The Lawton Constitution from Lawton, Oklahoma on August 20, 1963 · Page 12
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The Lawton Constitution from Lawton, Oklahoma · Page 12

Lawton, Oklahoma
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 20, 1963
Page 12
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·JJ THE LAWTON CONSTITUTION, Tuesday, August 7.0,1963 Personal Income Hits Record High WASHINGTON (AP)-- Gains in construction, trade and the service industries pushed personal income to an annual rate ot 5451.3 ·billion in July, the Commerce Department announced today. The rate, a record, was $1.7 billion higher than in June and $21 billion above July o[ 1962. Dividends declined slightly irom rhe previous month and factory payrolls remained virtually unchanged from June. Seasonally adjusted employ- mem, wpcKly hours and average hourly earnings all held steady as far as factory workers were concerned. July was the first month since January that factory payrolls · have not risen significantly. j Individual income in the lirst j seven months o( the year ran at a seasonally adjusted rate of J-1iS ·billion, This is -I 1 : per ccnl, or S20 billion, above the comparable 1982 period. · Farm proprietors' incomes and venial incomes were the only categories which did not advance over 1962. The slight decline in dividends was due primarily to a large June payment by a major automobile company. Wall Street Now'sAGcod Time To Sit Tight In Mart Wnll Street Chfttlcr NEW YORK (UP!) - Despile c 1M H NU. 't T.M. ui. u-J. Nt OH, "There is a resemblance, but the nose spoils itl" DANGER WARNING BUCKS HARBOR, Maine (UPI) --The - Bucks Harbor - Air Force. Station has posted a warning sign al its exit, The sign..reads: ."Caii- tion. You are about to enter-the most dangerous p'.ace" on earth-a public highway." For Rent-: Apartments 3 For Rent--Houses 4 | Furniture 2 APARTMENTS and one hou.ic, lur- AEOVE ftverape upstairs 1 bcdroorr. apnrLmenl. newly rcdccornlcd. 935 B, bills pale!. EI-5-2-1'2. DESIRABLE 3 bcdnwm. l : i ba'.h. sieve, refrlRcrator, nniennji. fenced, no pe[5. i SciHcmbcr Isl, 21-IB Or.mun, Rich Rcnliy. EL5-3611. . ' COOL 2 - r o o m furnished: apnj-tmcrL 715 \Vtiahlnglori.' .... LI__ INDIVIDUAL, cabins.. S8 per week. .1015 Loc. ' Classified ADS TELEPHONE EL3-0620 FOR rent 2 room, furnl.ihed ftpnrlrr.cnl, ·n.iu Dearborn, nil bills paid, J15. EL3- OS-IS. · ' - . 1 AND 2-BEDROOM FURNISHED APARTMENTS $75.00 up -- Bills Paid! Lawton Constitution and Lawton Morning Press Distance To Shoping Center -On Bus Line! E V A N S A P A R T M E N T S Dial EL3-5163 furnished a p n r i m r n L , nil b i l l s puld, washing facilities, nlr condl- iioner. curport. Inquire ITU Corp. V E R Y nlcn, 2 room menlj. privnlc bnUi. Turn In fie 7iG E. count 77?e A/ex/ D«/// Thud You Hear Will Be Falling Trial Balloon By Dick West under-privileged a d u 1 ( s. whc United Press Inlernnliorml | have never seen a trial balloon. WASHINGTON (UPI) -- In i For their benefit, and lor others politics, it is important 10 be ] who may need a refresher course a bio to distinguish between a i in trial balloon recognition. I trial balloon and n lead balloon. ' shall undertake to list the idenli- Many a politician has lurned fying features of some of Uie loose what he thought was a trial j more familiar types, balloon only to have it drop o n ! "Friends of Sen. Lungbusler his foot and fracture a couple o f ; are quietly working behind the the continued hifih velocitv ' ol i tootsies. j scenes in an effort to obtain the business the Alexander Hamil! Others have been known t o ' presidential nomination for him ton Institute believes that, as the I TMpture their lungs trying to blow' next year... 11 i n d u s t r i a l and rail'averages air inl ° lnc uninflalable variety.; The key word there, the one