The Daily Inter Lake from Kalispell, Montana on May 26, 1976 · Page 20
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The Daily Inter Lake from Kalispell, Montana · Page 20

Kalispell, Montana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 26, 1976
Page 20
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TW WIN tOHt FOR W AM? T»i TU? WH K*es? QUICK/ -7)e 6EN6KAVS COMNQ.' TA£ Out* lm«r Uke. Kaiitpeii Montaoa May 26 1976 8-T 1 10 15 18 Z 3 11 19 4 IS 16 12 IE ··20 13 WINTHROP CANDY? FOR WE? I THOUGHT YQti CHC5NY UKE /WE.' HICK O SHAY ROGER OODEB. AV HE *AW THE KILL Hlb PARTNER, 7 BAE A ONE TIME LAST HE CLAIMED HE SAW PINK. HIH-HEEU SHOPe AM' I UNDERSTAND WE HAVE A REAL. NEW* TOHV IN TOWN, RICK.AOMETHIN ABOUT A VAMPIR NOW, CLARION.. DON'T THINk SOU RE SOMNA OUTFLY 'EM,OOP.' THEY'RE STICKING RISKT WITH US. 1 TO G(Ue iGOTHE- FRANK AND ERNEST AND THIS THE 5tflT BELT GIVE YOU A LITTLE HUG, IP EVER FEELING UNWANTED. THEY'VE GOT TO . I'LL GO OVES AN N 'Av£ A WORD TCHI THE/A LASSES WHO'VE ACROSS THE «Mt, ANSY-THEY'RE MAKIN'A HECK OF A OlN WfTHTHAT »ecosi PLAYER AGAIN - IT MUST BE Two 0' CLOCK; MY WIFE SENT ME OVER TO COMPLAIN ABOUT THE NOISE OKAY, IP YOU NSIST - A N G O N A MtN JTE WIN AT BRIDGE · Heart bid wins IE' 1 NORTH ! ¥ 6 2 « A J 8 3 * A K 9 5 2 i «'EST EAST A Q J 10 6 * 8 3 2 V Q 1 0 9 4 » J 5 3 « 10 6 5 » K Q 7 2 * J 7 4 . Q K I E SOUTH ID] A A K 7 1 V A K 8 7 « 9 4 + 6 4 3 Neither vulnerable West North East Soulh I V Pass 2* Pass 3 + Pass 3 * Pass 3 N.T. Pass Pass Pass Opening lead -- Q » By Oswald James Jaeoby When you don'l have a five- card suit you are likely to have to make a decision as to what to open. There are no standard American rules here. If you don't think so just look at any two books and try to find any hard and fast rules -- much less identical hard and fast rules. CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING SELLS CAPTAIN EASY WELL! THAT'S DIFFERENT, VODW6 *WW!.. ...! SUPPOSE IT'S MOT IMPOSSIBLE Hl$ WKfi.dE F I G U R E Itr FACE.-LIFT FORMULA" MlfMT SLISHTLV 7 IF YOU'LL Slew HERE, MS HAMWORT' V THINK OF IT, . PERHAPS OUR. TV COMMERCIAL- ) J.p! WHAT A THINK WHAT A SENSATIONAL PIASTER IF/Hl)t -»NS 6CE5 WROWS! . OULP COiCEWTRATE OW VOUR COUP! REJU- VENATIW6 THE FAMOUS EX- PIN-UP QJEBM OH CAMERA -..LIVE! For Thursday, May 27, 1976 ARIES (March 21-April 19) Think in terms of smaR profits today. Every penny has a way ot adding up. Concentrate on finding little bargains. TAURUS (April 20-May 20} You know betfer than anyone what's best For you today. Set up your own schedule. Don't lei others talk you into something you won't enjoy. GEMINI (May 21-June 20) Keep your own counsel today, even though you might be tempted (o repeat lo another something told to you in slrictest confidence. CANCER (June 21-July 22) Social gatherings are enjoyable today provided, (he group isn't too la'ge and the topics are along productive lines tEO (Juty 23-Aufl, 22) Once you set y o u r mind lo somelhir.g, you're no! eas'ly dissuaded Today. This is good. Your largeis w:ll be worih tolling. VIRGO (Aufl 23-Sept. 22) Your words carry more weight today than you may realize You're not going lo say loo much, bul whal you clo say w-ll prove lo be valuable. LIBRA (S*pt 23-Oct. 23) A close assoc-ate may have a tip for you today that couW either make or save you money, it will be accurate, inside rnforma- t ; on. SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 22) II you make any agreement today, read all the fine print. It's the little details that will be important in trie long run. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23-Dec. 21) A good day to get tr-at backlog ol small jobs out ol the way. Clear the decks for the important projects ahead. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) You have a marvelous way about you today thai equips you to manage those younger or less experienced. Use this talent il you see ii's needed. A Q U A R I U S (Jan. 20-Feb. 19) Give dorr.est'C need top pnon- ty today The.