The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi on July 10, 1960 · Page 23
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The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi · Page 23

Greenville, Mississippi
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 10, 1960
Page 23
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Oclln Democrat-Time)) Sunday, July 10, '60 23 1 "W" y * · ^^ , ounuajTj u uijr iv, uv *D Want To Buy Or'Sell A Home? Use The MLS--See Members Advertisements Below! On Page 22 Houses Fot Sala ros SME tr owNts, 3 B;R HOTM. f.nwd fcodr. von). T.V. Cobl«. USO w.K and cirja. nolei }54 ptt month. Ph. EU )l SME. Picxtlrally ntw 2 Hi Horn*. 00 deron, J55.00 pn rwnrti. Ph. ED 7 .m. BFOCOOM HOME, COfJVEMIEMl fO EM /P 50KXH. fevminn oS J61.M rr faulty oituirx *!! V, loon. F«u«l ick void, mo, uupotl I, IIOKKKL Coll today fw ojwftTntmvtf. Cottman ba% n. tP 3-Mit. »lgri-« to 4-3[«. 71. HOOM* Fotf Salt FOt SALE BY OWNEB, 1003. 3 Bedroon How*. $350 down L auuma paymtnti 1309 An Safari CIrHc. Fums F*r Sale 3 SEDSOOM. 1 BATH, COUNTRY LIVING ClOSE TO TOWN. Nice tSodt trecl, T.V, buUt In U*t»n. Avalloblt Ira Pav l*iJ than ownef'i tr and ailumo nolei. Id 178' X 3B'. Con t« nfiflarKM fHA. Coll Kouman Keallon, LI 2-0568, .nlatei rat! ED 4-3140. 73. Farms For Sale HENRY T. CROSBY COMPANY Our business in to serve you in your farm land, mortgage loan and investment transactions. For years we have studied and dealt in Delta land, large city properties, and the handling of mortgages secured by land. Our services cost you nothing unless we are able to take care of your needs in a responsible manner. Numbered among our clients are many of the more stable landowners and operators throughout the Mid-Delta. When you ore thinking in terms of buying, selling, or borrowing on land, have in mind that we are available to advise with you, also you will have the benefit of not only local buyers, but also prospective buyers in other states. The more responsible brokers in other slates often cooperate with us in the handling of Mississippi land. In the handling of mortgage loans we Itave life insurance accounts that pay us for our services so that the cost to you of money obtained through our office is limited to furnishing good title and paying the recording fees, and in some instances the institution's appraisal expense. Our office is located on the ground floor of the May Building in Greenville. Our maps and other information on Delta properties are available to you. You have the benefit of a feeling of security when you are dealing with an agency that is a part of our Delta way of doing business. HENRY T. CROSBY COMPANY The Oldest Land Sales Agency In The Delta May Building 618 Washington Phone ED 4-3453 Greenville, Miss. n. Homes For Sale 70. HOUSE rot SAIE BY OWN!!, Ccl nlulobte 3 btdroom houi«, poich and a rpoit at- toch«d, Nk. corner tot pav»d r mtir. A banjo-n. tin Mhler. IJ20 t« kj. Av«. n ED -9»l«. SAIE, 3 B/ Horn, 2 boihi, kxa« ntd bo A perch Carport. PiFcvd K lell. 653 E. McCcrll. OK I.. J«0 do Call ED 2.6194 foi cpoolntmen*. WOYt IN HOW JMl 3 ei nam a Ut H!ot strtll N MM than } v«ai| old. and I 41 o low Inttmt FHA loan MonihN I olei OKI- ·AlV $7299 You aa move ) n by (Xrr* 1*0 irTWill equity Laig. ond I oom« b*d roomt. pl«itl ft» room for oj KAlrtg ood tallng In th« Ulchtnjtnlno I eon. kjnji UvlflQ' roo». «xDort end ihn 30* TWi Pwn. ho* an owocllv* yard, and U In « Dleonru iwignboAood CaU I Ablda lum- b« Comjxtrtj. EO 5.1163. lot nxvi d^ talb and Imnftdlon. t BEDBOOMS. 