The Daily Inter Lake from Kalispell, Montana on November 13, 1957 · Page 1
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The Daily Inter Lake from Kalispell, Montana · Page 1

Kalispell, Montana
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Wednesday, November 13, 1957
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LONDON (UP -- Britain's major petroleum companies cut gasoline prices today for the sixth time in a year. The reduction amounted only · to three farthings ''(three-fourths of a cent) and still left the prices higher than, they were before the Suez blockade last year. Standard car fuel mow costs 66 cents a gallon. Cloudy - SOCIETY MONTANA HELENA Mostly cloudy, with rain or snow this . afternoon, tonight and tomorrow. Little temperature change. High 'today, 43. Low tonight, 32. High tomorrow, 40-45. Foi · thta~wlnter' s fuel oil.necdsT'Su SK6-4321. City Service, Texaco. SH Green -Stamps, too. adv. -UOW 1° Claims Victory THE DAILY INTER LAKE 1 B 3 U 0 1 B I H ' _ ' ' ' , ' . · T : 0--172. KALlSPELt, MONTANA, WEDNESDAY, .NOVEMBER 13/1957 1 2 - P A G E S - 7 CENTS Kalispell Chamber Stages Annual Banquet MILAN, Italy (UP) -- Five persons · burned to death last night at nearby Melegnano when the eas tank of a .motorcycle exploded and set fire to i farm'ho use. Authorities said the blast occurred when farmer Angelo Aga'zzi, 41, used a lighted candle to look into the engine ^~ his cycle. SARASOTA, Fla. (UP) -- State comptroller Ray E.-Green filed a §150,000 tax lien against the estate of the Ringling Circus family yes- running mate on the Nacionalisla MANILA (UP) -- President Carlos P. Garcia, one of Asia's outstanding anti-Communist leaders, claimed victory tonight in his bid [for re-election. "With about 25 per cent of the votes counted at 6:20 p.m. (5:20 a.m. EST) the popular 61-year-old president was out in*front of his nearest rival, Liberal Party candidate Jose Yulo, by more than 151,000 votes. "All is over but the shouting," a presidential spokesman told newsmen at Malacanang Palace. He said the president would give his ^'victory statement" at 8 p.m (7 a.m. EST). But Garcia failed to carry, his terday, charging that taxes on the estate have not been paid during the last few years. The suit was filed against the estate of the late Edith Ringling, ticket.-The vice presidency went to opposition Liberal Party candidate Diosdado Macapagal. The latest figures gave Garcia 486,312 votes to 304,288 for Yulo who died in 1953-The estate, which 1 and Macapagal, 611,421 to 365,848 includes 60 lots in the town of for Nationalist vice presidential Sarasota, a number of buildings and a 47-square-mile tract in eastern Sarasota County, is in the hands of an executor. PARIS (UP) -- Japanese authoress Mrs. Kikou Yamata had the distinction today of being the first woman of her country to be named a knight of the Legion of Honor by France. Mrs. Yama'ta, who has translated into French and published her numerous works on Japanese folklore, was awarded the honor yesterday for her -contr. to national education. ition MADRID, Spain (UP) -- Sen. Mike Mansfield (D.-MonU, a member of the Senate- Foreign Rela- candidate Jose Laurel Jr., son of the man who was puppet president of the Phiilippines during the ADJUSTING THE MICROPHONE for the principal speaker, Orvin-B Fiare third from Wt ic Matt Hrrnsl. master-of-cere.onies for las'? nignVs .fnual dinner* ' . - s annual dinner.of the Kalispell Chamber of Commerce. Others seated at the head table, left to right, are Mayor Claude Walter, W. B. Sweetland, Fjare Urges Area To Think Modern . . ., . . - . and Robert Gay, Junior Chamber presi- icts the modernization of the Kalispell business district during the past Orvin B. Fjare, former U.S. con( But, he pointed out, the cham- gressman froni the eastern district Japanese occupation in World War of Montana, urged members of the II. Jet Bombers Make Long Non-Stop Hop MANILA (UP)--A flight of three twin-engined jet .B-66 bombers flew 8,100 miles non-stop from California to Manila today in a show of U.S global strength. Kalispell Chamber of Commerce last night to "keep thinking modern, but don't destroy the foundations" on which the community ber of commerce is still "the greatest champion of the free enterprise system." "You're doing a good job because you believe in this country,V Fjare said. "But it's not enough has been built. | to be citizens of AmericaVwe neeS Fjare spoke to a capacity crowd. disciples of America. at the annual dinner meeting of the Chamber at Temple Tea Room. Using the . Chamber's ' dinner theme of "Modernization" as his' subject, Fjare cautioned members that "we are living in a modern age." He pointed out that there The United States Air Force was' a r e men in the world who can following up this flight by sending 40 fighters oh a Trails-Pacific flight in ."Operation Mobile Ze- tions Committee, began an in- bra '" an operation to show how the United States could help friendly nations involved ia "bush- Ore wars." Three bomrers arrived over Manila at 3:30 p.m. (2:30 a.m.