The Times from Shreveport, Louisiana on December 12, 1920 · Page 21
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The Times from Shreveport, Louisiana · Page 21

Shreveport, Louisiana
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Sunday, December 12, 1920
Page 21
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SUNDAY MORNING THE SHREVEPQRT TIMES DECEMBER 12, 1920 if Child re n. ' - . n ii i ' si n an i i - n - ! i i i "i r JfL I II ' Csg. C I no VeWcS PT? ets h inn, MBS. IIE.NKY 8. I1LVT0N. t 624 sitoner Aveaae. , ' Cumberland 1 eiephon 1717. PLEASE OBSERVEt No turned items will be published. Ne telrpeae items received before I o'clock in the morning nor niter 2 'clock in the afternoon. , No itoma for tlte Sunday Social Cal-'soar received after Friday afternoon. SOCIAL CALENDAR. Sunday. December 12. Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Simon will b at Borne very informally for their friends to meet Mr. and Mrs. T. S. KreunJ, from i to 0 o'clock, and from 8 to 11 clack. Monday, December 13. Mrs. S. H. Mai one will entertain with rook party at 8 o'clock. St Mark's Csild will meet at the pariah house at 3 o'clock. The Executive Board of the Woman's Missionary Soeiety of the Noel Memorial Methodist Church will meet at the church at 3 o'clock. Tho poatponed business meeting of the Noel Memorial Missionary Society will be held at 2:30 o'clock at the church. The Highland Baptist Woman's Mia-isionsry Societl will meet at the church )at 3 o'clock. Circle No. 1 will render the Royal Service program. Cirele No. 1 will have charge ot the social hour. The Woman's Missionary Society of the First Methodist Church will hate a :apecial called meeting at the church a( 3 o'clock. Business of interest and importance to the society will be trans 'acted snd the members are urge7 to attend. Meeting will last one hour. The Woman's Missionary Soeiety of 'the First Baptist Church will meet at 'the church at 3 o'clock, - Program meeting. Y. W. A. of the First Baptist Church 'will meet in the church parlors at 3:80 j o'clock. Devotional, led by Mrs. Briggs. ! Roytl Service program, subject, "China," leader. Mrs. N. P. Health. Members will pleats bring gifts for the ' French girl. The circles of the Woman's Aux-, illiary of the First Preabyterian Church, will meet at 3:jU o clock a lot Iowa: No. 1, with Mrs. Ebbint, 681 Olive street No. 3, with Mrs. C. M. Bennett, 4G14 Fairfield avenue. No. 4, with Mrs. John McCullough. PTerndon avenue. No. 5, with Mrs. Nathan Ratcliff, on Fairfield avenue. No. 6, with Mrs. W. II. Scheen, Jordan and Highland. i No. 7. Mrs. C. S. Steers "Hillcreat," Southern avenue. The Council of Jewish Women will meet in the Sabbath school room of the-Temple at 3:30 o'clock, carola at MS Texas street at 6 o'clock. Blue Birds will practice Christmas Euchre party, under the auspiries of the ladies of Trinity parish, at Trinity Hall, at 8 o'clock. Tuesday, December 14. . . ... Mrs. Stephen Hodges Malone will entertain with a bridge party at 8 o'clock. Mra. W. L. Foster and Miss Frances Foster will entertain with a miscellaneous shower for Miss Lucy. Arnold at 3 o'clock. , ' Mr. James Frederick Cox reception 'for Mrs. Harold Averill Sumrell, from 3 until 6 o'clock. , Tha Line Avenue Parent-Teachers' Circle at 8:15 o'clock at the school. Program setmg.- rg attendance ia requested. Circle No. S of tho W. M. 8. of the First Methodist Church, will meet with Mrs. Maggie Bourquin, 850 Gary street, t 3 o'clock. Election of leaders, i Independent Grove No. 15, Woodmen's Cirele, will hold regular meeting n't 7:30 o'clock. Election of officers. Every member expected to be present i The International Training School or Religious Workers, in the Sunday nrfcool room of the First Presbyterian Church at 7:15 o'clock. Tha Shakespeare class, Madame iEmily Wakefield, director, with Mrs. W A. Wilkinson, 664 Egan street, at 7:30 o'clock. Representatives of every organixa-tion endorsing the work in interest of children as presented by Judge Kelley, sire requested to meet in council chamber of the city hall at 8 o'clock. ! Victory Chapter 130, 0. E. S, in Masonic Temple, at 8 o'clock. Informal dance at the Columbia Club. Wednesday, December 15. Twentieth Century Club, with Miss Bosalind Kalrobaek, at 3 o'clock. Married Woman's Social Club, with Gm&ssmns of a THE BOOK OF