The Corpus Christi Caller-Times from Corpus Christi, Texas on August 5, 1951 · Page 79
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The Corpus Christi Caller-Times from Corpus Christi, Texas · Page 79

Corpus Christi, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 5, 1951
Page 79
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14-C Corpus Chriiti CALLER-TIMES. Sun., Aug. 5. 1951 J NE WS Torritos, With 2 New Gassers, Gets Wildcats L. M. Lockhart has started a i block squeeze and will test that new Hidalgo County wildcat about!zone. It haO tailed in the newly 13; miles northeast of Los Torritos! discovered 6,700-foot gas pay and Field at his No. '4 First National!earlier had tested unsuccessfully Bank of Chicago. Un several zones down the hole..] This new wildcat, which was rig.iTolal depth was 11.417 feet, ting up yesterdsy. Is Mn feet from-' 3 - 7 Million the north line. l.VjO feet from the Lockharl No. .". Bank. Complete| «ast .Hue of Lockhart's l.SSO-acro as a S-is-distillato well on pnrior-; lease and is 9.300 feet northeast i* 1 ' 011 " ;)l fi - 7 " 5 - 5s f ^ r t , no g a u R e , , Of his No 2 Bank ;vv;is sliul in ycstnrday. waiting on; _. ' ' " . ., . ,,'potential. Shut-in pressure was 2,-i The No. 2. meanwhile, had * l plugged "pack to around f-,600 feet,' perforated at S,620-23 feet for a! Ben Bolt Wildcat Has Gas Test Atlantic's Dagger Test Cores Good Oil Shows By "ANC1" HEARD :fm;t, will be tested in various pro-'conn? at 3,91* feet Fir 1 - Caller-Timei Oil Editor (dueing areas up the hole. A Km-' In the suthwes. eMe . The Redfiah-Da«ger area In Cor-JMcGec barge was moved onto thss of West Auecebbaj t^-y---. p ipus Christi Bay hid another new! test last week and the crew was; Oil and Refm ng Co. £ o . 2 *ann|, oil prospect yesterday, after chalk-i testing on perforations at 8,980-*, :D. Wilson lan « f ' u « ^ ,,"* tar-up 2 P oil completioiss-tacludingl^et yesterday. A second Kerr-Mc- 9,000 feet ^* d ^°°^ wa, a new pay-during the week ! Gee barge was moved from the, wall cores, no snows ana Iairly -- Atlantic Refining Co. No. 1 State ; «M» Shows i Fiel d to 9,024 feet and Tract iTs" cored sand with oU odorj - Renwar Oil Corp. No. 1-164, south! I--.- - ""V" _ t 7 1QO feet to test , i outpost to Mustang Island, cored: may set pipe at .,1Q -ee. w ie»i · i t o 7,842 feet, ran electrica! log.: an oil saneI at T,065-SO eet. taste and fluorescence at 7,832-45 7.925-40. 7,950-60 and 8,000-02 i eet thtn found the same possibilities, i took «dewaU cores with shows * - and Phillip? , us ar broken only by occasional 6-inch j Sand 6. and was ; coring -ahead .Sam ; No. ^ J. ~ "£ J t Nueoes ..* ___ ,._ ...iTi. ' ..i _____ mi.:. ...-11 K. W Ison .Tr Rpnwar and Arkan- · Ule ^U6(.es il-^er nu« v v _ ^ gas pay. made an estimated 3.75 million cubic feet o( gas through ',4-inch choke, under 2,ll!5 pounds I pressure, and also was shut in yes-1 j ti;r'..lay. PeifunitioiiM an- ;it 6.75ti-rJ i jfeet. . I i In the Donna an-a, Sinclair Oil! [and Gas Co. No. i lli'iiry SlavikJ Gust T.sesme!i.s No. 1 Otto Gol'** cori !'K *" ritl «- v " l *" 5 | 9 . '"f 1 -! dapp. Jim W,1| S . County wildcat I W | l h no shows - vK aml bmclMt N o - ' w°st of Ron Bolt Field, tested pmi !i! 3,470.307 feet nnd yesterday was OILFIELD SUNRISE -- Motionless pump jacks, silhouetted here against the rising sun at Shell Oil Company's Field near Wichita Falls, go into action at sunup. The fair Minerals, inc.. No. i William workman is turning a valve preparatorv to starting the day's run. Joy Field is one Brewster, which opened the new | O f the relatively small but long-lived fields which contribute 'to the stabilization of o-o (s rtn \* rvi ' i H « o n ^ t ? * i m t\ t fni "3 T f, '. * ^- * v Refining Co. and .May-; IRA R«rr*l«s i Jf^- J^-- O J U I U 1 CUIU J7 , »*'iu«.in v^ i j. *.