The Brownsville Herald from Brownsville, Texas on December 31, 1972 · Page 5
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The Brownsville Herald from Brownsville, Texas · Page 5

Brownsville, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, December 31, 1972
Page 5
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Solons Favor (Uftsr'i Mta: Mir I* Ike Rep.-etect nfe rf h* THM LttfriMrt Cowicaw. Forrest Green, D. «· Im. t, Vtt ftttt mtt+Ki oat member. -- R*p.-el«c tor (Mr vfevt *i the Wp New Andrew Z. Baker, D-Houston- cxpeeM !· he w tke ageida. said he favors legalizing the were r*UMrtag H Ike tkM W a live use of marijuana. |nt serin) . of the 51 lawmakers giving · an opinion on marijuana penal , ·y ANN AKNOLD ties, 36 said they favor reducing penalty .. . .DPI CaflM Reftrter first offense possession to a mis demeanor Some of those quali- ,, AUSTIN, Tex. (UPI) -- Mem- fled their endorsement of (he tiers of the 1973 legislature are idsa, however, making it con- overwhelmingly in favor of re- tingent upon the amount of the during the punishment for first weed found on the person, offense marijuana possession Four said they were absolute- Sen from a felony to a misde- ly opposed to reducing penalties Jiieanor, a United Press Inter- for use of marijuana, and 13, national survey shows. including two who favored re- raeanor, , Only lour of the 51 legislators ducing the penalty, said the de- responding to a UPI question- cision should be left up to the naire -- all of them members of trial judge or grand jury. tje House of Representatives- Current law makes first of- said they oppose, reduction offense marijuana possession a the: marijuana penalty, -or at felony punishable by two years would least, giving judges or grand to life in prison. juries the authority to reduce- Rep. E. L. Short, D-Tahoka, the offense below felony status was one of those opposing any for first offenders. ' reduction in the punishment "I "I hate to do anything to en- know of no one in jail on first courage it's uso, but the pre- offense anyway unless he had sent penalty is too serve," said extreme amounts," Short said. While «ntiaw«t-hr,wd*eing the marijuana ,*eM»ii*;.wa S strong among thftefilaMn answering the mail ) llttvejf;:«||r« were differences abort iow.'fc reduction should be handled. "1 would support outright, a cross the board reduction of the to a misdemeanor, but : recognize the possibility that an alternative proposal to make he grade of the offense optional with the trial judge and-or he district attorney might be a reasonable compromise," said ":n. Chet Brooks, D-Pasadena. Sen. Oscar Mauzy, D-Dallas, avors reduction to a misde- but says trial for a misdemeanor on first offense charges "should be a matter of ight, not a matter of discret- on for some uninformed judge." Another legislator said he vote to reduce penalties or first offense marijuana pos- essiori only if the bill was ac- ompanied by stricter penalties or drug pushers. Rep.-elect Larry Vick, R-Hous. on, said the only decision which hould be left to the judge is whether the person charged is a user w dealer.* Sen.-dect NellM Wolff, Antonio, Migfested that the severity of the offense depend on the amount of marijuana. n . , .j^^g^j-^^-.^^^^M ·^···^·^·^··^ft · ' ····^ TM^ ··PTW^II^^^^ Penalty For First Marijuana Offense** ton charged is i an example, Wolff said posses- with the weed wu · dealer, pofsescta of marijuana should room or car where marijuana favored redact** the'peB«T Texas Weather Offered Little Bit Of Everything (Editor's Note: How do you upper teens .and damaged pros- tember and October. However, remember Texas weather · in pective peach crops. The warm 1»72. As wet? Cold? Cry? Just dry weather continued to near right? H you moved four times to different areas during the except South Texas and the Low- year, you could remember il all er Bio Grande Valley, were grjp-j Jn South Texas, soil conditions four ways. In the following summary of Texas weather in 1972, State Climatologist Robert Orton was characterized by anything during the year,.it was variety). By ROBERT ORTON Slate CUmtotogfet Written fw United Preu InternaUmal Texas weather started 1972! vith contrasts between one geo- the end of April, and all regions ivy rains did occur along the I immediate coast from Corpus Christi to Port Arthur during 1 September. ped by drought.of mod-jwere much weiter than uormall erate intensity. from June through October, and I Heavy shower activity that be-in the Lower Rio Grande Valley notes thai if the state's weather gan the latter part of April con- from June through September «=_ ..h.rurt.,!.