The Times Herald from Port Huron, Michigan on March 10, 1940 · Page 16
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The Times Herald from Port Huron, Michigan · Page 16

Port Huron, Michigan
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 10, 1940
Page 16
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PACE EIGHT. SECOND SECTION SUNDAY, MARCH 1940. THE PORT HURON TIMES HERALD ' Farmers To Ask Read For Ruling On Land Purchase Port Sanilac, March 9 Atty. Gen. Thomas Read will be asked to settle a dispute in Sanilac township over the township board's right to purchase delinquent-tax land without a popular vote. Some 300 farmers decided to petition Read for a legal ruling after an argument at a caucus here this afternoon. The resolution was introduced by Frank Derby and passed without opposition. The land, a 30-acre tract in the northeast part of Port Sanilac, was purchased from the state land board by the township and village boards for a state park site. The bid price was $3,000. The purchase was approved at a meeting of the two boards and was financed temporarily by the township. The village will pay its share when proportionate costs are computed on the basis of the amount of returned tax on parcels m the section. Opinions on the purchase crept Into the nomination of township officers and brought contests for nearly every post. Incumbents Our Sunday School By WILLIAM E. GILROY, D.D. Editor of Advance Text: Matthew 26:36-46 Gethsemane, which, with its association in the passion of our Lord, has become a symbol for crucial sufferings, was a garden. The remembrance of this enforces in our minds the strange way in which joy and beauty are in life almost inextricably interwoven with pain and sorrow. were nominated in most cases by margins of a few votes. George W. Hyde, incumbent, won the supervisor nomination by defeating William Albrecht, township treasurer, 141 to 135. Guy D. Platts, incumbent clerk, won from Vincent Schubel 138 to 128, and Walter Behn, with 178 votes, won the treasurer nomination, defeating Derby with 58 and Daniel Lawter with six. Herman Harneck, incumbent justice of the peace, defeated Lawter 114 to 96. George Brown, board of review member and Ferdinand Jarchow, highway commissioner, were nominated without opposition to succeed themselves. Here in the garden Jesus had gone to pray, as He approached His impending fate. With Him He had taken James, Peter and John, the strong and impulsive disciples who were most capable of trust, and He had told them to sit in the garden while He went further on to pray. He told them of His great sorrow and of His impending death, and asked them to remain and watch with Him. It was the human Christ, craving human 'sympathy and human companionship in the hour of His great trial. But there was that in His soul which no one could share, and so He went forward a little,' alone with God, pouring out His' soul in the agonized petition that the cup of suffering and final sacrifice might pass from Him. But even as He prayed, He realized that His destiny and the purpose of His earthly mission might be in the hands of a higher power, and He said, "Not as I will but as Thou wilt." Then, evidently with tfie yearning fr this human com panionship, He came again to the disciples. Finding them sleeping, He said to Peter, "what, could ye not watch with me one hour?" He admonished the disciples that they must watch and pray lest they enter into temptation, assuring them that the spirit is willing but that the flesh is weak. Then He went off by Himself a second time and prayed the same prayer that the cup might pass, but with the assurance that the will of the Father must be done. Again he returned and found the . disciples sleeping. Those whose eyes have been he-.vy with sleep, even in the midst of duty, will understand what befell the disciples and will sympathize with them. The flesh is indeed weak even when the spirit is willing. In His deep loneliness the Master went and prayed for the third time. But now, courage and confidence had returned to Him. As He returned to the disciples, there was nothing