The Times Herald from Port Huron, Michigan on November 5, 1919 · Page 1
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The Times Herald from Port Huron, Michigan · Page 1

Port Huron, Michigan
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 5, 1919
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THE POET HURON BBALD, WEATHER Partly cloudy, slightly warraer TIM a r Iff'CON TIMflS 4?TH YKAK r; j'Mlt.Y HKiCAt.O 2'trii 1 i.Ai', PORT HURON, MICHIGAN, WEDNESDAY. N0VEM3ER 5, 1919 TWELVE PACES TODAY PRICE THREE CENTS STOP INJUNCTION, SAYS GOMPERS, AND STRIKE CAN BE SETTLED ATTORNEY GENERAL SAYS STRIKE FIRST MUST BE CALLED OFF OHIO STAYS IN DRY COLUMN NEGRO SEDITION BEING INCITED BYTHE RADICALS PORT HURON'S NEXT MAYOR THIS STRIKE VIOLATES LAW SAYS ATTORNEY FRENCH WINS FOR MAYOR BY 82 MAJORITY v v. VOTE. LAST EDITION B G EE TIMES W MAJORITY IE YEAR AGO Fcur Wot Propositions Are Ce'eajCfi By Majorities of About 75,000 H'D SIX MONTHS TRIAL l.thn.Von Gain In Cincinnati Was 2000; Increase In Small Cities t. Nov. ft---eihio ye-s-n rfmaln In the. dry i !.; . riiijirlfy which, may fti timca thr size of tha' !i i voted proh i hi ! ion a H't'ord 1 n K to incomplete ,f.'i' ial returns received fo- . r 4 ml n. .! i at the office, of th secretary i-f ' a ' -. ,riry of 8'a.ta Smith pmH early today that, partial returns to i in offii from half the counties In tn '' Indicated a dry majority fin !l four prohibition protosals of .(proximately 75.000. Yesterday's dry victory ram Just a vr after Ohio first voted nt(. i if prohibition by a majority "f J'.'1"", and less than nit month sf-'r prohibition hfcsms effective or M,.y 2 7. In addition to defeating th prop- d repeal of stat-wida prohlbit-inn. Ohio yesterday sparently vo'ed I y hig majorities to uphold th action of th legislature in ratlfyinK ih federal prohibition amendment . to kill a proposal for th manufacture and sal of beer containing ss l-igh ss 2.75 percent elcohnl, and to put Into steel th Crahb prohibition nforrrmint Mil pesel bv ihn lciiattir last spring. All the prohibition proposals wars In 1 1 1 a I by th wets. It. If. 'iiliaon. manager of the f'hlo Horn Rui association early this morning Issued a statement (Continued on Page Flight) LODGE LDSEE ON SHANTUNG Last Two Treaty Amendments To Be Voted On This Afternoon "fhlr)ton, Nov. 8 Without dbt tha pnat yrstorday vot1 1own motion by Republican I.i1r Lotiar to nfrlk from th l"'' trprtfy th pro Isiona dlvinsr 'IprTisn riahfs In to J- Tha vofa. 4t to 2. rva!rj vlr- -atly tha aama linkup In th 4'Rf'a prviou rpfn.5Al to a.m,ni1 'b Shan-t'tnfc provision. Tha vot hh to 35 on Octohrr 1 - Kainut tha or!rinl forrlrn rp'fitlona com-anini1mnt to iih.ttttlt ''hitiii' f.r "Japan'" In th nc-ti-in. .onatora Ounimlm unl Kanyon 'p',ibllrnn, of Town an1 Thomas, "f Co'iori1o. n.1 ShlMa. of Tn- !., din',nrn!!l. Vot1 IKTAlnf "ha rnmrruttnn unifirlmftit hut to-'!v votp.1 to sustain tha Io1k nio- Ivit Two ntotlmoTta Wh!nion. Nov. 5 With I '-'i(k nt a, tha hour for th vota Iifo!l't nmcnilmfnt to '"' pra.- trratv iin.ler tha unanl-'"t : rir'i or t rthP'J yfr-''v nnl n-th flr.a! artton on th ''Ma n'!v-lnnt !o r?rin,'l for !