The Times from Shreveport, Louisiana on September 13, 1914 · Page 3
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The Times from Shreveport, Louisiana · Page 3

Shreveport, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 13, 1914
Page 3
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-THE SIIREVKroitT TIMES. SUXDAV. SEPTEMBER 13. i:r - 8 Dio Vaccaro Groceries and Fresh Meats Hioaoa: New 709, Old 3011 934 OLIVE ST. ALL GOODS DELIVERED FOR CASH. Best Granulated Supar, 15 lbs. (with $1.00 order, for . .$l.lf Good Penberry Coffee, (green) f lbs. for $1.00 Dime Brand Milk, 3 cans, or Pet Milk, fi cans 1250 a D. M., French Opera or K. & S. Coffee 1230 Pure Coffees Shepherd Blend, St. Charles or S. & S. Bleud, per can 0c Valmeyer Hour, 24"lb. saek 75c Omega, Red Feather and Merry "Widow Self-Rising Flour, ' 24-lb. sacks 80c Self-Itming or Plain, 12-lb. sacks 4 5c K O Baking Powder, 25c size, per can ;. .120c K 0 Baking Powder, 10c size, per can 8c Rumford Baking Powder, 1-2 lb., 14.!; Mb 21c Br. Price's Cream Baking Powder, 1-2 lb. cons, 24c j Mb. cans 45c Red Kidney Beans, good stock, per lb 10c Blaokeyed Peas, fresh stock, per lb . 10o Fancy Yam Sweet Potatoes, per peck J55c Irish Potatoes, per peck 25c Van Camp's Petit Pois Peas, per can 17c Van Camp's Early Juno Peas, 2 cans 25c Corn, 2 cans, 15c, or Pumpkin, 3 cans 20c Snider's Tomato Catsup, 6iuall, per bottle 15c Durkee's Salad Dressing, small size 9c Snider's Salad Dressing, 35c size 30c Silver Bar Y. F. Peaches, per can 20c Pie Peaches, large cans, each 10c Good Matches, 3 boxes 9c Large size He Apples, 3 cans i. .25c Half Gallon Dora or Dunbar's Pure Cane Synip 3c Silk Soap, 7 bars ...25c Octagon Soap, 6 bars ; .25c Fairy, Pummo or Lava Soap, 6 cakes for 25c Cottolene, large, $1.30; medium, 53c, small 27o Crisco, large 90c, medium 45o, small 23c Snowdrift, per bucket i. . .50c Skinner's Spaghetti and Macaroni, 3 10c pkgs., for 24c Spearmint Gum, by the box i. . i 80c Eureka Smoked Sardines, in oil, 2 cans 24c French Style Sardines, per can , J ()C American Sardines, 6 cans 25c lobby's Sour Pickles, per tiozen 10c Swift Premium Flams, per lb 21MC S. & S. Special Breakfast Bacon, per lb 30c Good Onions, 7 lbs. for 25c Tomato Paste, 7 cans 25c Tomatoes, 3 cans ' 24c Puffed "Wheat, Post Toasties and Corn Flakes, 3 pkgs. . .25c Royal Seal Oats, 2 cans .24.C Puffed Rice, 2 for 24c AUTO THAT AEROPLANES fUroeit Oar Hits Machine of R R. llatcllff and It Speeds Through Air Before Crash. That E. R, Ratcllff, of 1004 Jordan EU-eet, owns an automobile which posseses aeroplane proclivities which be vouohed for by pedestrians who were In Texas Avenue near the Central High School last night and witnessed the flight of the automobile when an east-bound Highland Park tar struck It almost amidships. The automobile, which was not moving slowly Itself, seemed to leave the street entlToljr and fly through tlie air. It landed on the sidewalk nd crashed Into the front door of the Shreveport Ice Cream Factory, FOIR OADILLAO TOURING CAR, 1914 MODEL, used few-times as demonstrator, sold under same guarantee as new car. T. C. JONES New Phone 34x4 J. G. Addington Groceries We Deliver Anywhere in the City. 14 lbs. Granulated Sugar with $1.00 worth of other goods, (hams and Cottolene not included) for $1.00 Irish Potatoes, per peck 25c Fancy California Irish Potatoes, per peck . . '. 35c Sweet Potatoes, per peck . ., 30c Swift Premium Hams, per lb 21&C Armour's Star Ilams, per lb 20&C Good Breakfast Bacon, per lb., by the strip .25c Best Compound Lard, per lb i-llc Cottolene, $1.30, 55c, 25c ; Crisco, 90c, 50c and 25c Snowdrift Lard, $1.15 and 45c Courtesy Flour, 24-lb. sacks, 80c ; sure am fine, self-rising. 80c White Crest and Butterfly Flour, 24-lb. sacks ...85c Golden Sheaf Hard Wheat Flour, per 24-lb. sack QOc French Opera Coffee, 85c ; French Market 80c Shepherd Blend Pure Coffee, 1-lb. cans, 35c ; 3-lb. cans . . .95c St. Charles or Wamba Coffee, 1-lb. cans 35c Yours Truly Coffee, per 1-lb. can 40c Best 40c Brooms in town, for N 35c Regular 35c Mops for '. 