The Times from Shreveport, Louisiana on September 24, 1932 · Page 2
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The Times from Shreveport, Louisiana · Page 2

Shreveport, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 24, 1932
Page 2
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TWO DRAW PLAN TO AID THE LAND OF ARKLATEX Rotary Club Report! on Proj-- ect to Advertise This Area's Features Plana to m&ka the Land of Arklatex the most prosperous in the nation end method! by which to achieve the accomplishment were outlined at the Rotary chio Friday by C. O. Rudderham. chairman ol the Arklatex advertising committee. The Arklatex, Mr. Rudderham explained, are Shreveport men, who, believing that the territory compos-lng the Shreveport trade area la the greatest In the world, propose to convince all othere living In the area ot the same thing through appeals to sectional pride and territorial cooperation. About 14,790 will be expended In the campaign, which wUl last 20 weeks. 8hreveport newspapers are co-op-( eratlng In the campaign. Program Lasts 20 weeks. "Shreveport has been known aa the trl-state area tor many years." Mr. Rudderham aald In opening his talk. "In beelnnlns and planning this -campaign we wanted to find a new name for this territory, one that will stand out and designate this trl-state area from many others throughout the United States. We wanted a name distinctly and Individualistic. So, we selected the name Arklatex three letters of Arkansas, two of Lou islana and three ot Texas. "In this campaign we are going to talk about Texas and Arkansas as well as Shreveport and Louisiana. We have decided to have no established boundaries for the land of the Ark latex, but Shreveport is the natural and logical center. "The prOKTams. to continue 20 weeks, will first be of a general and then of a specific nature. Education, agricultural, commercial and physi cal advantages will be advertised and stressed. The retailers will take only their just share In the advertising and all enterprises will play an equal part. There will be a series of news '. iwDer advertisements appealing to the co-operative spirit and sectional pride of citizens of the land of the Arklatex. Ads also will appear in au country newspapers. Put Booklets In Schools. "Booklets also will be used In ad Tertlsing the land of the Arklatex and 10,000 will be distributed to start with. They will tell of the oppor tunitles offered In this territory. Effort will be made to place one of theee booklets In the hands of every school teacher In the territory so that the campaign may be furthered through the children, "Lapel buttons also will be made and they will be distributed tnrougn out the area. All means of advertising will show that Shreveport la the logical educational and trading cen ter nf tha land of the Arklatex. A. uTMKkcra' bureau will further the cause and some of the best speakers In Shreveport will appear before rep resentative business and professional men In every town In the entire trade DRINK I'll LUZIANNE) COUPONS ) "if; s iDureauprooa.attiuuuiuna aejetssc. I fill Phoenix Silk Hose to Wear With New $1.35 Fall Outfits I Beautiful quality pure silk chiffon-featuring double run-stop, cradle foot and tip toe. The shades that are smart with blue, black and dark red costumes. CLEANSING CREAM SPECIAL MIXTURE EYE MUSCLE PASTE ORANGE FLOWER MAIN FLOOR SATURDAY MORNING "Ma" and Myrtle K Mrs. Minnie (Ma) Kennedy-Hudson, mother of Almee Bemple Mo Pherson Hutton, the evangelist, gets together at Hermosa Beach, Calif for a chat with Miss Myrtle St. Pierre, who was awarded 15,000 damages In her breach of promise suit against Dave Hutton, Almee's husband. "Ma" Is now trying to get a divorce from "What-a-ManH Hudson and Miss St. Pierre is attempting to collect her damages against Hutton at the same time. MAN CAPTURED IN STOLEN CAR HAS