reach 'their peaks, prod, tatons i Des P ite s " ch hazards, however.: thai stamps it as the work of a will become more apparent ' j « appears that we are in for a , trial balloonist, is "quietly. I rather active balloon season d u r - : If Ins 1 v i e n d s thought t h a t ] ihe next few months. The: Lunpbuster i-oally had a chance, j national conventions arc slil! they already would have h i r e d ' ' i about a year away and already- a brass band. i a couple" of exploratory Rasbags Should this balloon produce any Unired Business Service feels · l l a v e appeared on the horizon, sort of reaction other than hys- that at current levels, the market j . \ Vn TM. '*/ «« ^ey were los-: Iwical laughter a second one is vulnerable to upsets but the ^ alatude fast - Apparently i h c j « i l l _ b c som aloft. On« Uiicruan inouacs pu^:ll;^uo^ Mir. Uic Cqr.slltutlM: and Mor Presa. Sundsy tucrUon comij In' curipu^ni Uie corl ol "our ad. MC.I word number. sbbrcV.aUun liuila: a* out word: ench word in Uie addreji a.1 one wrd; lelcphnnd nurn- bt-i M OM »ort. Cap'.Wltoed neadlnzi nnd ivonij are counied double or 10 ^ 1 «5, r « U! £.n t . - » "^S! br m.-xdc on d) ads rcauJrlr.s oUol box numbers. 5e i LARGE 1 bedroom furnished house. ELS! 7.125. -112 North :2th. ' WELL furnls.'icd 1 bedroom B p n r l m c n t In duplex, Rlirnce. North of Cnclic Rontl. ncnr Fur( S\'.\, wnlcr p u l d . ?T5. EL3-SQC1 Minimum ad-- 10 One 01 two condnuouj ^, per word per day Three or four contirjuous insertioin. per word per day . . . Five or more contifluoui insertions, per word per day . . . Twenty-six continuous insertions (one month) per word ........ 60c Minimum charge . . iubjeci 10 chnnze vrtlhoii FORT SILL GARDENS APARTMENTS Bills Paid 1. 2, 3 Bedrooms Free Swimming Pool For Tenants On Premises 2235 Hoover St. EL3-7449 2 P.OO.M [umlshrd apartment. Private bnln 315 Gore i AND 3 roolri apartment*, bills paid. 31S Lee, . Air contllJoncd. 4 ROOM turnlshcd. in!u;t.i. 1601 Wllllnnn. i CHXNDI.EPTS" R»nuu. 910 Lee. I SonUl 3SU1. ELMSU2. 4e 90e The firm savs this seems a good time w'slt tight with good i securities and keep some cash I for emercencies b longer ranee outlook remains launchers were unable to get all i "Some of the prospective candi- ' 'avorable The Boston based firm tho lcad out - datos for ncxl - vcar ' s Presidential Rectosbusinefs wffl -hake oTl Tl ' ial balloons havc TM thins nomination are quietly u- 0 rkin E fhesumm*^^ *«"« V* ' S '°P day and the pickup win puhor : «..""^^JW .?.".!,, '^' ^tii^n ?TM7»rt K et, it, will father strength in the last quarter. may vary widely in shape si'/.e. a n d ' , of children, and maybe a G. S. Colby of Colby Co. pays that, based on technical and fundamental indicators, Ihe m a r k e t will go substantially higher over the intermediate and long term. However, Colby says, i f ,,.,,_., J - '· V - O m r n Q n u O S lift from ihe !act that the perron Possibly there are a number I bcinc stopped actually has never Cuban Refugee some irregularity is to be expect- j cd and p e r i o d s ot weakness j f- J · j. C should be used for buying Rood i L. feu 11 r O T stocks. ! GUATEMALA CITY (UPH Cuban r c I u K c c "commandos" claimed credit .Monday niKht for Salurrlay's rocket raid on a furl train in central Cuba and saij throuRh a ; they also attacked a power plan; helped to a ui western Cuba Sunday niphi. A key question now. Speak S: Slatt Inc. says, is whether the slide from the June hich has been reversed or whether the market is just technical rebound larcc: decree by a steady now ol bullish news. f e w : started. It presages tile launch- ins ol still another type. "Sen. Lun^buslnr had quietly passed ihe word that he would not accept second place on the ticket ." Finally we have "Sen Lunj;- bnster. often mentioned as A possible presidential candidate. ,in- notmced