The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 2, 1947 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 2, 1947
Page 9
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MONDAY, JUNE 2, 1947, CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION fe'rt'lcn" 1 * *" '" «*••««'• 1«- tilmlinuni Ob*ri« „ __ &A. 1 t!ine per Uu« __ """ YiCs * Itaei t.r line ,.r fii" ---- ^ -- }JJ 3 llrcM no, Ho, f, r d j f ^^ --- »JJ 0 times ner 1U< utt d.J ~ 70 »S '•* "" Une str A " ____ ---" 6c Moutb yor line __ 90 C Count me tiertss worls To" tli'llne. Art ordered for tliree or aU tlme» and •tnjyiea Defora oiplntlon will be chun- en for tlio number of times Iho id »i>- Iiearcil ami adjustment of till mido. A1V Classified Advertising cony tab- IIU'd liy jiersons residing ouUliio ol the |ir must, lip a««ui>a«led by cash. H«te! easlly "uiiiuled from th« »bov» tlsloit order for ln««Ut Iniw Uons takes tbe one time r»t» No responsibility win be' t*t» for moro tnaa am Incorrect In»rt4oa .t >nr clasBiflcO ad. For Safe Complete stock of Softball equipment, including flashy colored uniforms. Price Price SG..10, §11.95, SS.9S. Planters Hardware, Inc. 5 5 ck tf Kates for sale. Phono 2072. BABY CHICKS QiiB.Jriiplo A Sla.75 per mnudrcd 41m Hrown Hlorc BlO-ck-tf 0, 40 & 52 gallon Norge electric heaters arc now available at Planters Hardware Co. Ask for installed prices. Elements are available for any power lines. 4-21-ck-tf llllllllLT. All Wncl IKIS'L' been rtillicu-d l<> furinera ' n. oil .3. 5|3.|.k-C|3 , n, or insor liH-fs |,a vi' \,?en rtclucL-d III (aruic w!,o f ,,mv ufipr it. O. S. lt,,llisui, W. Cani|» Jlaultrii... 1'lmiio 3J109.' e rnriij-thini! you ilon't need I Trade ksoll It ,u Klin,, Slion. 4(11 K Mni!,. Tiini! S59. ____ klinx. prnrlicallv new. Clionp ('nil •' ,''"""> > ..... I"" liniiso nn IIwv. (11 in Mn-l... willi = rcxnn lions.- in rf-nr " n nc-rri! i>f Iir«l H:ISK liin.l .,11 H.vy 01. 1'iiir iiii|,rnv,.|ii,.|,i«. This fan. i Ins Ii mil.' rnuiting Hi., liighwny. Cnine nil.) «|.|>. M. II. F.AHH1S Sli'i'li-. Jlu. Till feel ttt flarr slif-lviilf 1—(1 fool ,-:in,ly .•:,«-. 1 ,'l,.<-lric ml-rU-orator. Call 0,-iI l.mvc finnvry. 1'liuii,' SOT. Neat 5 room house. Possession today. Liu-jre lot. Pros' r c s K i v c neighborhood. Easily financed. Sec or call. Max !,ojran, Realtor. Tlioifc 2034. • Lynch !?]< f»l ck 4 •I rnnniK lir.m.-lmM rurmlnr,' Kiri>st[>ni! It.-frit-c.i-iilor. <iil l.urn.T i)rarliV:>l!v now. I.,-,- I'.iwrll ;n.-, st .1,11111 ;),•'• i iii. Arl;., I'hoim :|-J(I. Loans r,n aiiylhiiiir of vain,. tli;i1 i' nr.i1,l.i: C.;r«. Triirlis. Tr:irUits. ,is,-N nnil Fiirnihu-,.. ,-\l>f, ]-'.H.A. is for ri' finnnchiL-. r^tinirini: rinil l !• ,L- an,I ..:ii|. ,i>, !-'»r:,i l.:,n,\. nl ri.t-^ nf mfi.ivl S,',> - A I' Hi,.li. riiilcil lii.iir.lnr- AL-,.|||->-. 