The Times from Shreveport, Louisiana on July 4, 1906 · Page 2
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The Times from Shreveport, Louisiana · Page 2

Shreveport, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 4, 1906
Page 2
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mi: siiukviu'okt times, sm.KVKrouT, la.; wkdxksday. .htlv i, 19(H). HEWS OF 119111 Regent Shoe Stores, BOARD OF DIRECTORS OF BIEN VILLE FAIR ASSOCIATION HOLDS SPECIAL MEETING:. PLANS FOR Tit ANNUAL S f ill A J&e I r"V V7 n sT-hZT:. iTAm tverv one 01 our cum m or. crowns is branded .XT? ' 't iff ' mv i Indications Are That tha Exhibits Will be Larger and of Greater Variety Thau at Any Previous Fair Catalog ' Will be IsHued Shortly Several Po lice Juries Hold Meetings. To protect our customers we must expose the clnnmhle methods of unscrupulous dealers who offer! inferior beer put up in dark-colored Schlitz bottles theT same ' size and appearance as This imitation is sold as Schlitz Beer, under the pretext that the label has been washed ott. j To avoid being served witn a.cucap, please examine the coflc or crown and see that it is branded HKe mubc here shown. Ask for the Brewery Bottling. Common beer is sometimes substituted for Schlitz. To avoid being imposed upon, see that the cork or crown ts branded if) r p ST T - -. .. M MM MM MM M M M M MM MM f 111 I ft iy JL ThcB Be sure you i et wnat you order and are paying for. EITHER PHONE 178 - UOFWI & MEYER 104-6 TEXAS ST, SHREVEPORT, LAI mi MI That Madg-M ilwaikee ramous 7. l" ' u rnni in MBaHBv- . -- i -v x. iMniaiinmn I u SEE?U:::::::s PK NutM fHUUU Spe lal to Tho niiwi. Arcadia. La., July 3. At a Hpwlal rnt'tUliig of the bourd of illrt'ctors of the lilt-nvllle Parish Fair Assoolutlon, bus- iiusB (jf iiriDortanee was trunsm-ied. Tha directors will start rlnht uhtrud with their plans for the annual fair to be held here next October. Prexldoni J. A. Brewer. Secretary W. I'. Meuil and Manager T. K. Kerpell, who urtf tlreleHH and ardent workers for this enterprise, are much encouruged and feel assured the exhibits will be. larger ami or greater variety man hi uny previous fair. As a matter of fact, the assurance of a deep and wide, spread Interest Is so manifest that tho asso-! elation Is now figuring on putting up additional buildings, via.: a large grand stand, poultry hall and another uif v T.i.viiinn. to have all boxed stalls. and to accommodate f.0 or more horses. The race track will be put in spienaia condition and when the work is com pleted will be the best one-mur-miie track ii north Louisiana. The commit-tee on racing has prepared a most in teresting program carrying purses. Th catalogue goes to xno printer this week and will be Issued at an early date. An advance premium list of the women s depurimeni was distributed some weeks ago, in order that the ladies might nave ampie, ume to complete collections ana uo ome. work as exhibits ror mis oeparrnieni. 9 n Most liberal premiums are uueicu ... ! n jM,irntn The directors are E til. I . . . . . r n ..nllmi UbI In ftVOl TnP ItrtlHIl'. LB Krh u ..i,mwfiil fair and predict that Blen U-iii r,.,rish w 1 have tne Dest ioh In th Htatf tn 8 rail. J ney ienn that the ' Bienville Fair Associauon m o-a factor in promoting the parish interests within her borders, and wants the co-operation of all or me pano in north Louisiana. Begins Saturday, July 7 Lucky the ones that WAIT, for bar-r gains like these don't come often. Read the Big Announcement in Friday's Papers CELEBRATE July 3rd and 4th With The BED MEN AT THE Park Theater BIO FREE PARADE AND powwow in Tin: park GROUNDS' BETOEE PLAY. arm mmm EEPORT TOR JUNE ISSUED BY HESTER SHOWS DECREASE OF 215,000 BALES. HUM OFF IN TOTS Total Movement of Cotton Crop Brought Into Sight During the Ten Months Ending the Close of June, Was 10,-653,949, Which is 2,085,000 Under That Reported Last Year. Nw Orleans. July J.