The Corpus Christi Caller-Times from Corpus Christi, Texas on August 5, 1951 · Page 76
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The Corpus Christi Caller-Times from Corpus Christi, Texas · Page 76

Corpus Christi, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 5, 1951
Page 76
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Cost of Paris Fun Rockets Upward record numbers of dollars Irwu i record numbers of tourists. The ; general attitude of the city seems to jbe: "They come here for fun, and j they'll have it. Only this year fan | just costs a little inpre."" ; | If a visitor is tempted to eud it ; I all in a swan dive off the lofty j |Eiffel Tower, he would find that! Dates for Painting, Sculpture Show Set Corpus Christ! CALLER-TIMES, Sun., Aug. 5, 1951 li-C! PARIS, Aug. 4. tf» - The hi-h astronomical The average in-r.»p-J even t!e hi S h cost °- f committin e - ^ :ost of having fun is growiae hisrh- in r,H..» J^± .. ;^ mc , r '^suicide is gating higher. The fee| The lsth almual Painting; and f | Sculpture Show, formerly Use Tex- ·as General Art Show, will be held^i^^.? at £ of dinnei a in:u * beu - Expert observers such as Maxim's, ' * for an elevator ride to the top of; i tlie tower just went up from 40 to 70; 200 franca .^xpon observers of the gay,Tour D'Argent and others known ? Uie tower just went u - u {rom 4U t o 7 o i » city s gay night lite - and that is bc-vond the end of th-i* own streVi francs (K to 20 cents '- At night'from October through January lo- just about anybody still on his is "about 15 o v °o ···' . . » lrer Mtt-» ·«» 4= -nn ?,,,,,.,,,, ;ET --i... i . - . . . . » feet after midnight -- estimate the tourist season " porcent SWCe Ia3t : average cost of a cupful -nd a n ' A '· eyeful has gone up about ?0 per ' , y dumer above the "business! cent in the last six months alone : tnan s special" category will .aver-! That means that a lot of you'tltUe o°f noLSe TMne Tthe' people planning vacations in Paris: wine is old enough to gather dust on had better transter funds from;the bottle, the price is higher Jr -souvenirs and miscellaneous" to'course , "entertainment" on your budget -- i ^Prepare to sit in. your "hotel;evervS'' Tirkrt of Admission i ^ f f ? m be ? r to b . eef bouiguignon. | champagne liVegro Jazzman, | French Woman I Plan Marriage : C? Pictures which are accepted for! ANTIBES, France. Aug. 4. ihc show will be exhibited in San'--Sidney Beehet. well-known Anier-1suinr. Antonio. Dallas and Houston. i ican Ke fiw 1^'- musician, said to: ,i_«_ 300 bottles of champagne, 100 bottles of aperitif and 50 gallons of cocktails. j The chunky, white-haired Bechet| iis considered one of the greatest! i Dixieland jazzmen on clarinet and! .saxophone. He has been playins; Paris and on the Riviera'this i Irs so RASV to IMPROVE YOUK FIGURE MAKV HEUKITAGE, Mgr. 614 Elizabeth Phone 3-3198 BOOKS-ART Sponsors of the Sculpture Show are the Museum ;of Fine Arts. Houston: the VVitte an in this colorful next Friday. Mayor Henri Rarnbaud will per- NEW BOOKS Tikf ohimn-*TM * - » I The v h »ve changed the face of the m i KM u P S e for stance, i famous Left Bank quarter tradi The bubbly beverage is the t i c k e t