The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 8, 1946 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Monday, July 8, 1946
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS VOL. Xl.HI—NO. 89 Bljthevllle Duty Nnn BiytttevUle Courier BlrtbevUte Herald THB DOMINANT NEW8PAPCR OP NOBTHKA8T ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI UIA'TUEVILLK, AUKANSAS, MONDAY, JULY 8, I!Ml> SINGLE COPIES FIVE .CENT* Supreme Court Orders Placing of Fisher's Name on Party Ballot I.1'IT[,]<; HOCK, Ark., July 8. (U.P.)—The Arkansas Supreme Court loiliiy reversed a decision of tlio Mississippi County Circuit, Court aiul ordered Hie County Democratic Central (.' lo place the name of II. 10. (Hud) Fisliei on Uie election ballot. A candidate for slate representative, Kj slier had been ruled off the ballot by the committee on the grounds thai he had not personally signed his parly loyalty ptcdjre. Fisher cmnouiicccl as a candidate for HIC office held by Miss Alcne Word, the lirsl womnn to be elected representative from this county. John U. King also is a (--andUlat.e for the legislative post. With Mr. Fisher as a candi'.lrUc, the names of the three will by submitted to the electorate of Hie Senate Committee Gets Evidence ftoouctsr St. Louis Teen-agers Give Demonstration on How to Stop Inflation county in the July 30 primary. The Supreme Court took special notice that Fisher was a member of the armed forces at the time Ills pledge was filed. "While a pledge not signed by Ihe candidate in person should not, under ordinary and normal conditions, be accepted by the party officials," the ruling said, "we conclude, under the circumstances ... that appellant substantially complied with Ihe rules of the party." Case Is Hcinanded The Supreme Court remanded the case back lo Mississippi County niul ordered an immediate mandate so lhat the name can be placed on the ballot for .the July 30 primary. Usually 17 days arc allowed for filing application for rehearing. I Fisher appealed lo the high court • after Circuit Judge Walter Killough of Wynne, ruled that his name could no't be placed on the , ballot in Democrallc primaries ibis ' Summer. In so ruling the judge upheld Die Mississippi County Democratic Committee which refused to place th'' young sailor's name on the ballot because he did not personally sign his party loyalty pledge. Fisher declared that he did not have lime to sign the pledge personally and return it to the committee before the legal deadline. His mother, Mrs. Hattie Fisher, signed the pledge and paid his filing fee, adding the notation ^with power.of attorney." Both were ,ac-_ ccptcd by the- committee 'secretary:' but were later returned to Fisher. Death Sentence Affirmed The Supreme Court also upheld a Polk Circuit Court conviction and death sentence of 24-year-old Eldon Chitwood in the fatal shooting lart February of Raymond Morris, Mcna druggist. The Fort Smith ex-convict was originally scheduled to die in tlio Tucker Prison Farm electric chair on May 10, but the Supreme Court appeal postponed the execution. Gov. Den Laney now will set a new date. Chilwood's 17-year-old compan-. ioii, E. J. Minor is serving a life sentence for the same crime. ST. LOUIS, July ! B. (UP)—Fifteen gh school pupils tinged a success- lul buyers' strike licre. When the proprietor of a neighborhood confectionery store boosted the price of soda pop from five to in cents, tccn-agcrs staged a boycott. The price promptly dropped back to tlie old rive-cent level. Candidates Plan Speaking Tours First of Series of Rallies to Be Held Next Week in Joiner. This picture shows lh e face ami back of a $5,000 check made out by: the IJatavla Mehil Products Collie Cumberland Lumber Company, and endorsed by "A. J. May. President." The che.