The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi on July 10, 1960 · Page 21
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The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi · Page 21

Greenville, Mississippi
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 10, 1960
Page 21
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Congressional Quarterly Reports: Survey Shows Congressmen See Johnson, Nixon As 'Strongest' WASHINGTON (CQ) - Most|cent of the votes of Members ot Members ot Congress feel thai Congress. Adlnl E. Stevenson re- the strongest possible lickels in cclved 14 percent. the Presidential election this year would bo Nixon-Rockefeller Johnson-Kennedy. Answering a poll taken this month by Congressional Quarterly, 220 Congressmen gave "their current judgement on the strongest possible tickets the political parties could nominate for the 1960 election." Sen. Lyndon B. Johnson (D vole for the Democratic Presidential nomination. Second was Sen John F. Kunncdy (D Mass.), con- nomination. He received 20 per- On the Republican side, Vka President Richard M. Nixon (R Calif.) got 62 percent for the Presidential nomination. New York Gov. Nelson A. Rockefeller re ceived 28 percent. Running Malts Kennedy was the choice of 63 percent of his colleagues ns the Vice Presidential candidate on tha strongest possible Democratic Texas) received M percent of the 'icket. Others received less than 8 percent of the vote. The Republican Vice Presidential leader was Rockefeller with sidered the front-runner for the 25 percent of the vole, but unex- peeled strength was shown by U. S. Ambassador to the United Nations Henry Cabot Lodge, who got 15 percent. In previous polls taken by Congressslonal Quarter ly among Members of Congress, Lodge hardly received mention. Regional Support Johnson's and Nixon's strength held up among Congressmen from every region. In tho voting for the Democratic Presidential candidate, the regional breakdown follows: E S M-West West Johnson 28 27 20 25 Kenndey 14 -- 12 11 Stevenson 9 1 9 5 Symington 2 1 4 1 In the Republican Presidential nominee voting: Nixon 41 17 27 28 Rockefeller 14 12 14 12 Goldwater -- 1 -- -Lodge -- -- 1 -- (Copyright I960, Congressional Quarterly Inc.) Just Hunting Money in Baltimore Sewer BALTIMORE, Md. (AP) - Patrolman George Qulro couldn't believe his eyes but there was a man coming out of a sewer. His clothing v/as wet and covered with muck. His pockets bulged with muddy coins. David E. Bobbins, 34, hastily told the startled patrolman: ' "I'm Just hunting lor monoy. You'd be surprised how much money you can find in the sewers," Robbins said four years ago he saw workers finding money as they cleaned a sewer and since then he has been treasure hunting beneath tha city. "Somtimcs," he said, "you find rare old coins worth gooc money and pieces of jewelry." BRIDGE TRAFFIC UP An increase of 9,719 vehicles crossing the Greenville-Lake VII lage trans-Mississippi river was revealed today in comparative figures for the month of June of this year against the corresponding month of 1955. D. E Richards, manager of the bridge, said a total of 105,900 ve hides crossed tho span in June of I960 as compared with 96,181 ifor June, 1059. (flrnr-r-- I -.· Y . -*« rf, . , i s* (and so will you .,.) . , . because it't deluxe In everything but price! Shirts com* back crisp »nd clean as new, and cither with "no starch" or starched tht way you Kwnf fAe/»-light, medium or neavy. You ipccify; we coraplyl Call on us" ' for a pick-up. Judge For yourself. States' Delegate Votes By 'lire following and territory will Conventions, Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas California Colorado Connecticut Delaware Florida Georgia Hawaii Idaho Illinois Indiana luwa Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maine Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Mississippi Missouri Montana Nabraska Nevada UNITED PRESS INTERNATIONAL table enows the number of votes that each slate cast at the Democratic and Republican National Demo. 29 9 17 27 81 21 21 11 29 33 9 13 G9 34 26 21 31 25 15 24 41 51 31 23 39 17 ie 15 Rcpub. 22 6 14 16 70 18 22 12 28 24 n 11 60 32 20 22 26 26 16 24 38 46 28 12 26 14 IS 12 Demo. New Hampshire 11 New Jersey New Mexico New York North Carolina North Dakota Ohio Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee Texas Utah Vermont Virginia Washington West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming Canal Zone Dist. of Columbia Puerto Rleo Virgin Island 41 17 114 17 11 64 21 17 81 17 21 11 S3 61 13 9 33 27 25 31 15 4 9 7 4 Repub 14 !3 14 M 28 14 56 22 IS 70 It 13 14 23 M 14 12 30 24 22 30 12 0 8 S 1 Delia D«moer*'t-TbnM Sunday, July 10, '60 21 Booze Banned From ite Of Convention The Los Angeles Sporls Arena, scene of the Democratic National Convention. £?