The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi on July 10, 1960 · Page 24
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The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi · Page 24

Greenville, Mississippi
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 10, 1960
Page 24
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DcKn Democrat-Times 24 Sunday, July 10, '60 Of A Candidates Kennedy United Press International John Fitzgerald Kennedy has seasoned a shrewdly managed political campaign with a buildup based on personal charm and a glamorous family in making his 1*30 bid for the presidency. He has developed a wide appeal to housewives end intellectuals, political professionals and organized labor. Ho is a Roman Catholic. Kennedy was elected to the U. S. House of Representatives three times and to the Senate twice before ho opened the 19GO election year with his announcement that he was a candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination. War Hero He was a war hero before he was" a political and was .cited by the Navy, for his tight to save his crew and himself when the PT boat under his.command was sliced in two by a Japanese destroyer in the South Pacific. Born May 29, 1917. Kennedy was the second of nine children of Joseph P. and Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy, who then Brookline, Mass., a suburb of Boston. Both sides of the family came from immigrant Irish stock anc both of his grandfathers achieved a measure of political success in Boston. Joseph P. Kennedy, later chairman of the Securities and Ex- THIS IS tho floor of tho Democratic National convention In Los Angeles' Sports Arena. In addition 'to delegations from tho BO states, there sro delegations from the Virgin Islands, Panama Canal Zone, District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. '*·!·!·" W: RECEPTION ;:·:·:·: | ROOM ;:·:·:·: BAND X-X PRESENTATIO N PLATFOR M 5S5 Sx* U -*·*·* I I I \ S E R V I C E N A T I O N A L Funeral Homo Phone ED 4-4519 Hwy. 82 E. By BOB THOMAS LOS ANGELES (AP)-Convcn- lion lowlighls) Attention Alaska and Hawaii! Tho big [lag flying from the Biltmore Hotel, sile of Democratic icadquarters, is of the old, 43- star variety. _ ^^ Workers are still working like ants -around the Sports Arena where the convention proceedings will be held starting Monday, leneral consensus Is they'll never get it off the ground. Want to Keeps Delegates Happy change Commission and ambassador to Great Britain under President Franklin D. Roosevelt, broke out of the Boston Irish mold, attended Harvard and built up a multi-millionHclotlar fortune in business while still a young man. He gave his children financial independence by' setting up a $1,000,000 trust fund for each of them. Jack Kennedy attended private schools and Harvard, traveled widely and published a best-selling book, "Why England Slept," at the age of 23. As a youth, he lived under the shadow of his older brother, Joseph Jr., who With Just One Pee Gee Paint Purchase i (i gal. minimum) .· ·. ·^The coupon you receive, with Jour Pee (3eo purchase entitles you to your first free roll of Kodak black and'whita film. Then you'll get roll after roll FREE everylims'you send in films for developing and printing. COLOR FILM FOR LIFE! Send 60c with the coupon and you'll get free KODACOLOR FILM ($1.25 value), with every processing order. TR1PIE COVER House Faint 3-tmrt protedioa setf-djnninc was later killed on a bombing mission over the coast of Europe. Survived Ordeal Jack WPS luckier in surviving tis wartime ordeal. Dumped in the South Pacific near New Georgia Island in August. 19-13, and his crew were rescued after spending many hours 'in the waler and five days on a tiny island. The experience aggravated a youthful back injury, and Ke contracted malaria. After several months in a naval hospital in Massachusetts, he was released from the Navy early in 1945. After tho war, Kennedy dabble- ed in newspaper work, then decided to try for a Boston congres sional seat being vacated" by the incumbent. Only 29, he campaigned hard, talked pocketbook issues and won the nomination over a field of nine other Democrat!. Running in a normally Democratic district, he easily defeated his Republican opponent in the election. In Congress, Kennedy kept the home political fences En good repair. He was identified with the liberals but was viewed more as an independent than a doctrinaire Democrat. He generally supported President Truman's domestic policies and the Greece-Turkish GOYER PAINT DEPT. 815 Alexander Ph. ED 2-S252 Free Parking See Dan The Paint Man -- Save 25 to 30% On Your Paint Needs were later to be used again in nominating speech for Adlai E. Kennedy's 1960 campaigns in state-IStcvenson, who won the nomina- prcsidential primaries. Lodge lost his Senate seat to Kennedy while President Eisen- Iwwcr carried the state by more than 200,000 votes. He was married Sept. 12, 1953, to Jacqueline Bouvier, then 23, at a fashionable wedding at Newport. R. I. Like Kennedy she came from a wealthy New England lion. An active candidate for second place on the ticket, Kennedy lost it by a whisker to Sen.