The News-Palladium from Benton Harbor, Michigan on November 8, 1947 · Page 8
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The News-Palladium from Benton Harbor, Michigan · Page 8

Benton Harbor, Michigan
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 8, 1947
Page 8
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·»···' .FACE EIGHT THE NEWS-PALLADIUM, BENTON HARBOR, MICH. ^SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 8, W7 WHFB-The Home Station 1060 On Your Dial WHFB-FM 9S.9 MEGACYCLES S U N D A Y N O V . 9 AM--WHFB-FM 1'ROfiRAM ;30--Union Gospel Sinters ;45--Christian JJrotherhood Hour :15--"Good News" ;3(1--Nazarene Lifeline ;00--lieutuu Harbor Tabernacle ;30--Friendly Five :45--Silverlone Sinpers :00--Uclhcl Tabernacle :15--Mk'h. Jubilee Singers :30--Melhndisl 1'eare Temple :00-- l i n n i a n u e l L u t h e r a n Church :30--Community Chapel :45-- Let's Polka : 00--I1 Happened This Week :I5--News H o u n d u p :30--Tops in Tunes :45--Opportunity Time :00--Sunday Rendezvous :30--Theater of Tomorrow :00--.'Musically Yours : 15--Pioneer R h y t h m Boys :30-- Musical Bouquet :00--Album of Musical Memories :30--Cconcert Hour 0 0 -- D r i f t i n g on a Cloud :lo-- Music w i t h a Message :30--Sunday A f t e r n o o n Melodies ;4fi--Tommy T u c k e r ;CO--Sunset Time :30--SiKn Off WHFB-F.M PROGRAM i:30--Vocal Varieties , of Broadway 1:00--Dinner .Music i:30--Variety Time ':00-- News and Sports ':15--It's a Musical Mystery ':45--Music in the Air 00--Salon Serenade :15--Latin Americana :3(1--CTub Rendezvous :43--I.lue Barron Presents 00--Time to Dance :55--News Summary ;00--Sign Off MONDAY, NOV. 10 WHFB AND WHFB-FM 7:30--"Yawnin in the Mawnin'" 8:00--News 8:13--Council of Churches 8:30--Rainbow Serenade | 8:»5--Hospitality Time i 9:00--News »:(I5--Air Lane Trio !l:15--Holiday Marmonies i 9:30--Melody Parade 9:43--Circat Day 10:00-- News 10:05--Fashion in Manners ' 10:15--Claudia i 10:30---Ladies Choice 11:00--News 11:05--Listen Ladies 11:10--Today in History . 11: IS--Melodies from the Sky 111:30--Lullaby Parade ; 11:15--Mich. Farm Hour 12:15--News World and Loca; 12:30--Sports Review 12:45--Man on t h e Street 1:00--News 1:05--The Record Room 1:15--Visiting M i l k m a i d 1:30--U Name It 1:35--Cavalcade of Swing 2:00--Humor in t h e news 2:05--Accent on Style 2 : 15--c. S. N a v y Show*. 2:30--\Visc Spenders 3:00--Three O'clock Headlines 3:05--Buenos Amigos 3:15--Meet t h e Hand 3:30--Coffee Time 4:00--Four O'clock Headlines 4:05--Twill City Capers 4:55--News 5:00--Sunset Time 5:30-- Sign Off E V E N I N G FBI SCHEDULE 5:;tO_-Drifting on a Cloud 5:45--Frankie Masters 6:00--Dinner Music Ii::i0--Variety Time 7:0(1--News, Sports 1:15--ll's a Musical Mystery 7:15--Music on t h e Air 8:00--Salon Serenade 8:15--Latin Americana S;30--Club Rendezvous j 8:45--Blue Barron Presents 9:00--Gardner's vs. Globe Trotters ! basketball 10:30--Time to dance 110:55--News Summary i 11:00--Sign Off At The Theaters Koy gives "Trigner'' a workout "On tale of the old, old LAKE The picturesque setting of a west-, .cm-style circus provides a novel i background for Roy Rogers' newest! ; Republic action drama. "On The! I Old Spanish Trail." photographed j i i n Tnicolor, which the Lake theater j v ill present for a three-day run i s i a r t m g Sunday. \ Roy plays the part of a young rancher v:ho comes to the aid of | the Sons of the Pioneers, who are the owners of a money broke circus · k n o w n as the "Great Southwestern i Tent Shows.'' I » » . : Zanc Grey's "Western Union." 