-. th lt two amandmanta "w rra'ninir hrfcra tha aanata ' k;y wlH ha !lmmtJ hfora '"lrnpiant Wl'h n'l ron3Tnnt ! "Wt of tha trny. a c'aar aap tri'X ! ' o(T.'r , for rn; -tprn Mon of th : list or rpTvs(tiona. i Pnta 1air hnv not nMndon- j 1 ' 1 h.p of ar.forrlnr final - j !in on th tr-?v nn, aMitlonal ! 'rt, !r. thla .lirrt'on rrar look- ( e5 fiir durlrt th tVv. Party Leaders Scrutinize The Election Returns For Indications Of Drift Of Popular Sentiment M,.r romp!! returns today on '" off-ye-tr elections In set era.! "' d:,i not change th outcome; in any important respect. Thai "mashing victory of Calvin Coolldce t'PvMican, In "Massachusetts, re- j eiectel to s trior by is y a g-:t ""!at state. uoceed himself as gov- . 1-trses! vote e, er poll-; ernatoria! cars-tMata In 1 honors with an j a;'.ost e.ria'ov decisive ,'dry" vsc-! 'tv in i 'hio as th most striking '""'il: cf voting. Watching tbo Current Aa a poss-.b' ind;;-:ion of the ' of popular sentiment pre- ' t-rv t the rational elections ' v" i c jr. esterdav's results were 'vii-g closely s.-rutinixedi by party o'ad.'.rs. Kentucky was swept Into th r-ubhean f.h In the governor--;' f'gh. b.t to. lav's re:-.;rr. r! tj:a b xi certiCn that Ntv Jcr--had reverted to the drmocraf.c column. Maryland, the only other in which there was a serious coctert for th joverr.orsh'.p was President Sends Congratulations To Gov. Coolidge s 'i r n t V. i i son. f r rri . Iwl ly telegraphed Jvvr: vin or. ; M of M,isi contratuUti!! Mm on l"f 1 I .'!, )!, l t j sld R as "a i- . try f'.r .fjf v a i h ' j . C t I ! to r- r " ;. n ,t a n urfl'r.' T ! ' (" r r,i f . I ! 1; )t '., I i : 'i " 1 1 jaton. M 'I i'fn m .i '.',,; up'.n vtit ! s. i ' ' ' ' ' ! ' . ti i o; - r . v !. ri ' ': i ' : r ; ; '1 , V i i' I !: V I " llroj.f ncjtttrr I rtf d b t V i. i : i i . . . 1 ' -j . In l is'r.ry a ir n I cor; --;i ' .i : t . ! a -i-t'.- of t i. f. , i ' ..! i '.i b ' f !f I ion o r-I y. r i o f . r ' 1 r. ! : - . - v - i 'vrtr 'oo' : t ij a p.i vlrtory x'oni'i R-- f:- . hi hi r ;i . t. ft i- i : t: nf-r;t:iy o v roiin'r y w h. ir eorr.b.j t :n rHvl prop ?!. ili.i ,r! ar.'l jcrmral i .i 1 nim-Kt. OLIBCE W SOLE ISSOE OF LAW AMD ORDER Governor of Massachusetts Said Striking Policemen Were Deserters GETS LARGEST VOTE EVER Opponent Said He Showed Hostility To Labor Organ ization Boston. Jfsss., Nov. R. flovprnor Calvin rooti. Ige. rpubHi;an. who mail support of law and or'lar th sola fss'i of M can-- en. was r-alactfl yrstnlay by a piurailty of of 124.171 ovr JUchard II. Loop, democrat. Tha ravlsfl vote of the s's'a c. mplf-fe: Cooliltf,. 217.34?; I.onsr 191!74. Tha voi Riven tJovarnor "ool-blit was tha larrst yr cast for (rovarnor In thla etata. althouRh his plurality haa bn axcedad. The total vote waa onm laliy havy. !,on also opposJ Oovrnor Cool-Ida last year and was dfatf.i hy a plurality of 1 7.35. In hia ram-paign 1-onir appal. rart!cn!arly to th labor vota on tha around that Oovrnor Coollds had shown hostility to orfcanlitd labor In d-noiincina- Uia atrlklng r.oston policemen aa desertera. ,Tha en'.ire republican s'afa ticket wns elected bv large marcit.s Although, tha democrats tslne.l four ssts In tha hons of repre. sentatlvea ha repubiicana Ratnd threa In tha senata and will have their tisual larga majority In both branches. WITH BALLOTS Feminine Vote Big Factor In Election Results On Tuesday That the women cf Tort Huron plaved an Important rart In Tuesday's election results is Indicated by th returns from the second and eighth precincts. In the second ward out of a total of 6S4 votes. 