The Times Herald from Port Huron, Michigan on February 6, 1949 · Page 20
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The Times Herald from Port Huron, Michigan · Page 20

Port Huron, Michigan
Issue Date:
Sunday, February 6, 1949
Page 20
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PACE SIX, SECOND SECTION Make Over Out-Dated Dress There are nine chances out of ten that the good, but dated, basic dress which ttill hangs unused In your cjoset can be salvaged. Have you thought of dropping its length by adding a near-matching hem band or setting a yoke in below the waist? Either piece of patch-work strategy can be kept under cover with a glamorous tie-on overskirL St3r-duit chiffon, which is as glamorous as the name implies, was used in this manner to transform a back-isrue number into a captivating ballerina dress. All that was done to reclaim the good, but dated, dress of coppery satin was to strip off hip-drapery and to add a nearly matching hem band five inches in width. To bide the patchwork which salvaged this dress an ankle-length overskirt of beige-colored chiffon, lightly glitter-dusted witn threads of gold and silver, was pleated on to a waistband cummerbund sash. Only four yards of 40-inch wide chiffon were required to make the tkirt Three yards which made three lengths went into a pleated kirt and one yard was used for making a bias-cut cummerbund sah, the ends of which are tucked in after it is tightly wrapped around the waist Child's Duster Aids Grooming Now a tiny child, trained in the habits of good grooming, can also dust herself after a bath without dusting herself out of sight. The hazard of creating a flurry in a bathroom like a rampant snowstorm has also been removed, thanks to a new type of dusting-powder container. For this one, powder is cached in the hollow plastic handle of a brush. The flow of powder from a silky fine hair brush is completely controlled Only when the brush Ls stroked over the user's skin is the powder released. Children will, not only like the business of brushing but the whiff of super - fragrant powder which rewards their efforts. Mothers will approve the idea that no matter with what youthful abandon her child uses the brush, it gives her offspring an after-bath dusting with a fine, even film of powder. Laura Wheeler Patterns Wide choice of pretties to applique and embroider! Four gay pot-holders, two oven-mitts if you Potholders at your service! Can't choose, make them all! Useful, welcome gifts. Pattern 818; transfer, 4 holders, 2 mitts. Laura Wheeler's improved pattern makes needlework so simple with its charts, photos and concise directions. Send TWENTY CENTS in coins for this pattern to The Times Herald. 119 Neediecraft Dept., P. O. Box 22. Flatbush Station. Brooklvn 26. N. Y. Print plainlv PATTERN NUMBER, your NAME and ADDRESS. Roast duck in a moderate oven on a trivet that fits into the roasting pan; place the duck breast-side down so that it will cook this way through the greater part of the time, then turn it breast-side up to Drown evenly the last half hour of the roasting. Just Iiud. aim and shoot for good pictures. Takes iz Kodak lilm black-and-white or Kodacolor. Negatives, 1-x2 . plus tax MacTAGGART'S Th b .r 1 Z1 SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 6, 1949 Ann Adams Easiest thing in the world to sew! ONE piece, plus a flounce or ruffle to flirt with the hem of your skirt. Result a perfect slip for looks and fit. Make it two ways: Pattern 4892, sizes 12, 14. 16. 