-Socretary Bister's New Orleans Cotton Kxehaiige state ment Issued today covers the moiling movement to th close of June. 0,m,urd with last year it show, a de-fre:i. rr the month In round f.gures of 2ir,(t bale, compared with year In-fore Jan. an increase of 116,000 and 'Ui V.V... i ,.r ts. flfm " The total for June was M.r.V, against 4-,:tt l5t ye:.r, U4.H1 year oetoio onrt 1T2.:V.' wirne time in 1SW3. . The movenifM rom September 1 to clos!-f June. shows receipts at all rnited t..e t-.rts .(C.l.Vil against M last year. T.7,'wl year before last ana m mma m. T ft "II T i:..Aln 1 m i ncc opcwiai Delivery Service Man w he 7.rt,71R same time in lWtt: overland across the Mississippi. Ohio and Potomac rivers to Northern mills and Canada KU.Kfi against l.OCT.tftS last year. f.m year be-fore Inst and 1.004.110 same time in l.; o iv, mill. tn.klne's exclusive of quan tity consumed at Southern ports, 1.R13.S00 against 1.5fcS.HI last year, i.nm.w i fore last and l.XW.MO same time in 1903, and Interior stocks in excess of those held it the commencement of the sea.son 79.1-fi aeainst 147.W7 last year. S.1.279 year lef ore last and n decrease of 22.m3 under the on me time in 1903. These make the total movement of the cotton crop brought into signi a ...e ten months ending close of June. 10J against 12.739.MX last year. v....o j r... fore last and ia...-1.' same nine m Northern spinners took during June 101 '0-:, hales against 119.308 last year. 31.0.;. rear lfore last, increasing their total for the ten months to June. 2,'.M.H against "inac'is lhst vear and 2.34.790 the year be. mo., mii-ra tlielr Hverage weekly takings for the season nsamst w.ois , r, ,.. it or. Kir. venr before. Foreign exports for the ten months of .... n.,un hvp lweri .2;i9.3(;i. showing a thi- rease under last season- of l.WW.0fi8 and an increase over the same period year he- fore lust or 3Stj.12l. Tlie loss in ib - j.ors (hiving June compared with June last year has been r.BM ano imp im compared with the same pcii"d year he-fore last 141.331 Stoeks at the seaboard and the 29 leading Southern interior markets on the close, of June were ;!! against fol.Svl the same .i,t I:. it venr und IW.fiY. the year neiore. Incltidtng port and interior town stocs left over from the previous season and the nuniln r of bales of the current cnp i.-.,..i.i i. .to uiirht rturinir the ten months, the supplv has been" against 12.-al.31.-, last year .and 9.9W.7W tlie year before. . . fp to June 30 last year P3.9t per cent or the cotton croo had been marketed and for the same ten months in 1HW the percentage of the crop brought Into sight was and for the same time in 1!03 the percentage marketed was'.'1'.. The amount of tlie crop brought into ight for the ten months from September to June, inclusive is 2.OV..0OU xindor last vear. H2.-..KW over year before last and 129,- Ul'.der Xote The monthly statements will now he discontinued for the remainder of the season. United States ..83.3 St.l Bensons' Dump Sale, Thurs., July 5. Gen uine Scnvens Draw ers, 55c. o- PENITENTIARY INVESTIGATIONS. JUBILEE TONIGHT MARKS OPENING OF PUBLIC PLAYGROUND. Police Jury Meets at Winafield. dr.oi-.i4i to The Times. " Wlnnfield. La... July 3.