273 were cast bv women. In th eighth precir.ct there were 617 otes an.1 of these 3t were cast by women. The s.m percentage of balloting by women applied to other precincts of the oty. Th total voj cast bv the women cannot b had until the city clerk makes a canvaa of the vote. In doubt w;:h the democratic candidate leading. Icl Issue I'ortiplWaat tcal issues complicated the f'ght in at least two states. In Massachusetts the polio strike fs.atj in Boston was said tinder-lav the purely party dl is ion at th foils. Pihard II. Xiorr g, defeated democratic candidates appealed to the ishor vot wh:", Oovemor Coo!!J? so--'d ecjuarely on his record In dealing with the Pru'on polic strike nr,d rolled tip plurality Of aout FiS.O-Jt' votes. rts Win llrrp Tn New JerjjfV. KdwaiTd I. Kd-nnr s d r at. running n a "vtfi" platform, ha 4 an apparently sf lead of almost 12.000 over Newton A Pucree. rep'obUoan. but th leg::v:r was rcpubHcan by a narrow margin. The defeat of Governor James P-PlacK. il'-rjwrt. f-r rc-elct tion in Ker.t'tcky w her Kdw in P. Morrow CO WOMEN ACTIVE t Continued on Page UUtn) Government Discovers Effort To Make Fighting Force By Race Antagonism DIRECT ACTION FOR NEGRO Doctrine of Physical Force; Preached In Rac;cal Negro Press f:. li.WIii l,AVHKM.T. : . ' 1 i .1 t,v T.r:;---lf-r-iM , I ! I. NOV O H ,.!! ; . ;s -r. th- t f t i. .!':, n,..i ...!:;..n arnonx th- , ' ' ' " '"'1 '1 f h r'"' !!- r. i . ;-r h. a'-.ii!- ;i rlptorrtlr;.! -rr-rt I-.t : ' r.f i ! lin 1- t!-rM to .! ( ri.itKt i.I ; -t w -i:i'i- i 'n !';riifs n ! 1 tn ike 'f !.! h i; force of i .f c- an- ' 1 i,r ' ' ' . v ' ' .Ul-t h.v i'l Ivn hofo t!.- ' f! .- !-i of til.- .! .f- til'' a , t.-t- iii w.. tl in a-!-, -ini-o .t -;- i -,-;, t Mil. ii':s ri V.ihn;, K;. .", .i.-.urn Mr'il; ,i;:! i i'i.i .vi.l 'bis rout ii;'H-.i v. -v.-ii tii"i" rii' .I Ic-i thop - is -.!i'" now hi -.'.ig ii:-. ..- i. ! by o;T!. i.i,-t of the K"Vi-in- I ; i o . An i lysis jn'i-lo by a train. .) In-r-t:K-itin- for tho d.p:ii 'nx-nt of :i . i i'Ih to th i nni 1:imii thiit "thr can no i' riser bo j ny i'ist-tion of a well (f.r-i.ei tpd mo vi inon? .im'.iiS rfi l.iin of n-i;i' bii.i- ra of thotjulit Hid tictp.n to con-iViio t iii-ii ..-.( i f-n a ilftortiiin'! nn.l ;.. ;: 1: . of i -i.I.i-hI up- 1 osition t- H,i. t; '.'!: Hi i! t nu- t.. tlin i nits of l.tiv asi'l or.'r." Hrit'lion Towanl Il.ioo Itiotind Atot'tiir !h.. siM1 -nt point not-' ;!) t!: if-o!it :itttii,l of thu soi l1; ! 1 : '; ' j -i i t ; 1 1 i i t -m of nr-iii u I.m.I ; i ' . ' l-';i t. An ill jrovot n.t r.u-ti.n !n H'l rai-o I'lotniK; soctitirl, th'' thi' of if t" iii.Hot y tno.-t.'iiirr-a In i oprn . tii.n w .'h lvmhitiKs; t'-ifrd. 'ho mro opf-t-.'v fiprfiR -I ilctit-nl f.-r io.-:.i! P'iMaii'y. in hi h ib--n 'iri.l t Sin ao pi i.l.l.