The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 3, 1947 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 3, 1947
Page 2
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PAGE TWO BJ.YTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEW8 TUESDAY, JUNK .<!, 19-17 '48 Elections to Be Influenced By Final Outcome This Month on Controversial Labor, Tax Bills Opal Faye Noe Married In Afternoon Ceremony Osccola Church Have Y/eckly Meetings ' By LYf.K C. WILSON UiiHeil . Vrcss Slaff Corrcspamlenl N r oxt year's election ' WASHINGTON, -June 3 tremfciidouslv influenced by <whul President the Republican Congress do with tnx reduction will •ind control biils in tho next couple of weii E^ccily veto of bill and* ) robaoly of the Ubor control bill Is being ecnei.illy predicted. Third pari.y developments Henry A. strong for . \Yallace to resist. Trie House arjrpoved !n::onie t.ix reduction in its until .lovm yeslev- day by a 2.0-S9 vote. Tlml is sli;:ht-] Iv more than a two-thirds major- j . foy/Tho Senate is scheduled to net classes until Kill. toda bit cannot expect a two! They are. fro,,, the eighth firade thirds margin If Mr. Truman vj- Dick. Reid. L. Iocs the lax bill it is sunk for tins' Kice, Audrey 14 Junior High Pupils Perfectly Attendance Jlmior HlRli School students will) perfect attendance- records liavr been announced by A. I' 7 .. Caldweil. principal, following dismissal "I iesslon. Chairman Harold Kiuitson, H., Minn.', of the House Ways anil M'-aiis Committee, said after the HOUSE vole he'-Iifllcvcil Mr. Tinman would not vcl ° " lc l:lx lli "' Kmilson saiit ii veto would deny more than 49,0(10.000 taxpayers relief from "npprcssive wartime laxilion." -. • Not many hereabouts agreed wuh Kiiiitson on that veto. Mr. Truman is firmly, on rccurd. against tax ciH-'i at this time. He wants to devote all surplus to debt retirement. The House will act finally on the. labor control bill tomorrow. A vote' marein of-wel) more than tw.>- thirds i s assured there and in the Senate where the final vote prbi)-, «b'.y will come on Thursday. If Mr. Trumoivdisap)»rqves,the labor control : bill" Confess probably will , override Ills veto. A two-thirds affirmative vote of both. Houses woum t!--ne:cssnry for that. This tax bill •- should reach Mr. Trmrinn not'- I'atcr than tomorrow^ The' labor bill should be .<>n hi'. G. Ramsey, DunaU Sue McClill, Sal llariison and Mildred Wintams. Seventh graders with perfect attendance records were Dnroth; Bradley, Jeiin Phillips, Arlluir Dm Snodyrass, Delores Cnrler. cl<H'i Oarnett. Melbalinc Hill. Mar: Ann lloWnson. and C. U I'lint-c At The Hospitals lll.,YTHEVII,l.lj IIOSl'ITAL Admitted: Mrs. Eva Lou Ilunjts, city- Nick Patterson, city. Mrs. Freeman Robinson, city. William P. McDaniel Jr., city. Mrs. II. F. Cook, Dell. Iniarine Holt, Manila. Kugcno Autin. city. Mrs. Donald Lee. city, .lorry Welch, city. Dorolhy Bruch. Luxora. Mrs. Glen Howard Jr., Roselund Dismissed: Dorolliy Wells, Annorel. Mrs. Adam, Manila. Mrs. U D Clinmbllii, rily. Mrs. James HoncycitU, city. Lee Kousnbulle, IJcerlni veto desk by Frida5 ; . The constitution | Linda pives 'the President.: 1(1 days, not Mo. • n.Hii comiliiic Sundays, In which to sip.n! Floyd Knicaul. Cooler. Mo. legislation.'