The Brownsville Herald from Brownsville, Texas on December 31, 1972 · Page 16
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The Brownsville Herald from Brownsville, Texas · Page 16

Brownsville, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, December 31, 1972
Page 16
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Product Helps Put Bubbly Head On Cervezti Olfi*? New* ier*tc \ MEGO, Calif- - Har-' MacrocYitis ·yrifera * (iantitke maritime crop after it u ice maw Many of the COUD-ivertioii about H. The cutter* what we harvest." \ "I think Boa Mepetk and, 1,1. ittivered to the company's ry's ice cream conrMnies uaeihad sliced throufh the great The California kelp is also tat Charlie Martii spend raer* tone It is harvest tmte for the bine!processing plant on Sin Diegelit to five their product * firn kelp beds, leaving clear water fastest growing plant in the;underwater than aty two ntea which lies off U MbvBay. ibody and smooth texture. behind. world. oo earth," said Conner. "They · - ' " · which operates 241 Until recently, Kelco has "We're harvesting the mature "It does best In clear water! go out four to five day* a week' combine , , bur* I day. seven day. a week, guarded its harvesting te-.fronds," said Conner "We jut * »: nte ire the dips her cutting the chilly water : the surfers paddle IMt from the teach. ^ ^ the galls are there to: San Diego industry. ·S £*. «s^l A'trt? %zz'r f «* r 1 " a-- rifera a mile, outside the i widely used chemical called Your kids are coming siMl ,. , theKel marducts. These ire used in .Ml member of the news media has 1 Harvesting ictuilly' m different applicants. be*, permitted aboard one of j kelp beds" help* the If you drink beer and Ukejthe company's three kelp cut i food head un it, Thanks" to Kelco. Their __^ ^ ^ ^ ^^ """""" """"--· the sophisticated into There are in competitors which ii'ttlficted'fromeoMtact with algm if they fancy would give a pretty penny " '' who to Ife explained that macr*cy»U, by paoto- 'Sometimes a mature plant will grow 24 Inches in a single day' _, land. It* wood, from sunlight. growth California's kelp bed* almost wipe out about II years "comes ·*»by w»rm water and the "By the sea urchin. ment," said Don E. Conner, Kelco's manager of manufacturing planning and service' "No sense in passing that Kefco allowed a reporter said. "If the kelp beds are never harvested, the young plants may not be ready to take over when the mature plants complete their life cycle." There are about Tt miles of kelp growing abotrd me 128-foot Kelmar on coast of California from the the condition that certain trade Nexican border to near San co«W * about the "drought," lecreto be protected. Capt Arlisss Bryan, a Francisco. Macrocystis is the hut, like good farmers, they did . lean- largest marine plant in exi- faced seaman who used to drive stence, sometimes reaching up of the pests. u railroad engine back in In- from the rocky bottom for ac dianj, disengaged the two main propellers at 6:45 a.m. The 'vessel drifted silently toward the giant kelp plants, which 'Bryan studied intently from the bridge of the Kelmar. The bridge is located almost at the stem of the kelp cutter and the captain looks down into a large metal storage bin which extends forward almost to the »tr. "You «ee up ahead," he ex Iained- "That's where we'll jegin. This is just like mowing i firtp- The Kelmar moved toward the row where the last harvester had been mowing the day Before. There wasn't any ;FILES FOR DIVORCE -- Barbara Marx has filed for dissolution of her Carriage to Zeppo Marx, the one-time straight man of the Marx Brothers icmedy team. The proceedings were filed in Indio, Calif., last week. Zeppo. Bew 