^ h,, ,,,,,,.!,;.,,, tiJiued through the first, two while North Central Texas ex- weeks ol May. Amounts were prienced moderate to occasion- generous, sometimes torrential, ally severe drought from Mav in:the south central, middle and, through mid October HE £%£**£ La-t-sii ^ we r pr di £»? «-TMTMrf NovemT r,T MJ TJK RA011T«AFf-'l area -- r -the coldest November of record,. took ~theirf and AUStin ' Fort WorUl Md Gal '1 BrauS TCSU)n '-^ e coldest November! One! May 11-12, an extensive area of South s was struck graj*ical region and anouTer. Pronounced variations in region-i al weather patterns went on ,, through the year. wtere The Beaumont-Por, Arthur Son area experienced the wettest McQueeney.ToU! property d January since 1961, while rainfall deficiencies were beginning . . In Nortli Central Texas that fell in areas' already satin-dated; Ice and snowj'and the^unusual Harvest of cotton | was were to continue, with few inter- niptions, throughout the succeeding months. Frigid polar air settled over ill.of Texas on Feb. J-4 and resulted in scattered hard freezes e^ly m Jane, with mild drought during February. Warm dry weather continued through March. Austin, E! Paso, precipitation during Die month. M^Mi^^-sa 1 of fell in areas' already saturdated; Ice and snow'"and the'unusual by suostanlial May rainfall but cold, restricted cattle grazing on skipped North Central Texas the High and Low Plains andl which needed it the most. The increased the number of cattlei drought reached severe proper- deaths due to weather on the! lions in North Central Texas northern High Plains Grazing in I the southern half of Texas was! in both East Texas and the High reduced by muddy fields. An' Plains. ice storm paralyzed tyorth Tex-i| In the tower Bio Grande Valley but this was ttieondy significant . . .... ,, cold spei! during the month. Ex- Most sections of the state en-jas and the upper portion of! cept for a few heavy rains along J°y*I cool wet weather in July, South Centra! Texas on Becem-' 1 the middle and lower coast at bu ' a S ain . tn « rains missedjber 10-11, affecting the area . toe end of tile month, very littJe North Central Texas, and the! north of a line from Del Rio, I raii fell anyviiere In the state severe drought continued in this through Austin to Texarkana I ·*"*--·*·"' area. August was also wet and; Worst hit was. the Dallas-Fort! cool. North Central Texas re-iWorlh area. More "normal wealh-,. ceived some relief with rainSjer returned to the stale the lat-I Lubbock, Midland and San An- reducing the drought to moder-jter half of December. ,_ gelo recorded no measurable ate intensity. The Beaumont- in summary, the most signifi-j Port Arthur area enjoyed the cant features of Texas weather! At'Austin this was only the sec- coolest August since 1917. I fa the year 1972 were: the dis-il ond-March of record, and the No tropical cyclones struck astrous flood at .New Rraunfelsl first since 189S, in wWch no mea- the Texas coast during the hur-jand Seguin in May; a hurricane)! gurable rain fell. Northwest Tex-ricane season for the first time|season without any tropical! as experienced a wintery spell:since 1969. As a result. Central]storms; and the unusually coldjj near the end of the month that; and South Texas received less wel weather in November and 1 ' plunged temperatures into theilhan normal rainfall in both Sep- early December. *.* * Court Records * * IBRD DISTRICT COURT Filings' The State of Texas versus the al, vs. Eugene Korrel Pilow, /ollo'wing for delinquent taxes; T o r o b i o Rocha, Alfonso Rocha, Mrs. Minerva Ramirez, Jose' Tina, Juanita Rodriguez and Jacinto Rodriguez, Victor G. Ortega, Jesus Pena, Charles P i e r c e , Guillermo Monies, Guadalupe Rodriguez, Wilma L. Morgan, Daniel Perez and Mrs. Julia R- Hamos. Also, Estate of Jose Serrata. Cleotilde B. Ortiz, Refugio Perez, Simon Sandoval, Maria Meza, Mrs. Irena G. Hamirez, Mrs Francisca H.- Meza and Alanacio-Solitaire. 1D7TH DISTRICT COURT ' Filings In re:-Adelaida Zamora and Carlos Zamora, divorce; In re: .ludy Lynn George and James' 1 George HI divorce; In re; Blanca Mejia Pina and Angel Pina Jr, divorce; In re: Elvira : Sanchez Soria and Juan Soria. divorce: - I n re: Betty Ann Kennedy; and John Kennedy, 'divorce. 