££: sd Totals 1,521 1,331 2 4 H O U R S E R V I C E GreenvilleSteam LAUNDRY - DRY GLEANERS 229 SOUTH WALNUT TELEPHONE ED 2-5483 Branch Office Thomas Shopping Center Mort Sahl's Satire Joins Conventions By BOB THOMAS .AP Movie-TV Writer HOLLYWOOD (AP)-As if the Democrats and Republicans don't have enough trouble , fighting among themselves, now they'll have Mort Sahl aiming his barbed wit nt them. Satirical Sahl has been doingj this in night clubs and on rare- TV appearances--not rare enough for some thin-skinned citizens. Mow he'll do it on a regular, na- Advance Sale... New Fall Selections SWEATERS and SKIRTS LAY-AWAY NOW WHILE SELECTIONS ARE BEST 100% Fine Styling WOOL STRAIGHT SKIRTS Many Stylei and co!ors to choose from . . . Many in coordinate colors to match sweaters and pullover knits. FULL PLEATED WOOL SKIRTS ? 7.99 Short Sleeve BANLON Slip-Over Sweaters £ | 3 New Fall Colors S*?nfrwr.rt Long Sleeve Wooi Blend Sweaters $£·99 * \ \ Lambswool Blend » j tlonal scale. He Ii negotiating to deliver commentaries on the na tional conventions over TV. All the candidates are consider ed fair game by Sahl, ai evcdenc ed by his current comments: Richard Nixon -- "His chances look good--but what about ours? 1 Nelson Rockefeller--"The man who could run the country as hobby." Stuart Symington -- "He never alks about people--just people in elation to missiles." Lyndon Johnson--"Can we offer « proper incentive to get him o step down and run for the residency?" Adlai Stevenson -- "Half the democrats say, 'he can win;' the jlher half say, 'yes, but he can't x nominated.' " Shaggy Weave Orion Cardigans { $£-99 Blanket Lay-Away Sale Continues Save On All Blankets Double Bed. -* Electric Blnnhefs i) Single * Control Big Assortment -- Vi Sleeves, Short, Sleeves BAN-LON SWEATERS 5 2" ' Thomas Shopping Center TUNING UP FOR LOS ANGELES -- Not counting the nominees, these arc the key figures (or the Democratic National Convention In Los Angeles beginning next Monday: National Chairman Paul Butler and, grouped together, young Senator Frank Church of Idaho, keynoter; Rep. Chester Him Ira of Connecticut, platform chairman; Gov. Leroy Collins of Florida, permanent chairman. NBC Worried About Newscaster Frank Blair Doing Commercials By BERNARD GAVER NE\V YORK (AP) -- After the turmoil of convention coverage ends, a platoon of NBC executives will sit down with Frank Blair and thrash out this problem: Should a well-known newscastc also appear in TV commercials? Blair, the handsome gentleman wlu) iloes the neivscasting lor "Today," has been in several huddles with network executives and there were rumors that some of the talk was tough. "It wasn't, and isn't," Blair says. Network Worried The network reportedly got worried about the situation because it was thought the public might have some doubts about newscasts done by a man who also acts as spokesman for advertisers. NBC sent a memo to chieftains and upper echelon talent which said (in substance) cut out any activity that could be interpreted as a conflict of interest. Blair, sometimes referred to as John Kennedy--"He wants us to top talking about matters ol aith. He isn't concerned aboul hereafter; but what will hap- :cn in November is driving him iut of his mind." Such commentaries are earning! Sahl a pleasant fortune, but he admitted th?t it is sometimes an. uphill fight. He faces the double' eopardy of anger and silence. The anger often comes from persons vho object to his deflation of their heroes, as with his Genernlj dacArthur crack at the oscarcast a year ago. He mentioned that in' .he triumphant return to the Philippines, it wasn't certain whether he general would walk through or on the water. The silence is even more disconcerting. "The problem is that only a Few names get immediate recognition." the comedian complained. "If I tell a joke about Nixon or Kennedy, I get laughs right away. But 1 don't have much luck with Johnson or Stevenson." Sahl has another problem that increases with his fame. That is some of the figures he satirizes. He admits to being good friends with Stevenson; he has often met Kennedy and shares the same manager with Kennedy's brother- in-law Peter Lawford. "It's hard to he satirical about people you know," Sahl remarked. "I may go to Chicago and meet Nixon. He probably won't know me, so he'd have no reason to 1« hostile. I'd probably come home and tell people, 'You ' know, he's a pretty nice guy.' " HEAT WAVE TAIPEI, I-'ormosa (AP)--Taipei is in Ihc fourth week of the severest heat wave to a f f l i c t this Chi-j nose Natinnalisl capital since 1945. j Temperatures between 95 and 100 | bprefrs, c~m*" ":il r -d by hich hu- ; midity, have been recorded. the millionaire announcer ("Nol true," he says, "the government gets most of it") has been busy as spokesman for lour advertisers other than those on the "Today" show. "I've never gotten any condeni nation from the public about com mercials," says Blair. "It would be interesting to know what the public attitude is." Blair's contract with NBC de scribes him as n commentator, but he says "I'm the last of the standup newscasters." 