---· r---"-" - -,e ,,*·«,,** 36 °Su^a r v e oil Corp. No, 1-394. on!*'- 1 Medical Professional Build-i Or.the p| ^£ ,TMof pounds . ,1 ,-1 i 11 i ino~ { OPM fin i n n i P n I OlilT DP- \\ l" KI.UL L-*i v f^'»" r - * r the southwest flank of the struct-·"'«· ' u ' J ' " : ; . , . , ..' ,,,_,.,, t h p ,,. P u flowed eas with a ure, flowed at the rate of 360 bar- ^^ Cor P" s , * nsil an . d ?" et T «nrW of v It watrr IhroiiRh ',-inch rels of oil daily, on 12-64-inch choke. !??'· was dnllm |. ^±^'1 Vhoft E*r er " test at 5605-10 under 1,100 pounds £TM^J£! b ^U.YcS*S! VsSE'Sii | J S ^^^^uf and'^nd t the nation's oil reserves. Schrtiner Unit, was drilling at feel also with no shows. Olmos Wildcat Slated Welder Ranch T1k . · m iGcts Deep 10; Dimmit I est R e f u rio In Fri rv · I 3,470-507 fe,,t and yesterday was ^ " ' ^ V T I\T /^ . "¥ A I ^££:::ri";£=?rs3 ; rS' ears ^° ntract Dcptli Superior Oil Co. IIHS scheduled and water, no salt water. This is j a new sand, and this well also', ! had opened new possibilites after I i testing in a new gas pay at 8,330-37! 'feet. It made 55 barrels of destill- i late daily, on *4-inch chokes, there, j i Sunray's .No. 1-396. further south-1 west. was. waiting on potential after i ;testing at the rate of 153 barrels. daily through 10-64-inch choke from : perforations in the upper part of ;Sand 5B, 8,016-25 feet. Hi-low 9.300 Still further southwest, Stanolind: Oil and Gas Co. No. 1-421. which; Lamar Wildcat Sets Pipe; West Fulton Has New Prospects 1 Kstliei K. Johnson, wildcat northwest of in on" the test, which showed 5t»! sh ») ' «.' *-- 1XO f e e l on " 9.000-fool pounds top pressure in 3 minutes, l c o n u a c l - Boliomhol* pressures were 5,400; Mnffnol. pounds, (loving, and 1,500 pounds, ,«« Doughty, w .,,,,,,,, jarca, north of Kdl is an oiler at 7.^SO-Sr feet, Sand; A St. Charles Bay wildcat Corpus Christi h a v e a 3.150-foot : ''·'· * "a : a. I0,r,00-fof!t Refugio County wilri-^oA, was-drilling at 9,368 feet Fri- j Aransp.s County was setting pip 1 .cat at No. 2 R. ]{. Welder, ,? miles', day, due to reach contract depth j yesterday, an Aransas Bay wildcat bias reported some shows and in Beach Field, in) with Rome good oil and ga.i ' J a n d was due to reach 7,820 shut-in. Magnolia Petroleum Co. No 1 ,,, ., ,, . .. . . . . . .1.,- , ,. . ' .Olmos B Sand vvi d r n l slated in ildcat in the Linn Kdinbnrg, was drill-:' F r i o Coullt ' n t · n o r t h of \Voodsboro. Location is in 'of 9 - 500 feet - thls week. Cnlvei-t. ( V h n i M and M a n l e y o f . t h e n o r t h f i i s t lin* nf T-^-.K Survey J, w n Pooedano Survey, A..4H. To! Sunray's No. 1-352, gas distillate j " ne ^/West Fulton .». on jui ROO-acre tract. i spot, start at the north corner of'discoverv in Sand 10A, which h a s j "\t ir! ·!-i t -^ r i t l ( ' ' - , - ^ i.i...... . . . . . i . . . , . , * - . l A n A \i'pll \vn« r o m n i p \'. H a r r i s K s l a t e . No. 1 P. oi'.lract depth) by yesterday. This test Is 1,320 feet north of No. 9 Copano. F-2 Sand oil discovery at 6.660-70 feet. Phillips No. 12 Co- ing in sandy shale at 3,.v;9 feet o t i i N o w l i n . Magnolia Petroleum Co. No. Ij" 1 * «" »«oy «na« at a,:,J9 f, Johl/Mlnten. La Gloria K*IU w l l d - j * Po«'W. ROOO-foot venture iivji IAH sin (.it; ^ . ^ . j .