The Lawton Constitution from Lawton, Oklahoma on August 21, 1963 · Page 4
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The Lawton Constitution from Lawton, Oklahoma · Page 4

Lawton, Oklahoma
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 21, 1963
Page 4
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£ THE LAV/TON CONSTITUTION, Wednesday, August 21, 1963 Senator Turns Down Invitation To Yugoslavia WASHINGTON (UPI) -- Sen. J. Howard Edmondson. D - Okla., has lurned down an invitation to RtK'nd an inter-parliamentary union conference nexi month in Belgrade. Yugoslavia. Edmondson said h? declined ap- pointmem as a U. S. delegale to the conference, made by Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson, be- causp of prior commitments in Oklahoma, Johnson named Edmondson and Sen. A. S. Mike Monroney and nini olher senators as delegates to the conference. Strips Of Meetings Edmondson, in Oklahoma today ! lor a siTies of meelings. said he ; h;id long-standing appointments in I Oklahoma during ihe conference ' t dates. Sopl. 12-20. He said they included a chamber of commerce luncheon al Yukon, the stale den- I 1nl convention al Norman, liie Five Kaif day at Muskogoe. an appreciation dinner at El Reno and an address lo the Slate Letto;- Carriers Association at Mc- "dmondson said he did not think a article in Life Magazine critical of the Arkansas navigation project would hurl the proj- C.C-I in Congress. ! "If (he article's description of i the project had been based on j fai'ts inslcad o' opinions. I might j br concerned." Edmondson said p ro j ucers r u j- PrireS jr, a statement. ; ' I W U U L C I 3 ^-U( I I The senator said he was "par- ·tk-ulnrly angered" by assertions thai the pwject would" p-.'ovide only "minor" flood control and power bone [its. Costlv Floods Actress Makes Faces At Hubby . L O S ANGELES (AP)--Actor Jacques Berp;erac wauls his eslrhnjcd wife, actress Dorothy IMftlone, clled for conlempt of uourl because; lie says; she mnk'es faces nl him wlicir-he visits their two daughters.· Bergcrnc testified Tuesday In court thai Miss Malone wns trylnp In nllennlc the eii'ls. Mini), 3. and Dinne, 18 months, from hint. Bcrycmc uiul Miss Mnlorie, both an, nre awulllng trial 'of divorce suits against each other. SIEEL IS THE SUBJECT. President Kennedy talks with Roger Blough, left, chairman of the board of U.S. Steel Corp.. and David J. McDonald, president of the AFL- CIO United Steel Workers, center, in the White House Tuesday. The visitors called on President Kennedy to do something about what they consider the dumping- of foreign steel on the American market. They said the President indicated he would look into the matter. (AP Wirephoto) Steel Hit By Foreign Competition NEW YORK (API -- In recent Ho said during the past 35 years | UJKK ^ - " reccn floods on (he Arkansas had cost { days U.S. sieel producers cu 323 lives and S^ pony damage. He added there nvo prices on polished stainless sleel pi o- ; ' .,,,/,,, ,,,,,-,, ,,;,,,,,,,, ,,, or ,_ nothing minor about power bc-nefiis from the project, either, since there is a 260.000 kilowatt polemic! in the dams required for the project. Today, the senator scheduled appearances at ihe Canadian Valley Cooperative meelin; nole. Thursday he is slated to pre- sheels used lo make kilchen ulen- sils. appliances and many other familial- ilems. The reason: competition from stainless sheet rolled in Japan for less in the United States. The incident is symptomatic of ' s v _"j" i problems that have besot the S16- ,, ., " i billion domestic steel industry, nole. i-nursaay ne is s.aicii iO pre-, production, shrink- srnl a Department of Commence | ^ ^ and dlyins up jobs . award the jobs reflects a worldwide upheaval day .10 do something about Ihe I The Uniled Stales, with some dumping. j sleel plants dating '.from ihe 3890s, After a While House meeting, found itself trailing in efficiency, Blough told newsmen Kennedy A wide disparity in labor costs had agreed to look into the m a t - ( a l s o solved to push prices of ter. He said he and McDonald ! domestic steel to non-competitive didn't suggest specific action, levels. Blough said he considers a heavy percentage of Ihe 4.3 mil- "Much