-k was Introduced evidence before the Senate Wr.r InvestlgaliiiK CommlUcs In Washington In connection with the probt which Ihc committee Is making into huge war prolils and mid-wcsl "paper empire" firms. (NKA Tel photo.) With the first of the 194li Democratic primaries only' three \vueks awy. Mississippi County politicians are planning lo make some speeches after having conducted a campaign which, to date, has been void ' WASHINGTON, July 8. Cotton Acreage Shows Increase Plantings in U. S. Ahead of 1945 But Under 10-Year Average of public talking. A schedule has been announced for political rallies, prior to the July 30 voting, and again prior to the Aug. 13 votliiES- First of inesc will be Thursday at Whitton, followed by another Friday at Pawhoen and one Sal- urday at Dyess for this week's three rallies. A, rally has been scheduled far next Monday at Joiner, Tuesday at Lost Cane, Wednesday,' July 17, at West Ridge: Thursday. July 18. at Dell; Friday, July 19, Huflmoii; Saturday, July 20, Leachvlile. The week of July 22 schedule shows Monday, Burdette; Tuesday, Gosnell; Wednesday, ?Jlilligan Ridge: Thursday, Half Moon; Friday. Osceola; Saturday, Manila. Blytheville is listed as date o[ the final rally before the first election, July 30. The Agriculture Department today .estimated that nboik 17.091,0'JO acres of cotton would be harvcslcd in the United States this year. It estimated that about 18,316.000 ncres of cotton were under cultivation on July 1. Allowing for normal abandonment, it said, this jvouid indicate an ultimate harvest of about n.Ml.OOO acres. American Egyptian cotton in cultivation -on ^July. 1 was estimated at only 2,800 acres—less than half of last year's acreage and only 1.5 per cent of the peak of 193,000 acres grown ill 1942. The Department said the Indicated 1946 cotton acreage was 3,2 per cent more than last year, but 28 per cent less than the 10-year average. . — Cotton acreage on July 1, 1915. totaled only 11,749,000 acres as result of unfavorable planting wea- Ncgro Minister Prefers Shotgun to Bible in Dealing With Landlord NASHVILLE, Tcnn., July ' (U.P.)—A Nashville Negro preach-1 rr apparently decided the .;Bible 1 works all right In most cases, but 1 in an ai"gumcnt with Ills landlord It was a shotgun he needed. The preacher, SB-year-old Albert T. Pitts, today is free under bond after telling police ho pep- >crcd Green Esmond, his Negro andlord, with a charge from a 12-gauge shotgun. After the shooting Saturday, Pltls says he boarded a city bus, wearing a minister's long coat and tails holding the still-smoking shotgun. He says he headed straight "to tell lhe law" what he'd done. Packers Buying More Livestock Stockmen Continue To Rush Animals To Market Centers. ihowdown OPA Debate Opens In Senate With Berkley Plea For Return of Price Controls Senator Charges Sinister Motive Kcntuckian Denies Making Profit Out Of War Contracts. Whether coimty candidates will ^ and fHrm labor d ,f £lculllcs . participate in the program here this Wednesday night when Jim.r'Mri-] lone of Lonoke, candidate forjtqv- ernor. will speak : was undisclosed '' i : '' ' ' " " Molotov Holds Up Calling of Peace Parleys PARIS. July It. (UP)—The Big Four foreign ministers today failed again in an attempt to break the one-man "filibuster" of Foreign Minr.tcr V. M. Mololov who refuses to allow invitations for the 21- nation peace conference to be issued until rules o fthe meeting have been established. After lengthy argument the ministers put the invitation question lo a formal vote which Molotov holding out as a one man minority against Secretary of State James F. Byrnes. Foreign Secretary Ernest Kevin and Foreign Minister Georges Bidault. The three western ministers wanted to .send out the invitations immediately for the conference which they have agreed to hold July 20, but Molotov continued to block any action. Hours of argument failed