The Lawton Constitution from Lawton, Oklahoma on August 20, 1963 · Page 15
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The Lawton Constitution from Lawton, Oklahoma · Page 15

Lawton, Oklahoma
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 20, 1963
Page 15
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YOGI BEAR By Hanha-Barbefa; --NOT LOST; BOO 300 -- - LITTL= BOX S ROOAV A RESOLUTION ADDrTING LEGAL NOTICES Published In The Lwlon Cor.sllluLion AUK. M. is, i?, :s y. 21, 1953 RESOLUTION NO. ? STREET I M P R O V E M E N T DISTRICT NO. US. LEGAL NOTICES UK; Ensi line cf l?Ji Slrcc:, (30 ft, wide nnrt 5" IhlclO 32. Pnosi'vit Avpniio-From ihr West line of l.lih 5ireci 10 ihe EA.VI Mne of Sheridan ttoart. (3D ft. wide nr.d 6" Songfest 1 Ahswer'to Previouj Puiile. ACROSS . 1 "Siriii me a '-^- "· song' 1 · . · 4 "Down 1 by Ihc - old ^-stream" · 8 "·--- on the range" 12 British pub beverage 13 Assam silkworm 14 Gem 15 Corded' fabric 16 Short rhythmic' poems 18 Endearment term 20 Thick 21 Consume 22 Goddess of discord 21 Greatest quantity 26 ."Turkey ' 27 Mocassin 30 Internal part 32 Fruit 3-1 Vistas ' 35 Makes a speech 30 Scatter' 37 "Blue « 39 Lease 40 Villain's greeting by audience 41"Litllc Echo" 42 Musical instrument 45 Secrecy ·19 Repeat 51 Anper 52 Shield bearing 53 Bound 54 At a distance [comb, form) 55 Intention 56 Shade trees 57-Asscnt OUT OUR WAY THE LAWTON CONSTITUTION, Tuesday, August 20, 1963 "\ 5 OUR BOARDING HOUSE . D O W N . 1'ClialcedonJ : 2 Athena ; 3 Subjugated' '4.Worth . 5 Metal 6 Tarry 7 Stripling 0 Piu 9.Unclosed : iO.Entangles . 11 Otherwise 17 Redactor 28 Solar djsk 43 Air (comb. 19 Ancient · 29 Price . form) . . language · 31 Wish V,"----Bailey" 23 Machinery'part 33 "Rose ----· 46 Ledger entry 24 Llglil log' 33 Attack · 47 Alnonquiau 25 One lime 40 Lodging place . . I n d i a n 26 Tries . ' ' -11 Winter vehicles 48 Lampreys 27Fa'.herlincs3 42Believe · 50Route (ab.) NEWSPAPER ENTERPRISE ASSN. 33. :Uh Siropl-Frem Ihc South l l n p o( JeffpiNon AVCIUP lo the North line oT Vonroe Avenue. (30 TL wUlc nnd f i " t h l r k l 2iiih ?i red-From Ihp South line n[ Monni'* A v « n u p Iri the Nonh l i n e of Gnrfic'ld Avenue. (.30 fi. wide nnd 6" 33. 