of the sleel which was imported lasl year was produced lion Ions of loreign sleel sold in in foreign plants having hourly the United Slates last year lo have employmt-'nl costs which averaged been dumped on the market. from 60 per cent to 80 per cenl American steel exports exceed-1 lower than those of mills in Ihis ed imporls an average of 2.7 j country,' 1 a trade source said, million tons annually In the five , The domeslic sleel industrv also years ended in 195S. ran inlo sliffening competition In each of the tour years ended j r ro m rival materials. Aluminum. "1.1962. the balance wenl. the I concrete, plastics and glass made ay and the ircnd is con-1 5er io The- country bought -1.1 steel Company at Duncan. Saint-day he , jn ^ ^^ and dislrfou . and Mrs. Edmondson will be ho.s,s , ^ ms ^ ,, as , urocd lhc ' ai a reception for the Oklahoma i UTliTpci Sl2 Broadcasters Association at Lake j Q( stcc] IQ a nc( impor . er . | t i n u j n g Fort Gibson. , Culling prices ha_sn't stemmed' The senator will return to \\ash- (hc ljd( , of sonlc importSi fsfcc] . insion nexi Monday, but then re- : al]y ^ ro pTOdll[:K pipe anc( tub . tun, lo Oklahoma Sfrpt 31 l o r d e d - 1 -^ reintorcin|! b ars and some 2.1 million tons. : , oxpculiv( . s h n v p ,,,,,,,, ienlion o. the Kcpimlic gpsum . lyncs 0( s h cin allc ] S lnp. . Some slocl executives estimate I 1]la ,.j| pl;,m al Duke in _ihe morning,. Amer ; can sicclinon say some; that restoration of Ihp export ' Library Pooh Hunt Turns To Jersey OKLAHOMA CITY (UPI) -Oklahoma Cily's search for a special kind of stuffed Pooh spread lo Princeton, N. J., today. If it liirr.s out to he the right kind, the Princeton Pooh will go inlo the new Belle Isle Branch library's Pooh Corner. Pooh Corner is named, of course, [or Winnie the Pooh, here of A. A. Milne's classic series (or children during the 1920s. But not any Pooh will do. "Pooh isn'l jusi an ordinary stuffed bear, but a very .special one they have since slopped making," explained Miss Mary Ann Wenlroih. head of the library's children's department. The library has bee.i swamped wilh offers "of local Poohs, but none, so far, has met specifications. A library patron. Mrs. Kathleen Brown, remembered , seeing a Pooh doll in a Princeton loy shop. She fired off a rush order. Miss Wtntroih wailed to see whether the Princeton Pooh was Ihe kind wanted. If ii is, Miss Wentworth will I still have one problem in connec- I CAB Okays Cut In Braniff Service SHELTER COMPANIONS. Arthur E. Andersen Jr., 23, Genoa, Neb., left, and Dennis DeFrain, 20, Fairbury, WASHINGTON (AP) - The Civil Aeronautics Board proposed Tuesday to allow Braniff Airways and Easlcrn Air Lines to cut oft the two ends of their Denver-Miami interchange and service and run the flights between Tulsa and Atlanta instead. The junction point for the Iwo airlines is Memphis, Tenn. Oklahoma City protested eliminating the Denver-Miami service- and asked for direct flights between Atlanta and Oklahoma City instead of between Atlanta and Tulsa. The CAB said its tentative ruling, effective within 20 days i£ no objections are filed, did not restrict a joint service by way of Okl.-ihoma City "should Iraffic warrant." The agency said the Colorado and Florida parts of the interchange route "arc not providing a useful through service 10 the I public." Bellmon Proposes Governors Oppose Test Ban Treaty WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS, j W. Va. (AP) -- Oklahoma Gov. Henry Bellmon said Tuesday that Dr. Edward Teller, often called the father of the hydrogen bomb, will arrive at the Southern Governors Conference today to oppose the proposed nuclear test ban treaty. Bellmon said he is urging southern governors to oppose the treaty. The Oklahoma governor fu ·;«.-»! i said he would introduce a resolu- Ss**;5aAiiBS!=!; tion opposing the pact if he could get unanimous support. The conference is scheduled lo , ., , , , , Neb, hold one of the 35 cows with which thev spent two adjourn at noon today and Bell- . . i r M 1 1 - ' ' mnn cairl h o hnnoH Tmlpr u.