The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 19, 1967 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 19, 1967
Page 6
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Toward Totality The frustration of the Arkansas voters inched toward totality this week when the Arkansas Supreme Court ruled that Col. Lynn Davis is not qualified to be the director of state police under an Arkansas law which stipulates that said director be a resident of the state of Arkansas for 10 years prior to accepting the position. Frustration began to burgeon in the breast of the concerned Arkansas citizen many years ago. It grew with the revelations of the Faubus Years (which came late, but sure). It began to be something quite large and real when it seemed that not even a new governor could handle the legacy of problems left by the previous administration. After several raids on Hot Springs, gambling still was continuing apace there. State prisons were exposed but still deplorable. However, along came Colonel Davis as a gubernatorial appointee. Hot Springs turned off the lights and shuttered the windows of its gambling houses (one announcement of which contained the startling revelation that one of the casino boss., es was an old member of the Faubus staff). Then, Colonel Davis was jailed by A jrrnnrl jury (for refusing to reveal sources oC information) and pre-empted by the Arkansas Supreme Court. In truth, the court is correct. There seemed to be no real indication that Colonel Davis intended to make his home in Arkansas for the past ten years, seven of which he spent out of the state. Tf one intends to make one's home in a particular state, one does not join the Federal Bureau of Investigation, for example. However, fortunately there is a special session of the Arkansas Legislature on tap for February. Fortunately, Governor Rockefeller has at his disposal a legal staff of not inconsiderable ability. We remain optimistic that: A. Colonel Davis will remain in the state as the governor's "special advisor" on police matters; and B. Remedial legislation will be introduced in the February session. Look Who's Back Hollywood Highlights By BOB THOMAS AP Movie-Television Writer HOLLYWOOD (AP) - "When humor has fallen upon bad times in recent years, and he offered his reason for the decline. I turned 60, I thought I was| "The laugh track," he de- washed-up, that nobody would j clared. "Those phony, recorded want to hire me And now I've I laughs on television comedies got more offers of jobs than have done more to destroy corn- ever before!" edy than anything else. Tha Such is the position of ; laugh track has made it too Groucho Marx, the irreverent | easy for writers. They no longer elder statesman of American ; have to struggle to write funny comedy wfoq refused to act his material. The know that if a age, which is 72. Among the offers which most appeal to him: joke doesn't go over, it can be covered with a laugii track." 1. A series of interviews for! Groucho found something else Public Broadcast Laboratory; 2. j to deplore in the comedy field: A nightly news commentary on j the use of off-color material by television with Goodman Ace j younger comics. He cited Buddy and Groucho as a wacky Hunt- Hackett as a consistent offend- "He doesn't need it," Groucho and human folly. That is how today's generation knows him. Orval Faubus's almost legendary political instincts must be getting rusty up in those bills. Mr. Faubus chose the precise moment when people all over the state and beyond are speaking up in favor of Lynn Davis to criticize the colonel. Tbat French revolutionist who wanted to know which way the mob was heading, so he would lead il, would have looked like an amateur compared lo the Faub in his prime. Orval Faubus didn't need lo be told about the slightest shifl in public opinion — he was a walking, lalking political seismograph, alert to the faintest twitches in the body politic. But now he's come out against the man of (he hour, telling Colonel Davis to be more cautious when he deals with the courts. Isn't that somelhin'? Here's the man produced, directed and starred in one of the greatest run- ins with the courts in the history of he United States saying Lynn Davis ought to be more cautious. The harshest public statement from Col- jnel Davis has been that, despite his differences with a judge in Pulaski County, "I have the highest regard for the system nonelhe- less." And Lynn Davis is leaving the dispute to the courls, not transferring it to the streets or calling out his men to defy the law of the land. We can just imagine Orval Eugene Fau- I bus in 1957 saying "I have the highest regard I for the system . . ." Now, 10 years later, he comes out for caution. Oh boy. Of course you couldn't expect the Faub to praise Colonel Davis or any other appointee of Winthrop Rockefeller's. Besides. Colonel