-. M -~..., ~ -- - j pninnlpt inir ftiiil ^ n o - j PnOi ft*so in jTrfict -1S,-Ji?iu sftt pipft John! the .t,096,,Vacr e tract, go south- i been on the rework schedule since j o n e uel1 A a s to '"P lel "t · i an d was preparing to complete in 50-foot j west along the northwest line, for! packer collapsed some time ago.jther had good shows. 'Sand B-7 * ' · diamond fores in the Austin Chalk js,220 f o e t . ' t h e n c e 4.r!90 feet south-1 " ' I - Sun Oil Co. No. 1 St. Charles |" Tt% S ! l l t ' T .,,,,, Fjf , 1(i at S,-iriO-. r .Ofi fiifl fi.filiO-50 feet feet Conoco No. 2 P. H. Longorm, ion is 2, "10 feet f r o m !he :ln '.' Friday was coring ahead. Tht: east at right jingles. Michael T. Halboutv No. 1 Rosa' «»A ,,-n« ririiiin« hplow 10519 f e e t ' wildcat 2 mifes .so *n hart sandy shale on a possible JRe/orma Field. _ whi outheast of Lai wt , Nl linf -, ; i20 (f - fi f) ,, m , h o m)1 ., n f : r s t d'aiviond core was cut nt 5,400-JE- Borrum, Bee County wildcat j , , ' " ' ' ° * ;. in- feet. This wildcat. North east of southeast of Beeville, set 400 feet '^P^^nll Chalk _ production tapped! of 10^-in:h surface caslns Friday · the A , . Chulk m ,'..:70 feet. . is scheduled to drill out to- well in the new Battle Victoria Count v, made 1151 in hard sandv shale on a possible;ivcinnna KIPJO. wnich hnd found! lIOM-footer " n " !illr ' r R il!( shows on .sidewall I f r o m l i l p nf "' th |lne a l V ( l Bri"ht Rchlff ami Kennedy No.! cores nt 6.755-3(1 feet, set 7-inch i fl '°"i the enit l i n e nf .lohn T. C'I-KW- i W. \V, Carter No. l L. \V. Siioren, i niorrow for a 4,r0()-foot venture. 1 J "E." Benton, wildcat 4" miles i casing at 7.808 feet and was preJ f"rd Survey S, fi miles .south of; Alawasrt County wildcat 5 m i l e s j Morris Oilman No. 2 Tedm Par- nnrt'hwest of Ornnge Grove, is I paring to drill ahead on, a 9,00(1.'Biff Foot. · ! of Charlotte an-d in lGNJ ^°- '' slated to spud about Tuesday o n j f o o t project. KJortrii-al log had! Around elevation is 551 feel. ; Survey 1,7M, was moving in r jo-;iMeld. ft. 4.000-foot venture. Jila Servicing Co. of Corpus Chris contractor. In Amargosa Field \V, Graham No. 1 Martha E. Di!-| fl nd test at I 6.2ao-2o''feet.' Earlier | f l n d a l i t t l p ncrlh of t h e No - l - ! d l ' i l l i n ^ ;lt - -"'.6CO foot yesterday, worth, a mile north northeast oi|o n acidized and kerosene-trcHt'ed| NaVllrl '° f···'!"'·«; which had .some;'" Oimtnit production, had cut top of fish (perforations at 5.8GA-946 feet tlv'-^ 10 ^' fltinvft J ufll) f o e t ' An(i f r o m - Oorse l^rhols No. 1 Bon Alex- down in 3,420 feet and continued | we |j haf) mac j e 10 h.'irrels of 0 "ji| lll e No. A - l , ahanclo.'ied at 900 feet, jainler, LaS;il!e County wildcat to wash over ami rut drillpipe. | a n c j ;{0'barrels of water ' jThr- No. - is 2oO feet from the j nitlos north of Cotulla, ran e l e c t r i - , aturk when 'he well blew out w h i l e ; p lllR was spt; a |jovc'these per-! southeast line aivd .33(1 feet from)····' Jojr to ^.7-11 feet, i:iit sidewall! DUSTER , j VTnch pipe'around 6,280 feet, where On the 0. W. Killam. Laredo tnde- 1 , . a ..,*,, rh ., H wrkfA feel, rec . ., ... ... ^ ', i j ..:.. l i n e \veii nao kicKeu. |55Ute Tract 387, wildcat 2 mil* _ 6 G ! southeast of Lamar, recovered| - f t · Most al 9,744 feet and was setting; c o ' i n ^ o e l o w ''^ : ] ' On the 20-mmute lest at pendent, has abandoned his . Jtarta Basin wildcat in Jeff Davis County. The NM. 1 Cole A. Means, 125 miles from production, was drilled to 8,378 feet and yesterday was preparing to plug'. The Means, on the northwest edge of Valentine, has minor gas and oil shows up the hole, but found no porosity of permeability. ,202-03 :overv was 306 feet of oil cut with water cushion. -tCO feet of pipe line oil and 310 feet