.H he. fails to, Mrs. W. L. Domjliis and baby, MU,, ,.L to veto eiiher bill 'within city. 30 days it will become law without j Mrs. Benjamin Ervln, cooler. Mi), his signature. L ™'' Thomas. Cinder. New Yorkers Amused I Wllnui Joyce Bond. Steele. Mayor William O'Dwycr. or New] Belly Johnston. Dell. Ycrk City, soizjd veto campaign WALLS HOSl'ITAI, • leadership'over the weekend in a. Dismissed: r rcc!i'nalion calling on Uke-mindnd| Mrs. Henry Wagner. HoU.ind, New Yorkers to j'Jin organized labor, Mo. in mass wro'csts against the labor M, S . E. B. Lambert, city. bill O'dw'yer i? a 'Democrat. [ Mrs. .fane Kincaid. city. Most of the Democratic cougrcs- . Mrs. Harold Nunnery and baby, votes in favor of labor con- sicelc. Mo. trol realisation-will be cast by Sou-| snndrn Jean Klines, Memphis. Mi-. Truman probably U| Becky "Fisher, city. ns anyone that lie cannot expect to carry the bits industrial states in next year's presidential- . election . .without y M "-- 't Mrs. Eddie IV David, city. Jessie Rushing. Stcclc, Mo. Mrs. W II. Mercer, lite. 1. Mrs. Mnudc Cassldy. Armorc". m$ James Heard and baby, Hlc. MOll'lIIS Miss Opal Fayc Noe, iltiutjhtcr f Mr. mid Mrs Frank I. Noe of ' .cachvllle. became the bride of • leirjerl Adklns. .son of Mrs. Lillie [ 'on or Mniriki, Sunday ai'iernoon | n a ceremony v £t)leinn|y.ed at First Methodist Church of Leachville. Tne Hev. K. II. Hall, pastor, pcr- oiined the double rlnn ceremony t ;( o'clock, assisted by UIB liev. It. I. L. liearden. retired MclliudlM. iiSlli.slei-. While flowers were effectively us- 'd to decorate the church. When Ihe couple knell for prayer hey used the hrldal prayer pillow lie bride received from fJollny College when a student, there. Mrs. Stanley Hancock of Leachville presented a program, of piano music while the ijnc.sls gathered and accompanied Mrs. Fred Alexander, vocalist. A frock or pink crepe wn.s'worn by Mrs. Hancock and Mrs. Alexander was dressed 111 blue crepe. Hoth wore corsases or pink and white carnation* Miss Mary Lois Fiippln of Cardwell, Mo., was bridesmaid and also lighted tapers before tho ..sorvlci 1 - fihc wore a frock of yellow faille, trimmed v.-ilh white, and ". white pict.ure hat. The maid of honor Miss Winnie Marie Panel-soli. Ijenciivllle,. wore a fi'ock of pink faille wll.ii a hnl of blue. Doth allendimls wore corsages if lavender orchids. The bride, iMven in marriage by her father, wore an altemoon frock or wcdgewood bhie crepe, fashioned with short .sleeves and a flared skirt. Medallions, formed by faKot- ing, trimmed the front of Ihe dress and the square neckline of the bodice. Her hat \v,as uf white horsc- hiiir braiil. designed In a pleated el feet to rorni a linlo for her faces;he won- a corsaac of lavender orchids and carried a while Bible, adorned with pink swectpoas and white satin streamers. ftny Ashabranncr of Manila the brldeiiroitm's l"'.st man and ushers were Bryan Gene Hall and James IMltcrson of Leachville, and J. n. Brown of Manila: A reception followed al Ihe country home of the bride's parents. Mrs. Hurl V/ildy of I,caclivil!c >residcd e.t the punch