Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 14, 1896 · Page 1
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 1

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 14, 1896
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FAIRBAffiS NAIEI). DO YOU WANT ANY? We place on Sale Tomorrow 100 doz. Children's and Ladies' Hand= kerchiefs, 25^ values for 5 cents. This lot consist, of plain white hemstitched Handkerchiefs and « .fancy bartered ones lor ChiWi-en nnd MISMB. ^^o^_ ana Jrom .Plendid Sheer cloth,. Begular prices arc 15 and *> con, TOHORROW FIVE CENTS. New Shirt Waists are arriving daily and the ; ; older ones are being sold out at greatly reduced < | prices. Lots of bargains Today and Saturday, \ See our West Window for the Handkerchiefs Sale. Our Big East Window for Shirt Selected by National • Committeefor .Temporary Chairman,.. . Money Plank Still Main vTopic at St. Louis—Morton Positively.'Declines Second PlacsV \ now on Clothes up to Date Have been In great favor at our ertabltabment. Fact Js no one hnTa ilDor lin* of woolens and worsteds to select from than 'our?. Important Features ... - in 'the make-up of oar clothe* work their superiority. We are not the cheapest tailors but claim to be the best. Carl W. Keller, Tailorjand Draper. 3,, Market Street. St. Louis,'J.ime 13.—On nomination of Mi. De Young, ot California, seconded by Mr Kerens, of Missouri. Mr. C. TV. Fairbanks, of' Indiana,, was unanimously selected a£ temporary chairman of the national ro- pulrtican' convention, at the rr.ectlug of thu national 'cOnimlttteo Saturday afternoon. CoV C''-W. Johnson, of Minnesota,'who was' •socr-tavv of the national convention ot.'lfte a'r.. M'mieapolls. was .unanimously chosnn ' secretary of this convention, w. G, lUloy.'.bf Kentucky, was mr.du first assistant secretary, Harry H. Smith, Wash- In~tori.'-second assistant secretary, and A. B"Humphrey, of Now York, ex-socrctary of tli't'. Republican Icnguc, third assistant ^•"chaplain. Rabbi Samufl Sale, of St. touls/'iSyas nominated by Vr. Scott, ot Vlrglnlw'and unanimously sMce-tod.. _ The • following were selected as tcmpo- •rary V reiuiing -lerlis: 1, J. H Stone. Wash- inir-'dn 7 ''2' : 'F H Wilson, Missouri: 3, John R -Mrd!6yT.Columbus, O.: -I. P.. S, Hatcher, I n'dla.na' 1 '"tf." J. ^- Benson, > T pw York. '•- ' ^ iM'bro Contour.*! Uccidcrt. St''Louis' June 13,-Whon'thc- commit- teo r wentVlnto session at 10:30 Saturday all preliminary business was shelved and Tcnnclsac'e'.- cases were taken up. There wore 'two :'contssts from that state. II. I' ^' "CncoAm and J, 'E. Boslcy (ooloredV Rivtlf .'district/ bcinpr challenged by J- (« ^"V^W^a) and Dan W. Shofner. 'in the Ninth district of David A. Kunn. HenrFVE. A " st!n wcre cl:Vl Tr° d by Johiv.'R. Walkor and ttobert N.-ltc- E^&,a?^^The e ca^tr U and ^vMrS MxSr^™ mntlbn"6f Mr 'Manley, of Maine, Oheatam Tnd 'EoSlty were seated. They have no fixed.' presidential' choice, while their op: ronentsi'Were Instructed for McKlnley K-h^Nlhtn'district case was proflactive of elaborate, argument on either side, after which 'N.unn and Austin were seated. 1'hev a'ro McKlnlcyites, as were the contestants It developed at this- point that there was'-a third contest from tills state. affecting the .Tenth district. Only live minutes wore devoted to tn<: .contest In the Tenth ' T £;i nc ^ cc ^ a ' s "!f.,; The regular delegates, V.. .51. .KMK.OIP" and Zachary Taylbr, wero ^ eat ,^-.; ™ } nnd the contestants wore al McIOnle>ltxs. \t 31:30 the special order,: tho consideration of the South Carolina cases, was taken SA^^a'SS^KKS^ statemed into the room.