The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 2, 1947 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 2, 1947
Page 10
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PAGE TEN BLYTI1EVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS MONDAY, JUNK.2, 1047 2 More Sought As Kidnapers In Tennessee Mayor Sets Good Example TRACY CITY, Term., Juno 2. (UP)—Sheriff D. f. arooms mid FBI agents continued questioning today two New Jersey nun nirested in connection with tha kidnaping of the cashier and the attempted , robbery of the First National Bank! be re early Wednesday morning, j Grooms said he was convinced! thst "two other men"'V.'evo !n- .volved in the crime "In addition to" Alford Whit-worth, 39, ana Gerald Duggan.'lg, both of Union City. N. J,, who were arrested yesterday morning in Chatlanooji. Their arrest : followed Information received by the sheriff alter the bank posted a $500 reward. Grooms said. One bandit kidnaped Cashier A. L. Henderson from his lioins and attempted to force him to open the bank vault to obtain a $10,000 payroll stored there. Henderson hns identified Whltworth us the man. ; A time lock balked Ilia move, how- eVer, and the bandit, followed by one or jnore confederates in another ^ car, forced Henderson to drive sev- - eral, miles out'of town, where the - cashier was left bound in his car. Harbor Project Hearing Scheduled tor June 26 IJTTLE ROCK, Ark., June 2, (UP) T- The U. S. Engineers 'have scheduled a hearing June 20 in West Memphis, Ark., on proposed harbor construction work on tlic Mississippi river at West Memphis. Col. .E. P. Lock, Jr., district engi- ner-.of the corps, made the announcement here yesterday. Answcrins President Auriol's urgent :ippc;il nsUinil French farmers tp deliver all surplus wheat without delay, the mayor of Yc-rmenonvillu sels a Kootl cxumplc lo his townspeople as Ins wheat is loaded on a "wheat collection" cart. Rural police, like Hie one at left, bent drums lo call fanners' attention lo current drain drive lo thwurl a serious bread sliorl:ii;c during Ihe nest two months. Photo by N!''A corresp undent Kcne Henry. Blast Damages Big Plant NAUGATUCK, Conn., .June 2. '(UP) — An unexplained explosion blew the roof off one of the .build- ings at Hie NmiRaliick Chemical Co., n division if the U. a, rubber co., Saturday .eiuising damage. estimated between $200,COO and $300,OCl>. -. By MATEEL HOWE FARNHAM TIIF, STOrtYi I wnK off Ill ><v>rdlnc Kcliii«>! whc.v Ik.- Tnl: liver* firnt cnme ' tt» Ofm-n". p Vltkrr wrole (hut In si «hnrl time Mr». Tnlllvtrr I,,T tliri-o 'dBVRhter* hud ulrtviO.v provlilrd plcmtr of f«ud for KOKftlp. Tln-y .had rrn<td the J>ilt t'nr.slriL* < hovue next In our*, ul Ikoni: IL «Tcrj'«n«r knrir . tliL'lr Mninhfr.s wrre Ilmlfrd. The livti ytimijri'Kt Blrl*— Morn mill Annnlir-lli— 'were benultru nnd opriily »"ik- ••liic it piny for ihu Iwo ^vell-iu- d« and niIddle-iiK<'d l>iiclirlnrsl • ffaM and ]Vi'l»on FitrbuM. \Vln-ii ' 1 eaaie home front Vlicullim, tlio T«illTern cnve me 11 "-•iiiriirlxii party." I entvrlnliivd for them In .rctrnra. Two Ivei-kH Inter, l-'lnru cl**«4 with youn£ llub l-'iu- V1U *T>HE day after Flora eloped, •An. 'nabclle came over to sec me. When I asked about Flora, she burst into tears. •"You mustn't feel like that," 1 said awkwardly. "Bob is a dear boy. I've known him all my life, i »nd there isn't anything about him | that isn't nice." j ''I know," Annabcllc said bit- j terly, dabbing at her eyes, "but , that's all he is, a nice boy. He'll i never be anything else. Do you i know what,he makes? Twcnty- ! two dollars'<a week, liow can lie » support-a wife, especially an ex- i travagant wife liku Flora, who • Jpites penny-pinching worse than '•• "'j «veri. I do?" '. '^But Flora is so capable and ; ; practical.", < "I'm the practical one. Flora can : sew a line seam and embroider • '• beautifully, but I do the culling j and fitting. Sister can make won- rderful Hollandaise sauce if she .; has plenty of eggs anfl