today that he will srek re-election to the Senate instead." Teen-Ager Saves Father From Fire A (J33-1 Card ol mania «"i m Memunum Noileei '.ahe r»iei " above. Minimum cname O-OO. nead your no. Repjn any error .nv mtdlntcly. Ttie Conilliullon and Morn- liu rrfii «-lll not br reiponsltJIc lor more IheJi on! IncorrfCl InK-ruon of anv advenlserrlfnl. Ml extra Inieruon ivlii br m n d t wlthmjt chane. Week Day" 5 P-"a " »»'ore publication. LI a.n s«luraay. "KILL" DEAULTNES: 9 a.m. Day of Pumicnilon. rh- Ci»"lfl5i Depnrtment "111 be open week dny» from t a.m. 10 5:30 p.m. Sa:urday« « a.m. u 13 ""on. Qoitd Sundavs. , Classilied ad^rtlscmenls are ouc and payable on Uie last day advertisement HDpears In the paper. IT'S SO EASY TO PLACE A CLASSIFIED ADVERTISEMENT Dial EL 3-0620 and ask lor "dasriiied" NEW MODERN EFnOENCY A P A R T M E N T S Rales by day or week. Refrigerated air conditioning in each room, television, dishes and cook- Ing utensils [umished, LaHOMA MOTEL 302 Ferris DlaJ EL 3-5906 · Lawton's Finest ·· Rentals Hcarlols Housing Corp. · Near Gate 4 BJ3 BR. Furn. . . $150 813 BR. U-Furn. . $100 g| Brick Duplexes--Water Paid ^| dose to Parochial mm Public Schools S Call · STEPHENS AGENCY TM EL 5-5330 ·· Evenings EL 5-5524 ffil OlUce 142] N 22nd 3 BEDROOM un.'urnljhcd. 4312 SnnU- Ft. ZL5-3S2E, EL5-3575. FURN7SHJ3D rentals. 123 to MO. b!l!j paid Inquire 616 G. 3 BEDfi OOM hou.l e] unYurnl s heif. Near Gate 5. See Mrs. AlkJn.1 nt HOG Lcc. 50' BY 10'. I n t o model mobile Home, 2 bedroom, nlr conditioned. extra clcttn. H v f l i l a b l c now, nil blllj paid, couplo. o.lly. ELJ-72.16. EL3-17J5. 3 BEDHOOM furnished, avnllablc IHI 26. EL5-6363. __ ______ _ COMPLETE hou.icful new rurnllure. noih- Ing. doHT.. V15. per month. EL5-8J84. LUXURY ho.-nc, Morlord Hills. 3 bedroom. 2 baths, den. double KaraKc, cen- Iral all. EL5-7UJ. 8 I Aufomobiles 11 HI-fldclILy console and portable TVs; davenport.; brand new. fully equipped barbecue pit. UQ5 Washington. F R I G I D A T R E retrlRcrulo.-, l i b r a r y :»Mc. 1D58 BUICK. best of/cr over SSOO. EL3- metal wardrobe, etc. 9:00 (im to 4:00 S720. S35I Oak. pm. -l--! 1 .^ D. Apnr.ment 6. ~ ~^ j James Mitchell Representing Howard Smith Ford 3rd B Selling The New '63 FORD. AND A-l USED CARS EL 3-5050 EL 3-1932 Residence EL 3-S437 19^ VOLKSWAGEN. Ju« arrived Irorn Europe, 5:.S95. 111-1 .IrMnnon. COMPLETE Mourcfu! new rurniurc. noLh- Ing down. -515. per month. £L5-3-l!M. REPOSSESSED, 3 rofrlgcrnlors, '.! n l r cor.diLlcneiSi wnshcr. dryer, 3 ranpca, freezer; 2 phonosrnphs. Freight damaged. 2 rcfrlecraLcrs. washer. Priced to sell I m m c d l n t c l y . Terms, noLhin;: down, ,sir.nll pnymcn'.s or ca^h. Trade Mart. Appliance Dcparlmcn:. 4400 Cache Rond. HOUSEFUL complete. 3 room wim rc- .r'.gcrntor and stove, all new. S59B. Monthly payment. SZ7.G7. Wncsoncr Homo rumJ.ihbss, 3509 Cache ftoad. open evening cnUl 8 p.m. "3 ROOMS ftJI new rum! lure"-- living room, ocdroom. dlncf.c, .No down payment nccrssnry. NeLvin Furniture Company. Downtown. -11H K Av«»nur. GB.:« 3. 2512 Fori Sill Boulevard. Musical Instruments PJANO Lunlnc nnd rcpulr. work K U f t r a n - j Iccb. Leljlrr Mu.!c. 33-1 Sou:J-. SUl. ELS- I TAKK up payments on Fender Concert I Amplifier, l i k e new. ETJ-19^7. BILL SMITH AGENCY 2623 Cache Rd. EL 3-JSS5 3-BR, stove, attached Rarage, TV antenna, Available Aug. 12. $106, water ajid garbage paid. 4-BR, 2 air conditioners, 2 baths, S P., fenced yard, TV antenna, 5121. water and Rar- bafje paid. Aval]. Aug, 19. i PJANO -- Klmball, French Pro- v i n c i a l , _f.-yltivood finish. 