25c 6 Rolls of Toilet Paper . . Si 25c 3 cans Hominy, 20c ; 3 cans Pie Apples , 20c 3 cans Corn and 3 cans Tomatoes 45c 7 cans Tomato Paste 25c 3 Glasses Libby's Apple Jelly 25c Pure Ribbon Cane Syrup, 1-2 gal., 35c ; 1 gallon. 65c Pry Apples, per pkg., 10c ; Peaches, per lb., 15c; 2 lbs. for.25c Dry Apricots, per lb. 15c Fresh Cream Cheese, per lb., 25c; Fresh Eggs, per dozen. -30c 2 lbs. Best Creamery Butter, 75c ; 2 boxes Mince Meat . . . .15c Currants, per pkg., 15c ; 2 for 25c ; 2 Spaghetti or Macaroni, for 15c 6 cans Pet Cream, 25c; Libby's Sweet or Sour Pickles, per quart jar 25c Double Dipped Matches, 3 boxes, 10c ; per dozen .35C 7 bars Octagon or Ben Hur Soap and 5 lbs. Starch 50c 6 boxes Star Naphtha or Gold Dust for 25c 25c size K C Baking Powder . -. 20c ha 1145-47 Texas Avenue, knocking In one of the doors. Mr Ratcllff, who la president of the Louisiana Oil Refining Company, escaped without injury. His car was damaged to some extent, but after being pulled back out of tho door through which It crashed, was able to leave with Its own power. The street car, however, was damaged more than the automobile, and stood dark on the tracks until another car came to bring It in. ! O TWO NEGROES HELD. According to advices received at the office of Sheriff J. P. Flournoy, the authorities at Jefferson, Texas, are holding a negro suspected of being the murderer of Road Foreman Geo. Walton, who was shot to death near Keithvllle several weeks ago by a discharged - negro employe named Columbus Sikes. Another negro supposed to be Sikes Is being held in a Mississippi town. Sheriff Flournoy Is investigating the reports from both towns. SALE Old Phone 2328 Will URGE SENATOR SMITH FOR VACANCY lawyi ij am, ij uisra. Tm lUCKI.n I'ou POSITION . l ikpihal ji nu iAiu. THORNTON DECLARES SUF Ho Will .Spixrt Mr, smith for Shelby Suwtlon, dm Will Also Hepit'MNiN atlves Wutklns hiuI Asuvll MUs Marburg Safe In Hamburg suu Locw iu Itlu'N mid HiirlMtix mt. Special to Tho Times. Washington. Sepl. 12. Senator Thornton announced today that he will support the candidacy of Ix'on K. Smith, of Shreveport, Lit., fur the Judgeship of thti Fifth Circuit of the I'nitod States, the position made vacant by the death of Judge Shelby, It II. White, of Alexandria, the Sena-tor's law partner, has retired from the field. Senator Itansdell In back ing former Representative I'uju of I Lake Charles, for the honor. Representatives Watklns and As-well will add their endorsements to that of Senator Thornton for Mr. Smith. They will call at the Department of Justice Monday to urge the appointment of the young Shreveport lawyer and legislator. Miss Marburg Safe. The State Department received Information today that Miss Eva Marburg, of Shreveport, La., who has been traveling In Europe, 1b safe at Hamburg, Germany. Relatives of Miss Marburg had expressed concern because of their failure to hear from her. stitl Louisiana Losos In Deal. The cut-and-slash policy of the Senate Commerce Committee with respect to the river and harbor appropriation bill will cause a loss to Lou-Islana to the extent of $614,000. This Is aside from the reduction of from $8,000,000 to $6,000,000 determined upon for the lower Mississippi River. The allowance In the bill of $400,-000 for Southwest Pass is cut to $300,000; the Ouachita River will suffer a pruning from $664,000 to $300,000; the lntercoa3tal canal from Morgan City to New Orleans from $100,000 to $50,000; Red River from $100,000 to $50,000; Bayou Teche from $100,000 to $50,000. The appropriation for the Gulfport, Miss., harbor is cut from $85,000 to $50,000. Don't overlook my advertisement on Page Two THOS. A. JORDAN, o T. & P. TROPHY FOR CORN CLUB Popular Railroad Provides Prize for Boys' Corn