-The Police Jury of this parish met yesterday In regular quarterly session. iot m""" .offWra wpr elected for the ensu s OUr- T M. Webb, president; W w uiihum clerk: J. W- Wasson, treasurer, and W. B. Smylle, of The comrade. Drinter. The sessions of the will continue all this ween. a. n.a onnimi flection of the StOCK holders of the Winn Parish Bank the following board of directors .was m xt wisher. P. C. Moseley. N M. Hyde, J. M. Hyde. W. M. D. Gear n ri,i-,rn H B. Bates, Dr. J. r,' ti nenntv. M. M. Fisher was made president of the bank and P. C. Moseley cashier. SEE THE TALENTED SEOG WICK FAMILY. PROFESSIONAL earl Mccracken, d. o. O3TK0PATH. Orndnate Stilt College of Osteopathy. r,..i... -.,1 Vlml Nnllimill HUnK bUIIUlllK. runi3.oji - . Itoth phones, itesldence Cumberland Consultation free. ANNA M. BURKE. OSTEOPATHIC PHYSICIAN, "nnlv uradiiata In the city, under the founder of Osteopathy, A. T. 8tlll, Kirks- trille Mo. ' . .. All diseases treated, enronic aisenms a rclalty. 312-313-314 F. N. H. Duliainf. Hoih phones 3S7. Residence Consul tation free. DOCTORS. DB. J. M. BODENHETMER. Office and residence, Bhreveport 8anl-tarium. Hours 12 to 1. 4 to 6. DR. S. C. BARROW. Ttenfro's Pharmacy. 712 Milam Btreet. Office phones, old new 39; residence phones, old C!i2; new 423. DR. J. C. WILLIS. Office 233 to Z First National Bank . ... . . hnnr. ii a m j ta 1 1. in.. and 130 to B p. m. Phone.: Old. U. new 237; residence pnoiiea; um, Breazeale, parish superln!' ndent, will be elected. Sir. l.reazeale resigned about three months ago. His. resig- nitdm was accctited to take eUH'l OH tv, iitih The Police Jury will prob ably remain In aessiou a day or io longer. Dr. Milton F. Smith. ir. mnvt to First National Hank building. Nos. 323, 324, 325. Office phone 727; residence jihone 4io. naur w 13 m. and Mo p. ' '---'-r AND DR. T. E. WILLIAMS. tiOMKOPATHIC PHTSICIAN SURGEON. Office 215-216 First National Bank burning. Phones, old 4C3; new, 3. Residence phone, old 260. . DR. EDGAR B. HANDS. , Hag moved his office to the Shreveport Sanitarium. Hours, 10 u nu Residence 416 Common street. - Mnise. Dancin? and Fireworks WU1 En tertain the Crowd-Everyimng n Been Prepared for a Success. fen Special Committee Makes Preparations to Begin Its Work. Special to The Time. Baton Rouge. La.,v July 3.-The spe cial penitentiary investigation com mittee of the General Assembly composed of Representative Ventres, Smith ard Iluckaby, and Senators Peterman and Percy, appointed to investigate the affairs of the board of control of the state penitentiary, tin afternoon met and made preparations to begin its work. AVhen the committee organized ny the election of Mr. Ventress as chair man, and asked what charges were to be made against the board of control, not a single charge was lodged. Senator Percy who Introduced the resolution providing fur the nppoinl- . .1... ninmiitiv stated thai ne II L( 1 1 L "I UH h id no chargs to make; that he had only heard rumors, and tnat u as upon those that he bad Introduced ine rcolutlon. He said that he wotud communicate with the parties who hai. spoken to him of these muwrs, a... get them to appear nciore me V""" mittee and ake the charges, if hey had any to make. Tht committee 'then adjourned untu , . ntnf .Vie some charges are mane b(M id. Tonight's entertainment at Princess Park promises to he unusually picas-ant, and a large crowd of citizens and visitors are expected to be present. The jubilee will mark the opening oi the public play grounds, which have. been prepared for tne mue -Shreveport principally through the noble enoris oi " , Civic League. Dancing and music and fireworks will be among the - ments. and, b sides, there will be ded , ...f..uv,..r,i In abundance, childrn will have possession of the r..,.m r. n'clock this afternoon until 9 tonight, ana men n.c folks will take charge. Mrs. Nathan Meyer, presiuem u. v..