5575. EL3-6S20. ACCORDION (j GUITAR LESSONS 8 Week Course--Beginner's Instruments Furnished Free REASONABLE RATES DiaJ EL 5-7402 For Rent--Miscellaneous 5 WUPJ-IT2EP. Pianos one Organs. SMe« ana rentals. LcLi'.cr Music Compimy 3H So-JtH 5in. EL5-2345. BALDWIN! plnnofl anri nrsans, close oul nrlces. Hardy SUKPS Music Company. BAND Lijirumcn-j: Seles, Rcn:«l«, P-f- pairs. Acccssnrlri Craydo.n Miller Jr. Band Irsrrum^nls. A'. Leister Muilc Cen- Icr. 31J Soulh Slh. ELS-23J5. HARDY SUGGS MUSIC CO. font etimplc:e music nhopplnji ccnicr, Plsnoi a.nd orimns. rrnl or sale. Hand wstrurcenti. rent. lelL reD»l~a. EL5- ·ai. USED nibsijn a m p l i f i e r SR-I. 35 wan, 150. :ir.«t come. EUi-4773. Authorized Dealer For VOLKSWAGEN 32 Miles Per Gallon Complete Service Parts Department New '63 Volkswoaen S I 693 S299 dov.-n-S-15.6S per mo. Delivered Li Laivron Bob Spraker Motor Company 2215 Cache Rd EL 5-7223 ·······#········* NK'E liTri Buick. Mirk j h l f l . iXft, fi'nod ]?:fi Ford, flr-k jhl.'l. S!35. EL3-ffi«. J^ARGE irdller jpacc far rrn' M \\nTT.f. PrlvHLr, 1303 Wll- i * j ar. BRJCR UUPLEXES Billj cmJd c m sill Rcniii Unln. inc.. 8 Nurui :; Rafael Martinez Pupo, spokes- i OKLAHOMA CITY (LTD -- ,, . m a n for a trroup callinq itself the ! Jg.year-old boy rescued his uncon- ! "Mambi Commandos." said i! has ; sc i ou s Jathcr from their burnin K i Leslie M. Pollack ot Refolds i declared "open war 1 ' on Fidel : home Monday niRht. : i Co, continues to believe ^thc , Castro's rcvoliitionary rcpmc.^ | The father, Bill Hulbcn. 39, was strong ~ J "" ' : " ' " ' : "~ ~'"' "' J " lorcc Ia\ p orci3 bases inside Cuba. , gill Hulbcrt, arrived home ...,,. They adopted the name "Mam- · / O und him. bi" from the Cuban rebels who : Thc boy'cflrried his father lo a touprht against Spain in the late ! pa tio ai ihc rear of the house and years of the 19th Century. Their | neichbors helped lift him out a eflons set the stage for the U.S. ; window. victory in the Spanish-American I Firemen said the blaze was be- TJ.S. Pat. OH.) ! War which drove the Spanish out j lieved to have been caused by a By United Press Imernmlonnl ! ol Cuba. j smouldering cigarette on n couch LOS ANGELES -- Evangelist ! in the living room. Billy Graham in a sermon on TwO-YeflF PrOQram Scheduled ' sex: 3 "It is a God-jiven instinct. Used right, it is a wonderful I servant. Used wrong, it is a tor-' WASHINGTON (API--The DC- rible ivran;." j fcnsc Department said Monday it I will start a two-year, multi-million . , primary uptrend is still i n ' Martinez said the commandos, i treated a; a hospital after the in- md advise a buildup i n ; operating from a "secret base in c jd c nl. He apparently had been d issues. ihe Caribbeari."^ have established overcome by smoke when his son. Quotes in The News To Modify All B52 Bombers ;Test s Show Tulsa ** i ^^ r ** . TULSA (AP) -- Two student NEW YORK -- From the 12- · dollar modification program on i teams said Monday a series of page manual outlining plans for ·' virtually all of the United Slates' I tests show 40 per cent of Tulsa's next week's civil rights march on j 700 B52 bombers next month, eating establishments had refused Washincton: | Thc program is designed to cor- to serve Negroes. "Our bodies numbering over; rect weaknesses in a rear fusel- The groups, associated wilh the 100,000 will bear witness -- will : age bulkhead, discovered during National Association 'or the Ad- Eerve historic notice -- that jobs . a 3-year series of tests during |vancement of Colored People, vis- and ireedom are needed now." : which three of the bombers I ited about 150 establishments to ! crashed. A Defense Department! see if Negroes would be .served. ATLANTA -- William Schroder. ; spokesman s;u'd the weaknesses ! They did not identify the places, attorney for Wallace Suits in the I occurred because the bombers i Don Edwards, secretary of the Jailer's 510 million libel suit i were used in ways other than had · student committee, said a report against the Saturday Evening ' been anticipated, including low | would be given lo the Mayor's Post: i level