The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 14, 1949 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 14, 1949
Page 5
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TTTECTAT, TUNE 14, 1949 BLVTHEVTLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE rm Arkansas Labor Record Is Good State Ranks High For Small Number Of Work Stoppages WASHINGTON, June 14. (iTi— In comparison wit!) oilier states. Arkansas had an excellent, record iast year in the number of labor dis- JMites and working days lost, ^ffiLse of them. A Labor Department report shows there, were only 12 strikes or work .stoppages In Arkansas during 19-18 These involved -4.100 workers > lost a total of 37.600 man-days. Only seven other states had fewc work stoppages; 16 had fewer work cr.s Involved and 14 fewer man days lost. Nationally the foal number strikes was 3.419. They directly in volved 1.960.000 worker* who lost a total of 34,100,000 man-days. The re]x>it included all known work-stoppages arising out of labor-management disputes involving six or more workers and lasting a full day or shift. Figures do not include any secondary effects of work stoppages. Arkansas ranked ahead of most of her neighbor states. Their rcc- orris for the year include: Missouri 65 stoppages. 15.600 workers involved and 371.000 man- days lost; Oklahoma 17. 3,300 and 70.001); Kansas 13. 10.400 and 410.OCO: Texas 68. 25.100 and 380,030: Louisiana 22. 12.700 and 152.000; Mississippi R. 1.400 and 54 300: Tennessee 10. 27200 ami 411.000; Kentucky 117. R2.1CO and 1.350.000. New York. Pennsylvania and other big incUi.stnal states top the list in all categories. Figures for these states include: New York 450 stoppages. 155.000 iSorkcrs involved who last 2,380000 T^an-days: Pennsylvania 449 stoppages, 309,000 workers and 4,170,003 man-days lost; Michigan 106. 2O>.- 000 and 2.450.COO: Ohio 256. 122,000 anrl 1.480.030; and Illinois 237, 154.000 and 3.540,000. Arkansas' strikes ;ind time lost during 1948 Amounted to only about half those in 1947. Nationally the drop was not nearly so great. In 1947, Arkansas had 25 work stoppages involving 8,600 workers who lost 231.000 man-days. Nationally the totals were 3.693 stoppages, 2.170,000 workers involved and 34,600,000 man-clays lost. IN FOR A "LONG RUN"—Actres» Daphne Anderson givei chase to her cartwheel hat, blown away by a gust of wind at th« Theatrical Garden Party in London. The affair was held for the benefit of British stage and film charities. Severe/ Grove/ Roads Scheduled to Be Paved LITTLE ROCK, June 14— tit*)— There'll be fewer stretches of gravel In Arkansas' main highways four years from now. says Highway Director J. C. Baker. Baker said the McMath highwaj |- program proposed to complete paving on Highway 24/29. 79 and 82 and possibly Highway 70. The director wouldn't estimate what number 01 the state's sonv 2,:iOO miles of gravel roads will be blacktop ped. Because of uncertainities of th federal matching formula and allo (cations and because of other factor, "it would be impossible to maki even a wild guess at this time," hi declared. Work Launched On Casting for Biblical Drama Rehenrsal schedules and partial castings (or "The Light Eternal,' Biblical drama to be presented here June 23 and 24 under the .sponsorship of the Alpha Alpha Chapter of Beta Sigma Phi, are expected to be completed tomorrow, Mrs. L Parker, director of the production and a representative.of the United Productions company, said today. The original plans called for the play to be shown at the American Legion Hut, but the site has been I moved Lo the Blytheville "Y" aud- ! -.torium. . | A meeting has been called for 8 o'clock tonight at the sorority's club room in the City Hall, to com- ete the plans for the Urania pre- ciuatioti. The sorority leaders announced c-sterday that 10 per cent of the irofit. would be given to the Blythe- iJle Park Commission's campaign or funds to equip the playgrounds iciiifj developed here. Mrs. Parker said that rehearsal .pace hart a!so been obtained at the Blythevtlte "Y" rooms, and that be- | ginning tomorrow that rehearsals i voulcl probably be underway from ! live to eight hours daily until pro- ! Inction date. Mass rehearsals are scheduled for Sunday afternoon -uid Wednesday