The Brownsville Herald from Brownsville, Texas on June 1, 1947 · Page 20
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The Brownsville Herald from Brownsville, Texas · Page 20

Brownsville, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 1, 1947
Page 20
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THE SROWNSVILL!:: HERALfc Sunday, Time 1, 1.947 Appear In Dance Recital ^^*',\vr '* t ..tes^''* s *', ;/« * ^x.^^r'^^^^^iJsiBp i- i5r \V" ^;/r' ,;;v '* ' v ;-r/^:^/v^;^a^^|p^ ^;/v , '/, '-- ,", - ;,j?-:^ ' ," v --% *«/? X'£$i%m ""' * - ^^^;^^rc v ^ *y* ,:;:^t^r?^^| *v % - *« K, ,- , --.v^",,; , ^, )-,.., ,? ^V" - /' '- J ^r^-v^'--* C r i x e l l , Marylyn KHxson, Patricia DashiHl arul Camilla Celaya arc shown as they appeared Thursday night In Jane Jennings School miorJLe Cilxolt, Carolyn Elliott, GcrUi M. Hol'moknl, Joy Rustc-. berg, Sandra North and Barbara Glmi. Jones, Brooks, of Dance Itceital at the Junior College auditorium. Tin; number was among 1 the more popular with the capacity crowd. C u ; ; u - i ! v H t t r n d a n c i 1 war. re- pr.r.rrl bv J a n e J p n n i n g H ut her ".Sprint: KrviH' of I f M V , " pa-sen led Tiiur:--.'.k'v ut. v.'.w p.m. in Browns- vil!'' J u n i o r Colli'f'.o iiudii.orlum. D;incr- numbers and costumes vf-rc crr-nU'd by Miss .Jennings and 'Eleanor H u r t . 'awu i ;tant ballet find TOO ms!.ni;-tor. Mrs. Eugene C. Hurt, rnadf t h e eost.unms and Mrs. Fay V. V/aldron accompfuiic-d numbrr.s on the- piano. A p p e a r i n g i n t h n f i r s t number. "Gypsy Rhapsody." were Carmcln Oiay.i, B e t t y Lou Jennings, Ann PaUsy Smith. Sandra Susie Brooks. Cynthia Ann and Linda Sue Lesser appeared next In "Tumbling Tots," A tap, "Putting on the Ritx," was presented by Patricia Dashloll, Marguerite Crixell. Carmcla Celaya and Marylyn Elixson. Appears As Soloist Marlon Joyce Edelstcln appear eel as .soloist In "Air do Ballet, G;iHov,av, Nancy M r N n i r , M n r - j followed by Jane Jennings rusjsplo- La Villa Club Sets Goal ,a LA VIU^V-Members of l.a Villa ing her scoring. Home D e m o n s t r a t i o n Club have s o t ' sod materials, She also fashions, discus- use of a v r o n i of $r,000 to be raised for i shoulder pads, pockets and othei con,,Muctifn of a Home Demon- i f i n i s h i n g pointers. There was t an o r a t i o n C l u b Center B u l l d l n y , it open forum discussion of styles foi \va.s a n n o u n c e d here recently. Mrs. I./*roy Schiot/liauer presented report. 1 -, on what contractors woul-l risk for the work. The club observed N a t i o n a l Cotton Week r e c e n t l y w i t h a style «,ho\ ! -' : i t w h i c h c o t t o n dresses were mode-led by all club members, ttach told \v, ( iy the m a t e r i a l and style of K i t r m e n t . had been chosen for her p a r t i c u l a r t y p e . MK-i Ze!!:i »Suehe. h o m e r n a k i n g i r r - r u r t ' . r a t J'ldrourh-tfl.Mi H i g h SclKiM, imh'i d the dresses. ex|)lain- d i f f e r e n t types of woiron. Mrs. Bill Wright reported on tea f i t the home of Mrs. O. E. Van Berg north of Mercedes May .19 The club elected Mrti. Wright as delegate to the Texas Home Dem o n s t r a t i o n Association, with Mrs, Sam Rohr alternate nominee. Mr.s. DAH Maloy, the hostess, her d a u g h t e r ; Joyce, and Doris Malone served a salad course to 14 members and three Ruests, Mc.'idames A l t o n Ma lone, W. H. Jcrnlgnn and J. W i l l i a m s . BPW Gives Annual Picnic t } v, ] in.-A-n.