high speed flights and flights j Committee on Community Rela"Killing a man's reputation is in severe clear air turbulence. : tions. worse than death to me. Can you imagine anything worse than to be still alive and attend the lu- neral of your own reputation?" CL-W-IJT1CU IMJEX Miin« . · - · - * · Tor Itwil-- K"nim ..... Fur Urnl-- A p u n m r n U . . . Fur R»nt -- Hoil*(. L « . . · · IVnnlcrt Furnlniri Hcnl l-tAl^ nu-lnr». fnilMTtr I'miltrj-- r«t»-- 5lnek» llrlp IVunlrf-- M l l r l p Wanted-- r Sprolkl Nollr^i . . . Hiilldlnt ^t»tpHftl· rtiltlnrtt OpIHjrlunltlef Sehwil- nncl Cntlcrr . rr*unal* . . . V«rd n5 Gurtrn Wurk ID IDA 11 1IA un VOGUE APARTMENTS INC. 2108 Sheridan P.oad D.iaJ EL 5-5880 1 and 2 Bedrooms Furnished REAJUA' CLEA^N Lovely i'i_'ungs;own kitchens, new Electric RefrigerB tors. These are Ihe apartments V OUJ friends recommend. For Renl---HOUICI TRAILER SPACE FOR RENT TRAILER -prices, liirsc. Individual city ; meters, ncros* f m m school hnd o i h c r i nrlvhnlHpe*. Wnter paid, low rule* P u ; - i mans Mobil Home Park. 1*054 South Sher- · nun EL3-rjM3. | FOR RENT · Television Sets · Refrigerators · Washing Machines · Rollaway Beds · Air Conditioners HOLSEY'S A P P L I A N C E ·Ml5 Cache Road Dial EL 3-S655 SEWLNC machine r»nl»n. li.OO per month. Frpe plcfojp «nd dfllvpry. Phone ^ncrr S*w1nn M«er.»ip Company. F.LS- 7909, 329 C Avenue. LnMon. I'd RA'ni.s, ri'iuhl^ nHrfipt-, 3 l.odr h l i e h ^ n ,'urnl.«tietl, ivirpHIm'. nice llnn. fencerl yunl, nlr c'lnillllolird. w n l r r imul. T h n n e Kl.-i-nT!m. WE RENT BABY BEDS · High Chain CORWIN'S--916/2 B Dial EL3-2833 Because Our Fail Shipments of NEW HAMMOND ORGAN'S PIANOS Will Start Arriving Next Week, We Need The Space That These Instruments Are Occupying. All Instruments Are In A-l Shape With Beautiful Cabinets. 1) Early American Maple Finish ELECTRONIC WURLITZER SPINET (With Spectra- Tone Sound) Bouztn New Less Than A Year Ago. 2) LOWERY SPINET. Walnut Finish. A Beautiful Insrru- mfnt. Many Others That Space Will Not Permit Listing. Key's Hammond Organ Studios No. 6 South Sheridan (2 Doors North ot Little Mexico Restaurant) 'EL5-6-MO flours: 9:30-6 Mon. thru Fri. 9:30-9 Saturday and by Special Appointment ;;,:.;· i;,| ijr';:rT"i'i -y-f. :"ir:i! 1' IP '· ; v 1 ' 1 'II' J" 1 .:? lilt TRADIN' 'N' TRUCKIN' TIME WE'VE GOT PLENTY OF "OK" USED TRUCKS PRICED DOWN LOW TO SAVE YOU MONEY! '.« FORD 2-Ton truck with 4- spced, 2-spced, s ^Qf) good lire? ...... J 7U '32 INTERNATIONAL 2-Ton. A rc-a] SOfY^ bat-Rain ....... J^ '59 FORD '--Ton Pickup. Wide- side. look's i runs S I 5 ROOM rurni«nr.| hniii"-, Infiiilrin. 1T.15 A«h. J.'11'ftC'. KOOfI MODERN '.rall-r ip«c*i. H7. inter pajd- I n q u l r e 2U1S D mil EU-3JM. rnncc. f r n c f d ! j T H A I L K R W A I t K H O U S E for rent. 71CO jquare f"L " ' ~ Ln.~ancg. U»M EL3-KS50. *pflrp, fTic'd r«tlo. natural Fort Sill. EL5-5505. Machinery FOP. SALE OK fS lory flrnr nxle, \vl!h * pound poke wh"el s S 1 ."* wekdnys. 3212 10 i prlnp sel up l*i.OOTi ::e. £1.7-3859 n:ter Euclid. F U H M K I I E D i moms, h n l h . TV «n. lenn*, nlr ronrlllluner. KL.T-1S73. 2 UrcnilOC.M rurnlnlH"!. .t^J. w n l c r pftlrl, enrpon. I n q u i r e J-111 Lee. K l ' l t N I s T l E D J room dupieT. prh-*\f hath. -?ri" Wnler piifl, n n l e n n n nnrt winhlnc ,''«cllUI9. HJO S^ulh Gin. EL5. WE RENT BEDS Rollawny Hospital Baby 3 UGDItOO.M unfurnlthnl. clcnn. locn'.lon. EL7.1():-C. cood 3 HEDHOOM, 13 -N"rlh .11.1 Cnisliy :ind O). ELO-;:n. Jl'/u month. rilli.N'ISJIED 7 rra,rn. ; ·, tilUhn. r«rpet, drnpcn. rrf r1i:criii''U ulr. plnno. "P.', v^Qi.her. dryer, fencefl. ni:«r crude nnil hlKh school. Minimum 1 yenr Irnm-, y:SO, 1.1.1 Mnplr KIJ.:-S.I». f-'UHMSII'^ly new 1 brdr'jjm cou pic only. 1JW Hoover £LJ : MI u i ' f u n t l i l l e d houae, jilttich- J l n l d w l n . 