- Estes Kefavuer of Tennessee in a con vention floor battle packed with drama. Launching Pad The 1956 convention was in faci the launching pad for his cam paign seat on the Foreign Rela Convention Lownotes 48-Star Flag Flies Afiove Demo Convention Headquarters In LA . Democri tic orators will have no need to fi imblc for words. The podium £ as three prep-holes which lead to mirrors which reflect TV. It* bes which will carry their texts « n a closed-circuit TV CBS is gt, inning happily, having sold its 1 TV coverage to a single appliance maker months ago. NBC is breal thing a little easier, having peddlj d lD-12ths of its air Man From Felicity Is In Charge Of Felicity At Demo \tonclave Catholic family, although she hadjtions Committee. lived mostly in New York and Washington. A daughter, Caroline was born in 1357. Offended Mrs. F.D.R. Kennedy's early service in the Senate was marked by the strug gle over condemning the conduc of Sen. Joseph R. McCarthy o Wisconsin. Although he had been ready to vole against McCarthy when the issue first was raised he was ailing and not presen when the showdown came. By failing to announce his position lie offended some liberal Demo crals, including Mrs. Franklin D Roosevelt, who were reluctant or unwilling to forgive him in future years. Kennedy spent about six months in hospitals in 195i and 1955 un dergoing and convalescing from serious operations on his injuret Aid Bill and the Marshall Plan | back. He was once near death but was back in Washington in the spring of 1955 to resume his work in the Senate. During his absence, he wrote another best-selling book. "Profiles in Courage,' which won a Pulitzer Prize for biography. It was a series of essays on acts of political courage by senators. In strenuous campaigning for reelection to the Senate in 1958 and for the Democratic presiden as well. But in 1948, he was blaming the White House and State Department for the loss of China to Communism. Sought Recognition By 1SH8, Kennedy was beginning to seek statewide recognition with nn eye to running against Sen. Henry Cabot Lodge Jr., in 1952. For the campaign against Lodge, he again relied on a personal political organization as he'Ual nomination in 1950, Kennedy had done when he first ran for the House. In that 1952 campaign. the en- gave no evidence that his back ailment still bothered him. Kennedy won his first burst o national attention at the 1956 Democratic National Convention. He narrated a film depicting the his other political innovations which,lory of the party and made the tire Kennedy family of brothers and sisters and in-laws moved in to help with "coffee hours" and YES . . . YOU'RE SEEING DOUBLE as Annette and Jeanelte Doyle of Greenville load their station wagon in preparation for their summer vacation trip. The popular twins will "look fresh and stay cool longer" in these summer cottons because their clothes were first dry cleaned with "PREK"* at FAST SERVICE LAUNDRY and DRY CLEANERS . . . and dry sizing was applied at no extra cost. Mrs. Doyle also finds that dry cleaning saves on "time constimiiiL; labor" over the ironing board. Why don't you help your cottons "stay fresh longer with "PERK" dry cleaning? ·*: "PERK" is our nickname for Dow Chemical's PERCHLORETHYLENE -- a recent rlevelrir.ment in dry cleaning solutions. It costs much more than ordinary dry cleaning fluids -- and dry cleans that much better. Why don't you "PERK" up your summer cottons with PERK at ... F A S T S E R V I C E L A U N D R Y a n d D R Y G L i ^ ^ S Highway 82 at Fairvicw He also was a member of the special Senate committee set up to investigate racketeering practices in industrial relations and his younger brother, Robert, was counsel for the same committee. Although the labor movement first was cold toward any reform legislation, eventually most of conceded its leaders that some By JOE LEWIS LOS ANGELES (AP) - The man responsible for keeping the delegates happy at the Democrat- c National Convention is a native of Felicity, Ohio. Glenn Wilson, a Los Angeles executive, heads the various Democratic Committees charged with romoting a continuous state ofj 'elicity at the convention, which' opens July 11 in the Sports Arena.I The committees are manned by: California Democrats anxious to, ;ive their state a reputation as a r good host. Consequently, the dele-i jates will be lavishly wined,' dined and lined with token gifts to remind them of California. One committee responsible for the care and feeding of delegates, newsmen and visitors at just the' working sessions estimates their! charge will: munch 55,000 hot dogs, 25,000 sandwiches, 3.000 ice cream bars l 16,000 candy bars, 6,000 bags of popcorn and 4.500 bags of peanuts and sip 120,000 soft drinks and 50,000 cups of coffee. An entertainment committee has lined up trips to television and movie studios, lours of movie stars' homes, a beauty contest, a special day (July 9) at Hollywood Park race track, and a Monet art exhibition (no admission charge). Aside from getting sufficient hotel space, the biggest problem for To make evei -ybody happy, Los Angeles Dcmod rats are providing one delegate \ /ilh -a horse and buggy. He's C^ 4. C. E. Garrett, 80, tha oldest| member o f ' t h e Alabama delega tion. He wrote to convention head quarters and requested the unir^ ue