The Corpus Christi Caller-Times from Corpus Christi, Texas on August 5, 1951 · Page 80
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The Corpus Christi Caller-Times from Corpus Christi, Texas · Page 80

Corpus Christi, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 5, 1951
Page 80
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West Texas Ups Corpus Christ! Wildcat Work Is JL Nation's Stocks Old _ Stnff to T ' R Stailbe "-y To 251 Million Domestic and foreign crude! West Texas stocks had nsen to FtocKs rose to 25J..103 million bar-:5P.773 million, and New Mexico rels on July 28, and Texas stocks; was up 99,000 barrels to 6 426 mil- climbed to 119.472 million barrels, I lion. fijrures released by the Bureau of in Walton showed ycs-j^. East Texas stocks totaled terday. .The" tota stocks represented a net gain of 2.091 million barrels . . . from the prev'ous week with a j l!f lami l f !and other Texas districts, 27.853 million. 965.000-batrel d r o p in foreign L, ( i l ' c " KSt stocks and a 3.056-million barreli^! 1Bo " reau (The Associated Press release'of of MitKs figures and commercial rise in domestic. Well" production! 1 "^ ot °"K r am. commercial re- also. reached a new high, and re-i port f r o m Washington credited the . . ' ' i . . . , . .. ' r Pt»\--a t? f " * t » l f /"*rtn.-,f citft^t,^. . ..:* u _ fined product inventories climbed ! Texas G u l f Coast stocks with a r-tcadilv. j 1.439 million barrel increase from j t n e previous week, and each listed s as gaining only 739,000 barrels. However, West" Texas West Texas stocks accounted forL l ! c P revi °" H but about 1,000 barrels of t.he Wesl , Tcxaf ?iet Texas pain- of 3/59 million barrels and thus, were responsiblej s t o c k s tolaipd 47 71 * million on for most of the national boost.! v 21 anri sn - 77 ' llli!1 i° n on July and Gulf Texas showed 27.254 million on -lulv 21 and 26.4S4 million on July 28.) Texas Gulf stocks, a 310,000-ba'rrel Louisiana crude, stocks climbed fall in California, declines of 131,- 333,000 barrels during the week, 000 each in Oklahoma and t h e i t n e north part of the state rising Gulf Drops ·The big West Texas gain was offset by an 800,000-barrel drop in Rocky Mountain states, and a 137.000 total drop for the Pennsylvania-Appalachian. Illinois-Indiana areas and Arkansas. IP. Texas, all districts gained ex- to 2.762 million barrels and the Gulf section to 11.525 million. Kansas had a 219,000-barrel gain to 10.595 million. For the week ended July 2S, the cept the Gulf Const and the F a n - j API reports, there were "l2l mil- h n m i l e i in the Imrenu report t h ' s j i i o n barrels of gasoline in storage d i s t r i c t is included in the " o t h e r J i n this country, compared with Texas" total! which dropped 197,-|1U million a y e a r H R O ; 2fi 959 inil- S2^T lR- f a S t T cxas ; P U ' kf ' ri "Pi' i o n ban ' p|s °f k^oscne compared , VIC , ,,,,,_ v l allu . 5R..OOO ban-els, ana ' o t h e r Texas" with 2X150 m i l l i o n : 76.938 million t i o n n n r t , h c n w n s m f l ;, p p ,; shf , r lf r a ,mH -.14 nnn i harrels of distillate compared wdh! a roustabout gang, hut by 191 :fi].6G4. j n - i l i o n , nnd «,957 million was baek to riri Ky GKORGB HOGAX Staff Oil Writer Thomas Fletcher Sianberry will be back just about where he was 36 years ago, geographically at j least, when he starts a new'wild- cat on the west edge of Corpus Christi in just a few days. Back in 1935. Stanberfy was in on the drilling- of the discovery oil- er in the old Corpus Christi Field. He wa* working for (he late J. Knox Culton, His current project will be the A. W. Gregg No. 1 C. A. Richter, a semi-wildcat in the C o r p u s Christi 6.900-Foot Field, just 600 feet from the old oil discovery. Stanberry now is drilling and production superintendent for the South Texas operations