The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi on May 26, 1965 · Page 14
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The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi · Page 14

Greenville, Mississippi
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 26, 1965
Page 14
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14 Wednesday, May 26, '65 Delia Democrat-Times PCf?6OT TO TELU 'lOU'" V AI.VT 0f KO IT'S THE IPtAL PlAHt FOR XOUR BUSINESS, *l£'TMgL^/TM£ t^^OWNERSW^mE) / W H I C H HERE IT IS.'.'- THE NOSY EXTINCT CHICAGO ) ELV } POLECAT-TRI BE,ALSO NOW THE CHICAGO HISTORICAL I SOCIETV TRIBE SOLD CHICAGO S __ _ » · · · . . · it * ^^···-·^^-» I i I M i--Jt~f r^^^VX IXV_J W ^\ S ]C ?^*J ING A EXTINCT,ECEPT FOR. ONE,WHO ) ( HIM " T TTiOQ TUIP S. \ MAT* ID /\i t^J ie~ \s*.\/-,\. it. i A^ J \. n I |T| - , IT; FOR,THE: \ NATURALLY is KSJOWN AS LABOR. DAV V LONESOME ,-^65? VEEKENP//^ POLECAT.'.' f^« BUT WE CAN'T HEE riKK ON AN fcXPBKI- wttr, StlP THEOAUA RECgPTION i COL.CAWON.WE E HbPAV ANo.'JV-SERJEANTKON MOU5 PHCME «LU IMMD-W1TH A JAVIN6 THAT AN 1 ,W-FOR/VP- ASSASSINATION ^ FFAKANCDS? ATTEMPT WILL ??v-r. BE A1APE ATTHE . YES.' / LOCK.' WV6 BFEW HA.' rOMJ?ADE FEESIF. A)D HIS V.WACULCXJS 1,'JVENTfC.lN WILL 8E THE AMERICANS KNOW WE'V BUT I WAS ONLY INVESTISATIN5 LAST NkSHT'e INCIPfNT. *WAT WILL MISS /' HE'S TcUJN'e YCXJ GDOP TO TAKE FOR IT, CMOM/ C/V.OSJ/ LETS ^CK TO THE MOVIE TUPID COAV\ERQAU I'l 1 /--' TH:V:KOFME-- r _ */~ iH:s..^Or Mt-- ^ ( I HAVE TO STAY HERE v f AJD LISTEN TO If BUTTHI9 ONf?ISDIEr AHf THE SCHEDULE OF EARTH -MOON FLIGHTS. UP FRONT FOR UNLOADING. ' JrTHET SMITHS SPACEPORT AT THATSTHEONE THE GOVERNOR IS DUE IN NtGHT. A FIGURE MWES TO THE GROUND CONTROL ROOM TOMORROW MOBJ1NG Pathet Lao Detain N 2nd U. S. Civilian VIENTIANE. LHOS. (UPI) -- Pallid Lno bullets. The Com mumst forces apparently shot Classified Lost Found Sfolen. 'hire, 3 beogle hotxvdi, 2 blacV iKo oihir brown while. Afio Communist Patliot I-ao guerrillas Tuesday were believed to be laking a captive American civilian pilul deeper into Com- munist-]ic!d territory in northern Laos. The pilot was identified as Ernest C. Brace, 34, of Dclroit, Mich. 'Hie U.S. Embassy here into Communist , . one boier L b'jlldcg rclicd. SEWAKD _ l S.1877. up the plar.c before, fleeing back nto the jungle. Tlere was no evidence tliat Brace was inured. It was believed the guerrillas iverc taking Brace'-i more than 100 miles east of the outpost to Pathet Lao headquarters at said tie fell hands Friday when he landed his plane on a junylc iiirstrip a Communist-infested area. Brace is (he second American civilian known to be in Pathet Lao hands. 'Jlie other Es Eugene Debruin, 23, of Kaukauna, Wis., who was captured when he parachuted from a flaming C-)l aircraft on Sept. 5, 13G3. Dcbruin's plane had been hit by Communist ground fire. Brace was captured as he lew a routine mission for a pri ·ate company on contract with he U.S. aid mission in Laos. The embassy announcement snid Brace look off Friday from Xicng Lorn, about 150 miles lorthwest of Vientiane with a lanc load of refugees and sup- )lic,s. When he landed at Bouam illage he was unaware that Pathet I,no guerrilla forces had overrun the outpost. As