The Bessemer Herald from Bessemer, Michigan on October 24, 1941 · Page 6
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The Bessemer Herald from Bessemer, Michigan · Page 6

Bessemer, Michigan
Issue Date:
Friday, October 24, 1941
Page 6
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Page Six The Herald, Bessemer. Michigan Friday, October 24, 1941 7 Dreamed 1 Dwelt In Marble Halls." The loss of the "Monterey" didnt Jar Bill too much. True,-he now had no money or any chance of naming any; and nothing could pry Virginia loose from tEe aSa- dred and fifty dollars he'd earned on that last fishing: trip. She insisted on saving; that toward the day when they'd buy the "Mary Ann." However, with no boat and therefore no chance to .fish. Bill could now devote all his time to day dreaming about that great day when he'd sail the "Mary Ann'^to the South Seas. ««°5? ^ ay ; a £, h «: and ^=0 lo"ed Bill leaped to hla feet. "Who's selling the 'Mary Ann'?""The auction man," she wailed. ."He's·selling our boat Somebod? might buy it. Hurry! Hurry!" The three of them took to their SYNOPSIS: An unsuccessful attempt to "borrow" equipment from another fisherman sends Bill Johansen and his faithful partner Pico out to sea. They head Bill's boat, the "Monterey" toward San Pedro where he tries to spunge credit from Marge Cavendish who owns the local chandlery. Marge, despite the soft spot in her heart for BUI. hasn't forgotten that he jUted her eight years previously--nor that he left San Pedro owing her and everyone else money. She tells him to take a job flsh- mg for tuna with the Kelly company. Bill scorns the idea} he hates work, and besides Kelly underpays fishermen for their catches. What's more, work interferes with his dream of someday owning the 'Mary Ann,' a Gloucester Schooner, and sailing to the South Seas. To outwit his creditors, Bill signs over his baat to his daughter, Virginia, whom he hasn't seen in ten years. Virginia, now twelve, believing her father has given her the boat to make amentia for his long neglect, arrives in San Pedro. She soon regrets having found him. But Marge convinces her that BUI has his good qualities and the two of them agree to unite their efforts to reform Mm. I Chapter Two I HIGHEST BIDDER ! Marge and Virginia lost no time 1 mu P uttin S through their plan Their first step wag to get Bil I a . tuna -fi shl n Job with Joe Petillo i whose fleet worked for the Kelly outfit, Bill, much against his will, found flL^ el V- etti ££ out for a month's fishing tnp. His first few days out his natural conviction against work · R n f »?? mto plenty of trouble But, when pushed to the point o ha«i n V° teb.Us was the record l haul. He and Pico sailed back a , the end of the month with th biggest catch of the fleet. thl !? ni £ "£? Baiting for him on the dock. She threw her arms ' Y ° U , Ginny,' , - , . ow, nny, , he grmned "When Joe Petillo pays I TM e off- we'll have about two hun f d r e d dollars. I'm gonna get you ; the prettiest dress in town." i Ginny hugged him. "I'd love : pretty dress-but let's not s the money. Let's not spend money at all. Let's save it so » TM n .. bu y the -Mary Ann' and sin to the South Seas like you're always dreaming about--" . dldnt earrx tw ° hundred me." the fl, n "egged. "Nobody in - ·· much as he thought ,?£?P Icious . o and anyway," Bill thi " K J aint "··'* would you do If you were ur.v- yirginla asked lateVaTht -- . a e a K -- -J i his complaint to her and Pico. "Id round up that whole Kelly crowd and run 'em through a cannin' machine. No- "Well, I bet they did cheat you," Ginny said thoughtfully. "I think Mr. Kelly, Mr. Dixon, Mr. MacDonald Mid that Mr. Baker are in cahoots." Bill's eyes narrowed. "Maybe they are. Maybe I ought to go down and talk to that Dixon--" He hitched his trousers and roiled up his sleeves. "Come on Pico." As soon as they'd gone, Virginia ran in search of Petillo. "Mr. Petillo--my pa'3 going to flght with Mr. Kelly because he cheated you and the men. He gets awful mad when somebody cheats him, and he'a going to run 'em all through a cannin' machine." Bill and Pico strode toward the Kelly office. "Those crooks!" Bill said furiously. "Tryin' to pull something like that on us--without cut- tin' us in--" Inside the office, Bill stated his case affably enough. All he wanted was what was coming to him fo his catch, plus, a little something for keeping his mouth shut. "What's that worth?" Dixon ask ed carefully, as he