-Civic League, requests that everybody wear the national red. white and bite colors, and the Klk'S purple and white color". o Arcadia Will Celebrate. c. t.i Tho Times. Bpcc.ui i , Arcadia, La.. July 3.-Everything Is in readiness for the barbecue and grand celebration at the fair grounds tomorrow. The chairmen of the dit-. . mmuu have met with mucn success, and an unusually big crowd is tn roneressman John T. v al- una will be among the prominent speakers. A general good time Is be l ! - nt'lVOr ft t ft i n if iiiuivcu iv,, ....... T,n, T,.rv met in regular monthly session yesterday and transacted the general routine of business, -r,... . was unanimously Hon. noun l .v., - re-ected as parish treasurer, with the First National nans: oi Arcau.o. . . nt tho nnrisb. L,i f tht. oarish school board .was of Interest two new ) school .. . ...- ,.M.otl and elections .M,i in four districts, ine were "i"-" . ,h i .nMr. of business for tne general ...wv... month was transacted.. Funeral of W. F. Fraser. Special to The Time. Mansfield, La.. July 3. ine remains of W. F. Fraser, who was mortaiiy through an accidental shot, at Longstreet last Thursday, were burled i trvlav. The funeral was largely attended by friends of the deceased, who h-ave known him all hts life, lie was raised here and moved to Long-street in 'January. His death is universally regretted for he was recognized as one of the best and most promising young men In our parisn. The Police Jury neia an ""i""""" session today. All the old otiicer. were unanimously re-eiectea ior another year. An appropriation of 1W ,ir. to iha silver sei iui the United States battleship Louisiana, rr.i. . ...,.i ... v who reduced from 2 1-3 mills to 2 mills. A hard fight was made against reduction, but tne maj...... said the people needed relief and a cut must oe iimv-. . . . - . . . . lh aehool tlOnra IIIKV, oi" , iu nroionced session. fne ana nu v -- . , , ,h( SnobvenoutnefalWhe number, locality .and lengm o, ...... Dr. Ledbetter Retnrns. T)r W M. Ijedbetter has returned from Mineral Wells. Tex-i and has resumed his practice. ATTORNEYS. Clifton F. Davis. K. Wayles Browne. DAVIS Kttuwixr.. ATTORNEYS AT IAW. First National Bank Building. Bhree- port. Ia. . LEON B. SMITH. LAWYER AND NOTARY FTJFLIC. Offlc. 437. 438 and 439. First NaUonal Bank building. - DENTISTS. DR. J. IL OAYLE, DENTIST. Tannin s-S-10. Coper building:. Phones; New 257; Old 77. Both DR. R. D. TILLY. DENTIST. Rooms 3i4-3O5-306, First National Bank building. Both Phones US. Ko matter where yon are nor what you want, I will reach you. 'Fhone cie up. rft menfro's Pharmacy F rrescrirtion Afent to the COTTON CONDITION. Reporting Board Figures fh9 Average on June 25. to be 83.3 Per Cent. Washington. July 3.-The crop reporting nf tatisties Vpart- iwni i -v'- - ..llr,iro Tiniiq iron, Lot- i'- rts of the correspondents ana n'-"" lmreau that th.- average condition of .t-,,., on June r. was Ki.s as com..i- ith'MI on May 2T.. 1. : "i . s t the correspondina date in lset. a tn vear average of M l. ; Tlie following table shows the condition n ,lirn of tlis year, with the resjwt- ten ji ir nyprages: June Oj, WILLIAMS IS FOR BRYAN. Natchitoches Police Jury, ... Tl,o TlmM special .u - - n.L. r,rlt,,p tt.ii,i.Khoi i.n.. ju y A lit " a.iuiui'J " ' ' Torv met yesterday in regular sesj.oo. . -.t wo a nrim'il Ilirinw izlng the House ,f Represe nta t and requf sting mai oo..jr , - Van No. 116. which finally km- .' .. uoli amenditig i i i a. - rt kfnri'iiH r - - . . -. -fcinval . ,.f iho citv of Natchilociies Democratic Leader in vous' tnecim.. ... - - paytnont Nebra-skan Will be Nominated. J't 't. resolution says T .,..... m, taiv 3,-That Win. 3.ot par sh taxes i rn; oxk rffi, ii '.i w - - , ... i tiiat tnp mil. it. . Z Utly injure affaUs cn K.rauc ciiuio...c v h lh narisb it., n vm-1 rnaT hi- n l ----- on tne iirsi oauoi . . ... , . , . ..... I tvio he ter oi join. eieiteu prrsioein. -- , . Sharp Williams. Mr. Williams la i-i Jackson and has Just returned from Washington. It an ordetl which aQ women approach with indescribable fear, for " j Stale. !'