The Daily Messenger from Canandaigua, New York on January 5, 1948 · Page 8
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The Daily Messenger from Canandaigua, New York · Page 8

Canandaigua, New York
Issue Date:
Monday, January 5, 1948
Page 8
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SIX THE DAILY! MESSENGER, CANANDAIGUA, N. Y v MONDAY, JANUARY 5,1948 Deafened Now Hear Whispers 5 Feet Away Tests by the American Medical As- sociation'sCouncilon Physical Medicine show t'nat science has now enabled deafened people to hear faint sounds, to easily understand whispers from 5 feet awa. aided by a tiny heaiing device so light vou hardly know you are wearing it. With it thousands now enjoy music, .sermons and friendly companionship. Finger tip contiols let you adjust it instantly to changing sound conditions. No sepaiat? battery pack, wire or harness bulge to weigh you down. The makers of Beltpne," Dept. 25, 1450 W. 19th St., Chicago 8, 111, are so proud of their achievement that thev will gladly send you a free descriptive booklet and explain how you ma\ test inis leniaiHaoie device in \ u u i own home without risking a penny. Write Beltone toda\ Adv't. East Bloomfield MRS. EDWARD MCCARTHY Holcomb--Phone 452 EAST BLOOMFIELD--The regular meeting of the T. Bridge was held with Mrs. Robert How-land, Buffalo load. Honors were awrrd- ed Mis. Andrew- McWilhams and Mi-s. Kenneth Armsnong The ne\t meeting will be with Mr. Ruben Johnson, Victor road The Jive Bomber 4-H Club met recently with their leader, Mrs. Arthur VanDjke. Dinnei v,as served followed ov a les-son m t h e sewing pioject. T. H. KENNEDY THE FRIENDLY LOAN MAN S A Y S "YOU WON'T BE EMBARRASSED!" Applying here for a loan ii just like talking to a trusted friend . . . and just as confidential! . . . |utl m friendly! Tell us your money worries. We understand and know how to cooperate. Phone first for the cash in one trip. 141 So. Mam St. 'Phone 111 FINANCE CORPORATION E A S T BLOOMFIELD --Mis. Nellie Stetson has been the guest of her son, John Stetson, and Mrs. Stetson in Canandaigua. visited here on Friday. Mr-,. Brookes and «ons. Bobby and Jimmy, who have been spending several months w i t h her motboi, Mrs. B. P. McMahon, letumed w i t h him Miss Janette Parmele, East Oiange, X. J., lias been with her parents. Mi. and Mrs. Howaid Parmele M i . and Mrs. Charles Bennett and daught?) have taken pos.sps- sion of their new home on Main street purchased from Stanley O Steele, Mr and Mis Donald~Kobler and d a u g h t e r Kancv h a v e moved from t h e Gordoii apartment to the M i s K G Phillips ap.ut- ment vacated bv Mr and Mr« Bennett. Rev. and Airs Paul Huyett nnd daughters, Joyce and R u t h , were lecent dinnei guests ol Mr. and Mis Biuce Tryloi, Holcomb Mr and Mis John McMa'ion and son, Bobby, Caledonia, u e i e Suluidav i,uesU ui Mi-,. B P. Mt- Mahon, Mi. nnd Mrs. Lynn Cornish and family attended a lannly dinnei partv at Gen=ieo New Yeais Day. Todays Market |Death Claims Postmaster at Honeoye at 64 H. B. MEETINGS EAST BLOOMFIELD--Gioup 1 of the beginners' sewing class of East Bloomfield Home Bureau unit, scheduled to meet Tuesday, has been postponed to Thursday at 3 p. m in the home ot Mis. Sterlmg Melville. A tureen supper will be served. Group 2 will meet as scheduled m the home of Mrs. Russell Webb In the deptesMon of 1920 uibber prices diormed 55 cents a pound to 