The Daily Messenger from Canandaigua, New York on July 6, 1939 · Page 10
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The Daily Messenger from Canandaigua, New York · Page 10

Canandaigua, New York
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 6, 1939
Page 10
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THE DAILY MESSENGER, CANANDAIGUA, N. lY., THURSDAY, JULY 6,1939. Bargains in All Sorts of Merchandise Under "Articles for Sa By Ham Fisher PALOOKA WHIZ YOU RUN LIKE A DEER GREY CLOUD.VOU DON'T EVEN PUFF ON HILLS. 6'WAN BEAM #PUFF* G-GPr UP WID DON' W-WAIT FO' ME. FOUR BUND DATES Tip Daily Messenger CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING BAttS AND REGULATIONS TELEPHONE 897 -- Classified *ds are accepted over the tele- :pbooe and the cash rate Is allowed providing bill Is paid wlthta 10 days to date of bill. CLOSING HOUR--Copy received up to 10:00 A, M., will be pub- llabed the same day. ERRORS must be corrected by first day as the Publishers will IMA be responsible for more incorrect Insertion. BATES--Per line per day: 1 day 12* cash, 24 charge. IHWS, W cash, 20* charge. roays, 8* cash, 10* charge. ''W day contract 6*. copy may weekly. Advertisement, 2 Una Count five average words to the line; words containing more than 9 letters, count as two wonto. The cash rate applies If paid within ten days from date of bill. CLASSIFICATION INDEX Individual classified advertise- are arranged under the sub-headings and clas- ·ilkittons: IkNNOUNCEMENTS-- 1--Special Notice 2--Lost and Found , 3--Personal 4--Professional Service . ~ ^--wanted to Buy -: - G--Foods ~~~^ 6A--Swaps EMPLOYMENT-~ 7--Female Help t~ ;A--Help Wanted - 8--Male Help -- 9--Agents Wanted 10--Situations Wanted AUTOMOTIVE-- 11--Antomobnes For Sale _ 12--Mechanical Repair - 13--Accessories and Tires BUSINESS SERVICE-14--Beauty Shops 15--Contractors 16--Miscellaneous Service 17--Repair Service 17A--Painters - Carpenters FARM SERVICE-1--Farm Machinery 19--Livestock 20--Pet Animals 21--Eggs and Poultry 22--Plants and Seeds 23--Farm Supplies 23A--Farm Products MERCHANDISE-24--Articles For Side 24A--Typewriters 24B--Boats and Supplies 25--Household Goods 2«--Coal and Wood 26A--Fael Oils 87--Machinery For Sate 28--Musical Merchandise 2»--Radio Sates Service RENTALS-30--Apartments For Rent 31--Boarding Houses 32--Furnished Rooms 33--Hotels and Restaurants 34--Housekeeping Rooms 35--Houses For Rent 3*--Miscellaneous For Rent 37--Resorts and Cottages 38--Wanted to R*nt 3»A--Auction Sates 33--Stores For Rent REAL ESTATE-- 4»--Busir.css Opportunities 41--Ihteinos Property 42--Farms and Land 43--Houses For Sale 44-~L«ts For Sal* 45--Money to Loan 4«--Wantrd. Real Estate 4?--Real Estate Exchange 48--Legal Notices 4»--Financial ANNOUNCEMENTS Lost and Found LOST - Black and white beagle- fox terrier, mongrel. Named Jed. Notify Remington, caie Wm. Fox, South Bristol. X78-57 Foods BLACK OXHEART SWEET CHER- nes, 6-7c per Ib delivered Red Moiitmorency sour cheines, l^c. Ib. on trees, 3c Ib dehveied Phone S51-M Stanley Wooden X40-58 RED raspberry headquarters, 190 Granger St. Phone 794-J. 68-55tf FOR SALE-Montmorency cherries, thoroughly sprayed. Bring