of Gregg, Houston independent. Oilwise. Stanberry is one of South Texas' old timers, and in the industry, he's a real veteran. He started work as a teenager in 1912, with the old Pasadena Oil Co. (later The Texas Co.) in the piney wood country around Shreveport. Boll Wecvi! "The new hand--we call him a boll weevil now--always was put on the boiler of the old steel and brake rig in those davs," he recalls. "They scared hell out of me with their stories of how high 1 would blow if I let the boiler dry up. You never saw such a well tended boil- By 1915, Stanberry had his first job as H driller, with Gulf Oil Corp. in the Bull Bayou Field in Louisiana. He moved shorlly to produc- gained 21 '1,000. ('onfliciing Statistics Total Texas stock gains d u r i n g j barrels of residual oil compared the week were 3.M9 million h f t r - j w i t h 42.165 million relP.hjit the ROO.OPO-harrel- drop jnj In the same week rrude oil pro- .,ie Gulf section reduced the netlductior, reached a new high, with gam for the slate to 3.059 m i i l i c m j a daily average of 6.204' million Smackover in Arkansas. Scminole 'barrels. ' . . _ _ _ . Panhandle, drilling--working for a series of independents. Starting in 191ft, he followed the booms, "the like of which we don't see nnv m o r e." T h e r e was ] Corpus Christi CALLER-TIMES. Sun,. Aug. 5, 1951 15-C j . " American Co-Op Hopes JTo Find 300,000 BPD i i ^WASHINGTON. Aug. -4. i A P . » - . : m some O r all of the following-- ly foreign c o u n t r i e s supplied (The government, has approved a . B a h r e i n Island, Canada. Colombia, ' t h r o u g h a more efficient use ol |p!an whereoy American 01! com- K«ypt. Indones.a, I r a n , Qntar. Ku-| American f a c i l i t i e s , rather than flames operates abroad may act .wui:, New Guinea. Saudi Arabia or!through i aliening of oil products ·.jointly to offset world-wide petrol- .Venezuela. ; h e r e . ' ;·. increasing the m a n u f a c t u r e o f ; The 01! companies will not get ! Manly Fleischmann. defense p r o - ' r e f i n e d petroleum products at some 1 together lo work up sorcifc agree- jduction administrator. announce-' or all uf the retincrios in Argon-i ments for implementing the all'; that he has invited 39 oil com-;tina, Australia. Bahrein Island. Bel-^ance jpanies with oversea.', operations to giun... British West Indies. Canada.-; They will, for example, be able I take part. Colombia. Cuba. D e n m a r k . Egypt. : U do'those things. I Known as "Plan of action No. Kiaruv, G e r m a n y . Indonesia." I t - ' T a n k e r Trade U", the voluntary agreement w u V a l v . Japa:i. K u w a i t . The N e t h e r - ; Make arrangements for one U. S. be administered by the Petroleum, lands, Norway. Noi.hcrlands West'company to put its oil into empty Administration for Defense. It pro-jlm-liey. Peru,'s.-uidi Arabia, Spam, spaco l e f t over irr another com- vides immunity from prosecution .'Trieste zor.i-. Trinidad, llv United panv's t a n k e r s before they pull nut under the federal antitrust laws:Kingdom. U n i K u s y or Venezuela. : for the same, or a nearhv destina- and the federal trade commission"; The p'nn allows t h e companies to lion. ,act for the participating companies m a k e a r r a n g e m e n t for the pur- K x c h a n s " ocean route? to avoid jso Ions as they stay within the rh;i:-,. i,,. ( n. salt' v exchange of so-railed ' "cross iviii!.-."* This, for 'scope of the plan. ; crude ml. petroleum -products and example, would p e r m i t oil firms to The document sots forth t h a t the ;ii]endi!ij: agents for distribution in e x c h a n g e customp'-s fo- ' t h e time stoppage of movements of crude i f o r c i ^ n countries. I'ein-so each company could short- oil and refined products from I r a n : I ' . S, RatimiiiK en its haul and therein- make more has resulted in a loss to free world; Federal o f f i c i a l s h a v e implied the trips. trade of about 460,000 barr.