j tiona! hangout of successful kndTun of admission to most night clubs, j successful ' ol succtSh)1UA and ml such su ' i,-:ble of If un writers ; wd rttete a t h m TM tha »-j an * the multitudes who v^ To be S ate the cover charge or min- thought of as such ; (Potter) ? ^h rge nrt W £ !h to l° * A ycar "£° hundreds of ex-Glsi "Portrait ht club and are shown to a! were living there La Kfftama Library "Golden Hammock" (Irwin) "Best One-Act Plays of 195051" l.Mayyrga) j "Some Notes on Lifemanship" » « glas to A by Kathie" (De on the 575 a'Leeuw) , .. . under the GI Bill' "Written in the Stars" (Fisher) ii there.!of Rights to study in Paris. , -"Nature's V.'ays" (Andrews) of beer,;Less Leisure " , "James Reed Parker's Open u, mil: Isow only a very few of them House" (Parker) champagne can make it without at least part "The Watch" Levi time jobs, which th ago the bottle of chain- the r-ou-s they onci pugne would have cost you $10 .jr : i n sidewalk cafes Irtti-io- TOPI- n-nr more, depending upon the swanlciJand bearfe ^w pm^ly ^h-m ' ^°"- ^ics ' (Kcnyon) ness of the joint. Now the average ian ^M V C.I 'Music in the Life of Albert price is '.ip to 514. "' Tnvio ,^ ,. ui , 11 · Schweitzer" (Schweitzer) And that bottle of beer - if'JJTsJartm^rSS ^^ "^' ^ With Dreiser " D t e l you can talk the waiter nlo b n m j - i f n r p s av^ .m r,iU,,f I K \ ^u.. cr) Nueces County Urary "Killing Kin" (Hocking) "Au;rust Incident" (Dean) "Silver Ladies" (Evskine) "Beautiful Stranper" (Carey) ·, "New Shoe" (Upfieid) " ! '·Somhern Teritory" (Tallant) "De.sert Campfiro" (Sims) "Now or Never" (Cnles), "Kay Everett C;Ul.s C Q" (Lob-, senz ntgn iSunday afternoons in the.suburban \ i K i t u r s who develop a hunger; parks u i - i . i a ! ) o v o n i n g o u t in Pa.-i^ UM:! With its 2,000th birthdav pn-tv 1 ""- ve ^lu'well under way. Paris is cslractin" "I Need Your Head To Do Business" LOYC'S Beauty Shop L o v e l y h a n d s ! L o v e l y h a i r ! VVITTEK BYXN'ER NOTEWORTHY AUTHOR Student Rush Delays Some GI Paychecks By TUE ASSOf'lATKD 1'KKSS Most Texas colleges and voeat- 1 o ... ional schools are jammed with vet-;at Bynncr's. in^New before the July 25 deadline uii-jissi and graduated "r um ^ ao - arci ,, der the GI bill. |in 3902. The appearance in 19171 y ' As a result, some Veterans Ad-; of "Grenstone Poems" first called i ion - Clark, now chief of Army j ministration offices in the states!htm importantly to public atten-'f' 6 ^ f° rces in training, said on u, j say there have been delays in send-.tlon, and prior" to the biography, visit today the Army has Definite {ing subsistence checks to the Glsjhis most recent work appe.-ired in P'ana for "altering the uniform or I in school. i 1947. * j the foot-slocr-ing doughfoot so i \Viiter Bynner. who has ,'i.iest knoTOi to the American read-,' | ing public as a poet, may become' better known as a prose writer I I · S TllTMTltrVlT»f»11 thanks to his new work on D. H I J.iAleUlU.^IiUll Lawrence,'the novelist, and Lawr-JT 1 ^ C n.* Cr»^«,'.,l (sice's German wife, Frieda. | ·*· " vrCL OjJcl.-Icll The hook, called "Journey With inn p Genii'.?," records a friendship be-j 1 VDC Ol gun when Lawrence made his first j ' A visit to this country and SDrtit hisi SEATTLE. Au-. 