The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 27, 1949 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 27, 1949
Page 11
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TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 27, 194* ' BLYTHEVILLI! (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE ELEVEN OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams Our Boarding House with Ma j. Hoople FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS BY MERRILL BLOSSER A Slight Comedown HICK6V SEMTMe,MA30Rf AS RESIDENT or -rws o*as CLUB ESAB,S»OUFFV.' THIS IS TM6 FIRST BAD BEHASTlOft Pi ATS HAS SWWri~-ir PR06A8W RASPIH& BElMO SHOTTED ABOUT FBOM PlUARTO POST/-J I'LL to AUD REMOV& • . HIM ->~BUT WHERE? HE'S AU. RIGHT" HE'S STIU. oar E OFFICIALLY OSCCeeS COLOSSALf GRfATEST 1NVENDW4 te!*f)S8S^^f«P' — SO r A IS REM.LY FOR DOUGH, US HELP FBOMTHE , BUCK6OA.RO/ HE CURTAINS, PLASIMGCAROS AKJO RAClrtC F0CWS BESIDES, HICKEY is so ALLERGIC 'O SOAT6 H6 SME626S ALLTMe PRETZELS OPP THE KIDDING? SALARY AS PRESOeNT OF NUT5* IS 2OO SMACKERS A COMMISSION, PREX.Y tH£ MAN WITHOUT A COUWTRSI WAS A SORRV MESS, O'COJR*8. BUT TH'MAM WITH TOO WXH OOOfiW IS TK M AM WI7HOCTT A HORSE ATO'5 MEMBERSHIP IS ROClWliOe OOT- FOR SALE Ade Humphries "Let m« *«• tho>*»—but don't hold 'em up and wave em! ; truth alwayi stints." •But it w»sn't lh« whole truth. 'U admit it in parts. Besides, they ire my (amily. I love them." .re you going with me, GaynelT hall I teke that drawing room?'* PRISCILLA'S POP BY AL VERMEKR •>OL! DON'T REALLY ME AM IT, BUT SOU DON'T KNOW ALL THE FATHERS IN THE WORLD! MAYBE LOTS OF THEM ARE BETTER THAN ME.' HE did not answer. She could SAY! YOU'RE RIGHT.' I NEVER. THOUGHT OF THAT.' ME AND MY. BIG MOUTH' Concrete culverts -12 inch to inch, plain or reenf arced Also Concrete Buildinfi Block* cheaper than lumbet for barns, chicken h unset, pump houses, tenant nausea, tool shed* We dtUvei Call us for free estimate . Phone 601 OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. ! L .BUT SHOE REPAIR COSTS -^LESS! T That's Wby you'll ^'save yourseLf many'-» dollai r by having your 'shoes rc- ', I paired by our expert" work- men Next time try us H-fl LTCRS C, .Q!_: T / SHOC SHOP 1 : 2 ' W M a i SI ST. i For , the Finest Prescription Service Call '- XXXII QAYNEL had to call in Doctor Carile 'again for her mother Her nerves were in such a state, after the scene Fritz had made that they rose to the point of hysteria and she suffered what the doctor described, perhaps for .want of * better term, a slight heart attack. Emily was pleased. She now had a heart to consider, as well as nervei. . She would scarcely allow Gaynel out of her sight, so that she was obliged to get a few days leave of absence from the office. She followed her with big mournful eyes, faint reproachful sighs. ind her most patient and sweetest ^ when Gaynel was In the room. She did not attempt to extract any promise from .her daughter In regard to her leaving her at such a time, but it was understood, in the very atmosphere 1 of the big house that any siich procedure would without doubt be the end of Emily, Gaynel waa allowed one brief, tense interview with Fritz. On the third evening of the five days. It took place in the little writing room. i "I've reserved a drawing -room |on the Santa Fe," Fritz said. "Day after tomorrow. Will you have that bag" packed?" His tone was light, but his blue eyes had never been more serious. Gaynel said. **You know I cant. 1 "I don't know anything of the sort You could if you wanted. We've still time enough." '*Two days." "Two minutes should be enough to make up your mind. If, said before, you wanted to make it up. See here, my sweet," Fritz adopted his masterful air, "you can't really mean you're going to let this stop you?" "You said some things that were ilmost unforgivable, fritz." THEY both were standing, as though there was not time to sit down. But someone had to say those hlngs. You can't really mean you'd let me go without you, that you're not going with me? Think of the Christmas we planned— sunshine and roses." She said, There'll be other ihristmases." And wondered why t could not see how it twisted her leart to say It. "You know I can't -this time, Fritz." Because your mother Is ill, I suppose," FYitz said, impatiently. 'But you can't honestly tell me it's anything serious. Gaynel." "The doctor said she must have rest and quiet. If she was upset again, it might prove serious." 