The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi on May 27, 1965 · Page 2
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The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi · Page 2

Greenville, Mississippi
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 27, 1965
Page 2
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2 "Tlfursday, May 27, '65 Delia Democrat-Times News Briefs 'THOMPSON, GENTRY TO GET DEGREE ; "Greenville Lodge of Masons w i l l confer Ihe Master Mason's degree 0:1 Edward Morris Thompson and Charles W. Gentry al the lodge meeting Friday night at 7 o'clock at (he Masonic Temple. Along The Waterfront .- . CROSBY GETS APPOINTMENT : Henry Y-, Crosby, of the Greenville Board of Realtors, has Iwcn appointed, local representative of (he National Institute Hslale Brokers, it was announced lodav. Queen Flies Over Commie Territory B E R L I N (UP!) - Britain's Queen Elizabeth [lew over Com- 1 barge en roule In the company's mimisl terrilory (or llie first log camp wliere [he barge will he visit (o Wesl loaded wilh logs and brought lo welcomed by ihc plant at Greenville. Motor vrs- Motor vcsicl Robert R., of Ihcljj 1 . 1 "'.' 1 Chicago Mill and Lumber Coni-|i"w"ioi pany, departed from Lake Fci'gu-ISijln" son at 7 a.m. today wilh one i c °" » j^d boo'i o-d KdDV oid Mi.X OM-IO V/c-- ilKbdtrl Ik* munist territory t i m e today on a Berlin. Sim was eDO'h from tffn~ d 200 \eiifli re- u'd b« J-eafd bt- e rodoy. vided would of Real' clu?Dr '"- i " a 8' wav ' n S crowds of Berlinm. Tens of the streets thousands jammed MAGNOLIA CLUB TO JVIEKT ·Thc-Magnolia Coin Club meets tonight m 7:30 at the Missis-i,, n ,,., i^,. , . ! , ,, , r - sippi Power and Light Company building. All interested persons,^ milcs bclliml lh ° Ir0n Cur ' of this divided city are invited to attend. ; - TO ATTEND'INSTITUTK Mrs. Rulhana W. Evans, Librarian at the 11. M. Nailor Elementary School in Cleveland, has been selected as one of the 30 elementary and secondary school librarians who will participate · 'in a suoimer institute at the University of Illinois in U r b a n n , 111., .from June 2L to August M. : ·;:;-. COLEMAN VANDLIZED IVandals broke'.'inlb Coleman High School some lime Tuesday night or early-Wednesday morning, police reported loday. Hie door on the west side of The Communists, althought Ihcy protested the visit, made no attempt to interfere wilh the Queen's plane as it flew here without an escort from Wesl Germany. sell Paul Cliotln was tied up at Standard Oil Company dock after arriving last night. Motor vessel Invader arrived late Wednesday and went on drydock at Marino Welding and Repair Works. Unloading pipe will be completed Friday at [he port terminal, foot of Washington Avenue. Queen and Prince Philip the one-hour flight from The made the Koyal Air Force base at Guetcrsloh to the RAF's Gatow Airfield here in a twin - engincdi Ctli '° Aiwtovcr plane via the llannov- v.r-r^n er-Bcrlin air corridor. : [M.V- n .,i:^ o -intruders gained'/entrance through ' the building then scattered drawers and papers in three offices. ·School officials said they could find nothing missing. FREEDOM RALLY TONIGHT \ The weekly Freedom Rally will he held tonight al 8 al t h e ; Miller-Memorial Center. Reports by Ihe school dcscgiegiitiini ram-1 * * * milfee will be heard. .,.,,.,, . A r f c K inspecting a tom - · · ORGANIST HONORED l i r n n , B r i t i s h a n d Trench honor -r- ^ .Mrs. Pct^Nunncry was honored L;is1 nJ R ht by ihc mission coin- gimr(! a t lhc fie | ( | thc roya) 'milloe and v,cnr of St. John's Episcopal Church in Lclnml for L u , c , sas dlcerc j Oh Ule 22-5 »lier. years of scrvrcc as organist and choir dircelnr. Slie was I ,L , ·,.