baskets. Stuart F. Kinde, White St. 72-57 EMPLOYMENT Female Help WANTED - Waitress Apply in person, Andy's Lunch 73-56 WAR If you've declared war apainst some of those edds-and-ends that are ckilteiing U p your home. It's time to do something about it. A Daily Messenger Want Ad will tight the battle for you--and win! It gets results fast and very cheaply! · Phone 897! Ask for an Ad-Taker! MERCHANDISE Articles For Sale 24 CHINA CABINET, 5 burner oil stove, with built in over. Emerson. 16 Coy St. Phone 438-R. 66-55tf WICKER CHAIRS, kitchen cabinet. bieakfast set Khngman 29 Bristol St. Tel. 687. 24-50tf Radio Sales Service 29 RADIO TUBES - Free testing at store, all types of guaranteed tubes in stock MUTTON'S BOOK STORE. 84-56 RENTALS Apartments. For Rent 30 BUSINESS SERVICE MERCHANDISE WANTED - Girl or woman Light general housework, capable, summer cottage Phone 117-J. 79-58 GIRL for general housework. Muse be through with school 53 Bristol St. X78-56 Repair Service I?! Articles For Sale Male Help 8 WANTED - Man by month House, elec P H Memhan Phone 62. 81-58 AUTOMOTIVE ROOF REPAIRS and new roofing is our specialty, consequently we can do it better at lower cost. Pontius Phone 505-W or 195-M 83-56 HOT WEATHER calls for comfoit shoes. Women's light weight oxfords, $2.50 and $295 pr. J. C. Scott. 37-57 LEHTGH CEMENT - Beacon feeds. J W Walker 63-541. THE CLASSIFIED Department exemplifies the Golden Rule It serves you as you would be sprved i USE a cement paint that will last. I Buy Flor-Dye. Great for gas sta- | tion floors. Davidson's. Phone 69. , 35-51tf FARM SERVICE ATTRACTIVE 5 rm. heated apt. Unfur 28 Greig Terrace. 42-75 APT FOR RENT - 4 rooms, bath, heat and hot water furnished, garage. 318 East Gibson. x78-58 APT. - Heat, elec, hot water Possession July 15 14 Gorham St. Inq. W. E. Smith, 202 Bristol St Tel 234-R. 86-58 5 RM., fur apt 91 Chapin St. X64-57 FUR APT. - Newly decorated, modern conveniences. Apply Martino's Barber Shop 85-58 Resorts and Cottages 37 Automobiles For Sale 11 1938 CHRYSLER 4-di- trg. Sedan. 1937 CHRYSLER sedan 1936 CHEVROLET town sedan 1935 CHEVROLET sedan 11937 PLYMOUTH deluxe coupe j 1935 PLYMOUTH deluxe coupe 11934 PLYMOUTH coach 11936 TERRAPLANE coach 11936 FORD Tudor del. trg. sed. 1933 FORD coupe 1935 PONTIAC sedan 1934 PONTIAC 8 cyl sedan 1932 DODGE 1 1-2 ton truck, stake 1932 CHEVROLET 1 1-2 ton truck 1931 FORD 157 in. W. B. stk, trk. Pet Animals 20 COLLIE PUPPIES - Male $5: female $3 Jas McNamara, Victor-1 Manchester Rd. X70-57 EASTMAN and ARGUS cameras, as low as 50c a week. HUTTON"S BOOK STORE. 84-56 Dailj Messenger Summer Patterns. UP-TO-DATE 15c. i SCOTTIES - 4 mos. old, black Riker. Phone 866-R. 67-57 Livestock 19 BINDER TWINE, $320 a bale. We sell hay rope. Get our price. The Mather Seed Store. 80-56tf FOR SALE-2 Guernseys just fresh- i We ened. Phone 1094-R L Ferrin. 82-58 FOR SALE - R irasonable R. 462-J. .-g. Guernsey bull, ' Biockleoank T' 1 i X78-58 ' HAY FORK ROPE deal in Columbian pure mania, long fiber hay rope 7-8 or one in ; also trip rope, the strength of a rope depends on the length of its fiber, this rope has it At Ellis Hdwe. 59-57 JL*7l)J. JL Vj'AtaAV JL*7 I A*JU »· . .