-m ia not ln-; ft ...luently; fmiith, th-v ' i-'en! ilk'-ition of tl: tn-irro with j uh radical nreHniztttiona a th ! I. W. W, nml an otttxpokon a.lvo-i (Continue.! on race Nine) JACKSON VOTES BONOS FOB CITY II City Also Votes To Use the Central Standard Time IVv Th ssor!at1 Press) ' Jackson. Vov. 5 Tl-, voters of. Jackson y.Kfer.lav elected to tin1 ofTic of msynr, Krar.k T. B-nn!f. over J, H. I.onrtn. by a majority of 9S4 votes J. K. Whlttaker and Eric i Voung wer chosn commissionera. j th latter receiving a re-elction ; John Simpson was elctefl J-idg of th po'ice court by a thousand ma- ; Jorllv. his oppor.f-nt beinsr J. M- j Adams. Bonding propositions calling for the expenditure of $1,50.- I 000 In paving of streets, extension ; pf war pip and the construction i of trunk sewers, were aproved. ss were a toning plan and a proposi-Mlon to extend the bonding limit of j j th city from thr to five percent, i ' Tha votrs decided, also. that: Jackson's official time will be that i of the Central standard time. STEEL RIOTING Throw Red Pepper In Eyes of Youngstown Police Officers r ttv Th Asoc!std Press i Tour astovi ri. O. Nov i..H:ot!ng ? c i t f':e plant of t'-.e Yo-jnts ' town Sht ar, 1 Tub "ompany. . again to-lay whn fif'y women at-j tacked the sheriff and his deputies : when th officers tried to kern 1 them from j-reventing workmen from entring the p'ar.t. lied pep-I per was thrown In te eye of the , officers as th women tried to sie ; the'r re olvers. j Twenty-four women snd four men ; were arrested efter s sharp ficht i jn which several women were ; slightly injured. Fifty women gsth- ere-t at -'- '-T t a of the plant i but remained quiet. Th sheet tube re-pnv snnoijn-I c4 today that its last idle depart -; ment had starte.1. tn furnace be- tng operate.' Th Carnegie Companv report"-' of a not ;tr bar n th resumption j Suffrage Ratified In State of Maine iPROIEHT WOMEN TAKE UP j ipv-Th As-o -.i 'e 1 Pressl j Aagtssta. ?-?e.. Nov, i, Toe amn4- imert to the f-lerai const :ti;t ion I pivir-c wom -n rlsrhT t vote x i j ratified In the hoot today in cn- ."Jtrfit.'f wish the senate. The vote ia t: to s. r ' - i-. : -i ... - 4 - ;" j- -',-'' - . - , . ; , -" .. , l . - -' 1 - - i - - . "4 W- . - J ' ' I tTpjoniod El.fCTED AND HAS HEW SON Young Colonel Roosevelt C-oc To Legislature With Big Majority Ity The Afn. -i oil Fn) Oysu-r I ::.y. N. V.. .ov. .',. . t f ter I'.ay C " ! ol today over tl,.. election of Lieutenant Colonel Tin -odor Roosve!t. Jr to tlie sttta assembly and fhitre.l wish hun h!" happiness at th birth of an "r'.c-tion -hi y" P"o. The re topic 'his little town I i.n .St v f ! f is "Younir Ted lv's In vi s. f r.'.;i v 1 1 y over bis d Kilns laT, heir iwofti S. '".. in! rlrroi to b. tl-, majori'.y ever r ond assembly of .lis.'.:5!on !-l u i . ' n :i r-; e ( ' tits'-:ppe,1. w n - rcmnrkabia rur. ' i o n . his opponent r f D,ir;i'f .! st bo-- . ' 1 : : s T. ;i i! .- - :. .; . ' i i up ths: riot he S'c- in county. When th re'ur 1ns night InU cated a sweeping vlct.r;,-. Colonel Uooaevelt W. tC to r e;,i; . , ,i -I hf.1'1 g H.l! -i. fvi-vh..ity! I fine!" h xc' fi s crowd- 1 -.'..-.'I' hi-r nn-i hand. "And V t.,t a t boy, too." he adeil vi grin. Th bov l-.aa b tjuent in fi f : . r t -e e son. who v is killed in aerial corulnr. S perfecly I . ' s friends fcrif-.r! his . en pou r. d ; h a broad r. r. :i mod : -p- ' it's ' K I-. in TUDENITCH IS SOVIET CLAIM Bolshevik! Wireless Says Remnants of His Army Breaking Up (By Th Associated Press London. Nov. .i n announcement Issued by Puasian soviet army officials received here by wireless says: "V have received fresh reinforcements; Yud'-njtch can get nor,. The rv name of his army ar breaking up. They are surrounded bv troops. "From l.y.s t eur tr-'-op are Irresistibly advancing cn yudn-itch's rear "On th other fronts the situation is f.iv.