-'s a d a y ' U . S. w i l l help Iran's customers-' The oil companies would be able of refined products and 150,000 b u r - ! m a i n l y G r e a t Britain. France, liv-.lo e n t e r into similar agreements rels a day of crude oil. ;dia and Japan -- even if it means with regard to the use of other dis- The plan authorizes cooperative-.rationing of fuel oil and motor I t r i h u t ion nnd storage facilities and action for: 'gasoline in this country. !equipment. They'd negotiate "their Exchange Okay . The formation of the oil alliance:own rates and' terms. Their nr- _3l.?_'!5l£f! i i!l s crude oil product!;.f; however, is intended to keep, f r i e n d - J n m g e m e n t s would be subject to ap- """ " "" jproval by the Petroleum Adminis- THOMAS FLETCHKR STANBEKIIV . . 'grip and grease joint' to Kelly. *\\-\A \ · R ,\ m i ' - · ! -1*1 - 1U " l i n e ' l h ' S FOR 1.000 WELLS 300,000 Tons Tubular Goods '" "" Yecr Room Slanbcrrv came to Smith Tewis Okay ed by PAD | Wcbb Wildcat Drv for J. K, W, M. and Gravel Co. ; 0 f ; He was driller on the Keplcy rig i and \v,-is userl to exert a steviy which dug the second well in thei p n ,j, s u r p in pumm , ( . as , ng or , ;tiu .' ; ^; 0 Freer area. H. H. McFurland. nowini,,,,. *· [,,,,' M Corpus Christi drilling c o n t r n c - j --to stay-in 1928, going to work t o r Wils d ,. jller on , hl , f i r s t well, R. F. Schoolfield's No. 3 Nor-1"'"".'.''". l . KnoN " ! " 3 w:l ' : first oil well in Duval County. l ' a - v f i ( t ° 1 ' ;l -"'-year sler p . . t .. i , · · .',·, ; S'.-'inberry. who's been i f.?.r, .^.^"^arly "··«·· day. the r ",! An o i l f i e l d Rip Vurr Honiberger WASHINGTON. Aug. 4. fAP)_.qiwsts had been filled, they would T!ie Petroleum Administration f o r ] h a v e taken i.iss million "tons of Defense said today it has h w n t j s t c e l . " Brown s.tid. fom-th quarter authorizations for I "That w o u l d ' h a v e been enou-'h the purchase of 300,000 tons of c a K - j t o drill 26,000 wells, or almost 2H ing nnd tubing to oil nnd gas oper-|times the J.OOO wells we have pref- ntoi-s throughout tho nation; ,,. Igrammed for the quarter. AdltlilllstfvlJoT* RrnpA V i:?rrm-n "t* :.» ~ : -- ; e : 1 i t v. *._ _ i j traiion for Defense, however. ! PAD o'ficials- ritrure t h i s new al- I l i M i i c e will h a v e t o h n i p scare u p i somewhere near noo.onn liarrels of j crude and r e f i n e d prru-lucls a day to j M i i - e t A u g u s t ' s e s t i m a t e d d e f i r - i t j from the I r a n i a n shutdown. The ; balance of the 600.000 barrels cut .off in I r a n is expected to come I from im-reased crude oil produc- I tion m such areas as Venezuela, ; K u w a i t , Saudi A r a b i a . Canada, Col- F. W i l l i a m CMrr and \V. K. Fox, was drilling ;u ~ ssr, reel on a v" hia -, K ' R '- Vpt llR '°" esi «- -^l «"'·* A. C.. B l a c k . D u v a l County (possible R ion-foot v e n t u r e R i c h 1 ; , l l l u t l e a - w h l l e a d d i t i o n a l re- .01! discovery in the N o r t h Ki!z-|nrdson and Stewart is cnnlraetor "" ! lrodui '' s '='^ ^ported to flow W i n k 1 Jsimmnjis :l '' 1 «- flowed oil in iOIH:»?i,t rmsscr · '""' som '' -' o t h c r Countries, · i i i i s\ i v. . _ C l l f l i l U ' " I » ' I M I * i * - - i t K r,miul the l n l n l l t " """'- P'-'-forations at ·».-! southeri, Corp \o ] lu '" n - "- - ^ b:-u-k to." 1 -''--^'- !c ' H "»' yesterdiiy w a s j p r Br(n .) ; o n , ,, 1 ., l , w i K | ( ..,, ' i n . '': s " ' W P f t ( t . " lh w a i t i n g on i x . t e n t u i l . i·;.,,., ir ,,, ,7 rvm.'i.,' ir-,,-,,-. .,,,,1 ,-... l lS - n " o f f i c i a l s are concerned al Oil Discovery c* jj: Yates o y Ranch Gets New Test in- refining facil- South were drilled by Stanberry on the!" 01 '" P' 1 "" 1 " 1 "- Kyals lease iii Kefusio 'F i c 1 d . . I l l s l l"tt'ns (These still would be considered; 1'ush button d r i l l i n g deep by the national 3 , 9 0 0 - f o o t Hue. beforo too Jons, i averuK'i?. i "tit a d d e d l l v i t tho · '·!..