10. RADIATOR REPAIRING Cleaning--Recoring Don't Let A Leaky Radiator Rob You of Your Supply of Anti-Freeze! uur service includes removing rauiaior, flushing, repairing and cleaning the whole cooling system. --Prompt and Courteous Service-Cornish Bros. Garage Holcomb Phone Holcomb 5 NEW YORK, /P'--(State Dept. of Agr, .Mkt.s.) --Receipts u e i e model ale in the wholesale fri"t and vegetable maiket today. Tivd- ing was active for potatoes red cabbage and omoiis and mode: ate lor other produce. Apple receipts \\eie moderate. Trading was- slow. Apples--Westein New York, ou. Bskt. or eastern boxes. Coitlaud, 2 1 .- in 2.50 Cabbage-Westei n X. \ , 30 Ib sack. Danisn 2.50-3 00. led -3.00500 Mushiooms--Upstate X. Y . 3 Ib bskt., extra lanc\ and -peeial slack pack 1.00-1.25. Onions--Western N. Y . 30 Ib. sack, yellow globe .T Jfl-00. Potatoes--L. 1., 100 Ib sack, Gieen Ml US Xo. 1. .size - V j.outhiid.0 ^ " " b ^ . vr»«iieiri« *? ?"·- G5; size "B" Gieen M' l.bO-'it-. Maine 100 Ib sack, Katahdm. US No. 1. si/e "A" S 60-73, Gieen Ml US Xo 1 si/e 'A" 3.60-73 Butter NEW YORK, '/Pi-- Butter ^2 da leceipts) 636,875, iriegiilat Wholesale prices on bulk cai tons. Creamen. highei than 1)2 scoie and premium marks ( A A 91 ' j cents: 92 score *AJ S 9 ' _ , K) score ( B ) 89: 89 score l C 82. .Xew tubs usually commrnd ! cent a pound o\ei the bulk canon pi ice.) HOXEOYE--Mortimer S Clement. 6-4 Koneo\e postmaster foi ! loyeai.s and a former supervisor 1 and town clerk, died \e^teida\ m his home heie. M i . Clement served as town cleik from 1916 to 1921 and on the board ol supervisors for two terms, t ' o i n 192S 10 1932. !n the meantime j he conducted a meat market and jgiocery. He ^as a past master of j Hagle lodge. FAM. and an active \olunteer f n e m a n . S u i \ i \ o i s are his wife. Mis. Ethel Davis Clement. one ^on. Norris Mrs. .leimie Trimm. Canandaigua; a brother. Morns Clement. Honeoje: a grandchild and se\eral ! nieces and nephews. i Masonic lite.s will be conducted i at the home tomoirou ;ii S p.m. and funeral sen ices will be held Wednesday at 2 p m , t'ie Rev. Robeit G i a \ officiating. Inteiment w i l l be m Lake View cemeten. | Realty Transfers NEW YORK, .?-- Egg were steadv loriav n t h e vnoles']o maiket. Eggs (2 davs i c c e i p t s ) '21. 317, steadj Soot quotations follow (Based on wholesale sales b\ icceivers to jobbers and large letailetsK Mixed colois: E \ t i a fancy, heavyweights .15' -.--06. extra c 1 laige 54'_-53; o x n a ^ i:u tto ,".--" t e x t r a "} !aig 52-53 c \ t i K 1 and 2 medium 51-52 Wall Street NEW YORK, L-P--S e l e c t e d stocks extended t h e n l e c o v c i v modeiateh in todav's m a i k e t although many lad'eis u e t e le- pressed b.v light selling Dealings^ active at i h e '-t-nt, quieted as trends v.moed. Gams mnning to a poini 01 -,0 w e e lairly well d i s t r i b u t e d neat i'ie l o m t h houi bul numeioiisi t'e- clires oi as m u c h peiiisted loxatoi o IOE3OI locaoi o D o 0 D o o D o If You Live on North Main, Buffalo or Chapel Street, and Desire the DAILY MESSENGER to be delivered by carrier boy -Phone 897- ASK FOR George Doran, Circulation Mgr. OBOE XOCXOI IOE30I lonaoj OFFICES OF Howard W. Keeney Now Located at the Foot ol Niagara Street -Phone 1279- · · * · Sand - - Gravel Excavating Black Topping of Driveways Seven Persons Die In Upstate Mishaps ALBANY, /P)~Tur teen age bo\s fatally injured \ \ h i i e pla\mg were among f i \ e pei»ons killed m upstate accidents o\ei the weekend George Leon \ V a t o i m a n , 10. of Madison died m Uticu hospita' 01 mju'-ies sufles-ed w h e n ne \vas sttuck b a cai \\hile coasting neai hi ho"ie Richaid Homer, 1!, of Bath uas injured fatally w h e n he slipped under n f n i r k \vhilp ol.iv'ntr u ' t ' i a gtoup ot bov. 1 Other fatalitie-i b communities Jamestov. n James E u j r n , ?2, struck by co Massena -- Mrs. Louis Ca\s Whalen. 