18, 20; 40. Size 16 takes 3 yds. 39-inch Embroidery transfer included. This pattern, easy to use. simple to sew, is tested for fit. "Has complete illustrated instructions. Send TWENTY-FIVE cents in coins for this pattern to Times Herald 108 Pattern Dept., 243 West 17th St., New York 11, N. Y. Print plainly NAME. ADDRESS, SIZE and STYLE NUMBER. Winter Hair Glamor Wintertime colds and other ills which lower resistance generally, take their toll of hair and skin. This is the time of the year when hair resembles matting used for up-holsterv stuffine. It is ouite an ef fort to get that nice silky smooth ness so easily achieved during other seasons. The only solution seems to be regular beauty parlor visits, frequent scalp and oil treatments. During the cold damp winter months it is a bit of a risk to shampoo hair at home unless you have adequate drying facilities. Physicians say that many sore throats and colds are due to washing the hair at home and not thoroughly drying it. If you find it necessary to clean your hair between beauty shop visits, use one of the dry shampoos or a liquid hair cleanser or witch hazel. It is a bit tedious to cleanse your hair this way but if it keeps you from getting a sore throat, it should be worth it. The dry shampoos can be used with a fluffy mit, the others are applied with cotton and rubbed from the scalp down to the ends of the hair. One thing you can do all winter to promote hair gloss is to brush your locks vieorously and often. Use a good hair brush and remember to clean it frequently. HOUSEHOLD HINTS Thin hamburger patties may be broiled below moderate heat; dot with butter and season with salt and pepper just before serving. Thin raw onion rings or cucumber relish are a delicious accompaniment toi these patties. Children need to have three to four glasses of milk every day; adults need two or more. Any milk not taken in liquid form may be consumed in other ways in puddings, on cereals, in soups, in sherbets and so forth. Nail polish remover can be used in an emergency to wipe off paint spatters from bathroom or kitchen tiles. Next time you bake kidney beans try serving them with skillet-browned sausage and cole slaw. Learn Beauty Culture! Independent Future Low Tuition Pay-as-you-go Plan Approved for Veterans Port Huron School of Beauty Culture "Oldest and Best Equipped In Blue Water District" 506 j Grand River Over Cunningham's Phone 75S0 Patterns 0 4892 1 I piece X Permanent Wave Specials Work don bj t f ff I tenior atndrnU J J UU f under super- 1 I Tision of licensed V nd " I I instractors. I VST T N 7 Dear Members: Hi! Well now that we've got lots of snow, I suppose most of you have been spending your time skating, and sledding and snowballing. I notice the children, big and little, doing a lot of snowballing, and there were quite a number of faces being washed, too. Note to Pat Kemp: I appreciated your poem. Pat, but I'm afraid I couldn't accept it for publication. Keep trying though! Arlene Campbell seems to have set an all-time high with sixteen pen pals to her credit. Edith Forstner says she has lost Lullubelle Gardner's address. Evelyn McKenney tells me all the good work they are doing for the children in Europe, in their Junior Red Cross Club. What are you boys and girls in other schools doing? New Members Sharon, 1411 Port Huron. Patsy Ouellette, R.R. 1 St. Clair. Mich. 11th St., . Box 211, Gary Siewert. 6 well. Mich. Diane Siewert. 6 well. Mich. Linda Maddox. Oak St., Cros-Oak St., Cros-1222 Palmer Court. Port Huron. Charlene Gates. R.F.D. 4, Bad Axe, Mich. Judv Osborn. 1204 Sedgwick St.. Port Huron. Jane Coleman, 1519 Richardson St.. Port Huron. Sandra Ross. 205 N. Fifth St., St. Clair, Mich. Dorothy Brown. 4180 Lake Shore Rd.. Croswell, Mich. Norma Jean McLane, R. 1, North Street, Mich. David Winter, 1213 Elk St., Port Huron. Drawing by Arlene Campbell, 298 Dove road, Port Huron, Mich. Dear Cousin Flo: I would like to become a member of your club. Will you please send me a membership card and pin? I am seven years old. I go to the Jefferson School. My teacher is Mrs. Egan. I have a brother four years old. His name is Terry. We have a dog named Chippy. JANE COLEMAN, ' 1519 Richardson, Port Huron. Dear Cousin Flo: I would like some pen pals between the ages of seven and nine. My hobbies are horseback riding, swimming and ice skating. I n3ve dark brown eyes, and auburn hair. I have two pets, a dog and a cat. Their names are Skippy and Molly. I have two sisters. Their names are Carole and Ellen. MARILYN GOLDMAN, 3202 