\ * * bimple Decoratio Best For Home Wedding lair Lacquer '.- L Y L * · A « · i' ion A home vrddlng reception, without benefit of caterer, will have professional finish uncl ttmoothnoas if just two polnU lire born In mind: the simplest table IH oflwn tho rmwt b e a u t i f u l nnd familiar, nuay-to- food Is often rnowt up- For A trulv beautiful table, begin with o gleaming white Irish linen cloth in a rich damask pattern, rx'conite with a generous bowl of flowers and the wedding cake itself. A "double ring" wed- dink cake has imaginative charm and It's both simple to bnko nnd ensy to decorate. The two "rings" --one for the bride, one for the f^roorn--are placed beside cmch other on a gleaming silver tray, DOUBLE-KING W E D D I N G CAKE 2 and : '» cups sifted ealti-. f l o u r 2 Up. double-acting baking powder I 1 * tsp. salt 1 and n » cups sugar 1 cup .shortening * tsp. orange extract ** tsp, almond extract 3 eggs, one yolk, unbeaten With butter, margarine, or lard, use '·· cup milk. With vegetable or anv other shortening, use cup milk. Sift flour oncu; measure into sifter with baking powder, salt, and sugar. Have .shortening at room temperature; mix or stir ju«t to soften. Sift in dry Ingredients, Add m i l k and flavoring and mix u n t i l all flour is dampened. Then beat 2 minutes. Add eggs and b«at 1 rninutc longer. (Mix cake by hand or at a low lipped of electric mixer. Count only actual beating time. Or count beating strokes. Allow about 150 lull strokes per mlimte. Scrape bowl nrirl spoon oftenwhilc mixing.) Turn H of batter Into 9-inch ring mold which has been greased nnd lightly floured, filling '/· lull. Bake in moderate oven (375 cleg. F.I 20 minutes, or until done. Store remaining batter in refrigerator f 1 Is Jbine Art Do you know tho fine art of applying laoquer to your hair? Finesse in.the use of this hair- fixer will pay oil i n a neater- looking head and a more lasting set, says Bernard az Guro M New York stylist, Here are hi* tricks: Before you grab that laoquer sprayer, cover your clothes. I»ac- qucr spots, Mr. Quro warns. Spray lacquer on In a light mist, To control the mlflklneHB. of tho application, hold the bottle near enough to your to mako easy contact with, the spray, To make a hair-do last longer, spray lacquer along the lines of each wave and on curls separately, Dover up sprayed hair with your hand pr a cloth as protection against repeats on any are* that has been lacquered, If you Intend to be faithful to one hair-do until It's set again, lacquer it for permanence. But If you intend to ring in changes, put your lacquer away. The style- swltch Is hard to make and tough to control after this fixer is uspd on hair, .Time 1, 1*M7 THK TWOWNSVTTJ.W YTF.TT AT,T 1108 ELIZABETH until first cake is done, then bake In same mold. .Spread cakc« with white fronting and decorate with crystallized rose petals. FROSTING 1 and ** i-tipH suffur H teaspoon .unit 1 tfiiMpoon cream of Inrta » tahlr.spnonft cold water 2 unbeaten 'KK MZM^Z .) Double rliiR- wetidinff cake with plnlc rose petals is set w/T against an exquisite background off silver, linen dninask anil ivlilte roses. Combine fill Innrodlenta except cream of turtar in heavy saucepan or top of doubleboller. Beat with rotan' beater u n t i l frothy. Add cream of tartar. Continue boating until stiff 7-10 minutes. Remove irom fire, add preferred flavoring. Good spoon combinations vanilla and are '/a tea- teaspoon lemon, tilmond, rose or orange extra rt. CRYSTAI,M/EI ROSE PETALS Select highly scouted freah dark red preferably, and wash well. Remove petals and drain. Befit 1 egg white until foamy. Brush both sides of jxdal.s wi/th egg white. Shako granulated muaxr on both sides and place in refrigerator overnight to dry. Wedding O;ike Tradition If you are thinking of cutting a wedding cake thin June, you will be interested to know the history of this nuptial tradition. The wedding cake originated a the marriages of ancient Hornai patricians, where A particular kind of cake was broken over tho heac of the* bride UH a symbcil of plent i/ulness. Each Kuewt took n pioco t/ insure plentlfulnens for hlm- ·elf. The American Indiana also uscci a bride's cake as t\ part of their