44, slipped on rag in he° home Niagata Falls -- CaUin Tillol- son, 2, burned fatallj in a lall into pail of hot \\ater in kitchen of bis home. K a t h e n n e D Ransom White and Jame-. Ransom, Pittsfoul to '·"loience J. and Lynette E \Vilbon. 21S Davidson avenue, piop- 011\ in Canandaigua Josephine Skiunei. Rochester to Eugene L. and Juanita DeLooze, Po't Gibson. picperU in Man- cliestei, t\\ o pai eels. William J and Dora B Beach, Pnelph to Pnillemon Haeis, Phelps, n i o p ° i i \ in Phelps F i a n k Fe-ide:konz. Baldu insville to Josephiiif S k ^ n n e i . Rochester, p i o p e i t j IP Poit Gibson Maty Ford. Port Gibson, to Josephine Skinner. Rochestei, piopei- U ,n Poit Gibson. Domenick LaPiisi nnd Olive Fla\o LaPrisi, Clifton Spnngs to Karry O. and Lots A Denger. Seneca, propem in Phelps Thomas Broderick. Farmington: Catlienne Din kin. Gene\a and Margaret Nusshaunei. Palmjra to Thomas H. and Doris M Ga'idnei, Manchester propeit-y in Fai ming- lon Russell and Katherme Cassara, Hopewell to Haiold R and Edith F Lylle. Manchester, property in Hopewell Bessie C Gillette. Geneva to Da\ id M and Essie M Heath, Penn Van, piopeit\ in Gene\a Harold F. and" Elizabeth H Lane, Gene\ a to Robert D. and Mary S Biennan. Geneva, piop- erty in Geneva Geo'ge K. Abel. Shortsville to Keith L and Jacquelyn J. Robe"- aon Sliorts\ ille, p i o p e r t y in' Shortsv 'He Peter G. and Floience C Roats, Manchestei to Fred M. and Anna C Finev. ood. Manchester, piop- ert\ in Phelps Clicuiea Jfl ounus. kjene\u tu Chailes S. and Robert B P.jndeis. Geneva p'-C'perty in Geneva C l a i e i n e F Brei. Honeoye Falb to Ray B and Alice M. Brei, Manchester, proneity in Manchestei. Lloyd "W. Johnson, 229 West Gib-,on street to Lloyd W. and Dons H Johnson. 229 West Gibson stieet, pioperty in Canandaigua. r ^···^··^^^·^·^^·^^········^^··········PiiS^gsi11,. LI ^^mn^tjroim*^ i »»m».i ui n 11 -J»«.V.%MII^VI-*.V.*.V i m .·*.-».*.»» V I S I T O R S F R O M S W E D E N - Gte ta KjellerU. Swedish opeia singer, and his ^ife are shown as they arrived in New York on the Gripsholm from Gothenburg. They plan a, vacation stay in Santa Ana, Calif. Centerfield MRS. EARL APPLETON Canandaigua R3 Phone Can. 1020-W CENTERFIELD-- M i - and Mrs. William Elliott have returned to New Kingston after being guests of Mrs. Elliotts parents. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Day and family, Noith Bloomfield joad. I Miss Geraldme Estev. Rochester. spent New Year's weekend with her parent-. M i . and Mrs. j Manard Estev. Cooley load. | John Lester Purdy lias returned to Cornell univeiaitj after spending tlie holiday \acation with his parents. Mr. and Mrs. John J. Purdy. New Michigan load. | John Riz/o, Canandaigua, has been a guest of Ins grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. William Hoffman, Wheelers Station load. | Mr. and Mrs. Claience Watson were dinner guests of Mi and Mrs. Fred Marenei on New Years. Mr and Mis Stewart P u i d v , Sand Hill road, entertained Mr , and Mrs. Lester Bliss, Mr. and Mis. Harlan Bliss and sons, Mr. ' and Mrs.