(! fo 'S.-ctmn 17, C'opi.n F.-.r.n and Hav- Fluivinp pressure on ils. 1 t e s t . r l e n Trarts, -I ; leveled off on "-(il-iiich e i n i k e a t ! Hcahtos. \vas si'tle'lulei; il7r ',( GOO pounds. K m l n ' r , tvslK ni ri; over tlie weekend \ were run through "U-mrh -hoke. iiiOO-l'not projei-t. ' ,'or ".0 m i n u t e s , and S ( -incii i - h o k e . l ,,, move for a e..; 'The ·isms; production 1 "ts in particular: · on pas and HuM oil. TViey Kuropean r e t i n e n e s will innre of those products, posmnkins: less motor RasoJine. I'. S. has e x t r a f a c i l i t i e s for : oil discovery drilled on tho Dunn, lease for Saxet Gas Co. Administrator Bruce K. Brown: ..j^ in a news release that a.3-191 even u , requests for authorization received before the June ."0 deadline were A Mora Field wildcat ir. Webb! H'« i n i t i a l Nuec'-s County job.(-"!i!| w i l l he r County was perforating; for testsi w: .'S another f i r s t , the- Saxet Fiel-i shootinj t h a t yesterday and the C had n new start, and a dry hole. A County wildcat" near the; 1 ''"" Us " aml T u l l i \Vhen S i a n h e n y can he :n ]».".'!, S'.anherry s t a r t e d a l o n ^ . p u s Chi-i.sti ove) n i s h i . cliar,* of steel available, the oil and gas industry is meeting PA§'s expan-j |h , sh ' i - iH't's s l i n W t ' d '.!.', of l.-l(in and 1.- ai-k is in Pedro K U I - . " ; 'r ' · ' ' Tll(x ( - h i r a t ; o Cm j-. No. I Y.. J . l |t ' · K i r a n hi-.ur. He-tore i-asiiis- w a s .setj R o l , ( . I . s _ fH ' M e s q i i i i e Field t,- · 1 . . ; : ! ' i n ! » ) U i i : ; i . -!,-ir!S f e . - t , a d n l l s t . - m : UT1S . i n n i n M 2 -.100 i . r t v , - ^ , - , - - " '.^ test in t h i s zone r o . - o v e i e . I t.."!0 f e o l : ( i ; l y ,,,, a ,,,.,.,,,1;-,.,) . u .,(Hi.f,.,'n von- m o t n '',f' ; l s o n n o w l l l l ' h ( '°"''I ^ "set! ,. · · · ··- · l u r e . l- 1 ' 1 ' /-itrll.-,. ill 1 F , l.iinntoi: .:! l. m 1 ,-..1 'I 1 ',- T ,, ,, j In l I I P M a p i s t R.-im-h l-'i.'ld, At- ; W:is a I. fi,!))0 f e e t ' F r i d a v HiK no ahead. The Texas Countv shows and WPS drillm-H association with .1. Kno: Culton. a s l y o u ' l l f i n d him nt t h e b n s e h n l t p a r k . 1101 thwest nf . q d r i l l i i i K and production supei-m- watchmsr the Aces or in his o w n : IM-P'V-, -ird Pexas Cn. No B-2 Duval ! p n d p l l t for Culton's Oso Drillers; !);lt . k yard l i a r b e c i u n u a ste.ik o n ; D . m - V i ' i ' v , ' '-.Ranch Co. SectTM 19. Mo ""1 ^ L^e Co H r r p m a i n e d - h l ! S homrni.i.l ( , P H. ' i v r \. n7 A . 2 f i l ' Tfinted, snd 1.120 were denied, gjon go'nl." He added that PAD already also! Brown Mid as of J u l v 14. 4,m3*·""·"·-· ---- ·· --· -- - . -- *·. »TM ... r .. ]tm l l n t n fl ,,,. w » P b s i-, 0 . has authorized the purchase of 25,- wildcat wells had been sunk in t h e j F i e l » w i l d r a t - ^ S',-inch casing s ! h TM ° n , ^ ac ^ ^ c ^ l c 000 tons of drillpipe for f o u r-t h u. S. this vcar. 2-1.7 percent more at 5,"0 fret and was to perforate * ole ^' p l '^^ ^~'' ]than in the corresponding mxM ·"""'·*·"' ^"^ "^ """ K " i t ! 