-.ville IJJPW n a v e Its a n n u a l r.ic Mond.i,\' at ( h e liome of !ri . i d f i i i . Miv,. Hc:.s Schreiber, n' Mrs. K f h f l D . Kvcrrtt. a n d ss j-:)!/jib('ili Washington a.s co- Tin- covered dish .supper was «,:iv,-rl in the recreation room of t h r S r h r f l b f - i lioim- w i t h 24 members ;.nd f o u r fucst.s present. Tht 1 colh-ct- for women wan rend bv Mr-. !-:ii/.abc(h K e l l e r before Mrs. Christopher Js Honored On Departure M:s Alyc-c Oiristoplic-r was honored n t n l u n c h e o n Wednesday p i v r n bv Mrs Alice Hartfadon at 1 3 " 1 N W. 5-H. C-'harle.s St. Mr.s. C h r i s t o p h e r Js leavlru,' .soon to Join h* .- son. J e f f S i m m e r , In New York n f ; « - r v i s l r l i u : f r i e n d s i n Wn.shlnu- t o i : . D C 'Die t . i b l r was l a i d w i t h a h a n d - . ma or c l r t ! i from C'lUalr-mala and i oVforalC'd w i t h silver caruilestickH iind n centerpiece of blue larkspur n n d pink roses. The hostess served open-face sftijHv. i:-hc., picl:h\s and olives, coco- o m i t aner-1 food e n k e nnd m i n t Mrs J i m J m n i n ^ s presented n of yellow roses to Mni. N'jm- " i i c - . t s a t t e n d e d . liesides M i ' C h r i s t o p h e r t h e y were Mes- r i a r i i ( - . U r n J r - n r u n ^ s , J . C . Bram- h n l ! . l'.ob r ^ - h a f n , A r t h u r I M K o t t . C ' ; u ' n n . r: C. T . / r t t c , B f i i l a l i Bowm a n , a n d her m o t h e r , Mrs. Driver. G r a m m a r School Honors Teachers At Bridal Shower ELS A -- Members of the Ed- r o u r h O r a m m a r School faculty a n d Mr 1 .. Hubert W h i t e enter- · a : i . " f l at a miscellaneous shower l i t t h f V/hit.e home last week hon- o r i n g M a i l ) " t h I l o y t . teacher I n t h r j u n i o r hb:h s-hoot, n n d M a r l l n IV'b 1 "). who w i l l be married soon a J t e r the closing of .school nt K n ? y I''!Tcrdi»u: t l i o sliowfi' the Krt- ro-irh-I'ilsa. f a r - t i l t v h n r l jiri'sented n f r y . f n l r.'TVlre ( r i Ou 1 couple. If r r - i f i u n rarni.'.iied w l l l i s l r a w - ^·i-rie;., en )-.(··; a.nd an Iced d r i n k v,ere - . f - r v e r l tr :U pcrs(jns. Hosts I n r l u c i d Mr i\nd Mr.s. White, H i i i l i J : - ; r k . M i i i . M'-sdamefi Jols J e n - : mni.-s, s i e l l a Nelson and M. H. the supper. Mrs. Schrelber and her / e x e c u t i v e o f f i c e r s presented an o u t l i n e of a p p o i n t i v e o f f i c i a l s and t h e i r plans for the ensuing year, A t t e n d i n g were Mesdamcs Joe Kowalskl, Bessie Koyca, Mablo Me Inis, Mary George, Ha/el Machen, K a t h r y n .Burns, Irma Miller, Irma ! J e a n Brown, Violet Wiles, Eli/.u- I belli Keller, M a r g u e r i t e SJonnTr,, j Louise B e t t c n h a u s e r , Madeline Splnk.s, M a r t h a Lewis, Angela Sc- l a f y , Shirlio W a r r e n and Misses C l a i r e Keye.s, Cleaver R u t h Brown. Stella DJckason, Marguerite Dennis arid Jo Ann Mickel. OES To Install At San Benito SAN BKNJ.TO-- P u b l i c Installation rtf o f f i c e r s by San Benito Chapter No. 505, Order of the Eastern Star, wa.s conducted S a t u r d a y at 0 p. m. Mrs. Klla Z i m m e r m a n and Cliff o r d C l a r k succeeded Mrs. Mary Ellen W a l l e r and Fred E. Gravel- as w o r t h y m a t r o n and worthy patron, j-e.speet.ively. jRebekahs To Elect SAN BENITO--San Benito Re- j bekah Lodtfo No. 220 will elect of; fleers -Tuesday in the Odd Fellows · h a l l , 1st In "Rap-Tup-Tappcrs," with Patricia Dashloll, Marguerite Crixell, Carmela Celaya and Marylyn Ellxson