* John '.T. Btudy and fam- ilv. Mr and M s El'onH^liss. and I iannlv at a holiday dnmerX Mr." and Mrs. Edward HoflTnan, DONT KEMP'S BALSAM .-DUE 10 C O L D S Wheeleis Station load were hrH- · dnv quests oi Mr and Mrs. Xedeau Canandaigua. Past District Aide To Induct Kiwanis Officers Tuesday Past District Go\. B S Su-'i- Perm Yin, " ill install Presiden!- elect Fred J Blodgett if tjie X - · fin,_ f i q n nnd Ins associate o f - i.cei'i at thr- kncheon mee'" i^ n Hotel Canandaigua t o m o i r . s t a 12 ID {. r- A hoaid ot diiectors' mee'rig also is slated for tornoirow at 7 30 p m. with President B!od- gett. South Main stiect At me last boaid meeting. Mi Blodgett then M'easurei, ga\e a complete report in w h i c h figures showed the club had paid out S3.038.S3 for local en ic pi ejects The club membership is about 70 locals Veterans' Office Open in Evenings In order to be of still more ser\ice to local veterans in obtaining copies of and assistance at filling applications foi the New York state bonus to members of the armed forces in Woild War II, me local ofni,e of 'he \eteian.-. se-i \ ice agency, 115 South Main street, w i l l be open this and to- moriow evening u n t i l 9 p. m. This was announced this noon b\ Henry M McViltie. who said that the llow of veterans, continues a f the same high rate that was set when applications first became available, last Wednesday. He advised veterans to bring with them the oiiginal copies of then discharge certificates, and any other data concerning mili- taiy seivice 'hat they may think necessai y The Citizens Food Committee Suggest: A "PEACE PLATE' FOR TODAY $., ,!».. TUESDAY PEACE PLATE Trouble brews when people are hungry. No one can deny that. And if the price of peace is sharing American plenty, surely the cost is not too dear. A little less meat and a little less wheat on every table in the United States make possible a flow of Sle-saving wheat ··o the empty plates on European tables. Follow the Peace Plate menus. They help you to feed your family well and to keep your fellow men from starvation. Tuesday's Peace Plate orruts meat and includes cheese in a savory potato casserole, t, natural for thrifty cooking. SAVORY POTATO CASSEROLE 6 cooked poutoes, diced 2 onions, chopped Vi. cup green pepper, chopped 3 tablespoons shortening 1 cnp grated cheese IV. teaspoon:, salt VK teaspoon cayenne 1 teaspoon Worcestershire saace (optional) Put potatoes in greased casserole. Fry onions and green pepper in hot meliea shortening until =o£t Add cheese, salt. ca\en r ip nnd Worcestershire sauce to and peppar. Slir while chelae jiielt 1 - ovtr verj low heat. Pour sauce over potatoes. Eal:e to hot oven (400'F.) 15 minutes, «r unffl brown. Stakes 6 serv ings. Menu Suggestions: Make It a delicious ' vegetable dinner with Savory Potato Casserole, green beans aacl Carrot and Raisin Cole Slaw. For dessert, have a refreshing lime -- or orange-flavored gelatin \vith canned grapefruit sections, CAEEOT AND RAISIN COLE SLAW 1 medium onion, sliced 6 cups finely shredded 1 teaspoon ederj »*td }i cnp minced parsley 1 cup grated raw otrrots }~ cup seedless tmbins % cop chopped p«*auu In a salad bov,], cominae cubbge, 1 teaspoon salt, celery seed. p*nd«y, car- lots, and raisins and