brought out a strong box of money from his desk and began counting out bills. Bill looked up thoughtfully. Th crafty smile on his face gave way to a frown of dismay. Staring in at him through the open office window were Virginia, Petillo and the mob of fishermen. "I can't take your money," Bil said in a sad voice. "I just had a wrestling match with iny conscience and darned if my conscience didn'l win. In fact, my conscience is tell Ing me right now to punch you in the nose." Dixon said nothing. He placed the _money back in the box an the box to the drawer -----. with an unexpected move he beat Bill to the first punch In another moment.the flght was on. Dixon, soon getting the worst of the match, shouted for help MacDonald and Kelly ran to his rescue Petillo and Pico joined the fray In short order, Bill was the hero of the hour--receiving the excited plaudits and hurrahs of the fishermen. Virginia pushed her way through the crowd and threw her arms ahout his neck. "He's my pa!" i« crie1 ecstatically. "He's my Bill may have won the fisticuffs --out K£ u y came out the final victor. That very night, he, Mac- onald and Dixon boarded the ·Monterey." and, while Bill and Pico slept, they pulled up the an- hor and opened the seacocks, then made their get-away. Bill and Pico awakened to find lemselves in mid-harbor on a Inking ship. They got back to hore by dory--but the "Monterey-went down to the bottom of the BARNACLE BILL Adapted from the Metro- Goldwyn-Mayer Picture by GERTRUDE GELBIN I'm going to pot one of these her* organs on it Then if I ever get a wire with a beautiful voice like yours. 111 have her mug that sone to me every night" "Sounds like the Garden of Eden, she whispered. "Yep." He sighed. "But there aint no use talking like that I aitft got no boat to put this organ "But I thought you was buyin' the 'Mary Ann."' "Well I am," be answered slowly. "But it's terrible discouraging to do business with banks. The interest is scandalous. You're workin' for a heartless corporation-- instead of the woman you love. The banks tie you hand and foot-- it's heart renderin'. that's what it is." «."?· a"TM is," she said sympathetically, then stopped. She swun» around and faced him. with quiet deliberation. '.'And I ain't coin' to let you do it, either." "What ain't you goin' to let me «o. Marge?" he pleaded. T aint goin* to let you work for ao Theartless corporation." Trhats mighty sweet of you." ha answered, his voice dripping with sugar and sorrow. "But I guess I'm doomed." , "No you ain;t!" she cried quickly. , tt wouldnt embarrass you, I'd like to loan you that money my- ot it right here in my old CAST OF CHARACTERS Bill JotunMti . . . . Wall*, «*«*· Canndhlt . . , . MarlorttMato Pica Rodrifiwz . . . . Vlrtinla Johamtn . . . "Pop?' Cawndhh . , , i» hn «·"» B»rtam MMLM. "·"H* « Coanto aucftrfet Aunt Lrtty . . . . . ''Twenty-five hundred once -twenty-five hundred twice -- third and last time--" called the auc tloneer. Virginia covered her ears with her hands, unable to bear hearing the fatal word "Sold!" ' "Twenty-six hundred!" shouted Bill suddenly. As he heard the words come ou of his mouth, a cold chill swep over him. , Pico all but swooned. "Bill! You crazy?" he gulped. "Twenty-six hundred -- once -- twice --third and last time," called the auctioneer. "SOLD. To the man with the little girl." Virginia paid the one hundred and fifty dollars to bind the sale "I know you got plenty brains Bill," Pico groaned -when the dea was concluded. "But this tune, ' think you make mistake. Where we get the rest of that money -that twenty-four hundred fifty dol lars?" Bill folded himself up comfortably on the dock. "Keep still." he said dreamily. "I'm worryin'" That evening. Bill resplendent in collar, tie and clean dungarees, sal on the sofa in Marge's parlor Marge glowed at him from across the room. "It sure was thoughtfu of you to bring me them flowers,' she smiled. "You sure got a way T m , aI ?? Ja TM man feel good," Bill lolled back in his seat. The clock in the chandlery struck nine He still had plenty of time. Pico if he was following orders, was gown at the Staysail Saloon, plying Pa Cavendish with schooners of beers. "I wish you'd sing that song " at again. Marge," BUI slfhed. her placc -- - D -- --- ----- uu*. f*+v*\j^ AIQ-^JJUJf ttfc. the old-fashiencd organ. She threw aim a. tender glance, then, opening !ier mouth, warbled "I Dreamt I Dwelt In Marble Halls." Bill rose and stood beside her, and joined in the chorus. "Doggone!" he exclaimed, when Jie laat note died down. "If it ain't amazing to aee so much talent wrapped up in one little wpman!" Aw, now," she protested happily. 