The Daily Messenger from Canandaigua, New York on January 5, 1948 · Page 6
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The Daily Messenger from Canandaigua, New York · Page 6

Canandaigua, New York
Issue Date:
Monday, January 5, 1948
Page 6
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PAGB FOUE THE DAILY MESSENGER. CANANDAIGUA, N, Y. MONDAY, JANUARY 5,1948 Bowling League Leaders Showing I In Team Standings at Mid-Season Definite leaders among the sev-1 26: Abbotts. 24: Clement, 21: I. . , ,- i ,.,. ,, rtm .,^l \ nrr \r, rirint-cyo 9O- ^nhnpffM 1 T 9 " P o t t o n . oral bowling leagues competing in schedules at the Adams Bowling Hall. Ontario street, are beginning to emerge now that the season is about at its half-way mark. a listing of team standings George, 20: SchaeCer. 19; Cotton. 19; Stoddard. IS: Ship's Inn, IT: Aldrich, 16; State Bank, 14; Pa- pec. 12: Wilcox-Johnson, 10. TRI-CITY LEAGITE--Johnson ill cl U 0 l i » i V* t - v , v * * i * o « . t * « « «···(.,« i -- _ in three- leagues, in which are i n - I Furniture. 36; Roseland. -*o: Han- dudcd the results of games bowled j oven. 42: Bob's Diner.,^41; McEl- ]ast week, two teams are shown j wee, 34; Merrills. 33: Silver Floss, to b- leading their respective i 33: Seguin, ?1; Royal Cafe. 30; league as they were almost Iwo Fish and Brewer. 28; Cornelia, 2r. ninnths ago. The one previous If.-idor, Roseland in the Tri-City league, dropped to second place, being replaced by the "^·.."·p i i !t r n fenm w h i f b was in fourth place in standings list last Nov. 12. This team's climb was about t.he most spectacular in the three leagues listed here-Shortsville. Tri-City and Ladies' City leagues. However, the Shaddock team of 'the Ladies' City league shows itself to hold the biggest lead, a full eight points ahead of the two teams tied for second position. In the Nov. 12 standings, the same team had a four-point lead in first place. The detailed standings for the H.liree leagues follow, together with ihe standings as of Nov. 12. SHORTSVTL.LE LEAGUE -Childs Service, 45; Clements, 42; State Bank, 41; Abbott's 36; I. George, 35: Cotton Bros., 34; Stoddard, 34: D L Tanks, 31; Schaefer's, 30; Ships Inn, 27; Papec, 27; Aldrich, 26. Same league. Nov. 12--Childs. Seeley. Same league, Nov. 12- Roseland, ^ 25: Hanoven, 21; Bob's Diner. 21; Johnson" Johnson. 21: Merrill. 20: McEhvee. ' 17; Fish Brewer, 16: Cornelia. 16: Seguin, 16; Royal Cafe, Hi; Silver Floss, 12; Seeley, 9. Trapped LADIES' CITY LEAGUE--Shaddock's, 47; Denny. 39: Kennedy, 39: Goodie Shop. 38; Patterson. 32; Pliantform, 31: Norma Shop. 27: Peck Hdwe. 27; Legion Aux.. 22.; Miller Music, 20; Boyle. 20; Pickering. IS. T.he same league, Nov. 12-Shaddock. 30: Denny, 26; Goodie Shop, 22; Kennedy. 21; Pliant- form, 20; Norma Shop. 17; Patterson. 17: Peck. 16; Legion Auxiliary. 15: Boyle, 12: Pickering, 10; Miller, 10. TUESDAY CLUB MEETING PHELPS -- On January 6, the Tuesday club will meet at the home of Mrs. Alva Bailey for a lecture program. The guest speaker will bo Mrs. MacKen/.ie of Auburn. Assisting hostesses; will he Mrs. John Celehar and Miss Gert r u d e Crothers. Cage Scores Oaks Corners Grange Receives Degrees Awake UvI CvT n;«,iino " l . c grange will confer these degrees ! on a number of candidates at " "- i Wednesday Harry evening Up-to-'Date Tax and Accounting Service 37 Scotland Road Canandaigun, . Y. Bring in your tax reports and tax difficulties. These will be handled by a man with several years' experience w i t h the U. S. Treasury Department. Bookkeeping Systems Installed, Business and Accounting problems given courteous attention. HAROLD T. MARSH -^ Phone 437-R Your Friends Would Appreciate :' A Gift Copy of the ... .