- n f n w .. t n ar r. n · : presented,,^ inscribed s i l v e r - t r a y l,y thc vicnr, .he Rev. Paul!" 1 ' 1 6 ll " VC ml ° WcSt Bcrlm M.-Thoplpspp;. lit a parish supper \Vcdncsdoy. : .; t: ;PROBATK PRACTICES SEMINAR . Thfrjslatfc.anH local bar associations, in cooperation w i t h the ;,UnivetsEly of Mississippi, today sponsored n one-day seminar .on probate.seminars at thc Downtowner Motor I n n . Attorneys from around, the Delia were expected lo nltond. Among those speaking were Chancellor S. B. Tlwimas of Greenville. Chancellor William H. -BIzzellvdf Cleveland nnd attorneys Williiim C. Keacly Sr. of Grccnvillcrtliesl'or Curtjs of Clarkwlulc and Ellis G r i E E i l h of Cleveland. Greenville attorneys Joseph U'roten nnd .lames Robcrrshnw · headed^ the county bar association's plnnning committee for thc scnlinaTi which' was held through thc department of conferences nnd institutes at Otc Miss. vill.-Ltl, ol 7:30 o. ol 0.50 h. ilppl Kiv.r i. today. ol lh Gll.n. i 36.30 (··! 24.ho.jf loll G t f E E r t V I L l F BASED V E S S E L S rnH'ord k e Mi'La-i eai'v Jcdi/ 'o l-cli^fi irettvillt Ic^-lrvj Co-"n'.?ftf i V/al'e- Wil inTion m IB ?lQ a-cf i-suihba-nd on Iht \r-r.v i fti*e/. EC.T MtCoel 01 ok o-vl d'jwrbtxirtd en iht \"i Ir-p n**' lawhoni Ohio Ch o I I V E R SUCtS E.VII i*d a i i he towei Mmiupci . , . Poiiiiont a- 6 a.m. of Orlia o.i v.cken vcueU I r: Juried J. E. 8-17 nnH nofVhojr.-J en fht Power M'tvivpni, H n D*an, rn'lt 4' [ i(XJlhbou"d en ih» totitr M'ltiii'po k T.. -- \f 17/ and wn'bovnd on Ii ocfal Canal . . . Al'*r chonqlrg n\ arvJ mVi-.-] CT lopnlict at V/arf«'c 11 nr 11 p ·». Icif n ^h\ Voile/ Tov;- Ssrvict i-o'of vencl Cily ol Gieer. i ia:i,ced at 6 a -i. lodoy, 44 r-ilei i V^i» rerj^'ied ai MemoM* d icVuigi.-.g BO ar rf-o Oelio Beimeiv - - - Boih ' i City B'Kqe l^ne'i V.elir.cfo B-, O--Kk Hobu-i receded -n!tfir,y Ihe Kar l.i/ rd,-bcr al m le 335 arxJ i.cboL-r^ irr« Mitiouri Pi/«r. The Hobart Ii Sv toun U. S. Wants Better OAS WASHINGTON (UPI)-Political factions in (Jie Dominican Republic are still so deeply di- that active civil war continue except for the presence of peace k e e p i n g : orccs, U.S. officials said today. They said that an inter-American force to maintain order would be needed in t h e troubled country for a considerable time. Administration sources said there still had been no political settlement between rival regimes on a broadly based coalition government. A lot of diplomatic work may be needed before there is llement, they said. Not only are there major dis- Stormy HUAC Hearings To Be Finished Today CHICAGO (UPI)--Demonslra-l The ourburst came 30 minutes tors tried to storm police bar- aflcr five teen-age fiirls were ricadcs guarding a stormy hearing of the House Commit- . V/hiie Cloi-d. Ko-.iat. M a - A r k PCBL frcm eDOfl«d agreements between the rebel I ·egimc 70? crJ loulhbcr.nd i along the Communist wall. Many men look their hats off and held tlicm over their hearts as the motorcade passed. Special Session Is Now Expected JACKSON (IJPI)-fiov. Paul Johnson declined Wednesday to ; BOYS' STATE STARTS SATURDAY ·-.:,,, , · RAYMOND, Miis. (UPI) -- About-Mlfl high school boys j-allicr al ·. , Hinds County Junior College here Saturday for Ihe Mlh annual V · sessi_on_ of_Amcrican Legion Floys' Stale. jtuture. speculate on a cial legislative dale for a session lo c J spe- u indicatd , he ear SEND MEMORIAL GIFTS CANCER SOCIETY BOX 74 . Greenville, Miss. 1 1 SUSPENDED FINE He told newsmen prospects LOS ANGELES (UPI) --Mu- were "pretty strong that it will nicipal Judge Jerry Paclil'bo soon." The governor said he Wednesday looked bcncvolcnt-'didn'l know whether he would ly at Thomas II. Carter who call Ihe session before or after appeared before him r walking charge. "At the age of 93, entitled lo one free jay- final enactment of the voting righls bill