CRIMINAL RECORD Huston, Sept. 23 (Special). H. O. Mitchell, apprehended here Thursday night in company with another man and a woman with an alleged stolen car, la said to have been Identified by Illinois authorities as Ous Worth- lngton, an ex-convict, Sheriff A. J. Thlgpen said Friday night. George Yattaw, the other man In tho car said to have been stolen from the Smith Hughes car exchange In Danville, 111., has not yet been traced, the sheriff said. Papers asking requisition of the two men have been sent by Illinois, Sheriff Thlgpen said. territory surrounding the city. These talks will be made before luncheon clubs, chambers of ' commerce and other places where representative men gather. Program Is Flexible. 'The program to advertise and Inspire confidence In the land of the Arklatex Is not cut and dried but Is flexible and the committee la open to criticism and suggestions. - If, at the end of the first two weeks, the desired results are not being obtained, methoda and programs will be changed. We want help, co-operation and suggestions. We want success." P. It. Wltherspoon, a member of the committee In charge of the pro grams, followed Mr. Rudderham, env phaslzed necessity for the Arklatex plana and recounted rebuilding and achievements of other cities and sec tlons of the nation through cooperation and determination. He said Shreveport surely could not turn Its back to "this thing called depres slon" and do less than other sections have done. .saasaasHaaa Mm e r ' . m I iyseKEf PING REDEEMABLE WITH OCTAGON SOAP COUPONS These French Crepe SILK GpWNS and Dance Sets Will Arouse Your Interest Unusually Attractive at This Price Lovely garmenta that are daintily trimmed with net and lace. Excellent quality French Crepe that will wear and launder beautifully. In colors of flesh, blue and tea rose. THIRD FLOOR Undies Special Panties, Step-Ins, Combinations. In rayon and mesh glove silk mixture. Regular $1 value. ON SPECIALTY 6QCARX Dorothy Gray Preparations Create Beauty to Counteract the Telltale Plac es When Age First Shows Try these fine remedies for Erasing Lines and Wrinkles. Exchange Views SUIT TO TEST GASOLINE TAX (Continued Fnm Pas One.) municipality "has failed and refused" to pay the tax. Suit For Small Amount. The plaintiff declared that the city owes the state $385.05 of tax money, together with a 20 per cent penalty, a 10 per cent attorney'! fee and a 12.48 Inspection fee. D. A. Breard. commissioner of fi nance and publlo utilities, aald the procedure was a friendly suit. He said that about 90 days ago his de partment began buying gasoline in carload lota from Texas, thereby ef fecting a saving of about 80 per cent. City Changed Its Policy. The carload of gasoline named In the suit, he said, la the third the city has bought. On the first two the tax was paid, Mr. Breard as serted, but when the third tank was purchased. City Attorney H. H. Russell notified the attorney general's office he was of the opinion that no municipality could be forced to pay the tax on gasoline 'used for public purposes, and not bought for retail sale. BOTH CUT AND PARISH NOW PAY STATE TAX Shreveport paya the five cents state tax. Mayor George Hardy said when informed of the auit filed against the city of Monroe by the supervisor ot publlo accounts. The parish also pays the tax, police Jury officials said Friday night. Both city and parish officials are watching results of the suit with Interest. Italia Moderna Alter Games Here or on Road Italia Moderna baseball team, re oent winners of the city league cham plqnshlp, are seeking games for Bat' urdays and Sundays. Manager De Fatta says his team will continue Its campaign until lata is the fall. Chal lengee are Issued to amateur or semi- pro clubs. The British Herbarium, consisting of 20,000 pressed plants collected by Dr. J. T. Irwen Boswell. a noted botanist, has been presented