butler, bul • it's Amy and I who i-"2el the vcge- ' tables '• and basic the meat. We 'dust and sweep while Flora ar- i ranges the flowers. Perhaps we've all spoiled her; I don't know. But she is and always will be a child at heart. And why should anyone .: as pretty as Flora have to soil her '•bands cleaning out loilcts and i tinks? She never has cleaned a •itoilet." I said: "Mosl of Ihe girls 1 know, even Ihosc with rich fathers, do liicir/ own housework when they first get married. I never noticed lhal il hurl them or lhal anyone felt particularly sorry for Ihcm." "Girls like Alice Milchel and Jcannie Harper, who play al keeping house as Muriu Antoinette played at bcin.:; u milkmaid! You couldn't possibly xmdcrsla&l. shouldn't expect you lo." "Well, at leasl I can understand that Klornbelle must have wanled lo marry Bob most av.'fully. Bob didn't knock her down and drag her lo thc<iiUar. And 1 don'l IhinU it will make things any bcller if we all cry over her and cxpccl Ihe worsl. 1 for one shan'l." "IWH 13 COI1S1.-. $^m tal'.ir;E It'. I nskecl. "Weyman sni',1 nt firsl lie was mad as a duels, and Ihcn one morn- intf he comes down anil slaps Wcy- man on llic back and lells him Kichard is hisscH auain, v/halever he means by lhat. A lilllo laler ho says, 'No loot like an old fool, eh, Weyman?' And Weyman says, 'No, sir, there ain'l,' and Mr. Sam laughs and laughs. Weyman heard him Idling Mr. Nelson lhal hiekily only his prkle \vas hurt and lhat he'll learned his own self a le^un, Wcynian says lhal maybe Mr. -Sam is a lillle more snappish lhan usual, hul il's Weyman's belief llial in bis 1 heart of heads your Cousin Sam is more relieved lhan anylhing else." I was fond of Sam in n cousinly way and pleased lhat he V.MS lak- ing Flora's marriage so sensibly. Bui I was never much intere^lcd n him. My inlcrcsl now was ccn- crcd on Flora. 1 eoulil hardly wail or Flora and Bob lo eome bauk •om their honeymoon. Father anil .Son John Philip Sousa, the "March King," led the United States Marine band for 12 years. His father, Antonio Sou-sa, was once a trombone player in the same band. ^ CQPB. IM7 BY NEA SERYICr, INC. T. M. REG. U, S- PAT. OFF. (,-3. \ HOME SERVICE | & STORAGE CO. i is pleased to announce that I Mr. Richard Holt j hits joined our stall' as j carpenter aii'l maintenance Read Courier News Want Ads. J man. Cull us i job. you can't i i ivnnt to do. i J Telephone do that > or don't 2S01 AT my display of lempcr Annabelle- said quickly tlial of course I was right; we must all help poor Klorabcllo in every way we could. It was going lo be difficult, as her mother was entirely unreconciled. Flora had always been Ihe family favorite. Now her molhcr said 1 she would never sec Flora again. I musl not misjudge her molhcr. She was nol really slcrn and unforgiving. II was only lhal she had had such high hopes for Flora I wanled lo say scornfully: "By high hopes you menu marrying hei off io my peevish lilllc Cousir Sam, old enough lo bo her grand- falhcr." Inslead 1 changed Ihe subject, and Annabclle soon wen home" "You mustn't be loo hard 01 Miss Annabcllc for being a bi pcppensh," Leah cautioned me "It never rains but it pours in Ih Tollivcr house. Weyman says tha Mr. Nelson was so mad al 111 way Miss Flora Ircaled you Cousin Sam lhal he lurns up hi nose at the Tollivcrs as if all o them smellcd bad." V/cymau w cook and houseman for Ihe Iw ForViescs and distantly related Leah. ^OR was I Ihe only one. But I was firmly suppressed when suggested lhal Flora showed a .ood deal of bravery in defying icr mother and sisters and riming away with Hob, "What's so brave about il?" Mandie asked. "F.vcn if her mnlhcr lid not approve of Bob, 1 lhi:>k I was selfish and cruel lo go off hal way wilhoul a word lo anyone. Bob loo. Mrs. Finncran cried 'or Ihrec day:;." "She'd cry anyway, cwn if IJob narricd the prim-cys royal of Eug- jind," .1 said tartly. "Mrs. I'in- icran reminds me of a lurkey hen wilh the pip. I never saw her when she wasn't sighing and complaining." 