4. IB -- You i Memorial Museum of San Antonio, !f or jn'the ceremony uniting Beehet land the Dallas Museum of Fine [and Elizabeth Ziegler. formerly a j^rls. j German but now a French citizen. i Final deadline for entering pic-!Both are in their fifties and have itures in the show is Oct. o. ibeen married before. i To be eligible to enter t h e ! Afte r toe wedding: 12 orchestras ishow, a person should be a resi-! wi11 P la . v in a ^ am session while dent of Texas, or a former Texas j marching in a big parade from ditist living temporarily outside i t h e Antibes city IsalJ to a night the state. Temporary residents of! clul Uvo miles awa V- T\venty the state will not be'elisrible to en-1 dcm ' s wlU be ^e 118 ^ ^ flutter t cr " ; over the parade. ,, , . . . . . . . . : : The wedding lunch will include Entries must be original in do-; .-- - . s gn and execution, and should not have been exhibited before. A number of cash awards are to be offered in the show, it was announced. Periods of exhibition for the show will include: Oct. 23 to Nov. n. Houston; Nov. 25 to Dec. 16, Dallas, and Dec. 30 to Jan. 2C-, San Antonio. The jury for selections and awards will be composed of Robert M. Church, director of the Philbrook Art Center, Tuisa, Okla., Conrad Albrjzio, associate professor of painting at Louisiana State University, :ir.d Rpben IX Straus, honorary curalor of oriental art al the Museum of Fine Arts. Hous-. ton. ; A number of local artists ! j h a d pictures accepied in previous ; exhibits of the Texas Genera! ·Show. Among: the Corpus Christi j artists who have had work accept:ed are Mrs. Adele Thomson, Mrs. 'Lucie Locke, Mrs. Bess Gregory .Greathouse, Mru. Felisa Owens",; :and Mrs. Emily Rutla:id. of Robs-i Dial 2-7221 countn' and spent hisi first night in an American home' . , soon q m c y *» P rcdicted ,-, T .. I, Olllllv Librar The El Paso Times reported that about 550 GI students at Texas' Western College :md E! Paso Ter.h-i nical Institute had not received !ll«/\L- m »»I»Jl« C I 1 i checks for June and July. (BOOkmobllC Schedule 0r. James G. Allen, dean of! HT/W^AV -o T,, student life at Texas Tech, Lub- * IONDAY: pea '' Place, 2:00 bock, said some veterans there had sloggi I he'll instantly be recognized as a front-line combat soldier. i "In my opinion the 'doughboy' | is the most indispensable man on ithe battlefield today," Clark told ! .i luncheon meeting. "It's h i g h Lon-jtirne we pay him the respect that TUESDAY: Reguds, 9:00- ··"-"^"l t J C V - V A O W 1 J * l j » V, L \ _ l l i l J Q H i t i *r illA'-l I i . IJ I t - - . .. found it necessary to borrow from! d0 "' ^"j, ° lapman Ranch - 3 °: :!() j is his due the college loan fund until they get!