The Lawton Constitution from Lawton, Oklahoma on August 21, 1963 · Page 2
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The Lawton Constitution from Lawton, Oklahoma · Page 2

Lawton, Oklahoma
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 21, 1963
Page 2
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THE LAWTON CONSTITUTION, Wednesday, Augmt 21,1963 POLICE COURT Traffic complaints dominated a TEST BAH Continued From Page. One . success with those of the Soviets." He added that any deployed defense system the Soviets are likely to -have now or in the near future "does not appear to be as effective, .almost certainly not than ihe Nikes ninnlrE: ft v.op sl^n. JCO homl forfellrc. Jan K. Worsoc. :7. or 61)6 Euclid, follow- IPS i«» closely In trnfflc. fined So. l.nvry R Wortlrldi:c. "1. nl' 4\W y. ThliTl. 'reckiesy di-lvin^. KO Ixuul forfc-Hod. Ellin B. Lmv«im. -_. nf 403 N. ;!lh. f.iil 10 yield the r!^hl-of-\\-ny, ,'tncd J5. H-.TihFl Dlol/. S3. or ISOC Lincoln, f u l l to yield ihe :-irhi-.if-w-Hy fined 5o. D;ivUI A. 1V-I1. -'6. Fon Sill. Improper turn, l-.m-rt J», Ler\nne Pills. IT, of -101 N. -IPlfi. fn'.I to \ : e l d Ihe rlfihl-of-wny, lined £,"'. John R. Cul'.m-rz. 21. of 1603 C. \rr\- p;-i per turn, fined 511). lluVr. W. U'n1s":\. ID. No. 33 N. 31sl. TV"inine f\ slop slijn. fined f't. An;h.nv P. C'MK. LM. of IJIlt Lnwinn. spiViUnc. fined Slf 1 . Rm U-(- r n m p i l n Jr.. 1?. nf 116 N, TCnllMMid. Improper muffler*, fined ?1U. Si aias. He said penetration aids now underdevelopment "will be effective against much more sophisticated systems." "In other words, wiih or with; out U.S. nuclear tests." Brown continued, "the U.S. penetration aid- capability gives us confidence that our missile systems - m i l penetrate presently designed ABM systems with a large margin of safety." President Kennedy waded into the argument Tuesday at his news 1 conference. ,lni-K!- W. Ves-cK IT. OJ SMI A. spiff,J r T . fined J n ,it: vunr.hic n slup yjr:n. lined 35. --Sharply denied a Teller charge that Ihe adminisimiion cunailed atmospheric tests last year for po. F..VI sin, f n i i ! litical reasons. iy. iiniii ». i --Disclosed i h a l preparations fur i!i;'"« : h'ne"' u"pder"ihe" inriuen'cc oi 'iniovi-'j u - s - Pacific tests are already tin- cn··:.. ??n ii.'i(i rnr[ciieii. dcr way as a pv.-caution to Soviet w. cniUi^vflV. it*, or HIT pish^p i violation Qf tho trealv K .-\d. Improper mufflers, JlO 'xind for- ] ^. . ",' -^. r ,, : -en. ! --Disputed a central Teller con- ; i. rapTM. «.. of .3(M S. ie:h. , tprition--thai - ihe Soviet .Union-is rt' llll L*Rwh i i? nf -wj smih, i ahead in the antimissile race and mum»rs. .'if hmn fi.rfeveL. ' I t h a t the treaty would cement the - Hk-k*. 16. of IK: Cotumbin, ' - · . T:i?wi W. Rrr»K.-. n yieiii iho ri^hi-ii/-i Rnlvh !-. rrommo', ' P i'i'n,ki Yanks In Paris Back Marchers Funeral Rites Freddy E. Franklin Services are pending, al Lawton . , , Funeral home for Freddy Edmond PARIS (UPU -- More than 500 j Franklin, 32, ol Duncan who died Americans fjled petitions at the Tuesday in a Marlow hospital. U,S. Embassy here today in a peaceful demonstration o[ support for the civi Washington Aug. Despile downpours Mr. Franklin is survived'by his mother, Mrs. Ethel Franklin, and three brothers. William, James, and Billy, all of Duncan. Ho is also survived by his maternal crand- parents, Mi-, and Mrs. A, McMan- omy, 914 F, Lawlon. rights .march in 28. of rain, about 515 petitions clipped from American newspapers published in Paris, were brought in by tourists, students and Americans living and working in Paris, white and Negro, both younc