The Times Herald from Port Huron, Michigan on September 16, 1945 · Page 17
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The Times Herald from Port Huron, Michigan · Page 17

Port Huron, Michigan
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 16, 1945
Page 17
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SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 16. 1945 PACE FIVE. SECOND SECTION Menage Daffiest Household In Hollywood THE PORT HURON TIMES HERALD belita a cook PIMS PIANO ,nS of Family Paints And Writes Poetry ,v ERSKINE JOHNSON r Uff Correspondent 1;"Jnt the Behta manage takes '"al Johnson Oscar as Holly- riaffiest housfiiold. Those i' . in "You Can t Take It f You' just can't compare with res on daily in me iu-ruum ,fy Hills home of the screen's U:,fe was the lady with the pur- ".the fortune teller, the singing Wltn wie ' i .,rt anH the ",,. let's take the cast in order. re baa a iu u";;",;'vr: chh-h The conic Is rehearsing." ?1 n-u; nl.ivins the babv ri piano, and singing. $ 8 WUIluruui smtri. .jut gave a recital at the Philharmonic Auditorium a few weeks ago. She's under contract to the William Morns agency. And she makes WONDERFUL apple pie." Exit Cook Paris. A blonde girl, skipping rope, entered the room via an outdoor patio. "This is my friend Gloria Sherwood." Be'.ita said. "She lives with us. too." Gloria said "hello" without missing a twirl of the rope and disappeared into the library. Enter the lady with the purple hair. "Good morning, mother," Belita said. Mama was charming but her purple hair startled us. Mama said she had a purple rinse every time she had her hair washed. "It's quite fashionable." she said. "I'm going out to lunch, darling" mama said. Exit Mama. Enter Bobby Specht. skating star of "The Iee-Capades," and Belita's boy friend. He was carrying a suit on a coat hanger. "Good morning, darling." he said, kissing Belita. "I'm taking this suit back to Joe. It's getting a little mouldy." ' Bobbv lives with us. too." Belita said. "He and his mother. He's between tours. We're going to get married when we both stoo running around the country. But that won't Today and Monday w EitJ mm i'l. "" " 1 1 I Ji l l - I . I X . SimF. 3 t2 PLUS Short Featurette "It Happened In Springfield" Late News and Color Cartoon Shows Start 1:00, 2:45, 4:50, 6:53, 9:00. Feat. 1:15, 3:20, 5:25, 7:30, 9:35 10 Night Club Sets In Single Musical HOLLYWOOD Ten full-sized night club sets are being built for Irving Berlin's "Blue Skies." starring Bing Crosby, Fred Astaire and Joan Caulfield. This near-record number of set constructions of a single type has been designed by Hal Pereira. unit art director on the film In size the sets range from a Tom Thumb production measuring 16 by 30 feet to a super item 100 by 185 feet. In addition to the regulation sets five night club models are being designed for a montage sequence. be for three or four years yet. He paints and writes poetry. He's the brains of the family." Our lunch date was at a Beverly HilLs cafe. As we walked out the door, Belita spotted half a dozen unmailed letters on the table. "I wish someone would mail those letters," she said to no one in particular. But i-he didn't pick them up. "How long have they been there?" we asked. "Two weeks." said Belita. Exit Johnson. Clothes Are Girl's Best Investment, Lois Collier Says HOLLYWOOD Clothes are a girl's best investment, says petite actress Lois Collier, who admits she puts most of her earnings on her back and is proud of it. Her blue eyes flashing. Miss Collier condoner. even encouraged, what is generally criticized as a feminine