to develop any new approach to the problem but the ministers agreed to meet at 5 p.m. lo tackle the matter again. Byrnes presided at today's meeting nnd, in an elforl to force Molotov's hand and place the responsibility for delaying the invitations, lie called Ihc roll of all four foreign iniiiislers. Turning lo Bidault, he said: "Arc you in favor of sending out conference invitations at once?" "Yes," Bidault replied. He put the question to Bevin who also agreed. Then he turned to Molotov who said he was not backing down on his demand. Hololov renewed his argumenl, advanced Saturday, that to call th? conference without setting up rules of procedure would turn the meeting into "a stamping machine." The cantlidatc for governor l:as announced he will speak at 8 p.m.. wilh no place announced but the court house yard usually is u-itd for such rallies. The itinerary for candidates in August includes Dycss, Luxoro, Joiner, Whitton, Etowah, Manihi, Milligan Ridge, Osceola, LcachviHt; and Blytheville on Aug. 12, Arabs Angered Over Truman Statement JERUSALEM. July 8. (UP) — Restive Palestine was put on tlie alert again today by an official Arab charge that President Truman had made "empty, irresponsible statements" regarding the situation in this country. The Arab Higher committee lash- fornla 359,000. cd out at Mr. Truman In the lirst official Arab retort to his statement that the United States desired the immediate admission oT 100.000 more Jews to Palestine. The committee said the President, if he were sincere In his solicitude for the welfare of the Jews, should begin his charity for them at home, admitting them to the United Slates. Mr. Truman has made life As a result, total 1045 cotton production dropped to 9,195,000 i bales compared .with; 12,230,000i : In 1944 and a 10-year average of -12,293,000, bales. Today's report did not csli j mate cotton production in hales. Tlie record U. S. cotton acreage was recorded in 1925 when a total of 45,968,000 acres was reported on July 1. The Department said that if abandonment this year is computed it the 10-year average, the indicated average would lie the smallest since 1885. except for last year. "Throughout most of the Cotton Belt, excessive rainfall In May dc- aycd chopping and cultivation," _t said. "Many fields became very grassy. Early June weather, however, was favorable and farmers were generally able to clean thi! rop." Indicated 1946 cotton acreage by principal producing states: Missouri 310.000 acres. North Carolina 580,000, South Carolina 950.000. Georgia 1,235,000, Tennessee 600,000, Alabama 1.510,000. Mississippi 2,420,000. Arkansas 1,660,000, Louisiana 900,000. Oklahoma 1,120,. 000. Texas 6.350,000, New Mexico 116.000, Arizona 145,000 and Call- By t>nlt«l WABIUNCiTON, July li. (Ul'l — lop. Andrew J. May. 1).. Ky., lo- hiy vigorously ik'fi'iuk'd his i'on- lu.'t In uriiliu; the War Depart- nciil lo "expedllc" ci-rlnln war oninicts and vluuY.i'd there wevt 1 ;,li,l:,liT motives" behind lhe al)U!l:s on him. In a House! speech, the chairman of lhe Utilise Military Alfiilrs Com miller denied Hint hi: iind profiled in any way through his arslstuJiec lo u "puller empire" of Illinois win- coniraclliii; Ilims. The Heiuflc War Invcsllgalluu Committee is looking Inlo wartime prollts ol the combine. Witnesses have churned (hat May exerted pressure on Ihc Army on bcliali of (he MINUS. Lust Saturday, docutuetils and cuiu-cllcd chocks irnd inlo cominlllcc records showed Unit Mny aclcd us agent for a Kentucky lumber company which received $411,000 for lumber it neve.' delivered. "Wus 1L wrong for me, who find jeeii n.s much responsible us any iicmbcrof this Congress for send- ng tho '-Mower of our young maii- lood to 'foreign Inuds lo fight and lie, to'try to seo to It Unit they v.