to South Kensington Natural History Museum in England. $11 .98 50 MAIN FLOOR MUSCLE OIL SKIN TONIC HE SHREVEPORT TIMES MENTAL CLINIC FOR CHILDREN IN COURT HERE Youngsters Believed Defective Will Be Examined by Two Psychiatrists "We bppe to be able to send our cases to the psychiatrists Monday," Judge 8. O. Fullllove of the Oaddo parish Juvenile court said Friday night, when asked when plans would be put Into effect regarding the examinations to be given defective school children and charges of the Juvenile court. Decision to hold these examine tlons was made at a conference Friday afternoon attended by E. Weldon Jones, superintendent of parish schools; Judge Fullllove, Dr. Willis P. Butler, parish coroner; Dr. W. J. Ban-dldge, head of the pariah health unit, and two psychiatrists. Not AU win Be Tested. Psychometric teste will be given both In the schools of the city and pariah, It was said. They will not be given to every child, but only to those who seem defective In some manner. Judge Fullllove said that every child coming Into the Juvenile court would be sent to the doctors la an effort to find the peculiar mental twist which had caused the child to commit the deed which brought him Into court. "It 1 hoped," the Judge said, "that we oan use this means to do sway with further acts of this sort." Warm In Praise of Plan. Forma will be furnished the schools and the Juvenile court, asking for tacts pertaining to the past history of the patient and the problems presented. This form will be filled out through the direction of the court or the schools and sent along with the patient to the doctors. Both Superintendent Jones and Judge Fullllove were loud in their praise of the idea. Judge Fullllove said that he had talked with Judge Johnson ot the Denver, Colo, court sometime ago and that the latter said the service was invaluable. RIVER AND WEATHER OMIT ED STATES OEPAHTMOTT Off AOR1CULTDBB WEATHER BUREAU ti. r. MARVIN. Chief. Shreveport, La., Sept. tl, Hit. For flhrtveport and Vicinity: Partly cloudy Saturday, about Tt decrees lor blrheat temperature Saturday. For Louisiana: Generally fair Saturday. For Arkanaaa: Saturday, (air. For Eait Ttiai: Partly cloudy In north, unaettled In south portion, occasional rains In Rio Grande valley and near west coast Saturday, WEATHER CONDITIONS. Attended by further extensive eool weather, an area ot hiss pressure la contend over the Missouri valley, with pressures ranrlnc" up to It. IS inches at Omaha. Pressures rants downward elsewhere to It. II at Havana and Phoenix and to at Boston and Edmonton. Minimum tampsratures In the northwest ran sad dowa to It diartss. (reesine, at Havr. Mont., and minima of 10 decrees or below extended to Kansas City and Santa Fe. and chances to cooler Irregularly extended to much of Louisiana. Llcht frost occurred at 8t. Paul, with 41 decrees, and at Spokane with It decrees. Llcht to hsvay rainfalls occurred here and there In Texae and southwest Louisiana, besides scattered llcht showers ta Tennessee, Kentucky, Utah, New Mexico, and Kansas, also In a few other sections. At San Antonio there was an excessive rainfall of t:tl Inches. Thermometer Relative humidity Dry Wst Per Bulb Bulb Cent r tt 72 41 r II .It II es t ii LOCAL TIMB 11:11 p.m., yesteri 7:0 p.m., yeaten T:0o a.m.. today Observations takes today at I a. in., tlth meridian time. First figures, lowest temperature last nlcbti second, highest past 14 hours; third, rain and melted snow past 14 hours, with less Uaa ,01 of aa Inch not published hereon: Shreveport .......... Abilene . TT tl tl tt 10 14 74 71 II II II IS tl tl 14 71 It II 74 tl 14 71 II 74 7 It 14 14 12 tt 74 II 10 71 tl 10 It tl II 7t 74 It Tt tt II tt 71 71 . 