1 "celebrated as the mightiest drama' t of the frontier West the screen has I ever known, makes a return en- i i Basement, at the Lake theater s t a r t - . Jin!.- Sunday to thrill local audiences w i t h I t s s t i r r i n g adventure, pulse; · pounding excitement and colorful ; c'rama. Filmed by Twentieth Ccn- · tury Fox, the p i c t u r e leu- j the Old Spanish Trail"--Republic's West--in T'rucolor tures an outstanding cast headed by Robert Young and Randolph 1 Scott, and includes Dean Jaggcr, Virginia Giunorc, Jorn Carradine and Slim summcrvllle. LIBERTY A starring combine that should arouse a great deal of interest among film fans is that in Paramount's new action thriller, "Wild Harvest." The film, due Sunday at the Liberty theater, boasts starring roles filled by Alan Ladd, Dorothy Lamour, Robert Preston and Lloyd Nolan, suported by Dick Erdman snd Allen Jenkins, "Wild Harvest" is. in Ladd's own words: "The toughest, and the roughest picture I ever made." which ought to satisfy his countless followers. For the first time he is teamed with the sultry, stunning Dorothy Lamour, who has a s t r a i g h t dramatic role in the film t h a t is set in the great, wheat bell of America. . MICKEY MOUSE I'svchiatric Case! By WALT DISNEY PESCBIBEj WB!-L...WB(-IAS HIM....! 4 A HEAP LIKE A " PEAC ...WITM WAie LIKE FEATHERS COAMNS OUT OP THE TOP! . ,- ANP WlS FHET...LO(Xer7 -r*y MOSE LIKE A \V\. p AlS OF SOCKS " THAN FEET.. ANP HIS . HAMPS... NOW THEN,MS. I BUT I TELL. VOLP MOUSE..TELL U5V I HAVEN'T YOU FIESTf GONE NUTS...! SEEING TMiS ..THIS FEIENP OF YOURS! FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Has He Got Money? By MERRILL BLOSSEK OM. GOODY/ ABE YOU TWO WOLVES SMAeL-J IH0 OVER ME On The Air Wares Tonight (All Programs Benton Harbor Time) \Sigler Now \Seen Driving Legislature BV JACK I. GREEN LANSING, Nov. S-(API-Those who accused Governor SiRlcr last winter of lack of legislative leadership can now retire. Without discussing the merits of the governor's latest proposals to this week's special legislative session, there can be no doubt but thai the Chief Executive has the reins in one firm hand and a. bull whip in the other. Gone is all talk of not interfer- Ali"sta" Western Theater, i WBBM; Counterspy. WENR; quick; ing in the legislative process and ' 6 P. M. WGN--Robert Hurleigh, news. WENH--Waltz Dreams. WMAQ--News reports. WBBM--Melody Manor 6:15 P. M. WGN--Baker's Spotlight. WENR--Betty Russell Sings WMAQ--Music of Yesterday. G:30 P. M. WON--Canary Pt show. WBBM--All-Star Westen WENR--Harry Wismer. sport*. WMAQ--NBC Symphony. 6:45 P. M. WGN--Preston Sellers. · WENR--Jack Bcall. WMAQ--John Hfiltman, news. r P. si. WGN--Arthur S. Hennlng. WBBM--Football finals. WMAQ--Our Foreign Policy. WENR--Sunset Roundup. 7:15 P. M. WGN--Telephone Quiz. WENR--Tops in Sports. WBBM--News report;. 7:30 P. M. WGN--Spencer Albn. news, WMAQ--Curtain Time, WBBM--Romance. WENR--Challenge of the Yukon. 7:45 P. M. WGN--U. S. D. A. farm report. WLS--Air Edition. WCFL--Sport page. 8 P. M. WGN--Twenty Questions. WMAQ--Life of Riley . WBBM--First Nighter. \VCFL--Ross Dolan, detective. 