The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 27, 1949 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 27, 1949
Page 9
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TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 27, 1949 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS ' PAGE NINE Now Is the Time To 'Winterize' ' Home Preparations For Cold Weather Pay Big Dividends Steps taken now to winterize the Home will pay off substantially when cold weallier comes, in greater comfort, belter and ac t uji | " lon .f savings, it was stated today oy the Construction Research Bui^l!ii NCW Vork clca ™'S J'.o'JSe for • building information. The heating plant should be Inspected and adjusted by a good heating contractor. Coal stokers require lubrication and adjustment- oil and gas burners require careful cleaning, especially the openings through w |,lch fuel passes- all automatic systems require inspection of thermostats and electrical connections after a summer of Idleness Fire Pots or combustion chambers should bo free of soot and scare, „ The boiler for a steam or hot- water plant should be [lushed and filled \vith. clean water to the Proper level; radiator valves mid connections should be inspected Warm-air heating should be checked for obstructions In the warm and told air ducts, sumidity pans cleaned and refiljed 'and air filters replaced if fiDfd with dirt. ,, Insulation Saves Money If the home Is not insulated, at least - one-third of the fuel bill can be saved by having the nails blown full of mineral wool before cold weather arrives, ancT the area between roof ' and living quarters also, insulated wil)i this non-combustible material, if the attic is unfinished, full-thick halts or btan- kets of mineral wool can be placed between ceiling Joists or roof raltcrs inaccessible spaces' arc filled • by blowing loose, nodulated mineral Real Estate Transfers (ChlcfcaUHba 1 Dlilrlcl) E. B. and Rovene O. David to the Dill Reid Company of Arkansas, Inc., Lot 6 of Block 2 of tile David Acres Subdivision, $800. Anna Howard to Willie H. and Regin- Smith Herndon. Lot 6 of Block "3". of Hie Mnlliews Second Addition, $5.150. Orval and Ruth Chlsm to P. Johns, Lot 3 of the Less Subdivision of Lot 12 of Block 18 of the Davis Addition, $5,000. J. E. Stevenson, Jr., and Mary K. Stevenson to Johnnie D. and Vivian Mick, nil of Lot, 9 of the Subdivision of Lot 16 of thn Barron and Lilly Subdivision, $5,278. J. E. Stevenson, Jr., and Mary K. Stevenson to noscoe and Margaret Hill, all O f Lot 2 of the Subdivision of Lot 16 of the Barron and Lilly Subdivision, S5.278. J. E. Stevenson. Jr., mid Mary K. Stevenson to William H. and Anna Ruth Hardln, Lot I of the S-bdivl- slon of Lot 16 of the Barron and IJUv .Subdivision. SS.21H. H. II. and Lucy Hmicnlns to Robert O. and Gloria B. McGraw. U>1 3, of Block 3 of the Country Club wnol into them. The average house can be Insulated in less than two days without muss or inconvenience and fuel savings, will pay for the ii«ulntlon within three years. In addition to fuel savings, a properly Insulated douse reduces the d.inger of colds' caused by drafls. Close Cracks, Rcnair Masonry Wcatherstripping of windows and doors, installation of storm windows and caulking all cracks In the exterior siding will add greatly to winter comfort and save approximately onc-elsbth of the fuel. Chimneys should be examined for cracks and loose mortar and immediately repaired, both to Improve heating plant, efficiency and to eliminate a serious fire hazard. . * VfllTH TKcSE Ff ATURES: Draf-tf* Conlrcl<_oi«asy (• turn at the dial t>n yourradio, Balh and lavatory of porcelain enamel on coil iron cleans at the touch of • damp tlfllru Toilet of vltreoui china — SuIcl^cmcientnushlnaoctTon. BotKtub hat flat lalelybol- (»m— low 14 fn. heighl — «Qfy to xlep In and out. • No need lo get along with old, worn- out fixtures any longer. You can bring new beamy — new convenience— to your home with a Crane quality bathroom. IS\H only are ihese fixtures new in styling, but tlicy possess such important engineering feat tires as Diat-csf faticeis that open and close at a finger's touch. Best of nil, these fixtures represent a new high in value and are available on our convenient time payment plan. Call us today or, better yet, drop in and talk it over. "PETE" The PLUMBER 109 North 1st Good-bye lo banging when SLATS-O-WOOD. . Awnings go over doors, windows ana 1 veiandds because iKe/re sturdily anchoied lo form a pait of Ire douse. Permanent as Ine fine wood of wtiich tney are made, SLATS-O-WOOD ^cntifntcd awnings bring lasting comfort at low cost. Tliey let in tHe lignt—but keep out trie sun. Coax tne breeze—but repel rain. Cvjstom-bjilt 'o fit'the lines of your home, * personal call by' our designer is cstentia! for an accurate estimate NOW r \ 'T"- * NOW for if,;, f,ee ie^ DEAL'S PAINT STORE 109 East Main Phone 4469 hon, 'T^ "?' E " AS MOI)EKN ' TOUCIIES^S*vcr.l modern touches Imve been embodied In the new on, ol Mr. and Mrs. Boyce Moore at 1518 Ohlckwawta Ave. This „„„ brick ..M tile h me has tn™ b^onis, den ,„ ng room, dinin g room, kitchen and two baths. Among lbc new ,„,'„£, ™ '," m ,, windows constructed so as to minimize entrance ol dust. aluminum Closets in the (hree bedrooms have plastic doors which fold ac- cordlu-like \vhen opened. Other doors in tlie Moore home are of natural-finish liardwood. Fixtures in boll) baths- are in colored porcelain. Walls and floor . an the baths arc tile. While oak flooring Is used throughout the rest of the house except for the den and kitchen' floors, which arc of rubber tile. Walls are of plaster throughout. The garage also has been plastered and finished so It can be used as a playroom. The roof is of lile. The house is heated by two propane gas floor furnaces and the fireplace contains propane gas logs. For cooling, (he home is eiiuipped with two attic fans. There is a portion in [| lc rear of the house. The grill work on tile porch and back-yard gale is of wrought iron and painted « buff color. Drive, $8,400. L. O. and Hattie Gill to Harold L. and '^-rolhy M. Hood. Lot 26, of the Rcplat of. the o. S: Roltinson Subdivision, ;G,800. A. J. Russell nnd Nonile Russell (o W. P. and Martha Cotton, Lot 3 of Blof: TJ of the Blythe Addition, S3.000. Lee Long to S. L. Ghidisli, NE!4 of Section 5-15N-10E, 51 and' other consideration. H. H. and Lucy Honchins to Margie Tinrentt, Lot 11. Block •! of the Country Club Drive, SI,100. Opal Willis Fintey to John and Nellie Russell, center third of Lot 1 Block B of the Henry Atf.iab.riin- ner Addilioi to Manila, $1 and other consideration. Thomas N. ami Mrs. T. N. Drumright -in John and Pearl Lucas. Ix>t 4 of Block 2 of the David Acres Subdivision, S800. Max and Annie Laurie Lopan. Harold B. and Marie D. Wright, to George E. and Agness Murray, Lot 2 of Block "E" of Hio John B. Walker Division. 4700. Max and Annie Laurie Logan. Hnrold B. and Marte p. Wrlaht to William H. and Alice n..Stanford, Lot 3 of Block "E" of the John B. Walker Subdivision. $700. Max and Annie Laurie Losan, Harold B. and Marie D. Wrteht to Joel E. nnd Ruby Davis. Lot 5 of Block "B" of the John B. Walker Subdivision, S700. Thula Belle Travis Walnole and Mrs. A. P. (W. A.) Travis. Lot 17 of Block "C" of the Hollcnrtale Addition, 41 an<I other consideration. Eddie H. and Ella D. Anderson to Rebecca Davis, a plot 25 by 88 fe<" in Soi'C - esl Corner of Lot 5, of Block 1 of the Wilson Second Addition, $600. Noble Gill Agency Planning to Build Nine New Houses A list of 14 bunding permit applications placed on file last week In City Engineer Joe Carney's office for an estimated total of $47,500 was headed by njne houses tbe Noble Gill Aficncy proposes to build on Enst Camp Moultrie Drive. Each of these houses is to be a four and one-half room frame i.\i- I dencc. Estimated cost for cadi Is ' listed as $4,000. The permit applications were 'signed by K. K. Webb residence on pecan Avenue; estimated cost, $7.000. Lawson Stone, to move a house. J. C, Frazicr, to build a concrete block addition to business building at -tie East Main. Anna Duncan, for two-room frame residence In Larry's Fifth Addition; estimated cost, $1.000. Fall Painting Simplified by Right Methods Home owners who are planning to |)»lnl their houses this Fall will fiutt that 11 pays lo use n profession^ approach to assure an attractive and protective paint Job. The selection of paint It of first Importance. Since most paints » rt made tor specific vnirptkm, It Is Imperative that the paint to be used Is of the correct type. Thi« Is determined by Hie surfaces to b« covered. Unless skilled In selecting paints, the average person finds It worthwhile to rely on the advice of a reputable dealer. He 1$ qualified to deliver correct paint mixtures for every job, whether it Is for wood I'oncrelc, metal or stucco. When paint Is purchased ready to use. all the amateur painter haj to do Is to mix It thoroughly Just before using. At that time. It Is holp.'ul lo Imvc two galvanized steei paint buckets and a wooden mixing paddle. Galvanized steel buckets ire extra sturdy and have ball handles for easy carrying. They »nd the paddle greatly simplify mixing. Good brushes are almost as important as II' paint itself. A poorly mode brash loses bristles anrt gives an uneven distribution of paint. whereas a well made brush holds its bristles and permits K smooth distribution of paint. When buying bri'shes. It is false economy to let lirlcc be the determining factor. '!'