Davis's fight against illegal gambling has removed dny remaining shreds of doubt that Orval Faubus's was a charade. No one can expect the Faub to be grateful for that. We have never doubted Mr. Faubus had the requisite gall to admonish others to be more cautions when dealing with courts. We fully expect him lo turn up one of these days as principal speaker at some Law Day fete, the way Tom Dodd is destined to wind up at some Eastern university conducting a seminar on ethics. If Madame Pompadour were a contemporary figure, some foundation would probably ask for her opinions on chastity. What does surprise us aboul Mr. Faubus's criticism of the now popular Colonel Davis is how quickly Orval Faubus's once intuitive talent at unscrupulous opportunism has withered away in the clean, fresh air of the Ozarks.—Pine Bluff Commercial * IF l't> KNOWN 5ENW5R PERCY WANTED TO CARRY WHlLt tit WAS HERE, \'t> Of lO/WEl) HIM MINE. THE GLOBAL VIEW BY LEON DEHHEN RFK Playing It Cool But McCarthy Spells Trouble ley-Brinkley; 3. A syndicated series of five-minute television, tapes with Groucho grousing j declared. "Buddy is a brilliant about contemporary customs, j monologuist who can convulse These projects casl Groucho j an audience without using blue in his latter-day role as the sa-' material. I've told him this and tiric sage, tlie commentator I asked him wiiy he does il. He with sharp aim at pomposity sa ys. 'I' v e got il inside me, and I have lo let it out.' I don't understand thai al all." Those who hark back lo Ihe! "To me the best of the new mad musical comedies of the j comedians is Shecky Green; he Marx Brothers will be able to is a comedian's comedian. And view the master in his fine old form tonight on NBC's Kraft Music Hall. Groucho is host and performer on a special called "A Taste of Funny," and he will be per-! forming in his classic roles as' Captain Spaulding and Dr. Hackenbusii. He sings, he dances, he lopes aboul the slage like a lecherous fox. His performance may prove a revela- lion lo youngsters who know him only as Ibe acid quizmas- ler. Groucho is no mossback who except for an occasional line, he doesn't use dirty material. That shows it can be done." JACOBY ON BRIDGE NORTH WEST 19 VKJ7 + A864 + 1032 EAST A 8 4J1072 V 5 V 10943 * J 9 7 5 4 10 3 <(. AKQ9654 * J87 SOUTH (D) A AQ954 VAQ862 OKQ2 # Void North-South vulnerable West North East South The standard play would be to go up with the ace or queen and, as you can see, the standard play would have lost. Everyone would have "Tough luck." There have been no criticism. Ivan played his nine. If West By BRUCE BIOSSAT NBA Washington Correspondent WASHINGTON (NBA) Some supporters of New York Sen. Robert F. Kennedy see a golden 1368 chance for him in Minnesota Sen. Eugene McCarthy's Democratic presidential candidacy, but some party leaders think it could be Kennedy's I biggest headache since he gain|ed a Senate seat. In Wisconsin, one of the states where McCarthy will enter next year's primary, a veteran political appraiser says ol Ihe pro- Kennedy elements: "They've really got their meters up.'" FAYETTE, Miss. (AP) —' A long-time Kennedy friend, One-thousand poor families re- former Lieut. Gov. Patrick Lu- ceived money and food baskets (cey, is said to have lold some Sunday in 'Chrislmas project of the senator's more eager fol- said, j sponsored by the Nalional Asso-l lowers lo cool il for awhile and Get Food Baskets They return north in March. would ciation for the Advancement of i lake their cue from Kennedy Colored People. iin I himself, who presently is play- Canvassing a five-county area i ing a detached, neutral game, search of the needy, the A Democratic source in New 3 * 3 A Pass 7 ft Pass Pass Pass Pass Pass Opening lead—* K 6 A 7 4> The recent death of Ivan Erdos at the age of 43 took away one of the best and most colorful of our players. According to ster. From Jim's viewpoint he was middle-aged. From any viewpoint he was a great player. Ivan won his first national title in 1959 when the team of Erdos. Ollie Adams, Bob Sharp and Oswald Jacoby won the men's team evenl al Coronado. Il was an unusual win in lhat il was the first national victory for three members of this team. Ivan went on to win numerous other national tilled and wilti tfellow Californian, Kelsey Pelterson, represented Ihe United Slales in world competition a few years back. Ivan was one of Ihose players who was willing to make a play for which he would be criticized severely if it failed. His theory was that he didn't care about criticism. He wanted to win. Here is a hand from a rubber bridge game ttial illustrates this. Ivan refused to take a sure profil againsl seven clubs. He ruffed the opening club lead and led • trump to dummy's king. Then he led back i trump and proceeded lo think for some time after East played the seven «poL ' North East, would have exploded. West and the kibitzers u J «^, t «J il™ innlr A,. 