1S8TH DISTRICT COURT Filings Teresa D. Mills, a minor, el damages 1S7TH DISTRICT COURT Filings The Stale of Texas vs. Horace Russell, violation of stale highway regulations. County Court-at-Law Filings .Francisco Campos, driving d r i v i n g while intoxicaled; K a t a r i n o Portugal, driving! while intoxicated; Eduardo Cuellar Perez, driving while intoxicated; Jose Villarreal Chapa, driving while intoxicated. Earl Martin Adams, driving!] while intoxicated; Bias Garcia Salinas, driving while intoxicated; Agapilo Rodriguez Serralo, driving while in- t o x i c a t e d ; Roberto Cantu, . . . . . , . J ° · « - · » * * . « t l - u , J.VUISCU. LU LrOUItU. while intoxicated: Juan Ortiz d r i v i n g while intoxicated- Raymond H Callaway, driving while intoxicated. F r a n c i s c o " Gonzalez Jr.,II driving while intoxicated; Delia Janes Morgan, driving while! intoxicated; Ramon Alvaradol Aguilar, driving while in-l oxicated; Esmerehlldo Garcia I Weaver, driving while in-l People And Events MARINE PFC. JOSE C. 3racia, son'of Mr. and Mrs. , Macedonio Gracia of 104! toxicated; Joe ~Terry"johnson lawthorne, graduated from;driving while intoxicated. lasic Iraining at; the Marine! Ignacio Jimenez Martinez Jr I :orps Recruit Depot in San D r i v i n g while intoxicated;" )iego. He -is a 1971 graduate!Mariano C. Garcia HI, driving of Brownsville. M A R I N E PFC. JESUS ^.....(Gascon, son of Mrs. Maria A., ·"""""'Gonzalez of Los Fresnos, hasj Delia Qarcia vs. Albert Juan Gaytan,.. damages to aulo; National Bank of Commerce at Brownsv!llle vs. Fred Rendo.n Jr and:'Tino Rendon, suit on note and security agreement, Mrs. Sylvia Martinez, et al, vs Conrad Miller, personal injuries and damages; In re; Celina while intoxicated- McCleod, driving Jones while toxicated; Juan TL. Ramirez, while intoxicated; reported for duly at"the 0 Marine!S' 1 ?' !e _ int TM i :ated; ' Roberto Bavila and divorce. Roberto Davila. mission Apollo 17. In re: Antonio Hernandez and unit of the Pacific Recovery Maria de Jesus M Hernandez, Force for the recent moon divorce; In re: Colleen Victoria Shircr Divietro and Michael Joseph Divielro Jr., divorce; Yolanda Cortez vs. Jose Corfez, reciprocal support, transferred from Jackson County, Okla.; Sabina Campos vs Mario Campos, reciprocal support, transferred from Cook County, Cn-ps Base, Camp Lejeune, N.C. He joined the Marine Corps in August 1972. N A V Y SEAMAN APPRENTICE Emilio del Rio, son Port Isabel, is a crevmember of the fast combat stillman support ship USS Camden, a · AIR FORCE TECHNICAL Sergeant Seferino R. Guajardo lr., of 910 I) St, at Korat Royal is on Thai duly AFB, Balboa Zamora, driving while I intoxicated I Samuel C h a m b e r l a i n Calderas, driving while in-l t o x i c a t e d ; Pedro Tolentol toxicated; m i n o r Thailand. The sergeant attended! Irmvnsyilie High School. His! ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,.,,,, u l l v vifc, Mnrma, is the daug!itcr ( while intoxicated, $100 and three Rodriguez, driving while in-II David McMahonjI and non-support of I children; Richard! possesion .of a I dangerous drug; Roberto Torres Ramirez, shoplifting. I Juan Jose Huerla, driving I ivhile intoxicaled; Natividad Z. Rios, driving while intoxicated;,. Ex parte: Charles W. Jones Jr, I extradition; Hilario Molina," desertion and non-support of minor children. Judgments. Abel Briones Salazar, driving of Raul Range], days jail. an example, Wolff said fosses- tlon «( two ouncei or less of D-San marijuana could b« classified a ty. misdsmcjnor, and possession of more than that could carry the ton, As yesamptjan that " " with the weed wa« · · dealer, and eouM carry a felony penal- Rep elect Kay Baily, B. Hous HI, said she favors (tying the perwi judge diacretion in tocWog it potteteioa of marijuana should room b* a felony or misdemeanor in all cases. "I feel we must change the the definition of possession so ' will not include people in a or car where mari._ is found, but the individuals not have it," she said. ' A survey prior to the 1W1 legit] islature also indicated that a majority of the legislators then marijuana favored rednciM the j-- " ' do but a bill to that effect ww killed in the bouse. ' Texas is one of only two stitw which classifies first offense po session of marijuana a felony. 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