'There was no ultimatum from NBC telling me that I have to give up free-lance commercial work," Blair says. "If it came to a showdown, I'd probably stay with NBC, I would not give up 25 years as a newscaster to become a commercial announcer. But there are a number of questions involved here." For instance: "Let's presume T tell NBC I can't give up commercials because they bring me a sizeable By JOE tEWIS LOS ANGELES AP) - The mocrats, who tako pride in be- nglng to the party that repealed ohibltion, are faced with a cris- of vat proportions. As convivial bunch of two-fist- drinkers as any other political rty, the Democrats won't be le to buy, tell or drink liquor In o Sports Arena, site of the 1060 invention. And when they go next door to » hugs outdoor Coliseum for the nal session and the Democratic evidential nominee's acceptance eech, it will be a time for sober flection. The same rules apply lere, too. Not Even Beer A raft of restriction's imposed the state-county-city commis- on that runs the Sports Arena nd the Coliseum won't even per- it the party of the bourbons to uy a beer on the premises. "No one around here is old nough to remember a similar n," E spokesman at convention eadquarters noted dryly. He addd: "It looks like the bar across e street Is going to do a helluva u sines s." The Democratic p a r t y isn't eking a reputation as guardian of guzzlers, he noted, but a cool brew or two has been known to allay frayed tempers in tha heat of a sizzling convention. Not Needed James E. Doyle, executive dl rector of the Adiai Stevenson campaign committee, commented "Liquor is not considered a necessity in the Democratic convention hall. Unlike the oratory at ths Republian convention, the Democrats' speeches are never dry." For those who need some form of liquid refreshment, there will be plenty of healthful California orange juice, soda pop, milk, Iced tea and coffee. That's the promise of Carolyn Latimer, coordinating secretary for the various California host committees charged with keeping the delegates happy. "Besides," she added primly, "the convention will be stimulating enou3h without liquor." EDUCATIONAL TOUR HATT1ESBURG, Miss. (AP) Mississippi Southern College hu scheduled an educational tour of the Western states July 18-Aug. 9. The tour, covering 8,650 mile* in 16 states and Mexico during 23 days, may be taken for coltega credit in geography or history. From One Exquisite Gift.. * A DIAMOND BRACELET G-R-O-W-S income. Of what value am I the to the advertiser? The advertis wants me because of my ass elation with news. Will he at want me without that assoclatior 'On the other hand, if t 'Cleanup TV' directive is goi to apply to everybody, it will ha to apply equally to me. I assume that under the directive I would do commercials on the Today' show but not on a free-lance basis. Then, there's tho problem of contracts. I've got free-lance contracts calling for my services for the next two years. You can't just break contracts. "There's one thing T am certain about. I'm a newscaster. That's what I want to be. I'll go along with NBC within reason to maintain my status with the company and as a newsman." That remarkably zany man with the mustache, Ernio Kovacs, (10:30 p.m., EDT-ABC) is scheduled to vanish Thursday, Aug. 4, for the summer. In the time slot will be--guess what? --movies. However, these promise to be older than anything else on TV. Titled "Silents Please," they will be half-hour versions of. silent Tern start with a beautiful c«rrt*Tf44ee"oV one rail cut diamond. Tien-- oo day, anniversary and other ipeefcl lioni -- : add another diamond sxl leaf ornament, When the bracelet b «QfM«], be a fabuloot tntmn (t«T! w««r(wMj pride , . . and cherish tonne. For bm ii truljr the gift that grow» meat With timel 18K Wilts Gold Bncdt will GcoM 1 Diamond ao4 chaitd onuun Addition* of 1 ditmood epptoc (72.50 Take thlt coupon to your grocort It's worth a dime on Krey Sliced Beef 2nd Gravy or Kroy Salisbury Steaks. Offer expires August 31, 1960. MR. fiftOCE*: w* *« itdm toll mpoa fcr L0J phi U fcjtjfas. irmi *I tftii eSH bm bttn wrplfd *ri1t. IUH cocpou Kriy FxWai Co, P. O.-Bot 12*0. CH«tw», tewi. fivakts frcrfu par (u» ftf i-jffcJnt iteck lo urtr cocpo» i^wfuii crwi b* ·pci rujcttt Cmfetmr ravit piy my uta U*. LlrJt *,-» Coupe i «£d If im 1l pfcWtilid, reilfkW cr tited. Hiiui« ox Cn* tiU 1/20 uat. (Ccvpoi Kurt M r«!e*mi bjr YOU CAN MIX YOUR IMAGINATION WITH KREY CANNED MEATS! "Aloriauurgers": pineapple slices lopped wilh Krey Salisbury Steaks and rich mushroom gfavy. See what you can do with Krcy Salisbury Steaks! Ret Krey-get biisy-anrj you mijihl gel some flowers, tool

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