The Brownsville Herald from Brownsville, Texas on June 1, 1947 · Page 14
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The Brownsville Herald from Brownsville, Texas · Page 14

Brownsville, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 1, 1947
Page 14
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14 THE BROWNSVILLE . .Time L l»rr IB, ftou§elio!d Furniture Miscellaneous for Sale __ "BROWNSVILLE HERALD CLASSIFIED RATES 3c per word 1 day fc per word 2 d a y ft 7c per .word 8 days 2c per word each adcfi- d i t i o n a l d a y , 15- word m i n i m u m , WANTED t\vo fttnreot.yp«T.M fot Toxiu; npw.'ipriper. Good wntrn* and w o r k l n n n o n c l l U n u n . Opon nhop. CHvo r r f p r c n r p H . W r l l o H N. P. A.. 733 Tnxun J l i i n k n u l l r l l n e , DnUo»._JT't'^._^^ ill «p'nklnK^ m m n r f l i h n n r t y m a n f o r w o r k n r n u n d TourliU COtlrt. Good n.tlnr.v. Phonfl 8fl'2. WANTErf"cxp'cVrlrnced hukr.r. Apply Vani nlc Tlldcn B n k p p ' 7 4 3 . E. ElUftbeth AD orrter.1 'lit r l a . i s l f l p d a d v e r t i s i n g mu.«( ' bf a c c o m p a n i e d hy cash In a d v a n c e If I t n t advi»r.iser doc« not n a v e an »stnr- : lihecl c r e d i t n r r o u n i vtth Th« tternlrt Tno nri«wj»vlll« l l f l r u l d w i l l not he r e s p o n s i b l e for e r r o r s In clns.ilflftfi ftrt i a f t e r the f i r s t Insertion n n d n»s\imaa n" responsibility above th« cost of a d v e r t s lot far typTotrranhlf.*) or oth«r t r f o r t ir t d s D E A D U N E for c l a s s i f i e d d l s p t a j IB ? p.m p r f f f f l d l n i -J«r on wnelcdfty*. a n d 3s .10 p m S a t u r d a y for Sunday paper Lln« classified deadline IB 0:30 ft.m a n d .1:30 o.m S n t u r d f t T for 2. Personals ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS Anyone who has an honest desire to stop drinking, -contact Alcoholics Anonymous, P. O. Box 1121, Harllngen, Texas. f o r f o r i m m e d i a t e c o n s i d e r a t i o n . -. S t a r M u a l r M a s t e r * . Key 333. , : R l d t . T i O K f o n . Mas* WANTED EXPERIENCED SALESLADIES Ladies' Ready-To-Wear Department Salary and Commission Apply: LANE'S 1204 E. Elizabeth 4. Special Notices FUNERAL NOTICE Funeral acrvlccs will be held at 4 p. m. today for Bverardo Gamez, age 21, who passed away Thursday night. Services will be at t h e Mexican Presbyterian Church, between 6bh and 7th on Jnlicrsort, ELPIDIO P. GAMEZ HILI.INGER. Foot, specialist. Bm( jo. Help Wanted Female i l t o H i j r n w a y , Closed Wednesday* ' -- -- · Bp;il . S u n d a y s by a p p o i n t m e n t . Phone -17DM. San H r n i t o ^ ________ 12 to 12. Except ORANGE McALLEN dc Reynos» Lv Reynosik fl;00 A.M. 7:45 A.M. 8:30 A.M. 9:00 A.M. 10:00 A.M. 11:00 A.M. 12:00 M.D, 1:00 P.M. 2:00 P.M. 3:00 P.M. 4:00 PM. 3:00 P-M. 8:00 P.M. ' 7:00 P.M, SAT-and-SHN 