The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi on July 10, 1960 · Page 20
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The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi · Page 20

Greenville, Mississippi
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 10, 1960
Page 20
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Dolt* Democrat-Times 20 Sunday, July 10, 'CO Critics Page: Comments On Books, Drama, Music, Art, Etc: Fine First Novel By A labaman On Life, Strife In Small Town TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD by Harper Lee, Lippincolt, $3 95, 296 pps. Her name was Jean Louise but they called her Scout-a name her daddy, Atticus gave her. And though she was just entering the 1st grade, she could read almost anything in The Mobile Register, a fact that dismaj ed Miss Caroline, her teacher, and several other adults who did not approve of the way widowed At ticus Finch reared his two chil en. The scene is Mciycomb, Ala., a small town where snow was so rare that when Scout first saw it at age about 6 she thought a dis aster was occuring, -- where climate was so 1xt in the summertime that "ladies bathed before noon, after their three-o'clock naps, and by nightfall were like soft teacakes with frosting: of sweat and sweet talcum." T o m against unsurmountable odds of native prejudice. The novel, a first one by Miss Harper, shows the effect of this turn ol events on the Finch household, he Finch children in particular, Townspeople and friends slarl calling Atticus Finch a "nig g e r - lover" right out in the open. A t t i c u s , however, is not alone in his f i g h t , and the lest of fire shows a true spirit of justice and fair play among a not inconspicuous group of Southerners. This ii no onesided indictment of the South, or even a community but it is a penetrating insight into somo of our un- IIARPER LEE since a youthful indiscretion. Two main plot lines develop through this charming book se' in the impoverished 30s, liberally interspersed with amusing Scout was a profound tomboy who got into as much mischie and with as many wry comments about people and life in genera as Huckleberry Finn. Her chie heroes were Atticus, her sparr ing partner and older brother Jem, an amazing Negro nurse- cook called Calpurnia, and a summer visitor nicknamed Dill Dill inspired an insatiable curl osity about Arthur "Boo" Radley locked away in his house by stern parents for years, eve glances into southern life as seen through an unusually sensitive and precocious youngster. One concerns drawing recluse "Boo" into the open after many tantalizing near contacts with him, and the other concerns the trial of Tom Robinson. He U a Negro accused of raping a pitiable and lonely girl of a "poor w h i t e trash" family. Atticus, a lawyer of unusual wit and warm philosophy, is appointed by the court to defend 1OY written codes and definitions of quality, approached with child's candor, flashes of righteous anger and bemused irony (as the intense concern of the ladies of the missionary c i r c l e about sin and squalor among the faraway Mrunns.) There are so many beautiful incidents in the book, reminiscent of Mark Twain at his best- a flight by' frightened children through a cabbage patch in the middle of the night, a visit to a Negro church and a lesson in how x preacher boosts his cotlec lion for the needy, a near-lynching diverted by three children, am an unusual pennance paid by a boy for destruction he caused in avenging his father's name. This is undoubtedly one of the best first novels of this year, possibly PHONE ED 4-9511 I ^ *f* °' *"* rovel = "JT* "" II of a fairly dull year for fiction. DAVID BROWN Television Highlights By BERNARD GAVZER NEW YORK (AP)-Convcntion, convention, convention. Trial's about the substance ol television network programming