13ih Sln-cL-Tmm the Smith line or .jOffpr^in Avppup lo (hp Norlh line nf Mnnroe Avenue. (30 fL wide nml fi" :hlcki 33. COiVi Suvi'l-Fmm ihp Snr.Lit line of n.vnpM Avpniip. to '.hp North l i n e of MrTCin'.py Avpnuf. (,10 ft. wide *nrt f i ' 1 i h i r k i ;3T. NO. 118. A N D DECLARING i\?3 E M E R GENCY: SAME BEING: THE L'N- TAVKl) PORTIONS OF: l. ISih sir»*ri-Krom ihp souih llnr or * Eunllri Avpnup to ihp North l i n p of f 3-- Dr/irbOrn AVpnue. (30 n. wldp nnd j «" thick | 3, 3*ih SiiTP'-From the Souih lint nT i C Avpnup lo ihp Norih line of D AVPPUP, i;tft ft. wido anrf R" IhldO 3. LfliTinrp SLrvol-I-'rom Ihp Souih l l n p of B Avpniie lo i h p Nnrili line of D Avpnup, HO f 1 .. wide unri 5" thick! 4. }Pih S'.rr-'i-rrom ihp ^ouih l l n r nf A A v r n u p lo Ihr Norlh line of B Avpnuc. i3f fi. wirip nnd fi" inletO 5. "G" Avrn;u--Frnm ih' 1 \Vp«i line nf M:h Snv^i to L h r Ef\M llnp o( 2?;h Pircet. ':tO fi, wide anri f" thick 1 * ' ?, 2Kih Sirv.^i-Kponi t h p Souih lino of . 0 Avpnup to i h p Norlh Mn'- of H · Avcnut". "3H f!. wld«.' (ind fi" ihi*'K^ . ?. ?Limm:i Avcnuc-F'rom i h n u\"*l lino of Hih SLrcci 10 ihr KASL line of , l.'ih ?!rpr:. f30 fi. wide nnd fi" ' t h i c k ) ; S. N\v York Avomic-From thp wc^i : odc» of p f t v p m e n i on Tlih Slropi l'i · , , ^. n .^, thp I^ftet lino of 12th Slrcel. (30 fl. ! pocilrvn i -wide and fi" rhlcVO · T^T thp p r e l i m i n a r y plf\n». -ihowlnc 9, ^ih Sirppi-From iHe South line of . LyO k-h! «,.riion of Lho r o n l e m n l n t r d G Avpnup 10 thr Norlh llnp of H ' Av^nup. '30 f t . w'.rip nnd fi" (hick' 1 10, 32ih Sir"p:-Fmm ihc ^nth l i n o of W m h i n c i f n Avpnue in ih^ N n r!h line of Jprrcr^on Avcnuo. (W fl. wldp and R" i h i c k ^ 11. 20th ?lropi'?Yom Lho 5-iulh llnr or B A v c n u p 10 the North lino of C Avpniic '3 1 " 1 fr wlrtr- und fi" ihlrki 32. \Vlsrnnsln A^'cnup-From thp Wr*i cclce or pnvomc-nl on llih. Sirrot thi-ki l: sireci-Krom c" ihicki Killer Surrenders Without A Fight RUSSELLVILLE, Ala. (UPH -| A moonshiner who killed a sher- j i f f and a police chief w i i h a sin! sle shoisain blast walked out of j \voods wi!.!i his hands held high ; Monday when his teon-ase daugh- J lor be^Rcd him to sun'endcr. | 'I'm VOIT . very sorry it all V ?o e ifr U l 5o« i h n e |ln^ h a p P O n e d l 1 '" Said ' Tr ° y ^ h o r n i ° n ' vpnuc. 1 ""30" rt. w i d p ' ^ d w ho save up without a Ii£hl i when he heard his dauphler, Car- OF LAWTON". COMANCHE COUN- OK!^\HOMA pro\vmrnt. ihr lypr of t ? r i n l . Rpproximnlp ihlckne pri'llmln.'irv p.v'.lmHle or Lh 1 'njx-nvpmf'ni (inc! ^n asses SIYITI pin', snow-inn 'hf «rp« lo he «.^.'^^.'^^ed Tor t h e P'tvlnr or P;rm Improvpmcnt Dlsirioi Nn. UK. comprMnp UIP slrc-pn J«nd lypps of mn CnSL Of *; t HKyDKICK, Enclnorr^. h r r p h v nrtopipd nnd npprv-'ed unri ordfr- " l l n r of l^ih 5:roei. -30 ft. · C d f l l n l in lh* Office of Lhe Cily Ocrh. wide *nrt R" rhlck^ ; srrjnn ?