- The contest was between Hit- "regular" republicans and the S The' Wnb^er-SmaUs' delegation was.fin- ally sealed on a viva voc'e vote with about todays This vote takes out of the contention a total ot W delegations who are noted I expect -,0'sce tno •.rcpUDiican- convention take such action as iwill effectually dispose of. the-,.ldea that';lt';evcn- winks .at the free rolnago ot sllverJ. My. own notion is that the Indiana plank, wlth.'a .single modification;- would- bo a srood plank for our national -platform^t^ls .terse and dl-. rectly to the polnt;a.nd a model In the art' of eondcnslng.>;'rinic'h in .'a few words. There IB a utroner suspicion In .the mind? of some people-that Mr. Harrison wrote) that platform, but that after It loft him two or three words were added to It, words "Chit- should have been omitted. The resolution was. offered ar.d urged by a warm personal friend '.of Mr. Harrison who had. a number of conferences with the ex-president or. the subject. As the lanBUasc is supposed to have left Mr. Harrison's hands, .the resolution declared that we 'favor the -use of silver as a currency, but to the extent only and under .such" regulations that Its parity wiMi S'oM can- lie maintained, and, In con- se^ience, are opposed to the free and •unllm'lted ' and independent coinage or silver -at "a ratio of sixteen to one. The •words' 'at n- ratio of sixteen to one' were added hy some ore else. Leaving them oft the plank is an admirable one anrl I should like to see it adopted." 'H.'iiiiley • Explttliw JllllioUiiiiU Matter. Mr 'Joseph H. Manley, o.' Maine, was asi'cd' by a representative of the press Saturday,. what foundation there was for the repbr'tcd mlsundi-i-standirs between hiniseli: and -Mr/ John Milho'iand. of New York. Mr. Manley replied' "Som,-: time a-o I received a telegram from Mr. Mll- hollaiKl asking me If. as assistant secretary -'of- the .national commlf.ee, he cou.d have a ticker. That was tr-o way 1 con- .Jti'uecl Hie .nu'ssag-e He may have sa.,1 •tl.-lt.ci3,' but '.he telegram as I remember In the singular. T relied Immccll- hat oC -course he cr.i'ld have a This brouj/ht ..out another .tcl atcly llclcet. j/ .. . PB rain .from Mr. Mllholland- In which he 'said IM.Imoijlnccl that the assistant sec- .rutary could l-e satisHcd w:'.>: one ticket 1 L,EVr-F. : -MOK'.rON. The queen of JiMrti in all these parts, • ir ..«,. r.** tin bv run\ors We Have Others we Call Them Knights , We also hava an assortment of second hand bicycles whleh must be sold. Call and make an offer. • 203 Sixth Street, aid ,iot unofcrstend.-llirn:- Ko'concluded h s telegram wlt«-'.ihe dcclavatl™ thai whlla he did not wrtrt the- earth, he did .expect CO tickets tit'-^asti:...! refcn-od this matter •at once to our, wt5i.committ.ee, and so lar ns, as 1 imow it' Has remained unacted upon "th.mttny ithcr "oquosts •>* •»»"""«„ char-cter, .'The'corresponilrneo In some way was ma.ie public. It was not siv™ out Uy me., 1 thereupon te ograpbed Mr. Milholland tbvihla effect, unfi added hat I had 1 ewer charsictef laoo'hls fll-.patoh aa.lm- -' ertlriSt, but that I"ould:tfladlyjJo-*Dy- thir.K lor him that . I- could, rh.it -Is, a therllls to -.the' Incident so.f Morton Positively Do^linp.s ver- . j i • nu.s oecn" repeatr-Jly roporusi around the hotel during the p«st lew days, it was augpested to Mr. Dcr"?w, -that the silver republicans and popul'sts would Indorse the free-silver .candid-,tc It one be nominated In Chicago. Wo-ild not that greatly weaken', the republicans In the "I have discovered from n long experience " said Mr. Depew. smilingly, "that the atmosphere which localizes around a convention and which is Intensified by men meeting each other constantly, is not the sober sense of the pountry " US-Guv. FornUor Altrnct* a Crowd. •Ex-Gov. Fo:aker, at Ohio was one of SaturdaN r s arrivals. He Is staying at the St Nicholas hotel. About U o'clock he came over to the Southern, where most ot the politicians are'located. From the moment of his appearance at the main entrance he created a sensation. The loungers in the great rotunda on the ground floor a™ once recognized the Ohio man