approved by the U. S. you nre Seiiale Wednesday, jaywalk. Another special session to con- «'% 1 CARAT Star O 1 Happiness COMPARE VAIUES SEE SPECIALS IN (KIR WINDONt from this court," said the sidcr matters such as highway judge', "Ihe fine is suspended." improvements and measures to let governors succeed themselves in office was hinted ut by the chief executive. The governor, on anolhcr matter, said a recent meeting of Southern governors on the new federal requirements for school districts receiving federal a i d 'showed there is common ground on which Southern governors can gel together." lie said, "I think it is good to have tlicse meetings and work out problems that nre common In the Southern states." MATCHIO DIAMOND R I N G S Total Weight WrJff.n Guoront«» For A l . t . VliAll ' TO PAY A'.OIQ» u^ *NI OO/;N IMF · o 5 · O . I -o ·, ·0.50 Vlrh« ly" lllf. . Ds-i . -- Tc*in B «nr 5irrr Shin rrncucd in Gl-ritr cl . -, lb orxJ dv^n Mill Nnt-ty, n/ Ihc m 'cndir.g l «i'3Q:fll E c- ths lo, M,«*u pr -or corcou-d on . . O'H: nl 6 O.IT :-jH o-i iht Tt- y lowing Ce~irwji or mil- 3 1 5 ,unl Conol. Seminary Honors Editor ALEXANDRIA. Hodding Carter, editor-publisher of Ihc Delia Democrat-Times, Wednesday was awarded the Virginia Theological Seminary's Doctor of Humane Letters degree at ils graduation cxercis- s. ft was Ihe lirsl time in the Episcopal Seminary's 142-year history that it awarded an honorary degree lo a layman. 'hie cilalion wilh the degree noted Carter's "service to the social conscience of America in this lime of revolution." It also said, "Your perspec- live transcends Ihrough your books and brilliant editorials Ihc sectionalism of both geography and race." * * * "YOU HAVE pioneered for better education, Ihe national arreslcd inside the Four were carried building., from the BOMB EXPLODES KUALA LUMPUR, Malays!* (UPI) -- A terrorist bomb made of Soviet dynamite exploded Wednesday night under a bridge in the heart of ths city. The blast caused, only superficial damage and theri Police said !.'« job appeared tee on Un-American Activities hearing room when lh;y negan^ o ^ lhc work of an |:.M a i a y s ; a to sing "America." Tire was carried oil when she ran to (he front door of the building and cried out "They're taking away our people!" A total of 32 persons had ot them was beaten to his knees by police. About 30 white and young persons crashed through Ihe barricades. Two were arrested immediately. Others lay t, ccn ta j( en mto cus tody by po- '°;|icc and marshals since the °' hearings opened Tuesday. Thc name of Dr. Jeremiah Stamlcr, noted heart disease researcher at the Chicago Board of Health, has not been mentioned in two days of testimony t paid FBI informers who in- 1 (rated the Communisty party. agents from Indonesia. down on the walk leading the old U.S. Circuit Court Building, where the hearings were in progress They linked arms and began singing the civil rights song "We Shall Overcome." Police began removing the of Col. Francisco Ca-| lie-down demonstrators bodily. Deno and the j u n t a of safety and defense, the freedom 3rig, Gen. Antonio Imbert Barrera, officials said, but there are divisions within each of those camps. IN EACH camp, (hoy sail there nre some factions who would prefer to see no political solution if it cannol be their own. Despite this, sources said, there is grounds for optimism because relative peace has turned, normal economic life is slowly beginning to return, and the temper of the- country appears to favor peace rather la n war. Officials said the restoration of basic order, whore there was anarchy a few weeks ago, had left the Communists with great- Husband Of CR Worker Will Sue DETROIT ( U P I ) - T h e bus hand of slain civil riplils workc: Mrs. Viola Liuzzo said Wednesday