sin. "A good appearance is money in the bank to a girl, whether she's an actress ambitious to get ahead, like myself, or a stenographer trying to land a better job," she insisted. The pert, brunette actress, becomingly attired in a tailored suit for her role of a San Francisco school teacher in Universal's "The Crimson Canary." was a visual and very attractive picture of her convictions. "What's the use of a girl putting her money in storage if it means sacrificing her appearance?" she inquired. "When she's young and starting out on a career, she owes it to herself to look as smart and well-eroomed as her income will allow. She can save her money later, but never to the extent of letting herself get drab or frumpy." Lois admitted she was a spendthrift on clothes. To prove it. she confided she has an extensive ward-rob of "date" dresses. tailored street wear and sports outfits, topped by a Persian lamb coat, which she just bought herself as a birth-dav present, and 20 hats. Hats are a subject on which she waxes eloquent and extravagant She adores them, and unlike most women, doesn't buy them just when she needs a lift in spirits. She buys them all the time. Pillboxes, sailors and cartwheels. "But I don't wear fruit salad on my head." she emphasized. "I wouldn't be caught at a dogfight in one of those silly things'" Being an "itsy-bitsy" among Hollywood actresses, only five foot, one inch tall and weighing 98 pounds. Lois goes easy on frills and gewgaws. "The fewer the better for us small girls." she said. "When we accent our cuteness with too much trimming or jewelry, we just look coy and corny. Short girls should look feminine, not fussy." RADIO PROGRAMS HOUR BY HOUR SUXDArs PROGRAMS 1 1MB 76(1 kilouclee 50 Kllocieiee wxvz 13:0 klloejclee LKLW 800 Kilocycle 8:30 8:45 Pontlac Baptiei :t)0 U:15 U-H Hymn Sin 9:-i0 9:13 Churcn ot Air Your Worship Hr. 10:00 10:15 10:3 Ca ot tba Air 10:45 BiOie Highlights Catbollo Hour Radio Blbi Caca PontJac Bapt'.at 1 1 :IHI 11:13 1 1 :.(i Rer. J. Zoller ui a " li:43 Sl Paul'a Ca' Lb ral Dr. I. T. Norrla Ansllcan Church Lutheran Hr. :0 Ozz.a A Harriet Detroit OTch. 8:13 " :: Fanny Br!ca 6:3 - 7:im Thin Man 7:13 ':.; Blond ia 7 :43 Paul Wbitemao Quick aa a F:aih Sun. Evening Party Cedrio Foter Fos:card Serenade Wayne K;iyr Randwaror Drew Pearaoa Don Gardner Quiz Kid Pilgrim Hour Calif. Me!od!i 8:IM( Beulah Show 8:15 8:30 Crime Doctor 8:43 Charlie McCarthy Tommy Dorsey String Enaemble Raymond Moiey Louia Prima 9:00 Reader' Digest Msrry-Go Round 8:15 9:30 Star Theater American Album 9:13 " " Hign'l'd Pk. Baptist Hollywood Melodies Gabriel Heater Walter Wincheii Steel Horiaona Hollywood Mystery " Double or Nothln J!mm!e Tidier " 10:00 Take or Leave ItHour of Charm 10:13 10:30 Hermit's Cave Meef Me at Parky'a 10:45 - " Theater Guild Johnny Home Show Ry, P. 8. Crawtoro J 1 :0 We. the People 11:15 1 1 :30 Harry Jame 11:45 News America United Pacirio Story Newa Ace Serv. Serenade Randy Brook National .News Quiet Sanctuary Harry Cool Or. l i:00 Newa Ace 12:15 Rev. .1 Zoller 12:0 " 12:43 Lea Brown Or. Music by Shrednlk FreuMie Martin Francle Craig Leiehton Noble Newa Dawn Patrol MONDAY'S PROGRAMS UJIt 7H0 liilurycles S30 Klloryele W X vz 1270 Kilocycles CKLW 800 Kilncyrles ;U0 News :I5 Tello Test :30 Two 1n Love :45 Work! loday News Oie Foerch Ty Tyson Lowell Thomas Day in Bevlew I've Got Your No. Lee Smite Eyes on Tomorrow Radio Jackpot Jliff Hopkins Consa Rbumba Time Itn Jlommie & Men Supper Club 15 J. Smith Show News 30 Thank to Tanks Great Oildersleeve :45 Thanks to Tank." " Sport Parade Frank Kingdom Lnrif- Unntcei Fulton Lewis Jr. Airiane Trio To be announced inside of Sports :IMI Vox Pop 15 :30 Joan Davis ShowVoice of Firestone :!.