and crowded about him to give a cordial greeting Everybody seemed to know Foraker, and he in turn, apparently knew all. those •who addressed him, in most cases erecting them checrinsly and calling them by name. When he alighted from the elevator on the- second lloorand proceeded In the direction of Mark Hanna's headquarters the crowd around him perceptibly Increased, and by the time he reached Mr. Hanna's room there wove nearly 200 people in his train, lie was accompanied by Gov Bjshiicll, of Ohio. They remained closeted with Mr. Hanna for an hour or •more. Hold Ont for Ilobort. The: friends of Mr Hobart. rf New Jersey do not accept as well founded tbegos- sip which practically settles the nomination for vice president in Mr. Evans favor. Th«y argue that it wjuld be folly to select both nominees from tho western country. Now Jersey, they say, Is a doubtful statp'at all times, and it Is vital y necessary thnt the republicans should carry it this year. Mr. Hobarfs nomination as vice president, they olalm, would make the state safely republ'can next November. They do not doubt tbut Mr. Evans will be a Btrons candidate, but they he- licvc that Mr. Hobart will.l-e an equally powerful factor in the fight. Conf«visnc« on ITInunclnl Question. While Senator Foraker and Gov. Bush - nell were In conference In Mr. Hanna's, room, with that gentleman and Gen Grosvenor and other strong, supporters of Alclvlnlcy. Sc-nator Proctor, o£ Vermont, was -lent for and soon joined the party. It was rumored about tho hotel, that the, conference hud been called for the purpose ot rlak ns some arrangement for the con- c-ilatlon of Mr. Platt and diverting the 'ni-eatenijur condition of affairs in New ^orli s"aic After the conference was ended this rumor was emphatically ^^i one of the S i>nilomen'prcscnt who said that Mr Plait's name had not even be«n mentioned. Inasmuch as-Gov. Foraker Is to be ihe Ohio member of the committee on resolutions, and the financial plank Is the only mooted question of importance In connection with this convention, it was deemed advisable that the takers-should conrer as >soor, as Mr. Foritlccr arrived. Word "GoKl" to Be Omlttc<l. Ono of those present'at the conference stated afterwards that it appoared to be ilia fionse of those present that It would ^ n ^ C 'o C ? ta r t ver d ^r.^' r S S C th™ BUSINESS OUTLOOK: Not the Time to Look for Market Improvement in IndustrieSi- c. w. FAIRBANKS'." '.,,';.' in Mr Kanna-'a hand-book 6r.a«lcpatc-B anfl contosUnH as HavhiB "Reea'proferences, 1 At 1WO a «ceas ot 20 minutes 1'or-luiieli vas ordered. .• • - • ZINN&tOMPANY. Invitations. '. • Are alway8..apprcolated and especially so when they «re ' tastef ally gotten up. . THE JOURNAL Job Printing Department la making a specialty of _. NVITAT.ON3, PROGRAMS- LETTER HEADS, WO TE HEADS, BILL HEADS,: STATEMENTS, CARDS CIRCULARS, ETC., ETC. Latest Styles in Fancy Type and Material. Fresh Water Yeast! TOE MOSEY (Still Continue* to Bo the Main Topic ut St. Louis. -.••.-; •-•' St Louis, Junf, 13.—The city; Is teglnninK to mi with notables, many otWvXork swell-known politicians comliiff lu I?rWaj nisht, among' thum. Cornelius N.-Bliss, Horace Porter, C. -H. T.'' Collls, Gen. Anson G McCook; Henry O. Trcmaine.and S. V. P..' Crueer. ' • •'' , ; '" - Dlscuinlon of the Money Pluulf. There continues to bo much gossip"-re- tho'.adoption of a gold standard, •the McKinloy riltn, without any. BUDSianiinl ,baaia o£ fact'•beyond.the in-, K^rS^tS^^^n^: eration .thk.'BUBKestod Kohlsaat modinca- t!on of. tho-. Indiana platform. •'• •' , It uTttfou'Frh't may be' made chairman ot the committee • on resolutions, and some-. thing.-'tribroV definite'than, the pijev-ailing.- rumors.may.be arrived at as,to the piob- : "inanclal (rend of the-platform..-ffhe fliscussioii of the matter In Mr. Hanna s-, ' rooms? which lusted all Friday afternoon, was'-'re'tibwed at nisht after tho-.