4fln U SeaiC 1 0 lie HCGCiy. I IB " *>^ii"«-'au>- OUUILU in j\cw had pi educed the jack or ten. Southern Division nf the ^, AACp ] York says Bobby's devotees aided in the way thai would help 'here think that McCarthy, in • challenging President Johnson, is inevitably opening the way them most—money for rent and would all have laughed, and utilities, or food. Fayette is east of Natchez in a rural area. Bird Census ST. LOUIS (AP) - The St. Louis Audubon Sociely will hold Ivan. He decided West's bid- ! its annual bird census Saturday ding had shown a singleton I in St. Charles County, Mo. Fol- spade. Ivan wanted to win and:lowing the census, the group did. iwill be served a chicken dinner. there would be a story going around about the expert who couldn't handle a 3-2 Irump break. All Ihis meant nothing lo to a 1963, rather than a 1972, nomination bid by Kennedy. They are not convinced lhat the Minnesotan himself could possibly be the ultimate beneficiary, even if his primary state campaigns should prove surprisingly successful. Leading Democratic figures in several other states tapped in an NBA survey are certain that anti-Johnson elements in their areas want Bob Kennedy' now © 1M7 by NCA, II "Mf t»gs ortn't foe gnat, but wilfc »fi«st new itxkings, at /east, tAt/w COLORFUL!" and think of McCarthy only as | two or three McCarthy victor- instrument who might help them break the party loose from loyalist moorings to Johnson. Yet a number of party politicians suggest thai matters may not be all lhat promising for Kennedy. For one thing, this reporter, in surveying more than 10 stales, could not find a single seasoned Democratic leader who thinks lhat if McCarthy wins just two or three primaries — currently the very mosl optimistic forecast by his more realistic advocates — that he would either force the President's withdrawal or open the way to his defeat for the 1968 nomination. Many of these experienced party chiefs believe McCarthy could not gravely injure Johnson's, chances of 1968 renom- ination unless he scores a virtual sweep of five or six primaries and picks up additional delegate strength in state convention states. McCarthy's close associates and numerous party regulars agree that if he managed such a triumph he would have to be taken seriously as a prospective nominee in his own right, and not simply as a paver-of-the-way for Kennedy. Nobody looks for this kind of McCarthy sweep anyway, so considering Kennedy's chances f.gainsi Ihis prospect looks pretty much like an academic question. If the widespread party judgment be accepted that merely By Wayne G. Brandstadt, M,D, J r\ r By Wayne u. uranastaut, iv the LfOCtOr jaVS Written for Newspaper Enterprise Association According to Ihe old song, "Ms the season to be jolly." This being so, or al leasl widely believed, Ihe question arises: Are you the type who needs lo take several drinks to be poKy? If so, after these drinks, do you always say, "Of coursh I'm shober enough lo drive?" If this s the case, the season may not re as jolly as you had anticipated. Because so many traffic accidents are the result of drink- ng, this seems to be a good Sime lo review some popular misconceptions about alcohol. For example, the belief that /mt will gel more intoxicated f you mix your drinks (gin after whisky or vice versa) is completely false. It is the amount of alcohol you consume n a unil of time that causes intoxication, regardless of the Blylheville (Art.) Oiurler New.- Tuesday, December 19, 1067 Pag* SB type of drink. If you think you can safely drive when two hours have elapsed since you had two high- bails, you should revise your thinking. You might make il home wilhoul an accidenl, but a wait of three hours is safer. The old notion thai a lillle alcohol acts as a stimulant and makes you more alert is false. Alcohol depresses your nervous system. Somt persons, aware of Ibis danger, drive more carefully than they would otherwise but, .should an emergency arise, their reflexes would be a little slower than normal. Do you take a shot of liquor to warm you up when you have to go out on a cold night? Don'l do it. The acohol will warn your skin by dilating the surface capillaries but (he total effect will bo lo cause your body lo tose heal more rapidly. IV you always accompany your alcohol consumption with eating onions or garlic or chewing cloves lo fool the police? would not unhorse Johnson as a contender, then Kennedy's outlook in the developing 1968 picture would seem even further diminished. He has made it utterly clear he has no intention of challenging Johnson di- The World Almanac re-" 'ports that three sheets of 50 stamps each, in denominations of $.65, $1.30 and $2.60 which cost their original owner $227.50 when they were issued in 1930 to com. _ memorate the first Graf yearns for Ihe good old days of' Zeppelin Europe • Pan- vaudeville; he has reiterated j American flight, were sold that the general run of comedy in vaudeville was pretty corny and tired. He does claim thai WORLD ALMAM? redly. 