-e is sometrrng lhat only you can bring to 3 successful conclusion. PISCES (Feb. 20-Maich 20) There is a matter hanging l:re about \%hch you have needed lo cOTimur.-cale w:h arother. l.cienKy organ zed lo discuss it u,i1h her. Your Birthday May 27, 1976 Tr-'S coning ea- ou a'e likely to become involved m several new precis Though eac^i one is STia'i. (he col'ectivt? returns can be suro-is ngiy la-ge. ann landers over club There is one place where ex- perls do agree. With today's South band you open one heart -- not one spade. If you open one spade and partner holds four hearts you may lose Uie suit. If you open one heart he can respond one spade conveniently. South's heart opening gives him a second bidding problem after the two-club response. He solves it by bidding three clubs. North rebids three diamonds and South goes to three notrump. The same contract might well be reached on any line of bidding. It plays nicely and simply. South has to go after club and since they break 3-2 he has nine easy tricks. A California reader picked up: A K J B 3 »713 » A K 9 8 6 A A . He opened one diamond, partner bid one heart, he bid one spade and partner three hearts. Then our correspondent bid four clubs and asks. "Did I make a bad bid?" The answer is "Yes, you did." His bid should have been either fous hearts or four diamonds. Dear Ann Landers: I've had il, but mayb* I can spare some other numbskull from making the same foolish miataJse. It was such a simple thing that did m* in. Insufficient postage. My business takes me all over the world. I've met some charming people in England. France and Germany. One person in particular, caught my fancy She lives in Munich. We had a few interesting times together and I became infatuated. She wrote marvelous letters I wrote a few myself. Of course. I always used office stationery. Last week 1 called rny wife from Paris and asked her to pick up my office mail so I could read It over the weekend. 1 was arriving home on Satruday. In the stack of letters she found one to the woman in Munich - returned for insufficient postage. Of course she slit the envelope and read my letter, which I thought was pretty tacky. Nevertheless, I caught plenty of hell. So please, Ann, share my stupidity with your readers and warn them to cheek the postage. If they aren't sure, stick on an extra 30 cents. It's worth il - Draydel Kaup Dear Draydel: I think I can improve on your advk«. N«v«r put anything in writing. Dear Amu My husband died two years ago. Sid left me with four children, the oldest 12, the youngest three. They are all healthy and beautiful. I met a man last August whose wife and two children were killed in a car accident. He is a wonderful, kind person and we are really in love. This man wants to marry me and fae a father to my children. (The two he lost were all he had. They were born within weeks of my oldest two. It's as if we were destined to meet.) The problem: After we marry, I want to go to the courthouse and have my children's last name changed so it will be the same as ours. Sid's parents are against it. He was their only son and they want the family name continued. (P.S. I'm ashamed to tell you this, but Sid was shot by a cop in a currency exchange holdup.) Please answer soon. -- Hassled In Yuma D«or Yiima: Glad you added the P.S. Il influenced my decision considerably. Change their names. Your wiihei should take precedence over your deceased husband's parents. Dear Ann Landers: I am a 15-year-old girl who has something to say. I just wish the kids who read your column would open their eyes and see their teachers as people. Up until now I never thought of teachers as human beings but something happened a few weeks ago that changed my whole outlook. I got into a little trouble and three teachers came forward to help me. It really blew my mind. So please print my letter, Ann. and tell the students all over that it's more than a job with lots of them. They care. -- New View Dear View: Thank you for providing me wilh an opportunity to give a