'She's just stalling. She thinks f she still can persuade you to marry your gilded boy friend, and lis 20 millions." Gayne! said. "I can't let you talk that way, Fritz." Out of that pride and hurt he said, "Maybe you're stalling for time.-too. Maybe it's hard for you to K> V « up the idea of those 20 millions." Her face went white. "You have no right to talk that way to me. To say such things." "I seem to have no rights at all.** "You're being terribly unfair." ""All's fair in love , . .' You've purely heard that one." **You r r» being unreasonable. 1 "As I said before," Fritz look up hU place In front of her once more but he folded his arms in back him. as though determined to keep them there, "this isn't getting us anywhere. And as you have reminded me, several times, ther in't much time; I'm keeping you. not. But he could see that her nswer was the same as it had >een. "There's still time," Fritz said. fis eyes compelled hers to look t him. in the way that only his yes could do. So that her heart budded madly against her ribs, ind her knees were shaking. "We an round up a minister; we can have that Christmas with rosei and sunshine — together.** Sti'l she did not answer. He snid. "It's now^-or never, ay." For the moment his disarming grin flashed forth, his tone was teasing, tender. Then he was he PYitz who could be difficult, domineering, high - handed. "I mean it. Gaynel. 1 never meant anything more In all my life. I've no intention of kept dan- _;ling. like your gilded boy friend. ! don't mean to play second, even :o your family. It's take me., or leave me. Now or never. The choice — and decision — is up to you —alone." Gaynel looked at him for a long moment Then she wrenched her eyes away. Strength flowed hack into her veins; her heart beat normally again. . "If .you really mean. that." she said, "there's no choice for me to make. You're the one who has decided. I can't go with you now. Fritz." . A tiny white line sprang around his lips; his blue eyes narrowed; his hands, behind him still, clenched. ' Then he bowed from his waist, in the old Armand manner; he even clicked his heels together, forced * grin. "Very well. Ma- dome, I hid you farewell. Good night and goodby. Good luck — ;and God bless you." And with those words, he was gone. (To Be Continued) - VIC FLINT No Other Way BY MICHAEL O'MALLEY and RALPH LANE CUT Mf IN FOR ONE THIRD OF WHATEVER IT 15 YOU'RE IISHIN6 FOR OFFSHORE, AND I'LL KKPMUW ABOUT WUR AllEN CREW. WASH TUBBS The Awakening BY LESLIE TURNER SOWJU...KXJ A.A. MEETING AMP CAME HOME WITH HIM! HE WASN'T WITH .. SAPA? NO.JAW! AWDTHEWfiXT NKiHT I HEARD HIM DRIVE 1 IN, AFTER HE'P WDSKEP TILL LATE WITH AN ALCOHOLIC. It . . With Kluwer* THE FLOWER SHOP Glenco« Aailtilng Pl.nne M91 »r 1747 In England it's the Chemist Shop In Franca It's the Apothecary Shop In Blytheville It's BARNEY'S DRUG STORE For Expert Prescription Service The constitution of the United States makes no mention ol a President's Cabinet. PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Slock Guaranteed Bcsl Price* Kirby Drug Stores SOYBEAN SACKS 21 Bu. Size TOP MARKET PRICES PAID FOR YOUR BEANS AT ALL TIMES Doyle Henderson Soybean Co. Highway 61 So. Phone 2860 Nichols Drug PHONE <««l PRESCRIPTION SERVICE Our ?eara ol experience assure you that when you present a prescription order to us, it will be expertly compounded trom fresh pure drugs You can be sure at Roth rank's ROTHROCK'S DRUG STORE /OUR ENGINE SINGS A MERRV TUNE when our ixptrt mtchanict handlt your tuni-up work! N* tumklini . . . n« tu.uwwk . . . n« lumping « ecneto- >l*n<. Out f»tl»ry-«T»ln»«l if«<1«IUIc— utlni m»4*n>, «ti- ' «. And HIM Nk* Iti* tight iMpl I* corr*<t W. Chamblin Sales Co, -Your Friendly S<od«tM,ker Railroad & Ash Phon* 888 SARA POPPEP WFPOM 7 iKNEW SHE WAS NOWHERE AMD STARTED*/ CONTEMPTIBLE Bur—OH, BUT HE PBOVEHeSTO / MAVSESHE HOUSE PBONTOr I N6O fOB. ME TO SUSPECT THEM)., CXJNkJO WHERE SHE SPENT HEAVENS, I 'JW AT HAVE I PONE '•NO WONDER GI£'S WS6USTEOIWTHME HE PIDH'T KMOW WOW SHE MADE THIMSS LOOK: THOSE TWO 6VEWIM6S HOPED I'D SEE THEM DRIVE UP) JUGS BUNNY Cashing In on It . I'M SOUay, BUT THAT'S WHAT THE TEST SHOWED/ WHAT5A IP6A...TRYIN TO SET IN ON A CHILDREN'S TICKET? WY NOT? A GUY JU5T GAVE ME A • APTITUDE , TEST PER ALLEY OOP Visitors I5Y V. T. HAMI.IN PSCBA SLY COME SACK FBOM MO? WTTH A DRIED SPIDER )N A WALNUT SttLL OK SOME' L OTHEK CEAZV THWS TC> CHARTS OUT OF HIS COMA.' N1EB3E \VE DO. DOC---BUT YET WE AINT TeiED TRLY '- f " i \UP TO TH' NOON? THESE SIMPLE PREHISTORIC PEOPLE DO GET SOME SILLY NOTIONS: BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES The Old Story BY EDGAR MARTIN *^&yx^- i-

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