MABTHA, Introducing Martha Palmer A Portia with Hair Spun of Cold. ! Martha Palmer's beauty struck me as 'marvelous every time I ssw her. Nsver had I thought tier mora exquisite than tha morning when she earns to ask about Mother Lorimer and Bob. Her blonde loveliness is so delicate and her manner so feminine that it Is only after I hava talked with her a while that I errar remember that she Is about the cleverest young womaa In our town. In that connection I recall Daddy Xorimer's joking prediction that a For-tia with hair of spun fold ought to win all ber essea I "Martha's blondnest makes her Intel, jlect all the mora astounding," com-itnentad Bob months ago, to which I replied, naturally and spitefully, remembering Katharine's yellow halri "Friend husband, you ought to ba well posted on the relation of brains to tresses!" ! Bob has always been very fond of (Martha, in spit of the fact that she Is lawyer with mors clients than aha can easily look after Few of our men friemla really tars to talk to a highly educated girl. I think, bat Martha Palmer ia hailed as unions specimen of tier sex, and treated Ilka a prlnesas whenever she appear at a social affair , j ffhs derides openly tha men who Tlat-ler her 1 know that when ah talks to Bob ah will get thexaet status of tht hamtral trad, and Hob will feel awfully flattered by br Interest In his kueln but not beius ah I lawyer! "Martha has the sens aever to teem mora clever thai) th RMS) ih I talking te," Chryi. h ynl hae said) while Mistress An Lorintsr, whs seem f oslthvely ts revere Martha a goddess, ene remarked l "Martha Palmer reeds 1 th new tiooka, but ih never bare le by talking abnat Iheml" Personally, I hv !wafs wendersd what Martha sen Ann da find to talk a twin t when they hppn to '"! together artsa u W MMiusr nussaaa CoL W. Meng J ' ' "?p4 l g.-V:-.:' - - 1 ?lJ7m I, f f t$- r - I ,- ''i?t12H "i , t v.I,.'. L v S I ; . f 5V.,. T ft ' - I tLttxi f A. . A -. . . ..J r t . I u Ut ,f-f"' " - ': ' : 7 Mrs. S. A. Dickson has Just received most interesting news from her niece, Mrs. w Hllam Meng. of Hawaii, who, wltrr Her husuana. Colonel Meng, has recently sailed for her new home In the Talmyra Islands, on which she will be the firHt white woman to set foot. It will be remembered that last spring Mrs. Dickson and her little son, Brcle, and her niece. Miss Idelle Singletary, went to Hawaii for a tay of several months. By rare good fortune they were able to secure quarters in ' Amahau," one o-the It was the homo of the late Princess aiea in Ban f ranclsco in 1891 and when nine days later his sister. Laliuo kalanl, was proclaimed his successor, niece, was appointed heir apparent. The famous house, Ainahau, Is situated In gardens so wonderful that even In Honolulu" they are considered one of the eights travelers are for tunate to see-. And the most wonderful thing In these wonderful gardens is "Kaiulani's Banyan" trree, famous all through Hawaii. Under this tree Robert Louis Stevenson sat to write, and. rtere on the twenty-first of June Miss Singletary was married to Army, a hero of the world war, with Colonel Meng ha4 many Interests to the states just after the wedding. me t'aimyra leianos, which he has the Honolulu Btar Bulletin of October 2 devotes a whole page to the romantic history of these islands, real and legendary, and the fact that Colonel Meng Intends to develop them "All the thrills and exaltation of Mrs. William Meng. who, with her husband. Colonel Meng, left for Palmyra Islands in the 6-foot sampan. Kantro Maru. last nieht. . , . "Mrs. Meng will he the first white ana sne is not going mere lor a snort there. x "The sampan which left last night carried provisions to last nine months. No word from .the outside world will be received by the little group until the schooner of the Fanning Island Limited makes its first trip to Palmyra, and Fanning Islands in about eight months. Palmyra Island is 1,000 miles south of Honolulu and Fanning Island is 90 miles away from Palmyra. Mrs. Mens: has been Mrs. Dickson's guest in Shraveport many times, and her friends are waiting with great interest her letters telling her experiences, but it is thought that it will be at least January before a letter can start oacK to Honolulu. Mrs. J. A. Sewall, Jr. Mrs. J. H. Fullilove, Jr., and Mrs. J. P. Scott, at 3 o'clock. In the home of Mrs. Sewall. Mothers' Circle of the Kindergarten, in the Kindergarten room. Dinner dance. Hotel Youree, at 8 o'clock. Tha red ay, December 16. 