bowl and Mrs. John n. Wells of Leachville served punch. Miss riulh Leo of I eiiclivllle wa.'i in e.harce of Ihe wedding (sur'sl book and also nssisU ng in cntei'talninj.: wer(! Mrs. L. Smith mm Mrs. E. H. Hall l.enchville nnd Miss Cora l.jj&f-< man of Ulvtheville. Other out of town t!i;csls present were Mr. and Mrs. Herman Carlton. Ray Worthlmston. Mr. nnd Mr aamnei F. Morris, all of TllyLricvlllii: Mrs. carl Reilv., sisler or the brido- . Ki-ootn. and Mr. Kelt/, of Memphis | his inolher, his aunt. Mrs. Mamie Odell, James Klnit. Monte Cli-inies. Robert. M. Edwards Glenn Homeland Wlllhm Green, all of Manila. Mr. Adklns and his bride left for a brief motor (rip. Thev will nt- <end Arkansas Slate College Ill's Slimmer; .; > Shancyfelt, and Mrs. Mrs. .J. O. W. Mrs, Eugene P. Lovelace Knight. Mrs. Ennnett Dunn presentee! a. Ark., June 3.— Gsce- vnciil tolo. old Church women had weekly] CHRISTIAN CHURCil meelinss ye.slerday afternoon lit Mrs. Lindsey Driver ami Mrs, churches anil homes of members. Ely Driver were hosLe.;:;es at Ihe 'I lie Woman's Missionary Union, I.imlsey Urlver home to members of I'irst liajillsl Clinrdi )net ;»t tiu^ clmi'cli willi 17 ni«mi«!is present. Mrs. A. P. GliEcn. preh- ident, conducted the hus':wf.i mcelhiK find Mrs. Ed Willla::is conducted the ivorshlp service. | PRKSUYTEUIAN The 1'ie.sbylerian Auxiltaiy met In circle group, with Circle One rit (lie chtiKh and Circle Two at the home i/l Mrs. H. C. Bryan. Mis. Steve liowker was iK.ites.i to members of Cii-clc One. Mli'tHOmST t& v! tile Christian Werners. Mi-s. Milton Pope Ir-a the ics- ,',on on the Ten Co'innoiulments, Following Ihe mectlnn, there was si social lionr for the 1-J members Coming Events Arkansas Ends Greatest j White Boy Drowns Trying 12-Month Spending Spree To Save Negro Companion LITTLE ROCK. i,;A}k., June 3. (UP) — Arkansas has Just rounded out Ihe greatest 12-monlh spending spree tn Its history, according lo State Treasurer J. Vance Clayton. At the close of the accounting yens- Si'J.urclHy !>>iilp(;;ht. cj!;>.yion revealed lhat Ihe slute had redeemed warrants tclalim,' more than $78,10.0,000 as comjiarccl with total RALEIGH. N. C , June 3. (UP) — Sixteen year old Bobby .Albright told a sioi-y today how a white hoy gave up his life lii 'a vain effort to save a negro fishing com- The Woman'ii .Society of Ciirit-- llan S'eivice >iad -i :n«-'>;tlii{j at me clnirch will' 30 member) altcml- ini; for a luncheon and business lUr.SSlOtl. ' . , Mr;i. Roland lioolhc, _'. had ehai'ne of the. session nm Mrs'. P. O. Ciwyne had charge o: a proi;nun. She was assisted l>y riillcctlous rrom all sources of $78.- KOO.UOO Total collections for tlio accounting 12 months of 1945-4U amounted lo S04.97a.000. panion. , , •Hiree boys were In a small boat —Bobby, Chlco shaheen, n, !>nd Thomas Upchurch. 17, Negro. The boat began-Illllng with water but the boys were not in any hurry lo make shore, unchurch juiniici" or fell into Ihe lake. Then he shouted for help. BoW)y said that Chlco (lived i« after him. But the drowning Nc R ro pulled Chico down loo. Albriehl swam ashore. WEDNESDAY Mrs. II. C. Rose will Ije hostess to the Town ami Country Bridge Club al Rose-land. Mrs. V. a. Holland and Mrs. !!