but gentle reproach in His words, "Arise, let us be going; behold, he is at hand that betray-eth me." Cannot hard-pressed souls take great comfort from this story of the Master of Gethsemane? Often we reproach ourselves that the flesh is so weak. We feel our weakness, and we are conscious of our cow ardice in the presence of some great testing time in life; and we wonder that we have not the strength of will and the courage that ought to enable us easily to triumph over every danger and to meet willingly every sacrifice. But the Master Himself, even with all the purity and beauty and strength of His earthly life, was so under the burden of anguish that it was only through the thrice-repeated prayer that He was able to find the courage to go forth with confidence to meet His fate. His friends and companions failed Him, but in our testing time and in our prayer of loneliness there is One who is never far away, who never slumbers or sleeps. In our Gethsemane the Master of that ancient scene shares with us our burden and imparts His strength. Relief Retards Cupid Philadelphia Judge James C. Crumlish barred the 22-year-old son of an alleged relief chiseler from marrying until $800 in relief payments had been restored to the state. The jurist said that the youth must give up any idea of marriage until he and four other children repaid the relief debts of their mother. Twilight Lawyers 902 t9t tit Emp Service SOS 175 SOS High acorts: Hushes, 202; Aleks. 17S. Grand Trunk . . S7S ST 902 Kalamazoo 922 1011 9T High score: Minnie, 1S8; Kaiser, 201. WHLS 940 8S0 905 Boston 881 920 S71 High scores: Han-Iran, 182: Rebeschke, 214. . Mueller Office Refrigeration 80S 804 852 Management C97 804 819 High scores: Comb. 19S: Smeltser, 14. Drafting , .. . 711 807 7JS Sales S00 76S "7J3 High scores: Louth. 190; Button, 193. Accounting 834 799 754 Inspection 716 774 72T High scores: Quintal, 216; Pressprich, 190. Class B Swats 815 S7 SIS Farm 749 811 740 High scores: Fusee, 204; Perkins, 213. Higgins 73S 845 7S0 labtster .r 823 765 50 High scores: Stark, 213; Robinson 204. Lions 8S2 H. A. Smith 813 High scores: Emerson 224: 850 902 831 U 1S3 K. of C. Athletics 7'S n 41 Indians 70S 7?3 C4 High scores: Brazell, 184; Matthews 210. Tigers 858 954 777 Senators S54 t2l - 889 - noo,. lir.ivrm .'!.' I? f High scores: Shlnska, B. O'Brien Tankees Browns High scores: 17S. 753 82 ' 805 94 790 TSS E. O'Brien, ls; Dashoer Red Sox 747 ! TK White Sox 755 67 849 High scores: Byrne, 155: E. Courtney, 192. Night Hawks Marine 6SS 1 71S , , 761 WlndKtream 75i 720 789 High scores: Workman, 188; McGuigan 181. Royals Mopar High scores: Kerns, 33 757 731 753 792 15 191; Crooker, 190. Diesel 739 772 ? Fargo C2 57 f High scores: McGregor. 200; Ferris, 12 Float Power 73 '87.7 757 Scotch Dyna 49 6 75 High ?cores: Thornton, 173; llelford, 153. i nperui IT f il'ttU core.: n'tore, i! ' Air Temp " T"7 , Marine ..!! I Hirh ioarM Kil'J ' 1 '14 I DeSnto High scores "'IW,' it,,. spw l, li ! -Z Women's? SI a KmKk High re.': KeV-, Nwlrry , t'uvm.n i High scores: Ewener, IJJ. Swats ' . . ... 1 Mign soorei.: Bradle,, jJJ. ' stock rive . 1 n.rr i ; ! tiign scores: Pierce, Uj. ' Chrysler Dodge ... Cho'Klcr JjJ . I Ho n l ...... f ... ti, UeSota I ,JJ , 1 Luxury Plymouth " tJ Of Course We Want to Lend! Lending money is an important part of our business. If you want a com mercial, personal or industrial loan come in and discuss"" your require-nents with us! "Save where you can borrow" PEOPLES SAVINGS BANK HUNDREDS OF NEW PATTERNS The newest spring patterns and colors in wallpaper are now ready. Come see the many Imperial Washable papers you need to brighten your home for spring! PORT HURON PAINT CO. 316 HURON AVE. PHONE 5585 MORGAN FORD & DRV GOODS SHOES GROCERIES - MEATS - BEER OPEN EVENINGS' AND SUNDAYS FREE DELIVER 1 802 Elmwood St. Phone 2-1700 S. O. O. Michigan Liquor Control Commission No. 831 Ladies' Full Fashioned Silk Hose 59c-69c-95c Women's Slips 59c and $1.00 Children's Anklets 10c and 15c Boys' Longees $1.98 Men's Dress Shirts $1.19 and $1.49 Men's Shorts and Shirts. . . . each 25c FULLER'S MARKET 11TH