'Mrs. Jesse B. Stephens will entertain tha Colonial Dames Chapter 6, at 3:30 o'clcck. Matinee Musical Coterie, open meeting in the City Hall auditorium, at 8 o'clock. Please note change of place and,-hoar of meeting. Mrs. 0. M. Hunt chairman; Mrs. Leon Skidmore, Mrs. and mine th supreme examples of chivalry She and Ewart, Bob and I, used to go on joyous, innocent "bats" together, osually outdoor affairs, like motoring or golfing or tramping- We had wonderful good times, and I was utterly wretched when Martha went back to her profession Mother Lorimer advised her not to, but most of her younger friends are extremely Interested in her plans. Can a husband and a wife shsr dif ferent Interests In the business world without disturbing th equilibrium of their home? That la doubtless the big gest mating problem r this or any other age, and w girl all wan tad to te haw Martha and Ewart would soivo It. Martha's son arrived to further com plicate her married llf. Three professions, maternity, th lsw and home- making, mad a combination which left Martha no time for seeing her friends W lorimers hadn't seen her for many moons. Ts me Martha has always seemed th spirit of work and-happlnsst, and to I was thrilled with gladness when th earn into my room unannounced, and put her finger ever my eyes and whispered i "Guest right th first tlm er HI go awayl' I jumped and huggsi hr hard. Boo had come out of tn itupor tlx hourt before. II waa delirious and h did net know me, T bolster an my patience and courage, I aat at my desk in th room nest to his, and very mechanically arranged th htt of my ton-feeilons, "Writing nortl, Jnr skd Mar- inn, rerhsps," I said with ft !., " 'Th rredissment of Jan Len mr.' I suppes," Martha laughed lightly, then end don tsar tarn 1st her eyas, I taw that her thumbs wer set hard Into her palms and held tight by her pretty fingers, and that her lips wer fixed in firm line. (T B Continued.) I, And His Bride houses of the royal family of Hawaii Victoria Kaiulani. King Kalakaua the little Princess Kaiulani, their Colonel William Meng, of the British the Victoria Cross and othec horlora. in Hawaii and Mrs. Dickson returned Among Colonel Mens holdings were leased from Judge Cooper. A copy of commercially. The storv rcetda: the explorer will be the portion of "woTnn to "fiet foo upon Palmyra, visit or a curiosity trip, but to live John R. Land, Jr., and Mr. Creighton Allen, committee. Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Keen will entertain with a dance st th Country Club, at 9 o'clock, in honor of their sister, Miss Emiy Gillard. Friday, December 17. Mrs. W, V. Thompson, 927 Kirby Place, will have a "Studio Tea" from 2 until 6 o'clock. The Friday Bridge Club will meet with Mrs. M. C Spenee, 853 Eobinson Place. Inspirational meeting of the Woman's Auxiliary of the Dunlap Memorial Presbyterian Chareh, at 3 o'clock. Special .Christmas program has been prepared with Mrs. lie ton at leader. A social hour will follow. Mrs. D. B. Vance and Mr. Creighton Allen will give a musicale at 8 o'clock in the home of Mr. and Mrs George' O. Baird. Th Intermediate Society of th Dunlap Memorial Presbyterian Church will present "The Bird's Chrittmjis Carol" in tho church at 8 o'clock Fraai will offering. The pub'ie is invited. The Ladiea of Trinity Parish fire hundred party at Trinity Hal', at 8:30 o'clock. Party will close promptly at 5:80 o clock. Subscription dance for th High School, college and soeiety set at Hotel Youree, 8:30 to 13 o'clock. Saturday, December 18. Mrt. W. V. Thompson, 927 Kirby Place, will hav a "Studio Tea" from 2 until 6 o'clock Doll sal of th Business and Profes sional Woman's Club at Hotel Youree, from 1 nntil 7 o'eloek, followed by club't Christmas banquet The nurset of the North Louisiana Sanittrtum will entertain their friends with "onlform" dance In the City Hall audltoriara at 8:80 o'eloek. Dinner dane Hotel Yore at S o'clock. Smday, December 19, Holy Trinity Sunday school will hav their Chrituna tree at 0 o'clock in Trinity Hall. Monday, Dreanbet 20. TbeBlue B.rdt'Chrietma carnl practice tt tit Teas treet, tt 'loek. Mrt. Albert Van Hook will entertain with dene at 8:80 a'oloek, at th Country