'All the same, she's Bob's mother, and he owes her something." J could nol deny this. "Did you know lhat Bob borrowed Ihree hundred dollars from his Aunt Mnmie Pelers to gel married nn?" Kay asked. Miss Mamie Pclers was nu el- fierly school teacher and li^nic. I was shocked. The elopemuit wa;; no longer romanlically g-r.morous. (To Bo Conlhuictl) RADIO REPAIRS 1 AND 2 DAY SERVICE ON ANY MAKE OR MODEL,. KE- LIABLE WORKMANSHIP. PHONE 2642 We Call for and Deliver FRED CALL1HAN Electrical Appliance Co. Lirflliuriicil'Molorola Radto Sales mill Service IUG Suulh First St. Today's free RIGUI Eccora Be Sure! INSURE With the FIRST NATIONAL INSURANCE AGENCY 108 North Second DIAL 2311 For Complete Protection CHAS. RITTNER 1!1U, WILSON "In his final soDicstcr he got all A's—Junior, say some- f;?i*ti'vv*vv'v thing in algebra for Mrs. Parsonsl". .^C^-o.. •• 'ZGlt X*tf:>:!- _ . •'''• W':!^/'..• FRECKLES & HIS FRIKNDS By MERRILL BLOIrSEE 'Hans Up! FINALLY MADE HILDA SO AMGR/ SHE FOjJOoT ABOUT Ml-L-'EfA- WiTH- KIMDMESS WEEH— LOOK , BABE. L V'/OULDMT KMi££L FOR. QLtEEM OF SHE6A/ --AMD WHATS MORE, 6 LIMP- BRAW , YOU1L HAVE TO GET DOWM Cf-l VOUC KM5HG IF YOU ^.VANT A DATe W17M ME/ L AMOUR TOUJOURS t-'AMOUR.; River Sand and Gravel Delivered to You Call A. H. Webb Phone /14 Radio Repair Let our college trained experts keep your nW"> ivorkiiitf with giiavaiiteed scrvicu . . . no J«k t -°' ) ittle or too Ugl SiJceial- sts in uliange-over Irom battery lo electric set. Musical Instrument Supplies and Repairs . . . Hpcciiil orders handled promptly. Gift Goods — Ol'l'ico Supplies — Variety Items Call -Sll J. Me 11 Brooks Jr. 107 E. Main St. BEN WHITE & SONS ORTH TENTH ' STILL Busy.' Dou'r LOOK. LIKE GRUBBLES GOMMA GET HIS CAR TONIGHT.' . Sales STUDEBAKER Service Cars nnd Irncks of outstanding quality and economy. .Studebakcr builds cars and trucks lhal can lake It. ASK Ihe man Unit OWNS one! Summer heat is touyh on ears and trucks—li't our skilled mechanic handle your car when in need of altentioii—Prouiplly and expertly! Factory-Approved Methods are employed for all service and repair work—Complclc Truck Repair:; Made Any Model. CXl'liUT TAINTING AND liUDV WOUK Compk'le T.ine (if Slutlrbiilicr ' 1'urls, Seal Covers, I'ox t,if;Ms, IClcelric C'locks, llumiter Guards, Truck Helleclor Flares, ISallerics, Tires and T»b"S. We Buy Good Late Model Cars! CHAMBLIN SALES CO., Inc. Your Stiidcluikcr Dealer ..; "First by Par With a Postwar Car" Hill Chamblin fxR & Asli St Lex Chamblin Phone 2105 WASH TUBRS Looks Atomic LE^SLIfc TURN ten AU. THESE V.1RES ^Nf tONS-DISTANce \UEGENT. WHL SDU WWT DINN« CM»3i MISS KRINSIE..J ViHILE I MMtE A FEW CALLS ? J WE DIDN'T KNOW HOW^ x^TO HUP SOUi TO 1 AND S«E'f> NEVER. ASK ME..WONDER WHO IT COULD 8t? „. AND, ST^CEV. CALL FMHER AND TELL HIW I'M TAKING VHE 9 O'CLOCK AMD W\S 5RIHS A FWEW WITH ME i ..WECTAN ARRANGE POE APP1T10NW. COLLMERAl WHEN I SEE YOU NEXT •TUESPAY.MB.MOTr.... Our Bdarding House with Maj. Hooplc Out Our Way By J. R. Williams LACQOSR ? \vSHERe ? I. RUSTY 60IIER BETTER YOU SOR.& UIPMEI^'T IS APPROPRlA-Te V=OH_ LiN\oosiMe OP THIS VOO'LL EXERCISE ALL POSSIBLE: AUTlOSi.X TRUST Tb AVOID AVARRINSG PISTOLS IS K, LOO AS PENfi»E& Irt A PIG ftED KYDBR Three Guesses, Chum 11Y V. T. HAMLtfi OOP Untie Tlini Oul Ky V.-T. 3IAMLIN t KNCf.s 1 COPS IN So This Is Bat's Girl BY MIUIAIiJi O'MAl.I.F.V and RAt.l'H LANK HOW DO WE > FINISH CUR I'LL TELL YOU SOMETHING. I'VE BEEN URoiNS BAT 70 QUI1 THE FIGHT RACKET. THEN HE WOULDN'T KAVETO WORRY ABOUT THREATS AND GET7IKS PUNCHED SIUY. HX J CAN 1 HELP YOU.VICFLIIIT.TRACWG AXOMYMOUS TEIEPHOHE C6US ISOOTOf MY ll«t-- WHAT'S THE MATTER AFRAID OF ME? WELL.WAYBE WE OUGHT TO SIT THIS OUT TILL I GET MY BEARINGS. After my talk with Bit Denver, Iwtnt to 1 1 BOO -APS NOW YOU'LL TELL. US VHi^E YCUR PAL VENT WITH HfV-F A CHEST CF MY VERY BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES It Looks Atomic BY EDGAR MARTIN ?,,«V' r >

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