wedding ceremonies. Tho bride baked a special kind of cornmeal cake and presented it to the bridegroom, probably as a token of hoi culinary abilities. The early Anglo-Saxon custom wn* to have huge baskets of wmrill, dry enirker.s at wedding ceremonies. Each K\iest took one home and those l e f t over were given to the poor, Plied U» Bun* By the time- of Queen Elizabeth theflf small crackers took tho form of small, rectangular »weot cakes or buns made of eggs, milk, currants and spice, and brought to the wedding by tho gueBts. These email cakes were piled in a mound on the table, tf the bride and groom were successful in kissing f a c h other over this mound, they APRICOT SUNDAE Here's a uundac to net the heart, to sinking! Rich Apricot Pulp , . . O c M ** r o u a scoopji of .smooth v n n l l l u Ico crrnin . . . topped with lu.s- clou.s whipped cream. Come in today and pork up with an ApricoL sundae. were assured lonpf life nnd pros perlty. Thn wedding cake as we kno\ it today was originated In Londoi by a French chef traveling Knglund, He noticed that is wti cllfflcuU. to pllu largo of small cakes In one mound nn concoived the idea of Icln^ l-h jnound in one Kolid muHs. In thl Wfiy the wedding cuko WUH born. For centuries a- black fruit"cak mndc with throc-fiuurters f r u i t wa the authentic wedding cake. Abou 15)20 a white pound cake, known as tho bride's cake, was introduc ed. Now either kind may be cu by the bride and served at tru wedding. However, if favor boxe arc used, they arc always flllec with the heavier black fruit cake Remains Moist An Old Ffu'ihioiH.'rt Wedding Cakr mudo by the following recipe i; rich with f r u i t and remains moist for many months--even until UK first anniversary. It cuts In clean thin slices without crumbling. It will weigh 7 uncl % pounds, serve 100, and cost about $4.25. OLD FASHIONED WEDDING CAKE K i i IhH, (614 cups) ralylnn )i Ib, (2 cups) citron, thinly sliced and cut in .strips. : tt Ib. {l'-i cup«) candled plnc- ^ tipple, sliced '·i Hi. (JJ cups blanched almonds, *hredded A cuj) iin.siil])hurcd molasses ·'fe oup \vutrr U cup - H l f t c d , enriched flour 1 cup b u t t e r or mnrgarino l'-4 cups sujrur '/4 square hitter chocolate, incited f, f.KKfi, tin boa ton 2 oups sifted, onrlchod flour V» teaspoon soda l f -a toaspooiiH cinnamon I 1 /* teaspoons nutmeg 1 ''i tca.spoon ',£ teaspoon v* cup p f n c u p p l o Juloo or hrandy Blend molasses and water over low heat u n t i l mixture reaches boiling point. Gradually otir in frulb and nuts to coat each piece with syrup. Slowly cook until all liquid is absorbed by fruit (about *ive minutes.) Stir constantly. Place. f r u i t on large platter to cool com plctely. Stir occasionally. Just be fore adding fruit to cake baltei mix f r u i t with '/ cup flour. Sift together all dry ingredient except sugar. Cream together bill; tor" v " or margarine, melted chocolate nnd sugar, Beat in three eggs one u,b a time. Stir in '/a cup dr ingredients and boat In remain Ingredients and pineapple juice o: Alternately add remaining clrj ing three eggs. brandy. Stir in molasses- trea tec fruit. For a two -tier cake, bake In two paper from cake. When cold, Ice with decorative- frosting. round pans, one 8 and In'c-hct l.u dinmcl.or and 3 inches deep, tho other Hlx inches In diameter am ·; nchcs deep. Line bottoms ant sides with throe layers of heavy brown pnpcr, well greased. Bake large cake 3'/ hours at the fin mo tempmituri). Turn out or cuke coolers; immediately remove Party Compliments Pastor's Daughter SAN BENITO--Mesdames W, J. Carlisle and E. C. Hill were hostes- ;os Thursday afternoon at the brmor's home honoring Mnry Pa- rlcln Still J van, Guests wore 7 " members of their Sunday School clas- e«. Tho honor guest la the daughter )f tlio Rov,, nnd Mrs. Joo B. Sul- Ivan, Reverend Sullivan recently cNlgnccl as pastor of First Bnp- ist Church. Sandwiches, cookies and bottled rinks were served to Wanda nnd /anlfca Cowart, Johanna Hitt, 'ruella Roberts, Jorrle Scrucy, /Tury Francos nnd Louis Slaydcn nd Joann Whisonant. Tho presented a gift to 10 honorco, who will leave .soon '1th her family for a visit In Ar- ... an immaculntcly beautiful A plnin, graceful shnft