before the first presentation on Thursday. Although daily rehearsals are long, Mrs. Parker pointed out that none of the characters would be asked to attend more than five •ehearsals. and that most of the roles called for only one rehearsul. Leading roles will call for rehearsals at home more than at the regularly scheduled rehearsals, she said. Read Courier News Want Acte Officers of Negro Ministeriol Unit To Be Installed The Rev. Russell Duffer, pastor of the New Liberty Baptist Church, has been Invited to be the guest speaker of the installation cere monies planned by the Negro Interdenominational Ministerial Al llance for Thursday night. The ceremonies will b« conducted at the True Light Baptist Church. The devotional service will beeii at 7:45 p.m. and will be directet by Rev. M. Freeman and Rev. B. L-. Hampton, the president, J. S Mc- FaiUien, will review the work of the group, and Rev. Li. D. Daveniwrt >ast president and now vice-prest lent, will turn the office over tc the new president. Several Negrc church choirs will take part In thi Installation program. Oilier negro pastors to take pan in the activities are Rev. J. K. Rob erson, Rev. J. T, Brown, Rev. T. J Greeti, Rev. J. W. Knowles, * Rev. R. T. Weeden. Catherine Bar and Willie Moore will present voca solos. ' The new officers are Rev. Me Fadden, president. Rev. Knowle secretary; Rev. J. H. Gathing treasurer, and Rev. D. C. Harber wi be master of ceremonies. NEW PRESIDENT—Margaret Clapp, 39, above, si tcceds Mildred McAfee Horton, wartime commander of the Waves, as president of Wellesley College in Massachusetts. Miss Clapp has been an assistant professor of history at Brooklyn College since 1947. She was awarded a Pulitzer Prize in 1948 lor her biography,' "Forgotten First Citizen: John Bigelow." * WE. THE WOMEN » ^ HHH ^^ MMM ^^ M a,^^^ Bn ^^_^BBi^^^^BB^M^^^__^^^^^H B) Ruth Mil lull NtA SUtt Writer Husband Becomes Victim When Wife Faces 'Mike' So far as 1 konw no husband ias yet sued his wife for divorce Hi grounds that she made a fool out of him on a radio audlence- >artlclpation show. But I can't 'igure out why not. Every day for a chance at a washing machine or a set of matched luggage or whatever prize an nsultingly glib master of ceremonies dangles before them, housewives on such programs "tell all" about their husbands. Between giggles they'll gladly answer such questions as '"What's your liuband's worst fault"—even II the answer Is "snoring." Or they'll tell how he proposed —and the more ridiculous they make the once-ardent husband look, the more approving giggles the story gets from the studio audience. Some wives will even go into sob story about how, If they get the prize money, they'll keep Pappa out of jail, or get him back on hib feet by paying the bills he can" meet. Nationwide Audience Listens They'll tattle things about the! iiibands the men probably wouldn't ell to their best friends. And they ire tattling such tidbits to what noio announcers like to refer to as .he "vast, unseen audience," They tell all with a nervous gig!le, apparently pleased as puncl :o get, a verbal pat on the head from the man who is making his living by getting them to talk. H seems to me that is the uuikest kind of disloyalty to a husband- making him look Idiotic to thousands of people all over the country. So, it's a wonder to me some of the husbands who have had their privacy so betrayed haven't rcl>elled to the point of asking for a divorce on the ground thut making a Tool of a man over the air Is mental cruelty. But maybe by the time a wife broadcasts her husband's foibles and shortcomings to the world she has already made private conversation of them so often the hiisbund takes It as matter of course. New England Htat Wave Is Fatal to 12 CHICAGO, June England today counted 11 dt»lta attributed Indirectly to th« h«*t In the last two days. No relief vtt la sight, Humidity added to the discomfort In the Eastern hot belt but ihowen brought temporary relief to th* middle west. Burlington, Vt., had » high yesterday of 94. Riiin fell In areas from knur Michigan and Wisconsin southw«t- ward to Missouri, In the Ohio V»l- ley. jinrts of the south and the grwt plains states. A wind and riin itorm described by the weather bu- •eau as a "locally