_ IS. 71 f i. Sirc-X-^rom rhp JSouih Mnp o f j 'j'^ni I; 1* npcps«ry to invp ih^ Mrp^n C? Avenue to th** Nonh line or D Avmuo. T;. wide *nd ^" Ihick" 1 14. 19th Pi rrfi-Krom thr- JViulh )|nt or C Avpnup :o Ihp Norlh lino of H Av**nii(*. i'30 n. \v\t\* ^nd S' 1 ihlck\ ]\ l.tiH Prrpn-Frfm ihc Smuh l l n p r.f Wnshlr.^ton Avenue to thp Norlh vendor over a highway patrol c a r ; loudspeaker. Thornton, who was placed in jnil here, faces first decree murder charges in the Sunday afier- t noon shooting. A slender man who has twicp i ( b e e n convicted of moonshininp. i '""· i Thornton had boon told by h i s : ?x! I doctor he has cancer and has i Vc I only a few months 10 live, h i s : res said. j "He thoucht he didn't have a n v : to lose." his \\-ife told ol'i- }^ TM rc ^; ; cors. mnnhoicj. I Thomlon was accused of killi.nn · Herman (Red* Cook a n d : . . wirtt unri K" thick* . ?fiih Piros-;-From ihc Smith lln* or H Avon UP lo Lhr X"rlh lino if T Avrnuf*. '^ n. wldr- ftnd 6" trllckl Hth SlrTi-From the South line n ' \Vftthlncirtn Avrniit to Ihc NMrlh lino of Jpfrrr^nn Avenue (30 TL, wide n^rl fi 1 l i i l e of t h l v resolution: "»ry crMitnc. to c^n . Storm sewer InleH. rtrnlnrvqe pines, curb , cUpriff h n d culler, nnd sewer* with ihe nee,.-| s n m u . wry mnnecilons lo ndcqunlcly drnln jnld | LllllPVlllc Police Oliel Neil Pare TM ' . ' n ' ' w i l h a sinEl? sno| eun blast a n d ; criiically wounding Deputy Don; Filos with a rifle shot. A n o l l i c r ; deputy who had pone lo Thorn- j Ion's house lo investigate was not ' hurt. ' "n^h: ;hls ro^^lnM^in lr\ tv puh'lshrd tr Ihr Lflv.nrvi CVtrmllulinn. R ilnlly ncwv- Thrr. I f thr nu-nctx or murr thun onr- h s l r ihc «r"fv or \h'^ lot-.. Dirrc.. or pnr- · Bonds · RonUls FREE · Nolary r PARKING FOR SALE 1117 Oak. Ave. -- N'ice S-BR, Uli? bath, attached garage. 5500 w i l l h a n d l e this. 901 Park -- House. four 3-rni. apis. Total 23 rooms. 6 baths, cyclone lence. All furnished, 3- car ?arage. J5.000 \vill handle. 1«8'N. "lOth. nice 3-BR brick home, b R l h U % ) . double garage, beautifully located, close lo big shopping center. Price, 516,000. A nice buy. 1901 Andrews. 3-BR, attached garage, Priced 59,950.00. S500 will h a n d l e . 152-Acres l a n d , well Improved, 1 m i l e from Fletcher, Okla., on Hiway. 