Club, in honor of Mis Naaey Vaa Hook, Ml Nancy Rand, Mia Josephine Leonty, Mist Lata Johnson, Mist Jen Moor and Mitt Margaret Bewail. t Tuesday, Doc em ber 21. Mrt. A. J, Murff will eatertala with dane la honor of Mitt Nancy Vaa Book. Wednesday, Dcearubtr 12. A reception and dane tt Wer Hall, 7:80 t 11 O'elosit, Merrier of Mltl Mary Era Todd and Mr. faker Parker, In th parlor f th First Presbyterian Chnrch, at 8:30 o'clock. Thursday, Dee wi her M, Mist BeesU Mark will fire a banco party at 2:30 o'clock in Wagner's tea room. j ubeeription dance for the Hijrh ! School, cul.t-ge and soc.ety eet, at ! Hotel Youne, at K:C0 o'c'ock. Mrs. Ada Vincent De Liy's Christ-mas tret- for the poor at Wray-D.ckia- i son's. i Friday, Ik-cember 24. Christmas trea at the Home for the Aged, at 10:30 o'clock ia tue morning. Los Bialodore.s dance at liuCci You-res, at 8:30 o'clock. Saturday, Deeeotbrr I'.. Dance at the Country Ciub. Monday, December 27. Mr. and Mrs. E. K. Smith will give the first of a series of dinner-dances, in honor of Mr. and Mra. A!Jrtd T. Lloyd. Mr. Hardin Griffin will entertain with a rook party, at 8 o'clock. Tuesday, December Z&. Dr. and Mrs. F. S. Furman wiil give a dance in honor of Miss pirris Brueg- Judge and Mrs. David B. Samuel wil', gerhoff. entertain with a dance at Hotel Youree, in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Hc-nry Fel-senthal. Wednesday, December 29. Mr. and Mrs. Justin QuerbrJ will give a dance at the Country Club, in honor of Miss EsteDe McCausland. Thursday, December 30. Columbia Club New Year's ball at Hotel Yonree. The young ladies will do the cheeking. Last week was s red-letter week for Shreveport. It included the coming of Judge Kelley at the church overwork-but-true in this instance-phrase, psychological moment, whose being with us means we are going to do so much good. ' But it also broueht the nnenin? of the new "Pines," which was of greater importance, as it is not only the promise of future help, but stands for gfii already done and, more than all, it is proof beyond all question of the faith, and work, and love of humanity, of a woman. Against all discourage- menta Mra. Meyer Benson haa kept a firm hold on her belief that for us it will be possible to bring back to perfect health those touched by the white plague; and on Saturday afternoon, December 4, the perfect sanitarium, for which many have given and worked through the inspiration of her untiring efforts, was filled during the reception hours by several hundred admiring peop'e. All the while as I went about my mind was full of Longfellow's little poem of Florence Nightingale, going through the wards at night holding a lamp above her head and the sufferers turning their heads to kiss her shadow as it passed, and this beautiful building seemed to me the lamp Mrs. Benson has held up: "A lady with a Lamp shall stand In the gTeat history of the land A noble type of good, Heroic womanhood." I said something like this to Mrs. John McCullough who replied, "Of course Mrs. Benson hat done a wonderful work, but much of the credit of this should go to Mr. Benson, for if be had not been in sympathy, willing to an unusual degree to share, she never could have accomplished what she has, And that's true, too. Mrs. Raph Kahn, the chairman of the house committee, secured the fur nishings, which are not yet all in place, but are most attractive and will be complete for every Heed. On ihe sec ond floor beside each bed is a steamer chair, and the beds themselves are the most comfortable that could be bought. The entrance hall of the ground floor is furnished in mahogany, with cush ioned chairs, and long table with mirror over it and it the gift of Mr. and Mrs. E. K. Smith. Opening from it on the left is the perfectly appointed office, the gift of Mrs. Henry Knders. On the Tight ia the reception room where the mahogany and cane-inset furniture, the rose rug and window hangings are the gift of Mr. and Mrs. D. C. Richardson and Misses Dorothy and Miriam Richardson. The staff dining room, with pale green walls, bright chinti hangings, white furniture, which includes a window flower stand filled with growing fern8, was given by Mr. and Mrs. S. B. Hicks. In the big livable living room the deep chairs SMILING MOTHER AND HAPPY' BABE MRS. OSCAR MAXAS3AU ) 1." r j i j y ' 'i - , - f' ' . v -A -a f - ; . - - (. . w - i. o IA NO r.d ssfai of wicker are cushioned in cretonne, m-tchij.g the hanvinj and were tie g:.'t cf Mr. ind lirs. E. ii. Brown, Jr. Th office ft the hruse physician haa been funrshed by Mr. and Mrs. Pisi.ip Lowenbeig. The perfectly equipped operating ic m is the gift of Mr. and Mra. H. A. Frost ai d the equally perfect dental room equipment was given by Mr. and Mrs. S. H. liuiir.jrer. And, oh, the kitchen! if there was a woman who went through that perfectly equipped kitchen without envying something, tho was a super-woman, anti personally 1 would be iike the man at the c.reus who looked at the g.raffe and turned away remarking, "There ain't no such animal." One evening lest week I saw ruch a beautiful li'.tie g:rl suffering horribly bettute a smull boy had shot her in the eye with a cap pistol. Of ciurse she will loi l er beauty and probably her sight ii it eye, but it wasn't the small boy v.'ai to blame. lie was only folio fmu'l boy nature and showing on nd tome one gave him the cap pistvt. Every year must take it's own toll. Never before, they say, have people done their Christmas shopping so early, and never before have the merchants put out their real y iittractive things so eariy. So many ot us who have shopped early, have jjt before Christmas found tn shops filled with so much more attractive eiock. This year the. tilings displayed do certainly look gil'ty. Mra. D. B. Vance told me something I thouglit so interesting about two of the songs she is going to sing at the firu of the scries of nrjsicales Mrs. George O. Baird is giving this winter. Mrt. Vance and Creighton Allen wi i give tho program, and one of the songs, Mr. Allen has written and dedicated to Mrs. Vance, and the other ia one for which he wrote the music when he was thirteen years olei. If you are planning to send fudge in your Christmas packages you may be interested in the way of one of the successful candy makers. She used the flat tin boxes tne tittle wafer cakes come in and she pours the fudge in and then cuts it into squares. 'Carlyle says "The true university of these days is a collection of bocks," and books do make ideal Christmas presents when they are given with due consideration. In these days people are careful that children have a well balanced diet, watch their stomachs, their teeth, their feet, their eyes and their adenoids', and although they know that the little minds are the busiest parts of the bodies they forget to think about them in connection with what the child reads, and one hears a conversation about like this, "I want a nice book for my little boy. I really haven't anything in mind but er, something that costs about a dollar." When there are so many wonderful books to give! I think it was Kate Douglas Wiggin, though it may have been Amy Lowell, who said "Beware of the stories written down to children by people who never could write up to children." Christmas would never be Christmas without books and dolls, and this year there seem in the shops more of the pretty jdoiis like those we had "before the war." The business and professional woman's club, as the first step towards their club house is to have a doll sale. Miss Lynn was telling me the other day of a beauty all dressed m pink. 1 think it .bogene field had been writing nowadays he would have written, "Just any old color, just so's it's pink, is the Color that pleases me best."' But writing of dolls reminds me that at the Seven Ages of Woman bazar only dolls sold the dolls. Did you notice it? In these days when the stores are full of Santa Claus fixings buy a few of the smallest of the littie sleigh bells and fasten one securely on the neck of every bottle of poison, and then even In the dark you will not take up the bottle without knowing it is not what you want. Miss Anna Maher told me so interestingly the other day about the Pan-Hellenic Association that has just been organized here. Of course, they have no definite plans yet, but a group of womefi who have given four years to college work are certain, by banding together, to do something well worthwhile. In the Herndon svenue neighborhood d?ar little Billy Holmes is being sadly missed. He was the friendliest little sixteen-montha-old chap and having been indoors only two days, had passed away before many of his friends knew he was really