-arrival of ox-dov- Charles Poster, of;0hio, whoso experience v,'(is secretary of the treasury, under'Harrison gave weight to his views. • r --tlII.Ter MonWD.lt for Toller. Thc'sllyerlmen are waitlnV'fo'r the.arrl-' 'val o'frSenator Teller with con"iderable (m-. .patlenfe.^,. aiBPatch was ^eWed^Erl- flav'afternoon stating thnt Mr. jeiier iiau; •nTat loft'Washington. -This'wlll bring Mm to St-'-Louis' Saturday -nieht, A caucus of JllvorWQJi will be held as soon as Senator. Toller'-'ai-rlyes and a course..^., action will bo dn'claed''upon, ..They v/;.'l KO .tato < , t 'J e ., 6onvcn't|bn i :and make, a:sta.rd for,.a free.. Bllvcr'-'ilatfonn, but .further ;/tian this, nothing A'is been rteternHne'?' upon- - and' notnme. J™ senator Teller arrives and s I know l 1-li.oe. t'on -for -thb-vlce presidency: ''"Rhlnc.'-CliH, N. .T.. June 13,-To Hon. Thauncey M Depew, St. Louis, Mo.. pK announce that. I' stated to you be-. Vo« you loft Nov.- York thai I would not under any. circumstances .accept a nom- «atlon (or, vice P^^.p. 1 ^},... Evanit' CliiiucoH Sttcnsthpned. Gov.' Mortori's. positive refusal' to per-. nilt 'his name' to-be, considered for the vice-; Pudency, it !s ; - S) ud, has RrcaUjr streriKtbened' the • chances- of H. .Cla> Evahs of Tennessee,- for nomination for That ifflcY. If "wai averred Saturday •by 'one of the McKlnloy 'managers that Mr: ^va»s woulUXbe. nominated by acclamation, ond' practically without- a co:n- p'ctitor, .-' . -Clmnnccy Dopbw interviewed. Mr. Chauncey M. Depew was aslccd Sat- enrcndc-e by xhe Now 'York contests 'vould op^ato'to the. detriment of -.the republican success- in the. state next au- IBERGS IJ^S^ ; ' ^r5 PROTECT YOUR HYES. The Hlrchberg Optical Co. D . . . Glasses, everrpalr guaranteed, . .. . D. A. HACK has complete as.ortraentand.lflTltMaU.to satlalr themselves of tbe great s aperlorltyottH«egooa»o«i any mannfactuieJ, at.the -store ot D. A. HAT7K, Sole agent fo Logansport Ind. • . • ^ No Peddlers Supplied. Hhgo^I.-aon't mean lltcr- allv'gold in the platform, but as the phrase. W underbtood in- commercial circ !«»-» J"^ 'stantlal sound, money declaiatlon which •will- satisfy our people In the east we can .-earrv New.'Tork Ktato for the republican Icandlaate by 150.000 majority. There Isn t any doubt about that." • ."Do you think. Mr. Platt will bolt tl.c conventlon ll.the contests in the Xew Vork ieleeatlpnarc decided against him . ."I have. Just arrived," . replied Mr. Dc- pow. "I haven't seen Mr. Platt. I can't t that." thou^h't'probi.ble that Gov. Foraker would •PC willing to go r«.rthfl'r..thST,'thls n view of his recent declaration In the Ohio cam- nil c ; i t'iat he was a fli-m hcllcver In bl- nv-iallisni On the other hand, Senator Proctor, after leaving the conference, ft'itcd that Ihe sentiment in favor of a decoration for gold was becoming more and more pronounced, every day. and he expressed the belief that the plar.k woula mention that- metal by naive, .Plutl Muy Knife tho Ticket. • Another, distinguished Ohlpan had_ a long talk Saturday mornlns with Mr 1'latt. In the co.urse ol! which Mr. Platt sal-.-that New York, was an important state in the prclldent al election, and it the ropub- Fictns saw Tit to. make U impossib e for thcnVto carry it. be-was not to ^b amc^ This Wntleman, who Is a keen.-politician and his boon on Intimate terms with Mr. pjitt during a period, of many years . strongly Impressed with the idea that it Mr Piatt Is turned down by the national committee lie will "knife" the ticket. Quay still I« it. Senator Quay authorizes the s^f ™ n . t Ahat there is not a word ol truW> *n>- wherc In the, report .published in Chleafco that a conference was held in his loonis Friday night at which it was practically Lyanecd that lio should retire from the contest. • - - . 1'KACTIC ALL ^ <6ETXI.ED. Proposed Fluuncliil I'lnuk. 