-Cre furnished lhe necessary mil Battle Promises to Be Most Bitter Waged Against Inflation WASHINGTON, July «. (U.P.)—Thu showdown debate on Ilic 1'nlo of |)i'icu control opened in the Semite today with Di'iniKTiilir lA'iiilor Albon \V. Hiirlduy, Ky., pleading for rc- simipliii ol' controls "at Hie L'tirlicsl possible moment.'!. Towhintr off what promised lo be the bitterest bat?!?, yi'l over the e.xluiiHion ol' OI'A, Harldev told tho Senate-thai' uvcnls provoked in tlio past week by the end of price controls called for action "as promptly as possible." ', arid- General Testifies Cattle and hogs were brought rilo the big midwest livestock narkcts by. the thousands today iromlslng more meat for tho union's dinner,-tables. , ' At nine major stockyards In the Jcntral Plains area sellers offered, more than .four times us ninny :nltlc us they did a week ago. A Truman Ur< Loan to Britain President Pleads For Early House Action on Measure, WASHINGTON, July 8. (UP)President Truhian loclay urged th House to pass the Senate-approve $3.760.000,000 British loan as "Ihc one way-.wo.ican" avoid the danger of a conflict in economic policy between the United Stales and the United Kingdom." In a letter to Chairman Rient, Epcncc. D.. Ky., of the House bank, ing committee, Mr. 'lYuman siiid that without the loan agreement "it will be difficult, if not impossible, to proceed with the United Nations program 1MB international economic cooperation." The letter was sent to Spwee several days ngo. It will be rt'ul to the House today W'-.-MI it begins debate on the loan, regarded by the administration as the ''keystone In the arch" of postwar American foreign economic policy. At the same time. Secretary ol Slate James F. Byrnes sent a ca- ,bc .inine, murkcts there Atal' fts" ninny' hog*' RVI hog*' aval „ ^p» ; .. Ml thai as soon as' the processed It will iltloilfl -' and weapons lo curry on the battle and protect their llvesV" May asked Die House. •Majr Asks for "Truth" ."Shall 1, who have given the best ymrs'of niy llfo lo the prcsen'a- | tlon. of ihy country In lime of peril,,be-now the victim of a con- aplrnuy-.'of .'-falsehood nnd malice? *o, let Hlie" truth be told." Palestine more difficult by his "empty, irresponsible statements." the Higher Committee said In a public statement. The President spoke n connection with the Anglo- ! American Commission's recommendations for Palcslinc, Including the admission of 100,000 Jews. N. Y. Cotton NEW YORK, July 8. * (UP.) — Cotton closed strong. 3235 3232 3130 3232 3131 322S 3126 3229 N, Y. Stocks Osceola Rotary Club Installs New Officers Basil Scgravcs has been installed as president of the Osceola Rotary Club for the now year. Other officers, who took office at last week's meeting, were: WcIDy Young, vice president; Joe Rhodes, secretary; Bruce Colbert, sergeant- Steve Ralph is the retiring president. at various sections of the country in the form of steaks, cho|>s. and roasts. For • the first time since tlie lifting of OPA price ceilings a week ago, the big Chicago packers, such as Swift. Armour, Cnclahy, and Wilson, were buying n substantial portion of the livestock available. Previously they had refused to pay lhe higher asking prices. Hogs nt Chicago today were 50 to 75 cents higher than last Friday. Cattle prices were about the same as last week except that some were lower. The price situation throughout lhe nation generally was static, after last week's rises In some lines, while sellers walled to see what Congress would do about the OPA. Persons connected with the livestock and meat packing industries generally agreed that, prices In the neighborhood butcher shop would be higher when the new flood of livestock finds its way to market. Although it generally wfis agreed that the expiration of price controls one week ngo had flow of meat, distribution was still spotty, and industry spokesmen . ... .. _. . said