1CL.1-HOT. U . S K U U M S I I E ' J : twdroom ii-ju.:. n t - tJii.-ho; 1 R l i r K R e . fL-ncerl j irt]. i i u l o m n t l c wn.sher fftcllllli-i. rood condition, -Jne rrsldentlnl mi-n, nc-ir school. ]9K Ohk, SW. Pnone EL549-I1 or EL1-.H3J3. Loom PON SHOP Radios, guns, fishing tackle, jewelry, coins and supplies. BLUNT ZORGER 525 E -- Next to Bulck Co, Dial EL 3-2298 H A Z L E T O N . Pa. -- Henry Throne, one o[ three trapped miners awaiting rescue: "I could use another shirt, I've had this one on lor a week," Minnesota Wreck Kills Sooner Pair TRACY, Minn. (AP) -- A couple from Bartlesvillc. Okla., is dead here of injuries received Sunday night in a headon collision ol their car and a truck on U. S. 14 near this western Minnesota. city. George Gould, 31, died Monday altemoon, his wile, Barbara, 32. about 10 hours laier. Their children, 'Sandra, .9, Marty. 4, and Mike. 2, who escaped with minor Injuries were being cared for by Tracy, residents pending arrival of relatives -from Oklahoma. Jim Fetter, 78, Tracy, driver of the other vehicle involved in the accident, remained In serious condition. LONG HAUL ENDS TUCUMCARI, N.M. (UPI)-William Masc, 20, was charged with stealing n tractor from a Syracuse, Kan., -farmer and driving it ·800 miles .to 'Tucumcari, The trip -took 20 hours. For Rent--Roomi LOVELY bfdroom. home or widow, Core bus line. EL3-.11-JO. SICE room, kitchen prh-'.lecej If desired. TOT N'on.1 ITlri. FXTRA larcp and extra nice bniiroom, private «nlr»n«. =30S North 20th. EL7- 4420. ROOM for rent, prlvnlc cnlrnjicc nnd bath. 1215 Columbia. EL5-4rj3S. ROOM and board, m private family^ lor employed parents and child or 2 employed adulu. EL.I-9'IM. : HEDROOM unfurnnhrd. Hin-c. re.'rl- Ctrator, tcncfd. 9 -N'orth 40lh, EL5-OQW. J BEDROOM furnished. a v h l U o J c 23 AupUflL 17VU Olerrj-. LATIGE 5 niom hou.-ic. Inquire -115 Colum- bln. Avidlnhlc S f p t r r n h g r :st. MCE 2 brdrnnrr. mohlle home, nil blliK pnlcl. K* EL7-0143. 2 BEDROOM furnished, ELT-OH9. 1*7.50. 1LTO J. 20J1U. A. houie, hill, paid. TRAILER SPACE For Rent Call C O R W I N ' S Free Delivery and Piclorp EL S-2S33 916^-, B TRAILER upace. f u l l ln'» SO by ]35'. natural Kan. ghndon'. water OAld. 172 montn. 7715 B. ELi-KTTL : BEDROOM furnbhed. 2606 D or EL3-4M3, GLEAMING 3 bedroom. 2 h a t h , central entry, pnnelcd dlnlnR, anlenna. ?tovr. fenced. -4605 A'.om. Rich Really, EL3- 2S11. 2 BEDROOM, den, n e a r all ichools. 70S Columbln. EL5-10S5, 2 ROOM house, near Omcron, bus line. Call EL3-9251. 3 ROOM house. Bob Nolan. 406 SouUl 2Bth. EU-1672. BEDROOMS, bus line, 57 »nd IS a week. SOT D. SINGLE bedroom, fnn. 516 Eucll CLEAN bedroomi, Kcntlcmnn only 513 B. EL5-1253 EU-KI48 lor appolnlmen 1 For Rent--Apartment! LARGE, cj"tn, 3 room duplex. Cooler, anlennn. driveway. ]31 Pell, AVAILABLE AUGUST T.ST Kurnllh- ed efficiency, bills paid, close lo ihon. pine and bus. Sullanlc for worKlnc [.er- .tonncl n/ couple. ssp To ssn. Inqjire ru giafr "H" AvcnLc. J 2 HEDROOM un^urnljhcd, «tl«ohrd B.I- i race, unlcnnn. J7I.30. wntcr paid. EL5- 1250. K16 South :sih Strefl. QUALITY home. 1 :, unfurnished 3 bed- nxim; 4(H7 Atom. 430S Hoover, 1705 Nn.-ih 4Rlh, 4U North 34lh, 4505 A t o m ; olhera -September Z.'t, 3S09 Ferris. 21-*S Ozmun, K29 Llndy, Rich Realty, EL5- 2611 . - . , . . WILL rcn: my home to rc.iponnlble parly. One year Riven. SIM per month, w a t e r paid, Completely furnished, wa.ih- er. dryer, piano and "TV. total iurnlsh- IPB.l. ELS-2PJB. FOR R E N T · Redroom Suites · Dinettes · Roll-A-Way Beds · Air Conditioners · Television · Antennas · Automatic Washers · Refrigerators · Wringer Washers · Gas Ranges · Living Room Suites We Install and Maintain All Rental Units Dial EL 3-4300 SOUTHWESTERN Furniture -- Applianco 4th and E Avenue 1 HIC room, wcl Cull EL5-1S64. lurnlshotl. hills pnlrt. 