of oil cut mud. drilling at t,720 feet. Wllcox Oil Co. No. 2 W, forations and test was run on per- Shut-in pressure was 999 shut- Be Reworked Casa Grande ! roro.s, r,o .shows, nnd yesterday WHS ' r i r i ' l i n R - al .'i,f-17 f e e t , scheduled l o j run another log; at S.fiSO feet. ! D e f p Rock Oil Corp. No. 1. r. \v,| Barker, n i n u n i l County w i l d c a t , east of Carriy.o Springs, cut d i a - j niond core. S.417-G7 feet, and Friday! iijBisIiop Wildcat Fails 4f ter Going to 7,660 Humble Oil and Refining Co. Nr. 1 Aransas Bay State Tract US, l 1 .-.- niiles south of Lamai-, recovered sand and- shale with gas odor on core at S.353-63 feet and was « i r 'i r l\ A . r k ing ahead below S.S96 feet. |,J_ VO Drillstem test was attempted j l l l -, S,l'G2-97 f e e t , " b u t had packer l a ''-| I f»o|-$ ure. Sandy shale with oil odor \vas| J. V-ol^ cored at"8,300-13 feet, sand a n d j shale with gas odor at 8.353-63 feet, j \\-. Earle Rowe No. 1 Mamie In the new West Fulton Beach; Kanies wildcat , v _ I Field, Phillips Petroleum «..o. N" i l l Copano Bay State. In Tract 4 Start was miles southwest of Runge, 'rigging tip yesterdny for a 3.600.'foot lesl. I Horrigan ami P'ohs No. 1 Mary jPargmann, 6 miles southeast o£ t Runge, had cored the Pcttus, n o . The Federal Power Commission ! shows, and was drilling at 4,47(1 United Alters Plan For Offshore Line . . , was taking a 50-foot core sn the/1- A. Wolter, Nueces County wild- Southern Minerals Corp. No. 1 ahead on a possible 9,000-foot, v en- , has authorized United Gas Pip iLine Co. of Shrevcport, to alter | ' Buzzmi Drilling Co. No. 1 Ro- Brothers Oil Co. No. 2 A. A. Mil- j"»r «o. i uscnr Marks, which ler, third'test for the new Millet !£ oocl K as san « flt 10.17S-570 feet. _. ,.. ....._ Ranch Field set surfnre casing |perforated at 10.646-58 feet and was j A. H. Masiran," operating as Casa ! at 480 feet and was drilling- atj t « a t l n fi' th « deeper gas show. HI Grande Oil Co. have bought t h e ! , 2002 feet yesterday. The snmelhad set 5%-inch liner to 10,648 feet, go-acre Flinn A. lease-and the IRQ-- 1 operators' No. 1 V..G, Miller Heirs and drilled to 10,731 feet,- I acre. Huey tract, in South Clara was waiting on pump for completion on perforations at 3,762-77 feet In directional hole under the lake. On the. Ran Patricio County side of Lou Ella Field. J. W. Gormani ALICE. No. 1 oil town in th? new owners. No. B-2 B. W. Cox wns moving m rig yesterday for a permitted 5,-; 500-foot venture. j BLOWOUT ALICE, No. 1 oil town in j. G. ( J i m m y ) Greathouse a n d i -- --- ..... - i Driscoll Field, Nueces County, Ifroni Lucey Production Cn. The 10 non-producing wells on the 2 leases will be reworked by next, inl.erv.-il, which was expected;cat just off the Kleberg County to jail tiie well at f i n a l total depth. Iline, southwest of Bishop, ran ' -- i electrical log to total depth, 7,565 ·feet, cut sidevval! cores and was ! plugged yesterday, 1 Slight gas show was found on mud logger at 7,323-31 feet, but :.he only conventional core cut, tGas Line Contnicts i NEW YORK. Aug. 4. (API--| Texas Eastern Transmission Corp. i has awarded to- Pentzien, Inc..j Omaha, Neb., a contract for con- .struction of a 30-inch pipe line under the Cumberland and Kentucky Rivers, it was announced today. Oklahoma Contracting Co. of Dallas has been awarded a contract for construction of the 30-inch pipe line under the Tennessee River. South Texas, started the annual j Oil Progress celebration ball ; ;Y!FR-Hf'»rii»ox c roilinc yesterday, bv nnnoun,.. ii"^"- Healings , ing plans for a 2-day "blowout" on Dec. 3 and 4. The blowout