in the ensemble. Eleanor Hurt was soloist in "Petite Ballet." In the ensemble were Patsy Smith, Sandra Jones, Susie Brooks, Linda Sue Lesser and Cynthia Ann Gray. Patricia Dashlell then appeared as soloist In "Hnppy Feet." "Whlto Fantasy" was presented by Marguerite Crixell, Carmeln Celaya, Carolyn Elliott, Gerta M. Hofmokfil, Ann Galloway, Joy Rusteberg and Nancy McNalr. Marion Joyce Eclclsteln appeared as soloist agnln in "April Shower?," "Strutting Down" had Doris Ann Calcleroni, Jeanine Calderoni, Susio Brooks. Sandra Jones, Frances McLaughlin, Linda Sue Lesser and Sandra North In the lineup It was followed by Ann Galloway as soloist in "Dancing Doll," with Tommy Houston. Appearing in "Juke Box Saturday Night," the finale, were Marguerite Crixoll and Edward Preston as the jitterbugs, and Anna May Kinder, Pat Terrazas. Marsha Waldron, Marylyn Elixson, Patsy Jaqucs, Billy Burns, George Tolancl, Tommy Houston, Elizabeth Farnsworth, A l l e n Brooks, Bob Lnttlmorc, Yvonne DR.VO, Ann Galloway, Eleanor McMinn, Patricia Dashlell, Betty Russell, Marty Heaner, Billy Towry, Lois Ann Lnuner, Betty Watson and Raymond JP'uber. _^ Washingtons Have : Chicago Visit ors Mr. find Mrs, Walter Washington, Jr., and their daughter, Bonnie, of Chicago, are visiting Mr. and Mr.s. W. O. Washington, 1111 N.W. Elisabeth St. The younger Mr. Washington is an editorial representative of the Portland Jement Company. Superintendent Back ISL/SA--E. M. Richardson, super- ntcndent of Edcouch-Elsa schools. who has been on leave of absence while attending the University of Texas, has returned to his posl- ion here. V E N E T I A N BLIND SERVICE o Refinishing o Retaping * Repairing · Cleaning HARLINGEN Venetian Blind Shop Phone Brownsville 1181 N a v i - . i r ) I n d i a n no^ans In A r i ; a n - ahvay.t ) ) u l l t w i t h the f ' J l t f.'i Vice f ; s ( Jut-' J ' M . ' i t . REMINGTON J u i c y S i r a k u , Fr\n\ Chlrkrn, ( h i l l e d Krcrs, Nice Dancing. rnl. on Smi .Mpr. Hivray Wry it amlyou'M know why 3j000;000 mem wili switch tlws year to .dry shaving. It is thejdeal gift for Dad .on ; Eatfceris CATALOG ORDER OFFICE Wards Serves All America Every dot on this map is a Montgomery Ward Store, Mail Order House, or Catalog Office. More than 800 . . . too many to count, on a map as small as this. Cities and towns of every size, in every state . . . from the mountains of Maine, to Washington's Puget Sound . . . from Florida's palm trees, to California's redwoods . . . from northern Minnesota's iron mines, to the Rio Grande Valley of Texas. And in all the surrounding countryside, too, Wards and "the folks" are old friends, through the millions of catalogs Wards sends them every year. All this has heen going on, remember, for 75 years! For 4 generations, men and women in every part of America have learned to know Montgomery Ward as a name they can trust. They have learned that Wards means good, reliable quality . , . at a price that saves them money. Written by A. Montgomery Ward and slill the guiding principle of our Company in thli 75th Anniv«rtory year. WATCH F O R T H E S E S P E C I A L A N N I V E R S A R Y S A V I N G S They're our very special way of celebrating this "Diamond Anniversary". They're a group of timely offerings of fine new merchandise at SHARP CUT PRICES! So watch for the ads with this "75th Anniversary" circle! Anniversary Specials PHONE 700 1268 ELIZABETH PHONE 701

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