well-deserved boost to dedicated teachers -- and there ar« thousands. According fo a psychiatrist in California, an unprecedented number of teachers are showing signs of "battle fatigue," the same stress that soldiers suffer from in time of war. Mote statistics: There were 70,000 assaults on teachers by students In 1975. These assaults ranged from a slap in the face to being stabbed with an icepick and shot in the clatiroom with a Saturday night special. Dreadful commentary, isn't it? ! · · · · · · · · · · e*«ea«»«es«ee'*«««««**«« · Place A Classified Ad Today in J The Daily Inter Lake · · · ···········ee«*eeeeei»««*e**ee*»ee*ee**»e Dr. Lamb Young girl has high blood pressure BJ Lawrence E. Lamb. M.D. DEAR DR. LAMB - My 14- year-old daughter recently had her blood pressure taken They took two readings and it was 158 over 97 and H4 over 92. They said this was high tor her age and weight. She is 5 feet 2 and weighs 96 pounds. She is otherwise very healthy and active. Should I have this checked further? DEAR READER - Yes. hoth of these readings would be considered borderline even if your d a u g h t e r were a ,rr. ilure young lady. They are sufficiently high to warrant at least a recheck A 14-year-old girl should have a lower blood pressure than a mature young woman. Body size is a factor, and since she is already 5 feet 2, she would be physically comparable to a srnall : sized mature young woman. The purpose of such blood pressure screening checks is to identify the person who needs a more careful examination. They are not used for a diagnosis. II may well be that when your daughter is evaluated under different and quieter dr- cumstances that her blood pressure may be entirely normal. But on the other hand if it is not. then her doctor will undoubtedly want to study her a l i t t l e more thoroughly to see ivhat probabilities she has of having high blood pressure in the future. Those who want additional information on the mechanism of b'ood pressure can send 50 cents for The Health Letter, r.umber 1-8. Blood Pressure. Send a long, s t a m p e d , s e l f - a d d r e s s e d envelope for mailing. Address your letter to me in care of this newspaper. P 0. Box 1551. Hadio City Siatinn. New York. NY 10019. DEAR DR LAMB - Could you please say something about the use of olive oil in p r e p a r i n g foods? I have always thought it to be for cholesterol diets. I use corn oil in most foods, but enjoy the flavor of foods cooked "with olive oil. DEAR R E A D E R - N o n e of the vegetable oils contain cholesterol. Cholesterol is an animal product. The other important consideration in the choice of art oil is how much saturated fat and how much polyunsaturated fat it contains. Olive oil is good since only about I I percent of its fat is saturated fat. Only seven per cent of its fa! is polyunsaturated fat. so it doesn't increase the polyunsalurated fat intake to any degree. Some authorities think that increased amounts of polyunsaturated fats in the diet are useful. The general thinking t o d a y , however, is t h a t significantly increasing the polyunsalurated fat level about 10 per cent of the total c a l o r i e i n t a k e p r o b a b l y doesn't help at all, but you do need a small amount. The resi of the fat in olive oil is monounsaturated fat. II is not classified as either good or bad. but just adds to the total tat intake. Authorities on diets lo prevent hear! and vascular disease think no more than 35 per cent of all of your calories should come from any f a t . s a t u r a t e d , m o n o u n s a t u r a t e d . polyun- s a t u r a t e d . a n i m a l o r vegetable. For comparison. 10 per cent of the Eat in corn oil is saturated and 53 per cent is polyunsaturated Safftoweroil has the least saturated fat and the most polyunsaturated fat Kight per cent of its fat is saturated and 72 per cent is p o l y u n ? a t u r , u e d . These stMi'TiCr.ts arc baied on food ia : urs frcm the U.S Department of Agriculture

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