he plans to sue two local police officials responsible for sending a confidential report about his wife Sheriff James lo Dallas Clark of County Selma of creative writing equality, driving back from|' n - mens 1 hearts and minds Ihe ' and civil i'V TMl u ced opporlunities to step the winds of fear." the citation said. Carter is a communicant cf St. James Episcopal Church in Greenville. Five bishops of the Episcopal Church were awarded honorary degrees of doctor of divinity at (he graduation ex- Slates is slreamlincd machinery meantime, pushing the United for more decision - making the Organisation News Of Record The following people were sentenced in cily court Wednesday: Charles A. Peoples. 1220 Garden Dr., speeding. 515; Thomas R. 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The following people were sentenced in city court Monday: Houston Armstead, 233 Muscadine, drunk, $15, concealed weapon, S55; Albert Williams, -·s Hotel, tresspass, J15; malicious mischief, S55; Ed Jackson, GOT Sicily, drunk, $55; Margaret Prince, 336 S. Sixth, drunk, $30, whiskey possession, $100. Flour Boone, 405 Wnllhall, drunken driving, (DW[). $100, careless and reckless driving (C£K). $15; Cleo V. Mullins, 280G E. Alexander, CR, $15, DWf, 5100; Jack Ransom, 1647 E. College, pointing and aiming, 5250 and 30 days, discharging firearms, $250 and 30 days. .Iimius Daniels, 514 Cleveland, bV[. $200 nnd 00 days, days suspended; Fletcher Ctiancy, al large, drunk, $30, whiskey possession. $100; .1. C. Singleton, 610 Glosler, drunk, $55", assault nnd Lattery, 555; Frank Maridox. 236 Nevada, DWI, $250 and M days, leaving scene, $55; Gerald C. Jackson, 710 Tyler, CR $15. Ernest Causey, 312 Persimmon, speeding, 530; Leroy Smith, Wildwood Plantation, speeding. SIS; Read A. Stoval Leland, $30; Johnnie Cohea, 411 S. Broadway. CftR, $30, running red light, 5!0, no driver's license, 5100. Headstart Grants Are Announced WASHINGTON (UPI)-The Office of Economic Opportunity today announced an additiona 380 grants totaling $15,714,513 for Project Head Start. The program, intended to help poor children prepare to enter school for Ihc first time this fail, provides for an eight-week training period this summer. MISSISSIPPI grants arc: Coahoma County--1,945 chil drcn; $340,103 lotal cost; J341,- 313 OEO grant. Holmes County--100 children; 513.330 total cost; $19,330 OEO grant. I eflore County--1,000 children 5211,021; total cost; $1S9,G91 OF.O RANT. Slinrkey County--360 children; $39,683 total cost; $39,5S3 OEO grant. Yazoo County--360 children;! $60,383 tool cost; $51,215 OEOj g r a n t . ] Stale tola!--5,275 children; $9-12,008 total cost; $591,578 OEO int. ' of American States (OAS) to permit swift action in a crisis. Secretary of Stale Dean Rusk was to attend an OAS meeting, ogether with the foreign minis- era of several Latin American nations, either today or Friday. The matter probably will be hrashed out during this session. TIME TO UPDATE your carl 'rices and terms are mighty attractive right now. Turn back o Classified and seel Clark said he asked for the report because his life had been threatened hy a Detroit Team' nsters Union worker. Mrs. I.iuiuo was shot ant killed March 25 while operating shuttle service after the Sel ma to Montgomery civil righls march. WARREN, Mich., Police Commissioner Marvin Lane oblainp* a confidential report on Mrs Liuzzo from Detroit Police In spector Earl Miller and sent to Clark. Lane said he was act ing out of police courtesy. Liuzzo, a Teamsters husint-s: agent, said he would file a civf suit against Lane and Miller The report eventually landed in the hands of the Ku Klux Klao Liuzzo dropped a request foi a public hearing on the release of the information. 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