10:30 P.M, BALL BUS to REYNOSA Sale do McAllen uv. McAllen 7:00 A.M. 8:30 A.M. 9:00 A.M. 10:00 A.M. 11:00 A.M. 12:00 M.D. 1 ;00 P.M. 2:00 P,M. 3:00 P.M. 4:00 P.M. 5:00 PM. 6:00 P.M, 7:00 P.M. 8:00 P.M. 6AT-and-3UN 11 00 P.M. VETERANS And all porjions ovnr 18 years of TIRO eligible to tnke licauty ciilturo. Beauty culture pays transportation, Holtry's College Of Beauty Culture 302 E, Harrison - Phone 934 Harlingon, Texas WANTED: Kxperlenood naloi Iftdlfl* 1141 8. K. E l l z u b e t h Visit THE MEXICAN INN for Fried Chicken Plates 80c STEAKS - CHOPS - A l l Kinds Of Mexican Food 1203 Adams St Phone 1874 11. Help Wnntcd MiscolUnem* W A N TED m prTTrTcT worn'v n to Jtucly Hlth School «t home. Q u a l i f y for th« bet iftr eommorclul. ln(|u«tr)Rl »ntl otrl) service po»lt]on» by Bflttim: a ht»h Mchool ortucntion In spare rim«. tri- cliKHnK hciokkeeplnsr. s h o r t h n n d . t y p i n ? n n d a h l o d buKlmiM «til)Jflci8. K i t K b H u h ed 1807. Thoiuixnclj of iuc3t»»rul a r n d i i f t t M W r i t e for f r a a 40 pjine cfflscriptlvfl b u l l e t i n unri all det»lll AMKJITCAN SCHOOL, W r i t e Box UO "* B r o w n a v W e rTcrnld^Browntvllla. ' "Warvtfd WANTED SALESMAN For Established Routes in San Benito and Harltngen. MODEL LAUNDRY ifc DRY OI/EANINO 314 W. Elizabeth Brownsville 13. Situation Wanted Mule SPECIAL FRIED CHICKEN DINNER' 75c At The MONTERREY CONFECTIONERY 639 l l t h St. TTcanf of Thank* ABLE BODIED Irish A m e r i c a n , M« 36, rtefllrftjp to I n a r n ft trftfle. Will attrt as f t p p r o n t l c o . Bo Ift3 ^ KcraM. _ "IfiTservloes Offered ClTmnThTRri "pnlnt -- Broakinan Complete B u l k l i n c aorvlcs COMPLETE vtidlixtor repairing ' and ru- .orinir nncl new radiator. Pfton* 70?. 1015 S.rt Adams, Valley Body anfl Paint Shop CARD OF THANKS We u-lah to express our .sincere appreciation to those who attended the f u n e r a l of our beloved f.ister and dnughter, Amahe Hacker, nnd for the floral o f f e r i n g s sent. O. P. Hfic.ker And F a m i l y · BULLDOZERS For cannl filling nnd leveling. Highlift and dump trucks for dirt fills, caliche, or any type dirt work. L, M. SHORT Co.ll 1015-W, McAllnn, Tex. MAINEB LAWSON Moving Contractor Agent For RED ARROW FREIOHT LINES Operator Of PaRO Transfer Co. Office and Warehouse in Fort Brown. FOR nUndtird xUe concreto brick butlcllnff tilfl Rt morieratols low SDI Scott At Kollor nf Keller's Store. 6V 3 miles ot Brownsville on Boo* Chic* H i g h w a y . To.~B««ineii».i Service* CTHflflToOLfl" "~a"tKl Bcpilo t,anki cleaned. Phonfi nooo, HarUngon.