it would be near the end ol blcgram from Paris urging appro- u lc wcc k before fresh meat rcach- val of the loan as the "first csscn- C( i n u sections of the country liai economic step toward peace and security." "If we permit ourselves lo sidetracked by other problem lo hinge our assistance to Britain on other considerations, there is a good chance that our cftorts secure world trade expansion i fail." Byrnes said. Meanwhile, House Speaker Sum Rayburn, D., Tex., told Mr. Truman at a White House Irclslullvc conference he believes the loan Kill be approved. Mey/.Tln^cr.eHtlally. crlllcl-icG the pfldtlH^Vf-lhe Senate committee jn bringing up charges that lie ' UP|4xcrlcd pressure on Ihc War 'Uu- imnnieiH to grunt conn-nets lo Erle fliislu Melnl Products Co., and [he Halnvln Metal Products Corp,, parent linns In the combine. May said Hint he had no connection with any of the corporations mentioned lu the Mead hearings other than lhe Cumberland Ky., lumber company "which was simply ti land owning inul-linuljei company and hud uo tracts." "I iitn not now (uul never htivc. been lutciesliMl lltmnclally In aus of them, nor hiivc I ever recetvcc any compensation or expense whp.l ever," iie said. May rose to his own defense h (lie House after Senate Commlllu Chairuuiii James M. Mead, J>., h M., described as "wholly inadc qualc" a testimony given by Ma June 4 nt a closed session of til committee. Mead sidd Hit commit lee's Invitation for May to tcslil publicly still stood. Injor General Lcvan II. Campbe r., rcllrcd;-fovmcr. chief ot Arn 'rdnnncc. Is "shown as he lold II cnnlc War Invcslignllng Coti l',;ii'UU>y ni'dcil st'iiiiloi's to avoid repetitious "IliriiKliinp; old .straw" in (Minting the measure. "We oughl to be as prompt «s isslblc," he salil, "so the hiatus tweeu the expiration of the oW II and the enacliucnt of a new II will be »s short as possible.-^ "Wo have already seen lhe cf- el* of no bill," he said. Hiukley and tho other three mem- cm of Congress' legislative "Bli? our" lold President Truman short- brforc debate began that they, oped to push through OPA ex- Icglslallou satisfactory to Im. Uniklcy said the President "Rd ssurcd them thiil he believed -they.- em exerting their best elforts'-tu 1 ass an acceptable bill to replace ic one Mr. Truman vetoed. "We told him we hoped we would, el a bill ho could approve,"Bark^ ey said. ' Seek One-Ytar Extension Others at the conference: were Semite President Kenneth McKcl- ar, Tcnn., House Speaker Sam tnyburn, Tex., and House Mnjor- ty Leader John W. McCormacfc, Anns. The Senate fight resumed amid charges that both opponents »nd uipporlcrs of price control-^ were .islng pressure tactics.' The measure up for debate -wouM extend OI'A In a modified form lor- onc ycai, nnd would wipe om rent increases made since the old : priC6^ law exphcd a y,eelt ago. The bill faces rough going ,witu the liitteickt bittle jbver ne/ attempts to exemp\ ms»t, poultry/ «..« dairy produolis Irttm artiy new'prlcc- * control Sen. Joseph H. .Ball, B.,. Minn.. by fur contracts for paper empire" now „.,.,.,,„..„..,, sole purpose of mnrshalllriB publ|o under 'con-, ">"" lo » to Influence Congress In ucssional .scrutiny. Onmpbcll les- '.iricd , that at May's request he .javc Dr. Henry Oarsson, a key executive of several of the com- mnics, a letter of Inlroduellon to .he top army ordnance man In Ohlcugo in 1042. tNEA Tclcuholo.) State to Award Highway 14 Bridge Contract One Mississippi Comity rotid project, a timber and reinforced con- Mr.r Mav July Oct )} CC 3125 3201 3H3 3211 3123 32C6b 3111 3211 3128 3228 3128 322S ....... Spols closed nominal at 3271 up ' AT&T Amcr Tobacco Anaconda Copper Belli Steel Chrysler Coca Cola ...... . Gen Electric Gen Motors Montgomery Ward N Y Central Int Harvcfitcr North Am Aviation Republic Steel Radio Socony Vacuum Studebakcr Standard of N J ..... Texas Corp ........... Packard 108 3-4 .... OS 47 111 1-4 126 3-4 178 .... 