soon as Bruce landed his light American aircraft on Ihc .small dirt strip, the Communists seized him. His cargo of six Lao women and children ami supplies apparently also were seized. Right-wing forces, who later reoccupied the oulpost, foun ; the plane seriously damaged by Khanh Khay on the' '.edge of the Plaine des Jarres. NSURANCE Repiejeniolive, 28 ta 35 *'3 yean oE toMece. $500.00 guari o itarl. Call ED 4-3611, r«pper Employ rr.enr Service. Laurie Simpson One of the four girl officers o! the Senior Y-Tecn conference at Gulfshort June 5-12 is [Miss Laurie Simpson of Shaw, Miss Simpson was elected by state Y-Teens to serve as one of four leaders for the summer leadership conference. Miss Simpson is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Guy Simpson of Shaw. She has been an area vice president, president, president of her home club, and a participant in summer conferences and meetings. Special Notices ofler ihll ?al« 1 a-r. rr fc la Icr debli (Ofirrccled by any/./ Ikoi'd Clark -- Instructions 11. Fenule Help Wanted SAIESIAOY. 25 lo XO, S200.O). Call ED ^76JI, PepDtr_ Errployir.«nl ervk«. Une^urriered while lady To live In my jhorre. Call ED 2-2183 of!ir 6 P.M. ECRETARY - RECEPTIONIST ·lust be able to take dictation nd type a neat letter, 40 hour eek. Write P.O. Box 5575, Gvcen- ille, giving experience and ref- rences. 1$. HIGH HOMC SCHOOL II you dldn'l llnljli Hlsh School, wfiv co.TlViv* ur.der this lund'cap? Writs loday for FREE BOOKLET. Tetl txi» you can tain a HlBti SchjxM Dtp:om« ftrouah spsr» lime -sludy. « rmnlhlr Inckitn ill bootu »vj Ir.llrvctkKii. Our 47lh vcir. AMERICAN SCHOOL. OMI. c, r.o. iox loon Jackton, MlM. Call J55M54 Male Help Wanted S.oujerran, 1? lo 30. Salary open ell 4-3611, Peppe/ Errclovrr.ent Service. EPRESENFATIVE. 25 lo -!0, $433.00 oil ED 4-3611 Peeper ErrplorrrerU Soi ice. Delta State Scholarship Winners Three Delta Stale College coeds, named winners of the annual scholnrshlps sponsored by the DSC chapter of Delta Delhi Delta sorority, are Gilda Edwin, Cleveland sophomore majoring in social studies; Evelyn Utroska, Greenwood junior majoring in social science; and Patricia Courtney, Shaw sophomore majoring in elementary education. The sorority sponsors the scholarship yearly with funds made from campus service projects. - - · By Eugene Sbefjer\ ^ 6 18 ^ 21 50 33 K 10 47 M H ^ 24 ^ fl ^ !i '/// \l i\ W 54 iB ^ f/S '//. 9 · % Jb ^ ^ J ) ^ 61 ^ W bl bl ^ db ^ 4S ^ i ^ 59 % /// ' 0 ^ 54 ^ ^ ^ 4 ^ i/ IV 5i SA ^ W iii ^ M HJ ^ (i« ^ « 1 ^ w ^ 1b HORIZONTAL 1. bang 6. health resort 8. insect 32, molten rock 13. ever (poetic] slake 15. verily 16. sentimental 18. good buy 20. stiff 21. sea eafilc 22. cravat 23.mnp 26. vilify 30. old crone 31. merry 32.rodent 33. corrected 36. showy flower 33. not at home 39. witty saying 40. freshet 43. basis of hair 47. remorseful 49. twining 50. fish sal ico 51. Tibetan gazebo 52. the bowfia 53. assess 54. nocturnal bird 55. Shakespearean king VERTICAL 1. thick slice 2. Tibetan priest 3. avouch 4. fodder trough 5. finch 6. Mexican laborer 7. fortify 8. needed 0. pilaster 10. agitate 11. a dry measure. 17. largo continent 19. skill 22. attempt Answer to yesterday's puzzle. 