^ Tftx. ^ ^ FO'n~ ATf Hkl mTi~~ 17 RKJ i no'"wo rk. drain n** nnd oxctivntlon, O r n y h l H Phone nooi-F3 LOB Freanos, 9. Help %anted---- Mnle K WANTKll. in c l t v of T l r o w n s - vil!' 20fi f a r m - h o m e - nrrc»iilt.l{ia M f - rtu-in»:. v i t a m i n ' . spires, fonrls. DOT r ; r *i-e'il k n n 1 / n f v o r y c.fninly, For p a r ' . i - u l n r ^ w r l f r K u « lelgrh's. Doot TXK-8B-143. M e m p h i s T*»nn. MANAGER for SHOE DEPARTMENT «;xcELU«;xT SALARY TO E X P E R I E N C E D QUALIFIED M A N . Apply Mr, Cash AT V O G U E S H O P OK SALINAS FURNITURE REPAIR AND PAINT SHOP We make f u r n i t u r e , chests, clrosflcrn, tables, chalrn, cabin- eta and desks, Rofiriish Venetian Blinds. 13th and Fllmorc Brownsville, Taxns Bring .in Y o u r Winter Clothes for Cleaning and Pressing. Free Storage In Cedarized Bags. G U Z M A N TAILOR SHOP .1209 S. E. Adams Phone 180 W. B. CLINT AGENCY INSURANCE Fire, Automobile,. Casualty, Marine, All Risks. . Mexican Tourist coverage Phone 6 429 Twelfth GAS \Vnter hen tern. Electric, nas. and Butane ranftos. Small slap frtw.or Also larf;c u p r l R h t , l.ype, Kn:f Inc., 113 K. .Ji»rk*on, FOR A E R I A L C R O P D U S T I N G CALL. RUSSELTOWN DUSTING SERVICE W. S. NORMAN Phcm« 7*5 ~ San Benito Equipment --- Experienced Pilot* H A Y Ar flU'JfFLY CXI). SAN BttNITO MERCEDES WILL INSTALL AN ATTIC , FAN For NO MONEY D O W N U And From 12- TO 86 MONTHS TO PAY CALL SAN BENITQ "One-Seven" Or MERCEDES "609" For FREE ESTIMATES! H A Y TIRE and SUPPLY CO, SAN BENITO D E N N E T T Marine Engine Co: Chrysler Marine Engines and Parts 1212 Washington St. Phone 1407 The Sensational 1947 Hl|DSON Constant Pressure CARBONATOR The symbol of quality Soda Water John H. Earl Hunter The Valley's Oldest -and Largest Refrigeration Ho us*. 222 S. S. Elizabeth Phone 48 Brownsville WASHING FOR RENT Delvered to your home. Phone 741-R Or call at 241 E. Washington EL JARDIN HOTEL A May fly ' a adult Igfe lasta onl ^ ** *** ' . n · « * « · . · I n it 1 ft*. * · » · * · «-l *-l Cl 11 · » · » SALINAS FURNITURE AND PAINT SHOP We make furniture, chests, dressers, tables, chairs, cabinets \nd desks. Reflnlsh Venetian Blinds. 13th «ind Fllmor« Frmvnsvllle. WILL BUY or ' REPAIR SEALED UNIT REFRIGERATORS Phones: 657 Day - 1387 Night wTFsiTR Groves and City Property Phone 638 -- We may hava what you want. . 2123 14th St. I N S U R A N C E Fire T Casualty r Automobile Bonds - Liability - Marine Harry Roberts Imurance Agency Phone 183 407 Eleventh Vour old Frigfidftire reJinished, repainted, like new. Factory - oerlect. Infra- rod ray drying. Call 4S John H. and Earl H U N T E R Tki til E . . _,. rowiiivlllt Pho»» 17. BuildIni: PRICKS REDUCED Delect Adobe Brick 4"x6"xl$" at new prices Gopperweld Wall Ties. Call at home south 6t R. R. 2 Mi. West of Olrnito. HARRY ANDERSON Brownsville 5000-J Olmito, Texas SCREEN WIRE. Plenty of 36" (14x16 m««h) Bronze Screen Wire -- $37.50. per roll. JOHNSON-CAMPBKLL LUMBER CO. 3421 Hemphill )Bt. Fort Worth, Texas JUST RECEIVED Shipment of Price is flooring. ight. H'EANER LUMBER CO. Opposite Court Home Phope 607 , SHIPMENT JUST RECEIVED We have a good stock of Clear White Pine In both 1 and 2 inches. in' all widths up to and including 12 inches. STEINER LUMBER CO. Phone 1.9 iKPftl G K R A ' o r n s i c , W a r r e n . !