^- / Sesquicentennial Edition of the Daily Messenger Elwooil IVc-htt'l ( - 1 1 ) . Venn State back, is trapped behind his line for a six-yard loss as he tried to pass hi the first period of the Cotton Bowl Kiunt- with Southern Methodist University at Dallas. S. M. I", players are tackle Joe Etliridge ( 7 ( i ) . tackle John Huniberger ( 7 1 ) ) , and guard Floyd Lewis (63). (iame was 13-13 tie. (A!' \Virephoto) Latest Plan For Financing Jon Cage Team Contests Recives Wide Endorsement The team, captain LIMUL A i «. v. * » · · · Master. Mrs. Lester Adams: overseer Mrs. Conrad Taney: lecturer. Mrs Harold Heckman: secretary. Mrs. Ravmond Buisch: treasurer. 'Mrs. Emor De Cann; chaplain. Mrs. Harry Howard; steward. Miss * * . . .i . * SMirn ifl College Games (Sunday Scores) Loyola 53, Georgetown 41. Depaul -17, Holy Cross 40. Xavier 41, Seton Hall 34. (Saturday's Sec-res) Cornell 41, Canisius 37. t wun narry nu««i" -- - - · Waynesburg 56, Lock Haven 38. and ass j ste d by Mrs. Lester Adams Rhode Island State 63, St. John's I and Harold Heckman includes: (Bkn.) 59. -- ..!..«·.*· .«·»·. Siena 51. B.oston College 32. Maine 59, Mass. 48. Duquesne 60, Yale 57. Pitt 35, Penn State 34. ' Muhlonbci-R 80. Hartwk-k 58. Harvard 57 Rochester 47. shfrleTknuass; assistant Panzer 4o, Howard 43. Brooklyn College 74, Brooklyn Poly 59." Delaware 46, Buffalo Univ. 43. CCNV 74, Moravian 60. j West Virginia 78, Washington- I Lee 35. i Manhattan 53, D a r t m o u t h 50. | Kansas State 59, St. Josephs (Phila.) 44. Association of America St. Louis 80, Philadelphia 66. National League Fort Wayne 61, Shcboyuan 50. Minneapolis 75, Flint 50. American League Trenton 75, Hartford 65. (Saturday's Sec-res) NY State League Cohoes 57, Sehenectady 44. Albany 57, Mohawk 46. Utica 81. Osweso 59. Association of America Chicago 79, Providence 76. Baltimore 79, New York 70. Washington 95, Boston 60. National League Osukosh 58, Flint 47. Rochester 6S, Moline 60. Syracuse 57, Sheboygan 45. American League Paterso-n 76. Philadelphia 65. Hartford 67, Brooklyn 57. Miss Velma Adams; Ceres, Miss£ Geraldine Fisher: Pomona,- Mrs.?." Audrey Harding; Flora, Mrs. Rob-.' ert Trimble; gatekeeper, Miss .Vir-^ ginia Harmon; lady · a$£jstantv , steward. Miss Alice Smith;^e PHELPS- The first and second j f i v p pommittee. Misses : degree teams of Wide live committee. Misses; Janet- Fisher. Shirley Smith add" Betty; Knuass. ' · · ' r Pianist is Mrs. Ruth Fairman'. o n a number o f c a n a e , , pi an j st s rs. u t a r m a . terprize grange. Oak.s Corners. ' d chor i ster w m be Mrs.'Arthur: « « · - _ _ » _ _ * .,.«?tii- *] IIP lOcinit ! A -3 ,. T'l'.rt + ** WlA« nv twill \\A 1^7 Adams. The tableaux will be ii»: charge of Mrs. John Harland. · ' ."- STOCKHOLDER'S MEETING £ PHELPS -- The annual 'meet in f?. of the stockholders of the/National? Bank of Phelps will be on Jan. 13f at 3:30 p. m. at the bank. There. will_ be a business meeting and; election of directors. ; t The opening of an j Glass Shop' ield, N. Y. I and 20 The possibility t h a t the American Legion pro cage team may resume contests on the Acndemv annex court, later this month, has been considerably increased by the surge of response to a financing plan advanced iieie last week. The cracK court men. among whom are several former college Associated Press Polling Editors: Mich-Notre Dame An edition giving complete historical f;icts of Canandaigua and Ontario county. This edition would be treasured for veaz-s to come . . . they're ready for mailing . . . price per copy 25c. If You Have Already Reserved a Copy Please Call for It at the MESSENGER OFFICE NEW YORK. '.