The Bessemer Herald from Bessemer, Michigan on October 31, 1941 · Page 7
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The Bessemer Herald from Bessemer, Michigan · Page 7

Bessemer, Michigan
Issue Date:
Friday, October 31, 1941
Page 7
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Friday, October 31, 1941 THIS WEEK IN DEFENSE Office of Government Reports Aid to Britain, Russia Leud-Leuse Expediter Harriman returned from Moscow conferences on aid to Russia, reported to the President that the Russian government and people are determined to fight on at all costs but the Soviet armies "need substantial quantities of munitions and raw materials." Treasury Secretary Morgenthau advanced the Soviet Union another $30,000.000 against gold Russia is sending- to this country. The Defense Supplies Corporation authorized payment oi $36,SS9,000 · to' the Russian-owned Amtorg Trading Company for imports nt manganese and other materials necessary to U. S. defense industry. The Federal Loan Ageucy annoucn- ed disbursement to Great Britain of another ?100,000,000 on the $425,000,000 loan to that country lor which Britain put up as collateral Brtish- owneil American factories and Investments. Both Houses of Congress passed I Uie $5,tiS5,000,000 new lend-lease appropriation and sent it to conference to adjust minor differences. U. S. Ships Sunk The 9,000-tou freighter LEHIGH, flying the American flag on a run from Spain to West Africa to pick up a cargo, was sunk n the South Atlantic on October 10. All hands were rescued. The American-owned freight T H E H E R A L D S N A P S H O T S LOCAL NOTES joseph Jeiefc and daughter, Rita/ left Friday for Milwaukee where they I will join Mrs. Jezek, who left last week to attend the golden anuiver sary of Mrs. Jeiek's parents, Mr. and I Mrs. Charles \VuesUieck. * * * Pricco-Sopko Vows Read At Ironwood .* V Miss Virginia Sopko, daughter ot Mr. and Mrs. John Sopko of Ironwood, became the bride of Aldo E. Priced o£ Baxter rill e,, Wis., sou of Mr. and Mrs. Valentine Pricco of Bessemer. The vows were exchanged at a 7 o'clock nuptial high mass In Continental mill. Kansas City. Dr M L Wilson, (right) head ol President Roosevelt's nutrition movement, inspects the newly discovered Earle process, which for the first time, ptoduces flour containing all the natural vitamins of wheat without the splintery wheat hull Result--a finery textured bread with all w h e a t ' s vitamins It has been named "Staff.' last Thursday morning at the Holy Trinity Church, the Rev. Charles Petranek performing the ceremony. jf- The bride chose as her bridar at./]tire a street length dress ot soldier - - - - _ vjblue with accessories of ice'blue. Her Marchello and daughter, Missj corsage was composed of orchids. returned from a two| ^^ patricia Sopko sister o{ tUe bride, was the maid of honor, who ·wore a soldier blue dress with raspberry accessories. Her corsage was Lucy, liave returned from a two weeks' visit with relatives in Omaha, Xebraska. -i. r .- * * * -r"Mrs. Hiram Olson, of Dnluth, er BOLD VENTURE was sunk several hundred miles south of Iceland I October 16. The President told a press conference the sinking of the LSH1GH seems to establish that merely keeping ships from actual combat areas 110 longer protects them. The Navy Department announced the destroyer KEARNY, "attacked by a submarine undoubtedly German" on October 17, reached port with 11 crew memberes missing, one critically injured and eight injured slightly. . The House passed and sent to the , Senate a resolution authorizing the I ;ir.mus of American merchant ships. I A Couple of Matched Expressions--Mrs. A f. Frimann of Chapman. Nebraska, submitted this unusual photograph of her baby and pet bull dog. When mother called baby, theyjbbth looked up at her and registered the 'some facial expression which resulted in this-cute'photograph. tended the funeral of Mrs. Mary Kevern last Thursday. r- Francis Bnchko and Alhina t«s- check of Bessemer are enrolled as students at "Western Michigan College ai Kalamaioo. Mich., for the comins 5 Mrs. Pearl D. Wilson oi St. Albans. Vermont, winner oi the grand prize ot $25,000 in cash or $30 a week lor the rest of her Hie in the nationwide Camay-Oxydol contest, sponsored by Procter Gamble Mrs Wilson's happy smile gives no clue as to which she will chooee. John Lompart. 77. died at 3 o'clock f\Vednesday- morning ai- the county I infirmary. He was a resident of the county for the past 50 .years. coming originally from Poland Mr. 'and Mrs. John Xjshti of North Bessemer left last week for Butte. Mont., where they will make their home. "~ Mr. and Mrs. Carl Hixson of Chi- H cago. ^isited with Mrs. Hixsou's V Mat. Mrs. Anna Torell of this city. 