(), fmmlre 'XPK, Anfiln iron, Ohftnuols, Corruimtort Iron, SLccl shcfltfi, Boilers, cmtines. Hears, shaftlns, Machinery ot all k i n d s and m i l ) supplies. C. A. Pruden. Vic- toriR Gin Co. 3139 14th St. Browns- Ylllo. Tel S04. 21. Musical and Radio SPECIAL! TANOfl--1 small uprlrrht, 1 s t a n d a r d ; uliifl upright, antique hand c a r v e d ; pin no, also 1 Klntc baritone. Phone! 1238. 29. Miscellaneous for Sale AND Underwood typewriter. Addin* machine. B l a c k s t o n e Ironer. JCn* tairement and wedding rinc Bet, 2- Vhe«l trailer, 41 Won CMC truck. C. M, Perklni, Rt. 1, Box f)3. Port, Road. FOR SALE--Shoe store fixtures and nhelvei. Suitable for high C!RHB shoe store, laifl KllBRbeth St. OR SAL3B--One 100 pound deep-freeae, Priced 1326. Phone 3BO-J. DEEPFREEZE HOME FREEZERS $310.00 Delivered Brownsville These are large 9 cubic feet freezers. Only two available at this special price, OPA price ^$453.25. Valley Buick Company St. dhrles at llth St. 3R. Wanted to Rent __ W A N T K D 10 r n n l - - F u r n l * V c d 3 bedroom hoiiHt 1 . P r r n i n i i f i i n . roftnonElblc. Will isli:n y e a r ICHMV Hox ,14fi t w o horirooni IIOUBC o r n n n r l m c n t f o r f o u r Pun A n n - n r n n n l l n l / i . W i l l t n k c oxn-llpnt. r u r e of n r o p o r t y . W i l l o Hnx 1(52'. T l r t n h i ^ S(», House.s for Sale 4 TiboNI hnusn nnri fl n r r n s . Close In on p a v e m e n t . 2123 1 4 t h St. Wcbstnr I n v e s t m e n t . _ __ 4-ROOM house. 77 ft. lot. 22nd find t S o u t h m o R t . $2500. P n r t cash, b n l n n e c : rns.v. Dr. W. A. .lonns, Pliojm 1238 j ONE 2-room honpo on b\is line. Wcb«t«»r 3fl. Real Estate Tor Sale 6-Koom House Now Vacant Best Duy in town i« in CENTRAL PARK Completely Modern PHA fc O3 Approved Mrs H. L Crtrscftrtln Phone 1347 or I.M3-M 155? Franklin 40. Lot«TTnr FOR SALE; Onr ncrc t r a c t s on pavement W t b M r r i n v f t s r m c n t s . 2123 Hth St. Phono 638. BABY WMhinic machine. Good condition. R e a i o n a b l e price. Phone 1023, H u m p h r e y . " WEBER 1 aodR fountain crenmer unit, Only «0 tdllon cream capacity. Stainless itccl throuerhout. S t a r iiandwich totiater,. irrll}, aoda stooln, sorta booths and tftblca. Inquire Brooks Central DniRS. DOU131.K dToker hunles $8.00 (set) Whit man's A r m y Store B20 llth St. from market, A LIQUID Carbonic Carbonator for aale. Hanle WILL sacrifice ono new platinum wed- din» band. 21 cut diamonds. Size B'/ a . 