_^ ,. u " tbDA * Hearth, 9:00; "Qur thinking is that we must Cuddlhy, 30:00 j altach - cerli THURSDAY: W. W. Smith, 9:00; | f o r m p e " FRIDAY: R. B. Cafe, 9:00 Nicholsons, 9:30; Meltons, 10:30 75* Value--both for only 49^ plus tax You akeady know how lovely your hands can be with Jergens Lotion--the world's favorite hand care. Now, to let you learn how soft and gleaming your hair can be --we offer you this generous bottle of Woodbury Shampoo--absolutely free I WOODBURY SHAMPOO is pure cocoanut oil casiile. Its rich, gentle lather thoroughly cleanses, removes loose dandruff--without drying the hair. Leaves your hair gleaming-yet so easy to manage! OFFER FOR IIMITED TIME ONLYI Ask for this beauty bargain today--in the yellow and black combination package --now at stores everywhere. their checks. An official of tlie Dallas regional office said that the jam was caused by an influx of two to three times as many students as were handled before June asij July-with no additional VA personnel t o j help the processing:. He said that| Fire Under Control most of the June enrollees would i have their checks by now. j ALTURAS, Calif., Aug. 4. (AP) The Austin VA office reported, The West Coast's biggest forest no more complaints than usual (fire of the year is under control, about late. checKS. | Some of the one thousand men The San Angelo VA office said;who battled the big blaze are beinf complaints of late checks were released today, but mop up crews slightly above normal. , w m patrol the smouldering area No trouble with late checks was]for several days. The flames sear- reported in Fort Worth and Temple | ed-25,000 acres of Ponderosa pine 'i ' in the near future. .iir things to the uni- bhie piping, so peo- 'there is VA offices. Rotation Plan Set WASHINGTON, Aug. 4. (AP)-The Army announced today tha' a limited rotation of personnel on foreign .duty will be resumed in September. The program covers Army personnel world wide, including occupation forces in Germany. and grazing land in Modoc National Forest. Rugs Carpets Cleaned, Dyed, Repaired Mothproofed! Horok's Cameron HOO o u _ fn D I A L 3RD KU 9 L0 ' 2-2222 HEAR THE W1LKERSONS IN THIS GLOWING GOING, GROWING Revival 7:15 Nightly exbrpt Sat, ALLEN IN THE PULPIT in the TENT S. Staples at 17th sponsored by First Assembly of God Warren J. Pierso!, Pastor ALLENE AT TKE PIANO JOYLAND'S VALUE DAY Specials MONDAY ONLY! Hours 9 'til gay, cotton washabies Girls' Blouses Pretty blouses of fine w h i t e broadcloth. Perky puffed sleeves and ruffled yokes. They're ideal for back-to-schoul. Sizes 1 to 1". Res. 2.50 Res- 2.98 180 Girls' Skirts New color ti-u;iit coliyu i! i.-s find inm-ity prints. K i n e v-tisi horn? . . . vM«- spuitis. KuM fiar* K M t h t ^ r f d , S-!i't-; ^*-\t i r;i: for your *OVIHK Reg. 3.38 Now Boys' Jeans Sanforized shrunk, 3 oz. denim, plenty of belt loops, copper rivets und Texas style with inside swing pockets. Sizes 7 thru 12. A Beautiful Rattan Dinette for Modern Living and 6 Choirs (as pictured) S348.75 Also see our Redwood Furniture for Oufdoora. just the |hing for this time of year! SWIM SUITS Now JOYLAND JUVENILE STORE Everything for Children Including Furniture i Toys, -- Ayers Shoppln/f Center-Free Parkint for GOO Cars Dial 3-2910 Attend Church Every Sunday ASSEMBLY OF GOD .NATIONAL BRANDS ONE and TWO PIECE » Selection of Colors FORMERLY TO 12.95 H A T S Final Clearance FIRST ASSEMBLY OF GOD IMS Sooth Brotvnlee Wnrrea i. Plersol, Pastoi 9:49 ».m. Bandar School 11:00 *.m. Moralnr Worahlp 5:45 p.m. GA Service 7:43 p.m. Evangelistic S«tv1c» HILLCREST ASSEMBLY OF GOD S«T ait S. W. Nub. Pastor 9:48 ».m. gond»7 Schooi U:60 ».ra. Morntac Worship 7:45 p.m. Evening Worship 7:46 p.m. Thursday, Midweek BcrDc* 7:4B p.m. Frtdar. Youth Service BAPTIST DOWNTOWN BAPTIST Sleiqolte a* Taylor W. 0. Hnltffren, Minister B:4S ivm. Bible School 11:00 Morning WornWp 6:30 p.m. Training Union 8:00 p.m. Evening Worship "In the Heart «f She City fur the Hearts of the City." VALUES TO 5.00 NOW VALUES TO 8.95 NOW VALUES TO 10.95 NOW 402 N. Chaparral FIRST BAPTIST JUS Ocean Drlv* 0. E, Hereford, n. D.. Pa 10:50 a.m., Ir. N. O. Bcttli "Sin Tmlveraal" 8:00 p.m.. Dr. Bettii on "IHvlne Mairnetum" SECOND BAPTIST CHURCH S08 Fnrznen Dr. n'fliren Walker, Pastor 5:4$ ».m. Sondor Schooi 11:00 ».m, Moraine Wonhlv 6:4?. p.m. Training Colon B:0(! p.m. Evening Servico 7:42 p.m. Wedneeday-MIdweeSt Cimrcb Service. BAPTIST CHURCH 2803 anlblrt St. Elder W. JT. Chsmtxrj, paiior Mjetlnt Flral and Third flnndayt 10:30 Bluitnc H :OD a.m. rrcachJoc CHURCH of the BRETHREN 1H JtUan Hi. Onn Blorli off Islington filvfl. Nsr Canneiway Int^noctlnn at Flour Bluff RAT. O« F. Spltier. rantnr STvlcf lt;UO ft.m. ftfr\'{ff'Yirll, 7:S» p.m. t«Tlc« »m Held in riutor'* homo. CHRISTIAN FIRST CHRISTIAN CHURCH 400 S. Broadway Sllnliter: Rev. W. O. Hurrijoa B. D. Sunday 9:49 a.m. Chnrch School 10 :M ».ra. Hornini Wor»hlp ffenaoti "Our Vision of Victors'" Br. M. E. Sadler 4:00 pjtt. CW Kho 7:00 p.m. Christian jouih FnUoweblp Monday 7:00 p.m. Boy Scout 'Jiinrsday 3:00 p.ra. CSii Eno Projte* Haur CHRISTIAN SCIENCI FIRST CHEHCH OF CHRIST SCIESTIST 11 :W s.m. School 11 100 Wednesday 8:09 p.m. All Ar» Iartt«a MISSOURI SYNOB TEINTTT LUTHERAN Ka Lootiiank Rev. B. F. Snenaber, futot 8:39 a.m. Sunday !f:45 Moraine WnrsMp 5:00 p.m. -- service. ST. JOHN LUTHERAN Kar. t, H. OrtuHauaa, ?ssjicr l«:4S ».m. School »:JO Momtnj Benrlo*. J:Jfl METHOD?ST FIRST METHG0IST I0!» Me«qclta at CHURCH OF CHRIST CHURCH OF CHRIST Fcrazn And tep!ev Sto. B. J5. Sliciiions, Minister BIW* Staff (a!! »s««) 9:t5 s.m. snd fi:30 p.m. Preafhln; and Oommontan Sb4 10:45 a.m. end 7:3fl p.m. Midweek Bible Stnir *o(t Sonff Dri!) dnfsdny 7:30 p.m. EPISCOPAL CHURCH OF THE GOOD SHEPHERB Broadway a* F»rh 7:JO a.m. Holy Commtmios 9:00 ».m. Family Service .1:00 Slomlng Fraycr A Sftrmo David S. LUTHERAN ST. MARK'S LUTHERAN CHURCH U. L. C. A. JIC8 (*. Alamodn Dr. Philip 9.. «ahltw,rf, ranior nnday Srtioot X:3Q Th« ScTlc* wtih Holy Communion 0: Sirmon "Thl» llo)y Ony" 8:45 ».ss. -- Charch SchooJ lQ:ia ».m. Morning Worshi (Brondcast 3:1! Sooth Fellnivshlp 7 :30 £venjnf Worship John Xtanabe, ST, LUKE'S METHODIST SalA Drive si EoWasos I. Bsr=m Moore, Z:W a.m. Snnfsy 9coo! rw» Morning 8«irlce B:W K.m. 11 A.m. 8:00 p.m. Aletliodlsi Yoonif 7:30 n.m. Evenaig Worahlf PENTECOSTAL FIRST PENTECOSTAL HOLINESS CHURCH 2806 BfiuSli TX 4-11SS Faster, D. S. tlltard . School t:W Worship Servifro Jl:ft» £vcnln( Servlca 7:3O pjn. Triitay f.n.YS. 7:30 p.m. U'lierc nil people of »U faitht rn?rt to worship PRESBYTERIAN FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH Sonflay Rphool. for til ACM 11:00 Morning tVorithip--nr, 8, Bmotm Mrljtna tfl\l Jlx-ak on "Th* B»*t lllnh" 7; JO Kvnnlne Worship -- Mr. Romrd , Unit* yURh

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