-EST) their visit 'through' Satiu-jen-r : p.i?te 'to Cli.rk' Air Force Base day, the -couple will-: visitVtheir^flb'tsTde 1 the Philippines capital for daughter Anne, 23, a Smith Col- spectlon tour of American military bases in Spain today. · ' Mansfield and his wife flew here from Casablanca aboard a U. S. military .plane last : , night. lege student currently studying at the University of Madrid.-' · Zapotocky, Czech , Premier, Dies VIENNA (UP) -- President An- · toniu Zapotoaky of Czechoslovakia, who masterminded.the Communist coup of his country in 1948,. diedj today of a heart attack. He would .have been 73 on Dec. 19. Prague Radio made the announcement on its regular 7 a.m. '(1 a.m. EST) broadcast and then followed it with funeral music. Zapotocky, who led a charmed life amidst purges behind the Iron Curtain, died in the Prague State Sanatorium. He was taken .there seriously ill Ncv. 4. He had suf- fered'his first ' attack two years ago. three weeks training exercises. A fqurti'i bomber was expected in about four hours. The planes attracted wide attention as they swept over Manila at 4,000 feet, anrt crowds swarmed into the streets to watch them. ,' Nine B-68s began the flight from George Air Force Base, Calif., but five turned back when they missed a rendezvous with a refueling plane ' A sixth gave up at Wake Island. Zapotocky was one of the Reds who engineered the Communist takeover of Czecholsivakia in 1948 and promptly became premier. He rose to the presidency on the death of Klement Gottwald in March, 1S153. fashion a hydrogen bomb of such size that it can destroy "all, of the fish in the'sea and all of the birds in the air." ' NEED LEADERSHIP "Think of your responsibility," the Big Timber businessman and rancher, said. ,"We-_need .leadership 'in'all'fields/'' ::r i; " ; '- 1 ' : ; : '.' ·'''· "Weycatf no longer be a people to s i t ' b y "and let George .do it. We must serve and'you must .keep . "To earn the right to live in Kalispell you must work for it.'.' Members were nominated for the Chamber board of directors during the .business session con4 ducted by W. B. Sweetland, president. Nominated were Robert Gor-i don, Willis; Gorton, Dan Korn Jr.,' Vic Lohn, George Marcure, Larry O'Neil Tom Penninglon, Frank Richard, M. F. Thompson and nt to Speak in Oklahoma erts Huddle Over Tests WASHINGTON (UP) _ Two pared tonight to deliver a second lop Army space-missile experts have been summoned here for urgent conferences tomorrow on the launching of an American-made Frank Wheeler. Five of the npm- satellite. inees will be elected in a mail bal- , At .the, 'same time, the United States is pounding home that at key locations all over the world it has nuclear weapons ready on ' ' ' - ' ' ' ' ; lot. Sweetland reviewed the year's activities ofvjfhe - Chamber. · :.and |5^inted-out:tha^it-has*been ; a ^defensive battle?'. He,'saTCihe'Cham- ber had been in the · forefront of a battle to retain -Northwest Air- up your job in the Chamber of j lines and U.S. Highway 2. He said there are plans'. for two general meetings next year, one a meet- Commerce." Fjare said that man's first creed was "to live." He said that with the dawn of civilization and Christianity, his creed became "to live and let live." He said that in this ing of committees and chairmen to outline the year's program. The Chamber president thanked his board of directors, committees sive, counterblow " should - Russia launch a.surprise attack with bal-i vme AJa -' "chins up" science and security speech at Oklahoma City, Okla. TWO EXPERTS Called to map plans with the Pentagon and the National Academy of Science on the satellite effort were German-born rocket scientist Dr. ; Wernher.ypn Braun at 12:15 p.m. EST and arrive ^« 1 ^'' Ge ?