71 It tt tl 71 tl at I Amanita , . ......... Atlanta . . , Birmingham ....... Boston . Buffalo . Chicago . . ......... Corpus Chrlstl . ...... Dallas . Denver , . ........... Detroit . . Dodce City Duluth El Paso . ........i Fort Smith , ....... Qalveaton a ......... Havrs . . ........... Huron . . ........... .04 ---' ,.... Kansas City tt Little Rock . 64 71 .11 Los Angeles . ......... tt Louisville . a tt Memphis . . 44 Meridian . . 44 Miami . . T4 Modena 44 Montgomery a .....44 Nashville tt New Orleans ......... 71 New Tork II .01 .11 .14 .tl Oklahoma City . a It Omaha . . ........... 41 Palestine . a .......... tl Pensacola . . .......... II Phoenix . , , 71 Pittsburgh tt Raleigh . . tt St. Louis It St. Paul 41 Salt Lake City , It Santa Fe 4t 8aa Antonio tt Sao Francisco . ........ 14 Seattle , It Sheridan 41 Spokane , , .......... It Vlckaburg , ........... (4 Washington a ......... tt Wllllston , . 44 Wlnnemucca . ......... 41 Edmonton. Can. 44 Havana. Cuba 74 .01 .24 I. II a a a a t a .01 a III a e e et. m. RIVER HLI.I.K.TIN. RIVER AND Flood STATION Stag . feet. JU River- Stage Ch'a Precis- Now ItHra, II a tie Fset rest in. Denlson. Tex. Arthur City Tax. Index. Ark. Fulton. Ark. tipringbank Ark. Shreveport. La. Alexandria, La. Little River. Wblterllffa Ark. II I.I tl 4 1 i'.'i i'.'t V.'i i.e t.i ... . . . .44 a i tl e.t anlphur Rlftl Rlngo Crossing It ' Nsplee, Tex. 14 Cypress Rlvstw Jefferson. Tex. II Arkansas Rle Fort Smith Ark. 11 Little Rock Ark. II tfeerblta River Monroe. I. 41 Ohio River Pittsburgh, Pa. It lmilsvllle. Ky. II Cairo, III. 41 Mississippi River St. Loo is. Me. It Memphis, Tenn. If Vlrkeburg. Miss. 41 Baton Reus La. II New Orleans La. IT Denotes rite. rnae fell. 4.1 t.i it e.i t.t .it ii e.t .i t.i at 14. 1. 1 It. I 4-S.t S.4 4.1 II -II II t.i 4.1 1.4 II 4.1 t.e t.t II 4 1 .I e RIVER iltRKCASt. Red River: Not murk rhanre al Fulton and Shreveport during nail two ears. Sulphur Riven Not mock eheace al rioter during next two flare. Ancient Greeks and Romans for the most part walked abroad with heads Boy Freed V J John Arthur Bussell, 8, son of a New Tork broker, wss kidnapped by two men but was restored to his parents unharmed after being held 11 hoars. Police believe the plot was the work of amateurs. (Associated Press Photo.) TAX ON SALES IS NECESSARY (Ceatinaed Fraea Page Oae.) tlon, good roads and other Improve ments. That program, however, is only s temporary expedient. 'I believe that thoes taxes which have been Imposed otter a hardship on the people, and tha only way to relieve them ot that burden is to substitute a sales tax for the present ad valorem taxes. In my own case, I pay not a dime of taxation to tha state ot Louisiana except for my au tomobile and my poll tax. Why shouldn't I pay taxes on other things to help maintain the state? The same Is true ot thousands ot other cltl-sens, who do not take part In the expenses of government. A sales tax la the most equitable form of taxa tion that could be devised. Tha administration has authorised the ap pointment ot a tax reform commis sion that la to atudy the question ot redlstrictlng of taxes. That commission, after It has mads its survey, may have soma other solution to offer, but my own opinion Is that a sales tax will be the only measure that will fully meet the requirements of the situation In this state." Following his address Mr. Weiss said that it waa unnecessary to amplify hla views, declaring that he had expressed them fully, but emphasised statement that the "views were his own, and should not be taken as reflecting any proposal ot the administration.". ,, GARBER'S FAMOUS ORCHESTRA WILL PLAY FOR DANCE Jan Oarber, well known musician, brings his orchestra to the Washing-ton-Youree hotel this week-end. , Jan Oarber needs no Introduction to Shreveport, personally or profee-slonally, and his friends here will welcome this opportunity to see Mr. Oarber again, as well as hear the musio of this famous band. They are on their way to New Orleans to open the fall season at the Club Forrest and are making