Club of rointo Coupee Parish. The Texas Sc. Pacific, as evidence of its interest in the agricultural development of Louisiana on broader lines, has inaugurated a movement that cannot cut bring good results. This year a trophy cup has been offered to the Boys Corn Club of the Parish of Polnte Coupee to be competed for by the boy corn growers of 1914. The cup will be awarded to the boy producing the largest yield of corn on a single acre. The rules to be followed In the contest will be identical with the rules prevailing at the Louisiana Slate Fair at Shreveport. The Judging will take place at New Roads at the office o the parish superintendent of schools. The trophy Is a beautiful specimen. With its base, it stands 17 1-2 inches high. A similar prize will be offered next year in every parish along the line of the Texas & Pacific Railway wherever there are one hundred corn club members and if proper application is made and In due time to organize the contest. It was the intention to so offer it this year, but due to the lateness of the season it was resolved to limit it to Pointe Coupee, which showed marked special Interest this year in corn-club work as well as great general interest In all farm subjects. o Eyes examined. Glasses properly fitted. We carry the stock. Hutchinson Bros. o Our optical business will run double what it was last year because we give tho best service for your money. Hutchinson Bros. T. J. Wisener Grocery Co. ! 626 WESTERN AVENUE. OLD PHONE 357 NEW PHONE 944 OFFERS MONDAY FOR CASH 17 lbs. Granulated Sugar (providing your bill amounts to $5.00) for : ....$1.00 Best Brands of Hour, 24 lbs. , 85c Yams, per peck , 35c Cream Meal, per sack 55c Peck Irish Potatoes 30c 3 Tomatoes, 3 Corn, 3 Pork and Beans, 3 Hominy, 3 Kraut or 3 cans any kind of Soup 25c 2oe Tomato Catsup '. ...20c. Country Syrup, per gallon 65c Evaporated Peaches, 2 lbs. for 25c Evaporated Apricots, 2 lbs. for 35c French Opera Coffee, 1 lb., 2fc; Buckets 80c French Market Coffee, 1 lb., 23c; buckets 80c 2 cans Early June Peas, Van Camp's 25c Cross & Blackwell's 40c. Chow Chow ,'IOc (J cans Pet Milk, 2"c; 3 Dime Milk -25c Cooked Brains, 1 can 20c 4 large Rolls Toilet Paper .-25c 2 lbs. Macaroni or Spaghetti 15c 7 cans Tomato Paste 25c 50c Liquid Veneer ( 35c 3 pk?s. Toasties, Corn Flakes or Oatmeal 25c Fresh Cabbage, per lb 3c Large California Oranges, per dozen 35c Good Red Vinegar, gallon 20c 6 bars Octagon Soap and 6 lbs. Starch 50c Crisco. 25c, 50c and 900 Snowdrift, 50c and SI. 15 And when you have spent $10.00 with us you get free a nice piece of Silverware. We have white delivery boys. T. J. Wisener Grocery Co. Local Camp Named "Simrall" in Monor of Mi ssissippian . - ' . Mr? .an?' 1 fvf-T COL. H. F. SIM HALL, Of Columbus, Mia'., In whose honr the local camp of Woodmen has been named. Colonel Simrall Is in charge of all arrangements for camp. Shreveport Is In gala ntilrf for the reception of the members of the Ninth I'lvlHlon of the Wooilmi-n of the World, whose encampment it t the Statu l'nlr Grounds, starts Monday. By nightfall Saturday, a majority of the merchants along Texas Street from the beginning of the street to lxulntano. Htreet, had completed he decoration of their bulldlnns, and tho thoroughfare is gay with flaunting flags, and bunting. Many of the m' n hunts along Milam Street have also festooned their buildings. A few out-of-town Woodmen are al-itady here for the encampment, but the visitors will begin to arrive in musses today and tomorrow, Lee Frledberg, a member of the Arrangement Committee, stated yesterday that h fully expected between 10.U00 und lii.OOO visitors here during the week. Ample accommodations have been provided for all. Simrall la Camp Sponaur. Col. H. P. Simrall, in whose honor the, local camp hag been named, was on the scena yewterday and spent the (iy at the Fair Grounds surrvlsing the work of arranging tho grounds for