-^ ohn %'Medaris,Ji n Oklahoma City at 5 p.m Commander- o f , the Army's Hunts- TM ' ., y ' ' ' -' WASHINGTON (UP) -- President' Eisenhower takes his campaign for American self-confidence into the Southwest today with a major speech in Oklahoma City, Okla., on "future Security." The address from Oklahoma City's Municipal Auditorium at 10:30 p.m. (EST) will be carried to the nation by radio and television. It is the second in a series of special efforts by the President to bolster public confidence at a time' many of his countrymen believe Russia is forging! ahead in- satellites, missiles and general scientific achievement. The President was scheduled to take off by plane from Washington National Airport listic missiles. missile center. ', There was no indication whe- The two developments put the' * ner their presence would, mean a nation farther oiit in seizing the|? peed ~ u P in tl e placing of a fully- propaganda offensive from Russia as President Eisenhower pre- modern age, the creed has become'and chairmen, the Evergreen Communists Win In Central Java JAKARTA, Indonesia (UP)--The Communist Party won a thumping victory in an election in the special Central Java District of Jogja- karta, unolficial returns showed!' today. The returns, almost complete, showed the Communists leading by 2-1 over the Nationalist Party. In third place was the moderate Masjumi followed by the minor Gerinda.faction The Moslem Mali-! "to live, to let live and to help to live." He said man's motive must be "serving his fellow man with his fellow man for the good of all mankind." Fjare pointed out that "any man who contains himself within himself for himself is an idiot." "There are those who are trying to change our way of thinking and trying to convince us that opportunity is gone," the former congressman said. Businessmen's Association, City Council and Junior Chamber of Commerce for their assistance during the year. He assured members that their money had been spent wisely and said Chamber mem- sembl y VOJed emergency powers bers have spent 4,000 to 5,000 man-l*°/ r6mi % . F ? Ux Gai » al 'd shortly GailEard Gets Special Power PARIS (UP)--The National As- Teachers," .ran last. Whifefish Armory Receives Approval Ships Continue Search for Plane HONOLULU (UP)--A fleet of. 16 ships, spearheaded'by the'mighty ,. . . . . _ . 'carrier Philippine Sea," resumed * e Party ° f tbelr "vacuum cleaner" sweep of the Pacific today in sear v ch of a missing Pan American Stratoclip- hours during the year on activities. VISITING GROUPS Clark Mason, Chamber secretary, introduced visiting delega- before midnight last night to deal with the spreading Algerian rebellion and new outbreaks of Moslem violence in France itself. Gaillaid turned today to another pressing problem--economics. He *"** .7 f ·*"»·«. uuw^.^.1* · Y *.Ji-ii»J3 vi^i^go,-- -, - -. t , tions from P o i s o n , Mlssoula, g ° 8S ^ e f o r a , the assembly tomor- Fernie, B.C., C o l u m b i a Falls, Whijefish, Bigfork, Somers and Hungry Horse. Members of the board of directors and Mayor Claude Walter row witn a demand for emergency financial powers and will ask it to approve a move to raise 247 million dollars in new taxes--a plan already under, fire by the right wing. were introduced fay Matt Himsl, The assembly voted GaiUard the WHITEFJSH (ILNS) -- Fin« approval'has been granted for the proposed construction of the one- unit National Guard armory at federal funds for armory construction on a 25 per cent state, 75 per cent federal basis. The Whitefish armory, to house 1 per. The plane vanished Friday with 44 persons aboard while flying from San Francisco to Honolulu. No traca of it has been seen. Harry Kiely gave the invocation. Entertainment by Dick Riddle's "Campus Capers" from Montana State University was received enthusiastically. In the group were Riddle, Judy Riddle and Cara Bog- emergency powers after hearing that the Algerian Nationalists had "opened a new front" in France itsolf and were planning to open a new battle fron in Algeria. The vote was 344 to 211, a com- gt-ss, all of Libby; Byron Christian foftable margin but less than Gail- , spend about four hours in :the Skirvin Towers Hotel before going to "Where are , we "going to be in 10 years?" . . . FEDERAL AID, He said, federal aii~ x jquict b e " provided if necessary to meet "the~" absolute necessity" of increasing the scientific output of American schools. instrumented satellite up with the Soviet sputniks. That"is sche-, duled under the-Navy's non-mil-i itary "Vanguard" Project for next spring. Launching of six-pound test satellites are set for next month. But last week Defense Secretary Neil H. McElroy called in the Army in an effort to spur the satellite effort and assure its sue- the auditorium for his speech. 