435 E, Park Drive. (Riverside Addition) Phone 1044-R. pOR SALE^ New custom built IB ft. bout. Phone »ao-M. BALE: 16 chrome chnlra, red lenther aeatu and backs. See Mr. Robinson «t Paynes Shoe Store, FOR SALE; One ndrttiiur machine find one typewriter. Cheap. Excellent con- d l t l o n . Clsnero» Radio Bervicc. Plionc 1337. , FOR SALE--28 foot cabin cruiser, A-! condition. SKE Leo B n u m f e l d c r , Red Carxtaln Yards, Port Isabel. FOR SAL*)--Lot of 150 O. Master's outside white paint. Reasonably priced, Call « t 1318 Elizabeth St. or Phone No. 43, City. FOR SALE; I electric Brill and t o a s t e r combined. HO or 120 volts. For rest n u r n n t u«e only. Sec C. E. Day. Brooks Walgreen. About SDO,'060" 'tons of water -pr N l n c n r n nvprv FOR SALE " H.P. Quincy, two stage nir compressor, complete with ntomatic unloader, motor driven, mounted on 80 gallon tank, A-l condition. Price $350.00. MODEL LAUNDRY 314 W. Elizabeth STERLING "1000" HAND SANDER Has been used less than 10 hours. Fnotory re-checked. Still under factory guarantee, Works good on metal or wood, priced New -- $130. Priced Now -- $100. Can be seen at Lockett Sport Shop . 813 S, E. Elizabeth BARGAINS! Servel Refrigerators Chambers Ranges Stewart-Warner Radios Gas Water Heaters Propane Gas Tanks · Deep-Freeze Lockers HARDIN GAS APPLIANCE; CO. "Home of the Best" 830 E. Elizabeth Phone 978 i _ _ _ _ _ _ m)M~K~Tivc "hTockR f r o m Post O f f i c e . . U n d e r t h r e e t h o u s n n d dollars. Insiip.ct i S u n d a y . 728 SE dh fit. _______ j ; SALE by owner: Nicr. 6 room home. ] l',i filory, 2 porches. Will r-ell with j f u r n i t u r e for $5500,00 or w i t h o u t for SG200.00. J n i n i t n l i n f f i posnrnBinn . Cnn be SOPH ni. 1734 W. Aritimn. __ ii-"foom b.rlrk home. B o n u t l l u l l y f i n i R h r d . Loo.ii ted Block 17, Lot No. 0, McKlnm«y St,, 1'rh-ed S1BOO. Terms CAO be w r r n n B c d . Soft Mrs. C l i f f o r d m 11)1 h nnri McK.lnncy_ _or_J»h_o_nr- 3fl. ___ 9Airii^8rncioiiB home. 3 bodroom*. 2 hf\1hs. H n r d w o o d floorfi. blindn. Double g n r n n p . On Phone 1290-R. O H ~ ~ S A L K OHP corner lot 00 pavem*tit rtiuj s i d r r x n l k . 4 t h siirt West L«sv-«. Inc.uiro 11.11 Eiir.abcth St. LARGE LOTS N o r t h Brownsville Subdivision. Sloe* north of Bora Chleiv Highway Oa«, w a t e r , c l n c t r i n i y . itrevfl roads. CUT bus service. Convenient to W a t e r Part and A i r p o r t emnlojros. Priced S-645.00 up. Terms 521 s 00 Aovn. BJanc« flO.OS per month. THOS. P. BENSON Co. itrouna. M8, Business Property FOR SALTS: 2 bulldinits, corner J3th Elizabeth St. C o n t a c t J, Bcetciro after 4:30 P. M. 53ft nth St. i 3fl. Rcnl Estate for Sale 1212 6K \Va shine ton Phone 1407 43. Acreage for Sale OR~s"ALE^T4"~acrcs or fess ftOO foof f r o = u on graveled road. Cltr water, gnri. liRht*. block outside eUr limit* rlcMrablr home sue Dr. I A. 8t«tnte», ovner. 320 Hnnrydft'.P rosrt Tfl.