and old. Negro author James Baldwin and , : SO supporters opened the event by slaginj: a "walk" down the tree-lined streets of Paris to the embassy. (In Switzerland, a deputation i ial will be in Mount Olive presented E. McQuaid, U.S. c o n - j tery. Healdton. sul general in Genera, with a list j j lrs _ McOor.ouRh was born July of about 100 signatures of A m e n - , 25, 1379, at Ardmorc and lived most cans in Geneva registering 1 h e i r | 0 ( h c r ] iie in HeaJdton where she support for the Washinglon j was a me mber of I he First Baptist Spokesmen lor the eroLp | c h u r c h and Robef^h Lodw. She moved to Lawton about six years Birttie McDonough Services for Mrs. Birt'.ie McDonough, 8-1, who died in a local nursing home at 10 a.m. today following an extended illness, are pending al Becker Funeral homo, Bur- ceme- Traffic Violators Pay Heavy Toll OKLAHOMA CITY (UPI) -i Traffic law ' violators paid out I 5117,425 in traffic iines and court ] cosis during July, State Safety j Commissioner Bob Lester said to| day. In addition, a total of II years ] of jail time assessed violators, j "This just goes to prove that when Iraflic laws are broken, it costs rhe tra/fic violator if not one way, then another," Lester said. "Of course, fines, costs, and jail lime don't mean much when we consider that an accident can cost j much more in lives lost, persons i injured, property damage and i even civil law suiis." ; The July activity report also 1 showed the highway patrol invos- ligaied 3.166 accidents, made 6.- : 401 arrests and issued !S,931 courtesy warnings (o delinquent drivers. fined ^.i. K Cook*-. '2'^, (it 1W Wllllnrrn, rUI t h e n"h!-"r-*uiv, rincd RIO. d K. Kuyki'nnnll. .VJ. of 1330 lu:'n. \ .:. Su-mi ;'1. '.,.|y in '.rnfric. l. CV.ikT. 3'., , r.nod Jis. . mf So. ^TJ] G. "v.nR RADAR WAVES, RADIO WAVES' India has eagerly accepted U.S.-inslalled radar, but has turned down proposal to set up Voice of America radio installations on her soil. Nehru's Curious Two-Way Street march. said more Americans living in the area had promised 10 arid Ilieir signatures in person during the d a v j j By J.KO.V DKNXK.V Np\vspii|«-r lOnicrprlsc Analyst Well Down Compl During etions Week ago. Survivors are Ihree sons. Roy Fr-, Oklahoma City: R. E. Fry, Big Lake. Tex., and Jess Fry, -1J3 Greenmeadov,' Dr.: one sisler. Mrs. Tathie Ruburn. Wilson: six grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren. and connected communicalion i who warned him about Red treach-1 .. TULSA equipment." Did Nehru reject t h i s 1 offer hecause it would . T5 S .ISlh. full , fbed H. Cure. Knrtfice si- .\!t'i-rl r 't'7uii. I . Shirley i 5 B r t . n iii. fined * R i n Tollers, hftvMi^- n,, ^1 bond for nnvlni; n.i K'-»l fine. r'.-vn Sill. Im- · n. TillTM. ·Nihle mefl led ·i' 3-i±? Lineoln. check. y?o bond one 510 atomic explosions in the air and 97 underground. Although almos- j pheric shots were held lo a m i n - 1 imum. because of the hazard from j radioactive fallout, several more i were tired than originallv planned.! Mii'si" N'enru's latest 2. In response lo senatorial d e ; nonali CTTMnt. mands, the adminislralion is send- in;; the foreign relations and ,.,,,.. i armed services committees a lei* nf j ter detailing plans for Kennedy's Ifour promised safeguards against , or i any treaty violation, These are I continued nuclear laboratory t v S f work, readiness to resume atmos- -. plieric testing, a vigorous series of ^·underground tests and improve- i men: i:i methods of detecting loak tests. Already S22 million has been o-.e Kit ] earmarked and 511 million con- Irarted for harbor rirHging nnd tho like