1 Sen - Joh . a w - B "cker (R-Ohio) * PPhnpH tnrlati fVm "Dt-oc-irl *%«*-'··. ,,«,, RETURNS TONIGHT Eisenhower, keeping · up the strenuous official pace he has followed since the Soviet Union set Sputniks zooming into space, won't pause in Oklahoma City for a night's rest but will board his plane about midnight for a sleeper jump cess,~ although the government . D a c k to Washington. previously had ruled out the use of military missiles. Vanguard officials, who had to design their own propulsion equipment; said the United States could have beaten Russia in the satellite race if they had an Army Jupiter-C rocket from the start of the International Geophysical Year project in 1955. Medaris and Von Braun were expected to work out with officials here the size, shape and weight of the satellite they will hurl into space with their powerful Jupiter-C, a test rocket which has been, used in atmosphere re-entry experiments. PARIS STATEMENT In Paris yesterday U.S. Air echoed today the President's concern about luture scientists. In an address at Central State College in Wilberforce, Ohio, Bricker said the quantity and quality of scientists and engineers produced in this couutry compared to Russia are cause for much more concern than Russia's satellites. Senator Says Benson to Quit After Touring RALEIGH, N:C. (UP)--A mem- interferes, fly later in the day to ber of the Senate Agriculture Corn- Tomorrow he will preside over the second National Security Council meeting o£ the week at the White House and attend in the afternoon a meeting of defense industry executives organized as a civilian reserve force. On Friday morning the President will meet with his cabinet and then, unjess some new crisis Augusta, Ga., for a long weekend of golf. While the President tonight is expected to follow his main theme of "Chins Up" for America, his particular points of emphasis were expects;! to be continuance of a strong mutual security program of foreign aid to friendly nations plus Force Gen. Thomas. S. Power in-,the pressing need for substantially dicated America has planes in the ' " of Kalispell, Bill Williamson of Box Elder and Bob Ruby of Billings. What They're Saying Whitefish,-according to Capt. Roy Battery A of the 639th Field Ar- M. Duff, commander of the Whitefish unit. : According to a letter received from Ma j. Gen. S. A. Mitchell, state adjutant general, "A suitable tract of land has been do- tillery Battalion, is expected to be similar in construction and as large as the new two-unit National Guard Armory at Kalispell, with the exception of one wing, which, will be -eliminated. Classroom 1 By United Press CLEVELAND -- Gen. Nathan F. Twining, chairman of the joint chiefs of staff: Edward Doyle, asked by Sen. John L. McCIellan if he were "apprehensive of personal violence": . "Our strategy is built on the "Well, you've gotta die some- policy that we will be prepared to use atomic weapons in any war. nated to the state and the abstract'and general floor space would be of title and the deed have been " reviewed and approved' by the office of the at f orney, general of Montana and filed with the secretary of state." . : In, addition, the National Guard the same. The armory project, approved by the National Guard Bureau last year, has been delayed until recently because the original planned site for the building was unsult- WASHINGTON -- F o r m e r President Truman, on President Elsenhower's missiles speech of last week: "A right gootf speech, want to see some action.'' time, senator. You can't live forever." BOCA RATON, 'Fla. -- John S. Knight, ; : president of the Knight newspaper chain, praising the nation's press for courageous exposes ( of racketeering ia government and Now I labor: 'At no time in the history of air around the clock armed with hydrogen bombs. Although he did lard's vote of aprpoval by the as- not specify what their bomb load sembly. .The special powers act-gives the government pohce powers to cope with the rebellion. These include the right to conduct^night searches and assign forced residence was, Power said "they're not carrying bows and arrows." v His statement followed the record flight of a new jet KC-I35 tanker plane from West'over Air Force Base, Mass., to Buenos (close ta housf arrest). They we're'Aires, Argentina, non-stop and given to Socialist Premier Guy Mollet on March 12, 1956, and must be renewed by parliament within 10 days following the formation of a ne\y .cabinet. · rot refueled. The plane was piloted by Air Force vice chief of staff Gen. Curtis E. Lemay in an obvi- improved scientific education- in this country. The President feels deeply that the United States must step up its output of scientists if it is to maintain its present standing in a world community moving swiftly into the space age. Eisenhower met in late October with a large group of top-flight j scientists during the early'Ameri-| can jitters over the Soviet Sputnik. He reported later he was "astonished" to find their chief concern ous display of air nuclear striking.was not the relative scientific po- P° wer - , 'sition of this country now but Bureau, Washington, D.C., has I able. In addition, the original authorized the State of Montana, abstract of title for -the present to negotiate for an architect- ehgiheer in connection