7 6ATHS omll In kit. th*n (XMCk cbltd on Hill* l!d«i. Fenced Ixxk yard Ifil Kapln il NOMI hat JV) 4V,t. a \. botarx* i'/l" ofox|moivry $4.000 tqulrr o* rcllnc vm«nli now $6876 IConmon Btotlori. Ph ED 5.0558. NlaMi EO 4.3UOL J33000 down 121.00 1152 LEWIS S iT. * i/R rn.'dmci. IMO coat S and r.i FHA loan. Apwox. S68.8 f n rron^ REYNOLDS AGI ENCY 1. f. Rtyno/d*. 3 r. Offk« tO M4W R. L ED 2-8328 3 cpanmcnl building, n*, $153.00 mcnlh. FOR SAL] .3 Two bedroom chralHi ig just off South Main St. W$ 1 sell for $5500.00, You name. reasonable terms and we will 1 inance. ERNEST \VALDAUH R AGENCY 118 . Poptof ST. p| or» EO 2-1355 HlQ^.h Call EO \ -6564 1 ft/R, L/X, ttporcTa DfR 5 car garage, arga ToT, exccflenT rocatlon en Conoon 5). E-HA tefrm. I R/R. den, 3 atr cendl:lon»fi, oa«% rom Cm Bavd School. $400 dnwrij $13.250. Ffff rvrthe; cJe!o;lt «oT] or it* MAYNARD WILZIN O'coT ED 3*4554 144 N. Broodwav I Real Estate Services 6u. Real Estate Services YOU CAN RELY ON A REALTOR FOR BROAD EXPERIENCE By selecting a Realtor when you make a real estate transaction you retain a broker outstandingly fitted to serve your interests. To qualify as a Realtor he had to demonstrate superior knowledge and ability. As a member of the local real estate board he also has at his command the experience and know-how of other Realtors, for each is pledged to willingly share his knowledge with fellow- members of the Board of Realtors. LIST YOUR PKOPEIiTV NOW WITH The Greenville Multiple Listing Service *R. 11. LAKE AGENCY * ABIDE LUMBER CO. * ALLEN THOMAS * AZAR AZAR CD's. * P. C PALMERTREE BUILDER * KOSSMAN INSURANCE AGENCY + WADE S WIN EM AN * QUEEN CITY LBR. CO. * M L PAYNIi COMPANY * GREENVILLE LUMBER CO. * MOYSE MOYSE * HUNT - EVANS INSURANCE AGENCY * MAYNARD WILZIN * McCLENDON REAL EST. AGENCY * HENRY T. CROSBY CO. * MIERS PRATT INSURANCE AGENCY * ERNEST WALDAUER AGENCY * I.ANCASTER BROS LBR. CO. 1789 WAXH* iW 1 e/I. l/t. ait. klltk ,n, IV, bailu, UJUral h«tt t air cond illon, careen itotexj^, fer^d baOt vat d. V, bletk lo ·fer7en!anf ichocl. FHA I ocn. AIL E1ECTI IIC Beaulllul 3 8/8. 2 Eolli . Air tondltlof^d m« wllh Ic-vtry famll-j rcon £ kirchert rib'^xltrpn. Built-in O s«n anl BODQ*, IT 13 wall aupttl. Ftt iTitied UtllitY and rogi locm. carpoil. 1 ^Ofr-DIeteIY f«n'ffd batk with .crvlt. y Q ,d. · FHA Teiml. ONIY S300 M EfDED IrKfudlna cloing con for iklt 3 B/S h=.T.t. 1 · L / R . D/A, tltd ..en. I V , hoO-,, to) ncot, torpor! J i ttwog*, »! o. (ovg» lot, 1318 UfoJv! Si. ASSUME CAN V*. l/R. famlfv | OC?n, 1% ba^i, bu'll-ln cvon rcngn, D^UI oil re lion unit, ollach*d f jarogr. Only £ rhi eld. DOY (rrulk* *qyilv, l.-mrtdial MIERS ( PRATT Alunjal rn»- t En. [ Mcrjgcge loar.i SI7 FNvy. K«. 1 Srxxh* CHal ED 2-1546 Membci MLS t* aht call ED 2- Houses For Solo O! SALE. 5 B/R Horn.. 1260 S. C»lo«xJo. part tqvihf, ^71.20 rr.oniWy pay- m«n'. Ph. ED «I03. rWO BEDROOM BRJCK VENEER kV LAKE SHADE IStES, lilt t»lk iiDot «rag«. Em Bovd School diMilcl. J300 krJIrn olui tmo\\ cfcllng edit end oa/* n!i leil then $77. Call la tea thJl T* loday Kenyan Realtor*, ED 2.0553 nigh] ED 4-31^0. N. . !» erica $8,8?5. T W O B I G V A L U E S FOR SALE 1350 Sq. Ft. Enclosed Area B/K, L/R, Separate D/R, Separate Utility, Fenced Back Yard, Excellent Location. 