3 C Sfm Dic^f. C i i r m n j j No. to help m a k e up t h e Kuropeans 1 loss if they made the switch. ·Delhi Starts X Hogo Test H u m b i e ·· ' Ui| and ReliiTing Co. No. quarter delivery. "If all the fourth 33 Million Stock Rise Said Needed "The p e t r o l e u m engineer," AIME oil publication, forecast last week that the 1951 market requirements for crude and related products will be at least 11 percent higher'-than in 1950. Demand in the first half of the year for all oils averaged 7,464 million barrels daily, or 13 percent above the comparable span in 1950. H. J. Struth, Dallas petroleum j consultant who made the forecast for the magazine, wrote that demand in the last half of the cur- ^uarter^re of 3950. Total discoveries through _ wildcat wells have increased 33.6 percent over the 19!iO period. yesterday. Total depth was 5,515 feet. H. R. Smith No. 30 DCRC, regular Moca Field well, was swa- bin-g on perforations at 1,723-27 Stanberrv w e n t to work for Brown said this proves that the i f eel. hidu?try has taken advantage of! In LaSallc County, just north of g Gregg early in 1950 and since has; E 1 Dorad0i Ark brought in 10 oil wells for Greg; ii..ii.s, nelhi (il (,!!. N"- ·" H a g i s t ! K n i M - ' n , f l o w e d gas through '.i-inch 1 T h e u - h n k e .'- ^,:-;, r i(i pounds pres- i d c a t in (;H,tH . S u r - j s i i r e , tin t e s t f r u n i W i l c i x peri'ora-: Hi'HUil a m i l e . M j u l h - l t j o n s at 7,OIK;.us fee!, a n d yester- 1 l i f e - l e a s t of the Can- ami Fox d i p e u v - j d a y was w a i t i n g ; on potential". Shut- County In pressure was Z.fias pounds. G r a n t ! ;; . . Miignoha Petroleum Co. No. 1' recovered - e i t j i c Lion Oil Co. team in ( O n l y show ;n this w i l d r a i was ,i|Duval-Te;, Section 100 U n l t , ; w a t e r on drilhtem te- a t ' - - a ' o '. "..' cn.s snow in sandy shalejs.-imo n r e n . was d r i l l i n g in s h a l e ^ f e e t and F r l d n v ' '" °'' "\\n h n d to get Rowe nut, of h i g h ! j u s t above the rettus. No tests at G.fiSO feet. ' H u m b l e Oil nnd Refining Co. No. His l i k i n g for baseball is a ,.,._ ,, l- !0 ";!nug thing. Back irr ilip Twenties,!pry. rrm electi-ical ing to 4.711! f e e t , .he caught for Schoolboy Howe o u n o f a l d e p t h , and was abandoned. Ophi.i F. Sweeney, Jim H o g g y wildcnt in Las An i ma s miles we~ 1.73(3 feet of Encino, of brackish PAD'S emergency pool, u n d e r which 5 percent of the available steel casing' and tubing- was set Webb's lone Wilcox producer, Rea- board Oil Co. A-. St. Louis of Delaware Union Trust No. Co. in the Ixm C E.r'p i Srwh 1 iThi-« hno1 «" a « c TM«« wh "« TM TM\TM° ' m ' the ,,m Wens-SanPat-F--^J- ^ team ^^ ,,, . was coring at 3 - ;S39 feet on a possible 5.500-f o o't 0-i nuv.-U ('-ounty Ranch Co., South! Puntiac ricio Countv line at Lake Corpus 1 . Chris'J, and'l on the city's Savage|'"Jure major ^ ' , . * , . . i f P . a r l \ T n u - c t | Lane water reservoir tract just i ( B a d News l Hale aside in regional warehouses for [cored 5.610-55 feet, finding nothing] wes V o f town i wildcat drilling:. !worth testing, and yesterday was! Stanberry has been out of the, B ° S K - for several drilling rent Third Boedeker Wildcat Plugged Brooks County yesterday had a wildcat fairure south of Palfumas and a new start in Rachal Field, a deep Kenedy Coun- was drilling ahead. " Humble -Oil and Refining Co. No. 1 Robert J. Kleberg, Jr., Trustee_ Sacahuista.1 Pasture-State, in thp Wach "l.immon Viboras area which had tested gas ;n the 8,500-foot zone, and with 7-inch casing at 8,703 feet. Was ,s daily, bringing average to 7.580 million barrels a day. The 1950 daily average was 6.SOS million barrets. heavy ahead. This venture reportedly was running high when electrical log was run at 5,500 feet. Stanberry oil game "only team were such | Dunl ., p ;UK , corning No. 1 C l a r a i 7 R p t p 1 ''' Pumped 4S.3 bnrrels of; R f n , VneRcr wi'lrlcat i eaguers as O d e l l I r j n s c o l l " E s t a t e , wildcat- m Steph-!; 4 ' 4 K'^'ity oil on potential test, v o v Ifi7 c ..:. lg . _ t ale. Cleveland l n - | ( , n G r a y Survev 214, A-1.109, rough-j;TM"} 2S ' sl "' nt P^^TM* «t 1,758- ,,,;, p j e j d W;ls ^ r i l j : :man, a n d L e f t y l j y a m j i e northwest of the C a r r ( ^ _ J ^ _ - _ _ _ ' a t -'.413 foot on a 3 once-- just j d i a n third hasem