**·. *JWU. r v**k.. , ^ i » GEORGE D. MCGURK. shortsviiie ] Farm Machinery 18 1937 DODGE sedan 1936 DODGE coupe 1938 HUDSON sedan 1938 DODGE coupe 1938 HUDSON 6 sedan 1938 PLYMOUTH sedan 1937 PLYMOUTH sedan 1937 DODGE coupe 1937 FORD deluxe sedan 1936 HUDSON coupe 1935 FORD 1-2 ton pick-up 1934 DODGE coupe 1933 PLYMOUTH deluxe coupe 40 OTHER USED CARS TO CHOOSE FROM AT $35 and up. A. W. WHITE 25 Ontario Si- Phone 138 WILLIAMS GRAIN SEPARATOR- 30-48. S. E. Burhngham, RD 3. Cdga. X22-61 1 Eggs and Poultry 21 iLISK AND CONSERVO CANNERS rubbeis. jar tops and nn^s all kinds. Coy St. Hdwe. Open eves. 75-56 BALED HAY TIES - Binder twine. J Vv Walker. G'i-54ti FOR RENT - Cottage 256 east side, large shady lot, boat, electricity. T. E Rippey, Tel. 200-W. 30-59 BUNGALOW cottage, 3 bedrooms glassed-in porch. Beautiful bea:h and shade. Price $2800. Ray W. Johnson Real Estate Co 76-56 REAL ESTATE Houses For Sale 43 6 ROOM semi-bungalow. Hard pine finish and floo's, bath, new furnace, electricity, gas, new roof Double garage Price $2500 or will trade for small farm. Ray W. Johnson Real Est Co. 76-56 LEGAL NOTICES Notice To Croilitor-, Of JI~MC 15 EGGS WANTED No eggs over 5 davs old Witter, 169 Mill St. 21c-23c · anted. 77-56 LAWN MOWERS Reduced prices on entire stock. PECK" HARDWARE CO, 120 SO. MAIN ST. 69-58 Plants and Seeds 22 ISEED BUCKWHEAT, choice tested i seed. J. W. Walker. 6-48tf Typewriters 24A 130 THOUSAND cabbage plants. Early and Danish Wm. Dannahe. Stanley. N- Y. Algenne St RD 2 X59-56 NEW ROYAL PORTABLE typewriters See them. Terms as low as S3 a month. Pay like rental HUTTOX'S BOOK STORE. 84-56 Farm Products 23A Household Goods 25 Dailv Summer Me^sencer Patterns, i . I 1 FOR SALE - Japanese buckwheat: UP-TO-DATE' also 2 new milch cows, calf by side 15c. ' Fred Moise. Phone 1037-J. " 71-57 -- ICE BOXES, kitchen cabinets. dre^ers. living rm. tables, glassware di'-hes, etc Carter, 24 Coy St 32-mf NEIGHBORLY NEIGHBORS T 5 - TS5Jggff l by Oscar Hitt ANNOUNCEMENTS Special Notice T EXPERT repairing on ftr coats; also dressmaking. 25 Oorham St corner of Court St COMBINING DONE - $3 per acre. Wes Collins, Cheshire. X64-60 _ j EXPERT HAIRCtmTNG - Wade Voit Barber Shop, 4 Niagara St. 16-69 CONGOLEUM, fine quality. Used Furniture Marfcet, 136 Mill. 68-450- FOR SALE - Sand, gravel, cinders; hsuitd. Phwie 468. James Vilatone Wanted to Buy WILL PAT cash for all kinds of os- «· ftnfcore. Tel 77-W, «7 or f». Wanted-Carriage, lamps, MC-JM*c, all old antiques O- 3 a-wtf GOOD IDEA, MYRA/ A SPELL O' FISHIN' AN' HAMMOCK SWINGIN' WOULD YOU LOOK ALL TUCKERED OUT; PETERS -- A LITTLE VACATION WOULD DO YOU GOOD--!! SET PURTTY WELL RIGHT NOW,' rrpiON^r TAKE PETERS LONX TO SELL HIMSELF THE IOETA or lAKtNCi AVACATON - BUT IF HE THINKS HE'S TOWG TO SPEND IT FISMIN6,ME-WELCHES GOT ANOTHER THINK COMING -- \onilicr 1 ! c\« tit'ir Muri'j. 1 j o u r .« "iljercf4ir in il :it Hi'- olTn i'.nirt S I K I - I u i t l i of ' 1 nr in I I I , - i l ^ ^u i. X ^ . "M ( »r of NI.U- inlicr. T.I ?i M u in: A f L V I U L M MloriK'j fur Kvruior, P. Cmifi S'n-ct. C m mil i i f n i . i , N" Y. Radio Schedule FRIDAY WHAM-- ROCHESTER Time Is Dajlighl Savin?) 