~RcaT'Est«t« for 28. Wanted to Buy WANTED TO BUY RED TOMATOES FOR CANNING OLMITO BANNING CO OLMITO, TEXAS '2fh Dogs--CJftts--Petfl _^ c"olllc~lm»T. Wcn ncd. Pouv · porllRro.os. Ssibln nnd w h i t e . ! $50. R u f n i i Kemp, ln P 1 £ K |£!l'-_l flX " 1 ' OH "sAl7pj"or~'rrn(le for Poultry or R n h - hi(s~-Pupp)e«. Hnll Fox Terrier nnri l l n l f Bull. Flemish Glrtnt. Bnckfi. R j V.. Coin. Control Ave. "ioTBTvc~awiiy" to Bet t h e m homes, good w a t c h doRS. Safe, no ...,,....,. J u m p s noyh-n, down In Spanish ncrofi, 2 mllo* n o r t h of H n r l i n R p . n on IT your doB AGA1NHT flortfi n n r i , U r n , o n r nnd siircoiHlo m n n u e , rim;- : i w o r m i»nd r a n U c r o n r , moHcniitoeh n n d ! wood ( I r k s , riomry odor, d a n d r u f f s r n l e h , nnri f n l l l n B h a i r . It work* or m o n e y ; r e f u n d e d . Do ns the iacnt Kennel* do W. R. J a c k s o n Food iS Eastman 8 MM Movie Camera F 1.9 Lens F 2.5 Telescope Lens-Light Meter. Complete with case . $150 Revere 8 MM Movie proj- gftor i *'" Glass Bead Movie screen $20 Binoculars--8 Power Busch $50 Accordian-7-12 Bass $95 Record Changer -- Wilcox b ay Cabinet Model $25 Boys' bicycle--20" wheel . . $20 Boys' large tricycle $.5 Tire-Tube-Wheel GOO x 16 for Ford $ 15 Antique Rosewood Bedroom set. Grape design. Low headboard $1250 Scott-Custom built-23 tube radio W. B, PRATT 1315 NW Washington Tel. 1123-J FOR. ^"l~is:"~~w"hltfl W y f i n d o t t o fryers. LOOK AT THIS VALUE: Cocknrelfl PcdiRrecd M n t i n i i a c l r n even 1 Lowest Price Chicks, uuch ns Lcithorns. t Rocks. Reds! '1 wcckfi-olrt S t n r t e r i i P\illots W r i t e for n a r u n l n C n t n l o p , ; Also Broad Breasted Bronze M n m - ! moth T u r k e y Poults. Tube Tested. W r l 1 * ; t o d n y . DIXIE POULTRY FARM. Box; 204, Bronhnin. Tnxns. ^".-R nTnTi~ n P n r t. m e n t. Elcctricnl ; r e f r l R o r n l l o n . Al^o ^_^ noI1 V.J!!^ n -^-.. lf -^-.. j ~~ I ROOM ix"pnftment.. f u r n i s h e d . · Couple, no c h i l d r o n . _ ] ^ ^F^JofferHon f u r n i s h e d a p a r t m e n t . I" Crmplcjjnly._j)23_JW : _ Sl_£. r _1"TM,l j "g's"." Rooms for Rent [ L~A~ROE COOli; K^utiiPfTRt bedroom In | Riverside A d d i t i o n . P r l v n l r b n t h . e n - t r n n c e nnd u n r n r c . l i« bloek f r o m bus stop. Prf-fi-r s l n n l o mnn or w o m a n . , Phone 'ilQ-'i. __,, i CLiSAN"~cooi~T)Pdroom.' Newly d'ccornt^d. ; P r i v n l o ontrancn, on bus line. W. Elizabeth. Phone r»7S-M. SFOBT CRUISER 20'. Newly reconditioned Hull. Now Gray Marine 90 H. P. Motor. Excellent for ' fishing qr sport. Partial cabin. $2360.00. W. B. Pratt or M. Wntten 412 First Nat'l. Bank Bldg. Tel. 1670 MUIiTIOKAPH MODEL -10 Electric. Automatic Feed. Used very Jittln. Fine for advertising - Office Forms, $475.00. W. B. Pratt or M. Walten 412 First Natl. Bank Bldff. Tel. 1670 i BEDROOM with SB exposure. P h o n e , ' l i n a - J . .BO SE^F.mnbefh St. Nicir""co"of"~bedroom for rent. G n r n c c . 