The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi on May 26, 1965 · Page 10
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The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi · Page 10

Greenville, Mississippi
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 26, 1965
Page 10
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Delta Democrat-Times 10 Wednesday, May 26. 'Go acctplcd n n invitation (or that the Sni'ths. He insists i: is I L~HL~~._T night, ii it j;ood manners lo be polite lo say why you cannot ] specific about our previous accept the invitation. Ann Landers.. plans? Who is right? 'CROSSFIRE _j____ Answen Your Problems DEAR ANTS' LANDERS: Yoj a letter printed in the paper have often said in your col- jsign it in blood? umn that when a man and wife; I have written to you lire both employed the man should help his wife with the housework if she asks him to. This is what happened in our family: itimes. This is my fifth, time ! made it clear I my letter printed. I I happen to live in a (own ·where people are so hard up f o r 1 A few weeks ago I came home'somethhg to do (hat (hey read from (he office dog tired. It wa3 your column and talk about it at 7:00 p.m. and I had to fix sup- work, at lunch and at supper. I per. do ihe ironing and bake a decided the best way to get my cake for my mother-in-law's j s i d e before the public was to birthday. The house was a write to Ann Landers. I've had mess from Ihe night before andiseveral bad run-ins with some I asked my husband if he 'narrow - minded d i m w i t s and would please give me a hand. |vou could hsve been a great He replied, "It's not impor- -help. tant." i 1 w ant you lo know t h a t you The next day I didn't have to failed me and I will never write go to work u n t i l noon. My bus- lo you again. : band telephoned to say he NO F R I E N D OF YOURS was bringing two business asso- DEAR NO FRIF-NT): Well, ciales home to dinner. I said, you finally made it. "Fine." j Sorry I failed you. bj( this I'm » good cook and decided column is not a national bulle- to outdo myself on Ihe dinner, tin board for people who want but to leave the house just as^o get "their side" before the it wai -- newspapers strewn all 1 public. over, beer bottles, cigarette ] Thousands of readers pet bulls, clothes on the chair, t i e ' h e l p every week by sending on the lamp -- a mess. ,mc a self - addressed, stamped When my husband arrived .envelope. Be my guesl. with his guests I smiled plea- (antly and said, '"I hope you won't mind Ihe looks of the 1 say no. If we have been in- j vited lo t h e Wcathcrby's home! DEAR CROSSFIRE: You are j f o r example and ihe Smiths ^h r j g ht. If you have a pre- il(who are also friends of the \ v \ Wi commitment which in- | ||\Vualherbys) have no! been ir- vo i vcs a United Nations dinner .. kited, it might cause hard feel- or a p. 7. A. meeling, it would. _.'"B S ' |be f i t t i n g !o say j u s t t h a t . If. , . My husband says it is not my'howcvcr, you are going to ano-, place to worry about w h a t gocsithcr parly, be discreet and Each I 0 " between the Wealherbys and'omit the names, wanted four To silve some of (hi f r u s t r s - j lions, d i s a p p o i n t m e n t s and disil-, lusionments of married life, «end for ANN LANDERS' bookie;. "What To Expect From Marriage," enclosing with your request 20 cents in coin and a long, self-addressed, stamped envelope. Ann Landers will be glad lo help you with your problems. .Send them to her in care of this 'newspaper enclosing a stamped, self - addressed envelope. I ·SLURP!/ (JHATINTWS SLURPJIiiJOftL You Can Count on Us...Quality Costs No More at Sears DEAR ANN LANDERS: My 'boy friend and I were on our house. My husband says it's not'way to a movie last nighl. As important." Bob and ! approached the box That cured him. office a raggedly liltle boy, ZAMBOANGA ! about ID years old, walked up to us. He had a heart-melting and seemed very polite. The child pulled at Bob's sleeve and asked. "Can I have a dime, DEAR ZAM: If it cured him, it's all right with me, but I've 1 ^ known wives to get a fat lip for less. please, Mister?" Bob replied, "Name one rcn- DEAR ANN' LANDERS: Last ^ why , shou , d g!v( , you year I begin to .date a wonderful girl. I was 21 and she was IS. We should have known better than to see what other every night. One thing ltd to another and the inevitable happened. That's when our relationship changed. We stopped going lo movies, to the theater and to sports events. We even avoided our friends. Sex was the m a i n attraction. After three months we began to have terrible arguments. I think now we fought because we were disgusted with ourselves and with each other. Six weeks ago we broke up. Now I realize this girl was the most wonderful person I've ever known. I've dated a half dozen others but it's no go. I w a n t to see my first love agin, but please tell me -- is it possible for a couple to behave themselves once they've had a sizzling affair? ROCKY DEAR ROCK: li's awfully hard to keep 'em down on Ihe f a r m after they've seen Paree. Realistically speaking, your chances are slim. dime." The l i t t l e boy said, "Because you have a tot of money and I don't have any. Besides you '· would never miss it," Dy this lime a small crowd had gathered and I was becoming embarrassed. Dob answered, "That's not a very E°°d rca " son, young fella. If you want » dime you should earn it. Nobody ever gave me vnoney Just because I asked for it." The boy's smile vanished and itie shouted, "You're mean, ! Mister," and he ran off. I was annoyed with Bob for having caused a ecene. 1 told him he should have given the kid a dime and skipped the lecture. What is your opinion? AALEA DEAR AALEA: Sorry, I'm with Bob. A 10 .'ear - old who discovers he can get money by walking up lo strangers and flashing H smile is likely to decide that anybody who works is stupid. People who hand children money because they don't have the courage lo say "no" contribute to delinquency in an important way. They destroy the DEAR ANN LANDERS: Whit chi|d , s j n j t j a ( j v e ] ro b him of the does a person have to do to get CARPET CLEANING Bounds Rug Cleaners DIAl to 4-tlT7 201 N. Harvir Al Al«oi*f«r ---Ijoy of achievement, and en~ courage the "something for nothing" philosophy -- of which j there is already too much. DEAR ANN LANDERS: When my husband and I are invit- icd lo a p a r t y , and have already WHY BE HOT AGAIN THIS SUMMER? 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