8:30 I 1 . M. WGN--Hospitality club. WMAQ--Truth or Consequences. WBBM--Leave It To Bill WCFL--Famous Jury Trials !) P. M. WGN--Stop' Me If You've Heard Tills. WMAQ--Your Hit Parade WBBM--Joan Davis. WCFL--Gang Blisters. WLS--Barn Dance Party S:,10 P. 31. WGN--Family Theater. WMAQ--Juciy Cannva show. WCFL--Murder and Mr. Malone WBBM--Vaughan Monroe's orch. 10 r. M. WGN--Chicago Theater of Air WMAQ--Koil. of Musical Knowledge WBBM--Saturriav Nicht- Serenade WCFL-- Music,-,! Etchings 10:30 P. M. WMAQ--Grand Ole Oprv. WCFL--Hayloft Hoeriown WLS--Doc Hopkins WBBM--Ab-? Burrows. Actress Ruth Terry Marries Canadian, Drops Film Career !Orchestra. WMAQ: The Hour of |Charm, WBBM: World Security Workshop, WCFL; True Detective Mysteries. WGN; Patti Page Presents, WENR. 5:00--The Ford Theater. WMAQ; The Family Hour. WBBM; Adventures of Bill Lance. WENR; The Shadow. WGN. 5:30--Hoagy Carmichael Sings. JAs a Flash. WON. : of" letting the "Legislature's better I 15:00--The Catholic Hour. WMAQ: n a t u r e hold sway. That was the Ozzie and Harriet. WBBM: Drew 1 spirit of Slgter's first .session with Pearson, WENR; Those Webslcrs,' the lawmakers last spring and the WON. i.spirit which was blamed for the G:30--Hollywood Star Preview. 1 legislature's lack of achievement. WMAQ; Greatest Story Ever Told.i The change in Siglcr's approach WENR: Nick Carter, detective/is even more noticeable when one WON- Ginny Simms. Percy Faith, considcr.s the nature of the pro- iWBBM. posals he made a t this session. He ! TOO--Jack Benny Show. WMAQ: had an angry legislature to deal JThe Gene A u t r y " Show, WBBM; with, the lawmakers were reluctant i Child's World. WENR; Sherlock , to return and meet a pay raise sit- S Holmes WGN I uation they felt could be handled! 7-30^The Bandwagon WMAQ: Just as we'll in January. And they! Blondie-Dagwood. WBBM: Explor- j were mad clean through, almost to I iiiK the Unknown WENR: The a man. that the state Civil Service j Gabriel H e a t t e r Show WGN. j commission should have, as they; 8-00-Chai-lie McCarthy Show.'said, "jumped the gun" and g r a n t - . WMAQ: Adventures of Sam Spade,; fd a pay raise when the other state , WBBM: Sunday Evening Hour.officials understood the i raise would i WLS: Alexander's Mediation Board.:^delayed until the January ses- · WGN. sion. 8:30 -- The Fred Allen Show. WMAQ; The Man Called "X," WBBM: Jimmy Firiler. WGN. 9:00 -- The Merry-Go-Round, WMAQ: Meet Corliss Archer. WBBM: Walter Winchell, WENR; Meet Me at Parky's. WGN. 9:30--Album of Familiar Music, WMAQ; The Tony Martin Show. WBBM: Jim Backus Show, WGN; Theater Guild on the Air. WENR. 10:00 -- Take It or Leave It. WMAQ: Christopher Wells, drama. WBBM: Stars of Tomorrow. WGN. 10:30--The Big Break, WMAQ; Strike It Rich. WBBM; Crime Files of Flamond. WGN; Jimmic! Ficller, WENR. SIGLER HIMSELF was made at, civil sen-ice, rightly or wrongly feeling it had placed him in an embarrassing position and had rejected his attempts for the peaceful solution of the tradition feud He probably was angry also t h a t ; Civil Service restrictions got in his , way in his attempt to revamp the ' state prison system. ; So with considerable more stubbornness than t a c t , the governor; slamm-cd down his demand for ex- j ; ecutive office control over the Highlights Monday I Corrections department on an al- i rea.dy