at Johnston Island in the certainly even broad- On ihese poinls Kennedy said: 1. After the Soviets broke the three-year IOM moratorium in .WASHINGTON' (NEA) - Amer- j jeopardize his "neulralilv" Ihe bniied Siaies^sel off 36 j ican ;n j]j, a ,. y anri economic aid to,' more than Voice of America India--"yes. I want it." j casts? The Voice of America -- "No, j According lo the Indian Embas- ] din's. it." ! sy in Washington, "This offer h a s ! However, in the view of Asian ery. Now, ironically, it is India's! "neutralist" Prime Minister who is warning Washinglon about MHO'S ambiUons and now Ihe West's inleresls coincide wiih In- This in effect sums Up Prime ' '· l£ ' en ac ceplcd since radar cover- diplomats, there is much more lo policv of ' ' ' - ' ' isl" has his recent agreement wiih the United Stales lo set up a Voice of America radio transmitted in Calcutta. He now sees the agreement as an "infringement" of India's nonallim- ment policy. Nehru actually said Ihis to members of India's parliament. The U. S. government, incidentally, earmarked the cosily transmitter as another friti lo Ihe "people of India" -- from the American taxpayers, of course. All is tnc rirs ' L TM1 U '^- Io1 ' e(fec i t i v e ail " ci" ferlse arrangements." i More than t h a t , the United lied personnel t'o (rain India's air j force lo master Ihe use of l h i s | highly sophislicaled equipment. ELECTION Continued From T'ape One new policy than simple self-defense. Pakistan. India's uneasy neighbor, is particularly dis- ald the U.S. is giving India. Pakistan is a staunch ally of Iho . . \Vesl through the Southeast As- All this in addition to the mas-! ian Trealy Organization (SEATO) i Five economic and mililary aid the | -- which N'ehru never joined.' U.S. gave (and is giving) lo In- ] Pakistan's President Ayub Khan j dia even while Krishna Menon | even warned recentlv that Ihis one-1 hacked Russia and Red China In i way b u i l d u p of Nehru's armed Ihe United Nations. · forces might force the weaker Thus, while Nehru has no reser-1 nalions of Asia lo look to Red Chi- valions about accepting U.S. mili-1 na for protection. | lary aid. he fears i h a t his n e u - i Bul Ayuh's warning seems lo | Irality mlghl be questioned If he j have cut Ilille Ice wiih President i permits ihe Voice of America to I Kennedy's liberal advisers. Like he Gombe Stream Game Re- IUP11 -- Well comple- ; seree Ls 60 square miles of forest- tions in the United Slates last i c d valleys and treeless ridges in week totaled 800. down 112 from ' Tanganyika. the previous week. Ihe Oil a n d ' Gas Journal said loday, Completions increased in Texas but decline^ in Oklahoma, Louisiana and Kansas. Tolals included Texas 2f9, up 62; Louisiana 115, down 37: Oklahoma 72, down 30; Kansas 76, down 9; Illinois 3-1, down 2, and Wyoming 21, down 1. The Journal .said the completions resulted in 347 crude producers 75 gas producers, SO service . . lhp Sla '° Depanmenl asked in re- broadcast ihe message of freedom i Oieslcr Bowles, Ihe U.S. umbas- tualily" -- resumption of atmospheric tests -- if the treaty is broken. 