years f i r s t base; a n c i p O x o ; ler, was moving m n 1 o n g ; m a i n s t a y for the Washington Seii-iycstorday for a -1,400-foot v e n l u r r was at Humble Oil and Refining Co. No. 1 G. B. Vergara, which spudded Aug. 2 on an 8,000-foot enough to serve aboard the Navy's inters. York City and Brest, France, d u r - j b e r r y ' s 3 sons now in the oil patch. · Fred Rigby of Alice is contrac- . U. S. S. Agamemnon, troopship,! Own .Money Once | tor. Webb County's n-cw wildcat start!for 13 round trips between N e w j . Dan. 36,'is-the only one of Stan-! V-'. H. Martin Nn. 1 Farmers Life Insurance Co. ( Y n t c s Ranch) is a nc-w .wildcat 22 miles north- PorLer Slakes New Edna Test ing; World War I.' ·Dan i? a driller in the Vivian, La.. He has resisted several chances;area. Richard, 21, is an Air Force contract and set 66-inch conductorito leave the field for a desk job,! sergeant, but did some roughneck- m ,-._ .,., . . . . . . , . . " pine at Walter the Reiser area. Robert Hornberger (was W. B. it 72 feet. This wildcat is in preferring to remain out :· O'Meara Survey 1,672, in I the real changes are takin "\vbere :ing before going 1 into service just taking place."; in 'time to take part in the Berlin ·Luff Lines' |Airlift. Ronald, He figures he's one of the few!Air Force. also is in the perforated. The Chicago .Corp. 3 Boe- niand expected in the last quarter of this vear will make it necessary for "the industry to add about 33 -million barrels to its inventories by Sept.. 30. ; ' Disruption of supplies from Iran will be felt in .the United States, causing European markets to look to this n a t i o n for supplemental supplies. Such, a development, the magazine said, -"Would materially increase American exports and cbold create domestic supply deficiencies, by preventing necessary stock accumulations. 1 ' of.'. Falfurrias, . went to 2,569 feet and was abandoned. This is CMc- ago's third wildcat failure on the Boedeker. Ranch. Humble" No. 1 King Ranch-San Jose Parral, Kenedy."County wildcat near the Willactf County line and about 2 miles from Laguna Madre. was drilling- Friday at 9,623 feet. Chicago No. B-l Brijido Ramirez, Rachal Field, Brooks County, set 300 feet of 10%-incb. casing and yesterday was waiting on cement. Plymouth Has New Pay; Wildcat Deepens Road wildcat Oak County, found sulphur water in the Pettus and Yehua Sands, drilled to 5,295 feet and was aban- Heep Oil Corp. No. E-li E. H- Welder had found a new oil pay In San Patricio County's Plymouth Field and yesterday was coring ahead below 7,100 feet, on an exploratory test which may go to 9,000 feet. On 10-minute drillsteni test at 8,824y 2 -29% feet, '',4-inch, chokes; top working pressure was 400 pounds, recovery was 1,200 feet of oil and 90 feet of mud and bottom- hole pressures were 2,800 and 3.000 pounds. This wildcat is 5n S action 46, Welder Ranch Subdivision, and is MO feet west, slightly south', of No. E-l, dual oiler in the 4,400 and 6,100-foot pays. Phillips Petroleum Co. No. 1 Flinn, wildcat 3 miles northwest of Midway Field and 2',i m i l e s southwest of Taft, which had tested - extensively but unsuccessfully in 'the 6,800, "6,900 and 7-4000-foot sands, was preparing to deepen from 9,700 feet. Hawn Brothers No. 1 Pvand Mor- gan, wildcat 7 miles west of Sinton, was slated to start c o r i n g around 4,885 feet. Up in Portilla Field: Superior Oil Co. No. 27 Minnie S. Welder, wildcat which had gone to 16,381 feet before getting drillpipe stuck, had cut the top of fish down to 15,779 feet a n d , still was milling junk and pulling. La Gloria Corp. No. 1 Leo A. Miller, northeast outpost lo Harvey Field,- cored shale and sand, no shows, at S.571-613. 