1 ain't really talented." "How can you say that!" he remonstrated. "Here you are--run- ling a whole boatyard and manap- ng the chandlery better than your a. And you cook better'n a table- lee-hote; and to top it all, you sine hetter'n Jenny Lind." Marpe's eyes gleamed with detent. "Aw, get out" BIS leaned toward her tenderly. e e r y . ·You know, when I get my boat. . hour later, Bui, his step Jaunty, his manner buoyant, march- S 0 "«? the SiaysaU Saloon. Pico ~ S°^ Cavendish propped up against the bar. Biff winked at ?»£ -pointed to the wad of stuffed in his shirt pocket. jte the old coot back where you got him--" he whispered. Pa made his exit, his arm about Picos shoulders and a song on his lips. i Bill surveyed the room grandly.' His face lighted with pleasure as he saw Mamie enter the saloon Mamie's eyes took to the bulge of money in his pocket "Let's have a drink, Billy," she cooed. Bm tried to recall why they 1 shouldn't do just that Somehow, ne couldn't remember that Mamie i had caused the trouble between. him and Manre eight years ago -- : ?? r , tn ? t onl y *"» weeks asa,; Mamie had made away with the I twenty-five dollars he'd earned fish-; Ing. At the moment, her frowzy! blonde hair and watery blue eyes' seemed irresistible. : After a few beers, music was : what he wanted. He and Mamie: sat down at the piano and began,! singing T. Dreamt I Dwelt Ini Marble Halls." r The door to the Staysail Saloon' burst open. j Marge, her eyes wild with rage, stared in from the threshold. In three strides she was at the piano ' Bill went sprawling to the floor; in a shower of beer foam. i "Take my money and spend it' on blondes!" she shrieked. ·' In another moment, she and: Mamie were rolling on the floor. their hands in each other's hair Bill--Bill--she's killing me -- " sobhed Mamie. Marge got up contemptuously as; Mamie stumbled to her feet and : slinked away. ; Bill sagged toward his erstwhile i benefactress. "Gosh. Marge," he' whimpered, "I didn't know you! cared so much--" ; "Is that so!" Marge sputtered.! and reaching down, she yanked off one of her boots. ; "Don't lose your temper all over again--" BUI shouted. i Marge let loose with her boot.' 3he wielded it to the right and : left, her aim perfect. 'Til show you--" she roared.' "You and your flowers--" ' "Stop it Marge--it ain't fair--I can't hit back--" Bill made wildly for the door and dashed out into the night. As he banged out of the door. . UacDonald, Kelly's assistant, entered. "Go after him. Marge," MacDonald yelled. "Somebody oughta chase iat big lunk clear outa the har- *-or." Marge eyed him hard; then her loot swung through the air and caught him full on the head. "He's better than you are," she hundered. "even if he is worth- CWSl Ifartje males Bm give back \ I-.e money f How will he make rood on his purchase of the "JXnra \ Ann." Read the next c.-rciti*n ·Aapter). 1M1 br toew's In«. Print*! In IT. S. A. COMMON COUNCIL PROCEEDINGS Labor Payroll--First Half Oci tober. 19'11 $ 36.40 Michigan Bell Tel. Co. C.2S ). 112.41 povted by Alderman Re that the new ; tion carried. Oshkosh truck which has just been* Moved by Alderman Crenna sup- received by the c!ty be used for ported by- Alderman Probelski that plowing only. Motion carried. I the requests for dance permits of snow low plowing only. Motion carried. [ the reauests for dance permits 01 The matter of providing a garage! George Joswiak Jr. at 10S East Lead H' tllfr'V R f A1*nP f O f\t tl« »i niir 11-1 ml- r»»ul C*» i .»»,. .1 ^T,.n I ittnlin T .ft TUllH 1*(" fill Street and Mrs. Amelia Lampart on W. Lead Street ibe granted subject to the approval of the chief of police. .Motion carried. Moved by Alderman Crenna supported by Alderman Supercyuski that the claim ot the Lake Superior Grav for the storage of the new truck and plow was left up to the Mayor. Moved by Alderman Prucca supported by Alderman Probelski that the city engineer be authorized to have a platform constructed on the new Oshkosh truck. The type of Ul e claim of tne L,aKe superior ui;iv- platforrn to (be constructed to be left ' el Company against the City of Besto His discretion. Motion carried, j seiner in the amount of $1,857.50 be Aiddrinaii Proctor reported that i referred to the City Attorney and Iho there were two residences