The Daily Inter Lake from Kalispell, Montana on November 12, 1957 · Page 10
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The Daily Inter Lake from Kalispell, Montana · Page 10

Kalispell, Montana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 12, 1957
Page 10
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·10 THE INTER.IAKE, Tuesday, November 12, 1957 THE DAILY INTER LAKE FEATU BLONDIE By Chic y AH-THAT LITTLE SALAQ WILL MAKE A TASTY BEDTIME SNACK IT WAS DELICIOUS, BUT WHAT OM EARTH IS THIS WIRE DOING IN THE SALAD? --, i --~--^( DAGWOOD V . --y VOU ATE THE CORSAGE I BOUGHT TO VJEAR TO THE LUNCHEON' TOMORROW: STEVE CANYON By MiHon dsniff 5COOT5B f/ViaPSK.. BODY WOULD THINK. I WAS 3ETT1N' OUTFITTED WITH SHINING A2MOE.-- INSTEAD OF A CIVIL AIR. PATEDL, CADET UNIFOEM! LONELY WITH...MY /VtoWX WOEKIN'. ..AT THE AIR... BASE.' VJ'EE ...A NEW SISTER... A CFA... SWEFUNOM Bo/onsoy! I'LL BET THAT'S THE FIRST TIME YOU EVEE 5AW A . OF50CKS...MAYBE/ RECRUIT WITH AN AIPEJ I COD UP WALK I-UH-CAMETO Buy A NEW PAIR WHY, WOULD you LOOK.' IT'S THAT NICE PRIVATE FAT Etc ICV. BUGS BUNNY */ HE1?£'S VEE OCDEB, SYLVESTER...GIMME A BUCK AN VAC'N HAVE IT! -^ HOW EMBARRASSING... I HAVE NO CASH BUT $UI?£LY MX) LW INTEND TO WASTE THIS FOOD VOU'VE I'LL EAT IT MYSELF...I Y~ AIN'T HAP LUNCH YET! ,/ A FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By Merrill Btosser VGOT CT AU_ YOU KNOW WHAT . BLONDE/ TWeONE MM THE CgUMPET -YOU PRACTICALLY STARED I" IMTME YOUREYeS ) WINDOW OUT' X To see IF MY T(E L SAW YOU LOOK AT BLONDE". BAZOO BOTTS / , CTAISY-POLL] I WAS MAH/A LIKELY STORY! L PI2EFER.TG WALK HOME WELLSET MONEY'S WORTM / Grandmother Must Teach Daughter If Grandma spends her days earn-,at night after wording hard all day. ing her living, should her married But I've doue it because I was in - a manner that'.look children expect her "to spend her evenings baby sitting? ' . A working grandmother writes: " writing you regarding your recent column about grandmothers ·vvho enjoy baby' sitting with' their grandchildren. "There is no reason- why-a healthy grandmother, who, does .not work outside her. home, cannot baby sit with her- grandchildren sometimes. Yes, and enjoy It, 1oo. "But; let me. put i n V a . word- for the grandmothers who work a £uli 40-hour' week outside their' homes and are still baby si{. "I: love, my grandchildren - very much,'but-I am a'widow and-must Young Starlet Answer to Previous PuziTe asked for granted that I -would. · "I -love' my daugliter , and know she needs some;.time away" from her children. .But if. she didn't have me to fall back on, I'ni, sure she could. find someone else to baby "Perhaps I am \\Tong, but- it seems to me that tbese ypuug par- en ts h a ve no consider a tioij f or t h e i r parents. "All they :thiiik of- is what they,'their companions and their children need or want." Then why not open your daughter's eyes to her lack of consideration?. Explain to'her that you want to be self-supporting so that you earn my - own" living^ "Often exhausted after vork I have not felt like coping]strength to earn^a living and look will never be a"financial burden a day's to her. Say that it takes all Q{ your with the problem of feeding, bathing and getting .small 'grandchildren to bed, then waiting up for their parents to get homer before 'I coil I'd fall ,into7bed myself. ·:! have even felt that my daughter should ]ove me enough not to ask me to baby sit after your own horrje. Suggest that she manage her household. budget so that she; can afford., a baby.* sitter,. occasionally. It's better to teacfy young people consideration than,to deplore their of it. THE DAILY INTER LAKE W. B. Sw.eetland,-.£dJtor and Publisher PubllsKscf dally (except Saturday) and Sunday by Inter JL-ak« Publishing Company. 