transportation. time. ABC Is smiling bravely, be-time TO haven't followed c«ttl« ing 75 per cent sponsorc* 1 . The lallcr two hope to bo sold out by the Monday start. It wouldn't be Los Angela without them...The religious zealots' have : made · their feelings known with .placards in front of the Diltmore. One oldster seemed to be spear-heading the slop-Kennedy drive. His message: "Wisdom, one of man's great assets, comes with age -- seldom below 55.1' Other slogans carry the general pattern of: Politicians, re- pcntl. . David Brinkley the quiet wit of the Huntley-Brinkley TV pimditry was admiring the Sports Arena facilities. A vet of other conventions in the Chicago Stockyards and San Francisco's Cow' Palace, he commented: "This is the first into the hall." Jnck Christie, radio-TV boss for the .Demos, thought he. nad heard every possible request tor accreditation. His latest was : for lho;crew.of a blimp'that cimc up from Texas and will be used, CBS for aerial shots. His- anver: "We'll sec what we can o." t/nkind comment .about Harry ruman's blowup of last Saturnay: "Harry is suffering from gger mortis." CEMENT BIRD BATHS ROUND TABLE TOPS SEATS DELTA »IAKBLE WORKS 92 Eoll - 'Phona ED J-7J SANFORDS 17 Jewels 50c Down «| Q 95 50e Weekly Compare Values 18 pl tonally fir* vo«. Natural c«M cokx Sonlocdi. Prked V»». Pkn. Fed. HI IKCIAU IN OUR WINDOW! G«fNYHlE'S lAIGfSI WMCH OISHJH BUSCHS M-9 KREUI awtixu-cracura fc ig 243 WASHINGTON AVE. the hosts is transportation. City On Wheels Los Angeles literally is on wheels, most of them attached There are only 900 taxi licenses in Los Angeles, compared with 11,780 in New York and 3,7-10 in Chicago. But in Los Angeles, there's one car for every 2.2 persons (the record for a major city), compared with 1 per 3.5 in Chicago and 1 per 6-1 in New York. To cope with the problem, the Democrats have reserved up to 400 charter buses to take dele- ;ates from hotels to convention session. ' For distinguished visitors, the Democrats have a fleet of 250 new form was inescapable, Kennedy piloted one labor bill to passage in 1958 only to have it die in the House. That bill and to a lesser extent a n o t h e r managed by Ken- °" wneels . ""»« « nedy in 1959 were accepted by to P nvate cars ' most labor leaders. They opposed the bill, however, after it was drastically rewritten by the House, many of them absolved Kennedy from responsibility for the final product. As a candidate for the I9GOpres- dential nomination, Kennedy was criticized on grounds that he was oo young and inexperienced. But lis biggest problem was the reli- jious issue which stirred some Democrats to recall the 1928 defeat of Catholic Alfred E. Smith. Kennedy met the issue head-on, declaring his support for constitutional provision requiring separation of church and state. After taking an oath to support the Constitution, he said, a pres- dent who took orders from the Pope would be guilty of a crime and subject to impeachment. After his series of victories in state presidential primaries this spring, including overwhelmingly Protestant West Virginia, Kennedy expressed the belief that the religious issue had been removed from the campaign. Even when his Catholic faith seemed a political handicap, the buildup Kennedy had been getting through national publicity for three years made him the man to beat far in advance of the 1960 convention. Monetary, Trade Policies Hurl Korean Recovery WASHINGTON (AP)-The Ko-. rean government's monetary and trade policies are blocking Korean economic recovery, a congressional staff report charged Sat. The report says Korea's monetary exchange rate and a refusal to trade with Japan are offsetting the economic aid being pumped into the country by the United States. The report, based on a seven- week survey of Korea, Iran and Thailand by staff members of the House Foreign Affairs Committee was released today. The survey ;was conducted late last year be. fore the overthrow of Korea's ' Syngman Rhee government. The policies referred to, however, are still in force. The team found conditions more favorable in Thailand and Iran, but it did cite some examples of waste and bad planning--for instance, shipping manure spread- :ers (o Iran 'where for centuries manure has been burned for fuel." It placed the blame for deficiencies in the economic aid program on what it called faulty administration and lack of coordination: among the many agencies in-' volved. and recommended the In-! 'ernational Coopeiation Adminis; tratkn te given over-all respon-| iibility in the field. city EVINRUDE i FIRST IN OUTBOARD Motors]From 3 to 75 Horse Power In 1959 Ev inrude was Number 1 in unit sales and No. 1 in di dlars sales in the U.S.A. B4 )ATS I Gt ASSPAR Gt] ASSMAG1C CH EROKEE TFJOJAN FlilSERGLIDE LoixESTAR MARINE ACCESSORIES DIXHECRAFT TRAILERS 1 The Delta's "First" All Marine Dealer \ MARINE SALES AND SERVICE j Factory Trained Mechanics i Boat Repairs \ Terms F r « Pickup Delivery Marline Equipment Inc. \ 129 So. Walnut SAFEGUARDING SAVINGS 1887 Seventy three years of continuous service to the community! ?^m£'?wi ear n ST NATIONAL BANK ALU. HttStSH** Member Federal Reserve System Member Federil Deposit loraranc* Corporation

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