located in ' finance committee with full power to that section of the city commonly act - Motion carried. known as the jungles that were with- Mr. William Anderson. Supervisor out sexver connections and stated that from the second ward was present the city sewers should be extended and reported on the meeting that his to take in these residences at once, committee had recently in Lansing Moved by Alderman Proctor sup- with the State Highway Commission- ported by Alderman Erickson that er and the Governor regarding the the city sewers be extended at once relocation of U. S. 2. Mr. Anderson to take in the residences- in question stated that the highway would not be and that the Board of Public Works relocated through Bessemer. He also he advised that this action was tak- stated that funds will be made avail- en by the Council without their pre- aol e early in 1942 so that work on vious recommendation due to the. tu e highway can be started. time element. Motion carried by the j Moved by Alderman Crenna sup affirmative vote of all the Aldermen ported by Alderman Mannisto that present. . tnp mect ing adjourn. Motion car- The question of the payment of per-! ried - sonal property taxes was brought u p . ' G. W. WATERS, City Clerk The Mayor stated that this year's' Approved: personal property taxes will ,be col-| BASIL- J. BUCHKO, Mayor lected and that the deputy treasurer 1 to uS I S l «££; ! Siemens Crossing I where the taxes are not paid, prop-, Project Cost $19.000 i erty wil t be sold in order to provide' _ the funds for payment. j Alderaian Proctor stated that: Work is nearly finished on the Moore Street south of Second Av- ! grade lowering project of the C. enue was in very bad condition a n d ' N . W. railway between Siemens' asked that the city engineer invest!- 1 Crossing and Ironwood, west of Bes- gate this section and see what can [ seiner, which will permit a larger be done about it. He suggested that ; trainload of loaded ore cars to be an effort should be made to get all j hauled up the grade without break- property owners in that area to agree ing the train and coming back for to the construction of a sidewalk. He ' a part of the load ' e d a t o n c e ' tou " d Williams, chief executive or- the railway, announces the work represented an outlay of $19,for hits- -,,,, A1 , _ . , vum rBiiruseniea an outlay or i»rtP« i, ^ - Mdermau E "*son sup- 000. The grade was lowered S Z ^ rman Pr ° Ct0r that the Ilear 'y o «««« atid a bait. I bond submitted by Clarence Hayes' ________ I be referred back to him for a corr'ec-i Hasn't Learned Yet i tion in the wording regarding the' Mrs. S "uabL: '"oea yom- poauon as policeman for the city, i ])and pla y cards for money?" M o v X l , i v i i * ' Another HelK " l dolrt thi » k s °- n o r t P r i ' iirt AlderIU J n Crenna S "P- But those who play with him do." , ported by Alderman Proctor that the j request of Frank B. Abelman for per- ' " ' --·= I mission to transfer the tavern license of Mrs, Emilia Gismondi at 206 S. Sophie Street to himself (be granted j subject to compliance with the city j ordinance governing the granting of j licenses Motion carried. : j Moved by Alderman Crenna sup | ported by Alderman Probelski that the request of Mrs. Stella Joswiak for permission to transfer tavern H-. cense of Mrs. Mildred Beissel local-'. ed at 115 East Longyear Street t o ; ] her own name be granted subject to i ' the provisions of the ordinance governing the granting of licenses. Mo- We Sell | Every Form $ Of Insurance £ The General 5* Insurance Agency $ George L, Mazanec, Agent § Peoples State Bank Bultdlflr »J Phone 58--Bessemer, Mich. » SO Cards For $1.0O , , or to Peter L. Relleh for the sum ot elerv He staled that lie hnH T "^ ^ Ml * bS ^ "« W^SftSf feet of r to provide compensation i n - j of way along this road. The project. A regular meeting of the Common Council of the City of Bessemer,, Michigan, was held in the Council! ~, . ^ ~ ~ ~ ··-"·£ ^'. o ^ . o u . wnne me coiui S ' t l u V s o P M ° Ct0 " )er 2 ° ' j WosU " Shousc S3.00; Motion carried. Mayor Buchko 'in the clinir ami! ^l?TM"...!* .