• A .Taylor epterlainlng with afternoon pnrf,y complimenting Miss Lynn Jackson, bride-elect of Joe W. Mcllaney. FRIDAY Mrs, Paul Uyruin hostess to CliG YOU'RE REALLY of When He Gives You a LAKE 1 bswistorniiiig .^swing 1 „ n.eross the, country': fuis' s ct Wallace to tlnnRins; of a third party next year. Wallac'e could not be elected to office as a third party candidate. But he would pull votes from ill- dependent, arid left wing elements which otherwise probably would M Democratic." The Democrats next year cjiniot afford to lend any votes I oWnilac'e or anyone' else. Luyora. Mrs. W. B. Dlckson, Blylhevillc. ' aiBTlI()l>!S'r IHISI'I'I'AI-, MUMI'HIS Mrs I. O. croslh'Milt. Osccola. Mrs. C. P. Tucker. Blyllievillc. Mrs George Hamilton, Osceola. Newest mach-;lrs amonn the na- elear physicist's tools is the wi- chro-cycloti'on. which nccelei-.-llr-'i heavy ions, such as protons, in.siend f electrons, which are used in the esr» powerful betatron. as advertised in LIFE and COLLIER'S GIVE HER A Arkansan Misses Boat And Discovers a Bride While Serving Uncle Sam LITTLE ROCK.- Arki. .June 3 (Tj.p.i-^.A British Girl-8,'id a Litth' Rock nvAh" who 'missed a ferry !n Scntbampton, England, durinj tne war plan to-wed here Sunday. Miss= Kathleen Blake of Bradford. England, and Robert O Childers got a marriage license yesterday They became r.eirnalnl- cd when" they njisscd their boa' and were engaged before Chiidc-r 1 left : England.. Jfe.Ayas .in the ser\- iee. siie/'-Vas* 'a' .'m'oin'bPr -of He I auxiliary territorial lorvicc. t The couple will live in LiUle. ( Rock:', ;. . . . ;s v f: •' "Becky" Home io Spend Summer With Parents Miss Rebecca' McCall. wlio soared to lame last year an runner-up to "Miss America" in the annual m- tiDii-wide conlesl. has arrived homu from M.iry Washington Collec" Prcdcricksburg. Va., Ihe women coliese of HJnlvcrsity of Virginia. "Becky" will spend the Kmiime with her yiucnts, Mr. and Mrs. I' M. McCall. She plans to return I Mary Washington mxt Full. Too Late to Cioisiry for Sale HOPE CHEST ...If's loVa'fior Kecpsf Wlmt more thrilling gift for the 'bride than this rent love £if[—£Jfc ihiit starts ilic hunie! Sanctuary of iroussean arai- ure.s today—of liEtppiiiess tomorrow and forever. Iiach :uul every I.nnc ChtM, in any stunning siyle, >>as all ilie cxclu>*vo l.ant <in:iliiy features. Ma!:c your selection nowl Charles S. Lemons, Furniture i.r-" >T I , Slurdy chair in choice olcolitaSOO 00' I ConTomenllablc-ZS h.a" ^000 3v;- v i. .A -•£ Evangelist Yfill Speak At Church at Burdetic EvaiiBclist- L G. Rouse will the' speaker Thursday night, b"l, 7:15 i-v I i 1 -" 1 l o'clock, at Burdettc cinirch of GoJ. \£ the'.-Hev. R: E. Sliaw, pastor, said f Tlie' public is invited, the pastor raid. ' . " 1 n il >n Beoulifui . durable DEttOX SUN PORCH (Just What You've Been Waiting tot) Assorted Colors CHARLES $. LEMONS, furniture Home Furnishings Modestly Priced RRORS-PI Offered at Savings up to 20'/ ; Take Advantage of These Prices to Get a Beautiful Mirror, Either Framed or Venetian 24" ftouiul Cryslal Mirror 2. 3.75 Mother's Friend massaging preps- lation helps bring ease and comfoit :--to expectant mof/ifrs,?