8.715-27, 8, 775-98, 8,925-48, 8.988-9,013 feet and was coring ahead on a 10,000-foot venture. The Milier is about 2,480 feet northeast of production. Quinlanta Petroleum Corp. No. I T . A. Vernor, Jr., Harvey Field, flowed 150 barrels of oil on potential t e s t through 12-64-inch chokp, under 425 pounds tubing pressure find 1,225 pounds casing pressure. Perforations, with 48 shots, were at 8,694-700 feet. G oil ratio was 690 to 1 and gravity was 40.4 degrees. BERT W. ROSCOE GENERAL INSURANCE J. ROSCOE CO DIAL 4-6625 Scriver) No. !·-. A. M. Bruni Estate, wildcat in Mariano Arispe Grant, southwest of Bruni, was abandoned. This venture was drilled to 2 529 feet, casing was set at. 1,500 feet, but test on perforations at 1.370-T6, feet made no recovery and operators yesterday were pulling casing. The 'Hornberger had found fairly good show in the Frio, but the 18-foot section was all stringers and Jion productive. Fifty feet of Mirando was cored, but no shows found. remaining field men who s t i l l could, handle a "grip ring and grease joint" rotary rig-. That rig-, he said, was before the s q u a r e Kelly- inovation, and involved 4 rings which cut into the drillpipe. holding the pipe in position and tight vrfth the drive shaft. "A. too-heavy turn would cut the pipe in two and a too-light touch would leave your drillpipe j u s t sitting in the hole, doing nothing. ·"I wonder." he continued, "how many of today's young engineer? Stanberry mer Juanit; don't expee ter Joy Dec trade eithei Three of were in the now doing "Maybe t own mone; once, and 1 "But I've many a mil give myself brothers into a wildcat just west of San Diego and ,,, ABM H. J. Porter No. is a new 1 O. Havne * Refilling Corp. No. 3 in ABH Sur- south of Hcl- drilling yesterday a 3,100-foot'corf- j tract. This wildcat is about 4 [miles west of Hebhronville | Delhi Oil Corp. No. l Adolpho jTrcvjno, wildcat in Block 4, Sec- j t i o n 577, El Peyole G r a n t . wa« I rigged up, slated to spud vester- ;day or today on a 3,200-foot pro- Survey 416, A-l 099. Thr, test, con-; - ,,-C ( ,"---,,-- ^ -- - j i r *^.? ^°.." t _*. n c l t °"= * i i s feet from the southwest' d09.49-acre farmout from Stano!,nd and s o u t h e f i s l ]jnes of th 62g . South Live Oak Wildcat Dry; Baker Test Starts Forney and Winn.No. 1 Alma M.jthe Mackhank'and Massive Sands day at a new location for a 7,700*- -r,.-^ .._-, J _. i aTici was drming . at 6 940 {eet cn i foo ' t test Joe Pajlle o£ c o r p u s an S.700-foot contract. Louis H. Haring, Jr., j Christi is contractor. New location Kirkwoodjfor this test is 467 feet; out of the ! and Co. and Stanolind Oil and Gas southeast corner of the north SO _,-. . , ! c °- No - 1 Elwood G. Probst, wild- acres of the east halt of. C. F. This wildcat, about IS m i l e s i c a . t north of Oa-kville, was drillingiSimmonds Section 06. south - · " · · · · " · · · - - - i · . - - i Parks San Antonio Firm Gels Line Contract Oil and Gas Co..'probably will * e t j a c r B ]ease in Tac | t a Surv ; v ;, ujiderway in a couple of weeks. i A . 14 fig m j , e s northeast ^ E d n -i Down in the south part of the j D. M. Wallace and Bolsa Chica county. McCarrick Oil Co. No. l j Oi! Corp. No. 1 B. K Miller, Jack- Frank Vaello, wildcat in R. Fleteh-} son County wildcat southwest of! er Sun-ey 7,. A-234. 3 miles south-]Edna, was" drilling Friday at 5,210' east of Benavides, set surface c a s - j f e e t , slated to start coring today- ing around 417 feet and Friday ion a 6,100-foot project. Southern Minerals Corp. No. 14 G. T. Brooking, Swan Lake Field, flowed 135 barrels of 41.2 gravity ioil on potential test through 7-64-! ' i n c h choke, under. 