. : :'V North C.irohna South Carolina 77 ; He agia i Moii.ja 77 i A!:-Iani K : M-' 1 TS parih of liT..;.,.'.':..::::".'.".'.'.:'.'.'.' Ten year average. . . . r. - t v,a nr.tAnt mothef of the Buffering and danger in ore . r-- of all pleasant -ticipations of the corning event an .uj y rh fihadow ot gloom wmcu - V nfPirnancV rob. have found that the use oi momcr - uu.6 r--e-- , - f rain and d.n?!,, .d $Z IS comfort of this period, jfjuj Sold by all druggists ai UUUS It nr ner bottle. 150OK r . , the mulsh is already '.n-Vbnd barely able to m, Its current obligations, .mi "even thousand dollars in taxes H . . ioh of that much r-- me ,enHthy enue. Porter for lis discussion oy . . . .. . ne,l that U was "un adoption ... undpn. constuution.. 4l., ,,, lit" nou . finally rass the Hwe. and It did. he had suf-le-.em co.. ..-icilivn an.l sounu j-jjh- noence in i-'r: , ment of C.ov. Rlanchard that he v ill Z Messrs. T. P. Chaplin, t Hy .. ....I.. ri..,.,nr Ttreazealo and t.e.i. attornpy . , Drt. ,, ,i ,'o,l Judee Porter. thnt the city of Natchltochts Is now pay'ng m itbin a -fraction of four "... Lt m taxes; that t:ie new 1 ..... v,.,t for ali crimes I cratic. I would even If ;...,-;in wlii.W. intorm.lion free. ICTvJ Itm I lit ft " 'T' Z.. c. P. Will Fight a Bill. Special to The Times Natchitoches. Ui.. July 3--Ju,lR.,nr; Porter. Sheriff J. W. Freeman and Is Wore Raphiel. of Camptl. member o the Police Jnry of wnra ' .M un the city of isau-n.o.i.."--. - ,(,w r,i, I this morning appr oprialed O Iowa . the purchase of a siifr r...w battleship 4iisiann. ATTELL AND NEIL FIGHT TODAY. Will Battle at Los Angeles for Welter Weight Championship. . Toiv 3. Abe Attell and Frank Neill are In readiness for tm.l. fight tomorrow for tne weue,-e,ft.. championship of America and the g ..d challonege belt offered by the Pac Athletic Club. The men .u nno Hng at about 3:13 In the afternonn and will weign at me ....s.-o,. odds are In favor of Attell at 10 to .. ft i ' Hansons' Dump Sale, Thurs., July 5. Spec- ial bargain lot oi ouu Mp.ii's Suits, m wor- steds, homespuns ana iV outing cloths, woru 10.00, at 5P4.U8.- New Orleans ar.d return $12.80, via Texas t Pacific Tickets on sale 2-3-4, good for return July 8th. City Ticket Office, 50 Market stree DR. P. E. TANNER. , DENTIST. Rooms 2 and 27, second floor. Cooper building. Both Phones 780. . DR. W. V. THOMSON. . DENTIST. Office hours S 30 to 13 m., , 1 to S: p. m. Phones: New. 35; old 436 : 4 Texas street, over Nelson & Ratcliff clothing store. SPECIALIST. DR. O. C. CHANDLER. . .. . .v.. ji..,u. r,r tha ear. eye. .oand throat: wilTl in the Cooper building from 10:30 a. m. to I p. tn., and irom to v- " DR. BANDELL HUNT Has moved to the First National Bank Building, room No. 323. VIRGINIA COLLEGE For YOUNG LADIES, Roanoke, Va. for ' Yfrtins l1ie In the Semh . New tiihllr.CT. plan. .d enuitm;.it. 'mP"y 'S for health Krorin t"t AmrtrBn I wl". Villi eniirw. f wiwrvHUMT ilv.nUoter i In Art, M rllr .nn Klilien. tvrt.Sest.s Hlly. H ,Vl- from s. Wf.. Fnr raiaione VVTT1F. 1'. HARRIS. Pr.1S. l:nw-f, Va. ilK.I. t.tKTKl ! 1UWO 1VOATWBIOHT, VH-Pl. T. J. LEAT0N OOl BINDING Pee tha game today at 3 p. m. 1138 Jewa gUet. New Thone 585 V Cddo. s. c . - I . 1 J LJ L-iy 'instant, r o -

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