'i-UsLjKeefc. . ^ ,--, · luiss Mabel Olsen of Marquett*. spent several days visiting relative^ and friends in this city last week. made up of Briarclift" roses. ' Arthur Pricco. cousin of the bride- was the best man. The- bride's mother wore a black dress and the groom's mother wore duhon- net. Both had corsages of pompons and rut-rum liliies. A wedding breakfast was served to immediate relatives of the newlyweds anid a reception \vas held in the afternoon. The bridal couple left on a week's wedding trip to Bay City and Detroit. They will make their home in Basterville. where the groom is employed by the Stella Cheese company. Out of town guests attending were TMr. and Mrs. Dante Pricco of Clayton. Wis.. George Apostle of Alexander, La., and Miss Kay McHugh of Milwaukee. Donald LaVoy, grandson of * * * * Mrs. lEffie LaVoy, left last week for Chelsea. Mich., where he has enrolled in a trade school of airplane mechanics. Mrs. William McMinn. Sr.. returned last week after visiting in Lewis, Wis. · » * * X / Pvt. Thomas Proctor returned last week to Camp Livingston. La.- after spending 15 days with his parents. IMr sad Mrs. Sidney ProctorJc j / « * » » I AA pre-nnptiai shower was given [last night at the Legion rooms in I honor of Miss Loris Burt who will j become I kovrski the bride of tomorrow . Leonard Cards Meet Your Friends at The Bet Beer, Wine, Liquor Arco Erlicker, Prop. Ill E. Mary St. Bessemer were! Zeb Christian, lumberman, of Springfield, Oregon, hauls 7100 feet of fir at a time with a Ford truck in Ihe inter est of defense- The heavy load is made possible with Thornton Tandem dual axle units and a Fruehauf logging trailer. Production Progress OPM Production Director Harrison issued the following summary o£ production progress: Ships--all Navy and Maritime Commission contracts j -are ahead of schedule and by the endj-----. j of November one 10,000-ton cargo ship | dress accessories, house furnlshngs i where he can find work. will be turned out every day: Bomu-1 and burial equipment. He also or-' 9 ers--designs ready for mass produc- j derea continued through December j G , EQ ij ne tion and four gigantic new plants I the curtailment of light truck pro- ul ' will be in operation by next summer; j auction for civilian use. ! Because of Tanks--production being doubled b y j Ml . jjelsou announced a series o£i . . »*,iim 9 n n n a month* ! . . -\T- - i , -\T**,r i nator zCKes fuviuuio out to maKe ^.uuu a. iiiuntu, ^p^ meetings in Minneapolis, Nov. \ Powder and Small Arms abreast o * - | ^ . Q-nc^uij^ti, Nov. 5; Indianapolis " f ° ! - Rochester, Nov. 11; East ( Orange, N. J., Nov. 14; and Pitts 2.76 It'» Ploy Time ior Diana Lewie --And no wonder she relaxes with so much pep and vitality. The young actress has tust been given a featured role supporting Eddie Cantor. a moie request schedule with 30 of 70 planned plants now in production, 61 by spring. The President announced that by T c l a i d made Orange, N. J.. Nov. 14; and * itw-; ~' · - of 4Q tknkers burgh, Nov.-IS; to acquaint business-. P * 1 -,, prMSRd t , ans norta- men with the priorities system. The'OPM certified these seven mid-! West communities as entitled to I special consideration in the negotia- - January 1 he will place before Con gress a program to step up tank output to double the present contemplated production. He said the program is bein£ developed primarily for this ^ country's own needs. ^' ^'j ^'^"unemploy^TnTdue to~pHo7- nevera. armored force vuasMvter, \ * Eatou _ speaking in Philadelphia, sal d t h e e j Greel T vm e, Mich.; Ripon. are already ample tanks for tialnmg ^ _ Newtou and KeUog g, la.; and · ymrposiis. Subcontracting I The OPM Defense Contract Dstri- bution Division issued an Army compilation of ,#xistins contracts oll'ering the best subcontracting opportunities and anucunced a plan for prime contractors to "adopt" whole small hid j by the British, increased transportation facilities to bring oil to the East and tha fact that his conservation program had reduced the oil reserves shortage from 9,000,000 barrels to Mansfield. O. riuilia-i C l v l l c a 1 The President proclaimed Novem bar 1M6 "Civilian Defensee eWeek. T i, e Proclamation asked Amercans "to become better informed of the many vital phases of the civilian de- STATE OF MICHIGAN The Probate Court For The County Of Gogebic ustries for the duration. Director Odium said the Curtiss- Wiight Airplane Company, for example, has adopted the aluminum industry and and will farm out pars of its orders to those aluminum plants hard hit by curtailment of civilian production. The War Department announced the Quartermaster Corps will make its contract awards on a regional basis, direct negotiations will be made with bidders, and prices will no 1111*1 111V4" · *· Division \ tense program and of opportunities At a session of said Court, held at the Probate Office in the City o: Bessemer in said County, on the 22nd day of October, 1941. Present: Hon. M. E. Nolan, Judge ol Probate. In the Matter ot the Estate o . . for the participation of every m me 1YlaLLKI uv lu= ^ individual . . ." Civilian Defense | Josephine R au kar, Deceased Director LaGuardia anounced t h e · . . . theme of the week: "The only effective answer to total war is total lense. de- longer be "the dominatng making awards. factor" in Air The War Department announced the present 54-group combat plane Joseph Raukar having:, filed i said Court his final administration ac count, and his petition praying for the allowance thereof and for the assignment and distribution of the residue of said estate, It is Ordered, That the 12th day of November, A. D. 1941, at ten o'clock program is being expanded to pro- j }n the