-niiln weeks in a nuclear TaJl-out shelter jn an experiment conducted by Omaha dairyman J. Gordon Roberts. The boys "preferred being busy with cows to being bored with people in a shelter," Roberts declared. The two University of Nebraska agriculture students said only tion with Pooh Corner. The new j that boredom and monotonous food were their library is a round building and has j problems. ' no comers. Library officials decided to call their children's book section Pooh Corner anyway, because who ever heard of, a Pooh circle? Pooh wouldn't care. Milne described Ihe hero of "the House al Pooh Corner" as "a bear of very l i t l l e brain." (AP Wirephoto) tinuing. The country bought ·).! slc el markets In construction, pi .. l I C ~ U4- million tons of IOWIRH steel in auto making and other fields. I I f l n n r " l\ )0 J U R I J1S62 against 2 million ions sold | To slow down »i«.| Import* and i ' - ' V W y i I ;^^,:^^. avcrwbalanooof iTM"^ »-iih "ihcr ^ri^lFn- f a t n n c a RanL ily on a cosl-cuuing drive, . . " American ..producers have a,- dodiraiion of Ihe Heavonoi 1 P° st . foreign producers arc "dumpinc" j import relationship of the middle 1 j , office in the aflcrnoon and to , ^ c ^ on ,-,,, L - s mal .k c . selling : 19JOs would result in 30.000 more! j! speak lo Ihe Grca: Plains Confer- j ^ ,,, ,,,.;,,,,, !.-.,,.,,,· ihTM thm.-n 1 inhe in iho Hnmr,^ii. tinni inriiKi.' ·"TM under a IJJ.i IOTCI-H cnce of Young Democrats in Okla- For Catoosa Bank OKLAHOMA ClTi (UPI) Patrol Chief Denies Riot Squad Report | mon said he hoped Teller \vould ' a r r i v e in time to speak against the treaty, now up for Senate ratification. Bellmon circulated papers Tuesday among the 13 governors at the conference urging them to oppose the treaty. He also said, "I'm going to talk lo each governor personally and see if the conference should take it up." ; Parolees Banned From Prison Rodeo OKLAHOMA CITY (UPI) -Assistant Safety Commissioner P.obcrl Raines says there's nothing lo a report that the highway patrol hns formed a 50-man riot control squad "to crush such out- complainls ; Bob Hicks. Tulsfi insurance man, \ breaks as racial riots." OKLAHOMA CITY CAP) -- \V. J. "Tex" Bynum, state parrion .,_ ... , , and prole director, brought an T think every highway patrol Hbrupt ha] . Tuesday to any home- unit in the United States probably : coming activity at the annual does this to haw men trained for , McAlester prison rodeo opening an emergency. We have a contin- ! r \ u ^ : 30. ual training program iho year around." homa Citv that evening. Accused Rapists To Stand Trials at prices lower t h a n those ' jobs in the domestic stool Indus- j r i l K f """pr a ira f«de,-al s l n l u m . ; Ims applied lo lhc Mclc bonking ' couiviv of oriein UT ' ' ' So Jar their complalrls hnvc been! board Jor n slnlc bank charter for j Roger Blough. chairman of llie i World stool production in 39301 tofrclcA, but. several arc pending. I a S200.000 bank al Catoos.i. i board of U.S, Steel Corp., I h e : tolalcd '20S million Ions, wilh Ihe ! nation's No. 1 producer, and j United Slates accounting for -15 1 David J. McDonald, president o f ; per cent. Output leaped In 19G2 : the Al-T^-CIO United Stcclwoi'kors I to 391 million Ions, wilh the U.S. i asked President Kennedy on Tucs-1 share cut to 25 pet" cvnL thi was Bynum said any parolee caught .attempting to attend the rodeo . . I £. Ielvln Porter, .president o f . w ill he. subject to parole re- Pjimes commenlcd Tuesday on I the Oklahoma City branch" of the. vocation and rerum to prison. The story which said the patrol ] National Association for the Ad- '. rodeo is held inside the peniten- Slocking "special control j vancement of Colored People ! tiary walls. ; Mexican Envoy Denied Entrance WASHINGTON · (API -- Moxi-: co's ambassador to the United ; FP.KDKRICK f S t a f P -- Counly Judge Haskell lloiloman Tuesday · ordered four Frederick Negro men | bound over ;o district court on charges of rape after a prelimi-: nai-- hearing that required most '' , ' " ' , , T, j t j TT.