the event. Colonel Simrall Is In charge of all the arrangements on tho camping grounds. A solid carload of tents and cots arrived at the Fair Grounds yesterday und a large force of men were busy during the dy arranging them and placing the tents. A force of carpenters built tablea and screened tluv lower section of the grand stand, where the meals will be served. The companies from Mississippi will arrive on special trains Sunday night at 9 o'clock and they will go at once to the Fair Grounds, where they will camp. The Mississippi delegates will be accompanied by Dr. B. M. Marshall, of Starksville. Miss., who will be chief medical officer of tho camp. Col. C. L. Mather, of Omaha, adjutant general of tho uniformed ranks of Woodmen, arrived here yesterday. He will have complete charge of the ctmp. Major Egger of Mississippi will be in chaai go of the commissry department and lie was busy yesterday buying the best foon stuff to be had in Shreveport to supply the mess. Mnuy iAiiilninnn Companies Coming. The companies from Louisiana will arrive here during Sunday and will be ready to camp Monday morning. Hun dreds or uniformed Woodmen rrom this State are expected here. Colonel Simrall,' who' will act In the capacity of disbursing officer, placed $5,640 In the First National Bank yesterday with which to defray the expenses of the encampment. Most of the money will be spent with Shreveport merchants. The celebration will begin Monday afternoon at 2 o'clock with appropriate exercises. Rivalry between the unnformed Woodmen for the loving cups to be offered the best drilled teams, promises to be lively. Seven handsome cups will ha awarded the successful competitors. The cups are on display in show windows of the Shreveport Drug Company. One of the cups will be awarded to the team whose discipline is best, while the other six will be com peted for in field drill. A rest room for the visiting ladles and an Information bureau have been arranged and both are located In the Simon Building. They will be In chrge of committees of Shreveport ladies. o PRICK UNSATISFACTORY. The price fixed by the second Jury of freeholders appointed by the Police Jury to appraise a strip of ground Tor the model road near Mooringsport, is unsatisfactory to some of the property owners and as a result the parish will probably be enjoined from proceeding with the work. At the last meeting of the Police Jury it was decided that in the future the engineer was to make several alternative surveys and thus avoid delay by changing the route In case of opposition. At this time the engineer had been enjoined from coming upon certain premises and the whole affair will now probably be aired in the courts. i, . jl . IS The m Only Genuine Pianolas Steiiiwiiy . . . $1,250 upwnnU AVeber ...... 1,000 upwards Stock SCO upwards "Wheelo.-k . . . 750 upwards Ktuyvosnnt . . 650 upwards Stroud 550 upwards WTItLEIN PLAYER $450 TO $500 ' Trii't'S rind terms furnished on reitit'st. Piiilip Werlein, LIMITED NEW ORLEANS Chickerino; Pianos Wurlitzcr Eloetrios. ESCAPES CAK; HITS A BUGGY lit Tryli'R to Avoid Impact with Street Car, Dr. MoCloud. Siitii.slics Nearby Vehicle. While trying to escape a collision with a southbound Highland Park, car at the lntcrMection of Marshall and Cotton Streets at 6:30 o'clock yesterday afternoon, Dr. C. C. M'cCloud, of 318 Milam Street, drov his auto into a buggy which was standing on the west side of the crossing and smashed it to kindling wood, sllghtly injuring Julian Dawson, of 618 Cotton Street, who wus in the vehicle. N. E. Dawson, of 503 Olive Street, who was standing at the side of the buggy talking with his brother, had a miraculous escape from death. The automobile crashed into the vehicle with great force, demolishing It and Jamming it across the sidewaiK and into the iron fence which pro tects the right-of-way of the V., S. & P. Railroad tracks there. The accident