-r.Cle to -. We are on th eve of a vivtrso-j termination cf th war'" COllOISlTES ACQUISITION OF GRAND TRUNK Bill Goes To Senate Which Is Expected To Offer Amendment PyTh Assoeiatd Fhress Ottawa, Ctu , Nov. 5 Th hcoise- IV ar, i the l i'l a r c " c t h f th G' acij;sittia f n ra;irevad. - The a ot was 4 to S3, a government majority cf 31. The bill now goes to the senate which is expected to r.-l it back to th, house with an ar.'r.. ;r .-. ;d-l,' the v.jl.; of tl'.A r . -r-a - --.; -h i r he ..; ' :-. . -.-- 1 -. t-itr.4k:n bv Sb sane i;-t.iir..;s e.f ordinary eharc tn the tii sa adopted by the fcvus. nn;( it FIOSTMEETINE BF LEIteUE TO BE HELD III PARISTIGIITING BOND ,cmc Council Has So Decided But Date Is Not Fixed Py I'a r i Th A .,. rrf f ,rst nie. ! 'nr. leacue of n-rar;s. the n-1 today. I? a date for th" . Nov. r.. council r ill b h' i in the of the t.or.s ' ;rr p- a council how ever. !-'l not, ija' lo- nn 1 1 v n s fix a cree-t 1 1" fi th co-jn.-il of . ..11 t o ' v siio i . i i r. c f.r-.jv i-ioti'.-l i-nna-.-'.er a: p a'ers whieh upon lr.mdiatly b p.TSSe 1 th format rat-fh ation of th n p ' a - tr' ,n. II today dis-:. ! . d w e.rk. iipon x-i t-e , aS.sed con s o 'v n f.ry to 1 nt . w before tha l ends. I T f ! R ?, I Q T Jll I II f, Mil L GOVERNMENT OF FIRST INTEREST Representative Curry Calls On Miners To Show Their Patriotism IV i r t ' -n . Nov. 5 An open ie'ter urging the minr to return to work was male ruf'''lc today by Pepresen'at .v C irry of th Tnth. j district of Mi.hiran. which i ss!.-l 'o eon'ain sventy-s! percent of tirlon m : n e r s of that sta'e. "V...;r con'rovtrsv is r,o longer i with the mine operators." Mr. Cur-' r v said "Vo-.r government reTJests, and th public Interest demands, that your allegiance and loyalty to the government be ackwl4gd j as cr.i'rr than your obligations to f h !.-' e r ; - a of 'Are ye "T e; 1 Mm Workers cf Am-ar y o'her orgsniration. i with the government or -'v Is an 1 "e you- -s to srin r-t of your r x to d u y i - g.-rous la-have aleea-ij- lailon it,". p-i i tevensoa's Cammeat City. Nn. "Cor grssman A Cjrrfe 's one of the men l i . o-ed to hriri ' ,- -.r Into th's CTintry h war His alleged un-!-trft I- t- welfare of Pay the Co-. n'rr -l r s restrict wo-j i be b er e 1 if he trsde an rr'l to the cos! r eratora ire f-or are In this s'rike to win ar -1 m-!'l si .-' until they -et JuS'tee." Tr is is th statement of WlUlam ?'vns'-r.. president of Pi strict No 24. United Mine Workers ef America, when the opn letter which Curri sr.t out to th miners ef the dls'rlct wss read to h'm. Permanent Rank For Five Generals Pr Th Associat'd Press Wash ;-gton, Nov $ Prma.r. ,t rak of ' -.fra'' general for I.: tie .-rals Tggett and r-.'liri nr. 1 MtMf "J-er a 1'ie- . - Tiari MoAn Ire n- 1 Har-ord was r ee e. -r. m n d ed ry Gsr! Per-shir.e when he r'-s-iro.ed hi et-rr, r t hefor ?'r e a a -. ! hoijse - -..-';-.