plans are too ambitious for completion in time for the national Oil Prog- Stan- Test "io j -j -i y i spudded lure. Attempted drillslem tests at its plans on a natural gas pipe Uncjhan, between Hobson and Falls to be built in the Gulf of Mexico! City Fields, spudded Friday on-a 6/TS3-87 feet were, unsuccessful |» f TMs VL,. Ian. £^J7.o6o-Ioot venture, ^ing a new "*'" "°' -°" f °"'" 1 '" when packer failed. Arnold O. Morgan and W. E. Fox No. 1 J. S. Cabron, 1% miles northeast of Robstown, made salt water on drillstem test around 5,900 feet and Friday was drilling at f e e t on a" possible 7,550-foot Supply Co. : 7,331-35 feet, recovered sand, noj t e s ' t _ j shows. Sand with oil odor and i fluorescence was sidewall cored at 3 James p Lub v W est of Lnby :5 and 7,3-28 feet, sand, no shows, | Field production, spudded Friday n ero* «s rl G r'c;'^ -fa^f 2-17 tons of pipe and $128,000 in i mote control rig built by Wilsoa- construction cost, i . n n n v The company will build approxi-l mately 11 miles of- 14-inch line in-| stead of 1.2.3 miles of 14-inch line as previously authorized. Under j ]? or W 1 Texas ' A U S T I N . AUE ' a t 2.533 and 6,755 feet. | Clark Fuel Producing C'o. No. l!sa n d. -No Show | Rafael Gonzaie..':, new Starr Coim-i Arkansas Fuel Oil Co. No. 1 Al- ;tv wildcat south of Marks Field, i f r e d A. Theis, 5 miles southeast j i n Oie northwest corner of t h c i 0 f Driscoll ran electrical log to county, spudded Friday on a 3,000-17 070 feet cored 7,070-89 feet, most- Rnllroad Concussion gave notice j ^Jtonzales is 330 feet f r o m i ' y ^' "° ""*"' ^ W " ^ Week bcrinnin- tort 11 '^ Ay °u P °» he ?"" 8 ' 5t l ° ? cler ;U^ northwest and soutlnvvst lines! -- ' ·· week, Dcgmrnn^ ott. n. i n n n o the most efficient rate o f ; 0 f Trart 7 Shm-P · FI ' i n v o i i i but are Dart Of that otasC'-Va- Ui-nrinHlntr fnl- 17 fi P ! rl « arn-i n r i - i !. j - T i l ."' · I tion, Alice oilmen said. Gov. ^rvcVrs i,% North flx^Coun ^' ""» W ^ca ? e ,'- IS ~^ Allan Shivers will crown Queen 1 .'" Mlvo " b m B K m t h Tt - XAS Colm 1:feet from the soutneart line. 3,040 j Petrolia I during; the celebration which also will include (in outdoor .pageant, barbecue, parades, and so on. OIL BRIEFS the new plans, the line will origi- ^ N jnate at United platform in Block ' 32 approximately 1,000 feet from j the Pure Oil Co. drilling platform j i too foot contract ' and extend southwesterly to a plat-; ar2i« contiact | form operated by Magnolia Petrol-1 ' ,; .,_ T n - r - u , - - l e u m - C o . , Continental Oil Co., and! Sy ^tu-een^Tmani^r^ ^t?" ? *°" f\ and London Fields, cored sand, I Prev.ously the line was to have L SOUTH TEXAS PETROLEUM DIRECTORY from thp northeast line of Ihej .. ,.- , . , , .,, ^ The hearings will begin Sept. 26 i Share 2 and scales about 7.050 feetL J ;, Kce !, Le "' S -, a 2, and extend through Oct. 36. Coun-Uouth of The Texas Co, No. 6 W. i Drilling Co; .No, l jJenman lies included are: Archer. C 1 a yJD;. Hornadav, southernmost Marks! and ·'· T ' MewarC ' lu .'. ls . a Cooke, J a c k. Knox, Wichita, Wise and Montague. [Field well. iMatagorda County wildcat north permitted 10,000-footer. On attempted drillstem'' test at 4,743-47 | feet, packer failed. i Atlantic Refining Co. No. 1 Leh- jman Gas Unit No. l, in the London Field area, was drilling at 9,631 feet Friday. Atlantic No." 1C. J. Home, .same Arneckleville Area Gets Pair of Tests: Gohlke Gains Locations . s'. i Eugene Garner No. 1 Anticco I of the ". ----- j Mlmo \ wadcat 7 mll sou tneast west iof Guerra, was coring Friday at « -i « area andp ° - h Danevang. Contract depth e j 2.346 feet. C, P. Burton