-I, . Slates. Antonio - Carrillo Klores. ! The four. Henry Bradford, Will "· k j Wright, Tommy Turner 'and Walter .walked out of the Pan American: Miller are charged -with ihe rape i Union on Tuesday after a .security : of a 36-yeir-o;d Ml. Park girl. All officer told him he could no: at- j have pleaded innocent, though ' ](v]d a meclinK lritncul a spe cial ' Tony Massad. assistant county a t - : . I torncy, said a signed confession : pa:v: '- ! h;id 'been obtained from Miller Carrillo Flores was there l o ; several weeks ago. . hear Vice President Lyndon B. The rape allegedly occurred Johnson speak at a special meet- of th Organization of Ameri*" near Lake Frederick July 2S. The four will be tried at the neM term of District court. A date has caT1 S:ales m rnc second not been set. South Carolina Will Close Parks COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) - South r the _occasion_ Carolina'!; 26 .public pai'ks will be closed indefinitely Sept. 8 to avoid . racial integration.' . . j A federal, court 'Order in July j said iho parks .should be integral-; ec! within 60 days. · I Twenty of the parks are lor j whites and six lor Negroes. State law · permits only park facilities. sary of the Alliance for Progress development program for Latin America, Carrillo Flores identified him-1 self, but the officer insisted on a I special pass which had been issued I . (jQS H e a r i n g Set WASHINGTON (AP)-The Federal Power Commission will hear arguments OcL, 28 in a case concerning a proposed S1.4 million annual natural gas rate boost by II was not formed for racial riots. mem of public safety should have -*! ' ' IH7 W MCVht. T.U. l.p UJ. P.I. air. Hicks was listed as president rind Philip P^hccs. Catoosfi, form- as secreUiry. Other slockholders arc Scott H. p.^fsley Jr., president of the Un- Son National Bank of Biinlc.sville; Baker Wilson. Qilcxxsa mcrch- nnt; and Newton Foster, retired CaloONa poslmasler. McCarty Named To Resolutions Group In Honolulu HONOLULU (UPI) -- Oklahoma House Speaker J. D. McCarty has been named lo the Resolutions Committee of the 16th Annual National Legislative Conference. McCarty is one of three Democrats and two Republicans selected for the committee Tuesday by W. Stuart Helm of Pennsylvania, the conference president. Democrats ' included McCarty, Fiederidc N. J. Hauser of New Jersey., and Frank King of Ohio. Republicans were Wallace Banley of Kentucky and Charles Welch '"" P-nincs snid the patrol had a i meet such events', ere was a recent spc- _ , . ,. . , Effects of the closing won t DC HugQLon plains . Gas Qi] Co _ ^ "Bridal gowns? Third floor. Miss. Sixth floor pots, pans and mixing bowls!" lelt until next .season. AGAINST THE TREND Tulsa. Red China Denies Indian The proposed increase affects .,. . A , ,, , n ... I Northern Natural. Gas Co., Oma-1 Claim Of DOrdCf B u i l d u p MONROVIA. .Calif. (UPI)--The ! ha. Neb. tax rate keeps going down in j Hugolon contends that the pro| posed higher rates are needed be- Monrovia. ^ -,--^« ... e ...^. .« h ^. The city council Tuesday night | cause Northern has cut approved a tax-rate of S1.64 per amount of sas it is taking S100 of assessed valuation, a cat oi two cents, The rate 'has been lowered annually for the past 10 years. the SUBSCRIPTION RATES Screnti clMS poslncc paid in LHAvton. Okla. (Pnyablc In Advance) CARRIER SERVICE , IN LAWTON AREA . (Per Monih) Morning Press .t Sunt)o- 51.55 Con.illlutlon Sur.dfty 51.55 Conslllullon Press Sundny -- 5-.M Jtlontljiy Constitution (onlyl por copy .05c '.Delivered to Press Subscribers) Saturday Press (only) per copy . ,.05c (Delivered lo Ccnsl. Subscriber!) , MAIL SUBSCRIPTfONS : Comanche. Coltnn. Tillman. Klou-a,, Cud- do. Grndy. Stephens. Jcftcrson and-ijock- «on Counties 1 6 . 3 1 Yr. MO. Mo. ' Mo. Const, i Sunday S9J8 5.10 3.57 1.2S Press i- Sunday 3.1S 5,10 3.S7 1.2S Con.i: Press t, Sun. 16.32 U.22 5.S1 3.06 E.ilunco In Oklahomu £; Lawton P.O. Enxcs Cons:, it Sunduy S14.2S 8.16 5,10 1,78 Pri's,! Sunday W.28 8.16 5.10 1.78 Const Press i Sun Z.4J 15.30 S.J6 3.E7 Oiit*ldi« OkliihunuL Const. Sunday $18.36 10.20 6J2 .2.35 Press i- Sundnv 1S.3C 10.30 SJS 2.3J Const. Press £ Sun. 30,60 20.10 .13.23 3.10 Sunday ConsllluUon-Prcss (only) J yr. 7.9! (Less than 1 year!i. subscription. 