3. Secretary of Defense Robert S. McNamara already has given city, which is the only beneficiary of the I rust authority. Tho proposition lo be voted upon l h p TM? sl 5 P r cifie and clear answer provides that neither the cily nor its property, funds or taxpayers shall be liable in any manner for anca1 ln t n l s r ' lC%w and b - s - dc " the revenue bond indebtedness. It j vclopmnnt of this defense weapon is also provided that all expenses' doos not hmse on atmospheric in connrclion «T!h the ,'acilft.v may ," tcsts - bo secured only by,revenues dc-, "A good rived from Ihe properties and fa- ciliiie.'i. and lha! a statutory- mortgage lien will be attached to the property find fnriliiies. To Bp 1,'wfl for Bakery Tt is specifically provided Ihat the proceeds of the bonds are to he used to acquire a baking industry' by Mead Foods Inc.. and to pay the expense? incidental to the Issuance of the bonds. In acquiring the baking industry', the irus; may purchase t h e land, and construct, extend, im- id fa- tnrn waj the right lo use il three and democracy from Indian i sador lo India they are convinc- hours a day to broadcast Amen- soli. I P d that Nehru Is aj'so H great lib- ca's message to Southeast Asia. The fact is thai India, having era! -- "a major force for peace" There is fat irony in Ihis new been confronted with Red China'.", --nnd can therefore da no wrong. aggression, now views with even greater alarm than the U.S. ihe threat of Mao Tce-tung's p.tpan- "diplomatic" mix-up. Nehru's sec- announcement by his foreign ministry Ihat the · sionism. b.S. also offered In provide I n d i a - For years Nehru wiih India's Prime M i n i s t e r , in turn, is quoled as having said thai U.S. officials, "particularly Presidenl Kennedy." lully understood and aimed a d e a l ; .sympathized wkh India's .=o-caJled "a set of radar I n s t a l l a t i o n s ; ear to try American "Imperiallsls" i nonalignment. many other scientists with comparable experience." including Nobel Prize winners, dis- pule Teller's views, Kennedy said. Teller, Hungarian-born University of California physicist and Air Force adviser, testified i h a t he favored a limited tc.v! ban bul chanced his rr.ind after becoming convinced of Soviet progress. lowarri developing an antimissile defense. j He said the Soviel Union is : ahead of the United States in d e - ' veloping a missile killer and in its [ GAS Continued From Pago One that they don't want him In competition with them. "Under the law, iliis board has : volerl Tuesday lo gr.-ml a 25-yrnr Ames Votes To Grant Gas Franchise To Arkla A.MES - Rri- MINERS Continued From Page One 1 lo Ih" surf.'icn near this no authority to revoke licenses, and i h n t is what we are challene- ir.c "in district court." Lillard's petition said hr received a nonce lo appear Aug. 5 lo shew cause why his license should franchise [or natural pas service lo Ihe Arkansas Louisiana G;is Co. The Inwn h;u not previously had n.-iiurnl gas service- R. N'. Moore. Oklahomn-K.ins:^ division m.-mager for ihe KHS firm. Rescue efforts, which must be resinned !o reach Fellin and Throne, nre confined to driving a foot-wide "contact hole." This "contact holr" serve.' only as a means of s u p p l y i n g ihe two men with food and wnlcr until Ihe nr.xl phase of the oprnition--HC- The rrocedure is made possible riy a 1951 legislative enactment, Ihe "Lorn! Industrial Development Art." which was authored in rhe s:atr Senate by Law-ton's Sen. Fred R, Harris. nuge New Tlnnl TJnder plans of the trusl. if the bond issue is apnroved, the author- pnn'enl ihe United States from i ; acquiring the know-how he has, ! i And while ihe United Slates can . i do much ann'missilo improvement j ' with underground lesiing. he said, ! i"whaievor we develop will bo u n - i : rer:ain and imperfect, without a t - 1 mospheric testing," Senate ratification of the treaty, i The court petition said Rush offered to postpone the hearing until Aug. 30 lo give him lime to sell his business and that Rush sub- i was oplimislic nbout a solulion mi'.tod a list of persons and cor- . t o I he loui'-yeiu'-old deadlock, porations-lo whom he might sell; Aflcr hearing