75 Years Ago —In Blytheville Mrs. Cornelius Modinger entertained with a Christmas party yesterday for members of the Town and Counlry Club and Some party figures say Ken-!t( lree guestS| Mrs . G _ 0 . Poelz, nedy can derive nothing bul a. Mrs , Murray Smart and Mrs. headache from the McCarthy R j McKinnon of Manila. undertaking if, in the end, il amounts mostly to an efforl to Airman Third Class Jack Homer, who is stationed at F. , sheet of 100 $1 Columbian Exposition stamps of 1893 brought $17,000. Sole Na CHB ELrTTTTTrtLB COUBIF.R NEWS tHB COtHlfch [\m,i CO B. W HAINES r<IK!.IMlR» UAKKY A. HAINES Isilstanr iihlMmr.rH OENB' AUSTIN Advertising rtavenlsmg bring Ihe anti-Vietnam war for- | E Wa J, ren Air Force B a s e " „, " nt °° n ° f ° ' Representative Wallacv Wltmer Co. New Yurfc, Chicago, Detroit Atlanta MemplU'j Sf.^onrt-ciass postage paid at Bljthevllle. Ark Member ot the Associated prow ION RATES within the Democratic party fold. Though Kennedy recently has spoken out on this subject more strongly than for some time, enne, Wyo.,' wil, arrive to- the holidays. The BIytheville Junior High Papooses rallied late in the third quarter last nigiit at White ihaven to overcome Ihe White- Uhere often have been great haven Junior fflgh 44 . 41 Bobby gaps between his generally dovish utterances on Vietnam. Those who think they know him say he fears to mount the al- lack too often, since his criticisms tend almost inescapably to be read as fresh evidence of deep-seated feuding between himself and the President. McCarthy's 1968 campaigning may make these recurring Kennedy silences seern increasingly painful—both to him and ) his actual and potential supporters. Neutrslily may be a hard stance to maintain in Ihe clamor of a nomination fighl centering so sharply on the Vietnam issue. Says a fellow Democratic senator: "For Kennedy, McCarthy is trouble. He may wind up put- ling more pressure on RFK than he does on LBJ." Jones led the Paps wilh 25 poinls. Miss Nita Rose Hall and Martha Nichols will arrive loday from William Woods College at Fulton, Mo. to spend the holidays. By mall wlrhln _ mile-. 18.00 per Teat ndlui at tt CSW tor rtx months. H.iw for ttiw* roontbs. by mall, outside 50 mile radius «1B.OO n?r year parable tn advance. Mall subscriptions are nut dccept- ff '" town* and cities where Tht Count. News carrier service la maintained Mall subscriptions tn "avablB In advance. NOTB. The eonnu r»*wt atsnmel no responsibility for photograpA* marascrtpts. engravings or mat! left with It for possible publ<eatiox>. On the Farm Answer to Pravious Puzzle ACROSS conflict 1 Farm bovine ^S^? 1 !?/,* 8 ?S^s r ^rlpr^ P enW may make this 4I > r ' et "P 12 Feminine name 41 Female saint 13 Malarial (over ' Bl> -> 14 Hodgepodge. 15 Permit 16 Experimental IB To revive wraoii istran 20 Taxed, for instance 21 Scottish 22 Masculine appellation 24 Rlvor valley 26 Godiiess of. discord 42 Expect 45 Try 49 Acknowledger of a fault 51 Born 52 Horse's gait 53 Minute stein ttocfllng &4 Mouths MMII1SIM l-WI H1I=1MW HMH If so, you v/ill lose thai round, ] test for alcohol in the expired | 27 Exclamations air is specific for alcohol. And | jn Release' don't forget thai your abilily • .. liability for self - criticism is losl be- . fore there are any obcious' 6 Hosiery ravel 7 Seine 8 Absolute -----.,- , . 9 Dismounted 55 Bodies of water M Lacerate 56 Afresh 11 Having pedal 57 Yugoslav city digits ' nnwN 1' Ascended .19 Appears 23 Measures of signs of inloxicalion. 1 Farm animal 2 European river distance 2 Without 24 Remove moisture 25 Cutting tools ,__ between nations 4 Wash by 26 Heatlhf devices 47 Persian fairy 34 Decrease immersion 27 Homeric kirig of 48 Social 'events 35 Bring to S Awry Mycenae 50 Health resort 32 Covenant 28 Enormous 29 Was observed 31 Little (Ft. ten. geri.) 33 Chalcedony 38 MoUve 40 Clefts 41 Scalier 42 Deeds 41 Had on 44 Wild ot of Celebes 46 Ripped Q — My doctor gave me Can- ; tanol for a sore throat. What | is il? A — This is a sulfa drug given to suppress the germs sometimes responsible for sore, throats. It should not be taken j by pregnant women, or perions j with liver or kidney disease, diseases of the blood cells or allergies. WORIDiLMAMG New York City, notes The World Almanac, Is experiencing a sharp increase in the number of abandoned vehicles Uttering Us streets and highways. The number of junked cars the city's sanitation department has dis- red of at a cost of over million a year has increased as follows: I960, 2,500; 1981, 5,117; 1962, 6,229; 1963, 13,579; 1964, 23,386; 1965, 21,751; and 1966,a.7»5. (Nnifof* tuttrfti* JauiJ

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