fovellooni at sa id Probate Of- vide organization of 84 combat groups fice ^ be and is }i ere i,y appointed for --a virtual doubling of Army air | exam j n j, 1E an a allowing said account Labor OPM Directors Knudsen and Ilill- rnaii find War and Navy Secretaries Stimson and Knox issued a joint statement that the interruption of defense production by strikes or slowdowns "is the greatest help aggressors can get these days when material on the battlefield is everything." They asked employers and employees to telephone the U. S. Concilation Service or the OPM in cases of labor difficulties so they can recerve "immediate attention." · Living Costs and Prices ' The Labor Department reported living coats for moderate income families in large cties are now 9.6 percent higher than' before the outbreak o£ war in Kurope. Price Administrator Henderson, in a report to the President, said the U.S. needs price control legislation "and we need It fast." strength. The new program calls I for ail increase in Air Force enlisted | personnel to 400.000 by next July. examining and allowing said account and hearing said petition; . It is Further Ordered, That public ! notice thereof be given by publication * I of a copy of this order, for three j Navy, Army j successive weeks previous to said i The Navy launched the submarine | lay o£ ueai , ingi in the Bessemer Her aid. a newspaper printed and circulated in said County. M: E. Nolan, Judge of Probate A 1 true: copy. Silvio Lr Mascotti, --.-·Register of Probate. 10-24--11-14 ! plaved and lunch was served to the j _ attending guests. Hostesses were j Mrs. Fred Roberts. Mrs. Gust Bre-1 i I tall, and Miss Ingiid^Bergma^^--| '--Mis Walter* Paynter and daugh-i te- returned to Sanlt Ste. Marie last Thursday after visiting with her parents, Mr. and Mrs, EmU Kelto. and her husband's parents, Mr., and Mrs. William Paynter. ^ Dr, ELMER J, KUWIUEH D E N T I S T OFFICE OVER PEOPLESSTATEBAHK j Priorities Priorities Director an order prohibiting the use of copper for non-defense construction after Noyember 1 and. after January 1 for civilian articles such as toys,..Jewelry^ HADDOCK and commissioned for active service the aircraft carrier HORNET and the destroyer BRISTOL. OCD Director LaGuardia made available through local defense councils a description of the entire Naval program i n - a report "The Progress of the Navy." The Army awarded contracts for j the construction of 56 more USO rec-j/ reation -buildings, bringing tlie num-i ha- under contract to 107. Deputy | OCD Director Gill issued a report to i local defense councils--'The Progress! of the Army"--giving detailed infor- j nidtion on all Phases of the Army | defen se program. Selective Service Selective Service Headquarters completed arrangements to classify Army men with mechanical skills he- tans they are discha^^to they may Nelson Issued Be"·Immediately enilrtJBlnJ$*n defense industry.. "ReferrjjiBBpnces" operated by the U. SJ- tefcplpyment Service ,Jn each camp-Wju-^n'terview each ni to give htm specific advice as to You Are Always Welcome At The GOGEBIC INN Located next to Abelman's on Sophie Street Saturday, Nov. 1 We Aro Sewing Ravioli Salad 2Sc Per Plate Join your friends at Gogebic Inn Dance to Good Music Zesty, full-bodied, yet never bitter--smooth, and mellow, yet never sweet. So good that it w o n a g o l d m e d a l i n competition -with the world's finest beers. Call for Fox DEE Luxe at your favorite tavern or dealer. DON'T blame you for looking so dumfounded, Mr. Franklin. There's been a lot happening in this country since you left us 151 years ago. As you can see, some very able inventors took up where you left off. I'll" bet the biggest surprise to you is 'the stride elecirieity has ma de-^ifen«nber your experiment with the kite and the key? Weil, sir, electricity stayed just about where you left it in 1790 untU nearlyahundredyeara later when Edison came along, and things started to happen. He gave us the electric light, Mr. Franklin, and then other inventors developed electric .. paver and heat. It would take all the space in this newspaper to-tell yon about'those marvels. Now factories are run by electricity; we have a wonderful invention called radio that brings us voices, music and entertainment out of the air; we wash, iron.and clean by electricity. Remember the stove you invented? Now we have electric stoves. And here is something about electric service that will please your thrifty soul: electricity is within the reach of everybody because it's so cheap. What's more, the rates are being reduced all the time. For example, during the last 10 to 15 years the average rate for household electricity ha8 been cut about in half. Today folks get about twice as much electricity as they got 10 to 15 years ago for the same money. Why? Because of efficient business management of the electric companies. And while the rates under business management are going down, the service is getting better and better. We Americans appreciate these things, Mr. Franklin. We know a good thing when we see it. And we're grateful to you, or, for the work you. did in electricity! Lake Superior District Power Co.

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