630-- Morning After 7.00-- News Reporter 7.15-- Pete and Joe 730-- David Gordon 745-- Kindly Thots 8.00-- Pete and Joe 815-- Vocal Vogues 830-- Swing Serenade 845-- Tower Clock Program 900-- Hoosier Hot Shots 9 i5_women Only 930-- Young Dr Malone 945--1 Love a Mystery 1000-- Central City 30.15-- To be announced 1030-- Jack Bcrch and His Boys 1045-- Houseboat Hannah 1100-- Mary Martin 13 35-- Vic and Sade 31^0-- Pepper Young's Family 3145-- To be announced 3200-- Hit of the Day 1205-- News Reporter 32 15-- Southcrnaares 3230-- Nat. Farm and Home Hour 330-- A3 Sigl 3 45-- Gwrge Griffin 200-- Betty and Bob 215-- Arnold Grimm's Daughter 230-- Valiant Lady 245-- Betty Crocker 300-- U S Navy Band 4 00-- Club Malinec 4 45 -' Midstream" 500-- Barry McKmlcy, Sons'; S 3 ? To bf announced -S30 To be announced s 45 Buck Rogers 00 Mr -a-, R^porUr 6 3 S RarJio C^mffa Club ft 30 -Bill Rwr-, Sport- 7 Of» Wood. H'rnwn ,iiv3 Oirh 7 30 Thm- Cnprr 7 4S Tomorrow's H^adlmr 8 00 -NBC Jamborfe 830-- Don't Ftorgel 9 00-- Plantation Party 930-- Music bv Harry Horlick 3000-- "1003 Wives" 3030-- Horace Hoidt and Orch 3 3 00-- NCTS Reporter 31 31-- Glenn Miller and Orch. 11.20-- Tommv Dorsev and Orch 1200-- Bob Causer and Orch 1215-- Larry Clinton and Orch. 12.30-^Jiminv Lunceford and Orch.. 1.00-Sign-Off P R A I S E -- Navy department recommendation for his "disregard of personal safetj" in making tests was sole recognition given Commander Allen R. McCann (above) for inventing the diving bell used to rescue 33 from the sub, Squalus. This was revealed at Portsmouth inquiry. RADIO PROGRAMS (Time !·. I"is-tern M.mdard) NEW YORK i'T--Tne UnAersit; of Chicago .- to p'.'-i-in a - i :ies d i i.r,ui-long eic'img i/o.ic.ra'-is de-1 .'cubed a 1 - ''··urMiiviva' f o ' c u t o r l piogianxs io 0! iieai't lue~aa,/| n?,hU on CBS 'hcv , · \y m aa j d.tion to the Un. (:·'·:',,·. Siinda. j ·v.nich Ha\f' 101 t,ci'o'i icimd'-ablp been running on :\~B ; ears The progrnir, ^r.n at T P U Jub 20 untM tlit I'.stmt, of " Tin Huii.'in Auventme." V« 4 nou t . ecairatiorMl in- Mitutiont. are io coope'.ate PS tne (/·;.ma i.s used to depul the contii- l-.iitions of colics reMMic.i to woilo vrtlfare and pio"p=s The senr:- was conceru-d ' ; Wi.- li.un Brnton Mcr VMMOTI 01 tb^ br.nersity. Moving to a new time, -heic i' \ ill ha.r a ionwr Int of ta'ions 11,- CBS Workshop of c:«n'rinientjl. c-,)ina.s i« to appeal at the 9 -clock: hour lomsht For the r.e":t 13 'Acck 1 a '.pne- of r«-.nal^ is to i;o present- ro --tarting v.ith "Tne Hr .f-pint | rii.ik " . . . Elliot' R30Vicit recent] ,, added to lh" liM of MB 1 -" com- i^fiiiatm^ v i l l be a c i i ( - expert en the WJZ-NBC IiU'jiTwlion Ple.s.' r.txt Tuesday mpht. LisUivrc 'onmlit: Tal 1 ' 1 -VAEC- CBS 3 30. Hcrbnt Hotn- ,»' Chnv 1 ,,n Endraioi Convntion. ("K"u- "wEAF-MH"--NEW \ O K K p W Fred W.inne W. 1 repeal "0 OR Rijdv VnlTef 00--N'w .enf-. America Pras "Minute Min rf 177-1 00 Bob Biirn- 15 Dance Mi 1 'ic WART-CBS--NEW YOKK 30 Jor E Brown 00 N i tmir lor Bumn f l i i r 30 Now sf nr-. l i - l m To y* Sii.n 00 Mmor En A r. Amairuis In Dinr" MiMr WJ/.-MM--NTW YOKK 7 on V i c k i Cb.T-e 7 * J M Qui7. 