'Xuaorsoil by Commercial World Awaiting the Action of Great Political Parties on Financial Question. New York, Jucc 13.— 11. 3. Dun & Co,in their w eekly review of trade, say : "Speculative reaction has rot the IctMt changed the business outlook. The flc- tliious price made for whom an* cotton meant no good excem for individuals and; tlie change to prices more nc-Mi.-ly in accora with actual relations at demand anl supply- only conforms to conditions which h»v» been well-known for months. The government report aa to wh«u indicated a muefit smaller yield than anybody r.-ally txpecO^ but that has become so much the rule tsat the report had no real I»llu-nce and th«r principal offset was the serious depreciation caused by large vales in anticipation o£ tlie report, which seemed i^ be thorougn- ly known in advance to some speculators. The KOveinment estlif.-ue as to cotton wa» unexpeeotdly favorable, and nas caused a decline or more thai half a cent ' n * »™- irlo week. Railroad "arnings for the Br»c week in June were 4.1 per cent larger ttm* a -It 5 is^ot the time io loon for marKod Improvement in industries and the be«t thins that car. be said o£ tliem Is that none have as yet been seriously disturbed b* threatened labor difficulties U seems not Improbable that all such difficulties mar be averted, except perhaps the controversy. about wages o£ Iron puddlers ajid lin plate workers. . _ -The demand'lor boots and shoes sccm» slightly better notwithstanding an advanc* of 2U cents per pair Is demanded on some staple qualities. The textile manufacturers are making no improvement. The ac- • cumulation of cotton eoods continues Print cloths have declined io the lowest point ever reached and a general step- page to relieve the market is expected. "Failures for the week have been 2# In. the United States, against *J1 last par an* 27 in Canada, aealnst 24 last vour. JJr»dHtrcot's View. Brndstrect's says: "There Is little or no effort 'O push business at a perkd of so much uncertainty a* to the precise terms of the financial P'*™ to be adopted by the rreat political par'ie» in national convention, s Thc general merchandise movement continues as dull ana conservative as heretofore, retailers with few exception!-, buyinc only 'en Immediate necessities. Mercantile collections continue slow and unsatisfactory, and tftere is no gain In ihc cotton, woolen goods, iron or steel Industries. _ "No Improvement if reported from. C1U- eatro, as compared wi:h the unsatisfactory records of w.cnt w:-elts. improvement In demand for staples at St. Louis £«««« dealers in paints and di-ugs. Kansas City ana Omaha report relatively the best demand among western Jobbing centers, not onlv among wholesalers at dry goods, but shoes and hAts, and agricultural imple-, ments. Repc-its from southern distributing centers announce an almost uniformly quiet trade. "^ '•_ CINCINNATI WINS. The Ncrt .StwmecrlcBt , to Be Held In That City. . Pittsburgh, Pa., June 13.—The closing ' vatiirecftlieiiiitionalsaEgerfestwastbe. . business meeting held Friday mormng: and afternoon when a permanent. spn^eTbuEd was formed. President Dimlin? presided. A constitution was adopted. It leaves Uie-narne unchanged and gives, the object of the organization to be the promulgation of German song. sptech and sociability. All singing so- .ejcties to be eligible must have a membership of at least 40 must pay an ini- Dcnow. on Wc*t«r,i Silver SenMnW. :"i"in April last," replied Mr. Depew, I made an" extended t-lp throush ..the we. - ,grn country traveling in all about 8,000 n cut IssTuc and thus avo^the ambiguity W f> v . ^ ', I . /;/,, Tt was stated authoritatively at Mr Hanna s headquarters Saturday morning that no agreement on the financial plank had been reached and that Mr Hanna had neither given his assent n6r his dla- ; acoroval to anv propositlbn submitted The sta ement that Maj