No. i M. fe *' , . .. . . . . , T * r T v r Giierra and Son. northeast of - B l l f e e t fr0m ^ ^ l f^ ^ 'SaiiT. \ f to move in a C1 a r k! Survey 20 Block S. A-322. and a and Fuson He in the next fe\vj 697 - x feet h '°TM· the.south days /or a 4,SOO-£oot wildcat, !f "°' f fvnT " f h o BS " r 1lnB from the east, line, of the SO- area, was drilling at 8,580 feet. . Humble Oil and Refining Co. No. F-2 East Flour ' Blulf State, wildcat in -.Laguna Madre · State, Tract 31, set .9%-inchr protective 8,313 feet and was coring ahead at 8,375"feeL * In the Saxet Field-area C. G. Glasscock No, 1 William Meanay, | southwesterly to a platform operated hy Magnolia, Continental and Newrnont Oil Co. Cost of that construction was estimated at ?1.27 million. Oil Well Prilling -- «-*·..... . - . . oo gas s a n , was DeWitt 'County has 2 more tests! the fi R id, Shell Oil Co. No. 'I A. I fi«W. " made 144 barrels of oil on j feet yesterday, due heduled in the Arneckeville area. iL. Ballani, ' flowed 14 barrels of ' 24-hour test through 3 s-inch choke. : trical lo» at 6 600 f - - · i rt .^ r . . --- _ . t- f scheduled . . , . . . Deep Rock Oil Corp. No. 1 A: J. !oil an hour through U-inch choke, j Gas-oil ratio was 1,293 to 1. Stano- Riesterer. 660 feet out of the south- 1 under 500 pounds pressure on tub- Oil and Gas Co. No. l Kd- . . west corner of a 100-Rcre in j ing, from perforations at 8,156-72 I win ,C. Schaefer was at 7.665 feet Thomas H.. Bell Survey. ^ miles j feet.- Kirby Petroleum Co. No. 2 i Friday, miming electrical log and On the H ; dal°-o County line' Sun-' acre lease - Grollnd elevation is 70 wildcat between UpRiver Road j ray Oil Corp, No. 1 G. G. Zamo-! feet -' ' | and stat6 Highway 9, was drilling! ra. Flores area, missert the 5.000-1 ,.. ,, , ,, I Friday at 6.514 feet. foot; gas sand, was driUin- at 6,510 Gulf Oil Corp. No. B-t Slarj-j . = to run final elec- Vineyard, Hawkinville Dome area feet It will com-! vvildcat in M atagorda County, was nlete in~ the. Sullivan gas's a n di drii!ij1 - at 9 '-f p ° ; e f Fn j? a .y °" a iDossihle 12,000-foot test. Cults J . . 1 1 t-ll iDossime 12,000-foot test, umt s JNO. y-x-i -j-i- -r-i h ,-jil H. B. Hawkins, in the Sheppard'siLflSCO JP 11*111 JT Ol* itfl..-| j,,j-ii;»»*j -- * . o r t O ~ around ·) 3=^0 fert Sinclair^Oil and Gas Co. location staked and roads built for i Molt area ' was dn!lln g at south of Arr.eckeville, -will be anjC, Y. .Jacobs, cored oil sand at s,J Hawn B r o t h e r s No. B-2 E, C.|a lest about 1,700 feet west of Coas-{ £eeti S.OQO-foot test. 1216-33 t'eet.'set 7-inch casing nt R.-lSchaefcr was drilling in shale at Hal Field production, at No. 2 J. A. I Permit to 9.000 feet was ask forces feet, perforated 8.138-42"f e e t . l 7 - 221 f p e t l lOnrcia. in Povcion 100. A. J. Gray's No. 1C. A. H: S.age.r,|squeezed, and was perforating for; S30 feet out of the. southeast cor- '· production. ! ner of a 150-acre lease in Jamesj H( , nf , haw Brothers No. 1 J. B.i III Million . A . York Survey, in the Arnecke-j WeUg ; on lhe northeasl cc j s - e of ,; ville Field area. ., | Helen Gohlke. Field, flowed 167 bar-i -Gulf Oil Corp,. Sophin-e Bro\vn,; 67 Victoria County wildcat about SV-ij miles southwest of Helen Gohlke! Field production, was drilling Fri-' day at 6,225 feet on. Completing On the Victoria County side o f : with 96 shots. Sorell* and Sorelle No. 1 Louis! :Le Tulle, Matagorda County \vild-| HOUSTON, Aug. 4. (AP).