11 «. Up To Ymi '' 00 Toromo Prom n,i O m n i I 'i O f X ii urn' I ' 1 J ' " ' l W ' * (i C r j f J . S.JIOD "Alt i 4 'i i "·.!""d Frid i AU \ r- N BT--N i \\ YOKK · j ] , i M T.ilk Ii O-.n 4-, (=1 ,'],) · I i hi Hi 111 ' YESTERDAY; Jumbo ha» tt reduce five pounds by tomorrow, or l/uella unll not accompany him to the party. Meanwhile his whole rotund body quiver* with a desire for food. He enters a bar. Chapter 22 Fall Of The Mighty P OISON," said the bartender, filling a bar-glass in front of Jumbo. "Eh?" The bartender amplified his remark. "This stuff's poison. I knew a man onct drank it day and night for forty years He died ravin'. They looked at his stomach afterwards only he didn't have no stomach for them to look at. It was all et away by this here poison." An icicleish feeling proceeded up and down Jumbo's spine. He reached hurriedly for his drink. "Well," he said to the bartender, "happy days!" The bartender squinted and estimated conservatively. "I ain't had a happy day in fifteen years," he computed. "Not since the time I was to Washington." Jumbo opened his mouth to reply. And suddenly he became conscious of a phenomenon. It was impossible for him to reply. For in some unaccountable manner his mouth-had become completely inhabited by cheese popcorn. Right then Mr. Jumbo Cutler realized the terrible authority of one's subconscious self. The act of opening his mouth had let a little of the cheese popcorn escape and fall to the mahogany of the bar. Perceiving this, the bartender highhatted him. "You didn't ought to open your mouth when you eat," he said reprovingly. Jumbo swallowed the cheese popcorn with an air of semi-guilt. He was aware that he had sinned. But, somehow, the sin did not seem of great moment now. '"See here!" he said to the bartender, with asperity. "Do you presume to criticize my method of eating?" The bartender showed no fight. "Well," he said, "we won't argue about it." "No sir!" said Jumbo, a little stridently. "We won't argue about it" He finished his drink. "Have another?" inquired the bartender, eyeing the empty glass. "Well, now I don't know Jumbo bega.i. "Oh, I mean on the houst," said the bartender. J u m b o looked at him closely. Was it possible that he heard aright 7 In all his dealings with New York bartenders, no one ol them had ever offered him a free drink before. "Why. why thanks," he said, little dazedly. The bartender prepared the drink, then leaned confidentially over the bar. "Don't thank me," he said "Thank Monyhan. The only reason I'm giving you this here drink is because I hate Monyhan." "Who's M o n y h a n ? " asked Jumbo. 'The guy that owns this dive." "Oh!" said Jumbo. He sampled the drink. His stomach was feeling decidedly better. True, he was stil hungry but, taking it all around life seemed a much brighter proposition right now. He t^ok another handful of cheese popcorn. "What's wrong"with this Monyhan?" he demanded of the bartender. "Plenty," said the bartender darkly. "I wouldn't," said Jumbo, snatching at the cheese popcorn, "take any lip from a guy named Monyhan. What if he does own this dive? I've been k i c k e d out of better dives than this." "Same here." said the bartender 'Dictation From Nobody' 'T ISTEN," Jumbo said reckless- *-· ly, "have a