Wiriz's proposwl his firm. i tor settling the dispute, Sen. Rush, asked for comment, said, I H "K h D - STM 1 '" ***·· * M '- "' "That is not exacty word for word Ity will consrruct a new hakinz in- [ be concluded, would bc "a tragic i Ihe way the conversation went." dtisfrv rilani on a tract in East and dreadful mistake" which J He declined to say more. could destroy the United Slates ! When a ncwsmnn asked Rush to because the treaty is "no! a step i see a copy of the notice he hod sent Lillard, Rush said his olfice didn't have a copy. He said lh3 board's attorney had the only not be revoked. The petition said ] said construction of Ihe line 10 Lillard and his attorney visited. serve the lown will be^in immo- in his olficc ruid lliai Rush ; dialcly :mri the company hopes In i t u n l l y grlling rescue workcn; into advised him if Lillard would sell · h.ivc sen-ice under wny'by Oct. 1. l ' lc enU'npmcni. c;m be started, business there would tie no nil The 50-ton drilling rig had come 10 within 138 feet of Fellin and Throne Tuesday bul the anliclpnl- ed cscupc channel had lo bo abandoned when Fcllin reported by telephone Dial pressure wns causing cracks In the ceiling of their tiny chamber. Fnllin and Throne have been in iiion RAILROADS Continued From Page One well. 1 : and 318 d/y holes. They included 162 wildcats, of which 13 were produciive. STATE .10INS J'KOBK OKLAHOMA CITY (AP)-- Earl Goerke, director of the state crime bureau, said today his ] agents were siding in the investigation of the burglary of the Post Office and several business firms in Konawn during the night. YOU MAY HAVE PIN-WORMS AMD NOT KNOW IT Fidt^tinE.nonp-pic'KiDj;, atormeniinu rectal itch ar* often :elkHle .lien* of Pin-Worms,..tjcjy pirr.:il*»sLhatnid- Jcn.] experts .say inta-J out of every S pernoru: cx;rnincd. tntirc families mnv be victim:: .ind noi know it. Toectrid ,I Pin-Worm^, they mu5t b" killc ' in Uu- lirup intr-stino wh^ro (hey live find multiply. Thnt'acsarrly whi; Jayne's P-W Cfibleu do ... and here's how they do it: Finr--a flci^ntific co»tin(t carrios tho tablet.* i n r o the bowl. 1 * b"forp they riiwolvr. Th'-n--Jayne'? modern, m^diral/y-ripprovod JnprcdiVnC CO^P rieht LO work--killn Pio-Worma fjujrkly and emsily. Don'l Ti*kp chHnrefl with A^nz^r- ous. hichly contnsnous Pio-Worrns which infoct e n f i r ? families. G?£ C"n- uine Jflyn** P-W Vermifuge email, pasy-io-tskp tnbkis , , . F »ix«5 'or children and adulu. Special Dropouf Project Announced For Oklahoma City WASHINGTON' f U P I l -- A special youth projec! for school dropouts in Oklahoma City has open announced hy ihe Department o' Health, Education and Welfare. The depaj-lmenl told Oklahoma Sens. Mike Monroney snd Howard Edmondson and Rep. John J a r m a n it will put up S216.621 to finance (raining the dropouls in the Oklahoma City puhlic schools. O P T I C A L S E R V I C E COMFfJff OFFICES AT ZALE S 319 AVENUE *D* Fhont E 3-3456 QUALITY OPTICAL SERVICE AY SATUftW OPEN ALL DAY SATURDAY PROCTOR ELECTRIC TOASTER Jel ipeed «[«mefit fo" p t f f f C t looit, foiftrl Cleoni froiily, *fore» compocilyl Chromic S n i i h , blaclc Irim. BONUS GIFT! Modem, I n m polyeihylen* covered bul!«r dfih. No r t t r o eoill Z ALE'S . . h ' nk l h c TM % *** ""f 0 " c c - 3ui he added I h n l l h c P 1:in bc , !