3?,5 W. Levee St. Phone 1300. Overlooking the Rio Grande nt THE YORK "The Hotel Nearest the Border" Rates by Dny or Week KJ21 E. Levee Brownsville, Texas *34. Houses FOR ffibunos. _ ....... liomo In Los i '--Furnished IIOUKC nt. Oth nnd AdMns. One year lease. Kohler in Sc1 R "» BlrtK. or 72fl SE flth. Inspect S u n d n y . ,_ 35, Wan ted" to Rent nnrt w i f e , "no chlidrrm, dcjrfl 2 bedroom F n r n i ^ h P d ot u n - no children ur- H «.....^ 'need " u n f u r n l n h r d houuc. Phono SilO-R or w r i t e Box 101 % H o r n l d . Brownsville, Texns. \ COMPLETE NEW LINE OF QUALITY WALLPAPER 500 New Patterns in Stock · Venetian Blinds · Clear-View Outside Metal Blinds For Porches - Windows - Doors. · Outside White House P a i n t · Distributors for Rear/don's Products ( B o n d e x ) . VALLEY PAINT WAJXPAPER CO. 118 W. Jackson, Harlingen Phone 587 LARGE SHIPMENT RECEIVED Of J/o and % inch GALVANIZED PIPE RATCHET PIPE 'DIES Size to CONTRACTOR'S RUBBER TIRE WHEEL BARROWS BROWNSVILLE HARDWARE 1190 E. Adams Phone 668 F O R S A L E This beautiful, spacious home, 14 large rooms, 2 complete baths 2 story-8-foot porch around south and east, sides. Lovely, wide hulls. Three lots on corner. Close in. Good income from worn* and apartments with little alteration nnd n doHphtful plm:e to live. Price very reasonable with terms ii desired. See complete floor plans. C. G. FOSTER Realtor 1021 E. Washington -- First Floor Phone 1040 -- Residence 1246-J A BARGAIN 10-Ar,re Grove, on concrete two-third ornnpcs. Rfimninrior Bod Bhifsh nncl Marsh Seedless Grnpefrult. Owner says sell. $G,000. 10 Acro.s. SIR Red Blush Cfrape- fruil, 256 Valencia Oranpes. A be.-uitiful location and building site. Owner needs cash, $4,750, All livings receive personal att.ent.ion. Phono 10 for appointments. Res. 508 South East Street W. E. HOLLEY LA FIMA, TEXAS 43. Acreage for Sale FOR SALE Nice five room home in West Brownsville. New roof and in good condition. Immediate possession. Apartment house near busl- ness district. Completely rcfin- ished. A good buy. Two new homes ready for occupancy. Todd Stobaugh 407 Eleventh St. Phone 383 FOR SALE OR RENT 43ft acres of best river land south of Harlinen and LA Ferin, Texas'. Military pavement and railroad run through it,. Large ten room hous« and cistern. One hundred and ten acres in cultivation. $92.000. Terms. Or will rent to at*yon« who will pay for clearing 300 acres and take pay for cleajr- tng out of rent. Also 5 room home in Brownsville. $3000. Terms. W. G. WILKERSON Rt. 4. BOX 164-B San Benito, Tex. · FOR SALE 20 acrc,6 on 14th Street * j O'Ncale. I'hono 1121. 