3284 JOHN Only $13,500 BRAND NEW! 3 B/R BRICK 837 Ashburn L/R, D/R. Family Room with Fireplace, Built-in Appliances Compartmentcd Baths, Aluminum Windows. $18,000 Conventional Slightly higher F.H.A. H. N. ALEXANDER SONS "Since 1893" ED 2-724, 70. Houses For Sale -a - - 70. Houses For Sale WHUEMAN MLS INVENTORY | HOMES FOR SALE M.l.S. No. ' J 7H t l i ! 'Additii Foirtil Dr. 008 a ?a 833 S44 SSI 856 UT esa 901 902 8G1 637 I307J Cnuier Drlvl 613 J Arnold M7\ S. AViln 431 / liVACIii'er IVifV V^nnda Dr. 1311 . John SI. 1«J 5i Old Itbnd M. 291 Eidg 17 3? Waiha* II :8J Old Itlo-d Rd. 5 Bli Ip74 John 1 ? I 2 LotjnJet 1 301 All JoinTi f7 490 Cainvtchfa If 577 Jn Ar.n ft MI7 Hv,y I S. k 4 2 4 In,- Ot ^ Lin BEDKOOMS Addon E. SV. Clov.i Cr. 1914 TucVer E Sid. S'rmrad Of. 1703 S. Ccuiev 276 V;. Mccr. F !02a S. l-«flba:d 842 1016 S. Theobald R52 1727 Q-jrcn Ctry lon« a3 335 S. Delro 832 502 Florae 837 633 Havana B9Q 349 E. ^oo-« 895 LaVe Fenjuicn 8?7 620 G:OVB ?a 835 f.'avci fl^ 2?2 GoWi'e^ 903 I OX PaJ'M ItNTAI UNITi COMMEKCIAL PROPERTY 8?! 130 Oricnda 364 Anea^ en Old Leland Rd. 874 818 Hwv- 1 No.Tfi 875 616 Hwy 1 North 876 8OE-10 KWY, 1 N^rrh £55 £23 Pure*:) 895 32/ Hunl. Doprex 9C4 924 S. Dioacfwav 905 ^85 Q'd Lelond *d. J0upl«] L013 3 Ion Li Woodlcwn 831 tol 19, G.-efnficid Add. 843 2 IcH Hwy. 1 H. 120 fl. frcnicga 847 Lol 4, b!ock 1, f WADE S. WINEMAN, Realtor Member) MLS. 502 Thomas Shopping Center Phone E7 J 2-Z848 Home Phono ED 4-96« Houses For Sale 1437 W. OLLIE CIRCLE ' bftdroom, btlck, larg» f«need lot. Pay ivvncr portion o! hit rqvlry oitvm* .% loan Cf rrllrraoc*. Alt? KlmbaH Soby Grand Fkxvo ct fraction ef original ttnl, PHONE ED 2-5239 Greenville's Best Quality Home Buys 918 W. Lynn Circle Brick ft Clapboard siding, 3 bedrooms, tile bath, paneled kitchen with maple c;ibinets, Chrysler Seating system, Hardwocd floors. $450 Down -- F.H.A. $400 Closing Cost V.A. FOR SALE BY OWNER Bedroom Home, large Den, Air conditioned, central heat, Drapes, T.V. Cable, Vent-A-Hood. Carport storage. 1 block from Em Boyd School. Pay equity assume loan, $85 monthly payments, can be refinanced. 1333 E. John. Ph. ED 4-4S40. 3 B/Z QI Ui:« 1521 Marilyn Ave. Tills is a quality home at an economical price. 3 bedrooms, carport large storage, sliding doors on closets, aluminum windows, large Irec on lot. Allic fan. Formica counter top, dressing table in bath. $400 Down -- F.H.A. $100 Closing Cost--V.A. 213 Fava Drive Family room and fenced-in patio included with this 3 bedroom borne. Located in Highland Heights, the exclusive all brick addilion near Maltie Akins Elementary School. I'/i tile baths, 2 largt closets in entrance hall for storape. $750 Down -- F.H.A. $400 Closing Cost--V.A. $15,600. VETERANS! USE YOUR G.I. RIGHT NOW. JULY 26 WILL BE TOO LATE. Houses For SM'O 728 LEWIS AVENUE IS THE ADDHESS ol ih Ale* 3 bedroom home. Lorqi UvEng oom-dinTrX] oita, fenced bcti yard, ulia ofgi ifofagn nHtob'f foi nvoHnhoo w ~ ryroorn, 220 voll wlrtno/ Can b« ha-vd- l foi $400 down and aotxoxHna ftty $75 rewilh. Col foi appointment today. iiman RiaJlon, ED 3-OSS8, rtghli EO SrtlV Ca-n b« ·8331 iB42.?a CASH ASSUMt tSS 23 MONTHY PAYMENTS. 