60-Acres oil royalty, IGO-Acres school land with 4-BR house, close lo Marlow. Okla. Price 117.000 -- S5.0QO cash. Ranches, molds, farms, call us. J f U w n n l In wll 'EAI-list \vlUi Us! "ROY B. HOOPER AGENCY" 1102 Oorr B l v d . -- EL 5-33JO Konllor \" r»RMi In-iirRiieo A Roiids W. H. P a l m e r . rcii.^ .fohnsoit KL7-U)(H 3s. Jpffcr-ion Avenue. "ro»m Ihp Wpit l l n p of Shcridrin Road tn ihp Ea*L pclqp n! r« v c m ' i nl "I -^ l h Strrcl, fi wld« Jind fi" thick"! 39. ?-!th Slrcpt-Frr*m Lhp Souih l l n p pt H Avpnup In ihp N'or'h l i n o nf T AVP*HJ*\ i?0 r:. wldp hnd 1" ihirk"* 20. Ti'nno^^pp A^rnuc-Krom thr Wol (vis ot Rrnjna ii(i!)ir i in in.vp'.'.nn'n;. iiir ihf cn«il r»[ ih'^P Improvcmpn',^ ^h«ll nol within ri ripen ( l j ^ dny.v nflor the I H I puhllciiilnn, nip wiih Ihc Cliy Clerk prpvrm^nis. «ld proiesi^ io be h r n r d At iJiP noxt. r p c u l n r mppiincr or ihe O'.y Cnunrll, n f l r r Ihc o-^pl^NUon or t h p 1? rifiy ppi'ind. t h p n the Mnvor J^nd Cli - pdcp nf pnvpnpni nn 11 lh Slrfpt In ! (^oiinnl nf ihr Cilv r»r Lnwlnn, Ok)«hr\m« ihr Rn^t ]in»« of 15rh SirpPt. '30 shnll OMI.IC '.hp im^rovprncnix to ho TTArlf f t . wirlr nnri ·;" I h l r k l _ . nnd m-irwcrrri fnr. and ihpn j^hall Ipvy WH \hlnijin" A \ ' p n u ^ 'f vhr Nnrih mpnt B-ind*; for i h c pnympnl ihcroof line nr J p f f p r ^ o n Avpnuft f30 n. wldo us prnvlrlort hv Inw. and f; 11 ihlciO APOPTKP "AND A P P R O V E D TUTS 23. Siimmll Avpnup-"rr.m 'hp En^t l l n p · i3ih d^v of Anen.-.:, 1W3. of imh Strp n i ir ihp Eh^i odcp 'of rthvpmpnr on T.ih SLrppL fan .t. wlrlff infl R" ihirls^ 23. Clsl Sirpci-- Frnm ihp p.-uth lire «r E A^·pnl)p to Ihp Smith l l n p of F Avpnup. i3f fl. wlrtr dnd 6" t h i c k 1 th" Pouih l l n p nr E Avpnuc m i h p SmiLh l l n p nf F Avpnup. C20 TL wide »nd fi" iHck 1 23. l.^ih Sirp^l-- KT'im ihp S^uilh l l r p nf E A v r n u p io '.hp Pou'.h l i n p nr F Avcnup. «'.V ft. wide iind B" :hlck 2fi. ^Lh Sirppi -- Frnm Hip ^ u i h line of I Avt-nu** TO thp Nor.h line n j j Ax'cnup. '^0 ft. widr And R" ihlct' 27. Toxfis Avpnup- From thp WPSI Pdpp of ' pRVcmrn! nn lllh SITPPI lo ihp En.^i Jlnp nf itth Sln-Pl. (30 fl. wide urd . f i " t h l p k ' | 2S. 2nih SLrpeJ-rmm ihc Snulh l l n p ol D A v p n u c m ;hp Souih line nf F, Ave- nup. '.10 f.. wtflp nnd fi" Ihlrk) 39. 34:h Sirppi-Krrim ihp South llnp of I HUP. (,in it, wirip Knri fi" thick) 30. OklahomR Av-.-nuc-From the Wcs: price o.' pflVcrncnl on ^3lh Sl'pcl lo s) WAYNE GTLLEY, M^yor ATTKST: CUv Hcrk Puhllthpcl In Ihp [jiwiftn Con^tllutlor\ Auc, 35. 16, 15. 13. 20. 21. 