drink with me: "Don't care if I do." the bar- lender admitted. "Now then," said Jumbo, getting a slranglc-hnld on Drink Numbe Four, "what's this Monyhan dom to you?" "He dictate to me," said lh' bartender, looking as if he were about to weep. Jumbo pounded the bar. "Hah!" he said fiercely. "Die lates. dors h"? Noxv that is some I will not have. Nobody' Io dictate while I'm around I take dictation from nobody.' fleeting vision of Luclla Wcs danced before his strangely-mist ing eyes, but he dismissed it "No, sir, if anybody gives orders, I give Vm. I'm my own lord and master And"--he thumped the bar again --"I do as I please and what I sa; goes. Pass me those sandwiches. The bartender t e n d e r e d th sandwiches "You got the right dope," he sai admiringly. 'You bit 1 have." said Jumbo with belligerence. "Now you lisle: tr tne' I'm a fnt mr.n, am I not?" The bnTtcncki agreed hastily. "Good;" said Jumbo. "I'm gla viii perceive lhat Nov get this TliTc fire in my jfe certain--urn _ c r _ forces uho cnnslantly a1 1 nipt 1o m;'ke me a tlnn man T j"v d'in'i v, uniriie to eat. Thcy'r .. m all manner of insidiou n - 1c starve me to death. An -( hain p ,: Va H ' : G l ( Club 4 4i Mfn Behind 1hf Sinr« WJ/-XBC-- XF.W YORK !i # Farm and Home Hoi,1 00-- Women Tn Making of Amer ica j .50 -Bn1i?h Opon Golf 3.00-- Club Matinee 1" -- he grabbed a s and waved it --"I won't nave It. rn rook interference from nobody." That's the spirit." said the bar- ender. "You just eat all you want f them ham san'wiches. "There aren't," said J u m b o weepingly, "as many ham sand- riches in the world as I want to at. But I'll eat these and don't you orget it. Furthermore, I'll eat this heese popcorn. That's the ktnd ol guy I am." The bar tender' s u r v e y e d tha heese popcorn. "You already et most of tha owl," he pointed out. "And a good thing, too," cried umbo. "There're too «nanj bowls f cheese popcorn lying around neaten. What are we in this coun- ry anyway, mice or men? Here ve've got a land of plenty, yet hall ic population has to go around on mpty stomachs. It's a disgrace, I von't have it." "You got something there," said he bartender miserably. "So many eople are hungry. So many ' He was interrupted by a " nort. "Hah!" shouted Jumbo, a ter- ible light in his eyes. "You're tell- rig me? Listen, I'm the only per- on in the e n t i r e United States vho's qualified to hold any opin- ons whatsoever on the subject ol lunger. I've been hungry all my ife. I'm hungry right now. And here's a dastardly plot afoot to ceep me going on being hungry. Jut, by gosh, nobody dictates to me." He snatched a sandwich and v o 1 f e d it. "Gimme a drink-quick!" Before this terrible little man he bartender quailed. He poured he drink with trembling fingers. "Yes, sir!" he said placatingly. 