841 * " i n b c t h St. FOR SALE Brick home, five rooms, screen porch, in Los Btounos. Lnrp,e f i v e room stucco home with screen tile porch on Inrgo b o u n t i f u l lot on roencn. in Los Eton nos. R. M. Warren phone 1227-J for R r n t ______ FOR KKNT: 2SO " "Vcrrs Ju'»t ^^·cd or f p r d crop Sievcni. Phone h Si _ U. Hcnl ICntAie to Exr.hanire __ ^ I'-Qli 3AKK oi^ -""Trnfie for home ;uat out- s)(lr. r t l y H m : t « -- warehouse [;s:i' ·45x120 w j t h 2 ftpurimtnti. 9 room* oo me *200 M m o n t h l y . Phon* 73 *fx«!r no r Nt Owner. nnd l.oans FOR 'SALES 0-room f r n m o homo on 2 lots in Riverside. Completely f u r - nished. In excellent condition. Immediate possession. Reason- priced. 5-room frame home .lust off Old Port Road. 5 acres excellent land. Citrus. On rcsaca. 5-room f r a m e homo in Victoria Addition. On paved street and conveniently located, $6500. We also have a fine selection of many other homes, farms and lots. COLGIN BRCHDEL Phones; Office 157 or 03 Residence 005-J 10 Maltby Bldg. 1 P A W N B R O K E R S ' LOANS \ On A n y t h i n g Of Value ; 2123 14TH ST. 487~niis"int^"Opportunities ' U O ""YOU w n n i n (rood mv«nm«nt rt- m r n l n R b e t t e r t h n u 1 4 " V ? ? RJO Br»vo H u l l d t n R r o r n o r of nth JtJSzft6«!?rt J n down t o w n M m w n R v t l l r or.e blncfc j f r o m Brlciuc to M*x»rn on m«ir. » t r f « t . ! M o d e r n . 2 s » o i y b r i c k S f t x l J O ' 90'- j o i n e d P I I T SrtA 000 \V B P r » t t or M n r n r . \ V a t t ^ n 413 Flr»t N'ttl. Tf\ 1610 RELIABLE MAN Reliable man take care storf route. Distribute, collect; n.e* product; protected 'territory. Earn excellent wrcklv income. B. AJ W. N u t Co., St. Paul, Minn. ^9y~ihicT~AuUs for Sale FOR SALE ft room homo In Rlvi-rsldiv SST ,o Pl '^v;X^n rt ° -^ ^ £ FoR-SALl^lMi- .^^^7^ POll SAl.K' One I'MH Studcb»k«r Md»a» 1935 husinrsii panel Chevrolet truck, Good c o n d i t i o n . Phone 72 or ·«·-« »» D n v t d R f t n Rro* Slnr.Uir fitrvlr*. 8»» t»n,l \V a r r a n g e d . A h n r m i l n . Possession, ADBEAN CO. Pan Americnn Bldtr. Phono 243 d l t l o n , Scr M. S Rosalrn or Lo« J^resnos B l a t f t B a n k . Lot Fre*n6«, T»- xns. _ __ _____ . 8AT.K"~ToVn Ford Convertible i»«rloci sh«pp. T h r o u g h o u t . 103 _ _ ! IJscd Trucks for Sale Several good tourist camp locations on Highway. See us for lots, MONSEES SON Pan Amoricnn Bldg. Phone 316 FOR SALE Wo h n v e new nnd n « n r J y now homrs for snlo nnd w« nlRO have hom«« ospf.cinllv for G.l.'s. Sco ihp.^e homes h r f o r o yovi buy. Prices $5500.00 and up. ADREAN CO. Po.n Amprlcnn Bldjj. Brownsville Motor Co. 1222 Washington St. Phone 427 Chrysler - Plymouth Diamond T Trucks FOR SALE-- 1037 1'.4 ton CMC p»aeJ truck. $BOO. Call I951-M. AJrbase T - l f t . . _ _ _ 5 lT Trailers for Sale T r a i l e r Enu-.pperi v.'h Tr! ' 14 ft., _ __ ^ | ' TK AILER6-- 18 t ·!«»« . * sleeps t. Shamrock Trau«

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