sick. He dearly loved flowers and those tent for the little AND IIBR UTILE SUN, JOUN An Addition To Younger Set r t s "--i4 : -' ' ,i i , -r f . X t Little Miss Eleanor Margaret Doyle, S-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. K. M. Doyle, Is a recent addition to Shreveport's youngest social set, having recently moved from Memphis, Tenn., to make Shreveport her home. grave were very beautiful. "They are love's last gift." Are you a spug? It sounds like a bad potato, but it isn't. It is a society formed some years ago by a group of people who considered it a ahame-ful waste to give useless and worthless gifts on Christmas and other occasions. S-P-U-G stands for "Society for the Prevention of Useless Giving." If you have not become a spug yourself, at least try to b influenced by the principles they stand for. Think twice before you select a gift. Erneste Reams had such a delightful little visit in Houston. He said t.hfl Shrevenort neorle there, estieciallv the Kincaids, the Hurlburts and the Dentons were so nice to him, dinners and drivos and every attention that he could accept, for of course his programs had to be given on time. He said the beautiful new organ was the talk of the city, and that one old fel low was so pleased with his playing that he brought him a cream cheese pie. Mr. Reams says Houston is a beautiful city, and to him the loveliest spot in it is Christ church and the rectory, "perhaps because my sweet heart married there." Can you beat it as we all say, though few of us write. . The other day the mail brought to me this little poem., w nether it is pertinent or impertinent "is tho spirit in which you take tt: When every pool of Eden was a mirror That unto tve her dainty charms pro claimed She went undraped without a single fear or Thought that she had need to be ashamed. 'Twas only when she's eaten of the apple That sho became inclined to be a prude And thought that ever more she'd have to grapple With the much debated problem of the nude; Thereafter she devoted her attention Her time and all her money to her clothes; And that was the beginning of conven tion And modesty at well, we may suppose. Reactioni came about in fashiont recent Now girlt conceal to liUlt from the men ft would seem in th same of all's that decent Some one ought to p th apples round sgain. - -- - ' V ' A 1 'i-a; a, A'A n ...a. - . ,.V-;,'!t . j.'t j " -J-r Jm Ifme Ph. to k Met Autre? Studio. PAUL MA.NAbSAli. -4 i ' - 1 1 . 'JrTi 5 Mr. and Mrs. David Saxon Arnold announce the engagement and ap proaching marriage of their daughter, Lucy Margaret to Mr. David Lawton Croom. On Sunday, December 8, at the residence of Dr. M. E. Dodd, Misa Lucille Elizabeth Cloud, of Monroe, and Mr. WalterL. George, of Shreveport, were united in marriage in the presence of a few intimate friends. Mr. and Mrs. George will be at home to their friends after December 12, at 276 lialxeil street. In the ttudy of the First Presby terian Church at half after 8 o'clock on Thursday evening, in the presence of the immediate family, the service was impressively read by the Rev. Jasper K. Smith, uniting in marriage Miss Kathleen Van Hooae, eldest daughter oi Mr. James rl. and Mrs. Rose Billiu Van Hoose, and Mr. Lee M. Snow. Happiness added to the girlish lovli-ness of the bride who wore a traveling suit of dark blue tricotine, with hat oi Diue velvet. The attendant were the lister of the bride. Miss Marion Van Hoose in a brown coat suit and hat, and Mr. Bill booker. Immediately after the ceremony Mr. and Mrs. Snow left for Daliat and upon their return will be at home with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. 3. H. Van Hoose. The wedding Is the culmination of a romance begun during the World War, when the bride was a school girl and Mr. Snow was located hero with the 156th Regiment. As soon as he was discharged after his return from France, Mr. Snow came back to Shreveport to see the little girl with wh om he had corresponded, and here he has remained. The wedding is of much Interest in Mississippi, where tha family of the groom are well-known and in Louisiana, as the bride is of the two oldest and most prominent families "of the state. On Tuesday afternoon at 4:30 o'clock in the parlors of the First Methodist Church, Mrs. Avs Armistead Lester, of Coushatta, was united in marriage to