463-1 .... 10 !-l 02 5-8 25 1-3 96 3-a 13 5-8 38 U-l 14 5-P. 18 36 78 61 3-1 Engineers to Open Bids On Buff Shoals Dam LITTLE ROCK, Ark., July 8 (UP> —The U. S. Engineers will open bids in Little Rock Thursday lor construclion of Bull Shoals Dam. Col. Gerald E. Galloway, district engineer, has announced. The dam is estimated to cost $47,000,000 and Is the fifth largest concrete structure of its kind in the ciiuntry. It will be located on White River in Baxter and Marion Counties. > 08. L.-' U E Steel fl 5-8 CO Steps to Control Bagworms Urged By Specialists Bagworms, now appearing on trees ind shrubbery In North Mississippi bounty, can easily be poisoned W cad arscnatc. according to Mis* 3ora Lee Colcman, home demonstration agent. small amount of meat moved, and the black market prices." N. O. Cotton NEW ORLEANS, July 8. (U.P.) —Cotlon closed firm. May 3130 3229 3129 322S Oct. .. Dec. . Buyers Show Little Interest In Stock Market 1NEW YORK. July 8. IUPI — Sleeks went through another day of neglect with prices averaging round last Friday's closing levels A bit of activity In n few issues As a spray, four or lcvcl teaspoonsful are used to a gallon ot water. As a dust the lead ar- scnatc should be diluted wilt one part lead nrsenatc to two prtHs ol hydratcd lime or flour, she pointed ut. The bagworms arc especially Md on evergreen shrubbery used m landscaping, she warned. l'i'~" hatching, they spin a tough, si'* bag to which are glued small E- I( and bits of foliage. Small bags t now be found suspended llom leaves. As the worms arc in the < slagc In Ihc bag through the um- le-r, picking the bags olf and li'«' n - IIIR at that time will prevent i'- v " fnvor of OPA. | Sci\. .lames E. Murray, D., Mont.; asked both sides in the OPA flgh't o abandon "pressure, tactics," and Icclilc the price question with "facts ind figures." "Business men aTO making big iiofits and want awre," he said, charging that It WMJ hypocrisy to claim Hint OPA threatened free enterprise. Wilson Church Cornerstone r Rites Planned The corner stone of the new $55.000 Methodist church of Wilson Is to lie laid tomorrow afternoon In a special service beginning at 2:30 o'clock, ' The Rev. J. Albert Gatlln, distiict „«,„,,„„.„ federal court hearings —« (| °[ ^U" on clmnjcs of poll tax fraud. | ^ ^ ^^ by th( , ^ Jo ;, n U. S. District Judge John E. A Wollmck of Marked Tree, tho Miller accepted jurisdiction of the Rey Snm j, W igglns of Jonesboro case, and overruled a motion by |xm) UlD Rev s B wilford of I)ly.- , ( Iho defendants to dismiss the lhcv(llc , . .„ . „'charges. * other ministers expected t'J at- Witnesses Heard In Poll Tax Case Garland Officials Obtain Dismissal Of Part of Charges. HOT SPRINGS, Ark., July 8 (U.P.) — Election Coimulsslonci Carl Miles and Garland Count) Tax Collector Mac Wilson were called as tlie first witnesses this lucl.iy in hitllo Hock. Livestock ST. LOUIS NATIONAL STOCKYARDS. 111., July 8. (USDA) (UP) — I. Ivcslock: iioijs: 14,400; salable 0,500; early salable receipts 0,200; general un- deilonc steady with Friday on bar- However, he sustained a defense motion lo dismiss two charges Unit were filed four days after the first petition was filed. One charged the defendants with conspiracy to feloniously cast false votes. The oilier struck out exhibits signed by Sid Ball. Joe Scott, Ted Kilgorc, and John .Spivn. and also the federal grand Jury report. tend include the Rev. J. W. Moore of Joiner, the Rev. V. W- Womack of Osceola. the Rev. Luther Wilson of l>cll, Ihc Rev. Charles W. Lewis of Luxorn, and other ministers of lhe district. The Rev. E. G. Kaetzcll, pastor of, Wilson Mclhodist Church, salt! a meeting would be held at the old , Mclhodist Church, at conclusion of the ceremony, to discuss mailer* The judge said that his juris- pcrtnlntng to lhe work of the Jpncs- dlcticn was limited to the legality boro district for remainder ot lhe of Ihc assessments and payment conference year. and gilts. 