-.f te-d Gor.orz'.s I-geft. i: -:o--ic, -ii.l nrrr.y e , t - . ' e e -.n 1 ol- Ar -e- w e rr -.:ef r.f ?f ef tf.e Ar rd and H r ' - '. ;. an Ilx- TO Must Be Called Off Before In-j junction Can Be Vacated NEW AGREEMENT FIRST Union Officials Say Strike Could Then Be Ended Without Referendum (Br The Aaaoc!at1 Prs Wah.r.r;on, Nov. I Th rovern-.r.t carnot accept tha rropoal ! f orsar.'.z1 l.hor n r.,1 tha coal ' -r:k hv ar:-l:,: the injunction M:r Worker cf Amarict. Aa- istar.t Attorn.-y Ofr.'rl Ani In f At!"rry t;neral l-i!mr. anr.ourc! t i.y lht tl. , frnn-.e r.t rouM not a? sr.iJon Its pOMtion bpfiuji the atrika a in ,. :'!on cf l.i w. JuU Ames is? 1 th followirr at:nent: "The T.ike l a iolatlon cf th Irw. As lor as It contsnuaa. we ire golrif to r'-i'o1 in tha courts. Th. l:put l.'twon tha mtn riliri-ri h ri . i 1 i nit t i . ..i t - i an rr.tirasy ,i ,..,,.. i that they can -( '.! in tl i 'r ow n wav. Th rov- ,rr!'if"t c mn-'t t--U-r-i! en: in -ifd v!.iti..n of th l.iw -jch aa this strike co- t i";!-s " Mt'iins IMiff I"ij;ht fief of th. orni !r.t to i ate th if'i'iril ' ." neana a lone f -'ht in the coal '. !.'. while Its I withar iwai wi:n.i nm op-n.i m wav for eUW rr. r,t of the atrika -ilh!n forty-alrht hours. c.-orl-intr to I-Mcar Waiker. Ieet!atlv rp;rpf r.trit ivp of th V'nstcJ Mine V..rk-rs of An-.ri.-a. "If tli lr b!Ti,-t '.on wr trj'h-(Con':v.'! .1 on I'.ik KiRht) ISSUE DOWNED N Overwhelming Vote Against the $2,000,000 Issue, In Bitter Contest Ka'amayoo. Mich., Nov S Py an V- ' ... n- r.- 'v t v Trono- sal to enlarge th municipal electric light plant was rWeaterl yestenay at th poll" The achem Involved . th issue of bone's amounting to $2.- n.-io r.r.o anil th contest was on of i the bitterest in municipal history. A rroporal to increase th salary of municipal Judee from a year to 3,f""'0, was carried. Three new members wer elected to the city commission. Th new municipal Jiidee e'erted was Carl C. Planksn-burg and t- n commission will l-.a comoosed of It. Fpjohn. re-elected; Alex. Vetl em an. It. Paul T. Butler, re-elected; Albert T. Bui-schen. Captain Carl M. Meyers. Albert T. Todd snd Truxton T. Taltot. th later re-elected. Faugatuck. Mlh., Nov. 5 Fred Grant, prosperous farrier, commit ted auic.d eirly Wednesday morning by hanging himself from a tre in a wood leit on an adjoining farm. Ha had been despondent. . WEATHER D'troit. Nov. 5 Lfnwer Michigan -;o, 'y Vednes lay night, Thursday partly cloudy snd sl-ghtiy w a rm r. Vppr I.ks: fofrst north win is bcomirg southeast Thursday, cloudy tonight; Thursday partly cloudy except snow on wester Superior, warmer Thursday. Lower Ikes: Moderate northwest to r.or'h winds, becoming varl-v Thursday; partly c'.Oidy tonight. Thursday fair. Weather Forecast For Pert Huron snd vicinity; cioudv tonight; Thursday psrt.y c'o :v am e.ier.iiy warmer or Kak I: " n w , r, Is i ecom. r a so i a v Vodr T north ihurs- Mi a -x , ' W e 9X 1 m!ls M-dlle Is and : North, ! miles c:u-iy. Tanas Point- Northwest, ten miles, partly cloudy. Harbor I'-a-h: Northwest, twenty r-.'.f I. f'fi'.'lT leather faiflna T- r- a passd aay to th fittirl nr i was en'rl over New l erk ani ew t.n 2 an 1 1- s morn- ,r r Co'd and cloudy wshr pre- vailed in tha La k Legion and snow was falling at ' 0 a. ro. along lak -irrinr. -nv also f.' yrday i"fiT'. r; im .as- r ,r . in 1 -' -v.i-a- Ann! her srorm cr.r is r.