-Pi -The Associated Press is polling sports editors of its member papers fhroughout the country to help settle the ar\ gument as to which is the better football team--Michigan or Notre Dame. The AP's f i n a l poll of t h e top ten teams, released Dec. S at the conclusion of the regulation season, resulted in Notre Dame winning first place with 1,410 points. Mich- isrnn was second w i t h 1.289. While the latest poll--wnicti win- be released to afternoon papers on Tuesday. Jan. 6---wil! not supersede ihe regular season-end poll, it is intended to serve as a final sum- mine; up of opinion on the two teams. Each paper is to ballot on which team it likes--as of now--Michigan fir NVi'rp Dame--as n result of Michigan's 49-0 Rose Bowl victory over S o u t h e r n California. Notre l.i.-'.me beat U-S.C. 3S-T in the f i n a l i;aino of t h e regulation season upon w h i c h ihe last previous AP poll w.i.s t a k e n . U p t u r n s si · far received indicate t h a t voting in this latest poll is iike'y to be the heaviest ever recorded. stars, abandoned local contests af- j ter playing only five games this i .season because of the small n u m - ber of paying customers. The large fees charged by such outside teams as the famed" Rens of New York city, and the former Gems, a Detroit team which last season played in the National league, put the local o u t f i t so far in the red that it was forced to call it "quits." It lias been said that the club broke even on only one contest. However, a proposal made by a prominent local member of the Legion's Canandaigua post, and an enthusiast for the hardwood sport, may enable the quint tc- appear here again for a series of 10 contests. The proposal, which will be put before the Legion membership, perhaps t h i s week, would rally the i veterans behind a city-wide drive : I to sell books of ten tickets each. ' j Each of the ten tickets in the books would cost considerably less t h a n the admission charged at the dc/sr for each single game. The author of this plan stated this morning that he has met with enthusiastic approval of the p l a n a m o n g basketball fans throughout the city. The same sentiment has also been noted D\ several other Canandaiguans who are more than usually interested in the hardwood sport. The quality of the cage outfits, booked to contest the local cagers on the annex court would depend upon the result of the drive. The larger the sale of ticket books, the better the teams that would be secured. Buss Sage, manager of the Legion cagers has endorsed the plan, pointing out that it is the. only method so far suggested that would enable the team to play the balance of the season with the financial problem licked in advance. OF TAXES PHELPS -- Mrs. Pearl White. roi!',--ior of taxes for t':io Town of Phelps. will b'.-.L'in t a k i n g laxes on M o n d a y . J a n . ~i a! t h e Town H a l l f r o m !i a. i n . ! .'! p. m. d a i l y o.\- r r j - r S a t u r d a y s f r o m 9 I n noon. On T h u r s d a y . Jan. 1" she w i l l collect a t I lie C l i f t o n Springs Fire House; Thursday. Jan. 22 at Cook's Store. Oaks Corner and on Thursday. J a n . L"! ai Mrs. Fabri/.i's store, Orleans. J a n u a r y 31 w i l l b'j t i n : la^'i day for collect ion. CUT'HCH PAKTY HOLCOMB The a n n u a l C h r i s t - mas p a r t y of the Burrell Class of the M e t h o d i s t f'iiurch was held in i h e c h u r c h social rooms. Supper was s c r \ f - d followed by games fc-r . e n t e r t a i n m e n t . Honors w e r e R u t h Dibble. S i e r l i n i Mrs. H a r r v Melville HIM PHILCO (Clearance Sale -- MODEL 550 WAS $85.00 MODEL 500 WAS $79.95 MODEL 150 WAS S7.50 MODEL 100 'WAS $2.50 Sports in Brief Ice Skating SARANAC LAKE,N.Y. Anthony CalJipare of Rochester. N.Y., won the northeastern speed skating championship, finishing first in the 220. 