--Garlea t 2 3 ,-i miles southeast of Mark-jrett Oil Tools has bought the Olsco | ham Dome, production, was drill-{'Manufacturing Co. of Long-view,} i ing Friday at 7,410 feet. This test j for "in excess of SI million." I i may go as deep as 10,500 feet. j The Longview plant makes an j artificial lift tool for oil wells, us- The E A S Y Way TQ Move long dlstanc* moving !s safe ar^ EASY tha Mayflower Way. May- flower lakes full responsibility ond ·even arranges ttts .iurnlntre in your new home ju»t the woy you -ivani it. for Ml Information . . . CALL CORPUS CHRIST! MAYFLOWER Corpus (Jhrtstl transfer Co* Exclusive Afffnt PHONE 3-4391 Aero Slaj-flower Transit Ct. C. G. GLASSCOCK DRILLING CO. Drilling Contractors Oil Producers Wilson Bldg. Tel. Trucking Trucks -r- Tractors : Jess Edwards, Inc, Draglines -- Mainrainers · ! OIL FIELD HAULING | GENERAL CONTRACTING - j McBride Lane Tel. 3-8441 ! I .---..-. ^ 7' .^ | Oil Well Service I THOMAS H O P K I N N S INC! Oi! Well Servicing Shallow Drilling 5410 Hwy. 9 Tel. 4-6S.i Superior Oil Co. No. 2 Tom K., shale, sandy shale and s. jwas drilling at 13.21S feet Friday. .ai;a. no; Humble Oil find ....... - ........... " Co No ! We * b ' .Weesache area wildcat in \ shows, at 4.755-805 f*et and Fri-j " - Oil Cnrp. Xo. 1 William Gen-Am Pays 85 Million For « ^..-t- Rosenfelder in " DeWUt! Gol '' ad " County had tested oil with! day was drilling at 6 601 feet :Gardner. Yarboro area wildcat in ,1-ount-v' started corin*" at S 069 feet i h ' Slh ? as ' oil ratio on 24-shot per-: Stanolind Oil -and Gas Co. No. i Crimes Comity, was drilling Fri! p-eparin"- to core Shell No B-6* foratlons at s ,125-31 feet and y e s - i l Mary Albrecht, South. Meyers-! da ' at 2 - 7SO feet on a 10.700-foot f iGohlke"Heirs; WHS drilling at 7.: ter(1a ' continued to lest. --ville area, was'drilling at 7.S4S feeiiP r o J c o t in Jsnies W. Darwin Sur"'Uw feet. . " " ° ' ' The %ve!1 Wowed at the rale of. Friday on a P.500-foof contract. i ve . v - A-171. j Bumble's No. 5 Klise Kos ( :nfeW.!' 0(11barrt ; ? ° ''r 4 S raVlt ' Ol1 Levelland Wells Longvie\v plant which was owned by Tom Cook of that city. The plant will remain at Longview, but a new- company has been formed to manufacture and market the device. Hugh Garrett of Houston, head I of the Garrett firm, is president . , , - , , , ,, ... !of the new company; John- M.! A i n e r a d » _ r c t r o l w m Corp. No. stepheRS Tv j er b £ nker js chajr . man of the board while Cook is a! board member. . Personnel st both the Houston and Lonsrvicxv units will remain vanced to plant .superintendent. tte Co, N'n. I N". \V.j County , wildcat Correlation Loj; ;er is a location osa feel 'soiilheVs'lJ 1 ' n) million ' c u b i c { ^ ' W* s, John S. Neibwn and American! :of No 4 4B7 feet fronv the south; d a ' thl '° ll K:h 12-64-inch chol«\ «»-'Republics Coi-p. No. :«. Gladys Pow-1 - Florence Shuelke. Bastrop 'wost and southeast Mnes of the 717- do! ' 2 - lso P ounds pressure on t u b - ' c l l , wildcat west of Charoo and m ; t " wildcat S miles south of Paige, l a c r o lease RoVrt Burns Survt-v ; i l ! S- ; »s-oil TMl" was 37.2W to I.: GWTJtP Survey, was drilling a t ! TM " a new string ( .f casing-to 6.360 i l n the other end of the fiold nnd Tot:U d f T t h w n s s -- l( ' 5 tm -' ; ''i 7-.5.9.