AND LAPEER PHONE 142 OxydoTv" Mop Heads Fels Naptha" Rinso59c 15c 6 25c Pork Liver Side Pork 10c lb. 10c lb. 15c lb' Hot Dogs or Cottage Clothes Line Ring Bologna Cheese ' Sash Cord 15c lb. 10c lb. 19c SPECIAL Butter ' Pecan ICE CREAM "Tra-Pac" Quarts 30e Peel-Pair Pints IOC DABCOCK DAIRY CO, 1634 Pin Grove Arc rbom) S68I K1S Tenth Street Phons 7141 HOU! To remove chewing gum from slothing-, rugs, upholstery, etc.. simply rub a piece of Ice over the gum until it is removed. MRS. M. E. ACKERMAN, Port Huron. lemon. It Improves the flavor and helps to make fowl tender. MRS. I REN A M. PICKETT. Port Huron. The removable wire broiler rack of the range makes an excellent cooler for cookies, cakes, pies and doughnuts. Cover the rack with a thin cloth before using. MRS. A I.BERT E. COLGAN, Port Huron. If a collar of a white shirt becomes scorched when ironing: it, apply peroxide until the brown disappears. Then rinse well In clear MRS. M. G. DRAPER, Port Huron. Before cooking chicken rub the fowl in&Ide and out with a cut To ice the top of a cake, but not the sides, dust the top with a little flour to absorb the grease. This prevents the icing from running. ISABEL. NOLAN, EmmetL FAVORITE RECIP1 , Audi Household Hiinits In order to make our Homemakers Page more useful we are including household hints with our favorite recipes each week. Every homemaker has some household helps which she just couldn't keep house without. Send in your favorite household hint this week. Four prizes will be awarded for the best favorite recipes and one prize given for the best household hint. The prizes will consist of trade certificates of $1 each in trade at one of the stores of the participating advertisers. Next Sunday, St. Patrick's Day, ways of serving potatoes will be published on this page along 'with the prize winning household hint. Homemakers have until midnight Tuesday, March 12 to get in their favorite recipe of this type and that helpful household hint. Consult Aunt Alice's letter below. 4. ft M Wr m m Mhesm tear V V cs sa i CARMEL FROSTING 1 emp brown sugar 1 rap white sugar 1 cap water 2 tablespoons cream 1 tablespoon batter 1 teaspoon vanilla Pinch salt Boil : together the sugar and water until a soft ball forms when a portion of the mixture is dropped into cold water. Remove from the stove and stir in the cream, butter, vanilla and salt. Beat until creamy and spread on cake. MRS. JOHN DOEPKER, Pigeon. (Thank Ton. Mrs. Doep-ker, for sharing this delirious recipe with other homemakers. I am sure that It will be nsed quite freaneatly.) A. A. CHOCOLATE WHIPPED CREAM S tablespoons cocoa 1-3 cap confectioners agar 1J tableapoona hot water 2 teaspoons vanilla 1 teaspoon granulated gelatine 1 tablespoon cold water 1 cap heavy cream Mix the cocoa and sugar to : a paste with the hot . water and vanilla. Springle the gelatine on the. cold water and then set over hot water; stir until dissolved. Stir into the cocoa mixture. Then add to the cream and beat until quite stiff. Spread on cake. MRS. JACK SCHLA1RE, Route 1, Capac-Thla la a nice topping for any kind of a cake, Mrs. Sen la I re.)- A. A. j t J4ICI- FLOOR COVERING n 'A Carpets . . . Linoleum . . . Throw RugiV, Broadloom . . . Wilton Velvets . . . Ork Colonial - Domestic Designs. WE HAVE EV THING. Plan your floor covering now spring housecleaning time. ' HOWARD FURNITURE CO' 908-912 MILITARY ST. PORT IT; HOUSEHOLD HINT When making Icing or candy, if a little baking powder la added to the mixture It will not sugar. LYDIA PORTER, 603 W. Third street, St.. Clair. (We are awarding you a prise for this Household Hint, MImh Porter. because It will be helpful to our homemakers when they prepare Home of those grand frosting recipes. Thank yon mo much for sending It to us.) A. A. BEST-EVER CHOCOLATE FROSTING S cap granulated sagar 2 squares chocolate 3 tablespoonfuls milk 1 egg yolk 1 teaspoonfol lemon juice Melt the chocolate In a double boiler. Add the sugar and milk and cook until smooth; add egg yolk and cook one minute adding 1 teaspoon of lemon ' juice. Spread on cake. MRS. JOHN SIMPSON, Route 2, Port Huron. (Your fronting