71, and Barbara are shown in a file photo after their wedding in 1959. MARATHON PROFILES IjUBEN GARCIA, II, "displays "real g usto" in his role as Senior Clerk in the fabrication Department, after starting at the Welders Training Center as J3hop Clerk in December, 1971. He ass umes the responsibility of administering all clerical matters pertinent to fa brication allowing departmental super- |isors total concentration to the pressu res of manufacturing. The world's pet- i-olum . industry estimates a need for a minimum of 279 new mobile drilling "units within the next ten y ears. This fact substantiates that in the leading petroleum consuming nations, consumption" of energy has been growing three to five times the rate of the population increase. Over 75 percent |f the world's petroleum reserves lie b eneath the ocean and the Men of Marathon are committed that these reserves be found and utilized for the benefit W all the peoples all over the world. jk native of Brownsvile, Ruben gradu atcd from Brownsville High Sciiool in .967, with a two year Mechanic Cou rsc to his credit. Four in Air 'ore* provided a background in Heavy Equipment and Maintenance, all pro- Ing valuable as Garcia gained experience in the Marine Industry, and to the ·reful administering of his clerical duties. His supervisor rates him high in i ttitude and dependability. He is married to the former Rosalinda de la Gaii * »nd has one daughter, Christine. -- Adv. 7» nuare ng off the far as 120 feet in order to ex- when there is plenty of current On I typical day, they each will to w * ' "- '"·» ' -*· "» "" " ' "We koM tie to** fro* the »uu and M* N eoato far ewrt " The divers are down there earing out Ike urehuu and ten transpliiituif mill kelp "Sometimes the htMfatts will attached to small recks," maritime pest to the kelp plant, said Comer. "When the plant "water be; rows, it lifts the rock up and into; shore. The idea it t the holdfaet! out* larter "It doech't like It above « . success of these for long periods," Conner said, ctllturists has been rema "And we had long periods in "The Point Loma bed was the summer of '58 when the down to about one-tenth of · water was well above 70 square mile," said Cower. degrees." There wasn't much Kelco plenty about ridding the beds Now, it's back to three or four square miles. It's clearly the best kelp bed in Southern California." The kelp beds are actually the Kelco has a team of diving marine biologists who work the tend its fronds to the life-giving fields off San Diego to keep sunlight. down the sea urchin population, "The top part is called the which likes to eat the roots or canopy," said Conner. "Thai 1 * 1 the "holdfast" of the giant kelp. BOOK KEEPING AND TAX SERVICE Up to dot* records, filing tax reports on fimt, and monrMy report* showing status and progrtM of your businms con help you grow in 1973. Pwkup and delivery at your business and your convenience. CaH 546-4762. The ARE5T1 Corp. irkable- Coiner mid M wn a Hi* Mertt jwt k*v MMV MM b*kt ·rvetb, but «*d**»s thit Ik* M* «f dUlM* |st «Mr IMMM frM kain **/**»M kttt; WlUJUft SWIMMING POOUt AND YARD SHINKlfK SYSTEMS PHAM FUN . Happy New Year From Tfcn Gang At ON THE CORNER 2200 BOCA CHICA BLVD. SUNDAY BUFFET Every Sunday 11 a.m. till 2p.m. AU YOU CAN EAT! $«|00 Per P*n«n .... J Chjldr«n .... 