heavy cloudbunt," tit Dallas, Tex., and surrounding communities. Several tovni were flooded. A 40-car freight train wu derailed and wrecked after rain washed out the tracks. Excavations have shown th«r« were nine successive cities on the sHe of Troy in Asia Minor. There are alwut 000 species of but. RELIEVE ITCHING With Antiseptic Ointmiit For helpful Anliitplie *nd •tdiciul *iJ lo externally caai«4 skU iiritatioat 11ut itch, such ai tettu, i*tt, impl« riafworw, diyneit or ecie»«, «t» Ciayi Oiutatat *« ditecled. Medicated to cling lonj»r 1*1 mote thoroughly rtHeving itching. Heads Education Board LITTLE ROCK, June U— Wt— Marvin Bird of Earle has been reelected chairman of the Arkansas Board ol Education. He was chosen at a meeting here yesterday, at which Means Wilkcr- son of Greenwood was named vice chairman. ^ ffedkal Test Proved This . Great to Relieve MONTHLY FEMALE PAINS An* you troubled by dWr**a of f«- m&!e functional monthly disturbances? Does this make you suffer from pain, Icel so iwruouj, we&k, high-strung—at such times? Then DO try Lydla S. Plnkham's Vegetable Compound to relieve sucb symptoms! In a recent medical teat thJ* proved remarkably helpful to women, troubled this way. Any drugstore. SPECIAL SALE of PAINTS TOM SAWYER PAINTS AT COST ROL1ISON LUMBER COMPANY TENTH STREET CAMP MOULTRIE DRIVE BLYTHEVILLE, ARKANSAS SALE 1m JUNE 1 T015 + Paints — All Colors INSIDE OR OUT: WOOD, CONCRETE OR METAL + Best Quality GUARANTEED TO BE AS GOOD AS THE BEST Manufactured at Blytheville by MARTIN TRENKLE, Inc. We VafoAe of A V. V \ 7.95 WOOL BROADLOOM CUT-TO-ORDER Save c/a//ars per room on lop-quality loomcraft broadloom for wall-to-wall carpeting or ^L88 room-size rugs! High, dense oll-v/ool pilel ^^iq. yd. Beautiful floral patterns! 9 & 12 It. wide. TAILORED CELANESE PANELS REG. 9«t Top values even ol our regular price! Sheer, smoolh -flawing cetaneso rayon marquisette Is cloialy woven . . . wears well! NealVy hem- mod, beaded. Eggshell. 33 in. x 81 in. Save nowl 84= SALEI MEN'S 1.59 FANCY TEE SHIRTS Price cul for Ihis sale! Fina shirli mads for ao- 138 lion, handsome enough for leisure wear, too. | Choose (rom 2 popular patterns—4 Summ»r colors. Small, med,, large sizes. COMPARE AT 6.95 WAFFLE IRON 4 44 (ong-lif. Special purchase — hurry! Heal dial telliwhen lo pour bailer. 6 aluminum grids. Chromed. AC-DC REG. 3.98 SPORT KING CASTING ROD 29c KITCHEN TOOLS YOUR CHOICE •»rf nut, itotinl 2IL Choice of masher, ladle, measuring spoon, fork, cafce turner, spatula, strainer, slotted spoon. SALEI REG. 4.98 SUPER HOUSE PAINT 466 got m S't *T Ths finesll Buy now, save extfal Hides bsst; is easy to apply; and lasts years! • Gal... .4.77 15c WALL PARR CLEANER Con Non-crumbling, quick and sofs! Also cleans Volsomlns, window shades, flat paint. 12 oz. cant. REG. 22.90 FOLDAWAY OUTFIT IS>88 19' Folds compactly, wirh bedding In plac«, for slorag*. Sturdy jteel fromc. Wilh maJ&esj. REG. 1.40 SHADI AND HOLDER 97< Savt 30% on Ihii combinatlonl Hand-blown gloti diadi fitt •nugly inwhile enameled holder. Ono-piece, steel rod with good casting aclitn. Aluminum offset handle, nel seal. COMPACT PERSONAL PORTABLE ir}88 tt latfarnt 19' Powerful handful ol radio! Just 6-/< x4'/j x3'/z in.OnlySVb Ibs! Clear ionad. lid rum on-offi 59c CANNON TURKISH TOWELS! fl>fl q 47= Big saving! on slurdy towels in colorful shadow plaids. 20x40". • Re s . I5c 12x12" Wash Cloth I2< SALEI REGULAR 3.91 MEN'S MOCS SALE) REG. 3.98 MEN'S GIFT SLIPPERS Givs slippers lor Fathor's Day and you can't go wrongl Romeoj, operas, everelts.;; w« havs oil his fovoiilo slyies on sole! Of supple brown kid with sturdy leather solos. 6 lo U. They're genuine moccasins; at thli new low price! Full grain leather In dark brown. & lo U; REGULAR 45c SPARK PLUGS Sor*, Wy a *»* 33 C ~. Rivsrsid* plugs—pay for Miem- i«lv»s in ga« savings! Mad* to last longer without adjustment! REG. 2.39 CAMP JUG REDUCED! For£v<Tim«r f Keep* liquids hot o» cold fo* hours! Eosy-to-clean one-piece linsr. »nomeled steel [aci^et. CUT PRICES ON TRAIL BLAZER TIRESI Made wfth cold rubber for more mileage! A95 First quolih/ workmanship and mate rials V for greater safety I Buy wilh confidence! f^ ^^ AH sizes reduced! pJ« M, Tan

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