2 BEDP.OOK LraJlcr for rent. Inquire ]006 Jefferson. "What's so exciting about this new 'hot Mine" they're going to have to Russia? ,We've had on«. around ' our hoiwa for year*!** MILITARY PERSONNEL Clean 2 bedroom furnished duplex wilh alilc fan. near I-~t. Sill and u r n d e icliool. Inquire 1531 Sml'.h. EL5-.-i77a. 4. ROOM furnished aparLment. EL3-B315. fUn.NISHED 1 bedroom «r«rlment, completely redecorated. I n q u i r e 701 Sum- mU. v"i;nTY nice,. .2 bedroom wilh Kcpnrnte oath, I I M n K und itllchcn. 1615 Invln. CaJl EL3-7960 after 6:00. . Lovely 1, 2, 3 bedroom tarnished apartments. Al! -itil'tiei -paid. : Washing facilitjei. 175.00 And Up! Office 2302 Williami Dial EL5-2668 WHITE woman to..iharc apartment lor light . houiekceplDf. 1 :EL7-33W, 131.4 Ar- llntton. · .702 So. 52nd, 3-BR. J99. · 2734 I, 2-BR,. $71. ' . · 25 So. 49th, 3-BR,.stove, 5131. · 2608 Pollard. 4-BR. S121. . . ·-1205%' C:-Trailer, $55 BP. . · 703 C,1 3-RM, $55.: · BlOii No,. 14th. 3-Rrri., $55. . . · ·216 Summit. 1-BR,'$46. · 1 "2-BR Fum, Apts,,' J45- J105 BP. UNFURNISHED, -3 bedroom, attached R«r«se. fenced yard. 2200 -Vorlh 36.- EU- B150, EU-3700, . . · · : BARGAINS! BARGAINS! '59 STUDEBAKER Lark 2-Dr. R £ H, overdrive . . . . S645 '58 PLYMOUTH 4-Dr. R H. standard transmission . . S595 '58 PONTIAC 4-Dr. R i- H. hydramatic 5695 '36 PONTIAC CataJina Coupe. P. t H. hydramatic . . . S595 TRAILER space, cyclone fencei. water, I '55 CHEVROLET 9 -Dr R i H. llchLv ?as. telepnono available. U304 E. · _ iv-m-1 _ I^L. EL5-4ST4. PLENTY OF OTHERS TO SELECT FROM NIG'S USED CARS 401 N. 2nd EL 5-2263 Call lor Herman Scarlett, Clyde Dunn or Nig Arrjau. __ _ A L EQUI?MENT~Cb. for *ni*. IMS Chevrolet Dump. P^ nhl? w^Klrr nnri ^cnrrflior romhln«:!n '55 CHEVROLET Vi-Ton Pickup with pood tires SCp/ i er.-ine ..... -MJ '61 FORD 4-Ton Pickup. Wide- side. looks i runs S I f"]Cir) r 57 O-tEVROLET U-Ton Pickup with pood tires ,4 en- ^AHO pnc 1 . low milonfjp . . . UVJw ''59 CHEVROLET 4-Ton Pickup. Complele service SQOC body ........ 7 7O PIHLLIPS-UUHHEV ( -- A,Q vj-i o Q o i~ Co T R U C K CENTER SOT N. Sheridan EL 5-1.192 ^--* ^-,--^--z-- ----:--^. i Sportsmen's Items 1 OA . _{'" ]"VK;^ YKLLOW Jack'-l wnod ivinTT^.Th ' ·_ . ; fp Mrrury mot^/r. irailor, n k l c and . ~- all po^-er. ELI- Jncken. Eucllii. ·xrellrn; condlllori. F.L7-J,-72. ALL purpose. Ffnrse. trailer. offer. BIJV.J F 17' FrBEHCLASS tnn\ nnd trallor. 75 HP Mercury mnlnr. Cash, r.i trade. See at Arron's DX S?r--lee Suiilon. D. __^ ; 14' HF.RTER. Hiirtsnn Bav r'lti-rzla« ; txia: and intller. IS HP Johnnon moinr. i All like nr^'. Ai^o. in:e an-Jq-jev. s. Preston wllllaj.^. Sterling. OkUrnrr.a. . M' plastic hom, a HP Evlnrude rnn'nr 1 \«lth electric «Urter. E.fy Lr^ri trailer. ; Practically new. evcelni Ciindlllnr,. very . reaionanle. Se- 16T. N'nrth J.lrd. KL.1- IIW. ELV17TI. C. 0. Thrower. IS 1 KIB^RCLASS. Cres'.llne. i««:. rrnlr.r. all extra*. Will finance. R5J7. 7 HP - EL3- ; H FOOT boat and -10 hp motor. Mxke ' offer. T.U-'W. 1 South Sin. : 15' MOP-PHEW Cahln Crutsrr. two .10 HP Johnson Electric .vrotors. custom , trailer. Mu« sell. mnUe or.'er. Phone : EL-V7SJC. weekdays a.'ler h p n-.. I Automobiles n 1950 DODGE, Rood clean cnr. excellent condlllcn. 5ee to appreciate. 15-12 ?ou:l-. 9th 3 2UICK convenjble. JeL hlne.k. rnl upholstery. Sharp iooklnc! BI--M offer. Call between 3;00 «nd 7:00. ELO-fjrj. . WHY PAY :; MORE? y '62 VALIANT Signet 2-Dr. HT. While wilh red interior, standard transmission, RH. ..; Was S1795, S I L OfS ? NOW ' °~V ·', '6i RAMBLER -i-Dr. Station 'i Wagon. Standard transmis- ? sion, overdrive, air S I CCO ·-; Was Slr!5, NOW . ' Ju = '61 CHEVROLET Impala 4- ^ Dr. Powerglirie, faclorv' air. ^ power, R i H. S I QOn '-j Was S1995, NOW . ' O 7 U x i '61 CHRYSLER Newport 4- .'] Dr. Power, automatic trans- .1 mission. P. t H, real nice. -1 Was SIS95, S I LQO J NOW I U 7 O i '6(1 FALCON 2-Dr. ?