1.7S W Choice of Salads, Heats and Vegetable* Job with MM* aid family for an excellent meal hi our relaxed surround- til*. The delidomfood to conked to perfection and tbt Mrvto* li excellent. lC OF MOWNiVllLE 3135 N. EXPtKSWAY Brownsville Consolidated Independent School District STATEMENT OF CASH RBCHPTS AND DtSSURSEMfNTS For Fiscal Year Ended August 31,1972 STATE COUNTY OPERATING FUNDS Opeaiag Cash Balances (9-1-71) RECEIPTS: II Local Soirees 20 County Sources r 30 Stale Sources 40 Federal Soirees Trust Fund Tax Receipts Interfund Transfers Returned Checks Food Service Receipts Student Activity Receipts * Miscellaneous Prior Year Receivable TOTAL CASH RECEIPTS TOTAL FUNDS AVAILABLE DISBURSEMENTS: Budgetary" Disbursements Retirement of Current Loans Food Service Fund Student Activity Fund lateffimd Transfers Investments purchased Due From State Prior Year Payables Other Taxes collected on partial payment basis transferred to local taxes TOT CLOSING CA Less: Expe Otner Payable UM11.M ATHLETIC TRUST FUND JTUNB I ' 14,7«.H $ MND FU» 4WILT1AHC BtonKN Rtpim-41 FOOD ! SERVICE FUND: , i $l,77t,343.M $2,ON,S75.N K.M8.N l,tfl,f84.N 1.5M.M I.348.M ilfKM t7,3t8,423.M f 38.4I1.M 1M.57I.H t I.1SI.M S41.H INJttN IH.11UI ll.W^TMl _n«^i7.n tl5.;»*.M I ~ 7,307.»r ~ |538,7*3.H I a,in.H *tM,M.N $ n.m.ii J2,096,575.*l t17l,NIN J108.8SJ.I6 1,OJ7,«98.M 39,317.*. IS22,IM.N 15,817.01 ns,itt.N 1S7.813.M 2.IS4.N J.K7.M 7W.M 1.4JI.N 14MMM ii.m.sM.ii 171.11 Exceptional Children Jranspor. Hea " t 12,759.00 f 13.I5I.M 1,356.0« [OS iSH DISBURSEMENTS iLANCE ;8-31-72) unts Payable '8-31-72): Payable ible SHED CASH BALANCE (8-31-72) Acct. Balance (8-J1-72) FUND BALANCES (8-31-72) J2.096.575.00 $7,451,710... *,724. M 79.I38.M 43,340.00 $ (79,654.00) 314.M f (79,340.00) I190,212.M t M7.H 4,054.00 22,157.00 $(25,844.00) ;(25,844.M) 764.01 6,54,0. 4,000.06 2,543.00 $ 2,54300 t53!,7l3.N | 2,549.H f (2,549.00) 368,691.00 $3«6,142.M K,i7I.M | M,flS.M f 74j913.fl »H flf^M.N S (STUD* |15,|S4N J,»41.ll . 1 · ' · TM " ' - .- « 'j ' f (t,iU.M) $ (1 *i' M1.9M.M) »», ,inji.n · - 1 i«i,M4.« , '. ;_' tj mjM.M Jfi* , *"»*L-- M..W1.M) 1(171.11) . -J? MimM 1(979 N ) ^ Elementary Secondary Education Act Adult Basic Title II Project Title I Project (start 1K 19(7 1967 1968 1965 1966 324.00 f 1,928.00 f 1,095.00 Education 1970.1971 ! 14700 63,436.00 A.BE 1»7M9» J 1,665*0 $27,685 M 57,8(2.00 Handlnq 1971-1972 , 1 2WIO.W Blllimal VII CONSOUDATEh APPLICATION FUND M7TH71 liSi-1171 1»7I-J»71' 197H972 $ 4MJI «1M,*NN 4,3*1.11 J4T.H |lt*,41IM I 3MOI 1,119,440.1. UI,H..W 225,871.0. g!,«2.M "'·' i ', ·;· 273.H ; B.,213.01 IN,».N i TOTAL f _ 2,4H8,IM.M 7,W7,K7.W 245,8»|.N M,18|M ' ' l.ati.m $ 15,000.00 S 27,799.00 % 324.00 I 4,893.00 t 1,928.00 f 1,095.00 $63,436.00. $ 87.112 M rJ li!2,22l«i f 1S4,M..N I |63,5!3.00 1 87^1200 , -|22^NM $.154,3M.M | I 77,47Z.« ' ·-? 23,186.n f 133,821.*. M7.I. U7i.M lH,U7.fI $tM,H7.H , · : 25*,808;*J ~St,345,M4.H «24.U5,SJ«.M »l,34.i,*M.I» J*S,1J4,J»I.M · ;;···· ^ tl,134,ll8M:-411,103,512,M ·*'··;·; ··'· m,i»Mi il,413.00 §2,479.11 4IS.MI 1,122.00 1I7.M 1,271 M *K.N IM.ITI.M 163.178.N N.N 19,139,617,00 442,Mi,M 3,934 Jl J » T 26,306.00 1,453.00 450.00 1,003.00 1,003.00 324.00 S 324.00 S 324.00 f 1,928.00 S 1,095.00 $ 1,928.0. $ 1,095.0. f 1,928.00 | 1,095.01 f 62,974.00 f m . i l 814.00 $(225.00) «225.»t) t 15,794.00 | 1,418.00 240.M 51,000.10 1 (49,822.0.) $ (49,822.00) 23,293.00 tf (1,073.H) · n.m.m $ (23.JM.WJ I (23^93.00) $ 14I,H7.N t 14,2.3.0. wtui ) 1I.Z57.M $ 11,257.1. $ 744.11 f U8.N I,189.N I (IM.H f (M1.N) t3M,7H.H tUI7,34.M J24,49C,3SM» f J.Z79.H I UMtM $ (11,111.11)1 $ (11,H..N)$ 41,318.011 90,893.M 71.376.M (HJ,tM,H) » (lll^Sl.H) $ «25,W.H 568,I21.M 2.«.«n.M (IN,699.N) 1,(42,3M.N In my opinion, fhe above statement foiriy the cash receipts and ctisbunementsof ,1fw ftKWMSVOLLE COWSOHOATH) frMHNNOBr+T SCHOOL WSTOICT ' for the fiscal year ended August 31, 1972 Published in accordance with the Article 29b,tevisedCivil Statute*of tie Stole nf T«x«, DOMMtK I. GUHKA "' ^' . 1 CwTffwfl rubwc Account

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