* Idor " lail _ Er ! cl ? s . on sup -1 TI ' ere b «»S no meeting called to order. ! ,]ie Roll Call: Present--Crenna, Proc.! t hat suranco for any employees he may in his work or supply a re- he said, would be good for most of fulfilled further business , tor, Erickson. Probelski. Supcrcynski, Re Prucca and Mannisto (S, . A,, be He s;iid that no more macadam streets will be constructed this year although there remains some concrete curbing to 4 e put in if weather per- mils. He also stated that there remains an amount of rock to be crush- October 20 1941 , "·"»=, 01 muving tne nre a- tt mh°,! larm s ' st em onto the Bessemer Light Utility poles was discussed. Moved by Alderman Mannisto sup- moving the fire a- from W. M. Colling, secretary to W. Probelski that! the meeting was adjourned i-Biiu »e allowed and . Respectfully submitted and Treasurer the in- : Board of Public Works eil to issue warrants in pay- j Q ·,,, WATFR^ «? sent--Kckman ami Perotti '(2). j Motion" cu'rried' 3 b^^the'^affirmative i M ° Veii by A1(lernlai1 Prucca sup-! The Clerk then read communica- Moved by Alderman Crenna sup-! vote'of all the Aldermen present I° netl bv Alderman Crenna that the tions from John Sabol dated October ported by Alderman Proctor that the 1 The Clerk then read the following = VeP ° rt °* U ' e B ° ard ° f Public Works j 15. 1941. Arthur H. Vandenberg dat- reading of the minutes of the previ-' report of the Board of Public Work* ! accente d- Motion carried. j ed October 9, 1941, enclosing a letter ous meeting be dispensed with and | n,.,^,«.. on ,,,« ! The ""alter of moving the fi that they be approved as published. ' Motion carried. The Finance Committee then made the following report and recommendations : Honoralble Mayor and Common Council Gentlemen: We have had tlie following claims under consideration and recommend the payment thereof: General Fund Labor Payroll--First Half Oc S. Knudsen under date of October 7th, and memorandum from Prentiss I. Brown enclosing letter from R. Hon. Mayor and Members of the Common Council Bessemer, Michigan. Gentlemen: At a meeting of the Board of Pub-, -..,,. ,, . He Works held this afternoon at one svstem onto tn e city-owned poles be "»i, all relative to the matter of re- thirty o'clock the following members left to the Boai ' d o£ Public Works ' °P enin S the Ironton mine and other were present: Negri, Johnson. Cy-! and the Superintendent of the Water' non-operating properties in the City chosz and Kallander. Absent: Prick and Lisllt Department. Motion car-. of Bessemer. - . ported by Alderman Erickson that c - A1!cn of the office of production the matter of moving the fire alarm' mana sement under date of Octctoer system onto the city-owned poles be 13tn a11 relative to the matter of re- John A. Kallander in the chair and ! l i e d - tober, 1941 _?665.0* i It was moved , Moved by Alderman Crenna sup- meeting called to order. j Alderman Supercynski reported for P 01 " 16 * 1 b y Alderman Proctor that the The 'bills and claims for the first I the Building and Grounds Committee j comlnunica tions be accepted and lit of October were examined. on the matter of the renair nt «.«' placed on file. Motion carried. Johnson and sup- AH c-, . ^ --------------T ----- ", y o n s o n an sup- All States Steel Corp. ------ 122.18 ported by Cychosz that the claims as Rd - C ° mm - " 3 !-!? P . resented be Allowed and paid. Mo- Book Concern 7.50 Burroughs Adding Machine Co. 6.60 Cities Service Oil Co. 196.68 Andrew J. Contralto 3.00 Frank J. Duda 6.80 Michigan Bell Tel. Co 2S.71 Mich. State Accident Fund _. 607.52 National Meter Div. 14.79 Penn. Salt Mfg. Co __H 7^50 Underwood Veneer Co. .65 tion carried on the matter of the repair of the fire hall wall. He stated that the' Tne Clerk read a communication cause of the leakage of water through: fr °ni tne Works Progress Administra- thu wall had been determined and j t i o n addressed to Mr. Joseph Nespod- t Jlfl f I'OnaiVO liOrl IK Ann ·_*._. J -- 9ATIV f^ttfr 'Onrnn A^._ «_ J -.-- J ,,.«. _ _* and Sllp - that repairs by been made Alderman Prucca sup- at a price of $11.50 It Z raising th, « zany. City Engineer, under date of October 13. 1941, advising that it would be impossible to include under the WPA project the replacement of the sidewalk in front of the Perotti j Hotel uud the Bessemer Food Shop. City Engineer Joseph Nespodzany, I Moved by Alderman Crenna sup- sup- reported at the request of Mayor ported by Alderman 'Proctor that the for Buchko, on his plans for winter, communication -be accepted and plac- ^city | street work. He stated that he was · «· °» fi l»- Motion carried. Moved by Alderman Prucca sup- we,l near the county garage ^'^^^^ .'^T^JSS' ISTIflflS CHADS PRINTED WITH YOUR NAME : From The BESSEMER HERALD

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