- M OTHER'S tEICND. an CJtqtrbrttcly BHpatca cmo! 1 bent, Is useful In all u T.-hcrc a bland, mlld'anodyne tttdlum In rkiu IdbrluUtiri Is One condlllon In -ivhlch women lot mor« than 70 years hava xised It 13 bn m0pllc»tlon lor massaging Ihe body Uurltif .j)R«naiicy ... It lin'.ps keep tua ikla loftlKUd pliahio... Ihus avoiding tmn«c«$UT. dlscoralort duo to dryncss and tlchtDesi. 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County forfeited for non-payincnl of taxes and sold to the Stale of Arkansas Defendants N O T I f: K Not lee is hereby uivcn that pursuant to Act No. 110 of the General Viscinblv of the Slate of Arkansas or 1935. and amendments thereto ere lias been filed in Ihe office of-the Clerk of Blytheville District Mis- sippi County Chancery Court the Complaint of the State of AYjjansas (luiet ami confirm in said-State (and/or redeemers, piircnaser.vj^onccs d nssii'.ns, the title lo certain, lands mentioned in said Complaint and is; in the County of Blyth6villo District. Mississippi, and Slate of Ar- All"persons who can set up any riuht lo the lands so forfeited and Id are hereby warned to appear hi.the Blytheville District. Mississippi nmtv ('haneerv C.iml al Ihe September. 1917 Term, after the I'ubllcn- :m of this notice, lo-wit on Ihe 22 day of September. ISOT. nrid ,u<e if any Ihne be. why fne tlllel to said forfeited lands should not be Hilir'med. ("micled and vested ill ll'ic State of Arkansas and/or itdeem- r.. imrcliasers. donee:; and asstsns In fee simple rorcvcr. Tlie descriplion of said lands nnd Ihe names of the persons, firm or ,rporalion last payim; taxes thereon are' as follows: •r.'-on. Finn nr Corp. asl 1'ayiiv; Taxes Part of Tax. Penally -|u<reon Seclion Section Area and 3ost TOWNSIH1" 15 XOHTII—KANGK 8 KAST ;laud Buine:; K' •• NW'i -NE', 17 20.fiO SIG.03 TOWNSllir IS NOltTH— UANC.K !) KAST T. Orr NK' , . 12 180.00 V A Hull.ill I ac. s([. SE cor. I.I.I :i NW'.i NF.',1 SI I.IJ1 LOR TOWNSllir Ifi NORTH—RAXC'.K 10 KAST Charles T. On NP'.SES 30 40.00 12.M TOWNSHIP If, NOKTH—ItANr.K 11 KAST Cuhimbus G:-;.\e.s W. .W E. 'J50' N. 180' U,l 21 REV, I" Lo 1 , ' 1.53 TOWN LOTS—MISSISSIPPI COONTY •e.n. Finn or Corp. Tax, Pcnallj l.aM Payinn Taxes Tiiercon Lot Block- and Cost TOWN OF Bl.VTIIKVII.I.K ALLISON ADDITION TO MI.YTHKVILI.K Lillie Sawyer » 1 ? 8 -0 A. Haiber 3 8 3.0 A. Harber 4 8 3.0 miCC, ADDITION TO Wl.VTIIF.VII.I.E r. K. Hawkins 2 10 10.5 M 1.. Morris T 13 L8 M. L. Morris 8 1^ 18 '(•IIICACO MILL «• i.llli. CO. KKVISKI) VI.AT N!i BLK. :"i-fi Mi: Cluis. Harrington *1 G L8 GKKKNWOOD ADDITION TO m.VTUKVII.I.K Unknown .'..- 1 1 1-8 Unknown :. 11 1 18 Unknown / : 20 1 l.BO Ijliknown 21 1 LSO IIOM.II'KTKK-SIIONYO ADOITION TO HLYTHI'.VII.I.i: I ,1 W. Floyd 3 G 1.80 .1. \V. OWliNS ADDITION TO III.YTHKVH.I.K 1 Hub Small 3 3 Oh WI:ST KMI ADDITION TO BI.VTIIKVII.I.F. I Unknown 23 2 1.53 Unknown .... 24 2 1.53] TOWN OF I.EACHVII.T.E SMITH ADDITION TO I.KACHVIM.R ' Luna B. Wilhelm 21 C 1.6G Lunq ,B. Wilhelm 22 C l.GG Witness my hand and sea! this the 31st day of May, 1947. (Seali ' HARVEY MORRIS, Chancery Clerk. Guy E. 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