-c -r- '-cm tv, and is ex- -.. ,. '; to' a is a shift ef winds from'h to so-jth.esst. In our vl- . . .city T r ur . ay i warmer weather. w it h rV'l It wiil b partly c.oudy Thursday. I Relative Hamlfllty i Te-rdy T-"av j 12?"'pra tprn lam' ' r-v Te p. ...4?1 J4 ' !''" j Wet Tmp ... Z' i 31 l - , 1 Twel. Jl-ra ' 4 pt T pet pet , i Teniperatares On-T'sa . sirs 1:17. "n will at at S.2? a m. TP P-? t'AT treriNtSriAT 1 p. m. 2 P. m. J p. m 4 pi. m. r- to. .44 . : . s 1 a. m . ,.J' 3 a. 4 a. , .2? It I o 1 1 KAliO C;..'-.J in Ci.irs HOMES ME WILLING TO PAY South Port Huron Plants Would Deal With City Officials . r TO APPORTION EXPENSE Settlement With Firemen To Be Left In Hands of aa Commission In an aTort to arriva at a aattla- r-:nt of th dam.inrta of tha m ambers of tha P.-rt Huron fir dfpart- n;nt for extrs. Ion for rcpon.!inr to alarm at ft In from I o-itsi-ta ( th. city limits, partic- uUrly letter a ! corpot tho manufacturing district, cr set.t to th heads of itions af!ectel by tha d- niand bv C. W. llaenarl. manacer of th Clumber of t'otnmcrca k-iv.K for rpinlons on tha aubJecU Pet lies hav been rc elve.l from th Moak Machln A Tool Co., Anker-Uolth Mft Co, Morton Sslt Co. and Holmes KmmOrv Co. Th information com eyed la unanimous aa to compensating tha city f r fira protection, but ther ar differences of opinion as to how l!i assessments for this protection should b apportioneil to th In-du-tri.-s. Manacer t". W. Ilaensel will call a meeting of th manufacturer for th purpoa of d-!rmtning th proportional amount each Industry In th factory section oufsld of th city limits, shoii',1 pay. Th concensua of opinion among tiinnnf u tutors Is that thv should directlv with th c!r. and that th Mty olliciala should make the negotiations with th firemen. The letters ara follows: Moak Machine A Tool Co. rort'H'iron. Michleae. November 4, 1J13. Tort Huron Chamber of Commerce, Port Huron. Sllch. ! Gentlemen: Replying to your lt-j tr of the third, wa are willing to i pay th city of Port Huron our pro- portlonata ehar cf th etpensa of j fire protection to tha Industries not ! located within the city limits, and . the amounts allottel to each com- ; (Continued on Page Four) TO TURN BACK S 'JANUARV 1ST Senate Likely To Pass Bill To Pass Bill To Continue Guarantee Returns (By Th Assocla'eri Tress) Washington. Nov. E Tmporry I'ris'atlon continuing government guaranteed returns tf Iba railroads after their return to private control January 1 until auch time as congress) can enact permanent legislation, virtually wer decided upon today by th nat lnterstat commerc committee. Committee members a!d th president ti 4etrmln4 t turn hack th railroads next January and that as there, was llttla likeil-) hood of tha enactment of pending I permanent railroad bill by that i tim. some temporary expedient would hav to b adopted. Ship Explosion ' Kills Firemen TTvyTfc Aaaociafed Press) Havre. Nor. 8 Thr f.rmen were killed and two Injured by a boiler xplost!on on th American samr P.olgan, which arrived he-a t ic'ol r 1 1. "pv, pedepan Is ore of th wooden steamhips of th fnl'ed ?'