° T : that , Gate Industrial area, south of Lee Blvd. and east of the ROCK Island rn'lway. The building would bo 2fin [ O r peace but rather a step away xl-iO feet, located on a tract of 4,75 from safety, possibly a step to- ac«-s. ward war." Officials said the expansion nro- · Scheduled witnesses gram would create an industrial , ( -] u ded Brown- John S pa-\Tnll nf 5520.000 annually, -adding !) emoloycs to the 72 now cm- Mead's Lawlan nlant .vioaa s Lawion Plant. today in- Foxier- rii- ^adTation Ind Nor and Nor\ ris £ 3radbur' director of copy. Bishop said Rush has been holding a series of retailer meetings. around the state to get dealers "to Q !snu '°- lne : stabilize prices." "Mr. Lillard has always refused Works On Differences \Vinz was n l l e m p l i n f ; lo elimi- n a t e differences between the union and management spokesmen over Ihe proposed arbitration agreement and procedures for handling secondary issues in the CHARGE ITI · ,Tlfl p --Dial K.I. S-MM Open Thursday--9 (n 3 p.m. Rnnd S[. --R Open Thur^dwy -- 9:311 a. al EL ;). to 9 p.m. ·wish to register or transfer their | _ _ - , ,. -, ,, ,, registrations for the bond issue! . G c n ' Davld M - Shoup ' thp Ma " election may contact the election ; ^ nc Corps commandant, told a Sources close lo the j indicated t h a t Tuesday. Bui for 39 hours -- since 9 a.m., EOT, Monday -- Bova had remained silent; he was I fe;crcd dead. j ! Three laps -- the traditional j sign of safely in the Pennsylvania ' mines -- disclosed late Tuesday I that Bova Mill was alive. Fellin, [ who hd shouied 10 hias co-worker commillee i to tap, relayed the dramatic news of a i to the surface. _ j I . , , . . , , , , , , . . Asked it he thought the pricinc dispute was responsible for the the courthouse through i news conference in Los Angeles ; ^roatcncd license revocation, | on Tuesday that tire pact is "one · Bishop said: "One of the adminis- of'ice Sepl. To Starl Regislj-Htinns j d of water on this fuse which j Iralors in the LPG office told Mr. Precinct registrars mav begin I . . . , . , , T iitrirr! rhpro \vac nn wav in ihc nccepiinc rccistrations and trans-1« bul TME ***** a nudea r ^lo- ^ g*^^TM ^ £ '^ fcrs Saturday, and close their caus:, ccms tper ga]lon) Md s(ay ^ books Soot. 14. . business, ihat there had to be something wrong.". "They called him before the sematives. in effect, constituted "He's alive! He's Alive!" Mrs! j an endorsement of the new pro- £ va Bova, 32, froze, then sank , ; gratefully i n t o the arms of j The polling places, \\ith officials for rach nrecinct. will bc included in the election proclamation lo be published as a lecal notice I pover.i Thursday. The list will also be published once each week until the election. To 'Parliament' For Vote MOSCOW (AP) -- The Soviet antici- 2 Persons Hurt In Auto Accident Two persons were injured Tuesday afternoon as a result of separate tniffic accidents in ihe Law- Ion area, city police and highway ' a board meeting -at 7:30 p.m. Aug. announced today it has sumitted the limited nuclear i lest ban treaty lo Ihe Supreme I called minor mailers ! come before or a f l c r a^-.,,,,,.,-. j of the two key dispules--employ-' should I some rest. -\ol mcnt of. firemen on diesel - locomotives and the siy.e of train crews. Wirtz spent about 90 minules ·his competitors," Bis"and he was advised his li- hop said, cense before they held a hearing." Soviet for ratification. ! **?°V sajd he attended one of. The announcement did not say i th . c dcaler meeU.igs- a month ago when the Supreme Soviet - which »TM« ^^ "ff^ 0 ?^ " is this country's version of a parliament -- might meet to vote on the treaty. Difficulty is pated. however. BOARD MEETING SET Breakfast Optimist club will hold patrol officers reported. ; 26 in the home, of Orviile Smith, Injured as a result of a car- ] 1505 Beta, Jack- Parr, president, truck collision on a farm road j said today. Parr urycd all board nenr Fletcher was Raymond Clay- · members and interested persons ·burn, 33. Cyril, who was admitted ! 