1PG3. Business Directory » I N S U R A N C E _ _ JftOf* y^fa^rc^fc INSURANCE rzzr\ ^^tf-f^-^ j^TivJTi V£*i/ I . A W T I H . «H.fcT^-- ^-^ SEE THE FINEST SELECTION OF USED CAKS GUAHANTEED -- RECONDITIONED: 'Gl riymnnth Snvoy \"8 4-Duor -- Radio, Heater, Fowertlilc. One ownpr. Low Milencc:. NiCK. '61 Volkswagen Sun Ktatl 2-D«or-- Kadlo, Heater, One Owner. I^JCH! cur. Kcnlly like now. '61 Ford Falcon 4-Door -- Hculcr. Ont Ownor. A real shnrp ecoiioniicul oar. Sec It. '59 Kumltler Deluxe 4-Door-- Huater. Economy at a Barj^in Priced In S«II NOW. '57 Chevrolet r, Cyl 3-Donr-- Meatcr. Standard Trans. So clean It I'wkv like new. Drive It. '57 Ford Custom i!l)0 G Cyl. 2-Door-- Radio, Heater, New Tires. Sec IL You will like it. AUTOMOTIVE REPAIRS -- ALL MAKES EXPERIENCED MECHANICS ADOLPH FIETZ MOTOR CO. Ind and Goro Dial EL5-1792 Television Log C h a n n e l 3 Wichita Falls C h a n n e l 7 Lawron C h a n n e l 4 Okla. Cihy C h a n n e l 9 Okla. City C h a n n e l 6_Wichita Falls c- -- Color P r o g r a m s TUESDAY B:IM 3-- Frpd Brooks 4-7-- NPW^ rtnd Wpslhpr g OulckdrAw McC p AW o \'Ci,v^ 6:1^ fi-- M«r;hRll Dillon 9-MHrsh«U Dillon 6-P -- Lloyd Bridffci; Show -,.,(, 3.4_K m plrc-C 6-- Talrnl Scouts ?-- Lloyd Rrtdccs 8:^0 3-4_Dlck Pmvpll ,, £ , 1 r*_ n r nil,.,. tv^-Ullt 1 Of h M P V ^-Kurtooti Knpf rj S-- Cnsjv*r-^"rlrncl . 4 "^'p^^-S RTld WCHlh^r 7-%fl P-- Mini Frwi 9-- CApt Kdii(r*iroo p-*^ 4-- Todny In Okla. J»:n0 3-4 _s^ v \\Ticn 6-p -- CfllcndHT 7 ^lovlp j^-Mflwj fr-riclurc Thin R:Jn 7 Uiiouchfth'p* i"i-4--- Pluj* Your Hunch-C fi-- Ripcord - C j 6-9--1 Love Lucy ft;(H) 7 * TB.^ 3-- Our Miss Brookj ^--Picture ThK 7 -- Kocus on America ·[.^.-.Q Xtw's ]j|--j( ( 3.i_Ton!cnt-C 7-- Front And Center 9-- Sieve Allen 10:35 7-- Ron West Show - "Movie I1:IW i -- LA it Sh o\ v WEHNESDAT -1-- Livestock AucUon 1:45 3 -- Morninc DevoUon i-- News and Weather 1: ill) 3.4-- Tod *y l U ''K 3-4-- Price In RJcht-C Id :?0 J-; -- Conccnirnilon 6-9-- Pcic and Cindy! 7-- Seven Keys 11 :M 3-i_Pln;L liTiprcujtlon-C _ 6^-Lnvc of LLTe 7-- Ernie Ford Ll ; JO n-4- TruUi Or Con,«cqupnc R--- Srftrch For Tomorn 7-- Father Knows EM: G-9-.GuIdlnj: Light 11 :» 3-4- NBC New* 12:(W 7 -- Gcnpr»l Hospital 3«A -f- 9 -- News 3±:15 ?-- Farm News 3-- BPSL of Groucho 4-- TP Show ^9-- As World Turns 1 :(If 7-- Ann Snlh^rn ,1-4-rrnpl r W|[| Tulk-C fi -- Pnj«worrt T-- Day In Cnurt S-- Cnyion Slicy 1:31 .1-^ -- Thi* Doctors 6-rt-- Ilousr Pnrly 7-- J u n e W y m n n ·T--J -- Ixtrpltii Younff fi.3-- To Tell TYuih 7-- Quprn for a Day 3:3*1 3--1-- Ynu I)n'l Sflv-.C fi.9-- Edcc o.' Nljjh'l 7-- Who Do You Tiun? .t:iw 3-t-- Mnich Cnn:c 6-[^-- Thp Secret Slnrm · -- American Band.itnnd a:U 3-^ '?