recipe, Mrs. Simpson, la very delicious, mny be made oniekly and will never harden too much or run down the aides of the cake.) A. A. FLUFFY MOCHA FROST1KO 1-3 cap batter 4 caps confectioners sugar 31 tablespoons coco 1 teaspoon salt 1-3 cap strong eoSee (about) cap broken walnut meats, toasted . . Cream the butter. Sift together the sugar, cocoa and salt. Add pact of the sugar mixture to the butter in small portions, thoroughly after each addition. Then add the remaining sugar mixture alternately with the coffee until of right consistency to spread. Beat after each addition until smooth. Add the vanilla. Spread on cake. Sprinkle with nuts on the sides. MRS. J. S. VAN NATTER, 103 Garfield street. Port Huron. (Many thanks. Mrs. Van Kntter, for sending aa thin luscious Icing.) A. A. i I; " , - y .: 1940 t GENERAL ELECT REFRIGERATC: CORNER TTH WX7Z2 6 CU. FT. ONLY. 1 'soar 1ECIIPES CAN'T FAIL MARSH MALLOW MKKINGIE i pound marshmallown 1 tablespoon milk 1 teaspoon vanilla extract 2 egg whites I teaspoon salt cop sugar 1. Place marshmallows and milk in .saucepan. Cook over low heat, folding over and over until marsh-mallows are melted down to about J their original size. Remove from heat. Add vanilla and continue folding until mixture is smooth, yet light and spongy. 2. Beat egg whites until stiff. Add salt and sugar slowly, beating constantly. Carefully fold in slightly warm marshmallow mixture. 3. Pile on pie, pudding or cake. Place under broiler 30 seconds or until meringue is delicate brown. MBS. IDA PORTER, St. Clair. Mix the flour, sugar and milk: until it reaches the soft ball stage. Remove from the fire, add shortening and beat until creamy. Then add the egg yolks and vanilla. MRS. LKOTA BREADT, Port Huron. Combine the sour cream and sugar and boil together until the mixture reaches the soft ball stage. Set in a pan of water to cool. Then add vanilla and nuts, beat until creamy. MRS. MERTON McCONNELL, Port Huron. FROSTING 1 S-ounee glass of currant jelly 1 cap granulated sagar 1 egg white Combine all Ingredients in a small bowl and beat vigorously either with an electric mixer or rotary egg beater until the mixture stands in peaks. This frosting may be stored in the refrigerator in a closed jar. MRS. B. HAECK, Port Huron. BROILED ICING 3 tablespoonfuls melted batter . 6 tablespoonfuls brown sagar 2 tablespoonfuls cream i cap shredded coceanat Mix the ingredients together and spread on a warm cake. Then place under a very slow broiler flame until icing bubbles. BETA BAYS, Port Huron. , CARMEL FROSTING 2 caps brown sagar 2 tablespoonfuls floor 1 cap milk 1 tablespoonfal hatter Few grains of anlt 2 egg yolks, well beaten 1 teaspooaful vanilla CREAMY CHOCOLATE FROSTING 1 egg white , 11 cups granulated sugar & tablespoonfaln water 1 tablespoonfal light corn syrup 1 teaspoon vaallla . "2 squares unsweetened chocolate, melted Combine the egg whites, sugar, water and corn syrup in the top part of a double boiler. Cook, beating constantly with a, rotary egg beater for 7 minutes. Add vanilla and cool. Then gently stir in the melted chocolate. This recipe makes enough frosting to cover the top and sides of a large cake. MRS. H. W. KRESIN, Port Huron. SOUR CREAM FROSTING 1 cup sour crenm . 1 cup white sugar 1 tenspoonfal vanilla " i cap aats COFFEE BUTTER FROSTING --: cap batter S raps sifted confectioner's sagar 5 tablespoonfuls coffee syrap (about) Cream the butter, add part of the sugar, blending thoroughly. Add remaining sugar, alternately with the coffee syrup. Spread on cake. Coffee Syrap Bring 1 1-3 cupfuls of water and 3 tablespoonfuls of sugar to a boil; add 3 cup ground coffee. Remove mixture from the fire, cover and let stand for 5 minutes. Strain through a double thickness of cheese cloth. MRS. JOSEPH JACOBSON, Port Huron. FUDGE FROSTING ' 1 cap cocoa 11 caps white sagar 1-8 spoonful salt 6 tablespoonfuls hatter 3-8 cap milk 1 teaspooaful vaallla Mix the cocoa, sugar ' and salt; add the butter and cream together. Then add the milk. Cook over a low fire, boiling for 1 minute. Remove from stove, add vanilla. Cool and beat until creamy., : ' , RUTH JURN, Capac GARLAND America's Most Ftzx New 1940 model. Every desired feature. 