- " l.'avalcade of Americal.urn' n' Ahner Tloppr Meet Your Navy Cecil Brown News Ace The People Ask Sen. Lu'iinpton :(( Halio Theater Telephone Hour : 1 5 H Information Please 43 " " Chance for a Yank Music Gabriel Hearter Keal Life Stories Spotlight Bands Contented Hour :00 Screen Guild 15 30 Qui ct 1 Cities Dr I. Q- 45 " Pacific Serenade Auction Gallery Win. Place or Show The Better Half :00 News News News :I5 J Carrol Sings Hlchard HarkneFS Charlie Chan :30 liehind Newa Eastwood Gardens BandyBrooks :45 Stan Kenton 2 National News Quiet Sanctuary :0ll News St. Louis Serenade 15 MuIc From West :30 C. Foster Or. Three Suns Trio :43 " Lee 61ms News Gay Claridee Tiny Brad-shaw News Dawn Patrol Ladd Starts Riding For Future Picture HOLLYWOOD A golden pala-mino. "Shiek." has been selected as Alan Ladd's mount for the forthcoming Technicolor production. "California." Although Ladd already is an expert rider, he has begun nightly rides at Griffith Park, near his Los Feliz home, where the studio has stabled the horse. His current role in "Calcutta" precludes daytime riding. Help Wanted Brian Donlevy trimmed the hedge at his home the other day when he was not needed for "The Trouble with Women". He did such a good job that several neighbors tried, to hire him for similar work. Joan Caulfield went through 13 pairs of dancing slippers in five months of rehearsing for her numbers with Paul Draper in Irving Berlin's "Blue Skies . Busy Person Not only is Alma Macrorie film editor on "To Each His Own", but she plays an important character role in the Olivia de Haviland starring vehicle. NO ADMISSION CHARGE BEFORE 8:00 P. M. 402 CLUB Asked To Delay Marriages Until Yanks Come Home HOLLYWOOD Servic emen overseas, as worried by the rash of marriages at home as the girLs are by the rash of marriages abroad, have asked Hollywood's single beauties to wait until the boys are home before picking husbands and set their girls friends a good example. ivacious Evelyn Keyes. typical of the girls a lot of GIs are coming back to, Vas the first to receive the request. She was told that similar appeals were being mailed to Bette Davis. Adele Jergens, Nina Foch, Ann Sheridan and many others. "Japs don't faze us. but we're frankly panicked at the thought supported by every mail delivery that all the prettv girls are being picked off by the drastically limited number of men at home. We don't have a chance writh them," the communication complained. It came from members of a bomber command stationed on Saipan and bore the signature of S Sgt. Charles Kausel and 12 fellow mourners. Sgt. Kausel said he was editor of a mimeographed newspaper and that the project was suggested by its soldier readers. The request brought a prompt reply from Miss Keyes. who took time out from Technicolor cameras filming "Renegades" at Columbia to reassure the soldiers. "I can't speak for the other girls in Hollywood." she wrote Sgt. Kausel on V-mail form. "But I have every intention of doing what you suggest." Miss Keyes. incidentally, is as good as her word. Her name has not been romantically linked with Baby Marie Makes Screen Comeback HOLLYWOOD Baby Marie Os- . borne, the former child star, who has been Betty Hutton's stand-in. is attempting to make a Hollywood ! comeback and Betty is helping her; to make the dream come true. ' When a part was open on "The Stork Club" Betty recommended j Marie for the role. Now an at- i any civilian man about Hollywood. "I think many other girls have the same idea I