!>•? final chore, applying the paint, Is one that can't be hurried. Anmtuer painters Invariably do n better job If they Uke their time, applying two thin, evenly distributed coats of paint Instead of only one coat which Is like)? to be thick and lumpy. v contraclor. Olher applications include four for residences, one to move a house, one for a garage and one for in addition to a business building. Permits were applied for by the following: '' } Fred L,. Patterson, for » private garage at 405 North Second' estl- i mated cost, jsoff. . E.D. Ferguson, for a two-room frame residence o n South Elm Street; estimated cost, $900. i David Smith, for a four and one- • half room frame residence on -El- ' llott Street; estimated cost, $2,000. R.A. Ellis, for a five-room frame PAINT PRICES REDUCED! Dutch Boy .. now $5.95 Hy-Kloss .'..., now $4,08 Wallpaper Room Lots . $2.00 Easy Payment Loans E. C. Robinson Lbr. Co. Phone Hie Best DECISION —, of My Life! | I chose il, c Uniicd Sialcs Army. And I've never been sorry. I only »ish every young man could have ite opportunities the Army hit given me. I'm a trained tccnni'cian. ! can hold my o»n anywhere, anytime. I've UMrntd to handle men, loo ... something everybody has co learn if he's going to get alicad, civilian or soldier. And it hasn't been all work either. I've had fun. I've j«n (he world! I've played football, baseball, basketball with service teams . . . good ones. But most of all, I *„«,„, wncrt I'm going. My future j s planned, secure. J«a, my decision to enlist was the bot decision ol ray lift. Yom ill tt, toai C«H or vltH r »,r n,mrta r«iri>llli>f otflct. * BEK OR CAM, Co. M., 153rd Inf. WATER is your Cheapest Commodity •-• Use it FREELY! Blytheville W ater Co. Blytheville, Ark. Manchuria to Support Communist Government SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 27. (if,— Manchuria has given "full support" :o the Communists' plan for their M»t!on»l Government of China, the Red radio said yesterday. The Red'radio quoted Manchuria's delegate to the Political Consultative Conference at Pelplng ai lngr M-nchurl» woul,; be • •• vy Industrial base" for Communist Chlm. Marriage Licericses The following couple* obtained marlage licenses at tile office of Miss Elizabeth Blythe, county clerk yesterday: ••. • -.'•.-.. Juan Rlis and Miss Juatia Umet both of Bljthevllle. Hubert G. Dutfey and Miss Mary Isabellc Livery, both of Holland, Mo Atlis T. Nlchol and Mrs. Ruby I> Franks, both of Haytl, Mo. George Washington was the son ol a Virginia Ironmaster, ' 100% LOANS FOR VETERANS Only 10% Down For Non-Veterans Jm« «Wnk, c.i « .null umeit-money tfepMt JOB m» B*w wcur. our ol (hew „<* modern two ixd room Hon.- "» under coiwlhucllim. Many »r» aukini their .election: w come while you m»> choo«« Beautifullj dttltned, sturdily butli, >om. bay. .Ictur. wtm- downs. In n,* tubdlrlslon.' VvT Call or S«« r MISSISSIPPI COUNTY LUMBER COMPANY or . . • . ' .'...;; Holly Development Corp. 1801 West Main Phon* 4445 NOTIGE TO TAXPAYERS -October 1sl» Is the last day for payment of 1948 'County Tax.OT Real Eslale without penalty and, al^o, final date for payment of 19'19 Poll Tax. I'tisoual and Drainage Taxes are also due an.d payable. Under Sedion 1 of Act 4SO of the 1949 Legislature, "payment of (he I'oll Tax,must be.made to the County Collector, or his aulhorized .deputy, by th« person named in the receipt, or by the husband, wife, son, daughter, sisler, brother, father, or mother of such person. Payment of the I'oll Tax may be made by remitting' the payment to (he County Collector by United Slates Mail." If payment of the Poll Tax is made by mail, sender should give the name of the person to whom the receipt is lo be issued, relationship to the sender (if remittance i s made for a person other than the send- «r), color or race, residence, post office address (if different from residence), name or number of school district, ward number (if resident of city) or name of township (if rural resident). Payment for Pol] Tax must be RECEIVED in the Collector's office by OCTOHEK 1st. . ' , WILLIAM BERRYMAN Sheriff & Ex-6fficio Collector Mississippi County, Aikansas

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