restive House and Senate. | ; There Is no doubt but that the Legislature resented his action. Even those .senators who have been most- anxious to curry-comb the Corrections department insisted 6:00 ,j. m. -- Don Elder, news, the governor was wrong to try it on WMAQ: News. WBBM; Dick Tracy, such short notice. WENR: Cinnamon Bear. WGN. ! fi:oO -- John H a r r i n g t o n , news. WBBM: Sky King. WENR: Capt a i n Midnight. WON 1 . i 7:00--.Innniy Blade and his Music. WMAQ: Everett Holies, news a n a l y s t . WBBM; Dr. Preston Brad- Icy. WGN. ' 7:30 -- Skip Farrell. baritone. RUTH TERRY R u t h McMahon, former Benton Harbor girl who several years ago entered the motion picture and theatrical profession under (lie stage name of Ruth Terry, was married Oct. 25 to John P. Gilmour, of Quebec province, according to announcements received here this week. It IF Miss Terry's second marriage. She has given up her career as an actress and she and her husband and her four-year-old son by a previous marriage will make their home at. St. Genevieve d2 Pierre Fond.?. Quebec. Mrs. Gilmour is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. M. E. McMahon of Beverly Hills,' Calif., formerly of Benton Harbor. She is a niece of Berdene Conklin Fritz of Hartford and attended school there before the family moved to Benton Harbor. Highlights Sunday WMAQ; Club F i f t e e n , WBBM; The Lone Ranger, WLS: Henry J. Taylor, comment, WGN. i R 00 -- Cavalcade of America. 3:00 p m - Eddy Howard ami Or- W M A Q . I n n e r .Sanctum. W B B M : c h e f t r a . W M A Q : New York P h i l - You Be! Your Life. WLS: Scotland h a r n m n i e . WBBM: The Storv of Vprri. Wf.X. ' Lassie. W E N R ; T h e a t e r of Sonsr. 8:30--Howard Barlow and Or- WGN r - h e ' t r a . W M A Q : Talen: Scouts. 3:30- One M;n's F a m i l v . W M A Q : WBBM: The Opie C a t r s Show. This Week Around the World. WLS: C h a r l i e CVu'ii. WGN. WENR: Di,-,"-'..'p QUI7. WON VOO- Telephone Hour, Yv'MAQ; Thcivcr. WBBM: On -Stage. :i. W E N H : Gabriel H e a t t e r . news. WGN. 9:30 -Doctor I. Q. Quw. WMAQ; M u r d e r anil M r . Malone. W E N R ; Voice.- of R t r i n z f . W G N . llt::0--Con!cntcfl Hour, WMAQ: Mv Friend Irma. WBBM: Ganc 4:00--Th" Quiz Kids. W M A Q ; R a d i o S a m m v K;nT.\ S u n d n v Serenade A m e r i c WENR: House of Mvstery. WGN. 4 : 3 0 -- M i s c a n a , Wlutey Ber|in:,t WATCH REPAIRING Expert - (tin r a n t PCI) - Quick Service GARB'S v U a t r r St. -- · I.CIKIS ·«flnl T»rt. Dtt.-trrs, \ V K \ R : FislnnK ancl H u n l :ni: Cluh. W O N . 10..'{0 -· Fred Waring Rill t h i s time the temper of the Sigler administration is different. There was no eagrr at- t e n t i o n to w h a t the Legislature w a n t e d : t h e r e was concentra- t ( n u on ivhat the governor wanted. In a f i g h t i n g speech to the Legislature, even as opponents f bis prison bill ivere racing to muster strength, Sigler talked a b o u t the necessity of a strotiR Chief r.xeeiitive--and 1/egisla- tlire. , Those close to the governor t h i n k t h i s is just the start. They believe Sigler is s e t t i n g j n u t on a course of a c t i o n on the t h e o r y t h a t was w h a t the peo- pie elected him for. One poli'tcfll ob.srrver said he noted rii-ring lh 1946 elections a dlspo.