'Here you are, sir!" Mete Appetizer I17ITH that well-known facility ' * of the partially-inebriated for :hangmg demeanors. Jumbo suddenly dropped his warlike atti- ude. "I shall drink thi- drink," he tated, in measured tones, "and hen I shall go. I want to thank you or a very entertaining and in- itructive afternoon." "Don't mention it," said the bar- «nder sepulchrally. "I must mention it. I cannot remember when I've enjoyed myself so much. You may say to Mr. Monyhan that Mr. Cutler has ap. preciated his hospitality one hundred percent." "What name?" inquired the bartender. "Cutler. C as in cat, U as in ... it there, you doubtless under-: stand how to spell Cutler. Well, goodby and the best of luck." "The same to you," said the bar- .ender. As Jumbo passed out into th« street there was nothing of tha hunted or furtive which had characterized his bearing before he had lit on the brilliant idea of invad- ng Monyhan's bar. Instead, he moved with a cold, deadly pur- jose. For his mind, single-tracked Dy alcohol, was able to grasp but one fact. In spite of the havoc he had wrought amid the cheese popcorn and the ham sandwiches, he was still hungry. Yes, hungry! Thinking of the in- digestibles he had consumed at the expense of Mr. Monyhan, he permitted himself to sneer. They were as nothing. He had merely taken them in his stride as a polar bear who has missed his supper might take a can of sardines. What he needed, he saw clearly, was food. Squaring his shoulders he stalked boldly into a likely-looking restaurant. He seated himself with a plop. A w a i t e r advanced obsequiously, flourishing a manu Jumbo waved it aside. "See here!" he said imperiously. "I want you to go out and kill a beef. Then I want you to cut a steak five inches thick and broil it rare. And if it isn't tender Til send it back, so help me." The waiter, an astute observer, perceived himself in the presence of one who has looked upon the wine. He adopted toward Jumbo that attitude of professional ance peculiar to his kind. "Yes, sir!" he said. Jumbo banged the table. "Smother that steak," he commanded, "under three pounds ol mushrooms sauted in butter. Big mushrooms. Surround that steak and those mushrooms with mashed potatoes. Bring me side orders ol string beans, broccoli and artichokes with holJandaisc sauce. And don't talk back to me." "Yes, sir," said the waiter. "Any- think to drink, sir?" "Now you're talking," JuOibt waved his hand in lordly fash" aon. "A Scotch and soda, doublt Scotch." "Yes, sir," said Ihe waiter, moving away. "Here," snapped Jumbo, "do you suppose I don't want dessert?" "Sorry, sir," said Ihe waiter, marveling. "What'H it be?" "A wedge of apple - pie a It mode," ordered Jumbo grandly. "Hunk of cheese." The waiter nodded and started off. ' Hey, you!" called Jumbo suddenly. The waiter slid back to his side "Yes. sir 1 " Jumbn vtruck the table with hii open h jrid "And make- it snappy!" he stip- ulat^d. Continued Monday. TOnAT WHAM--* TIIW I 4 :,0 R h \ hm A i K l i m i MJC 4 45 ' Midstream " NBC ."« 00 -Jimmv Dorscv CX f h , 5 30 World Dances 5.45- Socaal Chronicle f, 00--News Reporter C'15--Fisherman's Corner C 30--Bill Rogers--Sports C:45--Lowell Thomas. NBC 7:00-E«sy Aces, NBC 7 15 Mi K rn. NBC 7 SO- NYS Troopers 800-Pnmro% Quartet. NP,C R 30-H'-. Up To You NBC f 00 To Be Annoijnred NJ3C :0 00 -Bin? Crosby. NIX) 15 00 Nfa, Reporter 1111 -Jan Sai itl Orch, NBr 11 30- -Tommy Dorsey Orh 12 00 -Bob Cvwr Orch 12 15 -Erskine Hawkins Orch 11 30 Artie Shaw Orch NP 1:00--Sign-Off NIK*

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