23. Chinese tea 24. son of Noah 25. time of life 26. young child 27.footed vase 28. is able 2D. Greek letter 31. obtain 34. observe 35. composition for two 36. tha heart 37. kettledrum 39. gold or silver 40. box 41. Chinese wax 4 2. the dill 43. to recognize 44. occasion 45.genus of Arertfc ilra« »f Mli1I»n: .» -- (0 1965, Kiai FMturti Syat, lac.) **' foreman and ieaderme: Wust have shipyard experience i ug and towboat repair. BLUDWORTH SHIPYARD, INC P. 0. Box 5426 Wa 8-5051 Houston, Texas SALESMEN NEEDED BOO to $1,000 per month. Ca necessary, to work Greenville Cleveland or Greenwood. Ca 332-1323 9 A. M. till 12 Noon Monday. Tuesday and Wednes day. NEEDED Five men who wish to earn {8C per month with opportunity {o advancement in largest firm c iis kind in the world. Local wof Must have car and be well groorr ed. Apply to 605 Fairview, 10 M. Monday. COLLEGE STUDENTS Can use two college students wl need Summer work. Write P.C Box 5395, Greenville, Miss. Fi home interview. $150.00 wtefc abov* exp«niB if yo^ have 13 bocVi. freezen, In*, owe it tt youne'f to Invettigall opportunity. NO CANVASSING NO COLLECTING Situations Wanted Female rait praclkal nvitt dtilttt perrnan- "H woiSc. Will work primal* In horni al Coll £0 2-o753. Articles For Sate OR SALE: Siio1»-Coi'«r Guitar, liV» i imp. to 4-3636. 5153, OR SALE: refrigerator, aflei 5 p.m $50.00. Cal] ED 5-1575. 9,000 BTU Ftdd»n Air Condi . 220 voft. Excellent op«rarirg ion i. $75.00. Call 332-8538. ted Cm Range, Refrigerator ·MI Me V/aiS*!, all p«ifect cord cch. Call ED 2-00/3. outo Kc.l. $33 mm'fr oni rartfi*. leu lhan 6 . Id, Guarantees trill In effect, l-cyr byrr\ rt gtill. Cell ED 2 - 7 1 4 5 . i«ll, rding rrower In «««1len? c»n iiion. 550. Ccn be t e e n ol 82 Eepai 5«/vice, Hwy. 82. or Ph. 332-2312. V, TOT Air Condition will, 8 ft. Dalr t, Upright Fr*eier and lc« MaVn l:p WolUnt. ED 4.J736 or ED 2-8-515 SAFE FOR SALE Remington - Rand 4 hou Safe, ]arge size, $350.00 !all 332-5872. Service Directory SEPTIC IAWV Matlt Kx-k ctwnlr* ED 2.1729 01 ED t-t When You Think Of REMODELING Think Of ALEXANDER'S LBR. CO.--332-7245 BATTERY RE-CHARGE 29c Rental 25c Per Day GUARANTEED USED BATTERIES 8 Volt--$3.88 12 Volt--$4.88 Exchong* OTASCO Oklahoma Tire Supply Co. 612 WajMngton Ph. 335-269T ARMOUR if Fertilizers and Garden Insecticides of All Kinds Also Large Selection of Tools GOYER HARDWARE BIS Altxandir 332-2695 25. Boats, Motors Supplies I2 1 Alum' erer anj Tr u.-n Boat. 7V, H.P. il*.'. Call 686-4943. Will TRADrTacTll.P. O-jlfba"i!l Mo:of. full elecrrk with ccntioli for fiilvnq bear. II and Irailsf. Call 686-7325 . __ RAFT. 6' x T 8 1 ^eclrk: Mallei 25 H. P. Evir.iixJo Molor, ic.-nole control. 8' * 12' Can b« iifn al Yatr-.l Club. .Cal __ 30. Pets, Poultry Livestock : tea. $35. malel J«. Cal ?.50S5. Ifl pupp!ei, Parr cifera 8 p.m. Phsn« FOR SALE. Bea-Jtlful regiiiered AKC Ch'hua- hua jjuppie*, maU and {t.-nn'c. PJi 33^-495. 32, Household Goods 755 WE BUY USED FURNITURE and APPLIANCES HE US BEFORE YOU SELL QUEEN CITY FURNITUKE CO. Wmhl.-xjTon Aw*. «=tw* FD ?- If yo-J lo 55, a":*!! n«ct, havi to iak w;ih v=x. for ir.lervie-*/ opp! 1 Afnrr.alt Motel, mk. fcr Mr. 1. A. Gfiffin 6 IQ 8 p.m. 1 u«i Jav. Wed.