1 fit. r(1. boOv orltxhtd KiragB and dropei Included en a bftaull- utty Jandicoped cwntr loi. \W t 107' 29] RJdgn Av«. Coll todav ref creco'nfmsi] Tra^ Rttatlon. H) 7455B. ntohti ED n. Colored Property Far Sik FOR SALE BrkV, etoarct* D/R, len ron toe, 3 In d*r entered fireplace ond ovcilocVlm) Coon- rr Club, 2 til* both*. ?oub1i gaicQt. ParVbwn vritb . New loan. CHd«i hout* on OCTB t rooi Cm Bayd, $4500. 'B Komi cM 49 Jd Arm Ordn I B/R hauia located IA12 Cctney Drfvi Gl ~ FHA of lo- Cr. /R brick«r at 1605 Cairiey con txjrc.Km*d_foT_onIy J300_co»S. jflng old brick, heat pu/rvp. 2 baih: iratB^J/J^ den and daub'i ocraqe. 3 8 / R , TVj bolh, laig* dtn-Wkhtn OT I'nalicn. 51300 down cir^r.i [ HA loon. 3 B/B, 2 I.In batru, 911 V/. Lyr-n. Call or See Joha Gannon RHODES T. WASSON AGENCY 233 Wcth. Ph. ED 2-1538. nl!» EO 4-3W 9 ttittnb* ol C«n!raJ Uitirxi S*rvlt« « Housea Foe Sau it OWNER, ThrtD ftedrixyn Ho^-p, on* ind ofi» holt barh. CcnUoJ hot. 1132 ·ovih Coloiado. Ph. ED 2-MSB. SQ. SAVE Ofi R£N1 3 B/R. 1959 Po«k*ood Chtv. S'ai-ort V/cqon. wlrh ovrdtiv*. R. H. 27,000 at'ud milii. V/i1| foVo o!d«r modtl ar fcf «tuity. EO 5-219f ehw 9 o.f« Cirs Fur Sale SO. 1959 OifVROlEr, older rr-.cxM tor or cotS . Notti 1 615 E. Siai 70. Elousex For Sale Cui For Slo rid In'eric ik ov«.ijfi S3. MobUe Homei w:d*. M179 nti!can H^» 1roll«r. 41* X ' BiR'i plw» 8' X 16" E««m. EO cf!«/ 430 P». w«V dav, Q^ FOR SALE Several very desirable Houses and Duplex Apt's. Practically new. AH rented. Good income property "or investment. Ph. ED 2-0517. 77. Acreage For Sale FOR SALE, 4 Aciti o! land, $750 pi i. H*v. 1 South, 3 mlki from Clry I). ED 5*3194. FOR SALE, 4 A|« lend wll* hcHrtn. both. bufoiM, Schocl foufi too Rood. 3 nil.i Eon o! Piiitil Roo»n a. PX. 83. Mobile Homes IT'S HERE 1SSO - M X 10 SPARCRAFT. A top value Mobile Home manu factured by Spartan Aircraft Co This unit has Early American furniture, Washer, central »ir conditioning and many o t h e extras. Financed up to 7 years. RICK'S TRAILER SALES, INC. WU Ho.-nei HiaKwoy ti t SO. o! |S» O«lli Phej; to ?-177: A MATTER OF CHOICE IF You want to live in a value controlled area, near churches and schools . . . . IF IF IF You want two, three or four bedrooms for your growing family . . . . You want an attractive home, inside out . . . . A home that surrounds you with comfort.... Something of beauty Si convenience that all your friends will admire . . . . This is what you want .... Let us make a suggestion .... CALL ED 2-7217 ROD1 REALTX COMPANY Cars For Sale Can For Sale 8U. Cars For Sale Farms For Sale G R E E N V I L L E . L U M B E R CO.. "MISSISSIPPI'S MOST COMPLETfE BUILDING SERVICE" Phone ED 2-2637 ED 2-2587, ED 2-S3J3 Nits FOR SALE BEAUTIFUL HOME AND ESTATE FRONTING U. S. HIGHWAY 82 WEST OF GREENVILLE This attractive holding, 52 acres of highly improved, productive land, together with practically new and modern ranch house with all conveniences, is now available for immediate possession. The holding carries 16.5 acres of cotton, an orchard, paper shell pecan trees, and other aUrnctive advantages. There is a 2200 foot airstrip oni the property, with all steel hangar,; gas pomp, and other accessories, i For full information on this' country estate or inspection, get i in touch with us. HENRY T. CROSBY COMPANY OHt.l Land Sain May Buikflno Phcr.o ED 4-3153 Age.Tcv In TK« Delta 413 Waihlngron 80. Cam For Sale Cars For Sale Cars For Sale Car* For Sate C us For Sa!e Cars For Sale INVOiCE COST We Are Loaded on Imported Cars. To Reduce Our Stock . . We Will Sell