-.0 feet Friday. pveparin: to run! f e e t a!ld wa s retesting- Ruda Lime l i n Vidorin Count v. Kirt",1 ? No A: l m ' h l ' a ·"'»!? W!ls -"^ on bottom. correlation log at S.iW fi-et. : jWi-fr-rntions at S.2fi:-32n feet. Oni h d . t( t j , y :2 R. T. Buchanan is n locatim: About, s miles southeast of Wee-- A little south nf the Neitsonj lest hrrr: before lenky casing was, - : " ' " ' * DALLAS, AUE. 4. (API--Crfinr.ralj'167 ferl out of thr snuthcns! cor- s:l °he, ;ind Co. No. t tost. Sunray Oil Corp. No. l Emo-i'^plfced, erew had swabbed American Oil Co. of Dallas h n s l n e r of the lOS.S-ijrrr- t - r a r !. : w l'am H o f f . wildcat in peter R. gene Rny Hall, in thp O 1 a n y s! a ' iri «-at.or. acquired 74 wells on 33 leader i n i l R R Survey, i.:vf» fret southwest D f t x l c r Survey. A-SJfl, was dMlling Powell Field R I T R . w-is d r i l h n c ' a ! j tlvft Levelland Field of Cochranjof No. A-t." .yesterday at ,vi!)2 feet on a vos-' 6,37ri feet Friday on a possible! Sohi» rolrolf and Hocklcy Counties, West Tex-jl« Barrels s'.ble 9.500-foot venture. 8.000-footer. i Brown. _ Fsyet as. Consideration reportedly wasi ^" -DcWitt County's South Cot-'TMf m o u t i Over in the new West Ten ell , e , . , , ., IV . about-$5 million jtonvood Creek Field, The Texapi This wildcat is -ifi" (cot out of i Point area, Paul J. Fly No. 2 Liiia! 1 '-' 10 '" 1 Io ? '° h - sis ^el. total depth. Finishing- toucheq were written i c °- No ' 2 K«l\vin C. Sehaefer set 1 t he southwest corner of an SO-a-ord Swickheimer was nmn'in? dnllsU-mi^'i^y- This well had .flowed oil, on th P rad P vpstei-dav The nro S'i-inch casing at 7,700 feet, loJfarmout from Stanolind Oil and! test on 24-shot perforations a t ' 4 . - i then died on test in the Buda ncrtiM w^rA nVniiirpfl from iiiW fRet o(f bottom, and wns|Gas Co. in the south SO acres of i 262-64 feet, showin- about 52l U m c 7.S37-62 feet, and had made oemcs were «"l«"«i Iru '" J "'^ s jnf r to perforate yesterday. On jo.fStanolind'a 700-acrc Hoff tract in j pounds surface pressure after 2J l n u ' 1 and saU water with a little rin rnrn ?rai*'hianril T P inute f° I! iiation drillstem test nt! Dexter nnd William Kouch Sur-ihours. Fluid hadn't hit the. surface!" 513 n the Edwards at 5.076-S7 feet. ·lq Tnc -,nd rv^R"TJW· aI, lf|7.642.4fi'feftt. ^-inch chokes, work-:veys. Stanolind, American Petrole-lat that time. Sand with oil show! T "^ ir "' 1 ' --~ rnli'a« -^o«", »ic., "Ming pressure was 10 pounds, rc-; l l m Cor P- ani Magnolia Petrole-! was cored iit 4.21)0-67 fee!. Total-! ·TO, ' · , iCovery was 1,000 fee.t of w n t e r - u m Co. are supporting this ven-U'.epth is 5,T.S5 foot and 5'i-inch' J h e wells are. on approximatelyj e «| J R r i ) 0 n nluj , 1p0 ,"j 0 feot of ;.., 2 R r f ( V Jture, which is near the. .-junction o f ! (Xisini-- is set at 4 filR feet S.fiOO acres. They haye. a pro(hjc.j i t y pjp( s l i n p nil . R 0 ;; oni hr,le pros-j Slate. Highways 110 and 2?, a b o u t : Pool. Stofer and. Fly No. 1 Willion of about 30000 b a n e. 1 a a! suros W cre 2,145 and 2,205 pounds,: 5 miles south of Wesser. ! 1mm Prewitt IC.stnte, southwest out, month. The exchanfie was m.ide.|nowinR', and X.Wn pounds, f -,hut-in.: Continental Oil Co. No. 1 Ktnimrr-ast to K e r e U i r Field's Hiebel Ser. " Aujj. l--with runs d a t e d ; filir.i Porvice Oil Cci, No. 1 Cus'. Haynes. midway between HeinUe-, (or, roi-(d 2,150-SO fpM, no snows, I CLASSIFIED COLUMNS '^utn 1 lal 2-9404 huc.k to July 1, , , , , jSeivcrs, on the nort.hea.-st, rnd of t h e ; viile and Gottsc.h.-Ui Fields coic.l.ami Frui«i"\vas drilling PEEL-JACKSON F U N E R A L H O M E OXYGEN E Q U I P P E D AMBULANCE DIAL 4-5531 Dan L. Clark Rupert Cox The DAN L CLARK Drilling Co. DRILLERS OF OIL ANI GAS WELLS rOXVKR ANr. STEAM RIGS IVII.nn Bills. -- rormii Chrtnti J-17K - 4.-,-,C! 1114 AlnmA N u l l , n»nii HH«, Sun Anlfilln, fi.VilJ TEXAS PIPE SUPPLT CO. Port Antelope Phone 4-9051 HENTi L I N E PIPE DRILL PIPE TEXAS PIPE SUPPLY CO. Port. Antelops Phons 4-9051 LIST YOUR OIL SERVICES^ IN THE SOUTH TEXAS PETROLEUM DIRECTORY: EVERY SUNDAY? .":

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