2IIH 1 -'. Main SI.. IIVIT Cinnr.l's .l,,ivi-lr>- For Rent i>y Kl \VAT!NIXG ORDER. The ttofcudant; ' Agues ' Junnifa Wolinr. is hevobv warned to appear, within ihiiiv f30) tlavs. to answer (lie cnninlntnt. of IVte plaintiff, FloyVl I,. Weber, filed in the Chnn- rerv Court for ihe Ohickasawba District of Mississipiji County. "Ar- jj^sas and npnn your failiire tn pJSr and r.nswer within snid time .^aid rftniplaint of the plaintiff \vili be taken as confessed. Witness niy hand ami seal, as clerk of '•aid court, this 23r<I day of Ma\>iK7. - Harvey Morris, clerk By Betty Smith, IJ. C. 5!24-31-G ! 7-H BLYTHEVILLB.i(ARK.y COURIEK NEWS For Soft POWER LAWN MOWERS. See the last word in a power lawn mower—(he Pathfinder—the one that cuts to any height and under any conditions. Blythevillc Machine Shopt -1-12-ck-tl' SUIl.KI) HUG ,,iot> ,l| sa| ,,,,. ar i,,,,,,, lii'ii txio <' ,l| sa| ,,,,. ar i,,,,,,,,,,. l<'in:i Pii^in j s ,,^.,,1 ulliiiiiivr Sloro. Fr,int IjcilruDlil r.niv.Tti.'iit lo fjiuli At,. o.ily. CO:) W. Mai,,. IMi'iin. ,"i. Several tvood, tuixleralelv priccd homes. Quick i)osscs- sion. T'\ H. A. mid C. I. loans availahle for iiiiyiu;; these plates. Seo or'call Mitx l;0i>'ait, Heallor. I'lione 20,')! Lynch Hldg. ;n c k .| N.-\v 12 foot l,o«t nil,) Ir Al*i, furin Iruilurs. W V«BO. Jlwy. Ill .V«inli. For Rent room rarn|ili'li,] v [ ino.lern M-r inn. \\rilf llo.s C.A.")""^.!' I'.j'uri^'r Nl ' wa - 3l-|ik-'J in. I'll. O.'j^, InfiA, i;. Alain 1'r-ail lifdronin. c.jnvi.rni.nt ti> linlli -Mi-n only, lild W. M : ,i,,_ |lh ,, llc , .,;,., owo-ok-ir' fours .1 („ | | |, m (. ,, j, v llnrn. ..'72:i. n[|,. r „„„„. N'ioo Ijcilrnom. Men nnlv ,\<li»013 \Valnul. I'lione 1'liio. I'lume 800. odrdoin. convcnirnl to |, al |, l>]ioni» 3:l2f.. Cll W. Main . 1|21- Ilk- 0121 Ucilroom :(14 N. Olli. ph. 2:^^ ilriirnorn. Clo30 in. alo \\' Wnlnnl 5l22.|ik->.|22 . Business Oppo.'fum'ty Inc.. .17!) K. WARNING ORDKR In the Clianeerv Court. Chicfca- snwba District, Mlssiissippi Comity, Arkansas. James D. Sweat. Plaintiff vs. No. 10,039 Belly Jean Sweat, Defendant The defendant Belly Jean Sweat is hereby warned to appear 'within thirt'y days in the court named in the caption hereof and answer the complaint, of plaintiff James D. Sweat. Dated this 23rtl day of May, 1<]47. Harvey Morris, Clerk By Betty Smith, D. C. Attorney for Plaintiff: H. G. •Fartlow. 5;2G-6,2-9-l(i ; We Guarantee | j RECAPPING j ! with > 1 ' I i Hawkinson Treads \ ! Let Your Next Tires Be I I GENERALS j j i | Cost More — Worth More; | MODINGER TIRE CO. j I <16 F. Main I Phone Z201 ' City Radio -Service- Dial 2407 , For i:\pcrt Repairs 321 Kasl Main St. Felix A. Carney Free Delivery * Call PICKARD'S GROCERY Phone 2013 10M ChicVasawba LADIES Do Y<uir Wash Automatically And Sove! 35c up to !) Lbs Dry Weight We Furnish Soap Dleach & Hluin K Free! THE Washerette Crosstown—Main Division THREE SIMPLE STEPS! 1. Place clothing in Hcndix 2. Add soap, wail or shop 3. Take clothes home in 35 minutes. Monday, Yucsday, Friday Open fill n p. in. on Chevrolet*, Fords, Plymouth! Other Small Only Cars Moke It Look Like New We have the latest equipment and skilled workmen for the job! We have Leatherette to cover the upholstery. * New scot covers for of! models —Fender and Body Work . . .