4 hl-speed burners, 18 in. oven, white porcelain finish throughout. A marvel to cook with. Low gas consumption. Terms Made To Suit You SPIKE FURNITURE CO 317 GRAND RIVER AVE. CHOCOLATE FUDGE FROSTING 1 cup granulated sugar 1 cup light brown sugar 1 cup milk 2 squares unsweetened chocolate or 4 tablespoonfaln cocoa 1 tablespoonfal natter 1 tenspoonfal vaallla Cook together the sugars, milk and chocolate until the mixture forms a soft ball when dropped in cold water. Add the butter and vanilla: remove from fire, allow to cool, then beat until creamy. - . MRS. WALTER SCHR1NER, -Marine City, NEW ORANGE LEMON FROSTING 2 teaspoons grated orange rind 1 teaspoouful grated lemoa rind 3 tablespoonfuls batter 1 egg, unbeaten . . Dnsh of salt a 31 caps sifted confectioner's sugar 2 tablespoonfuls orange Juice 1 tablespoonfal lemon Juice ' Add orange and lemon rinds to the butter and cream well. Add egg, salt and blend. Add sugar alternately with the fruit Juices, beating until smooth and of the right consistency to spread. MRS. MARIE A. KOLB, Capac CHOCOLATE CREAM 1 package cream cheese 1 cap milk 3 caps confectioner's sugar 1-8 teaspoon salt 1 teaspoon vaallla 3 squares chocolate, melted . Blend cheese with milk. Add sugar sifted with salt, add vanilla. Beat-in 4he melted chocolate.-LYDIA Porter, St. Clair., DEAR HOMEMAKERS: - ; t - . . . - - -' - . f You were very generous in sending us your favorite icings. You will find printed a variety of luscious frosting recipes from which you may select the one most appealing to ice your next cake. WAYS OF SERVING POTATOES Next Sunday being St. Patrick's day, we shall give prominence on our Homemakers Page to the most staple of all vegetables the potato. ' Potatoes rank first in importance in the vegetable line and there are more than 20 ways of serving them. What is your favorite way of preparing the potato to produce a tempting dish which is rich in food value? Make your choice and send it in this week for our St Patrick's day Homemakers Page. Every homemaker will welcome new ways of preparing this common vegetable. You may include recipes for cooking the sweet potato as well as the Irish potato. Along with your favorite potato recipe remember to share your most helpful household hint. NEW ENTRY BLANKS New entry blanks have been printed on which you may submit your prize bidding recipe. At the" bottom of the blank you are requested to fill in the name of the store from which you obtained your Times Herald entry blank. Would you please give us this information. The participating advertisers on this page have a supply of blanks readv for you upon request. " ' J HOWARD'S TO GIVE PRIZES . - . Prizes this week will be awarded by Howard Furniture company, 908-912 Military street, which will consist of five trade certificates each worth $1 in trade at the store. . . "Cookery is the most ancient of the arts, for Adam was born hungry." On My New Electric Re; INVITE the gang in and broil hot dogs or broil a two inch steak. There's no choking on smoke when you broil electrically. Heat a can of soup on the fast,' easy to clean, surface units... if it boils oVer don't x .worry the new units are spill-proof. " COME in today see these" new ranges. ..Prices are low and exceptionally convenient terms are available. IIP the DETROIT EDISON HOUSEHOLD HINT ' Tay a folded dish towel on the drain board before washing fine china, to prevent chipping. MRS. LEOTA BREADT, ' Port Huron. To make mashed potatoes much creamier, warm the milk before adding it to the potatoes. BETA BATS, Port Huron. To make stockiest soak hour In very.v2 they have been rj To prevent' er.? when hoillng; them, s cold water. Instead " dry Into the cookW 0I0 l Get Blanks For Sending When preparing escalloped potatoes thicken the milk first and then pour over the potatoes. MRS. M. MoCONNELL. Port Huron. Before meMurlnr In ill' -" la BP lasses dip the cuP prevent the to the pldrp f IM rZjfl MIIS. Port ecipes From Any Dealer Listed On This Pag4 )

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