1° attend, to Memorial hospiuU for treatment ^^ of serious lacerations. Clayburn was identified as the driver of a 1955 Ford which collid- i ed at an intersection with a 1950 ; Chevrolet pickup, truck driven by i James Marks, 33, Elgin. " i Pfc. Tom Harris, Fort Sill, was injured late Tuesday afternoon as a result of a mishap involving his auto and a wrecker truck driven by Frank Waltman, Snydcr, · Officials said Harris was '.driving his car in reverse when the vehicle collided with the wrecker I truck on U. S. 62 eight miles'-west .of Law-ton, j Rush and Doug Amos "more or less conducted the meeting." Amos is secretary of the Oklahoma LPG association. 3X IX ODKSSA ODESSA, Tex. (UPI) - Oklahoma Gov. Henry Bellmon is scheduled ,'lo -tour Odessa's .petrochemical plant- Friday and speak at a barbecue that night.. Bellmon will return to · Oklahoma Saturday morning. NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC Applications arc now being accepted for admission to the-- McMAHON'TOMLINSON N U R S I N G CENTER 3126 Arlington Ave., Lawton, Okla. ". · Tho center will render total nursing, cure lor'.pntiehts with cflrcliuc, homoplejtfc., arthritic and other long term debilitating diseases Kt moderate nitcs. . . · For further Information while or visit Hie center at the above address or phone KL 7-3240 or EL 5-8621). MURPHY COLE, Administrator ing it an outline ot his mediation efforls. i T.ilks Wltli President ! Earlier, . Senate - Democratic' Leader''- Mike Mansfield. Mont:, · discussed tho issue with Kennedy, i · Alter the White House meeting, , Mansfield said, "One way or another action has to be laken this week.". Congress is reluctant to enact emergency legislation, .but · time is running out o n . - t h e Aug. 29 deadline set by the. railroads .to institule line work 'changes that would eliminate !he jobs'of-37,000 diesel locomotive firemen. The union · said - t h a t . . If the- changcs. are made, 1 :a nationwide strike will be ordered. The Bova family doctor asked Fcllin to determine if Bova was bleeding. By the lap system, the trapped mijier indicated be was not, and t h a t , he was not covered by rock. Nevertheless, there was concern about his condition. A cave-in last Tuesday, caught the three men deep in the mine shaft. As debris tumbled down the shaft of the mine, Fellin 'and Throne dove in One direction, Bova in another: the plummeting rock separated them by about IS Icet. ' - ARBUCKLES LEVIES VOTED SULPHUR (UPI) - Voters, in Sulphur . and Marietta approved levies Tuesday to support the proposed Lake of the Arbuckles project. Sulphur voters approved a 5-mill' ad valorem levy and Marietta residents approved a 10-mill levy. STREET SALE BOYS For Fort Sill Routei Junior Hi Preferred APPLY CIRCULATION DEPARTMENT LAWTON CONSTITUTION- PRESS '-' 3rd and A SPECIAL Z ALE'S VALUE! BAYLOR CALENDAR AUTOMATIC Perfect For Back-To-School! A timely value! The NEW LOW PRICE Baylor automatic czl- 1 J endar watch . . . 17- ^W ^ precision jewels, self- ^^ I winding. Features ·· I shock and water-resis- Hfl I tanl* case with match- | | in s expansion band. N0 MO NEY DOWN ·*hen case and crystal are in:act RIUY AUTOMATIC !THAS THE DATE · 319 D --Dial EL Optln Thursday--9 a.m. lo 9 p.m. Open An Account Today! · C:ichi? Road Sq. -- ttmi EL :i-ns:iO Opi:n Thursday--9:30 to 9 p.m. Eleven diamonds total : /z carat in 14K bridal pair, · 319 J --Dial KL 3-3456 Open Ihursday--9 a.m. lo 9 p.m. ·. Cfiche Koiid Sq. --Dial EL 3-6630 Op«n Thursday--9:30 p.m.. to ; 9 p.m..

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