-.eiday ar.i Thursday. SALES MANAGER TRAINEE AGF 21-34 Company expansion has created opporuniies for (2) two men who desire a career in sales. Men chosen must havs late model car, present a neat appearance, have at least a high school education and be able !o pass a rigid character examination. For interview appointment call 332-2264 -C-A-S-H- FOR YOUR OLD FURNITURE APPLIANCES · IUY · Silt · TUul RAILROAD SALVAGE FUKNIIUlf CO. 735 WolMnalan fh. ID 2-1711 33. Pianos, Radios, Televisions RELAX Previous lessons unnecessary Play Hammond Organ at HEWITT - SILK PIANO CO. 12 Dcorl from Slern /.tail) BuHding Materials LUMBER BUILDING MATERIAL Cypress, Pine, Hardwood ROUGH OR DRESSED SPECIAL ORDERS CUT E. G. NELSON, INC. Pluxil ED 2.85«B cr ED 2-7491 35. Service Directory WE TRAIN TIGERS Lean, hungry guys, the aggres* ·ive kind who see and selva problems. If you'ra married, sharp jnd successful (hav» 5 to 15 years business experience and a high school or college ed. Lcalion -- college preferred) . . . this may be tha opportunity of your lifetime. We train you, as. sist you financially, support you wrilh a multi-mlElion dollar ftdver- tlsing program. Only a few cen qualify. Let us give you the full story how our best agents aver- ago 410,000 ft! ytar. Cill or Write: COMTACT W. F. McDonald Box 638 Clarksdale, Miss, Phone MA 4-8127 STATE PARM Insurance Companies Home Offices: Bloom [ngton, Illinois IHSURANCI 12. Male Or Female Help Wanted DELTA PERSONNEL SERVICE 1M N. fonlor ol WoiMnglM t*n* 337-M71 Nik 33M93J · Caifiln Ci.Jil Cliri till · .ooHo.p!, $300 · looH..p.r . roil. Cihn*. 5550 · C,.d;i Mtwcg.f |400 · Saliwnan or Saleiwcmon Cem, Flut · Malhlaltl To* P« · ManalM-TrelnM JI-7* (3» Hurt No Appolnlm*r,T N«l»d Olfic. Hc«r f · I. ColTtio 1 Junlir Cflliigo Cradt ai« wiTcom* foi count«luif. UMAI IILVir--OWMT WAX POLISH Yo.r Car For Sumniir $10.95 Kossman-Vickcry FRIGIDAIRE SERVICE, that is · Fast, neat, krw-cctt installatiotii tkHKul senrks. · FrigMain PreclstM Parts. · Advice on aflaptinf Frigidaira appliuwi to yottr MtcImL CaflonthtfoUawlHrtJ ttetocaBonjort ROSELLA'S Pbone ED »N'T JUST WISH for a carf select it today in the Delia emocrat Times Want Ads. Lota F bargains! I. Business Opportunities F O R S A L E UTT-FUTT and BATT-BATT, Toc«lKer of iparoiely. Fxcelleni oppoiturJTy fcr p*r- m or pcucni dr^ ; ring a prcFirch!n t ; c?e- ·M bui:ne». PUTT-PUTT now cnciolir.g 5th ienion. The prico It right. Fw tn- FOR LEASE MAJOR OIL COMPANY SERVICE STATION U.S. Highway 82 East Adjoining Holiday Inn PHONE ED 2-6973 Insurance ROCK-BOTTOM RATES Call: John Worthy ED MK« Furnished Apartments 412 S. EUREKA: 1 ktjrooa ton. ODl. TV cob'a cc.-.n. $50.00 ptr monlh. Phon. [0 2-0016. NICELY furn. Uplfairi cpl. Privnift enlran xiih ord garage. TV cab If, air cond.1i ed, Coupla o^-ly, $-15 vet fnorrh. ' :. Srocdway. Fh. F.D 4-43J2. Special Notices Special Nollces LAKE ANNETTE \VILL, BE OPEN SATURDAY FOR BASS BREAM FISHING ONLY Limit: 5 Bass, 20 Bream Per Person $1.00 WILL BE OPEN FOR » DAYS ONLY. FOLLOW SIGNS FROM AIR BASE GATE. Building Materials .VI. Building Materials OUR BEST INTERIOR LATEX Gallon MATCHING $« 35 SEMI-GLOSS I Qt, C4!H AND CANT MTAIl DIVISION Of Building Products WHOLESALE CO Hiwor H I. rW 10 1-7741 1 Wtdi tm Mnldpri AJrwrl N,

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