Mr. E. V, Lester of Lewisville, Ark., Bev. Mr. Pheus, officiating. There were present the bride's broth er and sister, Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Lester, ber son, Roy T. Lester, and Messrs. Dick Crocker snd John Herndon, of Lewisville, and of this city, the birde's brother, Mr. W. W. Armistead, her aunt, Mrs. Birdie L. Armistead and Mrs. Pheus. The bride was modishly attired in a coat suit of blue tricotine with hat and gloves to match. Her flowers were a corsage of Charles Kussell roses. Immediately after the wedding Mr. and Mrs. Lester left for Florida. In the presence of relatives and a few close friends, Miss Chat L. Pace and Mr. R. A. Clark, were quietly tut impressively married in the home of Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Cain, Jr, on Sunday afternoon at 6 o'clock, December B, Rev. W. W. Drake officiating. The home was very attractively decorated.' Red and yellow tints of autumn formed the color motif of the decorations for the nook where the ceremony was performed. Th living room was in daisy and chrysanthemums, while in the dining room, from which the bride snd rroom entered, were vases filled with premier roses and ferns. The bride wat modishly attired In a suit of brown velour with hat, gloves and shoes in harmony. Her flowers wer a corsag of sweet peas with lilies of the valley. Before leaving the bride presented her bosquet to on cf her friends, Mist Loit Mills. Immediately after th ceremony, Mr. and Mrt. Clark left for their wedding trip North, but just what placet they will visit, they very cleverly managed to keep unknown. After January 1 Mr. and Mrt. Clark will be at home in Monroe. Mr. Creighton Allen. Mrt. C. M. Hunt, Mrs, Leon Skidmore and Mrs. John R. Ind, Jr., program eommittee for the Matine Musical Coterie, wish te extend an invitation to friends to their program on December 18, in th City Hall Auditoriam, at 8 o'clock. Please note th change of place and hour of meeting. Everybody welcome. The program: Ladies' chorus, "O Lovely Night," Barcarolle (Offenbach). Piano solo, "Fascination" (Creightoa Allen), .Mr. Allen. Vocal Dut, ""Neath th Start" (Thomas), Mrt. Skidmor and Mrs. Hunt. "A Summer Vition," arranged d? Mm. John R. Land, Jr.; attitted by Nettie Ie Safford, Margaret Brinkmor end Grare Dal Renfro, (a) "Love It Bubble" ( AU-nn. (b) "Spring It Iter" iDiil, Mrt Skidmor. Prelude (Rachmaninoff), Mr. Allen. ta) "Far Acme th Drt Sande," (b "How Many a Lovely Caravan" (from "A Lover in Damaaeus"), tt Amy Woodforda-Finden, Mrs. Hunt. ' Dance interpretations. Laara Lend. I "My Heart at Thy Sweet Voire," es tshile from "damson et Dalua" (3a.nt Sens, Mrs. Hunt. , , Etude (Creighton Allen), Mr. Allen. Miss Hallis Waiter, whose aoTr--o.i ing marriage has beta announced (a the Chnstma season, was th hha guest on Wednesday afternoon at a delightful rook party and misceiianeoui shower, g ven by Misses Gladys Seymour and Ruth Furniss in the latter'i borne. They wer assisted in the hot. pitaiities by Mrs. Martha Ledbetteq Mrs. Fred Phiiiips and Mrt. Furnist, Deeorationt of ferns, chrysanthemumt and lovely roses mada a charming teU ting for the merry guests. J In the game Munes Mary Oden an Ruth Webb cut highest and lowesl scores, each receiving powder puff novj eities. After the gams a plate lunch eon of chicken salad with olivet, tt and fruit cake wat served. Then it wat that the ringing of th door bell brought a summon for th honor guest. Miss waiker was greeted as she opened the door by "Aunt Mary. the laundress, who said, "Lady, here t yoh clothes. Where you want me to put 'em?" The "basket of clothes" proved to be a basket of lovely giftt heaped high, the opening of which afforded much enjoyment and surprise for the honor guest. Miss Walker, in t charming msnner, expressed her appreciation for the lovely gifts from her friends. Te invited guests included Missel Haiiie Walker, Msrjorie Johnson, Mat-tie Loo George, Ruth Webb, Gladyt Cole, Roberta Saunders, Ruth Martin, Trudia James, Lucile Sibley, Nannie May Gillespie, Mary and Janie'Oden, Elba Helpman, Kathryn Bacon, Eva Hall, Robbie Sibley, Inex Furniss; Mesdames Holmes, Thurmond, Fred Kati, Elmer Seiber, Lane Mitchell, Gordon Irons, Sailie Walker, Walter George, Hulvetus Msyfield, Chsrli Stringfellow, Fred Phiiiips and Mrs, Martha Ledbetter. I Mr. and