100 Itos and 'V'. 1 by lighter kinds strong with pigs mostly 25c higher; bulk good ami choice kinds ICO Ibs, $10.35 to $10.50; lop $15.50; lighter weights S16.25 jo'oslcd lhe sales" total from Inslho $15.50; most sows. $15.50 lew, week's late lethargy, but the trad- n(! in (he main list wa.s very small. Industrials had small gains, while rails eased In the average and utilities balanced off small gains and losses. City Council to Meet The City Council will have its regular meeting tomorrow night. 7:30 o'clock, at the Cily Hall. Only routihc business Is scheduled to come before tho group, it was announced today. 3112 3211 3109 3211 |age to shrubbery 3129 3223 3125 3223 ycT; *hn the Child Kills Playmate BRISTOL, Tcnn.. July 8. (UP! — Richard Sangrld, Jr., 12, son of Mr. nnd Mrs. Richard Sangrld of Bristol, was accidentally shot nnd killed by n playmate at-his home lust night. ' of certain poll taxes collectively! He Is serving his third y«ar.'*s by Ihe defendants under color ol pastor of the Wilson church. 515.75; stags $15 to S15.25; boars Ml.M to $13. Cattle: B.OOQ; salable 7,500; calvrs 2.JOO; all salable; receipts Inclnd's bfint no loads of slccrs including ibonl 28 loads ot Western grnsscvs; ccws compi iscd about 35 per cent ot .supplies. Market not fully cs^a'o- i.shcd; early sales choice steel's nnci heifers about steady; other grades tending lower with many bids off -sharply. Cows opened about steady; bulls, pultv steady with strength on beef bulls; vcalers, 25'.' higher; • replacement stock scarce; load good and choice steers, largely $17.50 lo $20.50; load choice 1S8U- lb steers, $22; choice ycarlhus slccrs $21.25: good and choice mixed jcprltiiES, $17 to $19.50; 'itle action ou other grades; good bcof cows $13,50 ot $H.50; few $15; common and medium beef cows f 10.25 to $12.75: runners and cul- lers S725 to $0.50. the law. Attorneys Admonished He warned atlorncys lo "dc- dramallzc" the hearing and slick to the texts. He also excluded all witnesses, calling in Miles and Social Security Ofiicirl '.To Visit Here Tomorrow. wu,,c.v>i-.-.. K. ... A representative of the JoncS- Wilson as Ihc first to testify. | boro office of tUe Soci«l, Security Sidney S McMath. former Ma- Board will be at the U. S. Employ- rtiie Corps colonel, and other war nicnt Service office in Blythevihe veteran candidates in Garland at 10 a.m. Tuesday. county political races, are asking Persons desiring to flic claims .or Ihe court lo invalidate about one- benefits arc invited to call on Mrd of Ihc country's 10.000 poll tax | vivors insurance program or who receipts They will attempt to seek Information regarding such prove that 3,825 receipts were ob-lsuch benefits are invited to call .on tallied fraudulently by 19 persons, I tho, representative. Payments ate al'ecrd friends of Mayor 'Leo P. i based on wages earned In jobs cov- = ... .. , —, ,_. __ I ^.J V... »V,* C?rtrtlr.\ C^urvili-lttr Aft 1 Mcl.aughlin of Hot Springs erert by the Social Security Act The veterans won temporary | and are paid wage earners who.havs- rcstraining orders nt a hearing attained the age of 65 »nd to sur- Lefore Judge Miller in Sa Dorado •, vivors of workers, regardless of their two weeks ago. Move than 100 age Upon death. witnesses. Including McLaughl.In, have been subpoenaed. Attorneys for the 24 defendants tubmittcd their answer Saturday and denied that Patrick H. Mullls was qualified to have his name writlen In on the bnllot as n candidate for Congress. Weather ARKANSAS—Partly day. lonight and Ttts scaltcrcd thundershoWCTs IB'flpw portion today.

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