. r : n rti n sr r? n , i j.jii n-t !,. -a. Atkinson . iSimplon Wreck Victims Number 27 j 1 . Par's f"ad n tv. v.e r ,v, Cimon wr.cjt Monday . . - 1 was twenty-seven. a-"irou.a i - - ... rosV company. Th tra;n while at i real co a e'andatul j so'h'sst o r ar Tsri c-vs rfi rri: -i i-m I t 1 a train tound f-r Gr,va. - ELECTION Preelaeat l .: -1 i r-' jr,r i , . Fee- l'fl;.r. Third I' . K'.-trth Precir.ed. Fifth Preein't . . '"lit h Prelriet . . o-verth pre .-ft !:'? 'h I're'.r. t e- ; r h I r ; r. - t Te--th Ir"-it. t . PROTECT DN RAILROAD S Amendment'v To Charter To Increase Salaries Is Defeated FIFTH DECIDES ISSUE Total of 6150 Ballots Are Cast Big Percentage By Women J . John V. French will e tha net mayor of Tort Huron. Th personnel of th rreaent city commission remains unchanged, C. I Poynton having been reelect.! commissioner of public-safety. The present salaries of tha city officials will remain unchanged, th electors having vt.1 down th proposed amendment to tha city charter to Increase sals r lea. Tha fthovo sums tin In brief, on of th warmest political campaigns that has been ataged In tha city In yeara Thr are many outstanding features to th lctt.n on Tuesday, notably th neck and neck rac mad hy John lb Mcll-waln and John V. French for mayor. French won oer Mcll-waln by a majority of it -otes, th total count being: French, J116; Mdiwatn 0J4. All Walt For Fifth ft was not until the return from th fifth precinct wer received that th final result could b determined, so close, wer th candidates for mayor running. Thete was an unusually heavy vot cast (Continued on Fags Peven) BBERS COME WITH A TRUCK Milan Depot Safe Found East Side Alley In Detroit r' In VBy Th Associated Press) Detroit. Nov. 6. A steel safe stolen some tim Monday night from th depot at Milan, waa found In an east Bid alley here today. The door had been blown off snd only a fw receipts and other pspers wer left. Burglars brok Into an esst sld bskery early today and draggd in 19 pound safe containing IS.IOO Into th street, after which they rsrt sd It awsy la a wsltlng truck. Th robbry was llscovered shortly after 4 o'clock when th proprietor opened th tor. II found h latch on th front door broken snd th strong box missing. No trace af th bsndlts has been found. Six Bandits Arrested and Two of Them Are Exe-cuted tP.r T As-oclst-d Tr) I Washington. Nor. S Fix emt-loyes i wr murelrd snd mor than 171-j lis In American gold stolen froti i nil companies operating In th j Tampb o oil rr!on during July, Art-' gust and September, according t' an official report Just compiled. It wss learnd today, ' bandits 1m -nlcafd 1n two of th ontrsges wr srrested snd two of the'-! j P rrrfi soldiers were Implicated i in aom or tn oitrsr". r" r-,-.. - i stateo. a. though In earn i camps of th region tha ' ! .11... wr "t.ehavlng wil. '" ... . - v-- - J - csmc, af fnrr, a! was ! raided ' r.f """?ll'7" i rbo i s-o. i"- ' -- . - . gfl I tr.rlir'i sr.1 (frovs s wsy the lt onuls in th carrp. RESULTS alary Rata J BOYNTON WIN OVER ROSS FOR COMMISSIONER Ml SMIDERED IN OIL REGION IS! 221 .11 I ,! si: j. , sir; 12 J 2: :i3i 2i i 4'' !'i 4S. ST4 '' 414 a i 4' 2 14i .' S4 24i HZ ! j J t : J ' J 1 T .ci3 4 14 101 t:,t : m .' r zi' Wt I'-t ,i:J4 I3-- ,s -ri:,i'iTi ti 2 ' j .- : 2i5 1 0. JS5I 113 o:! 2 V II. 171 41 14J 47 41 6t as. 1T 1 I J i ', 24 1 "1

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