Mrs. Leon Kahn returned on Friday from a trip to Washington City and New York City. j They bring back most interesting ac counts of the fine records Miss Leoniej Kahn ia making at the Benjamin school snd of the good times she is having Mist Kahn will .leave New York City! witn a party oi Southern girls cominz home for the holidays. She expects to) reach bhreveport on the 23d or 24th of December, and wrli remain un January 7. - f Mrs. Albert Van Hook will entertain with a dance at th Country Club st 8:30 o'eloek the evening of Monday,! December 20, in honor of a charming! group of girls, at horn for the holi-j days Missses Margaret Sewall, Jen Moore, Lets Johnson, Josephine Looney, Nancy Rand and Nancy Van Hook. Among the arrivals for the Christmas holidays is Miss Marie Herring, of Grand Cane, who will divide her visit between Mrt. Thomas Chase sad Mrs, Howard Swain, ; Mrt.'T. E. Dnshara has returned t Longview, Texas, accompanied by her niece. Mist Louise Shtw, after a very happy visit with Mrs. Hawkins " and Mrs. Kul. . . j Of wide toeial interest is the foi-, lowing account of the wedding of Miss: Elizabeth Mahan and Mr. Harold Sam-! rlel, which is reprinetd from the Daily. Messenger, of Danville, Ky., of No-! vember 26: ; One of the most beautiful weddings which has ever been witnessed in Danville took plsee at the Baptist Church last night when Miss Elizabeth Mahan and Mr. Harold Sumrell, of Shreveport, La., wer united in marriage. Th church was elsborately decorated around the pulpit with small evergreen trees and ferns intermingled with smilax. Two large French baskets filled with white- chrysanthemums tied with tulle bows, from which hung tiny wedding bells, and four Cathedral eandlestickt with tall whit tapers completed th artistic decorations. Preceding th ceremony Misa Em-eline Hsrbison played "Humoresque," by Dvoark, a "Wedding Hymn," by Batiste, and "A Romance," by Zitte-bait, on the organ. Miss Amy Dawes played "Souvenir." by Drla, on th violin and Mrs. Hughes Jackson aang "When You Are Truly Mine," with violin obligato. Lohengrin't Wedding March was played at the bridal party entered. The ushers, Mr. Jamet Slaughter Mahan and Mr. Nelson Rodes eames single file from one doer; Mr. George Joplin and Mr. William Daniels came from the opposite door, erossed in front of the altar and took their places at the tide. The two beautiful little flower girls, Kstherin Ma-ban. sister of the bride, and Katherine Walker, daintily dressed in lace frock over pink gorgette silk, snd wtth largo bows of tulle on their thouidert, cnai next. They esrried diminutive Freneh hon-onets in which wer plsced the rings. Th maid of honor. Miss Dorothy Mahan, gowned in exquisite orchid tulle over orchid silk, with silver trimmings and carrying a rorgeout bouquet of Columbia roses. orecredeJ tH. K-ii. who entered on the arm of her father. r- i'ugherty Whit Mahan. She looked beaut'ful in a gown of ivory satin, trimmed in rose point lace, an heirloom of the family. A lorg court train hung from her thouidert and the tulle veil was gracefully csught with orange blossoms. The brM rr- ried a shower bouquet of bride's reset and tweet jessamines. Sh was met at th altar by the groom and his bet man, Mr. Jay Harlan. They stood under a large white wedding bell, where the beautiful tnd impressive double ring ceremony wat said by Ir. W. L. Walker, th bride't pastor. They left the church to Mendelttohn't Wedding Mareh. A reception followed at the home of fhe bride's psrents, Mr. tnd Mrs. t. W. Mahan. Th living rooms and halls were decorated in pink rns and chrysanthemums. A handsome I see rover on the bride't tnole and in the center was th weJding ck, which was decorated with candy roses nd orange blossoms, around which were pink ro and white snd pink heart-shaped mints. Th yoang frien-l of the couple gathercJ aroond the table and each puild on of th ribbon streamers attached tn souvenir which wer a part of th deeorationt o the cake. Misa Loit Drake drew tho rng, Miss Dorothy Mahan th thim-bi. Miss Tnnny Durham th d m, Mr. Georr Joplm th hell and Mr. Wil-I nm Danielt th rwn point. A delicious upper of moulded rhlrkn sl.l,, betn biscuits, wafer and eof fre, ' brick, rake and mint, wr served. Many beautiful and handsome pre- (Continued on neit ptge). i.

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