- H, ? 5tand;ii'd n-ansmis- SQQQ " : . sion. Was S995. NOW ° 77 ^ COLLECTOR'S ITEM! '60 r -j EDSEL 2-Dr. HT. Automa- j' Lie, R t H, extra clean. ^ Was S1135, SOPH '-"' NOW 7 ' 7U t '57 CADILLv\C "G2" 4-Dr. HT. Factory air, S I I OtT power, very clean I I / J MILO GORDON I MOTOR COMPANY ^ Ife CHRYSLER I?. OUTDOOR SHOWROOM Sheridan at Bell EL5-7507 Wanted to Rent RENTAL manaRcmert. Professional per- AOnnl 3er%'lce, bonded, Marshall Looney Acency. EU-1S53. HOUSE and acrear* b country. EL7- BEST Rental lervlce rrotn Pioneer* In Ihe bujilncsi. Properly owners oelrm 'j-nnsferred call Kenned RentAj MahBRemcnt Oundtc * Insurec. Oil Roy B. Hooper Acency. KL5-3310 tor detalli. OLD rellAbtf BoUcln Aftncy. manatfernent our ipecial'v Wanted to Buy INDIVIDUAL \,i to purchase used refrigerator IB good condition. EL3-5205. ^Si prices oaJd for used furni- - appliance* . «lr . "conditioners. 'B. 13lh and Cache Road EL5-I578 CASH [or small house or tauliy. POJIT- lon. 1915 Bell -EU-09B6. CASH for good used furniture, appliances and air conditioners. EL3-m5, SMAi-L cnmmarclal onmpr«ior and non blender paint outtlf 60S WairilnTton. 13SO FORD pickup. SIM. Phone EL3-31M3 for Don Rlcbcrwn. MUST PACFttriCE l'r quick sale 1%: Ford Falrlane 500. 4 donr, radio .ind hp.iter, automatic Irun.smlsslon. Clean, nice car. See nt UnJver.-al CIT. 511 C, 196J CHEVROLET super ,pon. «!. -I speed dual. ^ oarrel, radio, healer, air condition. EL3-1B17. RAMBLER Siauon Wanon. 8 South 4 ROOM duplex, .air condlt!on«d and TV, by. day. EL5-183B. LATIGE, 3 badroo.ii house.. unfurnished, near G u l p 3. call EL5-223B, GOING overseas,, leayc - n a f t t - 2 bedroom hojse cheap to reliable party, Inquire 27D7 G. · -·-:-.- -i . -r 5 HOOM ur.furnlehcd house,' Inquire 1902 2 :'BEDROOM 'house. EL3-3530. unlumiihcd, 150. AVAILABLE Scpicmber 1 ' 3, '3'-bedroom unfurnished.· condlllorilnii, bills poltl. 260R 3eli. Call WIT-3190-Walters aflcr 6:00. -'· "' "-. i ··' "·''"·' "·' -·' furnished 3 bedroom home, double Rfiracc. 514G per 1 month;.-wftler paid. 27111 Arlington,- i - ·' ;ROOM lurnlshed boust. 707H McKIn- ^y-'\'^':::-::--'^^.^'-.:,'-'' WE BUY and icll usod rumllurc and Bt/pllnccj. Big Value Used rumlrure. 1528 Lw Boulevard. EL5-2437 or ELS- SS57. · . - .. Wanted to Buy v GOOD USED . ·; FURNITURE --CREMER: F U R N I T U R E 5]4 D Avenue,. Dial EL WB57 . SAVE MONEY j* '63 OffiVROLET Impala !S Coupe. SOQOC j! Loaded /.O7O -,. ·63 RAMBLER 4-Dr. Station Wagon. N'o miles, S' only -fi- 'S3 FORD Gaiaxie 500. New, g tag SOiOC i included . . . . ·'·U7J . ; '59 CHEVROLET Bel Air ^ ?! 4-Dr. air cond., S I OOC ?: power. A bargain . £-'-3 n P. '59 CHEVROLET Convert!- | ^ ble. 348 engine,. $. 1.9CIA. 51 :·*. stick shift, nice . ' ^^v ^ y '58. FORD.. Standard shitt, jg : - O'drive 4-Dr. sedan, SAOC ^ real nice . . .- . . O7O R '57 PLYMOUTH Belvedere. 4-Dr,. sedan, V-8 -automatic. CASH' tor toulUo , l n ' hotnei: with 4 H 1 per ctm -IQUH. 'Komedy »aa' Compmji.: HIGHEST prlcas 'paid tor usod turc. oppllajiccs. air condjuonari. 4578 ' Mavlty'a.- ·". · · ' . fuml- ELS-, cHGHEST prlcoi pold^:Ior'.med 1 Cuml- turc. appliances,' air ebtidluoners, Waa- -Rotd. -EL4-2ML; ; - .·'. M \L Sharpest one 1 · \} in town '. . ". . rV'56 CHEVROLET.' % glide,' V-8, - sedan. Sec'this one .. . . Put New, Power. In Your Car S |j,. : TRADE ENGI.NES: |. I »Up to 285 Brand New Parts § I ·4,000 .'Mile.'or 90; Day.- Na- y I tionwide'.Guarantee. ; ? f ·247' Other Allstate: Engines R g to choose-from: ' I ·:· PHONE-.;-EL 3.-435.1' -."- , S 695 Power- · Lots' Ol-'Late-Model/Air; Conditioned 1 Cars- '.·."' Priced -To Selli '.'·'' | MOjTQ,R.,.GO:--" £ ' Open -til-lb.p.mfD'afly. fe Dennis MeeksV"Mgr ' - · - ¥ Sgt. Sam Street, USA Ret : ^ ri Sgt. : Darwin.-vUSA Ret,' 141 ·'· "'·Salesmen..' ·' · , -.

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