activity this week as cameras turn to the big conclave at Los Angeles where the Democrats wil pick their 1960 presidential candidate. There's some non-political view ng to wind up this week. NBC telecasts the All Star base all games Monday (12:30 p.m.! rom Kansas City and Wednes day 10:30 a.m., color) from New York. Pre-convention coverage in eludes a Sunday lineup with Pau Butler on ABC's "College New Conference" (12 noon); Senator Kennedy, Johnson and Syminglo on NBC's "Meet the Press" ( p.m., 1 hour); the same trio o ABC's "Convention Preview" ( p.m.); Adlai CBS's "Face E. the Stevenson o Nation" (4:3C Mostly New S t u f f "M; (New Books at Percy Library) NON-FICTION Charles Clinplin, Jr. -Father, Charlie Chaplin" Although highly personal, natur ally, this is far and away th jest biography of the great com edian yet to nppear. Charles Jun ior's critical appraisal of hi father's comic genius--rcmarkab impersonal and fair--is explain ed in the brief foreword inspi ed by Lord Birkenhead's biogra phy of his own father the grea English jurist, which was brough to the author's attention whe he was a child. This is a gen uinely important biography whic s highly recommended. Harry J. Johnson, M. D. -'Guide to Better Health" ve In Paris. After a convent ducation and a brief career as shop girl in a clothing store, a lance encounter with King L"Uis XV led to her inslallation as he King's mistress. As portrayed ; the author, Madame Du Barry ·aj a generous and selfless wo- nan whose only concern as to ove those who l'ived her. Read- rs who like well-rcsear:hed his- orical fit lion will find this very :atisfying reading William Styron-"Set This House on Fire", Random House, 507 pps., $5.93. Within len years and with only three books, William Styron has attained a position among major American novelists. As in "Lie Down in Darkness," he is again concerned, though not exclusively, with Southern character, thi. lime with its disintegration am regeneration. The basic inciden is simple. The narrator, Peter Leverett NOW SHOWING ^jsyffjffff ffHy w*!w tKH» COLOR byTECHHICOlOR GREGORY PECK SUSAN HAYWARD p.m.) and then CBS's convention preview (5 p.m.) Beginning Monday, all three networks will be using prime evening time for convention coverage. The mentors, or anchor men, are John Daly (ABC), Walter Cronkite (CBS) and diet Hunlley and David Brinkley(NBC) Shows will begin at 5 p.m. or £ p.m. and continue until the conclusion of Ihe convention meeling each day. This book considers and ela- jorates the principles that govern healthful living. It emphasizes the importance of recognizing [he Inevitable changes in health, acknowledging them, and learn- 881 UPS UN 12 HOURS TO P-R-O-G-R-A-M Paint Sale of Discontinued Colors Flat Wall Paint % O 49 Semi Gloss Enamels $ Reg. $S.« GAL. O Reg. $7.52 GAL. Burk Hall-Tayloe Paint Glass Co. 1512 Hwy. 82 E. Across From P. 0. 3 s Phone ED 2-2529 a government employee returning to the U. S., stops in th little Italian village of Sambuci lo see his old schoolmate Maso Flagg. The next morning th satirical Flagg is found dead a the base of the cliff, a peasant 1 girl has been rapei and beaten un-i ti! she dies, and Cass Kinsolving, a drunken, psychoneurolic American painter and the butt ol Flagg's devilish humor, his temporarily disappeared. Though the case is written off as one of mur- 1ero Of Andrea Doria Disaster Tells Of His Life CAPTAIN OF THE 1LE, Raoul De Deaudean, McGraw-Hill Book Company, $4.50, MO pages "Captain of the He", a autobi ography by Raoul de Bcaudean relates this sea captain's exper cnces on the waters since the start of his career. Tho esca radcs of his cadet days and hi 'irst assignment on a capricious submarine are written in a vivii and direct style. He traces the strategic roles o! lis ships in their work during and after World War II. The