the one-night stop in Shreveport to play for tha first football dance of the year following the Centenary-Henderson Teachers game todr Oarber t band has always been In great demand for social functions at the country's leading universities and colleges, Jan, himself, having attended the University of North Caro lina, and It was during his college days that he first conceived the Ides ot organising his own orchestra. Among engagements played by the Oarber orchestra are proms and balls at Washington and Lee, Virginia, Cornell, Colgate, Princeton, Dartmouth, Williams, Tale, Alabama, Georgia and the Virginia Military Institute. During the last few years Jan Oar-ber'a orchestra has been featured In many hotels and clubs. Parish Grand Jury Meets Here Monday With several Important cases to come up for investigation, the Caddo parish grand Jury will meet In the courthouse Monday morning. More than 100 witnesses have been eent summons to appear before the Jury to testify In various cases. One of the beet-known cases Is that of Orady Jarratt, charged with man slaughter, in connection with the fatal ahootlng on September It ot W. X. (Buck) Coleman. New Fall FOOTWEAR Suedes, Patent, Kid and Combinations In Piimrai l r Oxfords, Streps and Nov fA eltles. it Other Footwesr Is ; $1.49 and $2.95 Ii aiM w ' sr wuup J ISO McNeil FINISH PLANS OF UNDERPASS ' (Contlaerf from Pes Oae.) were) J. O. Belgler, Jr., J. M, Xmmons, C. H. McKsnnon, Tom Hickman, A. J. Dupuy and J. P. Fullllove. , J, X. Hanna waa named chairman ot the traftio committee to study regulation ot traftio and speed on Barksdale boulevard and to make definite proposals which will be submitted to the Bossier Cttjp council 0 M WW m ..axasv Sawssa. sewech. .dsvansn. ww m ' Al m m M I si I II I . I i J SATURDAY - SUNDAY IPH(SH AH FLY-TOX 1 pts, . ...... ..29c FLY-TOX pts, ...... ... 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P. 3f. root Bemedy Ouv OvaJtine 77 C S5e Kruschen Sf SalU 0"C 75c Eno Cfle SalU .....O7C 30e Porter's 5 Healing Oil uC Van Ess 49C Castorls 29C 25o Colgate's a r Tooth Paste yC St Jertens A. Lotion OVC SOe Bromo Quinine 115 Tsbleu .. VuC Skin Life Ointment OUC FRESH SHIPMENT MARLIN MINERAL CRYSTALS SEPTEMBER 24, 1932 after receiving approval ot the elub. F. I. Wilkinson, W. B, tse J. M. Emmons and A. R. Tesgue were named membera of the committee to tern with, Mr. Hanna. It was decided that the Lions olub would participate In tha program sponsored by the Bossier City Parent. Teacher association on October 7. Proceeds will be used to buy books for the Bossier City high school library. Mamhsrs of tha membershlD com mittee reported that many new mem-bora have been added to the roeter in tha laat two months. They In clude Homer T. Cos, former presldsnt You Wouldn't Clean Your Teeth With a Scrub Brush! "sKcTOI Of course not! The JL thoucht la revoltinc. 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Texas at Market Phone 6154 Fits Pharmacy Marshall and Btoner Phone 3193 Centenary Plvarrnacy Centenary Blvd. and Kings Highway Phone 8-2390 Creswell St. Pharmacy Creswell and Olive Phone S-ZM7 P & B Dnif Co. Centenary Blvd. A Wilkinson Phone l-S89t . Whhley-LewU Drug Co. Missouri at Greenwood Road Phone S174 Medical Arts Drag Co. Medical Arts Building . ,J ;;, . .. Phone 42M . Glenwood Dntf Co. 3307 Une Ave. Phone 3-1047 Barksdale Dntf, Inc. 307 Barksdale Boulevard Bossier City Phone 781S M. tfc D. DRUGS, INC Slattery. Bldg. . . Phone 2-5226 Ac.ty Cre&a Clzz? It roe feel etd and raswimra Oettfof Co Nltote, Baekaeae. Lee Palaa, Itlfrsese, NerToosness. Circles Wider Erei Bladder V Heart arti as. Bu Addtty. we want ttju to emit enSertne lickt sow. Come la sad set was think Is the area teas DMdldae we wsm we havw erer rorma. it onen ftvee mc imprwe sntta In M hottrs. Jnst ask for Crstax (Stas-tex). 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