was witnessed by the passengers on the southbound car, which was brought to an Immediate stop. From the statements made by several of them, Dr. MeCloud was ap proaching from the cast on Cotton street with sufficient speed to take. the hill on the west of Marshall. Just! as he reached the crossing the High-lang Park car appeared going south. The doctor made a sudden veer to the south, avoiding the collision with the car but wrecking the buggy. At first it was thought both men at the buggy had been killed. The horse and vehicle Is the prop erty of tho Caddo Transfer Company, o MAJORITY OF RILEY WILSON Congressional CommJttoo. After Can-assing the Ito'unis, Places It at 497 Votes. Special to The Times . Monroe, J.a., Sept. 12. The congressional executive committee of the Fifth District met this afternoon and compiled the returns from the recent primary election. I. L. Haas was acting chairman and H. H. Kussell acting secretary. The returns as received from the different parishes are as follows: Elder Wilson Catahoula 86 301 Union 364 578 Caldwell 255 219 Franklin 137 358 Concordia 65 ISO Lincoln 276 526 Jackson 361 394 Tensas 114 55 East Carroll 143 21 Ouachita 686 377 Morehouse 168 174 West Carroll 9D 127 Madison 119 16 Richland 160 225 Totals 3054 3551 Judge Wilson waa declared the nominee. The vote for members of the State Board of Equalization stood 8,372 for Senator T. L. Hood and 1,045 for S. R. Holstein. o BOOZE IX A TENT. Charged In a warrant issued by the district attorney, Walter Spilkcr, a young white man, was lodged In the parish jail last night in default of bond for retailing spirituous and intoxicating liquors. Spilker was arrested by Deputy Sheriff Howell Flournoy and Detect- j ive Dan Price, who found him at I his place of business, a tent, eight miles from the city on the Summer i Grove road. The officers also searrn-ed the place and seized whisky alleged to have ,heen found therein. In addition to tho charge of violating the prohibition law. they preferred a' churge. against him for conducting a blind tiger. o TIMETOIVQUIUi "How are you going to tell when there is anvthing of importance going on'.'" asked one war correspondent. 'Til keep nif eyes on the censor, replied the other. "Whenever there's nothing given out for publication, you may know it'. time to hustle and get the news." Washington Star. . . o SINCKRIT FTATTKKV. ! While playing with a pair of shears I little I.iura severed one of the pret-, tlest of her golden curls. I -My dear child, why did yon do j that?" asked Aunt Mary, who came to ra nnn mir "I wanted 'em so I could take 'em off and hang 'em on the bureau," explained the little girl, "Just like mama does." o - JCPC.E A. U 8 LACK DEAD. Prominent Citizen of Tallulah Hurled at Monroe. Special to The Times. Monroe. L . Sept. 12. Judge A. L. Slack died at his home In TnUulah yesterday afternoon. Hli remains Today Among the "Reel" Shows For l ull Particular. Phone No. 423. No Trouble to Answer ' yueiftlnn. Call for Manager, KATHLYN WllJJAMS OEM TO HAY. mU-Y QUIRK AND JOSIE 8API-ER QUEEN TODAY. O, M. ANDERSON AND BOB LEONARD SAEXOBR TODAY. "Coming Sept. 1 6 HV(jftfflo" MONDAY WAR! WAR! WAR! In Path Weekly. Muxhle Mack and Lillian Walker at Saenger1. Muslo supreme Schander's Orchestra, three nights per week. "Trey O' Hearts," Wednesday. For our most prominent player and your favorite, look In this evact Irx-atlon every day. This nl Is chaitReil dally same as our pro-linun-i. Two show In one for lOc mnm To Piciuregame CONTESTANTS We expect to be able to publish the list of the winners in the contest next Sunday. The third check is well advanced and we expect to finish so as to give the final remits on Sunday, Ssptember 20 were brought to Monroe this morning and interred In the City Cemetery with other members of his family. The remains were met by a large, delegation of Confederate Veterans and friends. The services