final part is devoted to the tragic sinking of the Andres Doria and Captain Beaudean's actions as head of the He de France and whose heroic actions helped save 760 passengers. Captain of the lie is alternati- Ion on the kind of cargo below or m the passengers above. Captain Beaudcan Is always ay and entertaining. lilting example of the French People a IK Line Ire represents. He writes o! such things as the practica jokes of the sailors, the loading of reluctant circus elephants ac the adventures of a repatriation ship from Indonesia. The Captain's views on Ameri ca and Americans are fresh are affectionate, more similar t those of an explorer rather tha those of a frequent visitor to the United States. While this book does trace his career, each chapter is an individual, exciting ep sode. The most serious note is struc when Captain Beaudean relate the night his ship received an S 0 S from the sinking Andrea Dorea. Only as the tale progresse does the render begin to realize the danger of life upon the wal- ly descriptive, personal and informative, each shift of the author's style decided by a long calm voyage or a sudden storm; specula- continually and those who never eavo home. It i» a wonderfully ght way to pass the time. --Margaret C. 1919 HIT PARADE HOLLYWOOD (UPI) - Want o know what songs were popu- ar In 1919? Warner Bros. Installed a player piano in an Alaskan Hotel setting of that era for Edna Fcr- Kr's "Ice Palace." The popular songs on the "juke box" of those days were "A Cafe on the, Road to Calais," "Have you Forgotten the Time?" Rocky Mountain Melody," and "Hoi Hum! Spring is Here!" Captain of the lie is a delight-; ful story of adventure for those 1 who love the sea and.those who JUDY SINGS AGAIN HOLLYWOOD (UPI) - Judy Garland, one of slrow business' all-time greats, has added ber singing talents to "Pepe" which already boasts an imposing group of internalional celebrities making guest appearances. Miss Garland's singing \oica will be heard in a "Pcpe" se- became sea-sick at the firsl stepiquence although the star herself olf land, for those who travel;will not be seen. ing to love with them in order der and suicide, the remainder of to achieve the priceless goal-- a sense of well-being. Some subjects discussed: sleep, fatigue tensions, emotional heailh, diet, smoking, alcohol, heart disease, blood pressure. Uncolored medical facts presented for the layman by a physician, this book provides pertinent, authoritative information for the general reader. FICTION David Mynders Smythe, "Golden Venus" This historical novel based on the life of Madame Du Barry is n faithful re-creation of the life and times of France in the second half of the 18th century. It follows the fortunes of little Jeanne Beacu as she leaves her na- the novel probes minutely the past lives of the main characters, focusing through Peter's concern jnd his desire to know the whole truth. A large part of the action takes place in the Mediterranean village but the novel is also one of con temporary America and Ameri cans, of a world of conflict, too much wealth, too much sex anc shallowness and lack of values Styron's prose is rich, detailed extremely powerful, his blacks not black and his whites not white His crazy characters are believable, and he portrays as well as almost PINE BLUFF KATV-CHANNEL 7-CABLE 7 svmAr 11,15 OvLtvra II,M Bilhop SJ».n 12,00 lr» 11!. 12,30 Otureh of Chiiil 1:00 "Bern To Dorx*" "Ih. Dough Girl," 5:00 r\Hx?^Y fun. Ge A Home Improvement Loan . . . SUNDAY 9:30 Corriro 3 10.00 ChfiiKaA Sc1. 