440 and SSO-yard and mile races. Baseball St. Louis--Browns bought first baseman Chuck Stevens from Toledo f a r m of American Association r.r.,-1 sold Jerry Witte to Toledo. | St. Louis--George Kinkead. Lou- i isviile business man. arranged a ! conference w i t h owner Richard C. j M u c k e r m a n , to discuss purchase of ! St. Louis Browns. ' Crew Racing j Miami--Yale's eight-oared var- , sity crew defeated Pennsylvania i ; by" t h r e e feet in 2.000-meter O - · lympic distance sprint on Lake j i W o r t h . Yale was timed in 6:26.6. i Track i I Was!r:igton - B r o w n i n g Moss. | V i l l a i v i v a sophomore, ran away :'mip. h i g i i i y a d v e r t i s e d S t a r s t o win I. en'mg S t a r mile in 4:13.7; B i l l New York a t h l e t i c club, f i n i s h e d t h i r d . Joe Cianciabella of M a n h a t t a n ran SO--day dash in oigh; seconds f l a t , the first time- it had been done since 1886. Herb McKenley, t h e Jamaica speedster. I .vhi/.xed homo in 1:13.5 to win the j 300 yard r u n . i New York Reggie Pearman. New York University ace. won the ,~0f) yard r u n at Metropolitan A A U ' m e e i . l a u n c h i n g campaign for Olympic b e r t h ; Leslie Mac-Mitchell, former NYU star, ran t h i r d in two- mile handier![i event. Tcuni.s Detroit--Tack Kramer, pro-rookie, scored his second t e n n i s win against c h a m p i o n Bobby Riggs, 6;', 3-G. 6-3. before 6.207 fans, Saturday ni'ziu. and won. 6-1. 7-5. Simla v :' : .u;ir at Toledo to tie t h e i r series. Ionia Briels Homemakers to See Pork Demonstration A simple method of cutting pork for home use will be demonstrated by Prof. George H. Wellington, Cornell specialist, at Canandaigua Methodist church. Friday at 1:30 p. m. All Farm Bureau, Home Bureau, 4-H Club members and friends are cordially invited. Miss Theresa Wood, food and nutrition specialist from Cornell, and Mrs. 'Katharine C. Fales, assistant county home demonstration agent, will demonstrate methods of packaging the meat for freezer storage. -HT.O-. -^,r .-.-, --~ ~~"convenient- for,- auto Owners at East Bloomfield and Holcomb toad is onlv four miles from Canandaigua. H^ve had twenty vears experience cutting, polishing and installing glass in automobiles having .operated the largest auto maintenance shop m Elmira. Have'in stock the same type andqmality glass as used by the car manufacturers along with felt glass 'channels and bottom steel channels. I have no phone as all lines are full at present but will try to care for all cars as -quickly as- possible Regardless as to whether your car is a 1927 or a 1947 model I am able to give you a high quality job of factory quality. Am able also to drill and wire your old vases and make them into lamps. I.7H. LOVEN Route 5 and 20 Centerfield, N. Y. Four miles : from Canandaigua NOW NOW NOW Sports Roundup By Hugh Fullerton, Jr. By Hugh Fullerton, Jr. NEW YORK, (/P--While golfeis in general are debating whether Great Britain and the United States can afford to stage cup matches annually, the touring pros are bound to have a big international season . . - Some of them hope to make as much money out of it. as Bobby Locke did last year . . . In addition to Locke the South African. Norman Yon Nida of Australia and Roberto De Vincenxo of Australia began the 194S w i n t e r tour in the Los Angeles open. Dai Rees. the Welshman, is coming back and Henry Cotton, who has gone to take "his winter post at Monte Carlo, will return in March for the Augusta Masters Tournament and an exhibition tour. Cotton likely will team up w i t h