with the Whitefish 'armory project. Gen. Tilitchell has requested that the State Board of Examiners appoint an architect-engineer for the pro- piosed armory. Site of the pro- armory land required several last minute changes before it was made acceptable to the^state attorney general. NEW ORLEANS -- Rep. F. Edward Hebert (D-La.),»on General Motors Corp.'s offer to repay $9.7 New Anaconda Foil Plant To Benefit AAC at Falls journalism have professional stand- aids been so high never be- million which Hebert said they terment." fore have . . . editors worked so constructively. for community bet- had overcharged the government for jet fighter planes: The Whftefish National Guard! "The American people can draw unit, one of five in the '639th Field!their own conclusions . . V in the Artillery Battalion, presently uses posed armory is a five-acre tract the. facilities of a building at First of land east of XVhitefish. .Estimated total cost of the 6ne- 'unit building is $84.000. · Funds were made available by the 'fast State Legislature to match Street and Baker Avenue. These facilities have- long been; inadequate for training and storage' of equipment of the 80-member battery. . x - \ history of this committee, it is the first time I have ever heard/of, a corporation making such an offer in cold cash." ... . WASHINGTON -- Yonkers, N. Y., Teamsters Union official MIAMI BEACH -- Dr. Mason Trupp, suggesting that many of man's headaches -and brain ailments are caused by his lack of a waggable tail (and can be cured by a tail nerve operation): , ·. . "Even though evolution has deprived man of his tail, he has not lost Jhe desire and compulsion for wiggling it. COLUMBIA FALLS ftLNS) -H. G. Satterthwaite, manager .of the Columbia Falls plant of the Anaconda Aluminum Co., said yesterday, that the proposed acquisition of the Cochran Foil Co. .of Louisville, Ky,, by the Anaconda 'Company would benefit the Columbia Falls plant. "SaUerthwaite said acquisition of the Cochran plant would provide an outlet for'.'the Terre Haiite, Ind., fabricating plant 'operated by Anaconda and that the additional outlet for ''Terre · Haute would aidkibe Columbia;Falls re-i ductiqns Work;''··, ~.'' ?·'.. . The Columbia Falls plant manager said that the new plant would give the Columbia Falls unit decided aid in getting rid of its stockpile of aluminum which has caused a reduction in production and work force at Columbia Falls. Satterthwaite said that the new plant -"might Hasten" the return of employees . to the Columbia The Columbia Falls plant manager pointed out, however, that it will be "sometime next year" before demands from the Cochran plant are felt. R. B. Caples,. president of. Anaconda Aluminum Co., said yesterday in Columbia Falls that his: current visit tp the · ' company's i plant is a ''routine" one. He said mittee says Agriculture Secretary Ezra Taft Benson will resign shortly after he rcUirns from his world tour. Sen. W. Kcrr Scott (D-N.C.) said that Benson had been conviced that he is a "definite detriment" to the Eisenhower administration and will quit in the "very near future." Scott said "his departure will be graceful. I am certain the President will agree to keep him in Washington, probably as a special assistant and adviser on world agricultural problems or some such thing. "Instead of actually firing him, the President will probably 'promote' him to a non-active .position where he doesn't have to come in contact with the public, especially farmers," Scott said. In his weekly "Washington Report," Scott said Benson became convinced he was a detriment to the administration after he made a tour to gauge opinion about his farm policie.s. "The reaction was very unfavorable, both from farmers and from the general public," Scott said. He added that'Benson also found a lack of congressional support, even from members of his own .'party, for^hls proposal for more flexibility in the price support, program. Scott said there were reports in Washington that high level Republicans have convinced' President. . _______ Falls plant who were laid off due he was in the area to visit to the cutback in production. He said it would "have a lot to do" with preventing curtailment, of production once the Columbia Falls plant is back at full capa- Icity. : few days with the plant manager, Satterthwaite. Caples said the recent purchase by. AAC of 2,215 acres of land adjacent to the present plant site "doesn't signify aiiy- thing for the present." H v' ; Eisenhower that it will be. impossible for- the GOP to sell Benson's policies in the 1958 congressional elections. Foreign Exchange Canadian dollar, $1.04V In U. S currency., . v -

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