do." she wrote the soldiers. "We know that many of the best 'catches' are still overseas, and don't think the girls have forgotten. So. your mails to the contrary, rest assured that many of us are going to wait." tractive blonde. Marie was given the job which affords her a new screen chance. As Baby Marie, the moppet was the darling of millions of fans toward the end of the silent film era. When she grew up she dropped out of pictures. Recently she got the urge to resume her Hollywood career and started at the bottom of the ladder as an extra. She met la Hutton on a recent picture and they became friends, with Betyt asking for her as a stand-in. Hot Time Wearing a heavy Santa Claus suit Robert Cummings lost 10 pounds in three mid-July days for scenes shot under a blistering sun for "The Bride Wore Boots ' in which he co-stars with Barbara Stanwvck. 1 lirivold At Twelfth ITIIUW 1 MMI4V MilMHV I fiHOIVS 1 1 f 1-a-5-T-4 MUSCAL 10SI ! ITURB1 DURANTE SRACIE IE ALLEN HORNE MRRY IsVlEC JAMES CUGAT MUSIC MAKERS QRCHtSTU ALSO Thronih The Cnlnritria Reekie ( arttMin . fM COMING THl'RS SEPT. 26 -BAKBARY COAST GENT with Wallace Beery. Binnie Barnes COMING SUNDAY. SEPT. 23 "PRACTICALLY YOIRS" Starring C'laudette Colbert, Fred MacMurray aiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimiiiiiiiiiiiim STARTING OPENING MONDAY NEW ALL STAR FLOOR SHOW WITH BILLY NASH EMCEE VAL VALLAIRE ORCHESTRA 2 SHOWS NIGHTLY Free Matinee Sunday Dancing 8:30 'til 2 a.m. 40E SINATRA. Trop. rhone 8170 START TODAY BIG HITS LAZING THE SCREEN! MWdIIC ftCTUBfS , 1 111 LiiiaMrm SUNSET CARSON TUESDAY ONLY 2 BIG THRILLING WESTERNS -PIRATES ON HORSEBACK- and "TOMBSTONE" amateurs wanted! SOGERS DANCERS MUSICIANS IMITATORS ACROBATS COMEDIANS shnnHtherikintl of act for our hlg amatJ" shows coming soon. to art ' 0U have talen?' this ma' become your opportunity - aijc, screen or raaio career. REGISTER NOW AT OUR BOX OFFICE 'iwiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiM 1 CLEAR THE DECKS! SHOUT AHOY! HERE COMES 1945 s MUSICAL JOY! TODAY j7J 1 i: f- a fl ZTUM jB m. . I THE THRILLING SAGA OF MEN WHO I i I I ARE WILLING TO FIGHT... WILLING H . . J ,t$3 I m nic RFr AlKF THEY HAVE I i I I I ' FOUND 5 1 PT- If ) STARRING f IV( .v Dennis MORGAN f I i y? W Dane CLARK r I I M MSJf 1 Raymond MASSEY 1 I AO Ian HALE h J I 11 g& Andrea KING i 1 rrK J John RimilJlLJ& S 1 I rfe JS Stanley RIDGES I 1 VfM$tT 4 1 Craig STEVENS rT 1 - Jamm. . ..t ,:I3M!M W WJ i I r a-rk SHADOWS" , . 'Jff 3L-V i 1 I I AND NEWS OF TODAY T ' . j IWMttOMIWeltNt I Next "AfiFairs of Susan" Also ? iimiiiiiiliiiiMiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiNiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimiH .MIIlllllllllllllllll!llllllll!llllllllllinillllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll s STARTSX if Shra Start TODAY Set Ca 7.tuie ami eutaitmf n i STARTING TODAY COMING THURSDAY JACK BENNY IN "HORN BLOWS AT MIDNIGHT" PLUS 'THE TRUE GLORY" 41 U V Q ii 1 V lam J . ' . s , 1 jlicaiinDD? LESLIE w nnuen (, f :' x I r v- Hi t ihm poor diumo wko twp, hI wa to did wtth W X j I 1 JV . ..mirni nn v -fx E 1 Added rami nri) OTCKD mHH Gen SHELDON Anthony QUINN l CoHot RAMIREZ Alan MOWBRAY Monday Night "CLAUDIA" Featuring Robert Young r AND 5 ADDED HITS - 5 "POPULAR SCIENCE" LATEST SPORTLIGHT f "OUT FISHING" i NOVELY and NEWS iniiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiuiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiuiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiuiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

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