-iiinli nmons the "common peoplr" to vote for Sigler on the tlvnry i hat "right or wrong, ho will make those guys in Lansing -s\v?at inid they need a good Miak- i mg up." I f t h a t f e e l i n g lias reached t h e M A R G A R E T T R U M A N SINGS AMARILLO. Tex.. Nov. 8 - t A P ) Miss Margaret Truman, daughter ol the President, appeared before 1.500 Texnns nt an Amarillo concert last night. The audience liked hei singing and t h e girl herself. Tht critics were friendly. CAN YOU TIE THAT: ] WHAT DO You IT'S JUSr LIKE A ·/ SUPPOSE THEY WOMAN / _^\ SEE IN HIM? BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Checking Out By EDGAR MARTIN OWAY,WO iVOO AKO CfttCi COVAt. XM SORS.V « TOO* SO LO»i6 tO Wv_ VOo GOVS OUT I ALLEY OOP So Now What? By V. T. HAMLIN WH SO THAT* HOW IT 15. 15 IT? W«LL, IF you WANT TO SWALLOW DRIVEL, OKA.X BUT I'VE HAD BNOU5H.' I'VE DONE MV BEST TO Ppy YOU OUT OF A MESS, BUT IT'S HOPELESS.' I WASH f MY HANPS OF YOU, VOU, STUPIP LOUT.' WASH TUBES It'll Slow Him Up By LESLIE TURNER li IF I GET THE TWINS HOMiE HOW DID sou (THIS TIMEI I WOWT LEWJE AIM TILL ID RMHER FOR6ET ALL. THM HAPPENED, BUT CONOUCTOE. WORKED M I'M CONCERNED THERE'S OWE LITTLE ITEtATtA ftFRNP WE CWJ'T LIKE TEfmNS TO SET WEMt W.T CUSPIDOR TILL 15NOEE'. TOWM.S WENT IWTO THE LOUNGE fcNP IT OFF! I HOPED MHTHfWES SUGGESTION RED RYDER And No Foolin'! By FRED BARMAN IOOK At THAT,' JUST 'CAUSE 1\'E STRUCK IT RICH,TM SCALAWAGS ARE ' OVER rw DAUGHTER.' FORTilKSE HUMTER6/ tHET AWT WA1CH TriAT ILD HOS5 O'YOURWiBILL OUR BOARDING HOUSE ,, WELL, ·? FRlEMD, VOUR GAY, GRASSHOPPER '· EV,IST£MCe IS ASOOT TO ENJD/--- ,\ THM C(5/XZY BED OF YOURS \\JAS i THE LAST ACT Iri THE CO,v\£DV f '4 -- VOO'RB GOIriS TO TAK / -I TrA/XT HOLIDAY 3OB IM T(4 " FOSTOFF|C£ With MAJOR HOOPLE OUT OUR WAY By J. R. WILLIAMS Show. covernni-'s ears, and it very pavihly has. Sigler may shake t h e c u p i t o i w i t h a series of h a r d - h i t t i n s W M A Q ; Screen Guild Players, mn vc.; W B B M . A m e n c n n Cancer Koe;en. " . . . W n N R : Boston Blackie, WON may r a n k KEEP TUNED TO "Album of Musical Memories" Sunday Afternoon-3:QO - 3:30 Presented for your lislenintr pleasure by WILLIAM M. ALLEN 1S7 Michifian St. IKSVKANCK Dcnlon Ilnrhor I l l s I'DI.ICV of "aetioi-" 'veil prove popular w i t h the i'.nd t i l e VOUTS. The lia/aiTlf in n;ch ,i eoitrse i.s · h a t a roinbiniiimn of ill-,Khi.«ed "actions 1 - may a\vak"ii p o w r f t i l lv those \vlio nre afleeterl policy of movement. SifiiiT \Vili li.ivc in tinri a care- f u l f o o t p a t h betwe.'ii a c t i o n f o r "i'ti,in\ ,-ak · and a c t i o n lii'nefi;- IIH', t ] n . - l a n - . He ttill only naltirnlly rep; ( ^enl "ach move a.s in the intend of ;h. people, iiu! that, is n f|tiesiion the jx-oplc will decide for themselves. In iinv event, the governor ha,, served nonce nn I lie l.epjflalni-e Hint h" I,, tniiic to liqhl next time 1 for wll.'lt hi, n-fml.c ) I M , ^ / . ALLERSIC TO THE ^%% GLUE'OM Ti4t BACkl/^ OF GTAKVP5 I --- ^---^ WOULD VOD AFFI^ tMe SEAL TO A/W LOOK--MOTHER'S HI5 BAMKER AND HE5 ALWAYS OVERDRAWN/ THATS WHY HE PREFERS HER TO A REGULAR AMK,' SHE'S STILL TALKIMG TO HIM AND'HE'S'A MILE AWAY BY MOW.' THAT S MOT FAR- HE'S ALWAYS ABOUT TEN MILES AWAY WHEW EITHER ONE . ,,,.,,,,.. OF US T-\LKS TO \/-^%. HIM - IM TK SAME ROONA; CLOSEP DOOR, C1.OSEP MINP ,,,, ,

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