20c .per copy plus tax.) Prices Include : Per Cent SLa'.ej Sales Tax Church Ike Attended Sold, Makes Plans To Relocate WASHINGTON (AP)--The National Presbyterian Church, where former president Dwight D. Eisenhower attended services, has been sold for 52,575.000: The church, located at Connecticut Ave. and ISth St., N. W.. plans' to relocate at 4300 Massachusetts Avc. N.W. Let-us fill your .treczcr with. FROZEN FOODS AND BEEF Cut and wrapped hero . . . no down payment with 4 to 6 months to pay. Call EJLS-S076 or EL 5-5269 LIBERTY HEIGHTS FOOD STORE 17th and Ferris TOKYO (AP)--Red China's foreign ministry denied Tuesday an Indian claim of a Red Chinese army buildup alone; the Indian- Chinese border. A statement issued by the ministry's spokesman and quoted by the New China News Agency in a broadcast monitored here was in reply to Indian Prime Minister Nehru's charges thai the Chinese had brought fresh troops into Tibet ajid increased their forces. on the Himalayan · Border with India. T E R M I T E S Call FOG SERVICE EL5-Z078 ON YOUR SAVINGS Compounded Quarterly · LAWTON LOAN And INVESTMENT LAWTON, OKLA.. 1101 0 Ave. -. ' EL 5-9MB SEEKNKW Lire LONDON (UPI) -- William Kinsella left Tuesday night for Sydney, Australia, with his wife and their 12 children, ranging in age from one lo 20. Kinsella plans lo live in Australia. As "assisted immigrants 1 : the family paid a total [are of only 584.' . ; Fire Chief Retires held for but said this was nothing new. "We have had special training in Ihis field for some time." Raines said, "We give them more specialized training as new techniques develop. You are aivare j that if ajiylhinjt urgently happens, the patrol is usually one oi the forces that is called out." 3 squad should be trained because of racial unrest. "I t h i n k the last race riot in Oklahoma was in 1921 in Tulsa," he said. "many former inmates seemed to look upon the occasion as homecoming." SEE HOUSES BY FRANK SNEEtt Hot Line Ready By Month's End NEW YORK (AP) - The Defense Communications A g e n c y hopes to have the Washington- Moscow hot line in operation by the end of this month. Subsidiaries of the International Telephone Telegraph Corp. and the Radio Corp, of American an- B E D D I N G R E N O V A T I O N SALE!! nounced Tuesday they had re- ! ceived contracts for work on the [ United States end. of the line. The setup will provide con- i tinuous direct communications be- ' tween the White House and the i LJ LJ T" Kremlin, mainly as a precaution ; : He Mas 1 0 ' a s a m s t accidental war. FEATHER PILLOWS RENOVATED New 8-oz. ACA covers. Each EXTRA FIRM 612 COIL INNERSPRING with new cover POSTURIZED 312 COIL INNERSPRING with new cover POWERAMIC 252 COIL I N N E R S P R I N G with new cover ACTION EZE 180 COIL INNERSPRING with new cover 98c . S 32.95 '29.95 S 24.50 S 19.95 OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) --Fire Chief Haskell Graves, who has been in the city's fire department O.VCE IS TOO OKTE.V CISCO GROVE, Calif. (UPI)-Two construction men made 35 years, is relirin;; because reg-; slight error b setting off dyna- ulacions say he has lo. ,~,;i« ·,,,. _ u:_i ...,_ Graves. 56, said Tuesday, cannot agree with rule." John Soergcl, a deputy chief, will become acting chief on G r a v e s ' · . retirement, effective Thursday.' · ! mite for a highway job. "I i The blast showered :ons of rock the 35-year I down on eight drills valued at i ' more than S100.000. The men were fired. Free Pickup and Delivery . All Work Guaranteed LAWTON MATTRESS COMPANY 121 E Avenue Dial EL5-0847 It seems all ttfe nicest B people flrink .·//W/'/VY/'S Most Mapni/itrn t llou rhon IDEAL RESORT HOUSES (Actual Photo of Building) Viiiise; TWO ;be_d.rooni houses were former officer quarters a.t Fort Leonard Wood,.Mo. They are 10 years old and. in excellent.condition. '(Hardwood floors .aluminum "windows, bathtub .and shp.wer, lavatory, cqmode;-medicine cabinet, lots of kitchep. cab-, iriets, 30. gallon^ hot water.heater, oil-'furnace. andi'to top it,of[ house, is fully.insulated:. Note, that living a large 12 ft. 4 in. by 20 ft S in. These homes are ready to be lived in and enjoyed. '(NOT A SHELL HOME). HOUSES. GAN-BE DELIVERED ANYWHERE: Add $r.OO per-mile fpr hauling'any. distance greater'than Lawton, Okla. Sample 'DISPLAY NEXT- TO. ·BROASTY' ACROSS FROM LAWTON HIGH SCHOOL. LOW TERMS";!F: DESIRED JLaivton, Oklahoma.- Dial'EL5-0592·-- QUICK WAY^ HOMES

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