1.470 pounds! Texas E a s t e r n Transmission! Jn^fJsTe^Perf '^tion Un j! SI . cas '"' Corp. has awarded to Oman Con-U£ Q i-- oii- / - ' t ,,-ti-, i« ,· f i, struction Co., Nashville, Tenn., a i ( '' 1J ' 2 "' £ "''- leet " n ^ Jec snols contract for the construction of 79.5| miles of 30-inch pipe line fromi n l i n u ( f l drillstem t*st Cumberland River in nort)ienii feet ^^ ^^ recovered 90 Tennessee, to a point near ^olum-| {eet o£ p . pc ljne oj]] liOOQ feet o ( , 'a, iiy. | 0 j j c u j wa t er cushion and 90 feet! N. A. Salgh Co., San Antonio, hasjof oil. mud arid salt water. Work- been awarded a contract for con- j ing pressure was 10 pounds and Struction of 82 miles of 30-inch: bottomhole pressures were 425 and pipe line from a point near Colum j 3,440 pounds. It \vs drilling ahead bia, Ky., to the Kentucky River:at S.S86 feet. ra "° -SPECIAL(Limited Supply) aslk Seal (overs 14" 2 and 4 Door Sedans and 27.95 CENTER TSRE SERVICE Staples at 5Iorffan Dial 8781 at cl ^ Field , M Iia 'co. No 1 Block 86 Gonnan-DeLange Starting o ~ 6,000-Ft. Zapata Wildcat yesterday morning, j start coring for ttiej ij,r' ll 4 OX at arounc ' 6OSO f e e t 'drilling in sandy 'shaleTat S,291 cat a couple'of "miles southwest;of Comitas Field. w T;=to '(- w o o - o^'-i Hi ra ;i P feet. Western Natural Gas Co. No,'of Edlasater Field production in; John F. Camp and Sons : ^TM..jir?5?'._°jAi .,,' - : , - w Goebei |l Block 71 Unit, was drilling at Jim Hogg County, was moving injector Vela, wildcat west of north of Three Rivers, recovered area wildcat, was drilling yesler-ii "00 ee t Fridav Lon^orn TOri 60 feet of oil and sand on 20-min- day morning at 6,473 feet in side- m^ c^ oTMee R vers " S con- ute drillstem test at 975-83 feet tracked hole. Stanolind Oil and' ? and was coring ahead on a per-1 Gas Co. No. 1 Maude M. Weed.l mitted 1,650-foot venture. The oil,was drilling at 4,687 feet Friday.. . . ,, 'area wuacac just over ins line ,'" J,l cla ^°"- Max ' ine iMcMullen Countv. spudded Aug. hi Oil ( nrri TVJrt 1 ~\fio^-\nn: . --_ , . . - . . ,'· vn 1 T i, i n i , n , : . . .,, So. 1 Jack A ,area, Delhi Oil Corp. No. 1 Maxims; se t 200 feet of surface pipe and v:ns lies southwestjMeans (was the No. l D. and E - l d H i i i n c fl h P pri nn » TM r m i i i p H a - " v i t y Mir^do typa. Water Sand Fred W. Shield No. Gurwitz, about 4 rn of Three Rivers, found water iirBednorz), Gorman and DeLange No. 1 San'from the northeast line of Share 51 Ramirez, Zapata County wild-iand is about 6'. miles southeast S.291 c a t a " - - - - . . . No. 1 Ran- materials yesterday for a 6,000-foot i dado, was to start coring yesterday ventuz-e. | afternoon at 1,975 feet. 0. W. Kil- The new Gorman and DeLange;lam of Laredo is contractor. W. Earl Rowe and P. R. Ruther-'itest is 2,341.25 feet from the north-i Charles A. Andrus and Dulaney 2 Earl M. Baker. Baker east line, 2,536.46 feet from theiOi! Co. No. 1 Leonardo G. Flores. southeast line of HGN Survey 7. j wildcat is Charco de la India Grant, C-5-878, find scales about 800 feet,|lO miles northwest of Escobas, northwest of Forest No. 2 Ramirez.)lopped the Queen City at 3.S;16 feet, dry hole. It also is ?.30 feet f r o m ) f o u n d no show, went to around 4,000 he northwest line, 2,3-11.25 f e e t ' f e e t and was abandoned. VACATION-TIME PAINT-UP TIME!! COMPLETE PAINT JOB $60.00 Includes painting: «Outsld« of car *Dash 'Inside window moldings "Cleaning all chrome Free Estimate* on Body Dsnt 334 S. Chaparral Dial 4-6649 ahead on a permitted was rigging up yester-| 600 . foot vra , n ,.,.. into o guaranteed ^jew Innerspring Custom Built 209 Coil Springs Heovy Ticking foot Handles Brass Ventilators ^ 1-Doy Service ^- ***$« MERKAN MATTRESS CO. 3015 MORGAN AVE rntn ntut · MMUL-MOHSWXUL tanme ^\ vision fails to be All it should be... roblems ONLY to a VISION 5PH3A11SL to many tmari, «»w ram» ttyltti to cfiao;*... you can, chanj* gicsifj wdn yen yoor wuemb/e.'ff PHONE 3-850 Complete Oilfield Transportation Service * TRUCKS * TRACTORS * BULLDOZERS * MOTOR GRADERS Heidi Bros. TRUCKS Sullivan City PHONE 11 Alice Phone 1376 Freer Phone 66

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