• * Drive by for estimate No Cash — Easy Terms PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY Walnut at Fifth—Blytheville, Ark.—Tel. 453—3715 Service* PAOB mm Wanted to Rent or -I rnoiiL fnrnl^lii-,1 nr ,]inr!ln,-nl. llrsl nf ird.ivnc.u. Wiilu .I..11. iijn C'uuriur Nnvs. f.-'JO If 1 or S room unfurnished house. Phone 3509. 4-23-dh-ti Wanted (o lease: IVareliouRc space :i()x40 or what have you. Call or write lul Holeson .Jr.. .120S Kains, Jonesboro. Ph. 2^1.2. 5 30 pk 0 12 Water drunk iinnirdintcly alter the eating of candy and uthcr ili'j sugnr:; is an nid to digpstion, jit- cording to tests. Children should have tliplr first allpox vncc'inulinn before their first blrthdny. accoi'ilini; t" an cm- For Complete Protection Against All INSURABLE HAZARDS Phone 3545 W. j. POLLARD AGENCY Glencoc Hotel Bldg. W. Ash St. S — Come to U-DO-IT LAUNDRY and do your family wash on our mortem MAYTAO MACHINES. Open Y A.>M Close D:30 P. J\[ Close Saturday at Noon Open each Tuesday and Thursday until 9pm ,'!2.'! Norlh 2nd SlveiH MONKY TO U/AN l'i> >ou need n lonn to repair or remodel? No down pny- niont, no mortRage, no red t»|H>. KllA upproved rate G*. Ask tin details. Mnx I'«'Kan, Healtor, phone 20S1. l^yiich Hldg., lllythcville. 9-2a-ck-t C '-ft us Kliariien and repair ymir lawn mower, rcRiird- less of liind or si/o. Get yours ready now,' and "void (|, t . n , s |,. Wu 1)k . k „„ nnd deliver. Hlythcville Mnehinc Shop, 211 H. 2nd •1-3-ek-lf Panama Hats Cleaned & Rcblockcd ' Fur Rcmoclling The Johns Shop cos \v. Hcl0~Wantcd CLUB 61 (Formerly MM ruff Inn) Ttu:s. A\i> nuHAY On-lii-stri Nights OPEN NIGHTLY FOR DANCING Under Now Management. Call 944 for rescrvotions. Couples and Parties ONLY! Owned ,v- <>\irral(Ml liy (iCIll'KC I'oill mill \V. A. "Keil" MirkmlnlT Wanted to Buy Vv'imt, 1 ti. liny [rmn O\VIHT sinnll .1 IT '. -, ],.,M-'.I W.'ll liiciiti'il A- inoiU-rn. Mii-1 I,,. prk-nl ri,;i»i>uit1>U>. ,Ml«wor I" 1)1.W (.':u.i t'onrlor NL-VVS. r.-ioii l.ii ini! ncn-nuo niar Hlyllio; 111,-. ;•.!:•!!. 1 '' _ . . Cash for wrecked or .junk iiiilomoliilos. "\Ytuli! Aulo Salvage. North U:\viiy Ii!. 'Pimm- :i78r ( . fi .'50 pk <i .'10 Hayv/cifd Students to Tour Mississippi, Louisiana CAriUTllBHHVlLljE. Mo. Miiy 30. — FOI tv-scvcn ninth niitl lentil guide students ot llaywiml ConsoH- clntrcl ficlioot. nccnnii)nnlc(l by ttfii- ehrrs, bus clrivpi.s, unil County £5ii- pcrluiunrlunL Floyd Iluuilclt. n- tiirticd tills \vcok froui :i flv?-dny tour tlirouEh Mlwissliipl nnd Lotus- innn Points mill towns of Inlri-i-vt InrliHlcd on tin- lour included N:i1- cbr/. Jackson. VloksljnVB, Miss., !H>d New OrlL'uns, Ln. Mr. iiainlcll war. fovmcily superintendent of llaywnrtl Consr;!i- FOR SALE Concrete Water Proofing Paint 12-48 inch CONCRETE CULVERTS plain or reinforced We Deliver Osceola Tile and CULVERT CO. \Ve Deliver I'linni! Ml 'S OUT PROTECTOURCHILDREN 7 AND BUY CAREFULLY; BUY A CAREFULLY RECONDITIONED USED CAR FROM LOYEICH CHEVROLET COMPANY: 10.11 Chevrolet Special Deluxe Town Sednn 19-II ChevrolcL Deluxe 5 Pass. Coupe. 