Them At FACTORY INVOICE COST FO" THE NEXT 10 DAYS!! GREENVILLE BUICK - PONTIAC CO. 522 Washington Ph. ED 2-54M A GOOD DEAL ALWAY: |:87. Garages Garages Chevrolet- Corvair- Okkmobile - Trmks RECONDITIONED USED CARS ARE BETTER '59 Ford $1795 Fairlane "500* Victoria 2-door Hardtop, V-8. Radio' healer, Fordomatic, white wall tires. This car looks and drives like new. Come in and look this one over. If you are looking for a new used car this is Ihe one for you. We've reduced the price on this one. SPECIAL · '55 Plymoutl i $795 V-8 4-door Station \1 tegon. Automatic transmission radio, heater, while wall tires. This is U K Belvedere model the best in '55, We've checked this car completely; and as far as we can tell needs no repair work. It carries our OK warranty for 30 days or 1,000 miles. If you nre interested in a wi igon then don't pass ihis up. It too. lias been drastically reduced . COMPLETE BRAKE SERVICE · Drums Turned · Tune Dps · Carburetor Repair · Wheel Alignment Balance ALL WORK GUARANTEED Just Dial ED 4-4074 K I N G S A U T O S E R V I C E 716 Highway 82 West 85. Tracks For SaJa 8S. Trucks For Sale 57 Chevy _____ $1295 '55 Pontiac _______ $895 :-door V-S. Radio, healer, white wall ires. This car hns many trouble free niles left. II carries our O.K. guaran- ee on it. Come by and compare ll-.e ·ar and price on this one with any one n town. '56 Chevy $1095 210" 4-door V-8. Straight shift, radio, water- white wall tires, one owner, "ame in on a new Chevy. This car has cen thoroughly reconditioned and Secked out. 56 Chevy $995 210" 4-door 6 cylinder. Standard transmission, radio, healer, one owner, raded in on a '60 Chevy. This car will lake someone a good economical car. letter gas mileage than most cars. Ve've reduced the price on this one. '57 Olds $1495 ..S-S8" Holiday Coupe. Radio, heater, .'lydramatic. while wall tires, power steering and brakes. As clean as they come. One owner, traded in on a '60 Olds. Come by ajid drive this one and if you are in the market for t good car you'll buy it. Calalina Starchief 2-door H -irdtop. Radio, healer, Hydramatic. while wall tires. One owner- traded giii on a '60 Olds. Real good shape. J . '58 Olds ______ j. '?$$$$$ "98" 4-door Holiday Sedan. tlfower steering. brakes windows, faiiJfcry air conditioning. like new white wall tires. You have to drive this carvt h appreciate it. We will nuke you a nj al good deal on your present car if you are interested in trading, or we will make you a good straight sale price. ,Viny way you go, you save. : '58 Chevy ____ i. $1495 Biscayne 4-door V-S. Radl.K, heater, tu- lone paint. One owner, tf sited in on a '60 Chevy. We will trade (right with you on this one. . [ '58 Chevy ____ ; L $1395 2-door 6-cylinder Del Rej\. · Healer- standard transmission for i economy. We have reconditioned this c far thoroughly and have lowered the price to suit everyone. So come in art i let us trade with you. TRUCKS '56 Ford $895 VA ton V-8 slake body Inick. This is a good solid truck and priced below the market. Engine and ixxly in excellent shape. '54 Chevy $595 V4 ton Pickup. Heater. Solid truck for Ihe money. Mud grip tires on the rear and good tires on Ihe front. Lots of service left. '54 International . $795 2 ton truck, cab and chassis. 4 new tires on rear. S25x20. 