*P i \\"S 3:M 3-4^Mnke Rooni For D" e-9-- N:ilJlon«Irc 7-- Discovery 'S3 3^-Our Mist Brooki ·*-- Supcrmnn S--SuRnrfoot 7-- Movie 9-- ITirce Sloofiei ^-;tll 3-- Mr. Macor 4-- Foremnii scolly Show 3-- Early Show 3-- Rocfclc and i"rlend» ·i -- Suprrcnr r -- 1-iichwny Patrol T-- Mickey Mount 5:13 3-- Abbott and Costello ^ i*(n 4-- Tom Thumbnail Then.L ^4_HunUcv-Brlnkley S-- Tlnrr^- Rra^oner 7-- News WELL.THE vo WILL, 'OUSETHIS HAPPENS -03 BE A BAS OF BOWES.' THESES NO SEM5E IN! BOTH OF YOU fiOlM ACL DAV, AMD THESE OLK3HTA KEEP HIM HAPPY TILL you HAH,' FIXED A SAG of iSKUB / FOR ME TO TAKE /· ALOW S WOW THAT I'M tEAVlW HOME ^\ FDR fiOOD, EH ? ' 7 WELL, UEVER MIWD- 4 1 DDfJT APPRECIATE i\ AW 1 / FAVORS FROM YOU.' SUPPER. TOKliaHT. THE WORRY WAHT BRAIN OPTH" ttOOPLES, bu. pea i A VJET WICK" NEXT TO ME/ HE WAS' WraTIN' AWAX TRVlM' 16 SELL.THI6 4. VALUABLE BOOK, ANi ALL TKIiMe THIS SHOP WAS RIGHT IN tCV ' I HEAR.-THIS OUTFIT StEALLY KIPS DP TH' FLOORBOARDS TO SET t3ODSI4 TO SUY A_ RA!?E BOOK 1 / ^TH' WAY z SOT IT r ZOO, LOOK INS__.. AT A HUMORED, AMD TRY TO SQUEEZE , ^EM POR OME- e^JFTVr "^"^tf. I L_ tUj i?fe. 1 H t-sm, M°\ ^r^^t USED BOOKS *w- ' J7AKE LIKES TO PLAN AK=AO=., HEV.MOETY.. MOU kNCW WH4T I JU5T HBV?D? IHEAEDTHATMC?. MIO3CDPHONB5 PUNTED ALL CMBZ TH£ OFFlCSi etmtivu.iK.TM. in. as. tr. Of. TDVJAV, I'D LIKE TO SIFJJD A7 MUCH TIME TRWJS leJ JUST A FEW . SAILrX SO.ViE SPECIAL THERAPY GOING O(J RIGHT JdOW. YOU HEARD WHAT I EVER/THINS IVE GOT TO START THATTOMW. MO MATTER ...HE'S SOT SOMSTHIMS THAT SETS TO YOU, IT SEEMS LIKE IT SETS TO ME Ail. RIGHT! I TELL YOU I. 0) "D 0) I OULV SOT TWO HUMDRtP OF THAT WAS BAETS IDM tau've KMOUU ME · JUST SHOW 'EM WHAT rae YEARS; AEE icu · YOU GOT IH vouz. BOOT; rVS THIS n ZKU! I SAW YOU FLIT T H ' M O W E Y T H E E E ' TV THOL5AWO I TOOK 0=r TH' TOO.- DOfJ'T LEAVE UO : BAZT COT TIT REST T-COL'-TIMEB A0'LEF FOS D£AD/ WITNESSES/ TH'Oi; MAW'S TH'OULYftME I EVES GOT CAEELESSWITH! [/ _Q O r" 00 BLAZES, SKB PULLED RIGHT IN MV PATH! I'VE (ZOOM TO, STOP- CAPTAIN EASY HERE TO SEE- YOOK SIS BIRD I rr)£ IHEAKP, HE WAS STILL IU PERU, HUHTIMfi A COeJrOUNDE9 /3KADLEP IN ITS GAMTPY-.THB LON'6 COUWTDOWM UNDEK WAY.J5TH.E HUSE- PKCWCT OF THE AEROSPACE PIVISIOM OP McKS6 INfllSrRt* VOU BI . BLOWHARP.' r o / - WsH /~-V5^ Nou , .CfV^foWOULDN- ^rH DO-THAT IT'S SUCH A BEAU7IFUL. YOU KIDDIN? A --'"OKAY- QUARTER./ S A DIME, HECTOR GO A^D HAVE- ' f HI.'I BOUGHT TAG. M?GOOSEYS L --i STILTS/. E zs2oa

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