crowned -witl ci I vet foliage. A pincc scttinR of pi? Now Available * Iced Tea Spoors, Gravy Ladles ami Other Serving Pieces in Your International Silver 28 Patterns Of STERLING SILVER To Choose From At Serving the Valley Since 1024 Our Only Store AIR CONDITIONED ~fiv0 BULOVA «Ct tn ICtf tj'tlt/l, =^ 7 I 2I J e w c l ^ TERRIFIC SAVINGS ON Originally $5,99 to $19,99 A K D U P Many beautiful dresses to choose front! Rayon crepe, spun rayon, rayon luana and cotton. Smart dressy or casual type dresses in a great assortment of delightful colors and prints. Sii«s for juniors, misses and "women. Bathing Suits B, A. PRINCETON f j *52'o ,». DIRECTOR 21 jewels * / Other Fine Watches From $22.50 Serving the Valley Since 19U4 Our Only Store Air Conditioned Orlfflnally $2,99 and ?3.99 One and two-piece bathins suits in many colors and prints. S e v e r a l different fabrics to choose from. Sizes 32 to 38. SKIRTS Irregulars 92.5)0 and Gradel Of $3.99 $149 JL Tailored or dirndl type skirts of cool cotton or spun, rayon. Delightful colors to choose'*- from, in sizes 24 to 30. PLAY SUITS Of $5.09 to $9,39 Gmdftt Two and thr«« pi«c* iulU of cotton or spun ray* on, in solid colon and print*. Slws 10 to 1ft. Irregulars Of $2.25 to $2.39 GradeI Sheer rayon, rayon crepe or cotton blouses In. dressy and casual stylos. White and. colors In sizes 32 to 38. NYLONS Irregulars of $1.50 Grade! ( Full fashlontd, iiheer »yl»« siuitan ahadei. Bleec 8VA to 10 : 54-QAUGE NYLONS Irregular ft of $2.50 Grade 1 Super-sheer nylons that are Sizes 8i£ to 10H. cuts dishwashing ..xvi'-. ^fF time in half! Dishes, glassware gleam without wiping! Just a quick rinse, and even glassware sparkles without time-wasting wiping, for Vel leaves no soap scum or streaky film to -polish away. Removes grease faster, more completely than soap. Pots and pans get clean quicker. Vel leaves no dishpan ring to scrub out! Vel cleans dishes cleaner than soap and saves up to half your dishwashing time! Irregulars Of $1.99 and. $2.59 Gnulol Smartly tailored shorts of cotton or spun rayon . . . with pleats or straight cut. Great assortment of colors. ./ A/lllOERTOHAMpg/ 13c Vol IB not a soap but an entirely new and different suds that is completely neutral .. . milder than soap, Stockings stay lovelier, sheerer-looking when washed with Vel Stockings look sheerer and stay lovelier longer with Vel than with soap. Vel leaves no soap scum clinging to threads. Eliminates soap-fading and soap-matting. Keeps new woolens softer and fleecier than 'VELis tho trailo-mark of Hie -PoGt Company, Tee-Shirts Irregulars Of $1.59 and ?1,9 Gradcl 79 Flnety knJt cotton tee-shirts in white and colors. Small, medium or large sizes. Irregulars of $1.79 and $1.99 GradeI Well-fitting rayon pigment crepe or rayon satin tailored slips that fit to perfection. Tcarose or white in sixes 32 to 44-. Irregulars of $1.99 and $2.99 Slips Irregulars of $2.99 and $3,99 Slips $]49 Shortie P'Js Originally Two-plec« cotton crinkle crope or printed cotton, cool shortie pajaniax that can also be worn for play. Sizes 32 to 38. Gown Sale! Irregulars of $3.00 Grade! Beautifully tailored rayon jersey gowns with a full flared skirt. Tea. i-oao or white in sizes 32 to 40. Gowns: Originally $1.80 IrrcjyulfttB Of $8.09 and $4.i9 PANTIES Irregulars of /I /\ 89c to $1.00 . /I IIP Grade! TrilV Irregulars of $1 to $1.25 Grade! Brief or regulation panties of rayon jersey with olrvstic at the waist. Small, medium or large sixes in tearose or white. Brassieres Irregulars Of S1.75 Grade! Wonderful uplift, brnssiercs of rayon satin or cotton broadcloth in lea rose or white. Sizes 32 to 38. Irregulars Of 93.99 Grade! Of $5.09 Grade! Soft, cool rnyon jersey paja- mns with smart looking jackets and roomy pnjamn punts. SiKGi 32 to 38. SALE OF DRESSES Irregulars of $1.99 and $2.99 Cool cotton dresses for little girls with delightful trimming. Solid colors and prirxts, CHILDREN'S WEAR 59 PANTIES Orlg-Inally 49c and (!f)« 29c 2 For $3.00 4 for $1.00 OVERALLS Originally $1.59 and SI.9!) SUN SUITS Originally - $1.5!) and $1.99 SHORTS Originally $1.59 and $1.09 BATHING SUITS Orf/rlnnlly St.59 and $1.93 2 for (1,50

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