410 First Avenue West, Kallspfell, Montana. Entered as second class matter at Post-,O«ice. KalispelL Montana. i Member, of .the Audit: 'Bureau of CUculatlons Subscription Prices 1 Carrier Rates Dally Sunday, one month 8 1.75 Daily * Sunday, one year 21 00 Mail Rate£ in' Montana Daily.*'Sunday, orfe'year .-,2100 Daily k Sitaday. six nionth* _ 10 50 · Dally *, Sunday, 3 month! -- 5^3 T Mail Rates,OutSlde"MontaJla Daily *'Sutfd»y. one year _ 21 00 Needs the Raise PATERSON, N. J. (UP)--When Albert A. Verbrugge was elevated from captain to deputy police chief he went to visit some friends to tell them the happy news of his promotion. :when he returned to his new parked car, he found a hit-ahd-run driver had smashed into it, causing some $200 dam- jage. Verbrugge, ndt insured for ;such a collision, figures the pay boost .that goes with his promotion will absorb the damages -eventually. ,· , i ACROSS 1 Young screen starlet, Kathryn ·6 She is from 11 Refuge 13 Repeat performance 14 Dinner course ISBritish Columbia lake and river 16 Small 17 Males 19 Numbers ab.) 20 Contorted 2 2 Priority (prefix) 23 Milch animal 24 At no time "28 Father of Sir Lancelot 27 Fairy fort 28 Light brown 29 Land parcel ' 30 Sea eagle 31 The sun 32 Large plants 34 Stitch 35 School of whales 36 Delaware (ab.) 38 Goddess of infatuation 39 Assam " silkworm 40 Splotch" 42Keiterate 45 Bridge holding 48 Tendencies 49 Puffed up 50 Flock of bitterns 51 Encourages DOWN 1 Expanded 2 Renovate 3 Nautical term 4 Correlative of neither . 5 Cornish town H X A pjo. :3 -- IWU aTA (prefix) C Powerful explosive 7 Small shield 8 Primitive instrument 26 Unclothed 28 White ant 31 Percolated slowly wooden image 32 Paving SGoeswitlr. - suhstancs a bow 10 Hardens, as cement 12 Violent storm 13 Domestic slave 38 Crafts 18 Make a-' . 41 Couches mistake 21 Color 7.3 Tinned 25 Stringed 33 Unruffled . 34 Cubic meter 35 Obtains 3? Bootlace musical 43 England ab.) 44 Fruit drink · 46 Note in . · · · Guide's scale* 47 Seize (slang) Ib 2, 3 4 25. 29 w- 13 15 17 9 . BOARDING HOUSE MAJOR HOOPLE . OUT OUR WAY By WUUAM5 .' AGrtESTOUDJ A\t 50Mt PRACTICAL JOKER SAID X LOOKED LI K VOU/-^-rrMATS *5C RIDICUUOU6 I'VE GOT TO LAU6K/^-DlO YOU HAV 6OM£ } OF AM ACCIDENT. WH6M YOU NMERE A VOUM6 GIRL ? HAW-HAW VODRSEtF/I'D FATHER 65 TOLD I'D BE A SOOD SCULPTOR'S AiODBL FOR GARGOYLES THAM RESEMBLE vou/-- WHAT KINO . OF WORt DO VOLl DO, BV THE: WAY? COULD^T VOD-MAKE A NICE LIVING .STANDir^O IM CORSi- PlELDS ?tHE CROWS S-JoilLD Be So COWE BQV5, WE DON'T SJT WO SLE^P .TMI6HT/ V THEVVE CR.AMKIWO (JP.IB8I* MOVKU WATCH READ THE INTER LAKE CLASSIFIED ADS By V. T. Himlii* HOWDY, VOIJR- WELL.WEU-A SELF, YOU OLD FRNJD. 1 , HOW HAVE J BEEN? AH, SO-SO-. BUI MINE UTTUE BRUNNEHIL.PE.. IT HAS NOT BEEN GOOD WITH HER! YAH, DOC, SHE'LL .BE OH, HO! SO \ HWPY TO SEE SHE MISSED \VOU A0WM._ I THINK i LOOK, DOC, SOME FOLKS L AHEAD; RIGHT. S THE BOY HIMSELF HER OLD BOY FRIEND, EH? FRIEND.TH! MAGICIAN! MORTY MEEKIE r By Dick CayilB I'M GOINGTQ MODEL MY NEW FAIL OUTFIT FDR YOU, MORTV HOWS THAT? RIGHT OUT OF THL IW LEAGUE, HUH? FUNNY \ I NEVER ) . NOTICED X THAT5TREAK ·! OFOEALGUSy INHtM BEFORE VOU LOOK MORE LIKE A FUGITIVE FROM THE LITTLE LEAGUE/ tl 1957 fcf "CA Sirvici. Inc. T.M. B.r. U.S. Pal. Oil PRISCIltA'S POP By Al Vermeer THAT'S ODD WWEN WE-WERE RENTING-: I DIDN'T. WAVE- TO! WORRY ABOUT TME WATER BILL.' T/-/AT DIDN'T KEEP VOU AWAKE! DRIPPING DRIPPlNCa- THE STORY OF MARTHA WAYNI By Wilson Scruggs , I COULD 6NE VDUI j. TaATOLO UWE ABCUT " MARRIASE 8E1W3 MO1HIH6 ^ MOKE THAM ASTOP-OVER BETWEEN NWSAKFAiLS AWDREHO. BUT IT ISNTTKUG.MAKR1A6E CAU.BE BUT; MAI?W, SUPPOSE GABE SAYS HE W1LL6IVC UP KIS WRITING PORYOU? · BEAUIIFUL-ANDTVER^S ATITLE FOR MDa SO IF VOU IOVE MNfTHA, WARW CAPTAIN EASY By Leslie'Turner- ftUt I WAMT l TO KEEP V J OIPMT GET OReerAPKiCE/ ^WMERE ACE 1T1 / TODAV . HE-DOESN'TI'SEIJI) FOR. THAT· . J'JA DESPEKKfe EtOOUfiH 1Z? FIGHT FOR THAT ANY WAY AWt A LOT OF . APF1DAVIT5. -THAT BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES

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