10.15 Living Word 10.30 Herald of Truth 11,00 Fhii Bap 11* Church 12,00 Baseball 3 , 1 5 Big Pkyba;k 3,30 LJr 4:30 . o) Inwiiolion 9;30 "Th* . ar Chi. Divo-;e« Estate llilS H-wj : i MONDAY 4 «) P*o Fceiba'l 7:00 Todoy If feed** total* t» JMMkr PLUS CARTOONS -Show Starts -- 7:30 JERRY LEWIS SUMDAY 9:25 Piayfi 9*30 TK» Ufa 1OOO Tho Ar.i*'er 10:30 Pcv Roger* 11,30 Dea:h Vcl!ry 12,00 CitizeVi 12:15 Jim McDowell \mrn-m Show Starts -- 7:30 P.M. KART RACES-2:00 P.M. Show Starts -- 2:00 o.m. 5,30 Caitoom 6:00 Iheii Ar. Th. Mtn 6,30 Mavirk* 7,30 towmon 6:00 Jf«u« S 8:30 Alolll. Inn D'amend" hOO Afaovl Fa:e» MONDAY 1,30 Crow Poodi 6:45 Ottnutm 7:OO Doy In te.rt 8:55 Dally Vtord 2:30 Gala Srorm 9:00 Cortoon* 3:00 Bioi Cfocfe 10:00 Movi* 3,30 Who You fn» 11,30 Sfcowcoi* 4:00 Bandrond 9,30 John Sfattals lli« N«._ . _ , _ 10-.00 N*w« 13,00 KfHtftt Gvn 5M McG:aw 10:15 "Dearti On 1?,33 Leva Tfior Bob 5r30 Copi. Gallon* BAflX JACKSON WJTV-CHANNEL 12-CABLE t 4 AS Tim McCoy 5:00 DefYKx/nr;c Convention 5.30 Twanilerh C«n1rv 6:00 lauia 6:30 I 7=00 F.d SulllvrM 800 G.E. Theotn. ,i l00 levo rf lff . 8,30 Nol Fw H.ra n , 30 j^^ f w 9.00 Luev In TTM«TM MONDAY Now 7,30 Cocnlry Show 12,30 \Voild Turn. 8:00 CBS Nvm l.GO Full Cii 8,15 Coo. Koixianx 9 : CO De;. SiJJ. 9:30 Spotlilo 9:3S V^es, Villa] 10 .30 Dear Horiicr-. 10:00 AL Hltjxo* 10.JO W.a. 10:45 N:gS Court "·« «~- 12 ''° O1! " Ii30 Hovi» Party 2,00 The rUillionali* 2.30 V»nflat Yovra 3:00 tHgiver fff 3.15 Saa.i S'crm 3,30 Edga of High* -1.00 Peopr«'» Oioka 4 : M POWVB 5:30 JuiilM READING time The All About Story Book $1.50 Stories Children Love $2.50 Picture Story Book $2.50 My Brimful Book $2.95 Little Brown Monkey $1.95 The Boy Who Ate Flowers $1.95 Stick 'em Pictures _ _ $1.25 Easy Sewing Cards $1.25 Origami $2.00 Funtime Things To Do $1.00 FEDDERS AIR CONDITIONERS CARLOAD PRICE -- NO EXCISE TAX BIGGEST DOLLAR BUS IN AIR CONDITIONING TATUM FURNITURE MUSIC GO. JACKSON - WLBT - CHANTfEL 5 -- CABLE 5 9,00 Roomwr Room 930 P^oy 5:00 Wee! Tha f 5:30 Bar Mai'*; 6:OO P*CD!B A/« Funny H- 6:33 WovdilA 10:00 P. 7,30 Lock-Up 10=30 f 8 ; 00 Chew ShowllrCO T liOO Qvien Fo* Ii30 lotfttfa Yovog ndi 2:00 Or, Mai to It Right 2,30 From ~ ^en!raiio/» Poo!* ih Or 3:00 Coni * 3:30 Adv. Ti 11.33 Cou'd Bo You 4:00 Bcm 12.00 Devcilwwl 5:00 til!l I?-10 Kev.-, 5:15 Nfwi 12=25 fiFD Tfltvi«ti 5:20 SootU Com»i TRY OUR FAST CARRY-OUT SERVICE · Chicken Livers · Chicken Gizzards BUEHLER'S RESTAURANT ^ MONROE KNO-CHANNEL 8-CABLE 4 ^:30 Face H^: Bo-*) ifurfy 5.00 Cf^-.a. Conv«nilc-» 5-30 Publ-c AHt A OO IcniB Dfr.n'i Th« 30 Sign Off MONDAY 7,«0 Sigi On 7i45 Poorer'* Stvdi 7:53 rV.arlM 7=55 Niw» 8:00 CBS N«-*i H:15 (-CD HOnga-0 7:00 td SulLvan 9:00 B-d P ow « 8 CO G. E. r^f3l-^ 9:00 C-i Ih« Ga 8:30 Al Hircheock 1000 [ucv 9-CO lixv It 10 S3 De:. Brd« Ccr^,*cT,cv1 11-O3 lov* aF lift 9-33 V/Vai'i lAf 11.33 ie^-ch lo 1000 T 3 A Tooioi/dw 12.00 12.15 Op« 12t30 At Fh« 1=00 Ful lr3O H ?:00 Ihl 2:30 Vf 3:00 Brfgh' REEVES TV SERVICE Pbone 2-7785 Guaranteed cellant novel, highly recommend ed, but not for the squeamish. Feature Picture "FLYING FONTAINES' Technicolor THURSDAY 10 A.M. 640 Washington Ave. Phone 2-0914 Veal Cutlets Sandwiches WHITHffB THOU GOCST, I WILL GO; AND WHERE THOU LOOSEST. I WIU. LOCX3ElTHYPCOPLCaHA.U.aEMYPeOPLEi-...rto» rut .oo« o, ,,,·,» EL DORADO KTVE--CHANNEL Ift-CABLE 2 9:30 TK-e» liv 10.00 W*arh«( 10.C5 La-*'. Well 11,05 S:gn Off MONDAY 4 Q Boeing 7,00 Toda» 5.00 Bci'cr* B l a t V T e 9.00 DoSeWl Point O.M Plcv Your cor Kuoth 7,00 Mutie n lc» f OO OWYV Show 0 00 Prtc* It R : ghl 1 r 30 [tx*Ma Yrxrrjg 9.00 _tc:e"a Ycimg 10.30 Cor.urTrallon 2.00 Ytwn« Di. IliOO Tru'h cr Cent Marte/^fl 11,30 Could 6. rou 2=30 Fion Th*»i 12,00 Ari. Niwt DooTt 1 2 : 3 5 Cr-urth 3.00 Con*dy TV^. 3-30 Bi*JctV:n * 00 "I Scv" "Js« 12,30 Pcoev 1,00 Qu-ei Do, S 00 Poocr* THE STORY OF RUTH...FROM PAGAN IDOLATRY TO THE WORSHIP OF ONE GOD...FROM UNTOUCHABLE PRIESTESS TO WOMAN IMMORTAL! CONDITIONED Staffs TODAY!! Oo.l I : 4 S P.M. PfiM» ED 4-3T73 FBI. SAT. 1 ALL TIME GREATS! "SAYONARA" MARLON BRANDO - Color "RATTLE CRY" TAB HUNTER - Color

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