at the grave were conducted by the Masons, followed by the Veteran's burttil ceremony. Judge Slack, besides being a Mason, w; a member of the Knights of Pythias lodg'e and was jjrand -chancellor of the State JL-tS3'4'. Judge ""Slack was In his seventy-fifth year at the time of his death. He is survived by his wife and ten chil dren, three daughters and seven sons. o SCLU VAN'-McGIN X IS. Mr. E. J. Sullivan of Port Arthur and Mlm.nrarr McC nn nt r'hiim- bersburg, 111., were married in Shreve-'port on Monday last. The bride was accompanied to Shreveport by her two sisters, Misses Florence and Gladys McGinnls and was met here by the groom. The marriage ceremony was performed in the rectory to the church of Holy Trinity, with Rev. Father Bertels as celebrant. The other persons attending the ouglas Smith New Phone 265 -1116 Texas Wenue. Have you ever bought any goods at the New Grocery, if not,' try them, all new fresh stock. Call and see us, or phone us your order. 20 pounds Sugar with 16.00 worth of other groceries -S1.GO Sweet Potatoes, Yellow Yam, new crop pick 35c Onions, 8 pounds ( 25c Irish Potatoes, per peck 3Qc Lard, Best Compound, per pound 10c Lard, Best Compound, 50-pound can , S4.75 Cottolene, 30c, 55c and 35 Breakfast Bacon by piece, per pound 23o Armour's Sliced Bacon, per pound 35c Dry Salt Bacon, per pound 1-2c Picnic Hams, per pound 1-Sc Peabcrry Coffee, best, 6 pounds g qq French Opera Coffee, $1.00 size 80c Coliseum Coffee, 1 1.00 size gg French Opera Coffee, 25c size t ,2(Jc Hindoo Salmon 20c Arrow Brand Salmon 20c Chum Salmon, 15c or 2 for 25c 2- pound can Tomatoes, 2 for .' 15c Shoepeg Corn, 2 for .15c Two 3-pound cans Pie Peaches 25c Three 2-pound cans Pie Pineapple .--25c Two 1 -pound cans Blackberry or Strawberry ....4. ...15c Gold Bar or Silver Bar Peaches 25c 3- pound can Silver Dale Peaches 20c Gold or Silver Bar Cherries 25c 2-pound can Sweet Potatoes. Jewella Belle.... IOC Ye Old Time Lye Hominy, 2 for 15c Fresh Butter, Country or Cream 35c Pickles, Sweet or Sour, quart .-25c Barrel Pickles, Sour, 2 dozen 25c Fresh Country Eggs, dozen 30c Royal Seal Oats, In tin, 2 for 25c Macaroni or Spaghetti, pounds for 15c Tomato Catsup, 15c seller jQc Worcester Sauce, S for 25o Pet or Dundee Cream. 6 for , .25c Marimo Jam, 2 for 25c Lemons, dozen 20c Vinegar, quart bottle 10c Star Xaphtha, 6 for 25c 7 bars Octagon Soap with 5 pounds Starch 50c Red Feather Flour, 24 pounds 80c; 48 pounds S1.55 Self-Rising Flour, 1 1 pounds 75c Blackeye Peas, per pound 10c English Peas, 15c: 2 for 25c Butter Beans. 13c; 2 for 25c Fresh Evaporated Apples or Peaches, pound 10c Libby's Tomato-Chili Sauce, bottle.... 25c Libby's Stuffed Olives, bottle 25c Macaroni or Spaghetti, 2 pounds for 15c Grape Juice, pint bottle 25c Grape Juice, quart bottle 45 C Jap Rice, 4 pound's for 25c Jay Rice. IS pounds for ...S1.00 Faiey Honduras Rice, S pounds for 2Se, or 14 pounds for.... S1.00 All orders delivered In th city. Money must accompany all mall orders. Goods thlpped fame daj orders ars received. sssssscsssssssst 1 t 1 aasas HUB W 12 n ceremony were Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Trowbridge and Mr. Frank McCor-mlck. Mr. and Mrs. Sullivan went to Vlcks-hurg the following clay to visit the family of the groom. The Journey home' will be made through New Orleans and via Beaumont to Port Arthur, their future home. o KILLING AT CAMPTT. During an altercation at Camptl yesterday afternoon at 4 o'clock, Ike Washani, a negro, was shot ana almost instantly killed by Tom Llpsco, also a negro, who made his escape. Both negroes were the employes of an L. R. & X. section gang. The gang foreman called at police headquarters last night and reported the killing. r-ATENTSS- nan K.folemaB.WM liiftin.I.0, books IrM. Hni re'ereaeea. ten roauia PArKOXlJB WILLIAMS BROS PRINTING GO THEY ARK GOOD PIUN rEHS 2S

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