peaiiins, with de- bired amount of salad feessi^. well, serve. Makes 3 Mr. and M-i'b Donald S Cleveland ha^ e retmned to Ann Aibor, .Mich, aitei spending the -N'e\\ Year weekend w i t h bis cousuib, Mr. and M i a Jonn E Peck. Academy place Miss Puitn Mai tin, a 31111101 at Ohio State u n i v e i s i U . Columbus, ha- lelt to icsuinc hei studies alter sp°ndmg the holidaj-- \ \ i l h liei parents, Mi and A l l s Joseph D. Martin. Foit Hill a \ e n u e Donald G u l v i n , v ho has been spending a 1 htee-\\eek x ^ c a l i o n u i t h n s narentc. Mi and Mis. Chailes U u i \ i n , Auwiit-; picat' le- turned yesterday to Tii-Slate i'iu- veiiify, Angola, Ind Stephen N" S t i a i l lias lesumed his studies al Sjiacuse uni'-ersitj after spencim'j; t h e 'o!ida\ lece^s u-ith his parents Mr and Mrs Clil- fo'd X Strait, Foi t Hill f u e m . e Donald M. Scoit and Geoige E Stokoe, J r . h a \ e retumod from a motor t u p to Foit Lauclfrdale. Fla. \vheie the\ \ i s i t e d the latter s mother and a u n t . M i s Hazel Stokoe and Mrs Geoi #ia Renu icK They \ \ e i e accomoanied home b\ Bruce Kenneri\. v. ho spent the hof- \da\~, \ v n i i his K i a n d f a t h e r , G i a n t M. Kennedy, and a u n t . M i s Cnnrles Fitzgeiald, in St P e t e i b - b u i g . Fla. · ... Vicinity Deaths i FRANK M. McDONNELL ; EAST BLOOMFIELD-- Frank M. McDonnell. 82, n a t i \ e oi East Bloomhdd, died Saturday in Clifton Spnngs x u n n a n u m a i t e i a long ' illness | East Bloomfield farmer, he | r.iov C'i t° C'^T" 1 ^rtrT^t^s 12 v^nr- · ago S u r \ i v o i s are a daughter and two .son^. Mib. Eugeno Guinnn. | Tucson, A i u , Chailes McDonnell,, Canandaigua, and Hairj McDon- j nell, C o i t l a n d ; also Unee grand- 1 chikhen. Funeral sen ices will be h e l d ! Tuesdav til 9 a m. from St Bi idg- et'=. chinch. East Bloomfield In- i terment \ \ i H be in the church cem- | eteiy. Fi'iunds mav call at the | Wheeler funeral home, Ea-t ' Bloomtield ! Diner Opened Here On South Main St, A dinei under the management of Mis Margaret Miller will open on South Mam street. Jan S. Recently purchased from Joseph Muscato, this diner will olfer various dinners, short oiders. a variety of sandwiches, and homemade pies It will be k n o w n to the public as 'Miller's Dinet " Mrs. Miller was formerlj m the employment of the Canandaigua fes MORGAN-LEE Announcement is made of the mairiage of Miss Ruth Lois Morgan to Elwood Joseph Lee, -both oi South B i i a t o l The Re\ Sfephen S P i a t t , pastor ol Chapin Methodist church pei foi mod the ceiemonx Saturday at 10 p. m at his home in Fort Hill a \ e n u e Attendants were Mr. i and Mrs LeMei Wheaton, of Atlanta. Mi and Mrs. Lee w i l l live m South Busiol FRANK L. HOLBROOK | PHELPS -- F r a n k Leu is flol- biook. 78, lifelong ie.sident ot Phelp-, died yesterrtav in C h i t o n Spnngs sanitaiium. | Bom Fob 3 1869 in Phelps, -in- ' was the son of Chailes P and ' Lucietia Dillingham Holbrook He was man led on Dec. 14, 1S92 to I Louise M Smith Foi many yeai -, j he was associated w i t h the I n t e i national Hanestei company, v i t h | Lis-tei Fei tilizei company, and more i c c e n t l v w i t h the E m p i i e State Pickling company at Pbelps. He was a member of St John ·, Episcopal church. S u i v i v o i s are a ciaughtei and Phelps and Leonaid S. Holbiook,! Geneva a s i ^ t e i , Mrs Earle S. Wai n e t . Plielp^, and a niece. Mis. Malcolm