Gratiot avenue. Port Huron, Mich. u u c Drawing by Evelyn McKenney, aged 12, Croswell, Mich. The (lest Sensational Hews in Drv History I tutored Mothproof Cleaning AT NO EXTRA COST In addition to the highest qutHty in dry cleaning, your garments are protected against moth damage for six months with an Insurance Policy at NO EXTRA COST TO YOU! PARE COURTEOUS CASH & CARRY SERVICE 101 BROAD ST. PHONE 6991 IT S EASY TO PARK AT PARK'S THE PORT HURON Drawing by Evelyn McKenney, ag-ed 12, Croswell, Mich. Dear Cousin Flo: i Dear Cousin Flo: I jiave not written to vou in a ' a eleven years old and I am long time. I was thirteen vears in he sixth grade. I have a sister old. Sundav. January 23. and ate slx 'ears ld- 1 Pla' basketball in w r,f ipp rrpam and rske I have lost my membership card and pin. so please send me another. Please write in also my poem, before my closing. 1 would like to have some pen pals, so come on, kids, write to me. You too. Betty Bowen. One I Love ' One I love. Two I love. Daddy, dear, and Mother, Three I love. With all my heart. Darling little brother. RETA MAE BLOCH, 1625 Yeager St.. Port Huron, Mich. Dear Cousin Flo: I have been a member of your club for about two years. I have not written to you for a long time. I would like some, pen pals. I am sending you two pictures and I hope you will like them. JULIA BOWEN, 1226 Cedar St., Port Huron. Dear Cousin Flo: I would like to join your club. I am fifteen years old and am in the tenth grade in the Harbor Beach Public School. I would like both boys and girls to write to, so come on, kids, and write. NELLIE FRAYER. 603 Shock road. Harbor Beach, Mich. Dear Cousin Flo: I am eight years old. I would like some pen pals. I am sending you a picture. KATHLEEN NELSON. 1609 Beard St., Port Huron. Dear Cousin Flo: I would like to join your club. I am ten years old. My name is Gary. I am in the fifth grade. We have thirty-two children in my grade. Mrs. Schwargenbrauh is my teacher. I have one sister. She is eight years old. ' Her name' is Diane and she would like to join your club too. I would like some pen pals. I will answer all letters I receive. I am a Cub Scout and I would like to hear from other Cubs too. My birthday is Febr-Ty 2, 1949. GARY SIEW? 6 Oak St., Croswell, Mich. B o bb- PARK CLEANERS brings you ( CLEANERS COURTEOUS PICKUP AND DELIVERY TIMES HERALD u i school. The sixth grade has two, i school. The sixth grade has j teams. Our side has won the most, j Art is my hobby. JOSEPH LATTLER, Deckerville, Mich. Drawing by Sandra Ross, 205 N. 5th street, St. Clair, Mich. Dear Cousin Flo: I am ten years old and. in the fifth grade. I have two sisters. I would like some pen' pals. I will answer every letter I get. I would like a membership card and pin. JUDY OSBORN. 1204 Sedgwick St., Port Huron. Dear Cousin Flo: I would like to join the Juniors' Club. I am eleven years old and in the sixth grade at the Big Hand School. My teacher's name is Mrs. Dorothy Dudd and she is very nice. I have no brothers or sisters. PATSY OUELLETTE, R R. 1, Box 211, St. Clair, Mich. Dear Cousin Flo: I would like to become a member of the Juniors' Club. I am ten years old and in the fifth grade at Garfield School. Mrs. Spring is my teacher. I have a brother and sister. Their names are Craig and Susan. Please send me a member- MEMBERSHIP BLANK Name Address City My Birthday Is Mail this to Cousin Flo, The L You can still start your BUSINESS COURSE Enroll Tomorrow AT PORT HURON BUSINESS COLLEGE EASTERN MICHIGAN COLLEGE OF COMMERCE 1719 Military Street Telephone 8373 Deliriously fresh, temptingly flavor fvU and delightfully healthful of course ue mean LONDON'S COTTAGE CHEESE Available at the Neighborhood STORE! For Regular Delivery of All DAIRY PRODUCTS PHONE 9070 LONDON'S FARM DAIRY 2136 Pine Grove Ave. Mt ' birthday LINDA MADDOX. 1222 Palmer Court. Port Huron. Dear Cousin Flo: I am sending you a picture. I hope you like it. I haven't written for a "long time, and I don't have any pen pals, so come on kids, write! MARION WINTER. 