1 !)•!() Poiitiiu- 4 door Sedan 1!).il Dodno 1 (tonr Sedan. New Motor. ll>,'i<) Ii'Drd Tudor Sodnn MHO Chevrolet Deluxe Town Sedan 1!MI DeSoto Custom A door Sedan I!) 12 Knrd Deluxe Tndbr. Sedan 1!>:t!) Plymouth 2 <loor Sedan . l!Ml Plymouth Coupe Mosl of (hose cars have radios and healers (!)lti Chevrolet Cab Over Kiifiine Tractor and 24 Ft. Carl or Trailer. Ooodas New. Tractor Tire Sixe 7!iOx2() —S2")x20 i-eiir. Tniiler 1000x20. We Never-Close- Sales DepI. Open Until 8 p. m. LOY E1CH CHEVROLET GO. Z Wrrclicra Texaco rroilncls Phono 578 21 Ilr. Service Bclbcrllnff Tires (luted DL.sli'icl pi'lrn 1 to hni'oinli)^ county silpprlnU'inlcnl, Knil tiiln I rip was his lust. oM'Idul cimncclinii with linywiu'd Sclionln. PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Gunranlcod Host I'ricea Karby Dnig Stores Steel Oil Barrel Racks Any Size T. L. MABRY las MISSOURI ST. rii. :«5rj We hove 'cm m plastic and fibre —fit any make car—any model! Only $18.75 up Lengslon-Wroten Company Walnut at Broadway !AFt CAttf SA Vf HVfS * OOflO CAXf 8HIH9 OOOD PRICfS Don't' Neglect Your Kidneys KhiKKls)! liiiliH'.ys ran steal yniir livitllli. Thry iH'rilllt the accuiniiliilion tif I(j.\lii5 (hat niakp yon drowsy, :irliy, HiiMl. Don't iK'alcct your Idrinoy.s. Drink thr iiulnral inln- L'ral i\ r jilrr nniny [locloi-s have: iirrseribrtl for ninrc th:in 7fi yrurs. Mountain Valley Mineral Water V,>r 7rt Yr:irs I lie I'rcM-rll.i-ll \V:ilcr at HOT SI'IMNGH, AUK. CROS5TOWN WHISKEY SHOP nlaln nnd Dlvistan lllydicvllle, Ark. RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY (All Types Excnpl Cancer) DRS. NIES & NIES €llnlc lit Main, I)lrllii>v11Jc, Ark., 1'hone Z9'il DON EDWARDS "The i:jptiTrItcr Man" , , .., . :' KOYAI,, SMITH, COKONA »nd HliMINGTON PORTABLE 110 N. SECOND ST. PHONE 8382 (Every Transaction MDST BE SAT1BFAC3TORT) I T.I.SEAY MOTOR CO. '•'^i Radios and Heater* T/; - ' Wholesale and Retail Genuine Chrysler Parts tor all Chrysler Products New Factory Motors Batteries • ' • : Tires and Tubes Paint and Body Shop , . • MAKE OUR SERVICE DEPARTMENT YOUR ' Sf RVICE DEPARTMENT 131 E. Main St. Phone 2122 PRIOII/LA'S I'Ol *i"O;>*vvvv>">'>">">'vvvvv>;>;>;>;x^ | Save 50% Chopping Expense | V . ^ X >j Plant Chemically Dclmletl, Fuzz-Free COTTON SEED | v !*! x Save Money—0 to 10 Lbs. per Acre. Any corn, pea orjj ;J: bean planter will plant these .smooth, slick cotton seed, jj ;Jj Can he plowed !> to 0 days after planting. j! >! KOWDRN 'IIB — STONEV1LLE 2C — n P & L 14 >lj :»: 8 X " £1 x For Sale Hy ' % iBLYTHEVSLLE SOYBEAN CORP.! Phones 856-857 • % • I K »x>;>' >"»! >;>;>'»'>; >; >>>>>>"+:>>'>"$>>nccj*^ AL~VERMEEI Pop, if you got ! na fig/it wit/I Joe Louis, \wu/d you vin?. I don't ssy I would aiid I don't say I wouldn't / guess (gulp) it \vouid fight, PriSd//3. not even mad at each other? suppose you

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