10 ply. Real good shape and ready lo go. You have lo see and drive Ihis one to know what you have got. '53 Chevy $545 '/i ton Pickup Truck. Heater and 4 good tires. This is the cleanest pickup for Ihe model in Greenville. Come in and ".- for yourself hut hurry Vausc you may be tro late MEADORS CHEVROLET GO. New Used Car Lot Highway 82 East ; New Cars.Parts Service -- 320 Main Street INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER HEAVY DUTY TRUCK TRADIN' TIME IS RIGHT NOW A N D . . . Delta Implement Co. Has A Large Selection Of Heavy Duty Trucks. Biggest Ever. AND . . . Everyone Knows International Is The "King Of The Heavy Dutys" SO .... Shop Now And Save. BEST PRICES EVER! Call or See 'Pop' Imbler or Joe Shawhlosky at DELTA IMPLEMENT CO. "Motor Trucks Is Our Business" Eluy. W E. Ph. KD 2-83M "NO GOOD REASON" SALE m | xv WE ARE NOT OVERSTOCKED mil WE ARE NQT HfiVING IM \ J AN ANNIVERSARY ^^ WE ARE NOT MOVING- WE JUST FEEL LIKE HAVING A SALE AND WE WILL OFFER YOU THE BEST DEAL IN TOWN- On Any Used Car We Have In Stock Right Nowll GOME IN AND TRY US OUT!!! '60 Ponliac $2995 Catalina 4-door Hardtop. Power steering brakes. 6,800 actual miles. '59Vol¥o $1995 Radio, heater with only 8,JOO mVes. ffleam- ing red with white tires. '59 Ford $1795 Station wagon. Straight drive, V-S, extra clean. '59 Ford $1695 Custom "300" 4Joor. Fordomatic, heater, black with white tires. '58 Cadillac ..$3195 "82" Coupe. Factory «ir, fiJl pcwer, Extra "58 Chevy $1695 Impala 2-door Hardtop. Baby Hue white. Radio, heater Powerglide. '58 Chevy ._ $1895 '58 Ponliac $1895 Impala 2-door Hardtop. Power steering. Ydkw with green interior. 27,000 actual miles. '60 Ford $2795 Galnxie 4-door. Factory air, full power, radio. A beautiful white with white tires. Stnrchief Woor Hardtop. Fadory air, power steering brakes. Sharp. '59Buick _ _ $2395 LcSabre 'Woor Hardtop. Radio, heater, Dynaflow with U. S. Royal Master tires. '58Edsel_. __$1595 4-door Hardtop with factory air and full power. '59 Ford $1295 '/$ Ion Pickup Truck. Heater, custom cab, sid mount, 30,000 actual miles. '58 Ford $1395 Fairlane "500" 4-door. Radio, heater, Fordo- matic, Power steering brakes. 30,000 miles. '56 Cadillac .__..... $995 Air Conditioned. '58 Ford $1095 4-door 6 cylinder. Heater, straight drive. A '59 Chevy $1995 Impala 4-door. Radio, heater, Powerglide, i cylinder, tulone paint, white wall tires. '59 Ford $2195 Convertible. Cruisomatic, radio, heater. Jet Hack with white wall tires. '60 Corvair $1895 4-door Sedan. Heater- straight drive. 3900 actual miles. '52Buick $295 '53 Buick $395 '55Buick $595 '57 Buick _._.$1095 '57 Buick $1195 Air Condilioned. '57 Buick ..._$1195 Air Conditioned. '55 Cadillac. $1195 Air Conditioned. '54 Chrysler $295 '57 Chrysler $1595 Air Conditioned. '56 Chevy $995 Hardtop. '56 Chevy $795 4-door. '53 Chrysler $295 '57 Chevy $1095 Station Wagon. '57 Chevy $795 "210" 2-door. · JAMES MELTON · K. C '52 Buick. $195 '55 Chevy _. $595 Bel Air 4-door. '55 Cadillac $1195 Air Conditioned. '57 Dodge $895 Hardtop. '56 Dodge $695 '54 Ford $495 '57 Ford ._ $595 Fairlane. '56 Ford _. $695 Station Wagon. '57 Ford $795 Custom "300" '56 Ford $579 Vicloria. Red Hack. '57 Mercury $995 Hardtop. '58 Mercury $695 2-door. '56 Mercury $795 Monlclair ST UBBLEF1ELD 0 BILL DOBBS J S "Home Oi Honest Values" .Hwy. 82 E. Ph. ED 2-0722 or ED 4-3124_ · John Hinkle. Mtr. O TV T. Harris. Asst. Mt:r.

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