626 Pine St., Port Huron. Dear Cousin Flo: I haven't written to you fox a long time so I thought I would write. Would you send me a membership pin and card. I have one pen pal and her name is Arleen Arndt and she doesn't write very often, so come on, girls, and write to me. NORMA JEAN McLANE, R. 1. North Street. Michigan. Dear Cousin Flo: I joined your club a long time ago. and I like to write and send pictures to you. I hope you like the .two pictures I am sending this time. We had a 4-H skating party on Black River, Saturday. January 22. We are sending things overseas for the Junior Red Cross, and for children in hospitals in Europe. My teacher's name is Miss Jon-ston. and I like her very much, and she's very pretty. There are twentv-two children in 'our school. EVELYN McKENNEY. RFD No. 2. Croswell, Mich. Dear Cousin Flo: ' I have been in your club about a vear now and I have a pen pal but I lost her address. Her name is Lullubelle Gardner. If she reads this I hope she will write to me. I would like some pen pals about mv own age. I am eleven years old and I am in the sixth grade at the Harbor Beach Public School. My friend has two pen pals and they both write, so I would like about two or three pen pals. So come on kids, write to me. I am sending you a picture, I hope you like it. . Sincerely. EDITH FORSTNER. 213 North Second St., Harbor Beach, Mich. Drawing by Gary Siewert, aged 10, Croswell, Mich. Dear Cousin Flo: I haven't written to you for a long time so I thought I would write in a few spare minutes. I joined your club last September and I have three wonderful pen pals. One I especially like is Doris Lenord. She is very nice and writes lovely interesting letters. I go to Garfield School and am in 8A. My homeroom teacher is Miss Dorothy Bruce. She is very nice and I like Times flerald. Port Huron. Mich. ship pin and crd. j is January 11. Drawing by Harold Ender, Port Hope, Michigan. her very much. I am fourteen years old and have light brown hair. Please could some more boys and girls write to me, of the ages between thirteen and sixteen. I am also sending you a poem. Hope you like it. I took the name from you. PAT KEMP. 2724 Walnut St.. Port Huron, Mich. Dear Cousin Flo: I would like to join your club. I am 14 years old and have brown hair and brown eyes. I would like some pen pals from both boys and i More Xatural Looking, Softer-Feeling Permanent M pi at ru II Ulll 5t - $4.00 up ' J Operators Margaret s: i v. iVv- Hamilton Kathryn Fox Modern Beauty Shoppe 1611 Military St. Thone 5212 6 (rO FREE! 4. CLIP m$ THIS Mail It Today! j COUPON EAST SIDE SASH A SCREEN CO. 1020 LAPEER AVE. Port Huron. Mirh. I Dear Sirs: I I am a Home Owner for Buyer and ouli like to ctJ details of the Free Alsco Storm Window content. Please information and contest blank to me at this address: I I I Name Address I City or Town You! May Be The Winner Nothing To Do! Nothing To Boy! sa -zm hx zr: u Enter Now! Contest Closes March 22nd EAST SIDE SASH & SCREEN K firU. and I will antTZT 1 Set. Please mZV7 Ship pin and carrl " ttl3l!i you some pictures, i k. like them. P,' SH1RUY SIT Dear Cousin Flo: blank. Wou'.d vou a Pin a Hi 1 card iS-JSM of pen pals. uw U Bad A. I t Tel. 6441 Hugs spoiled f : with Tar, Oil & ! CLEAN THEM tlCHT AS NEW WITN DES-TEX DRY CLEAIIU MM-S-TTX i. Pctl It K Y t.UAMJt thai ortt IB tum minutoa ! r diffu-ult ntwtinat kin! of spot from rum, UttoUiry mmi mW fabric I larticuUrly t4lai - and wkn nm.ji Inlum lirraua It tl a kink" thrm and fur i frinaa U4tt4tr)k 0 A- harles Citzoatrid Interior Furnishing Mother is Right out of tht UanJr room into leisure koirt The Snow -Whit Lun4rj takes that brauty-robblif job oft your hands u4 most efficiently, too. rilONES Tort Huron 24111 81. Clair 1JW Marin- City J-MU 1 t i r Y la HOW, iWY i OAl. &Ti I Snow-White Laundry The lucky winner wiA ceive a set (up to lSh genuine ALSCO ALUMINUM self storing, coo-bination Storm Wind and Screens. MIUJTARY PHONE 3672 in?f) LAPEER AVE. roT

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