Giisuold, Chiton Spnngs Funr-ial sei vices will be held from the home of Mis tomoiiow at 2 SO, A i c h d e a c o n ] Charles B Pei sell. Jr.. ol R o - i chestei, officiating. Interment w i l l I be in Re-t Haven cemetery Phelps I New York Projects Cost $416 Million FOQD TIPS: A Vegetable »late, carefully planned tor attractive contrasts in color, flavor, and texture and for good nutritional bal- , ance makes a delicious and satisfying main dish for Meatless Tuesday. j Peanuts are in abundant sup-. jply. They can be used freely for' adding eating enjoyment and nu- ' tntional value to many salads and ! desserts. \VASHIXGTOX, '.-P'-Xeu Y-u k has completed plans fui construc-- tion ot projects \ a l u e d at S116, 000,000 and has a S"..7-n,000,000 backlog of pioposecl .stale -md local public buildings, t h e fedeial u o i t - s jit;enc\ i c p o i t s The f i g u i e s leleaseci r-.tei-'lav, [ u e i e compiled f i o m i p p o i t s ^ u h milled befoie J u n e "Q. ~\pnation date for a law \ \ h i c n p i o \ i u e d federal funds Jor ad\ance nlanmng of state and local p; oiects The state's liacklog fai o\c'-eds that of any othei slate Iho i (^]-jC^--' /^n^i f iir,flp r i^ ^°l!fO''nin ' l \ i t h its t o t a l ol Sl,911,000.000. The agency also spoiled t h a t in tlio first n i n e months of 1947 contracts totaling ^IS^.STS.flOO ( M i had been let b\ t h e state. "ounU and municipal a;o\einments 101 public construction CARD CU B TO MEET HOLCOMB--The A B C I'inoi hi" club u-ill meet Friday e\ piling u i t n MI.S. \ViUiam J McKa\, Jt Vicinity Marriages E \ST BLOOMFIELD -- Announcement has been made of the mairiage of Miss Bettj L. Eckelberger, Rochester and Clifford R Care},. Brighton The ceremony w a s pei formed on New Year's da\ b Justice of the Peace Fred A. Teal! in this village. The couple ·A as attended by Miss l^orine Voise and Hetbert DeGough, botli of Rochester. BIRTH RECORD A son. to Mr and Mrs. John E. Masten of SI Oakland Beach avenue. R\e, in United hospital, Rye, HA- o? I"'!" 7 V r Masten is a foirner Canandaiguan and main- t a i n s a summer home on Ihe East Lake shore. sAve flea Smart (Ji'rl MON6X Our government says the world -wide shortage of fats and oils is still serious. Help ease it ... and help yourself. Turn in every drop of used tat . . . and get today's high prices! IN American Fat Salvage Committee, Inc. LEAVES HOSPITAL Miss Cora L French, who has be^n ill in Thompson hospital for some time, has moved to the home of Mrs. Bert Johnson. 171 Chapin Mree! She formerly resided at 42 How ell street. G I V E S UP P E T _ _ Chuckie Dafz, 3, got "Quack," a pet duck, »s an Easter gift but now Quack has outgrown the back yard. So Chuckie has turned his pet over to Waiter Busby, head itardener at Olson Park, Chicago. P A C I F I C S A I L O R -- Eugene S . Sheffield, former Napa, Calif rancher, te^fs rifrciiiff on his 39-fool .vanI, Peffgv, In uhtrli lie plans to sail alone across the 1'acifir to Honolulu to join mem. bcrs of h i? COowtH, Uv CUfutt It pays to be as fastidious aliout slices as yop arc about uniforms. Changing daily means foot freshness, daintiness and Tcatcr wear Likewise, vou'll double these advantages by choosing THE CLINIC SHOK...designed and "engineered" to give fao!-h(.pptncs.-i to Young Women m White! S7.95 and $8.95 ' DAVIDSON'S Shoes for the Whole' Family

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