WrKlnley s man- iBer had accepted the gold njlank pure and simple nab pOBltlvcly denied Doesn't Want Any ^Tabblliig. Tx-Gov Foster of Ohio discussing the ou^estlon said There should be no-wab- WIW"Sr this -matter The financial plank ic a aucstion of weat- Importance and * c. A Chicago' Post special says: The money Question is practically settled. Ihe plank will "°c are for an out-and-out gold standard and opposed .to the free and unlimited coinage of silver except by International •agreement. Maj. McKinley gives It his ulqualined approval, and 'ff^^'f^ ' portion oi 1 .tho proposed plank. It i» o» •Tho 5 ' republican -party Is are unalterably opposed to every - , cept by international ugreeroen ,t. and until such agreement can be obtained i\e me^rS dTsig d 'CLAY. EVANS: UPS I passoJ through a number of states T found the s.lver sentiment very strons The Deopie told me that thej wanted free flfvcr at P M .Wen to one But they said at the lame "'-' """ tv DISPATCH FRCW HAMMOND. Tho Il B U. B »ed Retorm Lcft<lcr B«»«y to start for llome. -.New York, June ISi-The foUowing cablcg-ram wns received iri Ciis. city Saturdoy mornmg by « friend of John. Hays 'Hammond ; ...,.'. . bersliip 01 at jiiasviu; UJUBU^UJ "•- — •liation lee oi ten dollars, au<3 each member is taxed 25 cents per year. The dele- gatcs to tbc sargerbund elect from (heir number a central board for the sacger- -fcst, consisting- of 15 menders. This board elects a musical director and see* to having the. programme made out one year before tbc fest. The constitution also provides for Q paper to be published. •is-the organ cf the buud., Cincinnati.- liaving- a petition signed by over 3 000 citizens,, was. unanimously selected a» the city- for the next fest. Funeral of M. ,)ule» Slnion. Paris June 13.— The funeral of 1C Jules Simon, tlie distinguished French. statesman, .who died last Monday, took ,,]a*e' Saturday and was attended by a ••nr"e gathering of notable .. persons. Pre'sident Faure, -Emperor William of Germany and King I^opold of Belgium were represented at the obsequies, ___ __ _____ Illinois Formers Swindled. Monmouth, I"-, June 13. -Two gen- lee! appearing young men, operating' under the- names of McCoy nnd Hard- ii,,v have, within, the past three weeks placed' what they called the improved insurance on farmers of Knoxand Barren counties and are' said to hava fleeced tlicm^ out of nearly $6,000. . Murderer Surrenders. Cmcinnnti.O., June IS.-^Vohn O'Meara has givw himself up and confessed to shooting George Schottmer Tuesday Mjn-lit. They were driving teams and ou D arreled while trying to pass each other Schottnicr hit O'Meara with J whip aud O'Meara fired. Schottmer died the next day. ___ ._.. Hanged for .Murder. Richmond, Vol. June 13.— Tohu Johnson (colored), who on the night .; of March. 31 murdered m cold blood Charles Carter, a well-known and prominent young mar,, was hanged at WeylcrXevlcH More luic». Hnvin- June 13—El-Diario de ).- Jlanna makes editorial protest against Geu Weyler's ordei. lc%ympr anew WM tn-c o£ fi^e per cent upou whiles rente, etc An InWction is dcinnnded to stop such illcgvl collections rendiupr a de clsion from MadnA. Vote AKulnut AdmlttlnB Wome Lancaster Courthouse. Not Such » tart* Fortuiw. 'London, June 13,-Thc Statist says fh-it the fortune leffbv Uie late Col. North, the nitrate long is m«ch ess than -£500.000 The famous kennel of S^hotrw* o^ned b> Col .North sold Saturday ___ Lou,«v>e, , *rT nreme lodge ot the hwghto oX Honor Saturday morning decided not to admit women to the ordei by a vote oi 51 to 06 l j hi ntleiphia June 13 — John s \an ITU, issued a clnllejige to an} m.ia ni tin. woila to eiigas-e him in a sleepless contest lor 30 d»\ s SulJn an \vorks in the Settles iron iurj.nce, ind for ex- .ictlv cue moi th he uo\er closed hj» u tnr a'niinute. ^

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