Locke, '· Byron Nelson or Babe Zaharias : . '. Von Nida. who i.s t.he same size as Ben Hogan. looks like t h e ; most dangerous visitor. He was | the leading money w i n n e r in ! Great Britain last year. ! Hold Up Man i W i t h the indoor track season ' getting under way John Beer of ; the Newark (N. J. News recalls · an ingenious dodge used by the . starter at a Jersey meet to keep i the sprinters, a group of notori- | ous gun beaters on t h e i r mark u n ' til the pistol cracked . . . As t h e y '' lined up t h e starter gently rc- i minded t h e m : "If there's a false s t a r t it wiii be t;\cu.-.fd. Iul if !.h'J : man makes two false starts ho'll i be disqualified w i t h no expense money." 185 South Main Street ·Phone 239-W I O N I A Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Havi.- were d i n n e r guests S a i i n - rlay of Mr. and Mrs. Peter Dhondt of Ca'inndaimia. Mrs. B. J. Shechan of Cuba has been a guest ot Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Appleion. Mr. ar.d Mr.s. Donald O'l'rien and son were gues'.s S u n d a y of Mr. n n d Mrs. Charles Carpenter. Fenfield. .Mr. and Mrs. William Tooley and f a m i l y and O-orge Tooley v.-cro supper guvts yesterday of Mr. and Mr.s. Elmer Tooley of Wv-:' B! n omfif!cl. Mr. and Mr.s. Harold C o n k l i n were holiday guests of iriends in Rochester. Mr. and Mis. Herbert I w v i s an-I f a m i l y : Mr. and M i s . Ray Lay :nd :.'!···:!',·" Mr ;\rA Mr*. "''H r i a v i s nnd f a m i l y and ?\lr. and M i s . Jc:!-,n Corkrani and son v. en; gi-ests Ne\v Years o-iy of .'MISS M \ r ! i i : .SHtield.-, of Lima. Mr. and Mrs. W i l l i a m Tooley r.nd f a m i l y were guests New Years day of Mr. and Mrs. Car! Conklin of Rochester, The tea bag goi its start when a merchant distributed samples of his tea in cloth bags and his customers discovered that a handy way to make tea was to pour b o i l i n g w a t e r over them. Observation Tost The Florida State Baseball · league is offering would be Class ; D u m p i r e s a chance to learn the t r a d e all for free at a school to be conducted at Orlando. Fla, this month. The top nine men selected by Bill Summers will be offered i jobs at a m i n i m u m S250 monthly salary . . As a year round : proposition they'd likely got more ! dough -md fewer headaches by . "oinK on relief. · » * Hamlin Bank Slates Meeting for Jan. 13 ! .HOLCOMB The a n n u a l meet- l i n g of \\-.r Morkhc/lders of Hamlin · National Bank will be held Jan. 13 · at '·:!." p. m. in t h e bank building MO elect directors and to transact I oilier business t h a t may come be' fore tiie meeting. | \V. C. T. I . MEETING j K A S T BLOOM Ft ELD --T ii e ' m e m b e r s of t h e W. C. T. L'. met ! .·(·(···nth -.·.·!!b Mis, K n t b r y n Holts| landi-!-. A f t e r n business meeting ( o i i n u c l e f ' , ivv the ptc.sidcn,!. the l o l l o w i n y a r t i c l e s were rea'rl and fiiM-Uhe(!: "Signal Victory in New York S t a t e : Fake n Drink or " C h r i s t i a n i t y on Ihe "Thank You;" "Which you moan to meet t h e "He Couldn't t a k e il or and "A World Wide not too; Screen:" way rio t r a f f i c ; " leave it" Challenge." The next meeting will he hHd w i t h Mrs. Marion Chamborlin. Here are suits styled for men who are really on their Way! Suits with the quiet good taste and careful tailoring that give you that wanted "background" of success . . Suits that spark the superb confidence that you need. Come in and look at these custom-type fabrics . . . the woolens and weaves you'll see worn by men who make decisions ; iV: '' £ Men's Suits $ from . . To $ 75 "The Men's Store of Canandaigua"

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